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NOTE: in the Forecasts every week, I will not be inserting (“stay 6 feet apart”) every time I mention romance or intimacy or “garden party.” But you can insert it for yourself.

START NOTHING:  Before 2:18 pm  Sun., 5:46 pm Tues. to 1:45 am Wed., and 9:12 am to 2:19 pm Fri.


ALL SIGNS: Remember, start no new, significant projects, relationships nor purchases before Nov. 3.

If an old flame or a former opportunity re-appears, it’s not “new” — so you’re safe (all things being equal) to take it up.
***   ***


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The weeks ahead emphasize mysteries, secrets, research, lifestyle and medical decisions, sexual desires, and large financial actions. Late October and November are always consequential months for you. This year, they might be bringing back a former financial opportunity or an intimate affair, an old flame. Both of these are all right: judge them by the past, seize or embrace them if you want. Oct. tends to bring relationships or opportunities, and Nov. tends to cement them on deeper levels — if not, a split up tends to occur. It’s “all or nothing” time.

Remember, avoid starting any new insignificant projects, purchases or relationships before Nov. 3. You are a little indecisive now anyway, and will continue that way to mid November. Your workplace and co-workers remain pleasant, and your health pretty good.

Sunday to Tuesday flows smoothly and calmly, with many little successes. You will be tired, as this interval is nudging you toward rest, recuperation and quiet contemplation. Fruitful, good-willed contacts with government, admin workers, institutions, warehouses/suppliers, agents and advisors — so contact some one/thing here.

Your energy and charisma pop up Wednesday to Friday afternoon. Use that energy to chase someone or something from the past Wed., and use it to boost your career standing, especially Thursday to Fri. morning (PDT). Friday night and Saturday bring money matters to the fore: shopping, banking, etc. You might face a money surprise, or something… it looks friendly… that opens a new door in many areas, perhaps involving computers, Internet, electricity or something along that line.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Relationships, opportunities and fresh horizons light up the next four weeks, Taurus. An “ex” or former partner might reappear this week, early next. If he/she first appears Sun. afternoon through Tues. suppertime, the auspices indicate a blossoming and positive relationship. If Saturday, the future is quite unpredictable, not to be relied on. If Monday Nov. 2, a sweet, casual, intimate affair might be in the cards. (Until Jan. 2022, casual sex and monthly earnings “give more” than deep, serious, binding-hearts sex and/or investments or deep money commitments.) Late week and into November, your workplace and coworkers will be pleasant — good time to seek employment, if you need to.

Wishes can come true Sunday through Tues., as your popularity and optimism rise. Flirtations and friendly love affairs hover around you, social delights lift your heart, and group involvements call you. A lovely interval, with not a cloud in the sky.

But withdraw from the crowd Wed. to mid afternoon Friday. Seek rest, contemplate, watch, be spiritual and charitable. Don’t bother making plans though, as different circumstances and new ideas will begin coming in next week. Take care in situations which involve ethics, legal matters, media, higher learning, and international affairs. Your energy and charm surge upward Friday late afternoon through Saturday. Enjoy the attention, get out, be a leader  — but don’t start anything big before Nov. 3.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

A month of drudgery, health concerns, and involvement with tools/machines has just started. It starts very well Sunday afternoon till Tuesday supper time (PDT) — this interval supports your ambitions, career, business and practical goals, and your reputation, social standing, in benevolent and fortunate ways. (Best day, Sun. pm.) Until Nov. 3, a former job, or work role, might return. If it returns these 3 days (Sun. to Tues.) grab it! (Remember, don’t start anything new and important, project, relationship or purchase, before Nov. 3.)

Someone in your life, perhaps a friend, perhaps a lover or ex lover, might be trying to change you, might be telling you that if you only did this or did that you will improve or be worthy of their “attention.” Two things about this: one, this person might be destined to be in your life in a big way; two, now until Jan. 2022, you will fare best if you believe in yourself, keep your own council, and be mildly independent rather than depending on someone else to define you or push you in any direction. These two possibilities might be irreconcilable.

Your social life remains buoyant and keeps you optimistic for the rest of this year. For the few weeks ahead, you might be dealing with former friends. New ones will come in mid November to January.

