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NOTE: in the Forecasts every week, I will not be inserting (“stay 6 feet apart”) every time I mention romance or intimacy or “garden party.” But you can insert it for yourself.

START NOTHING:    2:43 pm to 9:43 pm Sun., 8:38 pm to 11:44 pm Tues., 9:35 pm Thurs. to 5:17 am Fri., and after 2:54 pm Sat.


ALL SIGNS: Remember, don’t start any new, significant projects, relationships or major purchases before  Nov. 3.
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B.C. POLITICS: I haven’t looked at Horgan’s chart nor the Liberal challenger’s, but I did draw a chart for the minute I heard of the election writ. It kind of says Horgan, a Leo (I think!) will win.
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In the U.S., the FBI not only tried to manipulate and control the 2016 federal election, they are doing it again with the 2020 election. The FBI is quietly turning the U.S. into an autocracy and ultimately a dictatorship, maintained as a police state. America will not be a true democracy until the FBI is eradicated. It is, essentially, a criminal organization, far more harmful than the Mafias which JFK and his brother fought. Many years ago I said that one day Canada will rule the U.S. If they leave the FBI in place, that day is less that 100 years away. (I just plucked that 100 figure out of a hat.)
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I should tell you now that I will not be doing a 2021 year ahead book. The 2020 forecast book was a financial success. I don’t know how many copies we sold, but we made, I think, $10,000 to $15,000 in royalties. The problem is, it is a terrific amount of work — at least two months worth, and for something that has no lasting value. I’m 72 years old, and I don’t really need all the extra work, or the $. I’m starting to realize that time is more valuable than money.

I also seem to have a self-sabotaging little streak. For example, when writing the 2020 book I kept coming up with the word virus, and wanted to put it in Leo’s and Libra’s forecasts, but my editor/techie fought the idea and said it was too drastic so I dropped the whole virus thing. Then the forecast book was printed and published, and the pandemic struck. China is a Libra nation. Trump is Leo rising. The frustration I feel at having sensed something and come so close to an important prediction, is not worth the rest of the reward from writing the book.

Instead, I am going to work the year ahead, love forecast, karmic forecast, etc., into the weekly blog, probably in the Weekly Forecast section, in the weeks and months ahead. The good news for you is, do you won’t have to pay $6.50 to read the forecast.

Apropos the above, for many years, even decades, I was flummoxed and angered that although my predictions have been far more accurate than any other astrologer’s and often have embraced themes and events important to all humanity, such as my prediction of the Gulf wars and their outcome, or my prediction in the late 1990’s that America would be attacked on the Atlantic coast, or the explosion of the  Challenger Shuttle, or my many economic and stock market forecasts, or  my prediction that the U.S.S.R. would break up, have a “non-violent revolution” — despite these and a hundred others, I have never achieved fame.

I am probably the best forecaster in the world, yet by and large I’m ignored. It was frustrating to see how readily the larger media* embraced self-proclaimed psychics and charlatans, yet ignored me. It ticked me off because I’m basically an egotist. Then one day I finally realized that these charlatans obtained their publicity by focussing their efforts on obtaining media exposure rather than on the craft of prediction. That’s why most, maybe all of these media-embraced prognosticators spewed predictions that later events proved laughably wrong. The mechanism is quite simple. Those who are real predictors have a certain personality that cannot be self-promoting – partly because self-promotion destroys the predictive faculty. It is hard to whisper when you are shouting. So you have a choice: be popular, or be true.

* — Locally, the tv, newspaper and radio media treated me well during the 1980/90s with many appearances, but national (that is, Toronto) media completely ignored me. So did most U.S. outlets. After awhile, I shrank from local media, because it kinda bored me.
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aries icon  ARIES: March 21-April 19

These are your last few days of open and obvious relationships, Aries. Thursday starts a month that still features relationships, but they will trend more and more to the private, secret, deeper and more consequential side. In business, funding begins or the project ends; in love, intimacy begins or the relationship ends. — All after Thursday eve (PDT). Don’t expect quick results though, as everything is delayed until at least November 3, and in some cases until November 13.

You and someone might lift your head up from the depths to re-examine or re-establish your open relationship, before diving into the depths of consequence again. Pregnancy is possible in the weeks ahead for young couples. Your workplace and your chores are rewarding all month. Despite possible misgivings, your career looks fortunate into late December.

