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NOTE: in the Forecasts every week, I will not be inserting (“stay 6 feet apart”) every time I mention romance or intimacy or “garden party.” But you can insert it for yourself.

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aries icon  ARIES: March 21-April 19

A month of work ends Tuesday, when a month of relationships and relocation themes, opportunities and fresh horizons, negotiations and agreements or disagreements, begins. This should be an unusual and powerful relationship phase, partly because someone is already very interested in you. However, your planet ruler is retrograde until mid November, which can make you hesitant or simply not as assertive as you usually are.

Now until mid November is not the best time to start a new relationship; but it can be an excellent time to reprise a relationship from the past, whether in love or business. (This “past bond” leaning grows even stronger in October. (Mid-October onward.)

Romance, pleasure and creative efforts continue to reward you all September. You can talk easily about love or business with a partner (or prospective p.) — but only this week. (By next week your conversations will dive into deeper zones such as sexual intimacy or business funding.)

That last interest (sex or $) is prominent Sunday to Monday noon. You will be helped by civil servants or administrative workers, especially Sunday, but you will be blocked in discussing career matters.

Monday noon to late afternoon Wednesday brings a wise, mellow mood. You will ultimately succeed in international, legal, travel, media/publishing, intellectual, philosophical and cultural pursuits. But a glitch needs handling: it involves your career and communications with another person who may be either your ally or your competition.

Tuesday p.m. is made for love… Just don’t yield to deception or fantasy. Your ambitions awaken Wednesday p.m. through Friday. Archer head, seek the top… A true bonus might await you Thursday or early Friday. Friday night is a bit rough, so wear diplomacy on your sleeve. Saturday is for celebration: get out, see friends, spread good cheer and be happy! (Drive carefully Sat. pm. — PDT.)

taurus icon  TAURUS: April 20-May 20

Your romantic dallying ends to some degree Tuesday, as a month of work and health concerns begins. Usually, late September into late October is a good time to buy machinery, cars, tools, computers etc. However, this time you should exercise caution, as certain things may be hidden or flaws might be built-in. The weeks ahead though, could be a good time to buy a machine (etc.) that you coveted in the past, and which now becomes available again.

Your conversations continue to revolve around work, but that will end next week when you will hear from someone exciting. Your home remains affectionate and soothing until October 2. So it’s a good time to ask favours of the family or settle family issues.

Sunday to Monday noon (PDT) brings relationships and opportunities… And perhaps a bit of opposition. A minor wish might come true in a flirtatious manner. But a legal matter or a work related conversation will not go well Sunday.

Sexual temptations, financial urges, and the desire to dig deep and find information — as well as a heightened intuition — come to you Monday noon to late afternoon Wednesday. Do dig/think deep, research, ask questions, make lifestyle decisions. All’s well, will eventually bring reward. But avoid hasty workplace or medical comments or decisions. If choosing allies, stick to admin. types, or civil servants, esp. Wed.

This eve through Friday brings an understanding, mellow mood, international affairs, legal, cultural, media and intellectual pursuits — and love? Thursday is great morning and night: what might seem like a quirky idea could be enthusiastically welcomed by others, perhaps by bosses. However, take care not to say the wrong things Friday afternoon or night. Saturday brings ambition and an awareness of your status in life. Don’t push too hard, as this might alienate others.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Tuesday ends a month of security themes, of domesticity and good food and family joys, Gemini. To replace it, the next four weeks shine on romance, love, raising children, creative and risk-taking ventures, sports and games and pleasure and beauty. You still possess the gift of gab in chasing the opposite sex, but only this week – so perhaps you had better speak up. Your words and your travel: either or both can take you to sweet affection in the remainder of September… at the very least, to happy friendship.

Your wishes and dreams, especially around socializing, remain active and you remain optimistic, but you might not see much result in this area before mid November. On the plus side, investments or other financial structures are finally ready to go your way, now to mid December.

