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I’m very slow sometimes. I have just now answered the astral blog comments of the last two weeks. Sorry for the delays.
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This is old news but might bear repeating: Sweden has less cases and fewer deaths per capita than the U.S.A., with no lockdowns, no masks, no closed restaurants or pubs, etc. 679 U.S.A. deaths vs 582 in Sweden in a recent period. (Although of 190 countries, Sweden is in the top 20 or so in Covid related deaths per capita. Many of those deaths, however, seem to have occurred in the first couple of months of the pandemic, and after this the number of deaths has constantly and remarkably declined.)
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I told you earlier this year that the Dow would not crack 30,000. A week or so later it crashed from 29,400 to 18,000. So I then told you there would be a spike up followed by a long slow decline. The upward spike occurred April through early October, and brought the Dow back to 28,000. Now I think the decline has started. (The Dow’s fallen to 26,000 since mid-Oct.)
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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19:

The accent remains on secrets, hidden treasures, sexual temptations, large finances, and lifestyle and medical decisions. In general, these matters will go well after Tuesday. Your ruling planet, Mars, is still retrograde until Nov. 13, so don’t be too eager to initiate things before that date. A bit of indecision still haunts you. Relationships start to turn to normal and you begin to get answers to questions you might have posed weeks ago. Others, esp. the opposite sex, treat you graciously  and affectionately.

Sunday is for money and shopping. Be careful before noon PST: do not buy anything important. Lemons abound. Errands, quick chores, paperwork, communications and travel pull you Monday to early afternoon Wednesday. Mon. daytime is lucky and splendid for relationships. If you told someone this day that you love them, they still might not date you or marry you, but they would always like you just for saying it.

Tuesday is a bit deceptive or indecisive, and you need to get up very early Wed. if you want to get anything done that makes a difference. Let yourself drift toward home and family Wednesday afternoon through Friday. Wednesday is fortunate, Thursday’s mixed, and Friday is difficult (protect your career). 

Saturday is for romance and surprises.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Relationships are still the main menu, Taurus. Delays in this area and others end Tuesday, freeing you to embrace others and their plans and projects. Relocation, fresh ideas and new opportunities are on the short term horizon. Being diplomatic and cooperative is the path to success. Your workplace and coworkers are pleasant, even affectionate.

Continue to keep a weather eye out for belligerent individuals, places of violence, and overzealous government types. There is something here, something important, that might be solved by January. Remain hopeful and eager. For the 14 months ahead, emphasize earnings over investments.

You are on top Sunday, filled with energy and charm. But don’t chase or show off before noon PST. (Later is good!) Money, earnings and purchases, casual sex and rote learning are all “in play” Mon. to lunchtime Wed., but only Monday is truly favoured. So seek bargains or ask for a pay raise Monday, but be a little careful Tuesday/Wednesday — e.g., don’t buy anything important.

Wednesday afternoon through Friday brings errands, paperwork, short trips and visits, communications and quick, small chores. Be careful what you communicate or promise, especially Friday. A nice stretch of Thurs. daytime helps you contact people or organizations that can benefit you. Not the best time to chase love, though.

Be home or in the neighbourhood Saturday. Hug the kids, garden and repair, upgrade your nutrition, and get plenty of rest and contemplative time. That won’t be so easy before mid afternoon, as you seem to be energized by some sort of surprise or nervous stress.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The emphasis remains on work, machinery and health. Protect the latter by eating and dressing sensibly. Three weeks of confusion and delay end Tuesday, freeing you to charge ahead with significant projects. A sweet streak of romance, or of beauty and pleasure, winds its way through this month — a relief from all the work. A social or romantic wish fulfillment is still delayed, so be patient. Late November, and December, will bring at least one wish-come-true. 

Lie low, rest and contemplate Sunday. Your energy and charisma will rise Monday to just past lunch Wednesday (PST). Monday’s best — a conversation or contact could spell love. Chase an ambitious goal Tuesday. Wednesday is a bit of a dud unless you start really early (before dawn). Show others the way.

