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NOTE: in the Forecasts every week, I will not be inserting (“stay 6 feet apart”) every time I mention romance or intimacy or “garden party.” But you can insert it for yourself.

START NOTHING:  7:29 am to 9:56 pm Mon., 3:47 pm to 10:54 pm Wed., and 3:11 pm to 10:05 pm Fri.


ALL SIGNS:  Don’t start anything new — projects, relationships, “deals” — before November 3, as delays, shortages, mistakes and misunderstandings will proliferate until then.
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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

You’re deep into relationships, Aries. But there are reasons to pause, among them the feeling that intimacy is getting further away, not closer. That’s OK, focus on the human and idealistic and emotional side of the link, let the deeper stuff go for now. It will return in November. Your workplace and coworkers remain pleasant and mildly fortunate all October. Don’t start anything new — projects, relationships, “deals” — before November 3, as delays, shortages, mistakes and misunderstandings will proliferate until then.

Romance thrills you Sunday/Monday. If you want to see someone, Sunday supper time or evening is better than earlier. Monday flows better. For short term success, chase someone Monday. But for long-term or future success, chase him or her late Sunday.

Tackle chores Tuesday/Wednesday. Tuesday might be a little dicey into late afternoon, as different points of view could lead to minor disagreement, and this night might be confusing. However, you will get much done in a swift and almost enjoyable way. Still, both days, be aware of a conflict between your career/reputation and your romantic or more creative impulses.

This might carry even further into your relationships Thursday/Friday, and could lead to strain, even a break up. The question is do you break with your work or with your love? In any case, Thursday/Friday look rather challenging for relationships. Be as diplomatic and cooperative as you can be. Saturday is for depths, intimate, financial, medical, and research depths. All things will go well here, big things will not. For example, a small $100 bet could pay off, but a $100,000 investment may prove to be a real dog over the long run. A former intimate partner reappear in the weeks ahead.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

One more week of drudgery, work and health and machinery concerns, Taurus. (And after this one more week, then pleasure and love. — Although a pretty good streak of romance winds its way through most of October.) Continue to avoid places of violence until January. Relationships in general might stall now until November 3. Be cooperative and diplomatic, and do not push – patience wins eventually. The weeks ahead are not a good time to buy any kind of machinery or tool.

Spend time on your home and your family Sunday/Monday. Sunday daytime might be a little choppy, but this interval favours all domestic concerns. Romance enters Tuesday/Wednesday — this, and creativity and speculation soar to success, especially Tuesday night and Wednesday. (Caution Tues. afternoon, spats and “unwelcome revelations” possible.)

Get to work Thursday/Friday: there will be obstacles here, especially Friday, and confusion is beginning to enter the scene, so work slowly and alertly but also with determination. You might have to choose, anytime between Tuesday and Friday, between working at an honest job, or pursuing love or travel or legal matters. Saturday is for relationships; it could contain a surprise.… But you will feel loved. Read “ALL SIGNS” above about starting projects.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Your romantic wonderland continues, Gemini. Or you might be sailing on a strong creative streak, or taking optimistic risks, for example in the stock market. Be cautious, as Mercury is retrograde, indicating that you might change your mind later about anything you do now. When buying stocks, changing your mind isn’t a great thing.

A former job or work mate could return in the three weeks ahead — so might a health complaint. You remain hopeful and optimistic about almost everything until early January. This is a great thing. If an Aries or Libra is involved, your hopes could really soar. But this is the time — until November 3 — for old and returning situations, projects, people or jobs, and is not a good time for starting ANYTHING new.

Your home and family are affectionate and soothing all October. You are and will be facing many crucial choices: remember, Gemini, the ultimately best thing you can do now to January 2022, is to be yourself. Be true to yourself, respect yourself and your own rights, and act to aid yourself, not those who push you to act/think a particular way. Independence might win the biggest prize.