Over the last two years, many of you have successfully worked to establish your career direction and footing or foundation. This will benefit you for almost 3 decades ahead. (Unless you’re as old as I am!) Remember, start no significant new relationships, projects or major purchases before November 3.

The deeper side of relationships described above actually enters briefly, like a foretaste, Sunday. The benefit of this day comes from studying the options and the possible depths to come. Don’t make any major commitments or promises – nor accept any — this day, and Thursday onward. Monday/Tuesday brings a mellow mood, gentle understanding, intellectual pursuits, travel and love. There are some nice moments, and some puzzling ones.

Wednesday/Thursday focusses on your career and worldly standing. Both days favour you quite strongly, but be cautious early morning Thursday — avoid any friction. An opportunity from the past might appear – grab it. If not, give ongoing projects a steady, confident push. You will win! Your popularity and optimism leap upward Friday/Saturday. Problems and obstacles do exist, but you’ll hardly notice them during these two happy days.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Your month of work — or overwork — will end Thursday and be replaced by a month of relationships, opportunities and fresh horizons. From drudgery to excitement! However, don’t get too excited. Remember that until November 3 you should avoid starting new relationships, projects or major purchases. So for the near future, it will be better to engage ongoing associations, in love and business. Speaking of love, your romantic sector is fortunate and affectionate all October. A former flame may return before November 3. Continue to avoid belligerent people and places of potential violence until January 7.

Sunday gives you a foretaste of the general relationship trend that starts Thursday. Some things go well, especially with tried and true old friends, but major glitches lie semi buried. Among these could be a conflict between your work and your emotional desires, as well as a tendency to see relationships and your future through rose coloured glasses.

Monday/Tuesday brings the deeper side of relationships, such as intimacy and commitment, as well as financial, medical, and lifestyle choices. Ask this: is your own behaviour surprising others, perhaps keeping them away? Love and sex might combine well, especially Monday. A wise, mellow and understanding mood steals over you Wednesday/Thursday. Intellectual pursuits, international affairs, publishing and media, fame, science and statistics, and most of all love… even if mostly love of humanity… These are tremendously favoured both days. Just be a little diplomatic and careful Thursday morning.

Friday/Thursday accents your ambitions, your prestige relations and career, and your reputation. Friday is not the easiest: be calm in the face of surprises. Saturday flows nicely, favours the kind of love that is socially acceptable and could turn to marriage.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The romantic vibe continues, Gemini – but only until Thursday, when a month of work, health and machinery begins. Your family continues to be affectionate, supportive, your home a sweet retreat. You are still dealing with friends from the past, and will until mid November. One of these could be a pretty flirty friend. Remember, don’t start any new, important relationship, project or purchase before November 3. Your financial interests continue to be a mixture of good luck and hard reality. A former job might return.

Sunday holds chores and/or health concerns. Don’t be fooled — recognize the “hard fact(s)” while fantasy or deception hovers around you. (Despite this warning, a lucky real estate, sexual or investment door might open.) Relationships, new horizons and opportunities — and possible opposition — face you Monday/Tuesday. Your luck is mixed, so advance carefully, be diplomatic and co-operative.

Life’s mysteries rise to the surface Wednesday/Thursday. This is a lucky interval for finances, debt, intimacy, research, lifestyle and medical developments. But remember, start nothing new, and substitute assurances for commitments. (Or make a commitment with an agreed-upon escape hatch.) But give social life a pass. Love, understanding, wide vision, far travel, higher learning, fame, science and statistics — these fill Friday/Saturday. Friday’s tough, Saturday’s easy — maybe too easy.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

An old flame could return this week or (more likely) next. You have harboured a hope for several months (or longer, as long two years) about a financial and/or sexual situation. This appears to be blocked now to mid January 2021. Don’t worry about this, the situation has at least four more years to evolve. New developments next year. Similarly, your career and ambitions also seem to have hit a “wall of waiting” lately. This delay will dissolve mid-November.

Your communications elicit affectionate responses; you can find yourself laughing with friends and relatives all October. Remember, start no new relationships, projects nor major purchases before November 3. Oh, almost forgot — Thursday starts a month of romance, adventure, joy in your children’s talents, creativity, “good” risk, pleasure and beauty.