Chase money Wed. afternoon through Friday. Shop, reconnect with clients, advertise your wares, etc. — but don’t go “big,” as this isn’t the luckiest interval. Wednesday/Thursday are good times to start rote learning. If you seek intimacy Friday, you’re likely to get a soft no. Errands, communications, casual friends, short trips and paperwork filled Saturday. Most of this will go well, but take care with driving, computers and electricity during the day (PST) — nerves, stress can bother you.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

A romantic month, Cancer! Creative surges and risk-taking urges can both pay off an exciting ways. Beauty and pleasure are yours for the asking — how do you ask? Just look at the sky. Your home is filled with light and love. You might have the nagging feeling that you should be doing something or making a decision on the home front for the first nine days. But if you can’t decide, little is lost.

After the 10th, you might make or receive romantic communications — a great time to travel locally, also. A civil servant will grant a request. Your career might still be on hold, but in two weeks significant action will begin here, and last into early January. Tuesday ends recent delays and mistakes, so you can march forward with confidence this day forward.

Sunday is for fun, popularity and social joys — better in the p.m. than before noon. But withdraw to quietude and contemplation Monday to lunchtime Wednesday. Monday is fortunate, an excellent time to contact civil servants, admin workers, therapists and nurses and counsellors and agents. Even if you do nothing but stay home, you’ll have a gratifying day.

However, Tuesday/Wednesday are not so simple. Tuesday might puzzle you about an ethical, legal, travel or love question. Your energy and charisma bounce back Wed. afternoon through Friday. Get out, see and be seen, be a leader. Thursday is good for almost anything. The late p.m. is not good for love, nor for home, but might help you make a brave career move.

Pursue money, shopping, and similar interests Saturday. If a casual sexual affair begins this day, it will fare better than most physically oriented relationships.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The accent remains on your home, family, roots, garden, nature, stomach and soul. The delays and confusion of the past three weeks end Tuesday, so you can march forward with confidence this day onward — Nov. 10 onward could nudge you to make home related plans.

Some delayed mail, text, or decision might come to you now. Communications will be filled with grace and affection this month. A legal, international, cultural, intellectual or love situation remains unresolved. But in two weeks a clear and definite path will open before you in these areas. Get ready for successful action by doing two things now: resting and planning. 

Be ambitious Sunday, after lunchtime PST. Your hopes rise Monday to lunchtime Wednesday. Popularity, social joys, optimism and a bright future shine for you. Monday is best, filled with affectionate words and soft glances. Tuesday is a wee bit deceptive, and might steer you away from intimate success. Wednesday’s successes occur before dawn.

Withdraw from the rat race Wed. afternoon through Friday. Rest, ponder and plan. Deal with head office, institutions and civil servants, as well as counsellors and agents. Be spiritual and charitable. Don’t expect a lot of success, nor go out on any limbs, as your luck is very mixed. Saturday you shine like a star – welcome the admiration and attention. A partner, associate or spouse might try to lord it over you, or tell you how to act. It’s up to you how to handle that. All I can say is that this is a trend that will last until 2026.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

November will be filled with errands, communications, paperwork and short trips. Exercise your curiosity, ask questions everywhere. Tuesday ends three weeks of delays and mistakes, so you can go forward with confidence in virtually any area… Except large finances, sexual desires, medical actions and lifestyle changes. In these, forward motion will begin in mid Nov., so use the two weeks ahead to plan your campaign or your investments, etc.

COVID-19 might present you with some good bargains late November into December. Good fortune and money accompanies you most of this month.

Sunday is mellow, wise and softly loving. A good time, noon onward, to have a talk about life with your spouse, friend or lover. Be ambitious Monday to late lunchtime Wednesday. Monday is best, it could provide you with a good career/income approach or situation. You can succeed Tues. in career matters if you work alone: relationships will interfere with success. To succeed Wed. you will need to get up before dawn PST.

Happiness embraces you Wednesday p.m. through Friday. Wishes come true, friends and social delights surround you, and optimism fills you. Practical (and romantic) matters might or might not succeed, as your luck in these is very mixed. Not a good time to gamble. So just have fun! Retreat Saturday, Lie low, rest and contemplate. It’s a good day to plan the future, especially this evening.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Recent delays end Tuesday, Libra, so you can march forward with confidence. Relationships are still in a bit of a holding pattern, but that will only last two more weeks. Then, to early January, you will get answers, and alliances (including love) will be firmed or abandoned. You are becoming more expressive, more willing to say what you want and to assert who you are.

The main accent for this month lies on earnings, purchases, clients — and on casual sex and rote learning. Most of the surprises are over in this area, so you face a fairly productive three weeks in money matters. Remember, for the year ahead, profundity is more successful than surface actions/thoughts.