Communicate, travel and visit, handle paperwork Sunday/Monday. You might run into a glitch Sunday to early afternoon, but after this and into Monday things run smoothly. (Check “Start Nothing” times for Monday.) Toward home, at least in your heart, Tuesday/Wednesday. Tuesday daytime presents both intriguing ideas and quick opportunities, although those opportunities might be couched in a challenge or a taunt. Someone who teases you might only be testing you and wants to give you a chance. Otherwise, this is a lovely, calm and restful interval.

Romance is powerful and special Thursday/Friday, but your loved one’s home situation could cause problems or raise many barriers. Be understanding and patient, and let the cosmos unfold. This whole week, you might need to choose between things that seem very similar: e.g., between romance and physical intimacy; or between speculation and investment, etc. Tackle chores Saturday. Be careful with electricity or unpredictable machines Saturday a.m. After this all goes well.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Casual contacts and short travel continue to be pleasant all month, Cancer. The general emphasis lies on home, children, nutrition, garden and nature, and resting your slightly weary heart. DON’T start any landscaping or renovations – or really any major project in any area — before November 3. (Read “ALL SIGNS” in the Preamble above for reasons why.)

Your career remains in a pressurized and yet opportunistic holding pattern. The holding will end in mid November, so get prepared for a huge rush of career or other status activities — coming soon! A streak of romance has tickled your fancy since late September; if you have begun begun a romantic affair, it might meet delays and indecision now to early November. Same period, an old flame could reappear and set off a November fire!

Chase money Sunday/Monday — you are sure to find bargains and you have a good chance of collecting money owed you, even of wangling a little pay raise from your boss. Errands, paperwork, trips and communications fill Tuesday/ Wednesday. Most things go well here, but watch your relations with higher-ups Tuesday — you could be restricted, criticized, or given a great opportunity. Much depends on your attitude and on your past performance of course.

Turn toward this month’s major theme Thursday/Friday: home, family, security. This won’t be an easy two days, so avoid friction with your spouse or others while you dive into necessities. Saturday brings love and affection, joy with your children, wisdom and a pinch of romance. All week, you might have to choose between home and your spouse, partner or other commitments. I would choose home for now.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The general emphasis lies on errands, paperwork, travel and communications – and on casual contacts or friends. Don’t start or risk anything now to November 3, in this area of communications, but generally in every area: avoid significant new projects (e.g., a “mail out” or internet advertising), relationships or negotiations.  Neither make nor accept promises for 3 weeks ahead. Your money picture remains fortunate all October.

In a sense, you are receiving a foretaste of the domestic, family and property events that will begin late October into late November — these “hints” probably take the form of conversations or messages from the government. Good, but don’t start anything here – renovations would be a disaster if began before November 3.

Your energy and charisma are top notch Sunday/Monday. Be a little cautious until about noon Sunday (others might feel you are being a little pushy or too much “in charge”) — but this eve and Monday urge you to push forward, lead others, help and instruct. Your aid will return in future to bless you.

Chase money, seek bargains, butter up clients and nudge the boss for money making ideas or a small pay raise Tuesday/Wednesday. Be a little cautious through Tuesday afternoon, as you may have to make an astute choice between small casual things and large, idealistic things. The remainder of the interval flows quite well. You might, late Tuesday, start an intimate spark with someone.

October’s general emphasis — errands and communications – doubles up Thursday/Friday. Proceed cautiously, as these matters come to a bit of a contentious peak, especially Friday. (The actual peak lasts from mid-week to next Sunday, Oct. 18.) All week, choose between errands, paperwork, messaging, etc., and “drudge work” (which might be connected to home/family). Reject the drudge work for now.

Saturday should find you at home. Hug the kids, explore the neighbourhood, play miniature golf or rake the leaves — but DO NOT start any major home projects, renovations, etc. before Nov. 3. The rest of November, there will be plenty of domestic action — be patient.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The general emphasis remains on money, Virgo. (BTW, you will fare better for 14 months if you focus on career rather than home.) You remain attractive and good looking all October. In addition, your sexual side is strong until next January. A former friend and/or a former sexual partner, might return. Judge them by your past experience with them. October might feature some crucial indecision about important relationships; if so, be patient — things will clear up in November. Start nothing new and important before November 3 in all areas, but especially in travel, communications and paperwork.