Sunday to Tues. are described above. Wednesday through mid afternoon Friday brings hope, happiness and social joys, entertainment, flirtations and/or friendly romance. Long-standing problems still stand, especially in sex, finances, lifestyle and medical areas. But you’ll hardly notice these as you dance through these few days. If you dabble in the stock market, these would be good days not to buy anything.

Lie low, rest, meditate or contemplate, but don’t bother planning anything major, as plans will change. A new or bigger job burden might be dumped on you. That’s OK, you can handle it — but don’t volunteer for anything.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The general accent now to late Nov. lives on romance, beauty and pleasure, creativity, risk and reward, and teaching children. Remember, don’t start any new relationships, projects or major purchases before November 3. An old flame might return this week. After Tuesday, and deep into Nov., your home and family will be affectionate and supportive.

Career developments are still on hold, but alive — mid November to January will open at least one door to career success. For 14 months ahead, focus your efforts on duties, managing, delegating tasks, admin., policy, rather than rolling up your sleeves and tackling chores “hands on.” Government, institutions and large companies will favour you.

Sunday afternoon through Tuesday blesses you with understanding, love (for all humanity, too) and favours legal, travel, intellectual, cultural, media and religious pursuits. There’s not a major obstacle anywhere, so sail along confidently! (Good interval, esp. Sun. eve, for a love talk.)

Be ambitious, but start nothing big, new Wed. to Fri. afternoon. Basically, “hold the fort,” help out where supplies, false starts or mistakes have others scrambling. Relationships might be your biggest challenge: angry customers, etc.  Friday pm and Sat. bring social delights, flirtations, friendly romance, entertainment, and happy hopes! An unusual or odd new friend or a surprising twist in love, early Saturday.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The four weeks ahead nudge you toward home, Leo, toward security, family, nature, nutrition, rest and soul. It will be an excellent time to “prune” — to let go of stale relationships and situations, and to nurture or plant new ones. But remember, until Nov. 3, don’t start any new links, projects or big purchases. Wait until after Nov. 3, but even better after Nov. 13, to begin any repairs/ renovations. This week, a “long lost” relative might return, or you might visit a former home.

Legal, international, media and intellectual projects might be “on hold.” They will resume forward motion again in mid-Nov., so get ready, don’t be caught unprepared when the action starts. These themes will arise Wednesday to Friday afternoon — with obstacles quite apparent. Study the problems, to help you find solutions over the next 3 weeks.

Sunday through Tuesday tempts you with financial, sexual, lifestyle-changing or similar life affecting situations/choices. Hard to lose here, as good fortune fills each day. Wednesday to Friday have been described above. Be ambitious Fri. eve, Saturday. Show your loyalty, try to stem “holes in the dyke,” and co-operate. (Someone could be a half-partner, half-boss. Accept this.) You might have to choose between home and outside ambitions. For now, I would choose home.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The general emphasis will be on communications, casual contacts, errands and travel, paperwork and quick, easy chores, Virgo, for the month ahead. But this is the very area where things can go wrong, mistakes can be made and delays are almost certain. Your phase of good hair days ends Tues. and is replaced by month of good luck in earnings and possessions. In addition, Mars, your sex planet, stays in your sex sign (Aries) until January 7. The month ahead might spark a casual sexual affair. But this can occur anytime since last June 28, to next January. (With a bit of delay, treading water, until mid-Nov.)

For young couples, this half-year can bring a happy new human; however, if you do become pregnant in the next two months, make sure an MD is involved, and your nutrition is high. (Miscarriage possible if you’re “run down,” but if it occurs, it’s not an indicator of future pregnancies.)

Sunday afternoon through Tues. features relationships, fresh horizons, opportunities, negotiations and agreements, and possible litigation and disagreement — good luck rides with you the entire interval, so reach out, embrace others’ viewpoints, projects, efforts.

You might meet a rather perfect life mate prospect, especially if you have known this person before, or even more, been in a relationship with them. This can also operate in business and practical areas, so no matter what your age or status, reach out — there is gold in handshakes.

Large finances, sexual temptations, and medical and lifestyle decisions face you Wed. through mid afternoon Friday. (All times are PDT.) This is not the luckiest or most bountiful interval; in fact, several obstacles and dilemmas hover around you. Accordingly, you will probably be wise to avoid investments, surgery, and sexual liaisons (esp., new ones).

