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NOTE: in the Forecasts every week, I will not be inserting (“stay 6 feet apart”) every time I mention romance or intimacy or “garden party.” But you can insert it for yourself.

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Mars goes direct Friday eve, ending a 9-week delay in certain matters. Now to January 6, 2021, this “area” will speed forward with long-delayed results.

These results most strongly occur in personal goals for Aries, government/ management related situations for Taurus, and social desires for Gemini.

For Cancer, best results involve the career or a status related project; for Leo this concerns law, far travel and intellectual or cultural pursuits — and love. It involves intimacy and large finances and deep sharing for Virgo, marriage and opportunities and partnerships and perhaps relocation for Libra, work and machines and daily health for Scorpio, and deep romance, beauty, pleasure, creativity and raising children for Sagittarius.

For Capricorn, this shooting forward involves home, real estate, security and business territory. For Aquarius it covers errands, communications and paperwork. For Pisces, it triggers forward motion in money sources and payments.
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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Another week in the depths, Aries. Medical and lifestyle choices, research and investigation, large finances and/or debt, secrets and strong intimate desires. This is your last week of general indecision and personal delays. Next week, you will start charging toward your goal. This could trigger a flurry of determined action, and attract romance and/or adulation. Some will see you as a wise person.

Partnerships, marriage, opportunities, fresh horizons — these are fortunate now. Others treat you with sweet affection. By next week, this can be a signal to chase that special person. Mid week, you might be discussing secrets or “privileged pathways” to hidden treasures.

Sunday is romantic and creative. You might not seem to be getting far with someone, but a deep attraction is starting to brew and could reveal itself as early as tomorrow. Monday dawn to Wednesday morning brings work, health and machinery matters. This entire interval is rather fortunate, so you can get a tremendous amount done, and you might also benefit from a higher up’s approving eye. Monday is excellent for buying tools/machinery, especially computers and visual aids/equipment/software — Tuesday p.m. also. (Tuesday night is a good time to write up a proposal or contact a higher up to mix or attach your work to your ambition.)

Relationships enter Wednesday morning till Friday morning (about 8 am PST both mornings). Relocation, fresh horizons, new opportunities, and dealing with the public, as well as negotiating agreements — all are highlighted. On the negative side, we could say relationship disputes, lack of cooperation, even litigation. Be cooperative and diplomatic. Wednesday is merely OK, Thursday might give birth to new ideas or significant contacts, especially in the afternoon. But later this night and early Friday, you could run into problems: you and another just do not see eye to eye.

Friday dawn through Saturday brings those deep and secret things listed in the first and second sentence of this weekly message: lifestyle changes, large finances, intimate desires, etc. Dig deep for answers and possibly for treasures, especially Saturday, when good luck rides with you.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Relationships remain at the top of your agenda, Taurus. This can include dealings with the public, fame, relocation, new mental horizons, opportunities and negotiations. On the negative side, this influence could trigger opposition, even litigation. Much depends on your own actions and attitudes, so be cooperative and diplomatic.

Read the preamble above about Mars and your own sign. This is the last week of nine weeks of delay in your dealings with civil servants, admin workers or similar types. Soon, these situations will tumble forward. Your coworkers and workplace are pleasant, even sensual. People and groups finally start to answer your queries, maybe even from weeks or months ago.

Sunday is for home and family, real estate, security and business territory. All is well, but not splendid. Romance, that little melting in your chest, pleasure and beauty, creativity and self-expression, and taking a joyful risk, these are slated Monday pre-dawn to Wednesday morning (PST). Your luck is good and solid here, and you are in the midst of an important relationship month, so approach that person, take that chance. Applies to business as well as emotions.

Tackle chores and guard your daily health Wednesday morning to Friday morning, both at about 8 am. Your luck is mixed here, so proceed with ordinary caution. Thursday might bring you new beginnings in love or law, intellectual or travel pursuits, but late night and Friday morning interfere with obstacles. Friday morning through Saturday brings the most significant relationships, perhaps of this month or perhaps of the entire year. Your luck is very good Saturday, so embrace another’s ideas or project, be cooperative, form bonds.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Aww, work and drudgery, Gemini, for two more weeks. This is a pretty good time to buy machinery, car or computer, software or tools – best Monday p.m., Tuesday p.m. and Saturday. Protect your health with sensible habits, diet and sleep and appropriate clothing. A sweet streak of romance provides relief from this month’s work demands. A Libra, Taurus or Aquarius native could figure prominently.