Sunday highlights secrets and sexual temptations, large finances, commitments and consequences. But don’t commit to anything before noon PST. Monday to late lunch time Wed. brings the profound thoughts mentioned above. Far travel, international affairs, intellectual, cultural, philosophical and legal pursuits fill these few days. Monday offers splendid success in these things. Tuesday gets a little confusing or deceptive – watch your diet in terms of digestion.

Be ambitious Wednesday afternoon through Friday. Your career, prestige relations, status and reputation are featured. Your luck is very mixed here, so proceed alertly and with ordinary caution. Not a good time to tie yourself to any particular situation.

Hopes and wishes might come through Saturday. It’s a day of happiness and flirtatious encounters. Your popularity is high, and optimism rules. But if you want heavy romance, you’ll be disappointed this daytime, perhaps not this night.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Your energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness are at a yearly high, Scorpio. Tuesday ends three weeks of indecision, confusion and delays. So you can solidly assume the mantle of leadership — get out and about, start important projects and/or relationships, and show others the way.

Continue to work hard and to guard your health. Something unresolved in the workplace or with your health should clear up or at least become easier to understand by the end of next week. Look ahead, because a lot of work still waits for you, mid November to early January. Your inner or spiritual life blossoms in nice ways. If you meet someone new now, you may develop a quiet but quite spiritual bond.

Sunday is for relationships. Seek these this afternoon, not before. Life’s mysterious, subterranean forces float closer to the surface Monday to lunchtime Wednesday. Your lifestyle might change, or you may face significant financial, medical, intimate or lifestyle decisions. All of these are beautifully favoured until just before supper time Monday PST. After that, your outlook is mixed, so proceed with ordinary caution. Tuesday is not the best for romance.

Your intellectual side, the part of you that deals with legal, educational, cultural, philosophical and similar interests, fills Wednesday p.m. through Friday. Again, your luck is mixed, so proceed with some caution. Avoid gossip and avoid being its object. Real love looks strong, especially Thursday.

Saturday brings practical ambitions, prestige and reputation concerns. The outlook for a relationship is dicey to mid afternoon, but as the evening comes so do good feelings.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

 The three weeks ahead find you quiet, contemplative and restful Sage — we hope! The flip side of this can be over work, declining health and growing frustration. If you’re on the wrong side here, try to delegate some of your chores to others, and take care of your health — make an effort. Tuesday ends three weeks of delays and mistakes, so you would usually be free to charge ahead on almost anything. That is true now, but you are in a low energy phase until November 21, so you might not get huge things accomplished… But you’ll do alright!

Start forming plans for the future and seek advice in spiritual, emotional and practical areas. Others wish the best for you now, and friends gather around with encouragement for you. Romance is still in a holding pattern this week and next, but then it will charge forward into early January. A proposal or other significant step might occur for singles in the next 2+ months.

Tackle chores, but steer clear of shopping or spending in any way before noon. Relationships (and relocation themes and general opportunities) fill Monday to late lunchtime Wednesday. Monday is superb – ask someone for a date, or set up an interview to discuss an opportunity. Act before 4 p.m. PST.

On Tuesday, domestic matters might interfere with an anticipated cooperative project. Not much Wednesday. This afternoon through Friday highlights mysteries, secrets, privileged information, large finances such as investments and debts, sexual temptations, and medical and lifestyle choices. Don’t be too quick to commit yourself to anyone of these areas, as your luck is quite mixed.

Saturday lifts you out of the darkness and into a gentle, understanding view of the whole world. This day is a bit disruptive until mid afternoon, then a pretty fair weekend starts. Love exists.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Your popularity rises in November. Social delights, group gatherings, optimism and entertainment, flirtations and general joy will fill your days. Three weeks of confusion and mistakes end Tuesday, freeing you to march ahead to your goals. A wish could come true.

Your home continues to be affected by significant plans and events; however, this week and next those plans and events seem to be on hold. They will burst into action and developments from mid Nov. to early Jan. — get ready! Bosses and other higher-ups favour you now. What you say to them can create future opportunities.

Sunday is for love, beauty, pleasure and self-expression. All these will get a better reaction after lunch (PST) rather than before. Tackle chores and protect your health Monday to late lunchtime Wednesday. Monday is superb, you will not only succeed with a chore, you could also approach a higher up to try to gain more responsibility and/or a bigger job. Communications could go a little haywire Tuesday. If you want to get anything solid accomplished Wednesday, you better start before dawn PST.