A sweet, mellow mood steals over you Friday eve and Saturday. Although your luck is rather bouncy, up and down, this is a productive interval for legal, intellectual, travel, media, cultural and love pursuits.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The weeks ahead turn your focus to money, earnings, possessions, memories and nostalgia, and casual sex. Remember, start no significant projects, purchases or relationships before November 3. (The casual sex part might be limited to Oct. 28 through Nov. 10.) Tuesday ends a few weeks during which your light was at least partially hidden. From this day to late Nov. your physical charms and gracious behaviour will shine more brightly, attract others.

Your partnership planet has been in your partnership sign since late last June and will stay there until January 7. This influence is a bit weak or confused Sept. to mid Nov., but it has not eradicated a potential mate, and this year’s unusual relationship intensity will shine strongly again after November 13. So don’t give up on relationships quite yet! In relationships, until January 2022, you will fare better if you approach love in a profound and meaningful way, rather than picking at it with a casual, play the field attitude.

Tackle chores Sunday afternoon through Tuesday. Pick big or many chores, as virtually everything runs smoothly unfortunately: you will get a lot done! (And it might help your earnings now or in future.) Relationships arrives Wed. to mid afternoon Friday. This includes negotiations and agreements, possible disagreements and litigation, public dealings, fresh horizons and opportunities. Luck is rather dim here, mainly due to domestic circumstances. So go slowly, cautiously. After mid December, from 1/3 to 2/3 of these problems will dissolve. (To give way to romantic and creative luck for much of 2021.)

Life’s deeper side emerges Friday eve through Sat.: sexual temptations, big finances, medical and lifestyle choices. These are not hugely lucky, and we are still in that confusion stage, so don’t make any big commitments here, but do enjoy the depths and secrets that might be revealed.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Your weary period has ended, Scorpio. In the weeks ahead, your energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness will climb to an annual peak. But all the effectiveness might go in the wrong direction if you begin any major relationship, project or purchase before November 3. Work and employment results might seem elusive until mid Nov.; but the earlier intensity in this area will return, November to January.

Tuesday starts a few weeks of favour from government, head office, institutions, warehouses and spiritual and charitable organizations. (Nov. 14-20 would be a good time to pick up/attract a mentor.) For the 14 months ahead, focus on depth rather than surface.

Romance and other beautiful things, adventures, pleasures, risks that lead to reward, gambles – all are beautifully supported Sunday afternoon through Tuesday. Charge ahead, there’s not a cloud in the sky! Tackle chores and support your daily health Wed. to mid-afternoon Friday. Eat nutritiously, dress sensibly. Be careful with chores, as various obstacles exist, especially in the communications and travel zones.

Relationships come barrelling in Fri. eve through Saturday. You might experience a climax with someone. At the same time, you can probably sense that relationships have become more unpredictable. I know you won’t, but don’t promise anything to anyone until you are sure how you feel, and how long you want to commit to something or someone.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

You have just ended a month of socializing, popularity, happy hopes – and at least one wish has probably come true. But you are just starting a month of quietude, contemplation and potentially lower energy. From Tues. onward, you will feel the lingering warmth of prior socializing and will find lucky results in dealings with institutions, unions, warehouses, civil servants, head office, advisers and agents – and charitable and spiritual organizations.

Romance, though still highly favoured, remains in a holding pattern until Nov. 13. That’s just as well, because you will be in a quiet and tired mood. Late November onward, romance could hit a powerful, intense peak. Wait for that, rather than spend your luck on half-romantic conditions. Favour from higher ups ends Tues., to enliven your social life for the weeks ahead — this relieves, makes a nice balance to, the general atmosphere of solitude and contemplation. Don’t give up on love — there is someone good in your life, or facing you.

Bend heart and (hopefully) body toward home Sun. afternoon through Tuesday. This is a lovely interval for embracing your family, gardening, repairs (NOT renovations), communing with mother nature, pruning plants and people, and enhancing security. Everything runs smoothly. And grab some delicious rest or afternoon naps.

Romance, creative and gambling projects, beauty, pleasure and teaching children are all emphasized Wed. to mid afternoon Friday. As hinted above, you might not be totally satisfied with any of these areas, mainly because monetary and status obstacles interfere. This interference might not take the form of an object, event or action, but simply weigh on your mood and restrict your possibilities. So enjoy but don’t build on it.

