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Although hope is infinite, don’t waste it.
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Lots of long “Start Nothing” periods this week, so double-check before taking important actions. (For example, if you put your car in for repair, or make an investment, or adopt a pet during a “S.N.” period, the repair might go wrong, the investment go limp, or the pet….)
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Due to my tremors, I often dictate large portions of this blog. But either my speech is terribly slurred, or this dictation (Apple’s Mac Pro) is far from perfected. It keeps changing my words. I say, “Tonight holds good luck,” and Apple’s AI changes it (without notifying) to “Goodnight, hell goes amuck”. Sometimes AI stands for “Always Interfering.”
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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

It’s your last week of deep things, Aries. Of hidden treasure and large finances, of sexual temptations and lifestyle choices. Be a little careful about committing yourself or your money, as this is not the luckiest of weeks. By Saturday, the 21st, the Sun goes into your intellectual, travel and love sign. But until then, get to work — and take care of your health.

This week might be your last chance to seal a good deal or relationship. Lots of talk about secrets, discoveries, large finances, lifestyle and medical decisions, and sex. (There might not be much talk about the last thing.) Your determination and decisiveness have been a little low since early September, but that low spot is gone, and now to January you could be a ball of fire rolling to your goals.

Sunday to Tuesday morning brings up the themes of the month that starts at the end of this week: far travel, intellectual pursuits, law, fame, international concerns, cultural and social involvements, and love. It’s a little early for these right now, which might explain the obstacles you run into: hopes don’t coincide with your available funds Sunday, and illusion or deception seems to interfere with progress Monday. Still, embrace the thoughtful and profound ideas that fill these two days.

Tuesday morning to about noon Thursday emphasizes your career, ambitions, prestige relations and worldly position. In general this interval runs well, but do not start a new romance. If you find yourself attracted to someone new, bite your tongue, turn around and run.

Happiness bubbles up Thursday noon through most of Saturday. Your popularity rises, and so do your hopes. Saturday starts a harmonious, lovely month for you. However, from this day to late December, avoid any hint of a lawsuit. Gently withdraw Saturday night, to think over your life, and to envision your best future.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The emphasis remains on relationships, new horizons or relocation, opportunities, and dealings with the public and in private. Be cooperative and diplomatic. Negotiations/agreements can be achieved, but the wrong approach can cause enmity, refusal to co-operate, even litigation. Show your mellow side!

Lots of talk and paper work around relationships, agreements, etc. You still enjoy affection and grace in the workplace. (Next week, this affection “transfers” to your relationships.) If you have been cooking the books or whatever, now others might attempt to pin you down. Might involve civil servants or admin workers or therapists.

Sunday to Tuesday morning brings deeper stuff: sexual temptations, large finances, medical and lifestyle choices, research. This is not a terribly fortunate interval, so don’t commit, and don’t risk. Mental acuity, profound ideas, law, culture, social rituals, international affairs or travel, and gentle but meaningful love — these fill Tuesday morning to noon Thursday. Again, be cautious, as luck doesn’t hang around long. NOT a good time to invest or fall in love.

Thursday pm to about 8 pm Sat. (PST) urges you to be ambitious, work hard, set high goals, and schmooze with powerful people, such as your boss. This interval is a little bumpy, but should serve your ambitions well. Saturday begins a month of depth, hidden treasure, sexual developments, large finances and medical/lifestyle choices.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

This is your last week of drudgery, Gemini. Saturday the 21st will begin four weeks of relationships, opportunities, dealings with the public and relocation themes. (Much to say about this, but I’d better leave it till next week.) Until Saturday, work hard and protect your daily health with good habits and nutrition. Work will involve more talk or travel, or both. A sweet streak of romance continues to provide some relief from your chores.

A wish or hope that has been with you since early summer time, but has been delayed the last couple of months, now might come true — between now and early January. A friend who avoided you will now show up. You’ll become more social, and a wee bit more popular.

Although Nov. 21 starts a month of relationships and opportunities, this Sunday to Tuesday morning offers the same things, but in a smaller and less important way. Be cooperative and diplomatic — but also cautious. Though you feel romantic these days, do not make a commitment, and absolutely do not start a new attraction, this Sunday through Thursday. It would end tragically. There is a very nice time for lovers around 8 am (PST) Monday.