Tackle chores Sunday to Monday noon. Eat and dress sensibly. Your efforts can impress a boss Sunday, but your creative or romantic actions could work against you, especially in work zones. Relationships fill Monday noon to late Wednesday afternoon. Be diplomatic and cooperative, unless you want to spark enmity. Tell someone you love them or are very attractive Tuesday p.m. but don’t push a romantic attraction into sexual intimacy. You would probably earn a “No.” All ends well!

From Wednesday eve through Friday, investigate, research, listen to your now accurate intuition, and chase what you want: intimacy, a good investment or debt reduction, surgery or a new lifestyle. Your luck is quite mixed here, so proceed with caution and awareness, esp. Fri. pm. Your best time is Thursday (PDT — into late morning in Europe, evening in Asia) when hidden allies might emerge to help you, or by relaxing and contemplating you could put your finger on an excellent and bountiful investment.

Saturday is for good friends, good communications, big ideas, love and plans for a voyage. Careful driving this evening.

Cancer icon  CANCER: June 21-July 22

Tuesday ends a month of restlessness, wanderlust, quick and busy chores, paperwork and communications. This day begins a month-long influence that is very close to your heart: domesticity, security concerns, gardening and nutrition and mother nature, children and their future. The whole week continues talks or plans about domestic projects: get agreements, understandings established now, as these talks will end soon. Your money picture remains favourable until October 2.

Romance fills your thoughts Sunday am and the first half of Monday (PDT). Sunday daytime is probably best. Your home situation might conflict with your partnership desires. Monday noon to late afternoon Wednesday puts the focus on work, tools/machinery, and daily health. All three days hold potential successes, but Tuesday is best for money and purchases, especially of luxury items or gifts for loved ones. Wednesday morning holds a good chance to impress your boss or other higher-ups.

Relationships enter Wednesday eve through Friday. Be cooperative and diplomatic. Avoid conflicts and arguments Friday p.m. Earlier, especially Thursday, you could stumble on great good luck in relationships prospects, relocation, public dealings, negotiations, and opportunities in general. Saturday is for secrets, hidden treasure, strong sexual temptations, and lifestyle changes. Be a little wary with all these things after  dawn and to suppertime (good before dawn, PDT).

Leo icon  LEO: July 23-Aug. 22

The money spigot turns a little tighter Tuesday. That day begins a month of errands, happy but casual friendships, travel, paper and office work, curiosity and restlessness. Contemplate the larger issues of life now to mid November. Same phase, a legal or publishing or educational or travel project might stall or go at half speed. That’s OK, delays now provide a necessary second wind and an opportunity to go over everything again and improve it. You remain very attractive, both to the opposite sex and to people in general — until October 2.

Be home, with family, Sunday and the first half of Monday. Water, sex and investments go well before suppertime Sunday, but conversations or travel connected to work might prove frustrating or simply ineffectual. Romance tickles your heart Monday p.m. through Wednesday late afternoon. You can impress/seduce someone with your sweet talk Tuesday, but don’t push for intimacy or you could be rejected. Again, workplace conversations are best avoided.

Wednesday morning might bring an unexpected success; could be with love, legal, travel, intellectual or media concerns. Put your shoulder to the wheel and tackle chores Wednesday p.m. through Friday. The best phase occurs Thursday morning to midnight (PDT) when you could receive praise from the bosses and a big new duty besides. Avoid conflict Friday p.m. Saturday starts a weekend of significant relationships. Pre-dawn favours man-woman interactions, but this night looks a little disruptive. Sunday will be better!

virgo icon  VIRGO: Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Tuesday begins a month of concentration on money, possessions, memory and learning, and sensual but not necessarily loving relationships. Conversations about money continue this week, but it’s the last week. After this, you will generally be left alone to pursue your money goals, without comment or advice. No harm in that, though.

Your relations with government, institutions, head office, spiritual advisers and agents remain gracious and fortunate. This only lasts until October 2, so take vantage now. For instance, if you are behind in your taxes or have some other government related dispute, now is the time to solve it, especially Tuesday from dawn till 8 pm (PDT) Wed. morning, Thurs. morning, and, next week, September 28 or 30.