Sunday gives you all this, from romance to beauty. There are some sweet spots here, but also possible illusion or fantasy, and a problem might arise involving your home and your spouse. Tackle chores Monday/Tuesday. Protect your health, eat and dress sensibly. Your luck is mixed, so be alert. Do not buy any machinery.

Relationships, opportunities, new horizons face you Wednesday/Thursday. Be cooperative and diplomatic; selfishness will create enemies. However, you hardly need this warning, as both days are packed with good luck and affection. If single, you might interact with someone who would be a good life mate.

Life’s deeper and more mysterious side rises to the surface Friday/Saturday. Medical, lifestyle, sexual, financial and research themes fill these two days. Remember, start nothing big, serious. Friday is difficult, but Saturday is easy and ends on a note of cooperation or quiet satisfaction.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Start no new relationships, major purchases or projects before November 3, Leo. Something about your home that perhaps was neglected in the past might return now, demanding to be done. Could be as minor as laundering those drapes. DO NOT start renovations before November 3. Legal, wedding, far travel, intellectual and publishing, religious and cultural concerns remain sluggish until mid November, but then will rocket into swift forward motion in the two months following. Your money picture remains favourable until October 27.

Sunday is domestic. Be at home, with the kids, putter around. Luck is mixed — the good mingles with illusion, and your desire to be travelling or conversing runs up against work realities. Romance arrives Monday/Tuesday – so do creativity, adventure, rewarding risk, beauty, pleasure, and talented kids. Enjoy, but don’t take anything too seriously. Realize that until January 2022 you will fare better if you pursue light, friendly romance rather than deep infatuation. You might have to choose between outside ambitions and home/family Monday.

Tackle chores or seek employment Wednesday/Thursday — two very fortunate days. Thursday begins a month of domestic interests, including family, real estate, gardening and mother nature, security themes, and, in business, sales territory and leases. Wait until November 3, then dive into new projects, agreements in these areas. Until then, correct any past mistakes.

Relationships, new horizons, opportunities — and possible opposition — arrive Friday/Saturday. Friday is difficult, it contains minor snags. Saturday is stable and smooth and helps you with any workplace associations in the morning, and gives a mild “okay” to love, travel, intellectual and legal affairs.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Thursday switches your main emphasis from earnings and possessions (and possible casual sex) to communications, casual contacts, paperwork, short trips and errands. It is this area that is most affected by delays, confusion and mistakes — and indecision — until November 3. But this phenomena affects all areas to some degree. So for two more weeks, avoid starting any important new relationships, projects or major purchases.

You continue to radiate graciousness and charm until October 27. Your sexual and financial interests are also slowed or delayed until mid November. A former friend/contact might return. Now to January 2022, you will probably benefit more from career efforts than from domesticity or real estate. Risk over security.

Sunday features errands and communications, but think before you act, as love, relationships, finances and intimacy might run into obstacles. Bend your heart towards home, family and security issues Monday/Tuesday. Look for added nutrition, embrace mother nature, and use this quiet interval to catch up on your rest. Luck is mixed, so remain aware and go with the flow rather than launching anything.

Sweet romance enters Wednesday/Thursday – so do creativity, adventure and risk, beauty and pleasure. Now the cosmos favour you immensely (except in sex and finances: caution here). It’s very likely, if you are single, that someone is as interested in love as you are. Tackle chores and protect your daily health Friday/Saturday. Friday is a bit tough, although determination will show results. Saturday is much easier and more productive. Eat, dress sensibly these two days.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

You have been at the top of your game the last few weeks, Libra. But Thursday brings a subtle, almost a noticeable change. This day starts four weeks of focus on possessions and earnings. (The two most common possessions are memory and sexual embrace.) However, avoid launching any new money making or similar schemes before November 3. (Launching before that will very likely lead to failure.)

A money source, or a sexual attraction, may return from the past. You are very interested in a potential relationship, but it seems to have all sorts of glitches and/or misunderstandings, as well as something that seems to keep you from meeting frequently. That’s OK, these impediments will dissolve in mid November. Be patient and gracious, especially if you’re dealing with a prickly person. The wait is probably worth it, as this could be an extremely significant relationship, perhaps even a life mate situation with deep love.