Sexual desires, financial opportunities or debts, research and investigation, and medical and lifestyle decisions confront you Tuesday morning to Thursday lunchtime. This interval flows fairly smoothly, but you should remain cautious, especially Wednesday morning when an argument could ignite.

Your higher mind awakens Thursday afternoon to Saturday eve. Again, the aspects are rather rough, so proceed cautiously. Dabble in idealistic thoughts, profound ideas, love, international travel and affairs, cultural and social venues, law, education and such things… but stop short of building anything on them. Just enjoy your mellow mood.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

One last week of intense romance, Cancer. You finally start to exchange words with someone who attracts you. Delays and indecision have ended on your career or status scene: now to early January you might run a gauntlet of higher-up’s impatience or other aggressive obstacles, but my money’s on you: I think you will pass all tests, and you could grab a promotion! (Need advice? Ask a Gemini [or E or X first name] not a Sagittarius [or J or U first name].) Your home and family remain sweet and accommodative.

Tackle chores Sunday to dawn Tuesday. Protect your health; eat, dress sensibly. You can get a fair amount done, but work alertly and with ordinary caution. Good luck is not here, so do not buy tools or machinery.

Tuesday morning to lunchtime Thursday brings relationships, opportunities, fresh horizons and relocation themes. Again, be mildly cautious. Not the best time to attract or cement a relationship. Any opportunities will have lots of duties attached – still, most of Tuesday offers some fresh, new kinds of opportunities, perhaps involving computers, electronics, and/or humanitarian or group oriented openings.

Afternoon Thursday to late Saturday night brings secrets and mysteries. Dig deep: treasure might lie below. Reject surface indications. Large finances, lust, medical and lifestyle choices hover around you. Still, maintain this week’s cautious stance, as nothing is guaranteed and everyone’s good-luck reserves are a bit low.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

One last week of focus on your home, security, real estate, nutrition, mother nature and such things. (Discussions surround this area now.) Saturday, Nov. 21, will start four weeks of intense romantic leanings. This will be followed very closely by a surge of good luck in your relationships sphere. This good fortune will last until December 2021.

Many single Leo’s will either marry or cohabitate in 2021! But here’s a puzzle: the one who attracts you romantically at the end of Nov. into late Dec. will probably not be the one you bond with next year. This week, despite the accent on home and rest, your social life continues to be buoyant and pleasing.

Sunday to dawn Tuesday brings romance, adventure, pleasure and beauty, and creative and speculative urges. It’s a preview of what late November into December will bring. Be a little cautious, as there’s not a lot of luck here — although lovers might be pleased just passed dawn Monday. Generally, any attraction or love affair that is sparked before Thursday daytime contains the seeds of disappointment, even tragedy. Better to enjoy the mood than to try and build on it.

Tackle chores Tuesday morning to lunchtime Thursday. Again, exercise ordinary caution, as your luck quotient is not high. You can get along quite well with someone Tuesday, especially if work or career is involved. Eat and dress sensibly. Opportunities, new horizons, cooperation and diplomacy, relationships, negotiations and possible challenges or conflicts fill Thursday afternoon to Saturday night. Again, your luck is not high so proceed cautiously — you will probably feel better if you do not commit yourself to anyone’s project or scheme.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

A sexy relationship, or just a sexual attraction, or a large financial action such as an investment, will cease treading water and shoot forward now to early January. During the first week of this — that is, this week — you are fortunate in both money and casual sex (i.e., sex without deep love). The two ($ and investments, or sex and “casual” attraction) might combine into a lucky bonus for you.

The main emphasis this week lies on errands, communications, paperwork and travel. Nov. 21 will end this trend and start a month of domesticity, security and rest. Meanwhile, make as many contacts and answer as many communications as you possibly can.

Sunday to Tuesday dawn gives you a glimpse of that month ahead, of that domestic trend. Hug the kids, do some simple repairs, and get lots of rest. Don’t begin any big projects, as your luck here is not strong.

Romance might almost surprise you Tuesday morning to lunchtime Thursday. It’s an interval filled with beauty, pleasure, and creativity. But again, your luck is skinny here, so proceed with caution. Best time: Tuesday, when a friendship might spark, or a very different kind of romance arrive. (But remember this warning: no matter what I’ve written above, DO NOT start a love or attraction before Thursday dawn PST: it would disappoint, even wound.)