Relocation themes, fresh horizons and new opportunities as well as relationships face you Wed. afternoon through Friday. Your luck is mixed here, so proceed with ordinary caution. In small or short terms, the others have the power; but in the long term view you have the power. So in negotiating or cooperating with others – both of which you should do — manipulate it so you have the advantage down the road.

Saturday is sexy, but can also be disruptive before late afternoon. You might be tempted to invest, borrow a sum of money, chase intimacy, change your whole darn life, or sign on for a medical or dental procedure. As long as you do these after 3 PM PST, result should be fairly good.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

November emphasizes ambition, career, prestige relations and worldly standing, Aquarius. Three weeks of confusion and delay end Tuesday, freeing you to march forward, esp. in career zones, and in intellectual, love, legal, cultural and travel zones. These last few will be favoured nicely until Nov. 21 — or until a gov’t, gossip, or “hidden Achilles heel” presents an obstacle around the 15/16th or 19th. (You’ve had “heavy” dealings with the government, or other large organizations over the past year two. These will tend to be solved in 2021.)

Communications and travel are still important, and have been since June, but they are presently in a holding pattern. By the third week of November that pattern will shatter and you will burst into action. 

Be home or in the neighbourhood Sunday. Some frustrations before noon, and a smooth path after. Romance fills Monday through lunchtime Wednesday. Monday is superb, a great time to chase love, but act before 4 pm PST. Tuesday/Wednesday or not so promising. Tuesday might bring a monetary barrier.

Tackle chores Wed. afternoon through Friday. Proceed with some ordinary caution, as your luck is mixed. Best period: Thursday daytime. Relationships burst onto the scene Saturday. This can be a little disjunct or stressful before mid afternoon, then an affectionate and lively evening/night time will begin.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

November is filled with gentle, understanding love. Far travel, international affairs, import/export, legal, cultural, intellectual and media/publishing pursuits dominate. Tuesday ends three weeks of confusion, mistakes and delays, especially in these areas. Going forward, these same pursuits are blessed — much discussion will revolve around them the middle of next week onward.

Your $ income remains active and generous, but the flow has been impeded a little since early September. By mid Nov. the logjam will burst and the money will flow strongly again until early January. But the spending and incoming bills can also flow strongly. Be conservative, keep your money. The other side of money — investments and debt – is blessed now to November 20.

Errands, communications and short trips, paperwork and curiosity fill Sunday — these encounter some obstacle before noon, but succeed afterward. Steer yourself, or at least your heart, toward home and family Monday to lunchtime Wednesday. Monday daytime (PST) is sweet and affectionate — a great time to look at decorating ideas, or for some kissy-kissy in the kitchen. Tuesday is simply domestic, and Wed. is a dud unless you start very early (before dawn PST).

Passion strikes Wed. afternoon through Friday. Romance, creative self-expression, a risky gamble, beauty, pleasure and happy children — all warm your heart, but all are subject to a mixture of good luck and frustration. So be alert, grab your chances where you can, and don’t worry if something doesn’t work — likely the next, or the third interest will succeed.

Saturday starts a “working weekend.” Some disruption or unpredictable conditions exist until mid afternoon PST, and after this all goes smoothly. Saturday eve is a pretty good time to buy tools or machinery.




I think my anger phase of the last five or six years is going to end soon.
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National Socialist German Workers’ Party. This was Hitler’s Nazi party, fascism masquerading as socialism. There’s another costume party: AOC and her racist henchwomen, Biden, Harris, Pelosi and all the other “socialist” Dems.
***   ***

Clinton (about Lewinsky): “I never had sex with that woman.” 

Biden (at last debate): “I have never received a penny of money from any foreign nation.”
***   ***

Three of Hunter Biden’s “partners” are now in China, in prison. Another is in prison in the United States, and another has been indicted and faces a prison term. Hunter of course is not touched, not even by the FBI, because his father belongs to the power cabal of Democrats. A cabal the media is trying desperately to conceal and protect.
***   ***

Vote for Biden. Leave your house with the door open. Leave the keys in your car. Wander down an alley in a sketchy part of town. Go live in a haunted house. Vote for Biden.
***   ***

The following is part of an answer I gave to a reader’s email:

I wanted to answer you regarding Trump. I know that he’s been a philanderer, an egoist, arrogant, an abrupt and sometimes hard to follow speaker, and has a very checkered past — for instance his attacks on the wrongly-charged 5 kids in New York, his birther thing about Obama, his fraudulent school/university, and reports that he was mean to Black tenants. What out of that is possibly good? Not much!