Sunday to noon Monday brings easy, quick chores, short trips, calls and texts, paperwork and casual acquaintances. All goes well in most respects, especially in relationships Sunday. But your monetary goals and your romantic or creative desires do not mix, and each tends to defeat the other. So be alert, hopeful but cautious.

Turn toward home and family Monday p.m. to late afternoon Wednesday. Hug the kids, do a bit of landscaping or flower arranging, repairs and decoration. Your sense of beauty and proportion is splendid Tuesday. But don’t ask for your spouse’s approval, because that will just give him or her an opening to express doubts.

Take care late Tuesday night to the wee hours of Wednesday, when again money and love do not mix, and broaching the subject could put a thorn in the side of an important relationship. This interval ends well Wednesday, when money news or an intimate Interlude perks your heart up.

Romance looms large Wednesday evening through Friday. However, you will get nowhere with love or creation Wednesday eve nor Friday afternoon/evening — insistence could cause a lover’s spat. But Thurs. morning to pre-dawn Fri., it’s as if heaven held both hands out, cupped and filled with love’s possibilities. Saturday is for work and chores… They go well early in the morning, but meet electrical or similar problems late afternoon into suppertime.

libra icon  LIBRA: Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Recent weeks of weariness and low charisma ends Tuesday, when a month starts that makes you the star — filled with energy, radiating charisma, lucky, effective and with a good sense of timing. Get out, see and be seen, please and encourage others, start significant new projects — be a leader! (About new projects: start only ones which you can complete by about October 10. Soon after this, a slow down and mistake-prone period starts.)

Important relationships remain intense, but they also slow down now or start to tread water until mid November. Use this interval to re-examine your relationship and to catch a second wind. By mid-November, the relationship excitement will start again, lasting to early January, with an added bonus to start by mid-December: a powerful romantic streak, lasting through 2021. Your hopes and wishes remain viable until October 2; the same phase encourages you to be happy and flirty — and hopeful. (More than we know, hopes create fulfillment.)

You continue to be witty and verbal, this week only. (Next week onward, you will tend to talk seriously about money and possessions. You might start a sensual and casual love affair with someone who admires you and is an intellectual contact, and who might be much more serious about a mutual future than you are.)

Pursue money Sunday to Monday noon. Your work on Sun. has a definite monetary reward. But you also might face a problem on the home front involving $. Errands and quick chores, communications and travel, paperwork and office duties fill up Monday noon to late afternoon Wednesday. Generally, these go well, especially Tuesday daytime and evening, and Wednesday morning, when your errands or travels could bring you into contact with great people!

But take care especially late Tuesday night and pre-dawn Wednesday, when you could again face a glitch on the home front – this one a little more serious than earlier this week. The good thing is, this is the last domestic snag for a little while. Study it and work to solve it. Whether you think so or not, this particular problem will tend to go away late December onward.

Turn completely toward home Wed. eve through Friday. Embrace and solve any problems; embrace your children too. Thursday could bring a sweet reward, could involve your property’s value, investment in your place, or news of pregnancy or of inheritance. Chase romance Saturday, especially in the morning, but not sex. If you are too physical, you might be turned away.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO: Oct. 23-Nov . 21

Your “party time” or celebratory mood ends Tuesday, Scorpio, when a month of rest, quietude, spiritual and charitable dealings, liaisons with gov’t or “head office,” pondering and planning descends upon you. Until October 2, you remain the apple of your boss’s eye — take advantage, make proposals, hold confidential discussions before this influence runs out. (This week is better than next.) Your workload, although it will remain heavy until early January, does lighten until mid December, so rest deeply now while you have the time to do so.

Your energy and charisma soar Sunday to noon Monday. You are favoured in romance Sun., but stay away from all hidden things, secrets, and gossip. Pursue money, short informative courses such as you would find at night school, and, possibly, someone who appeals to you sensually. The last one might succeed Tues. daytime and evening — so might a career communication. However, in chasing someone sexually, don’t try to be too romantic, or try to use your gift of gab, because neither would work. Just a plain statement of your desire would be more effective.