You have brushed shoulders with some of your most significant wishes in the last four months, and  possibly one of these has already come true. But since early Sept. the river of hope seems to have largely dried up. Next week, the wish-spring bubbles up again, and a major life wish could come true by/before early January. Sexual desires continue to pull you, but within about six weeks a lot of that will dissipate as your mental and intellectual side starts to blossom powerfully — this might bring you tremendous luck in 2021.

Sunday’s for errands and contacts, travel and communications. All is pretty smooth, so just plod ahead. The cosmos nudge you toward home, family, mother nature, nutrition and rest, and business territory decisions Monday pre-dawn to Wednesday morning. This is quite a fortunate interval, so press ahead, especially in domestic areas. Tuesday p.m. favours investments and health research.

That streak of romance mentioned above calls you from Wednesday morning to Friday morning (about 8 am PST both mornings). However, your luck is very up and down, so remain alert and be a little cautious about making big promises. A new investment situation, or sexual bond or doorway could come Thursday afternoon, but face its first obstacles this night and Friday morn. Tackle chores Friday morning through Saturday. You will make a pretty good dent in your job pile, especially Saturday. This afternoon/eve favours equipment and machinery purchases.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Ah, sweet romance! This week and next are filled with loving attraction, beauty and pleasure, creativity and risk-taking, and simple, natural joy, Cancer. Children will give you happy and gratifying moments. Your career remains in a double state: it is treading water (this week) and bosses are impatient. They remain temperamental and impatient until January 7, but next week onward empowers you to march straight toward ambitious goals. Don’t worry, you’ll climb that ladder!

Your home life remains sweet and affectionate for two more weeks. This is not a bad time to relocate, find a new rental or invest in real estate. (Relocation is favoured until mid December, then it retreats from a lucky level, down to a mere ordinary level.)

Chase money Sunday, try to collect debts, sit down and work out your budget and pay bills, shop and poke around garage sales. It’s an easy, okay but not terribly lucky, day. Errands, paperwork, short trips, communications and contacts fill predawn Monday to Wednesday morning. Everything should flow very well, as a smooth good fortune rides with you. Above all, be curious, ask questions – because somebody you contact now or some answer you get can assume fortunate significance in the weeks ahead. For example, you might contact someone about a work concern, and later find that they would like to be associated with you.

Steer toward home and family about 8 am Wednesday to 8 am Friday PST. Now your luck is not so reliable, so proceed with alertness and ordinary caution. A new job opportunity or romantic prospect can come to you, especially Thursday, but this night and Friday could try to trip you up, especially in relationships. Still, you love home and family, so you’ll experience a satisfaction that goes deeper than a few darned obstacles.

Friday/Saturday nudge you into romantic, creative and risk-taking situations. On Friday, these might present a totally new and different kind of person or relationship — not necessarily a bad one! Saturday is smoother, less disruptive, and might bring you joy, love and satisfaction. However, someone who loves you at home might definitely not love someone you bring home.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The accent remains on home and family for two more weeks, Leo. This includes gardening, landscaping, decorations and repairs, mother nature and nature vacations, security, nutrition, stomach and soul. Take frequent naps or other rest periods. Friends and casual contacts are filled with light and affection… and some wisdom… until late November. Delays still exist in legal, cultural, religious, international, publishing, intellectual pursuits, love, and distant travel.

Your energy and charisma remain high Sunday. However, there doesn’t seem to be any huge mountains to conquer yet, so just enjoy your star power and the attention it brings. Chase money, collect and pay bills, butter up new clients, ask the boss for a pay raise, look for shopping bargains — and you might “sign up” for a rote learning course, or an intimate interval. Whatever you do, good luck rides with you.

Sexual embraces are favoured, especially Monday. Good work success, maybe even extra earnings, Tuesday. Errands, paperwork, communications and travel fill 8 am Wednesday to 8 am Friday PST. This interval is not so lucky, so double check addresses and schedules, and don’t send any outrageous texts, emails etc. You might see or sense the birth of a new job role Thursday, but obstacles to this arise late at night or Friday morning.