I first supported Trump from a sense of justice, because he was attacked so viciously and unfairly by the Democrats. I said in my column at least four or five times that I am at heart a democrat and agree with many of their ideals. But those ideals have not been enacted for at least 3 decades. The Democrats’ mouths are filled with empty promises (especially to Blacks) and attacks on Trump. That’s it.

They have been deeply and supremely dishonest, for example the phoney impeachment trial, run by Pelosi for no other reason than to slime Trump. Or the four years spent accusing him of being a Russian agent and spending almost $50 million on a fishing expedition to attempt to find dirt on him… Which amazingly, they did not find! Almost every critic of Trump on the airwaves is filled with resentment rather than honest anger, or any attempt to find the truth.

As a personality Trump is deeply flawed. But as an accomplisher of deeds he far outstrips virtually every other president in modern history. Three middle east peace deals, two Nobel prize nominations, moving the Embassy to Jerusalem, making the U.S. self-sufficient in energy, eradicating Isis, creating an emotional link with Kim Jong-un and thereby eliminating the possibility of a nuclear war, a huge economic boost to Blacks and Hispanics, great employment gains, prison reform, mainly freeing Blacks who had been incarcerated for crimes no worse than shop lifting or traffic violations or smoking a joint — which half the middle class does with impunity, etc. 

By comparison, Obama did almost nothing. He did not help the Blacks, he screwed up immigration and built cages to put children in, he and Biden handled their own pandemic with stunning incompetence (69 million Americans contracted the H1N1 “bird flu” versus 8 1/2 million with Covid —and even more than the current worldwide total of Covid cases of 50 million). Other than the ACA, which raised most people’s premiums and was enacted because Obama lied about the facts, Barrack did little other than enrich himself while in office.

(Funny how all these politicians enter office with maybe a couple of hundred thousand in assets, and leave years later as multimillionaires. Obama went from Chicago’s middle class, to a huge mansion in the Hamptons, probably the most expensive ZIP Code in the country. Where did that money come from, Obama? And where did your multi millions come from, Joe?)

One thing Trump has done, unwittingly: he has drawn out the bile, bias and corruption — and essential stupidity — of the supposedly “neutral” news media, intelligence agencies, and academia. (Proving, in the last, my 1980’s/90’s prediction that universities  would be centres of moral and intellectual corruption from 1984 to 2229.)

So my support for Trump rests on his outstanding results and accomplishments. I think JFK and FDR, for example, were greater presidents than Trump, but they accomplished far fewer goals. FDR brought the “New Deal” and won WW II. JFK enforced integration. Both “acts” were greater than any single thing Trump has done, but the accumulation of Trump’s accomplishments outweighs those of FDR and far outstrips JFK’s deeds. And both of these men were just as flawed as Trump.

FDR was, in modern terms, extremely racist. His great New Deal, which rescued millions upon millions of Whites devastated by the Depression, purposely excluded Blacks. He refused to support an anti-lynching law, even defying his wife’s desires in this case, because he didn’t want to lose the white vote. JFK was more innocent, a mere serial bed hopper.

There’s one other thing that is very difficult to describe. Trump is blustering and abrupt and sometimes disconnected in his public utterances, but — I first noticed this during the campaign of 2016, and was surprised, even mildly shocked — many of Trump’s outrageous statements, which flew in the face of logic and reason and public opinion, turned out to be true. Trump might be the first psychic president. For example, he said the FBI and Democrats were spying on him and everyone thought he was a madman. Two years later it was revealed that they were doing exactly that. There are many other similar incidents, but my memory and brain are too tired now to fish them out.

So I just wanted to explain why I still support Trump. People say “hold your nose and vote for him” but I think there is something much more valuable there that many people do not see.
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The capitalist benefits and so does the worker when the worker becomes a capitalist. (Put another way, if a worker, say a delivery driver, quits to work on a piecemeal basis, he earns a bit more [as he’s motivated now] and the employer saves a bit more per parcel, as he only agrees to the piecemeal price if it’s less than the expense of a salaried worker. The worker has now become a capitalist worker. When he makes enough through long hours and much work to buy his own truck, and then a second, and a third, he stops being a worker and becomes a capitalist.