Withdraw Sunday/Monday: rest, recuperate, ponder and plan. But don’t plan too deeply or extensively, as circumstances are liable to change over the next three weeks. Overall, except for Sunday morning, this interval flows nicely and gives you a good rest. Your energy and charisma surge upward Tuesday/ Wednesday. Be a leader, show others “how to,” get out, see and be seen. Give “reluctant” projects a push. But don’t start anything! You might think you have seen the sexiest person in the world Tuesday… But give it time.

Handle money carefully Thursday/Friday. Lots of potholes and glitches in purchases and earnings. Just collect what you can, spend little and enjoy the weather. Not a good interval to begin any courses of study. All week to this point, you face a decision between money and possessions, and !travel or other distractions. Stick with the money. Saturday brings calls, visits, errands and curiosity – exercise the last one!

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

You are still on top of the world, Libra, at a physical, mental and emotional peak. You can influence others now, or attract them with your heightened charisma. However, now to Nov. 3 is not a good time to start any significant project, relationship or purchase.

A former or ongoing relationship can be quite intense this month and next. For some of you, an old flame entered last month; for others, such a meeting lies ahead. Don’t be surprised if this person changes their mind almost minute to minute, perhaps oscillating between angry criticism and sweet affection. You can use this to break off, or you can endure it patiently for the few weeks ahead, after which he/she should mellow enough to follow one groove, one pathway to your heart.

Similarly, themes of relocation, opportunities in general, and dealings with the public will go in circles until mid November. Earnings, money and purchases, casual sex and memory — these also go in circles now to November 3. Your relations with government, institutions and head office, and with advisers and health workers are cordial and benevolent all month, and succeed this Tues./Wed.

Your hopes, optimism, popularity, social joys and entertainment are blessed Sunday/Monday – Monday is best, but Sunday night’s meetings, if any, can lead to good things down the road. Withdraw, lie low and rest Tuesday/Wednesday. A good, smooth interval. An exciting meeting might occur Tuesday. Rather than fight, show your most attractive qualities. (Receive rather than reject.)

Productive meetings with civil servants, admin workers, agents and advisers. Your own energy and charisma soar upward Thursday/Friday. Get out, see and be seen, lead others, bid for attention — but do not start any significant projects. Instead, use your energy to protect ongoing projects — e.g., make sure you have enough supplies, that schedules are checked and re-checked.

Also, use your heightened charisma and clout to tackle and maybe solve some of the domestic difficulties that have faced you for a long time. E.g., fix the plumbing, or find a way to deal with a rebellious child, etc. Saturday might be a little nervous or disruptive until noon (PDT) but flows well after that — chase money, shop for bargains.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Lie low, rest and recuperate, ponder and seek your spiritual self. I don’t say plan, because circumstances and your opinions and goals will change over the three weeks ahead. You should avoid starting any important relationship, project or purchase until November 3 onward. You will be more indecisive than usual, which hints that you should not make promises nor accept them.

(Speaking of purchases, the 14 months ahead are much better for investments than for buying items which can depreciate, such as cars or clothes. Better too, for deep meaningful sex than for casual affairs. You might find it difficult to obtain the latter.)

Your happiness and faith in the future remain buoyant at all month. Work and chores remain heavy, but you have some relief from them until mid November. Good, use this half-pause to rest and get ready for the bigger task(s) that will come November to January.

Be ambitious, show your skills Sunday/Monday. Many things go very well, but be a little careful about commitments and relationships before early afternoon Sunday (PDT). Your optimism and joy in life rise Tuesday/Wednesday. Despite your semi-seclusion, your popularity will rise, and a wish could come true. Accept/embrace happiness! There might be a temporary work hassle Tuesday: approach it without blame, or you could start a fight.