Steer toward home Friday/Saturday, as these two days and the following Sunday will bring the crux of this month’s influences: domicile, garden, kids, etc. You might be a little torn between outside work and a home that needs you on Friday. But Saturday is totally rewarding — dash off to the hardware store, nursery, furniture retailer or whatever to spend some time on your abode. Take the family!

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug, 23-Sept. 22

Two weeks left of easy stuff, Virgo. Errands, communications and paperwork and short travel. Exercise your curiosity, ask questions everywhere, especially about career, large finances, and intimate clinches. Sexual, lifestyle, medical, research and significant financial matters have been quite important since June, but have been in a holding pattern since early September. This holding pattern ends next week, and from that point on a rush of activities and sudden demands occur, demands that you commit or get out of the way.

So think ahead: do you want this deep, warm and very human embrace, or do you want to learn secrets, or do you want that new lifestyle, etc.? Think this through, because an important decision comes after mid November (into early January/21). Your money picture continues to be painted by a master — that means fortunate — until Nov. 21.

Lie low Sunday, rest, recharge your reserves, ponder your past and present, and plan your future. Your energy and charisma surge upward on Monday to about 8 am Wednesday PST. This is a very lucky interval, so be a leader, see and be seen, start important projects and use your charisma to persuade others. Relationships are blessed Monday: cooperation is almost automatic. Tuesday encourages a romantic approach, especially suppertime to midnight. You could start something really special Virgo!

Handle money Wednesday morning till 8 am Friday. Be alert and careful, as obstacles lurk just behind or underneath what seems workable. A new romance, creative project, or sports involvement might arise Thurs., but they meet money or “possessiveness” obstacles this night and Friday.

November’s main theme of errands, communications short trips etc. are highlighted Friday into next Sunday. Friday might demand a choice or hold a surprise in the area of profound thoughts and/or love. Saturday is good all over, especially for relationships. For instance, it’s a good morning to ask someone to marry you.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The emphasis lies on money and possessions this week and next, Libra. Your home is favoured, but still undergoing changes. Relationships remain somewhat blocked, but after next week big action can come to this sphere. Your physical and social charms continue to radiate until November 21. Until then, a casual love affair might begin, though you will be wiser to chase love and partnership rather than easy sex without commitment. This might involve chasing a different person. The casual person might be new, the strong one not new. Until 2022, my advice is to seek deep profound relationships rather than light or casual ones.

Sunday is for hopes, wishes and happiness. Your popularity is strong. But retreat predawn Monday to Wednesday morning: rest, contemplate, examine your past and present and formulate plans for your future. Deal with civil servants, admin workers, counsellors and agents. Be charitable and spiritual. Despite your low energy this is a lucky interval, so apply to government or large organizations — you might obtain permission, financial help or other aid.

Your energy and charisma surge upward 8 am Wednesday to 8 am Friday PST. Be a leader, get out and about, but think before starting any new projects — realize you are starting them in the face of three strong obstacles. A deep and beneficial realization might come to you Thursday, about your family or domicile.

Chase money and seek bargains Friday morning to next Sunday. Butter up clients, ask for a pay raise, attend garage sales, etc. Buy computers or other machinery Saturday, not Friday. Casual or “afternoon” sex might be available with someone nice enough, but who would not stick with you.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

You are in power Scorpio! This is the time to start major projects or give ongoing ones a major push. It’s the time to be a leader, to convince others, to be an inspiration. Your job and workplace continue to spin their wheels, but late next week you will be given or will see your future instructions/work.

Prepare yourself, psychologically and otherwise, for an intense streak of work mid November to early January. Thankfully, your energy and alertness are at an annual peak. In the 14 months ahead, it is better to dive deep than to skim off the surface. Applies to money, lifestyle and intimacy.

Your worldly standing and your ambitions come into focus Sunday. You can make some headway in these, but overall it’s a quiet time. Your popularity grows, wishes might be fulfilled, and social delights surround you Monday predawn to Wednesday morning. Flirt, entertain and make friends! This is a lovely interval, so to a small degree you can throw caution to the winds. You might meet true love.