Work succeeds Wednesday morning. Wed. eve through Friday brings errands, easy chores, office work on paperwork, short trips and communications. This is not an important interval, but it does hold a certain largess or bountifulness, esp. Thurs. daytime to midnight — for instance, a letter might contain a large check, or a communication might alert you to a good partnership or monetary opportunity.

Avoid conflict and unsafe machinery Friday afternoon/eve. Saturday is for home and children. Hug the kids, get out and garden, haunt vegetable aisles for nutritious variety, etc. But as the day matures, handle your spouse with kid gloves.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS: Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Recent weeks of serious effort and of interfacing with “authority” — parents, judges, bosses, et al —end Tuesday. This morning starts 4 weeks of celebration, joie de vivre, popularity, social delights, flirtations and light, friendly romance (which might conflict with, or fill the gap left from, a more serious, intense love). (This, intense romance, will continue until early January, but faces a mild “treading water” or “benevolent delay” until mid-November.)

Your ideas, principles and philosophy of life are highlighted in favourable ways until October 2. Covid permitting, these two weeks would be an excellent time to travel internationally. The two weeks are also favourable for legal, publishing/media, intellectual and cultural pursuits. You might meet a Gemini this week who, when he or she speaks of the future, hits an echo in your own heart.

Lie low, rest, ponder and plan Sunday to noon Monday. While planning, realize that your hopes and wishes are in conflict with your monetary means. Your energy and charisma soar upward Monday to late afternoon Wednesday. Your popularity grows, and you will attract people. Be a leader, and steer people toward a good future or your favourite project. You will obtain the best results Tues. daytime and early night, and Wed. morning. But avoid, again, pitting your wishes against your monetary reality.

Pursue money and bargains Wednesday eve through Friday. Problems arise Wed. evening/night (financial) and Friday eve/night (love). But Thursday, dawn to midnight, opens the door to work success leading to extra $ — for some, even the $ mother lode! Saturday’s for errands, calls/texts, paperwork, travel and casual contacts. These go well early morning, but later, drive carefully, and don’t fight your computer.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN: Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Tuesday shunts you from a mellow, wise and thoughtful month, to something much more practical and ambitious for the next four weeks. This week, you can communicate effectively with higher-ups. You also seem to have your finger on some opportunity involving an investment, and/or research, or a sexual attraction. This lasts until October 2, so if you want to take advantage, do so soon.

Your home life has been quite intense since June. You might have begun a major project in this area — a good idea. But now to mid November, this intensity, although it doesn’t go away, slackens noticeably, so that little progress is made. If you’ve already began something significant in this domestic zone, keep the faith, for it will return to be completed in fairly short order from mid November to early January. Do not start a new renovation or landscaping, or real estate, domestic, mining, agricultural or forestry project, nor a re-organizing of sales territory, before Nov. 14.

Happiness, popularity and social delights call you Sunday through noon Monday. You will be happiest with casual friends rather than deep important relationships. A Pisces can entertain you. But take a moment both Sunday/early Mon. and again Tuesday/early Wed., to address your career or your bosses. The very least, you’ll get an answer.

Monday noon to late afternoon Wednesday nudges you into the background. Stay there, avoid competition. Rest, recuperate, ponder and plan, be charitable/ spiritual. Tuesday daytime and evening offer success in finances and investments. Wednesday morning offers success on your domestic scene (or you are handed a better sales territory). At other times in this interval, proceed cautiously.

Your energy and charisma come bounding back Wed. eve through Friday. Be a leader, encourage others, and start important projects, particularly dawn to midnight Thursday, when a “hidden bounty” might pour forth. Careful Wed. and Fri. eve/nights — avoid being the “heavy” at home. Saturday accents money, earnings and shopping. Do this before 9:30 am PDT (before supper in Europe, all night in Asia) to succeed. Careful later Sat., when stress undercuts love.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS: Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Tuesday ends a month of mystery, investigation, big finances and strong sexual urges. And it starts a month of wisdom, intellectual, cultural, legal and religious pursuits, far travel and international affairs. Your recent tendency to chatter (since June) slows down now, but doesn’t disappear. Ditto short trips. Relationships remain gracious and affectionate until October 2, and can help obtain solutions or hold the key to opportunities, probably in real estate, home/family, and those legal, cultural, intellectual and travel zones

Be eager and ambitious and deal with higher-ups Sunday to noon Monday. You might talk someone into giving you a pay raise on Sun., but you have to avoid gossip or anything unethical. A mood of celebration steals over you Mon. noon to late afternoon Wednesday. Popularity, social delights, flirtations and optimism about the future in general – these lift your heart, esp. Tuesday to early night, and Wed. morning.