However, realize I am talking about a peer to peer, or marriage type bond, not about a mere romantic fling. In fact during the 14 months ahead, you will succeed if you pursue an ethical, mentally and socially comfortable bond, and you might enter an alluring dead end if you act on purely romantic/passionate motives. It’s a time to recognize that romance is essentially selfish, while true love is deeply unselfish.

Pursue money Sunday, but gingerly and carefully as several pitfalls exist. You might feel a sensual draw to someone, but this person would only cause domestic friction in the long run. Errands, communications, trips and visits, paperwork and curiosity fill Monday/Tuesday. Some success here, particularly around a relationship, but generally the atmosphere is disruptive, so proceed with some caution.

Aim toward home and family, security, mother nature and gardening, house repairs, etc. Wednesday/Thursday. This area has given you a lot of grief over the last decade, but these two days bless you with fortunate outcomes. The only thing to avoid is pursuit of a life mate or business partner — best to leave this until late November or December. Romantic joys, beauty and pleasure, and creative surges enter Friday/Saturday. However, Friday is tough and fights you all the way. Saturday is smooth and easy. So if you want to talk to a lover, delay it until Saturday.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

You’ve been quiet for a while, Scorpio. (Prime example: Scorpio Joe Biden, who has been hiding in his basement. But your retreat/quietude has likely had more noble objectives: rest, research, dealing with institutions and gov’t, contemplation, pondering God and soul, etc.) (BTW, I’m not knocking Biden; he’s a very likeable crook.) That quietude and rest will end Thursday, as you will suddenly leap into four weeks of energy, charm, clout and magnetism.

Notice the word “effective” is missing — that’s because until November 3, the whole world will exist in an atmosphere of delay and confusion, mistakes and second thoughts. Do yourself a favour: research, study circumstance (but don’t plan) until the 3rd, then plunge into action from that day forward. Before then, don’t start any significant relationships, projects or major purchases. Work is similarly delayed or in a holding pattern, but right till mid November.

Friends remain affectionate, even flirty, until October 27. In the 14 months ahead, you will fare better if you dig deep, make commitments and changes, invest and seek intimacy. (In marriages, this is a prime time to try and have a baby.) But you can waste creative time or even experience loss if you solely pursue earnings and quick money, or sex without love.

Your energy is high Sunday. Use it to solve problems of communication or machinery or employment. A magical romantic moment might have you dreaming. Pursue money, but not to the exclusion of everything else, Monday/Tuesday. (Take a small warning from the paragraph above beginning with “the 14 months ahead.”) A good interval to pay bills. Tuesday is generally productive.

Errands, communications, paperwork and travel arise Wednesday/Thursday. These will go very well, as harmony and good luck surround you. A letter or text or call to a loved one will reward you with even more love. Friday/Saturday pull you down to earth, and point you toward home and family, security, mother nature, nutrition, stomach and soul. This is a restful interval, so catch a few naps. Friday is tough, Saturday is easy.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Soon your revels will end, Sagittarius. You’ve been hopeful, social, and have felt like life is a happy thing, at least during the last few weeks. That continues this week, but only until Thursday, which starts four weeks of quietude, rest, contemplation and dealings with government, head offices, institutions, agents and advisers. It will also be a good time to plan your future moves, AFTER November 3 — before this date you might as well throw your plans away because the circumstances they are based on will change. Remember, start no new relationships, projects or major purchases before November 3.

Romance remains a strong influence, but until mid November it might remain in a holding pattern. Nothing wrong with this, as long as you’re patient and gracious. For the 14 months ahead you will tend to succeed if you attempt to form relationships or relocate or go over to someone else’s side. But you might experience puzzling setbacks if you strongly assert your independence.

Lie low Sunday. Rest, contemplate, but you’re probably better off avoiding any contact with government or head office, as this is a problematical day. Your energy and charisma surge to splendid heights Monday/Tuesday. Others will be attracted, and you can assume the role of leadership. Use your temporary clout to solve problems rather than launch new ones.

Your money luck is impressive Wednesday/Thursday. A great interval for earnings, non-crucial purchases and sensual embraces. Friday/Saturday brings errands, communications, casual friends, short trips and paperwork. Friday is tough; you will encounter communication obstacles or misunderstandings. Saturday is easy and stable — now communications will have the desired result.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

You have been working hard the last few weeks, Cap. your efforts continue through this week, but Thursday starts a month of fun, enjoyment, popularity and social delights, optimism, entertainment and flirtations or friendly romance. Apropos that last one, an old flame might return now to November 3. Remember, avoid starting any new relationships, projects or major purchases before November 3.