Friday p.m. through Saturday brings chores and possible involvement with machinery. The time is fine, so you’ll be able to get things done, but go slowly, read directions twice, etc. Electricity and/or computers are probably involved.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

A wish is about to come true, Cap. The four weeks ahead emphasize joy, popularity, social delights, entertainment, optimism and perhaps the birth of a friendly love affair. You will be happy! That wish might emerge from or answer a long ago yearning, might involve an old flame or friend. Remember, don’t start any significant relationship, project or purchase before November 3. (Old flames or former or ongoing projects are your best focus.)

Major things are going to happen on your home front before early January, but be patient — don’t start anything here before Nov. 13. Tuesday starts four weeks of favour from higher ups, bosses, VIPs and judges. For the 14 months ahead, it will be better to roll up your sleeves and get the work done rather than delegate it to another.

Errands, quick easy chores, paperwork, communications and travel fill Sunday afternoon through Tuesday. This is a lucky and successful interval, so dive in and get things done – especially things neglected in the recent past. Excellent time to alter/boost your nutrition. Your security, home and family – and territory at work — are emphasized Wed. to mid afternoon Friday. The auspice isn’t great, so step lightly here, or you might be suspected of draconian measures. Encourage rather than lord it over spouse and children.

Sweet romance, creative surges and speculative urges, beauty and pleasure fill Friday eve through Saturday. This interval is a bit choppy, but it might bring an emotional climax in a relationship, and a fresh new “entertaining quirkiness” in events/loved ones.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The past few loving, mellow and understanding weeks are now over, Aquarius. The weeks ahead focus on your ambitions, career, prestige relations, and worldly standing. But don’t start anything in these areas — or in any area — before Nov. 3. Save up your ambitions for the weeks following that date. (Instead, study options, literature about your field.)

You might be corresponding with an old friend or contact this second half of 2020. Lately this has gone nowhere, but from mid Nov. onward to Jan., the relationship can gain renewed life. And despite your ambitions, the intellectual and travel part of your life will be fortunate and satisfying. Although light and non-intimate relationships appeal to you now, during the 14 months ahead you will do better if you pursue deep, intense romance rather than light, friendly situations.

Pursue money, bargains, possessions and casual intimacy Sunday afternoon through Tuesday. This is a fortunate interval with virtually no obstacles, so press ahead confidently. A Pisces might play a key role. Communications and travel fill Wed. to mid-afternoon Fri. — errands and paperwork, too. Go slow, or you might stumble on wrong addresses, wild goose chases, etc. Avoid communicating with civil servants, institutions and similar organizations, including head office at your place of employment.

Head for home Friday eve and Saturday. Hug the kids, massage the garden, etc. Get lots of rest because next week will draw on your energy reserves. You might face a choice between security at home versus outside ambitions. For now, choose home.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The mysteries are over, Pisces. The last few weeks have been filled with secrets, research and decisions around committing yourself to a financial, sexual or lifestyle situation. But the four weeks ahead bring a wiser, understanding mood. Love will be more important than sex. Themes of far travel, international affairs, intellect and higher education, media, law, culture, social rituals and beliefs systems will arise in these four weeks. But do not start any projects, relationships or major purchases in this area or any others before November 3.

An old flame might appear this week or next. And the exciting six months in money during the last half of this year has slowed somewhat and will continue to tread water until mid Nov., then resume its intensity until January. This is a good time to work on a budget. Relationships have been affectionate and fortunate overall during October. Tuesday moves that luck and affection into a quieter, more private, deeper place; investments and your sexual intimacy will benefit.

Your energy and charisma soar Sunday afternoon through Tuesday. Although you should not start anything big and new, this is a splendid interval to be a leader, to give ongoing projects a definite push, and to enjoy the admiration of others. Pursue money, earnings and bargains cautiously Wed. to mid afternoon Friday. The aspects are not good, so you might run into situations where your wishes and goals will simply not come true. This is only temporary. Friday eve and Saturday bring errands, swift, easy chores, paperwork, travel and communications. You might finally say/write something important to someone.