Retreat even further Thursday/Friday. This is your last deep rest opportunity before late month, when you’ll be called into action. Others might not want you to be silent and thoughtful, but be that way anyway. Not a good two days to communicate or travel. Your energy and charisma rise Saturday into the weekend, which is a foretaste of the energetic month that starts for you October 22. Enjoy the energy! A possible exciting meeting Sunday morning.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Wishes can still come true, Sage. You remain popular and romantic, so you get a bit of love from both sides. Romance, as said before, stays strong, but might be in a bit of a holding pattern until mid November. It will resume powerfully after that. Social delights continue. And higher-ups favour you all October. Finish things up rather than expand or start any new projects, (big) purchases or relationships now to Nov. 3. This applies all-round, but especially to links with gov’t, head office, institutions, agents and advisors.

You’re wise and mellow Sun./Mon. — well, most of it. Sunday morning’s a bit tense, disruptive, and midday doesn’t help relationships, but this eve and Monday favour love, understanding, intellectual and international pursuits, culture and religion, and formal learning — and fame. Chase career and business, prestige goals Tuesday/Wednesday — a lucky interval! Don’t argue Tues. daytime — anger might be attraction in disguise.

The whole theme of October comes Thursday/Friday: popularity, social delights, flirtation and entertainment and huge optimism about the future. These are great things, but they run into obstacles, especially Friday, when domestic matters or difficulties can interfere with fun.

Withdraw Saturday, rest, meditate, but do not plan, your circumstances are changing. All week, but especially the second half, you might need to choose between all that popularity and social fun versus home, family and property. Right now, I’d let fun win. (There’s a good, practical reason for this, but it would take too long to explain.) An “ex” might reappear in the weeks ahead. But this person tried to “imprison” you in the past.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The accent remains on your career, prestige relations, ambitions, reputation and worldly standing. You have the drive and determination to push toward your goals, especially this week and early next. But before you do, realize that this week to November 3 brings an atmosphere of confusion, mistakes and delays. So yes, keep pushing ongoing ambitious projects, or even revive one from the past (perhaps one from two years or more ago). But do not start anything new, relationships, projects or major purchases.

A former friendly lover or social group might appear; yes, join this gladly. You know something big is happening on your domestic front, and perhaps you’re sure of what it will be, but you can’t chase or enact it before mid November. And, it might turn out to be far different from what you have envisioned. Believe in your general luck. You lost a step in 2019 and early 2020 — now is the time to make it up.

Sunday/Monday is mysterious. Your subconscious rises to the surface, your intuition is strong. Leap on any opportunities in financial, intimate, medical or lifestyle areas. But leap now, or let it go. Sunday night, Monday morning are most effective. Wisdom, understanding, gentle love, intellectual and international pursuits, religion and culture — these fill your plate Tuesday/Wednesday, and in a fortunate way. Tuesday might force you into choosing between home/family and career/outside ambitions. The latter probably best.

All that ambition finds an outlet Thursday/Friday, when your career and prestige are doubly emphasized. You can gain your objective, at least partly, by your grim determination. Contemplate the long range effects of insisting on your way before you push too hard. (But do grab ambition’s rewards!) Saturday is for fun, social joys, optimism and flirtation, group games, politics – whatever you enjoy doing.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Finish up rather than start anything, Aquarius, especially in career and other ambitious areas. An atmosphere of confusion, delay and mistakes surrounds you this week to November 3. You might notice the occasional missing email or letter, also. Your intimate life, your finances and your investigations, all are blessed during October. A former job position might return. Now to January 2022, you will thrive if you chase romance, and do less well if you chase friendship or friendly, light love.

Important relationships arise Sunday/Monday. Sunday is mildly disruptive to just past lunch (PDT) but all improves after that, into Mon. morning. Relocation, contracts and negotiations, public dealings, opportunities and new horizons, challenge and the need to co-operate — these are included under “relationships.”

Life shunts you into deeper waters Tues./Wed. — what were open relationships Sun./Mon., become more private, and more crucially attached to funding, sex, or other commitments. Although you should not start anything new, these are two productive, fortunate days. Avoid a snappish comment, an argument, Tues.