Your intellectual side is blessed until October 27. A major domestic or real estate project has probably been delayed since early September; this hold back will probably last till mid November. After this, two months of intense action will have you succeed in this area. For the 14 months ahead, you will make good progress if you roll up your sleeves and tackle jobs yourself; but you can suffer subtle setbacks if you try exclusively to delegate chores and/or manage others. Government is a good thing to avoid until January 2022.

Sunday is social and your future looks bright. You might even whistle while you walk down the street. But this joy could mask problems at home or with communications. It’s no big deal. Withdraw to quietude and a restful stance Monday/Tuesday. Many glitches, and most actions will garner frustrating results, so be easy on yourself, rest, ponder and feed your soul.

Your energy surge is back Wednesday/Thursday. Be a leader, use your charm to persuade others, get out and about, see and be seen. Utilize that energy to give ongoing projects and situations a healthy push. But do not start any new significant projects. A beautifully lucky two days! Handle rather than pursue money Friday/Saturday. Friday presents obstacles and makes progress pretty tough. Saturday on the other hand, is easy and stable — and quite early in the day, might bless you with understanding, or long lasting affection.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Four weeks of loving, understanding, travel (unlikely with the pandemic), learning, dealing with foreign born people, and handling legal, media, cultural or scientific matters — these weeks end Thursday, when a month of ambition, pressure, prestige relations and worldly standing begins. Usually I would say, get out there and charge ahead with ambitious projects.  But wait until November 3 onward to begin anything, especially in career, relationships, projects and major purchases.

You’ve been having quite a lot of communication with various people, partly with new people July and August, and probably with someone from the past September to now. This emphasis on communicating with a former contact or friend lasts until mid November. After that, to early next January, you will likely either turn this past contact into something solid and lasting, or begin communicating with someone new.

Separated lovers or friends will be able to travel to meet each other late November or December/January. Your financial and sexual position is favoured until October 27. (For example, an Aquarian friend of mine just found out that her property was worth twice what she thought it was.) This trend can also tempt you into extramarital temptations. During the 14 months ahead, you will receive heaven’s blessings if you pursue deep romance or a creative or child teaching project. You’ll suffer subtle loss if you play the field, or keep love at a friendly distance.

Sunday is connected to your prestige – it might be better to avoid doing anything wrong than to be ambitious, as this day has sharp obstacles. Popularity, social joys, flirtations (see note above about “14 months”), optimism and entertainment fill Monday/Tuesday. Good luck and bad luck mingle, so handle practical matters cautiously. Tuesday’s best.

Withdraw from the hustle and bustle Wednesday/Thursday. Be quiet, restful and contemplative. This is a time to connect with your spiritual self and/or the government or head office, institutions, health and charity organizations, agents and advisers. Your luck is very high, despite possible tiredness. A bonus of some sort might visit you from the past, a kind of payment, emotional or financial for some good deed(s) you did long ago.

Your energy and charisma surge Friday/Saturday. Get out and about, be a leader, and give ongoing projects your support. Friday is tough, Saturday is easy.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Life is mysterious and filled with complex depths, as the past few weeks have shown you. But this mysterious  and consequential phase ends Thursday. That day, you start four weeks of mellow ease, understanding, broad vision, far travel, higher learning, international affairs, publishing and media involvements, and love. (These are accented Sunday, too, in a minor and mildly problematical way.)

Remember, don’t start anything significant before November 3 — this includes relationships, projects and major purchases. The river of money continues to flow but a little more sluggishly than it did in July and August. That flow will surge and grow faster mid November to early January. Until then, go over your spending and try to find ways to plug money leaks. Relationships remain sweet and affectionate until October 27.

Sunday’s discussed above. Be ambitious Monday/Tuesday, but realize that for the 14 months ahead, you will do better if you focus on home/family and security rather than focus solely on career and ambitions. Good and bad Luck are a bit tangled Monday/Tuesday so proceed with some caution. Tuesday’s best. Friends, fun, entertainment and flirting welcome you Wednesday/ Thursday. Your popularity will rise along with your optimism. These are a very lucky couple of days!