But withdraw to recharge your emotional and physical batteries 8 am Wednesday to 8 am Friday PST. Gov’t, large companies, warehouses, institutions, health, recuperation, and just finding a hidey-hole — these can draw you, but not much is very fortunate this interval. You may sense the fortunate birth of a new contact or a new idea Thursday, but by this night or Friday morning you also start to see the obstacles these would face.

Your energy, attractiveness, clout and effectiveness, and sense of timing, all rise to handsome heights Friday/Saturday. Start significant projects (Sat. better) or chase romance. Your success quotient is high in both.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Continue to lie low, Sage. Two weeks left of feeling restricted, un-energetic and ignored. Some things go well in these two weeks though: meditation, research, attending a spa, resort or hospital, warehouse activities, charity, and dealings with government, head office, agents and advisers. Get plenty of rest, you need to recharge your emotional, physical and mental batteries. You have an optimistic and fortunate view of the future, these two weeks ahead.

Despite your tiredness, small social gatherings will please you. Romance is still cooling its heels, but will re-surge powerfully from mid November to January. Think about making money, and about possible future and/or permanent income developments — make plans now, implement them soon.

Sunday is for wisdom and far sighted ideas. All’s OK. Be ambitious predawn Monday to Wednesday morning (PST). Your status, prestige relations and business/career interests meet with very good luck, so charge ahead, propose projects or solutions, maybe ask for a pay raise — best Tuesday pm. You might also face good luck in home and family areas, including real estate, Monday.

Wednesday morning (8 am) to Friday morning (8 am again) brings optimism, general joy, some social delights and a wee boost in popularity (only wee, as you’re deep into a rest and withdrawal phase). Don’t attempt to do much here, as the aspects are not terribly fortunate. Still, you could have a significant rush of romantic emotions Thursday.

The remainder of Friday, and all Saturday brings the heaviest weariness of this month — take the cosmos’ hint: seek solitude, rest, ponder and plan. Saturday’s fine for health or gov’t contacts, or visiting someone who always gives you good advice.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The accent remains on good social times, Cap. A wish might come true. Your popularity, optimism and subtle flirtation(s) rise — and make your heart rise. Your whole life remains crucial, and irritatingly delayed. Those delays will end next week, and could send you on a ride of big accomplishment into early January. Bosses and higher-ups continue to look favourably on you for two more weeks, making this a fine time to bid for a promotion or coveted project.

Many deep, personal changes and self examinations have been occurring for some years. This November/December represents a bit of a climax in this trend, and also a significant reduction of it. From mid December forward for many years, your personal development and self-awareness will be almost entirely focussed on love and future possibilities and friends… and perhaps politics. Your future is changing in major ways.

Sunday is for secrets and research, and if you’re lucky, intimacy. You might want to invest, but be cautious. Love, law, higher education, fame, international affairs or travel, social and cultural rituals and profound thoughts come predawn Monday to early morning Wednesday. This is a fortunate interval, so charge ahead with any of these affairs. Communications and civil servants do help you.

Your career and ambitions, prestige relations and your reputation or worldly standing are in focus from dawn Wednesday to dawn Friday PST. This is an interval of struggle and birth. You might initiate or set up a structure in which confidential contacts, or government, can lead to a larger social circle or a happier lifestyle. But nothing’s easy!

Friday morning through Saturday brings this month’s main theme: popularity, joy, social delights, optimism, entertainment and possible flirtations. Friday, you might see a completely different kind of romantic option. Saturday flows smoothly and rewardingly.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The emphasis remains on your career, ambitions, prestige relations and worldly standing. This is a time of pride. Your moral and legal outlook is good, correct and beneficial. It’s a good time to study almost anything, or to buy international travel tickets. Minor paperwork and communications remain in a delayed state, but this will end next week, and then to early January, there will be a rush of travel, communications, applications and other paperwork. As with Gemini, love or romance can be a welcome relief from all the pressures of ambition, etc.

Sunday is for relationships, but proceed carefully as your luck is not shining. Be diplomatic, cooperative. Intimacy, investment, investigation, secrets, power plays and treasures fill Monday predawn to Wednesday dawn. Some very good luck accompanies you, so do commit to something here, take a bit of a chance: the consequences might please you very much. Even a wholesale lifestyle change is favoured.