Retreat for rest and recuperation Wednesday eve through Friday night. Ponder and plan, deal with regulatory authorities and head office, and generally stay out of the limelight and out of any competition. On Thursday, you might learn something or get permission (say from the government) which markedly enhances your security. Your energy and charisma shoot upward Sat. into the weekend. Be a leader, get out, see and be seen, and start significant projects. Early morning is great, then exercise some caution to 6 pm (PDT) then go forward again.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

On Tuesday, Pisces, you move from a month of relationships to a month of deeper relationships. Intimacy, business funding, investments, medical and lifestyle decisions and general commitments and consequences… These colour the weeks ahead. Your intuition will be high, so rely on it. Don’t act against your instincts. (Of course don’t follow them into crime either!) Significant conversations about these areas (medical, investing, sex, etc.) will occur this week.

Your workplace and coworkers remain pleasant until October 2. You have been on a money whirlwind since late June. This continues until early January, but dies down a little now to mid-November. This gives you a chance to rearrange your finances, maybe to set up a little savings plan so all that money doesn’t just rush by you.

You are in a sweet, understanding mood Sunday to noon Monday. Good, but don’t invest or make any other important commitment. A partner might wonder: is this for love or for money? Be ambitious Mon. noon to late Friday afternoon. Impress higher ups with your performance Tuesday and dawn to late morning Wed. (PDT). Other times, be cautious.

A wish could come true Wednesday evening through Friday. Your popularity and optimism will rise, so get out and join that group, flirt and seek entertainment. Events may not be terribly lucky, especially Wednesday and Friday eve/night. But you will find happiness and success Thurs. daytime until midnight. You might get word of or a hint about a promotion. Retreat Saturday: rest, recuperate, ponder and plan your future, and be charitable and spiritual. Other than early morning, this is not an easy day, so your best approach is quietude and non-involvement.



Jupiter has been a co-conspirator with Saturn and Pluto in the creation of the pandemic. There has been some pause lately, and also lately I predicted that the Covid virus would have a third large wave, perhaps the largest of all, in November. I’m not sure what else I said, but I need to qualify that forecast. Jupiter “turned direct” (ended its retrograde period) Sept. 12. Since then (it’s only 2 days later as I write this, the 14th) I’ve watched a few people worry that we’ll see a big spike from the return to schools, etc. I think that might be true.

We could look at it in this way: as a gently rising hill, like the top is November, but we are rising already in mid-September to that November peak. Covid wilI grow less and less significant from late December onward. I suspect the virus will hang around for years, just as AIDS has, and like AIDS but sooner, I think it will become a more rare disease; its incidence will fall dramatically, and be more easily treated — late Dec. onward.
***   ***

The terrible fires on the U.S. west coast should abate temporarily, mid-Sept. to mid-November.
***   ***

BTW, the war I forecast for this second half of 2020 seems to have turned into two other things: 1) the west coast forest fire phenomena; and 2) the 100 days of riots in U.S. cities.* Now to mid-November, we might see all these “slacken” at least for awhile (then Nov./Dec./Jan. might renew the intensity).