Tackle chores Thursday pm to Saturday night. Again, be alert and careful, as lucky aspects seem very rare now. You’ll accomplish, you’ll get it done, but not much “extra.”

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

You might have a choice now, Libra, between two different types of relationships. One is fairly casual, comfortable and “easy access.” The other is volatile, passionate and may be a bit scary. If you choose the first one, life could grow a little boring. I recommend the second one. This week to early January, the second type of relationship will shoot forward to — well, probably to fireworks. But this week, DON’T enter a new relationship before Thursday afternoon (PST) nor start a love affair or attraction — it would end badly.

The present week is not very lucky, it is filled with obstacles and frustrations. Steer your efforts toward collecting and spending money, but avoid big important purchases. Build your bank account. You are still attractive to the opposite sex. Saturday, the 21st, will start four weeks of busy, easy efforts — errands, paperwork, communication and short trips.

These very things fill Sunday to Tuesday morning. Proceed with ordinary caution, as luck is not prominent. No big problem, you’ll get those easy chores accomplished, and you’ll get a good answer/reaction early Mon. morning.

Bend toward home and family Tuesday morning to lunchtime Thursday. Again, caution is the watch word. Still, you can make some great headway Tuesday, especially in reaching agreement with your loved ones on budget, family finances or a large investment, on raising the children or beautifying the house or yard, etc. A new lighting system might be a good idea.

Romance tickles your fancy Thursday afternoon to Saturday night. Again, I hate to say it, but continue to act cautiously. There just isn’t much good fortune floating around. Best stance: enjoy the poetry, beauty, and the stirrings of pleasure and creativity, but, for now, don’t try to build anything on it.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO: Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Your personal presence, energy and effectiveness remain at an annual high, Scorpio. I would usually advise starting significant projects now, but this week has very few fortunate aspects so anything you’ve started in the last couple of weeks will probably have more forward power than anything you start now.

There is an exception to this: work, machinery, employment and health matters — here ,a project you start now (you can wait a week or two, also) can race to a very strong, intense, hard-working, but satisfying conclusion by January. (This also applies to a work project that might have begun early last summer, which has been “delayed” since September — it, too, will race, through intense work, toward a satisfying conclusion.)

Your inner life continues to be mellow and sweet. This is a good week to seek advice, especially from a mentor, advisor, psychic or civil servant. Saturday (the 21st) starts a month of money, possessions, purchases and income efforts.

For 14 months, realize assets, investments, are more fortunate than income, and deep, fertile sex will be far better than casual intercourse. Act accordingly, esp. this Sunday to Tuesday dawn (PST), when your focus turns to income, earnings and purchases. Be cautious, avoid commitments.

Communications, paperwork and travel, and errands in general arise Tuesday morning to lunchtime Thursday.  Again, fortunate results are not guaranteed, so step with care. Tuesday is best, it could bring a new partner or associate, even a new housemate. Speaking of houses, a domestic interval prevails for you from Tuesday afternoon to Saturday night. Hug the kids, mow the lawn and repair the house. Get lots of rest and contemplation. Improve your nutrition and get some outdoor exercise. Nothing special here, all’s okay.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

This is your last week of weariness, Sage. Saturday (Nov. 21) will start 4 weeks of extra energy and heightened charisma and effectiveness. In the meantime, though, rest deeply, contemplate and plan. Your hopes remain high, and you feel flirty. A romance, probably a serious one, has been going in circles since early September. Now that ends: until early January, a love affair or prospect of romance will rush forward. Don’t pass this up, Sage, for it could be a very significant relationship. However, DON’T start a new attraction, nor press an ongoing one, before Friday. A creative or inventive project could follow the same timeline — difficult this week, but splendid progress soon. Someone tells secrets.

Your energy and charisma shine Sunday till dawn Tuesday. (Not in a huge way, as you are still in a weariness phase.) It’s not really a good time to start significant projects, as good luck is rare. However, 8 to 9 am Mon. (PST) aids your goals, esp. romantic ones.