Wisdom, a mellow mood, idealism, far sight and wide understanding — and love — visit you Thurs./Fri. But this interval is filled with challenges, esp. Fri. These difficulties might have something to do with your secrets, or hidden liabilities, or a gov’t or similar edict. All week, you might need to choose between these and the idealism/love. Choose idealism/love. Saturday is for ambition — write the boss a letter.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Pisces, the emphasis continues on mysteries, investigation, intimacy, medical and lifestyle issues. Your subconscious will be close to the surface; your intuition will be strong, reliable. All these areas will run up against opposition from your friends, or might conflict with your own cherished ideas of your future. Try to integrate them. On the plus side, a spouse or even a casual brief associate will bow to your wishes with grace and affection.

In combo, these influences might open the door to happy seduction, or a lucrative investment partnership. But remember, the 3 weeks ahead advise AGAINST starting new relationships, projects or purchases.

The gush of money continues, but as stated before this gush will turn in circles or simply ebb a bit, until mid-November. Until January 2022, you will do better to focus on home and family than on outside ambition. A rather serious, potentially marriageable relationship might stall now, and be revived or settled in November. Meanwhile, be patient.

Tackle chores Sunday/Monday. Sunday p.m. and Monday morning are best. Protect your health: eat well and dress sensibly. Don’t buy any machinery before Nov. 3. Relationships pop up Tuesday/Wednesday. This is a great little interval, especially for digging deep and sharing valuable insights, feelings. Tuesday daytime might be challenging, as a monetary argument is possible. So is a monetary or sexual opportunity.

The month’s emphasis on mysteries, finances and intimacy, etc., grows even stronger Thurs./Fri. Go slow, Pisces — many pitfalls await the unwary or the hurried. Neither make nor accept promises; sign nothing. Saturday’s for wisdom, love, visions, wide understanding, intellectual pursuits, and travel. But invest in nothing.




Is Google crooked? Well, I tried once again, number 1001 out of 1001 attempts. In the address bar, I typed in: “Trump News.” I received a list of cable and print news outlets, everyone of them virulently anti-trump. (CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, etc.) Once again, for the 1001th time, I had to type in “Fox” and when I did, Google offered only 4 items (versus the usual 10 or 12). The first 2 were CNN (Trump haters) and only 1 of the 4 was a Fox item. When I type in, from the get-go: “Trump News Fox,” I receive about 5 Fox items, and 6 or 7 anti-Trump items from CNN, Vanity Fair, WAPO — all swampy Trump haters, and usually 1 from the Guardian, a British, blatantly Trump-hating rag. These Google clowns should be in jail.
***   ***

Trump should have declassified all the Russia documents long ago — 2 years ago! Why did he wait until 3 weeks before the election? That gives researchers and crime-hunters very little time to dig up and take action on the crimes of Hillary, Comey, Brennan, et al. I find it absolutely amazing: the U.S., people and nation, have lived with the Dem’s blatant corruption and lies, and yet the Dems still lead in the polls. Amazing — that Trump’s irritating personality (or public stance, for he is said to be empathic, gracious and kind in person) is enough to completely counterbalance — and even overbalance — the obvious corruption of the Dems.
***   ***

I watched the Vice-Presidential debate last night. My only question: why were all the moderator’s questions critical of Trump and the Republicans? I thought moderators were supposed to be neutral. (Not that Chris Wallace was very neutral during the first Trump-Biden debate.) At first I thought V.P. Pence was pretty rude, ignoring and talking over the moderator. But then I realized the moderator was really on Kamala Harris’ side, so I forgave Pence’s “over-talking.” (Pence obviously learned from Biden: ignore the question and give your set speech.)
***   ***

Trump should not depend on John Durham to charge the deep state criminals before the election. Remember, John — J — is the indicator of an enemy of Trump, one who usually pretends to be on Trump’s side, then isn’t. But I’m sick of politics. No more politics!