(*) — these events were marked by Mars, the planet of fire and wars — fire was a predominant “weapon” or accompaniment of the  rioters in many or all of the affected cities.
***   ***

I first predicted the Dow would fall, then spike upward, and then be followed by a long, slow decline. We’ve witnessed the fall and the subsequent spike upward, but now, just when you’d expect a possible slow decline, lucky Jupiter turns direct, which could lead to new, brave heights in stock markets, then a re-consideration in mid-October, followed by a decline. However, most of the recent spike upwards took place while Jupiter was retrograde. (It turned direct Sept. 12, so I’ve only seen 1 day of results: Sept. 14 brought a solid upward day.) Which could mean, perversely, that a decline will accompany its direct motion, as unusual and counter-intuitive as that sounds. Or, that my long, slow decline pattern was wrong. Time will tell.
***   ***

It’s better to avoid surgery now to Nov. 13. Also better, in general terms, to delay machinery purchases until mid-November onward.
***   ***

For Libra, an opportunity or a love prospect might seem to sink beneath the actionable surface; however, a strong bond will survive, and rekindle even more powerfully, or be solidly replaced, mid-November onward into much of 2021.

For Sagittarius, much the same applies, same times. (For Sage, the delayed love might involve a child. E.g., a foster/adopted child was expected to arrive, but a delay occurs until Nov. Or more commonly, the Covid phenomena might delay or alter school plans.)
***   ***

In the “Weekly” text, you might sometimes see: “mid-November,” or “mid November.” Apple’s AI keeps substituting its mistakes, replacing my writing as if I’m a naughty schoolboy. I’m not —bothering to correct such minutia. (Also, you might find that all my “already”s have been changed by Apple to “alrighty”s — a nice folksy touch. I’ve corrected a few, but probably not all.)
***   ***

L.A. has beauty and riches galore, but in the few times I was there, although I didn’t remark it at the time, I now see what was missing: heart. San Francisco, on the other hand, does seem to have a heart. LA has grand views (the Getty museum, on a hilltop surrounded by bright back yard pools in the neighbourhoods below, as far as the eye can see, and down to the Pacific shore).

San Francisco has funky, leafy neighbourhoods, old buildings that aren’t in ghettoes, used guitar stores and wooden coffee shops. San Francisco was a favourite of the beatniks, then birthed the Haight-Ashbury hippie culture; it has long been bohemian. How natural then, that it was the progenitor of silicon valley.
***   ***

Ultimately, happiness is just a decision; that’s all it is. No other secret. Love, too, is a decision, though a harder one; it tests every fibre as it drags our selfish hearts down a winding path, one we’re too romantically besotted to fear — yet.
***   ***

They might not get rid of racism, systemic and otherwise, until they recognize that it has a strong biological/chemical element, one that is close to the adrenalin or other bio-chemical that boosts our strength for flight or flight. Racism is the fear of difference, just as inclusion is the enjoyment of difference. Both have a biological urge/imperative: survival. One does it by shunning whatever is unfamiliar, therefore potentially dangerous; the other seeks to achieve the same end by turning enemies into friends, by turning the unfamiliar into the familiar.

This method/attitude is essentially exploratory and expansive, as more and more mysterious alien ground is turned into familiar, usable ground, just as social groups will grow in diversity and size (unless they are subject to some  overriding contrary influence which keeps groups to a certain number of members).

This inclusive human, who carries a general sympathy for liberal views, will tend to acquire more and more ground, adherents, etc. This is the essential problem for the right: what they hold as most important: home, family, security, police/military, etc., just do not expand at the rate that inclusion and exploration do.

The good news must be: just as racism can be instilled in the children by the parents — they’re instilling a species of fear, because they fear themselves — so children can also be taught the expansion/inclusion thought process/budding habit. Ultimately it must win, but its cruelties need to be stripped from it.
***   ***

For decades (or centuries?) oysters, which open and close their shells two times per day to feed, were responding to the tides, which exposed their food. But in 1954, a scientist discovered that when he moved a bunch of oysters over a thousand miles from their ocean strand and put them in a black room, they continued to open and close their shells (to feed) at exactly the same times as the high tides were occurring back at their beach. He concluded that these oysters were responding to the lunar cycle — their opening and closing exactly reflected the orbit of the moon.

This scientist’s results were ridiculed, ignored and basically hidden from the public for decades by other scientists. (*) But since then, researchers have discovered that many functions in nature coincide with the moon’s travel. For example, plankton rises to the surface at night time and sinks into the depths during the daylight. This helps them avoid daytime predators. This is actually the largest biomass movement on earth.