Seek quietude Friday/Saturday. Get your rest, contemplate, seek spiritual guidance, and be charitable. If you want to contact a major organization or the government, or an advisor or counsellor (or psychic) wait until Saturday to do so. Friday is tough, Saturday is easy and stable.



The following is part of an answer to a reader who keeps emailing me with diatribes claiming Trump is malevolence personified, because he “grabs women’s pussies.” Although this has never been proven, nor even substantiated, I’ll accept it.

Saintly Martin Luther King was a rapist. This is historical fact. I am not aware of any accusation that Trump raped anyone. So by this logic, Trump is morally superior to MLK. But let’s stick to Presidents.

Here is a list of presidents in the modern era: (when I say “faithful husband” below, I mean this is the generally accepted impression — it might be true or untrue):

      • JFK — multiple illicit affairs — Democrat
      • Nixon — faithful husband — Republican
      • Reagan — faithful husband — Republican
      • Carter – faithful husband — Democrat
      • Bush senior – faithful husband — Republican
      • Clinton – affairs, maybe rape, friend of pedophiles, king “pussy grabber”— Democrat
      • Bush Junior — probably faithful husband — Republican
      • Obama — probably faithful husband — Democrat
      • Trump — multiple affairs — Republican

Of nine presidents, three — one third — were sexual adventurers. Of the three who violated marital vows and/or “grabbed many pussies” as Trump haters like to repeat, one was Republican and two were Democrats. So in our time (JFK to present) Democrats are twice as likely to be sexual predators as Republicans.

(If Biden wins, he will be the third Democrat President to have violated the laws and morals of marriage. His own marriage is the product of an extra-marital affair. He destroyed his friend’s marriage, and took Jill as the prize. Sexually, Biden is “dirty.” I won’t even mention his proclivity for touching women intimately in public.)

There have been 4 faithful Republican presidents, and only 2 faithful Democrats.

I see no basis, either politically or morally, for singling out Trump as a sexual predator. His sexual escapades pale in comparison to serial pussy grabber JFK and the ruinous sleaze-ball Clinton, who will go down in history as a repeat guest of Epstein’s “pedophile palace.”
***   ***

Further on Google’s crimes of propaganda: today I entered “Trump News Fox.”  I received 5 CNN (anti-Trump, Trump hating, Trump character assassination) videos and 4 Fox videos (of which 2 supported Trump, and 2 criticized him). So even when you specifically ask Google for items from Fox (which usually supports Trump) Google sends you 5 propagandistic Trump hater videos, typically from CNN, MSNBC, Vanity Fair and other Trump-haters, and only 4 Fox videos, even though there are at least 10 other Fox videos currently relevant. In short, Google is refusing to let you have the information you ask for.

It  gets worse! I just Googled “Trump news only from Fox” and received 9 anti-trump CNN videos, and NONE from Fox. (Oct. 12, 11:28 pm PDT.) That’s insane.

So I tried: “Trump news only from Fox News” (thinking perhaps google needed the word “news”) — and received almost the same result: 8 anti-Trump CNN character assassinations, and 1 You Tube anti-Trump video. Not one from Fox.

Google should be disbanded, or handcuffed, forbidden to “black out” people, products, ideas, philosophies, political views and companies they don’t like. They  consistently channel information to support some and injure others. Google should be fined 100 billion dollars. Maybe that would shock them into honesty. Because at present they are as dishonest as they come. And that’s dangerous, because they are as big as they come. The top ten Google execs should be in jail.

And then of course there is Twitter, which is breaking the law by censoring information. They do this with impunity because the Congress is Democrat, and Twitter only destroys Republican information. These execs should be in jail also.
***   ***

Biden is more racist than Trump. In the past he has said if you shop at 7-11 (convenience stores) you’d better speak Hindi. Has proclaimed that “poor kids” are almost as good as ”white kids.” He’s lunched with members of the KKK. He supported a senator well known for his racist beliefs. Oh — oh — now that he’s running for president, suddenly he criticizes racism, calls Trump a racist… but he, Biden, still praises those who topple Abe Lincoln’s statue(s) — Lincoln, the Republican who fought a war to end slavery.
***   ***

Once again the White House copied me. Several months ago I wrote here that the way to get a vaccine quickly was to do all steps simultaneously. In other words, while the medical companies were performing phase 1 trials, they should also be producing phase 2 and phase 3 so that these phases, having already started, could be immediately undertaken should phase 1 be successful.