The FBI is a tapeworm in the intestines of America. The organization is obviously crooked. It also seems to have certain people in thrall. I like Bill Barr, U.S. Attorney General, I think he’s got a great legal mind, but there was something false about his reaction when he was asked about John Durham’s report. (You know Durham, the guy who decided not to indict any elite Democrats before the election, the guy I said would not help Trump because his first name begins with J, the mark of Trump’s [secret] enemies.)

When asked the question about Durham’s activities, Barr’s eyes fluttered wildly, usually the mark of someone who is lying. They fluttered when he said that everyone will be caught and punished. And I thought, what happened Bill? Who got to you? Who could be so powerful as to intimidate this calm quiet sober man? Maybe the question should be, what organization? What organization would be in a better position to intimidate and blackmail everyone they wanted to? Obama suffered a similarly revealing few minutes, as discussed below.
***  ***

Election day in the US occurs on November 3, the very day that Mercury stops its apparent backward motion, and goes direct. This day is often a remarkable one. This time, coinciding with election day, it might have a lot to say about the four years to follow. More next week, I hope.
********      *******

Twitter, Facebook, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBC, the New York Times, WAPO,  and their brethren have completely shut down the election-changing, massive, documented and solid proof of Joe Biden’s corruption and criminal acts. They say money laundering, tax evasion and influence-peddling. I say treason. The media destruction of information is itself treasonous. Sadly, Amazon has joined this league of liars. It has begun to ban (i.e., to deny a place on its shelves of 100,000 items for sale) films and documentaries which do not reflect its own bias/ideas. These are not just amateurish throwaway attempts. These are films produced with high professionalism.

But the recent revelations of the Biden family’s corruption — basically, giving favours to foreign governments in exchange for money paid to Joe and Hunter Biden (and other Bidens too) — favours that severely undercut US interests and damaged US power *— have exploded in the worldwide media — outside the U.S. If you doubt me, just go to Australia’s Sky Television, or look at a few foreign sources on YouTube… Unless YouTube has also decided to censor anything that could trip up slimy Joe.

*— “damage U.S. power” — For example, Joe Biden gave China the “okay” to build military bases in international waters (and in contravention of international law) in exchange for a payment of slightly over $1 billion to his son Hunter. Hunter in turn gave half his bribery payments to his father Joe — at Joe’s demand. Hunter even wrote to the rest of the family, complaining that he had to give half to his father Joe.

Biden has repeatedly denied that he knew anything about his son’s corrupt bribery dealings, but proof emerged on October 16 that in at least one influence-peddling deal, Joe Biden was given half of his son’s illicit income. The damning emails have been corroborated by witnesses, including Hunter’s one-time partner.

That Joe Biden did not report this in his income tax returns only deepens and extends his crimes. But the suck-up media, Twitter etc., continue not to deny these revelations, but to completely ignore them, which is a far more despicable denial. God I wish these people would get thrown in jail! Biden is a very likeable guy, but he is corrupt, greedy and two-faced. He, especially, should be in jail.
***   ***

Don’t think that Barack Obama knew nothing about Joe Biden’s crimes. In fact, he must have approved of them — just as he approved of secretly selling 25% of America’s uranium reserves to Russia —to Putin, whom the Dems have repeatedly tried to link to Trump — ultimately unsuccessfully because in the end you cannot prove a lie.

(Although the corrupt Washington swamp spent four years trying to do exactly that, with the traitor Mueller and his legion of dirty prosecutors, those cowards who, as soon as they saw the coup had failed, wiped all their communications, every one of 24 cell phones, clean. A la Hillary, another great denier of truth.  Of course, “clean” has a special dirty  meaning here;  it is the obverse of moral cleanliness, it is clean expressed as the bench where a bull was slaughtered, blood guts and all. In this case the knives were blunt, their cutting edges mere gossip and hatred, w/o evidence or reason — and the bull jumped up, bloodied but triumphant. It’s the lowest form of clean, the absence of obvious dirt.)

Add to this corrupt crew the FBI, the organization that is still refusing to hand over documents which they have held for years. Latest incident: it has been revealed that the FBI took possession of the Mac laptop that contained the incriminating emails of Hunter Biden and crew…. in December 2019. The McCarthy-style (and Soviet style) impeachment took place from September 2019 to February 2020.