Wednesday dawn to Friday dawn features love, wide understanding and profound ideas, intellectual, legal and cultural pursuits and possible travel. Your luck is mixed here, so proceed with care. You might discover that the key to future happiness somehow lies with your career. And that’s exactly what Friday and Saturday bring — a focus on career, prestige relations, worldly standing and your ambitions. Your luck is good in this interval, so march ahead with confidence. Start things, especially around money Saturday.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Your mind is in an expansive phase. International travel, higher learning, law, cultural and social rituals and involvement, profound ideas, and, ultimately, love — these themes will fill the two weeks ahead. (Soon, you will become more voluble about these things, and interesting conversations could occur, and could lead to love, life-mate prospects.) Only one more week until your ‘daily money” (cash flow) log jam bursts. Less liquid finances, investments, deep sexual bonds (and possible pregnancy), lifestyle changes and medical decisions — these are favoured until late November.

Tackle chores Sunday, but with some ordinary caution. Eat and dress sensibly. Relationships loom predawn Monday to dawn Wednesday. Welcome all comers, for they bring opportunities and possible love. This is a splendid interval for forming partnerships and associations, for relocation and fresh horizons, and for opportunities in general. Be cooperative, diplomatic, and willing to jump on someone else’s bandwagon (which seems to be more fully and valuably loaded than your own at this time).

Life’s more secret and private side emerges Wednesday dawn to Friday dawn. This is a dicey interval for action or commitments. So don’t buy stocks, change your lifestyle, yield to sexual temptations, etc. On the plus side, you might form a bond with someone or start a project that leads to increased status, maybe even marriage or some other deeply joyful event. Realize this is just a tiny beginning, so your results should grow slowly over the months and years ahead. In other words, you probably won’t see any spectacular effects immediately.

Friday/Saturday bring wisdom, profound thoughts, far travel, higher learning, cultural and social rituals, law — and love. Chase whatever you want of these things, especially Saturday when your interests are welcomed and treated affectionately.



Mercury went direct on Nov. 3, election day — during lunch hour, 12:50 pm Eastern time. This election was/is so screwed up by various states giving different times for votes to be cast and different rules about counting, that last September I withdrew my prediction for a Trump win. (That prediction was based on Nov. 3, but over 100 million ballots, three-quarters, were cast weeks before election day, weeks during which Trump looked worse than usual, and Biden’s mafia family had not yet been exposed. Even when it was, the entire media, excluding Fox but including FB and Twitter, blacked out the news, thus perverting the election.) Not a Biden win, just no prediction.

But let’s look at the Mercury Direct chart, as it might indicate some things about the four years following the election.

The solar chart, which I count more heavily than the rising, shows poor results in monthly income for the population. But it also shows solid gains in the net worth or asset portion of US finances. This might mean that the stock market will continue to rise. (And hints that the Feds will continue deflating interest rates, which is why assets, esp. real estate, rise. We live in a funny world, in which we need an economic crisis in order to enrich ourselves.)

This chart’s area of speculation contains Neptune, a planet which can make moods swing strongly in different directions, so rumours, interest rates, and various fears and unjustified confidences/elation can cause the stock market to swing wildly up and down. Infrastructure, heavy machinery and computers get a boost. There will be a lot of belief in a resurgence of culture and social harmony. This belief will be disappointed.

Transportation, such as cars and trains and Amazon and all that will be a turning point or heavy focus for the core of the nation, and to some degree the core of its economy. Believe it or not, Trump should have a pretty good time. Some people will continue to hate him, but a quiet, growing consensus will appreciate the wisdom of his actions and of his opinions — i.e., of his first (?) term as POTUS.

The rising chart has little to do with America, and almost everything to do with Washington DC. It shows DC becoming the centre or maybe remaining the centre, of international developments and of legal, educational and philosophical matters. DC will remain a spigot for money, and this will actually increase, money will pour into pockets in gushes. The swamp will continue to rule, at least at first. It will be extremely strong, but in 2021, even earlier in late December, a streak of revolt will appear. The streak will grow stronger from 2025 onward for at least 15 years. DC real estate should show some buoyancy. Traditional political parties face some disappointment.