Scientists have discovered that in the Arctic during the winter when there is no daylight, the plankton continue to rise to the surface and seek to the depths at the very same times. So this rise and fall could not be timed by daylight or the Sun. The plankton’s daily swim was then discovered to coincide exactly with the Moon’s movements. (More accurately, the Earth’s movements vis-à-vis the moon.)

More recently, scientists have discovered that genes change with the moon’s movements. In other words, our DNA is altered by the moon. Many other experiments have found that plants and animals act in co-ordination with lunar cycles. For example, one plant secrets a sweet “glue” to trap insects during the full moon, and no other time.

Long time readers night remember that I’ve been saying since the early 1980s that science and mysticism would merge one day. Well, science’s recognition of the moon’s role in our lives is one step closer to that merging. Many thanks to my friend, J. in Montreal, for alerting me to this information.

You can read a great article about this lunar effect by reading Jo Marchant. (https://jomarchant.com/human-cosmos)   Her latest book is “The Human Cosmos: Civilization and the Stars.”

(*) — “Ignored by scientists…” — “Follow the science!” say the Democrats about Covid-19. But the scientists have given us conflicting advice from the beginning — e.g., don’t wear a mask, do wear a mask. The present pandemic shows us that we are not only unprepared for such a complex virus as COVID-19 (hence much of the experts’ confusion in understanding, and mistakes in dispensing advice about this bug), we are also ignorant of many potential levels and solutions within the area of public health and prevention of pandemics.

No finger-pointing here (which I love to do) because we, as humanity, all of us, have not studied and researched and learned of these to-date undiscovered discoveries. Our progress has been retarded, partly because we didn’t think of or seek progress in this arena at all. We didn’t think it a danger — and that is often when danger strikes.
***   ***


Here’s the Republican’s — well, the voters’ dilemma in general: that the Republicans under Trump have accomplished a great deal, fulfilled many election promises, and performed splendidly, on the stock markets, the economy, dealings with Israel, ending prison over-use/injustice, quelling ISIS, collecting from NATO nations, etc. This administration’s actual record of accomplishments already stands above that of most U.S. presidents — and 100 times Biden’s contributions over 50 years. Logically, the Republicans should win; each American should choose to vote for a tremendous record over a do-nothing sweet-talker.

In addition, though Trump has (almost?) weathered some scandals, Biden’s scandals are potentially more damaging and certainly more vast in scope. If the rumours are true, he sold out American interests to the Chinese in exchange for a $ billion + — certainly treason if true. Same scenario, less money (only about $ 2 million?) in Ukraine. He was part of the administration — Vice Prez —when it sold American uranium to Russia in what seems to have been a non-public operation. It appears he was in the room when the illegal spying on the Trump campaign was discussed and approved.

But the Democrats have one thing that the Republicans did not, and it is a very powerful thing, something that will speak in a vast almost subconscious way to the more primitive area of our consciousness. This is the area where charisma and trust, but more importantly a hard-to-define almost human intuition/group intuition resides. This area is very attuned to our feelings of security and of the future. We don’t usually equate these two terms, but if you think about it ,knowing the future is probably the most powerful tool to ensure our own security.

When the Democrats speak, at least in their present form, they somehow speak to this centre of consciousness that focusses on security and the future. In the Democrats and their ideas the average person should sense a good, blameless, green and clean future, a sort of future paradise. Despite any mistakes, wrongdoings, crimes or lies that the Dems might commit, this subconscious message of a helpful and fair and benevolent future is transmitted.

When you think of Republicans you think of trucks, red, fire. When you think of Democrats, you think of green lawns and trees. It’s a very seductive message… and hard for the Republicans to fight, because it’s not on the surface… Well that’s not entirely true because the green new deal and such policies are at the root, at least currently, of this whole clean and green future image.
***   ***

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are altering pro-Trump ads, and physically changing them to become pro-Biden ads. Then, when the original pro-Trump ad-placers complain, these slimes ban them/cut off their accounts, and continue to run the illegally-altered ads. (Fox News report, approx.11 am Sept. 10.)