At the centre of Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment/character assassination was the accusation, never proven, that Trump attempted a quid-pro-quo discussion with a foreign politician. This was the Ukrainian scandal. Trump’s position, basically, was that the phone call the impeachment was based on was a perfectly normal and in the course of business activity, in no way nefarious. If anything, it showed Trump’s drive to eliminate corruption in Ukraine.

Pelosi and her Dems scoffed at this argument, and brought in anonymous witnesses, fantasy whistleblowers, and a parade of  civil servants who hated Trump, to assassinate his character and gnaw at his innocence like ravenous dogs. Neither side could prove their position, which left Pelosi and her gremlins free to claim Trump was guilty, they just couldn’t prove it.

Yet, unknown to you and I, the FBI held proof that Trump was innocent, that his position was right, and that his accusations against Biden were true. In December 2019, in the middle of the impeachment kangaroo court, the FBI obtained the Hunter Biden laptop, which they knew to be authentic, that illustrated the Biden family’s crimes, including Joe Biden twisting foreign policy in Ukraine to protect his son’s criminal enterprise. Exactly what Trump had asserted. If the FBI had revealed this information, even Democrats would have voted against impeachment. So the FBI was at the very least disloyal to the President, and wished him ill.

The question is, was the FBI involved with Pelosi, to turn the impeachment “trial” into a “collective coup?” The coup plot certainly involved Adam Schiff, an evil (yet oddly weird, even sort of ridiculous) man whom Nervous Nancy (Pelosi) promoted within Congress. (I put “collective coup” in brackets because this particular recent incident is only one of several major pushes against the presidency. Mueller and his gang were another.) All these attempts have failed, partly because the plotters have been reluctant to use military arms.

Another mistake made by the coup boys: they spread their efforts too thin; instead of collecting all their energy into one massive blow, which might or might not have been possible, instead they mounted at least four separate attacks on the scale of the Mueller wretchedness, all four linked, but occurring at separate times or from separate quarters.

For example, in the recent Biden laptop scandal, there is an equally dramatic, but also more deeply threatening development: the hijacking of almost the entire news media by Twitter and Facebook, who blocked all information about the Biden family scandal. This was done to tilt the election in Biden’s favour. But it is the kind of move seen in tin-pot Third World countries, where democracy is just a sham.

It is a fascist action, and has no other goal than dictatorship. So I would call this action part of a larger coup attempt involving the Dems (Mueller and impeachment), the FBI (hiding evidence; and earlier, spying on him and his aides, lying to judges — all to hurt Trump) and the corrupt media (slanting all news to attack Trump) — the sum of these parts is a coup attempt. (Some media, Fox News, the New York Post, The Hill, did not join this lynch mob, and are treated with disdain by the captive left media.)

I wonder who was at the centre? I suspect Comey, and/or the other intelligence mandarins; but I equally suspect Obama, Biden and Hillary. Certainly the Clintons were in the war room, and had more influence over the White House than perhaps Obama himself. Bill could just drop in on LL’s plane and have a chat, and suddenly Attorney General LL deep-sixes the investigation into Hillary’s crimes. They (the crimes) remain out of sight to this day, as does Bill’s likely pedophile activity, and Joe and Hunter Biden’s collusion with Chinese intelligence operatives — well, the last has started to be supported by hard evidence, but the left media continues to ignored or deny it.

I know Obama was stunned/shocked when he learned that Trump had won the Primary. He was giving a speech when the news came. He began stuttering, and kept it up for, I don’t know, it seemed like 5 minutes. This was Obama, the old smoothie who never missed a beat in his speeches.

It reminded me of another calm old smoothie: Bill Barr, the present attorney general. I saw it only once, but it put a very wide wedge of doubt in me. Barr began to blink a thousand miles a second, and kept  it up for an entire sentence. The sentence was something to the effect that prosecutor Durham would dig up all the facts behind the coup attempt, and the perpetrators would be punished. It told me he, Barr, knew that the perps would never be indicted, and that his own life was likely in danger if he went against this whitewash. Who scared Bill Barr? Who, in fact, has intimidated Trump? — But that’s for another diatribe.