In an Oct. 13 television interview with the doctor heading up the entire Trump vaccine project, he revealed that that was exactly what they did, and as a result they think they will have a vaccine within months of their starting date… In other words around this October to January. He said the next quickest development of a vaccine took four years. The doctor even mentioned the one possible flaw in this plan, that is, that it was a gamble doing phase 1, 2 and three “simultaneously” because if the phase 1 was a dud, they would have to throw out all the work of phase 2 and 3, and lose bags of money.

There have been several similar instances, most notably when a year or so ago I wrote that the White House should ship all illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities and leave them there, which I opined would shut up the dunderheads calling for free unlimited immigration.

A week later Trump did just that — and guess what? You haven’t heard a word since from the sanctuary city donkeys, who immediately, astonishingly, stopped braying — they dropped the whole subject. After that, not one city proclaimed itself a sanctuary city and even those who had already proclaimed themselves sanctuaries shut their doors and hearts up tight. It was an amazing example of holier-than-thou NIMBY hypocrisy.

If I was a true paranoiac, I would be convinced that someone over in that big House reads me and sometimes follows my advice. Of course they would never contact me or thank me because I’m an astrologer and they’d be afraid of the “optics.” Ah well, oy vey. The Sun is still shining! (I have a beautiful desk now on the third floor, with a huge window in front of me so I can watch all the trees and everyone walking about.)
***   ***

I know I’ve promised several times to abandon my political comments. But I feel that some readers still misinterpret both my feelings and my comments about Trump and the Democrats. So here is why I say what I do:

I think Trump lies like a car salesman, always promoting, everything is always the greatest in history, etc. (He’s a Leo rising, and Leos love to brag.) The good thing about Trump’s lies is that you can see them coming, they’re so obvious, and you don’t take them or him too seriously. But the Democrats lie in a very calculating, serious, and deeply deceptive way. (And so does the media that supports them.)

Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Comey and all his minions, Obama, and Biden, all have lied in ways that are calculated to either gain power, or destroy Trump. The whole Russia gate hoax was a huge democratic lie. And now, after 4 years of cover-up, the proof emerges that another Democrat, Hillary Clinton, not only lied, but paid the Russians to secretly attack Trump.

Biden has lied repeatedly about how his son received millions and millions of dollars from Russia, China, and Ukraine. Biden lied that he attended a black college. (“See, all you non-white kids, I’m Black inside!”) Even his stance of moral goodness — supposedly to show up Trump’s depravity — is a lie. Biden’s marriage is a result of an extra marital affair in which Jill and Joe cheated on her husband. Now on the campaign trail, Biden actually said that Americans “don’t deserve the truth.” In his world, they certainly don’t.

Nor am I a blind Trump loyalist. I criticized him in this blog for his “university” scam. I said (whenever I write “said” I mean “wrote”) that he would strike a Mussolini pose. I said he could become paranoid. (I was wrong here — he didn’t. In  fact, his “outrageous” and “nonsensical” and “paranoid” [CNN’s words] accusations turned out to  be true.

The entire media either laughed at or were outraged by Trump’s claim that the intelligence agencies were bugging his building and spying on him — impossible, pure fantasy and paranoia! But guess what? Gee, it turned out to be true! But the truth took years to come out because as they always do, the Democrats and the crooked FBI buried the truth as deeply as they could. Even today, as documents are being declassified (much to the rage and protests of Dems) Trump’s detractors are looking more and more guilty of multiple falsehoods and dirty tricks.

I have criticized him for his passivity and late response to Hillary’s viciousness, and for his inexplicable delays in releasing classified documents (all of which favoured his case). Years ago, I questioned why Trump did not push any program to replace Obamacare. And, months ago, I said that Trumps Achilles’ heel would be health and medical matters. I wrote that his response to the pandemic was terrible. My loyalty isn’t blind.

In ideals, I’m a Democrat. But back in 2016 during the campaign I wrote that if Trump was elected he would become a scapegoat. That became true. The Dems have done everything, including presenting false evidence by dry-rot Adam Schiff and others, lying to FISA judges, and conducting a phoney impeachment campaign, the main purpose of which was not to impeach, but to “slime” Trump.