Obama’s stutter, like Barr’s blinking, told me he was frightened and that something big was hidden. Why else lose control over your body in front of a large crowd and the television cameras? But what was hidden? And why were both of these powerful men, from different ends of the political spectrum, scared? It almost makes you believe in V or some other sci-fi concept where the aliens are secretly controlling our top dogs. But I find that the least appealing of all possibilities, not because it’s frightening, which it is, but because it seems the most unlikely. Who, then? Was Eisenhower right, is there a triumvirate, a cabal determined to rule and control the people of the United States?

One explanation is simple anger. There was no coup attempt, no deeply thought out campaign against Trump – instead everybody reacted with anger. Such jackasses as Brennan and Clapper and the entire crew of CNN have not plotted to damage Trump; they have simply exploded with anger and resentment every moment of their existence before the cameras for the last four years. It’s possible. Comey’s coolness and the FBI’s actions generally, argue against this answer.

I fear for the US if Trump loses the election, for Biden will oversee an accelerated deterioration of the American spirit. I also fear for the US if Trump wins the election, for violence will increase.

Boy, back in 2016, when I wrote here that Trump would be a scapegoat, I didn’t think it would be so huge and so severe and so criminal. This is far bigger, deeper and more widespread than Nixon’s Watergate crime. If Watergate was a pea, this is a steak.

Obama might claim he knew nothing of Biden’s crimes. But how could Joe have run his pay-for-influence scheme for years right under Obama’s nose, focussing on the very countries that Obama sent him to in order to “work deals?” Obama knowingly surrounded himself with evil — let’s call it what it was. Biden was his left arm, and Hillary was his right. Many things he touched went through these two professional crooks.

I told you back in 2018 that Obama was equivalent to the Norse god Loki, a notorious deceiver. What a shame that the first black president, elected with such heartfelt idealism by both black and white Americans, turned out to be corrupt! He will probably never be dragged before any judge or jury, because there’s a lot of residual goodwill toward him, which has partly been gained/crafted by his Loki personality.

What continues to puzzle and stun me is Trump’s seeming reluctance to stand up to these slimy traitors — traitors not only to America and its interests, but to every person who put their faith in them. (Notice how “trader” and “traitor” sound the same?) My suspicion is that Trump himself feels guilty or vulnerable in the law, perhaps because of his own past sins.

But I suspect there might be more than simple guilty feelings. What is Trump trying to hide, that makes him reluctant to push against the FBI and other corrupt figures such as Brennan and Clapper? I first felt dismay at Trump’s seeming passive masochism several years ago, and have mentioned it often. Why for example did he wait until the month before the election to declassify documents that both exonerated him and pointed the finger of accusation at such players as Hillary?

Trump is a Gemini, a sign that always incorporates at least two divalent personalities. Trump has been lambasted and lauded in the media for being a fighter, a great “counterpuncher.” But he does so more in words and verbal attacks than anything else. When it comes down to a real down in the mud fight, maybe Trump pulls back. Maybe that’s just his nature, pugnacious on the surface, but cautious deep down.

Billy Budd, the hero of one of Herman Melville’s novellas, was completely innocent but so shocked by a scurrilous accusation, that he could not find the words to defend himself. So he was deemed guilty and thrown overboard. Maybe Trump has “Billy Budd” syndrome. Or perhaps he has always coveted a second term, and didn’t want to rock the boat before the 2020 election. I hope this is the reason, and if elected to a second term, he will do as I saw in my “vision,” surround the FBI’s Hoover Building with the National Guard, precedent to seizing their files. (In the image I thought it was Congress.)

Nothing is coincidence; everything has meaning. In these terms, do you find it telling that the FBI has named its national headquarters “The Hoover Building,” in honour of the corrupt, power-seeking 20th Century FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, who attempted to blackmail presidents and control them (and was partially successful).

For 48 years, he threatened and intimidated presidents from Calvin Coolidge to Richard Nixon. He broke the law repeatedly with illegal searches and blackmail. Yet he lasted 48 years, which has probably given the present corrupt FBI hope that they also will be able to escape consequences. Believe it or not, Hoover’s partner in crime was the Mafia, an organization that supported his gambling addiction and frequently fed him tips on the winning horse.

The FBI proudly naming and retaining the Hoover building as its headquarters is equivalent to the Supreme Court hanging a banner outside their august building, saying “We support crime.” And every agent who works at FBI headquarters enters the building with the instruction carved in stone over the front doors, that is perfectly fine, even admirable, to act like Hoover while in this building and this organization.

Sophocles suggested that no one should be in public office unless they are completely pure and innocent. There’s a lot of truth in this. Unfortunately, instances of guilt-free and idealistically-motivated politicians being elected are so rare I can’t even think of one. (Though Lord knows I am no historian.) One of the saddest realizations in my life was my recent acceptance that America is ruled by a pit of snakes. This is one of the dilemmas of politics: you can either have a democracy in which vipers thrive, or another system, communist or fascist, in which dictators thrive. Can’t humanity find something better?

I think we will, especially during the Pluto in Aquarius era, 2024 to 2044. Unfortunately, this era will also be filled with draconian actions, with dictators and police states and general slaughters of humanity. When you put the planet of death in the sign of idealism and fanaticism, even if the eventual outcome is good it will have been gained by drastic, almost inhumane measures. Aquarius people and states can be the greatest saviors, and the greatest tyrants. For example, Aquarius Charles Dickens freed the children from British sweat shop factories, and Aquarian Abe Lincoln freed the slaves from their Democratic plantation owners. But the present repressive, fanatic state of Iran was founded by an Aquarian, Khomeini.

America is filled with such idealistic, warm and generous people, yet they have always had at their centre (at least since the 1950’s, but probably since the late 1770’s) a den of snakes: corrupt judges, corrupt prosecutors, corrupt politicians, corrupt police, corrupt FBI. Why? Is there a cosmic law* of nature that there must be balance, therefore the most freedom loving and idealistic people on earth must carry within, like a parasite in their stomach, this tangle of vipers?

* Notice how close to “law” is “flaw.”
***   ***

Now that America has become a den of vipers, and China has disappointed, the northern countries have become the reservoirs of sense and common sense, of fairness and humane fellow-feeling. Eventually these countries: Canada, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Scotland, the Baltics, and yes even Russia, will come to rule the world, not in the old imperialistic sense, but in terms of moral, economic and political leadership.

(Russia is an odd man out here to some degree, as fairly large segments of the country lie below 50° North latitude, giving it a mixture of northern and southern geographical temperament. For example, it is the only one of these northern nations that is a dictatorship. But hope springs eternal, that Russia’s north will beneficially influence its south.)
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Did you see that item about America’s slavery? I don’t know the scholarly basis of it, but it looks like a scholarly rather than political statement, viz: that over 13,000 slaveowners in 19th century USA were Black. I think African-Americans will at some point have to address this, and not overwhelmingly, but to some degree – kind of like a minor ingredient in a cake — and admit that their own brothers were complicit in their abuse. Most slaves came from Africa, and most were captured and sold to white slave traders, by Blacks. (Arabs also conquered, enslaved and sold Blacks.) Many Blacks profited from the slave trade.
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A  small (50 people?) rally in San Francisco to promote freedom of speech and protest Twitter’s clamp-down on citizens’ rights, was attacked physically by hundreds of Antifa thugs who beat up the freedom of speech people. Does this carry memories of Nazi Germany, when organized and uniformed gangs of thugs roamed Berlin and other cities, finding and beating up Jews?

Maybe Trump supporters should carry guns and, when and if attacked, shoot Antifa. They can claim self defence, and need no other proof than Antifa’s past actions. The Republican passivity in the face of Democratic violence is reminiscent of the Jews’ passivity in Nazi Germany. If the Jews had had guns, the Second World War might never have occurred.

The left is filled with violent thugs, lying media patrons, and high-level traitors such as the Biden family who carve out America for personal wealth, and wanna-be dictators such as Jack Dorsey, the fascist Minister of Information (i.e., Twitter owner). Is this what the citizens of America really want to guide and control them for the next four years?

The Dems like to throw around the phrase “systemic racism.” How about “systemic corruption?”
***   ***

If Kamala Harris wants a political future, she should jump off the Biden bandwagon as soon as she can. Otherwise, she will get tarred with Biden’s glue — very bad for someone who pins her entire reputation on her career as a prosecutor. A prosecutor holding hands with a known criminal? On the other hand, she might gamble that Biden will either die or be successfully indicted, which leaves her as president. But that is a short term success, because people will remember how untrue she was, and she will not gain a second term. In addition this “ascension” plan depends on a Biden victory, but the decision must be made before the election.