I also wrote, during the 2016 campaign, that the Democrats might try to subvert democracy in order to prevent the democratic election of someone they considered a dictator. A real dilemma for them! When it became apparent that that was exactly what was happening, I took Trump’s side for no other reason than that I was repulsed by the injustice done to him.

Basically, the top ten or so Democratic figures should be in jail. The following people have likely or certainly committed felonies, felonies that would put ordinary citizens in jail for years: Obama, Hillary, Bill Clinton, Schiff, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Rosenstein (a Republican) Biden, Clapper, Brennan, Rice… ah, memory fails me. Pelosi, no crimes, but rampant hypocrisy. (Sneaking into a closed-to-the-public hair salon, violating Covid restrictions, and probably the law.)

There are so many instances of Dem falsity that I get tired enumerating them…

But I know some readers will read the sentence above, ignore everything else, and proclaim me a Trump-suck.
***   ***

I switch allegiances often, partly because I like both parties’ platforms, their vision. It seems to me that they fairly often go about accomplishing the same thing.* For instance, the Dems brought Obamacare. But the Repub’s brought lower drug prices and reduced financial dangers for non-affluent people (and perhaps other benefits, I’m rather ignorant here). Each party, if benevolent — and most of America is benevolent to its own citizens — would advance us as a society and species. Obamacare was a gain, so were lower drug prices.
***   ***

The world has caught a breeze lately — most recently since about 1984, but really back to, I think, WW II. It’s a technological breeze; it has begun to alter the way we think. This is a change potentially more fundamental than the wheel.

Accompanying this techno-wave are social welfare programs of every kind, a “safety net” spread over a segment of the population, and the concept of community, one-for-all, has taken huge strides forward.

But mankind is beginning to reach a saturation point in terms of community. The same saturation does not seem to be affecting technology, but as these two forces, tech and social development, tend to progress in rough concert, a limit to one will probably spell a limit to the other.

At present, we have 190+ nations, and many cultures. But an over-riding culture has taken hold, mainly due to the U.S. This new culture is binding the world, making people dual citizens, of their nation and their world. Nations will disappear, perhaps, by 2229, when mankind will take the next step upward.

To me, that 23rd century step up is almost unimaginable. I have described it in other columns in terms of spirituality and space travel mostly. Perhaps sometime I’ll spend a whole article on it.
***   ***

Twitter will face massive legal problems in 2021 which will, going forward, redefine this corporation.

Facebook will be in legal jeopardy even earlier, before the end of 2020.

Both, as I said before, “suck.”


5 thoughts on “~WEEKLY FORECAST ~ OCTOBER 18 – 24, 2020

  1. Mukesh

    Dear Tim,

    Thanks for your predictions.

    i am reading your predictions since year 2011, and i definitely agree that your predictions are far more accurate as compared to others. it’s ok if you did not include the word virus in your predictions. anyways your prediction for world wide casualties came true. you have also predicted second phase around november 2020. I pray for everyone.

    The warnings you provide for not starting something new, have always been useful to me.

    here once again you have said that no new projects or relationships should be started before Nov 3.
    So does it still apply, if I fetch a project for the company I work for, and eventually will gain me some financial benefits?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Mukesh,

      If the project is from the past, go ahead. If it’s a new project, wait until November 3 onward, look at it again, and if you still find viable, go ahead.

      Cheers, Tim

  2. LeoV

    Dear Tim,

    I remember you mentioning earlier this year that your editor had you remove “virus” from the yearly forecast. Please take heart in knowing that we trust your predictions and intuition.

    I would have a question related to this week forecast and specifically when the predictions of the sun sign and rising sign contradict each other. In the Leo reading (sun sign), you advise to stick to light romance until Jan 2022, while in the Scorpio reading (rising sign), you advise to dig deep and make commitments. Could you please let us know how to best approach Love in the year ahead in this configuration?

    Again, thank you so much for your prediction. Every week, it is a treat!

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, LeoV,

      In general, you can read your rising sign for the circumstances that surround you. And you can read your sun sign for your drives and desires and goals and action.

      You are Leo in one Scorpio in another, then you either combine romance and sex, or you let them conflict with each other.

      Until 22, it would probably be better to follow the Leo advice.

      Cheers, Tim

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