Chase money, pay bills and shop Tuesday morning to lunchtime Thursday — all carefully, as pitfalls outnumber bridges. Tuesday is pretty good, it helps you with communications at work, could even bring you a new computer or software — and it’s a good time to buy these. Errands, paperwork, communications and travel fill Thursday afternoon to Saturday night. Again, exercise caution.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Enjoy yourself this week, Capricorn. Phone a few friends, attend a party, etc. (Don’t start a love affair, though, before Friday.) Your popularity remains buoyant and solid. But you are one week away from a period of retrenchment, withdrawal, quietude and rest. Have fun now, while you can. A Virgo might figure prominently. A  Gemini might lure you also, but that probably won’t turn out as well.

A domestic or real estate situation which has been stalled since early Sept., now leaps forward, to early January. Bosses and VIPs continue to favour your position. But that will only last for this week, so if you have anything to present or want to state your case, do it now — Tuesday is very good for this.

Lie low Sunday to dawn Tuesday. Seek rest and solitude. Ponder and plan your future. Deal with civil servants and admin workers. But proceed in all this with ordinary caution, as there is not much luck around. Your energy and charisma soar Tuesday dawn to lunchtime Thursday. This is usually a good time to launch projects, to be a leader and gather allies. But stick to career, romance and money.

Chase money and bargains Thursday afternoon to Saturday night. Again, your luck is not high, so don’t attempt things that are too big. Be especially careful about purchases. You might have a casual sexual Interlude, but you and this person probably won’t last. All week, enjoy the fun without trying to build anything big on it.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

One last week of status and career pressures, Aquarius. Work hard, show your stuff. Much more communication will emerge on your career scene. By next week into Dec., bosses and other higher-ups will value and favour you, partly due to the work you’re now accomplishing. Communications and travel holdups dissolve now — you’ll be talking, and going places!

Emotionally, remember this: for 14 months, you will do much better if you dive into deep, heavy romance and avoid light, flirtatious friendly romance (or playing the field).

Sunday to Tuesday dawn plays on this theme: optimism, happiness, friendship and popularity, and flirtatious romance visit you. But good luck is rare now, so enjoy the fun but don’t build on it, and don’t make frivolous commitments. Wait for deep love. (In some cases destiny will bring you someone good these two days, or Saturday, Nov. 21 onward, but only about one out of 10 of these new relationships will succeed.

If you happen to be one of these 10%er’s, a new romance will happen very fast, with not even the smallest delay. Even a little delay – e.g., you play “telephone tag” — hints that this is not a good relationship.) In any case, DON’T begin a new affair or attraction before Friday.

Withdraw to solitude or quietude Tuesday morning to lunchtime Thursday (PST). Rest, ponder and plan. Deal with civil servants or admin workers, agents and advisors. Be spiritual, charitable. Best time, esp. for actions involving your security, home or family: Tuesday.

Your energy and charisma surge upward Thursday afternoon to Saturday night. Be a leader, show others the way. But don’t be too determined to start a major project, as your good luck is mild. Best time for action: 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm (PST) Friday.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

This is your last week of profound ideas, intellectual exploration, far travel and international affairs, media and publishing, law and beliefs — and gentle love. You are still favoured by fortune for one more week, in areas of investment, assets, research and intimate embraces. Money or income matters that have been delayed now will rush forward for the next seven weeks. Earn what you can, and try to keep bills and spending to a minimum. DON’T start an attraction or love affair before Friday — it would fail.

Monday to Tuesday morning emphasizes ambitions, career, status and relations with higher-ups. These are not lucky days, so act with caution and forethought. For the next 14 months, you will gain from security, home, family, and meet subtle obstruction in your career. Remember this when making choices Sun./Mon.

A happy mood and social delights, popularity and optimism greet you Tuesday morning to lunchtime Thursday. Have fun, flirt and laugh, but stay away from launching important projects. Again, caution advised. Tuesday runs well, might include a surprising and friendly conversation about your background, or restrictions or secrets or gov’t matters.

Withdraw from the bustling crowd Thursday afternoon to Saturday night. Seek solitude, rest, ponder obstacles and plan around them. Again, don’t launch anything, as good fortune seems unavailable. Saturday pm starts a month of career, prestige relations, ambitions — but read the warning above about the next 14 months. Decide now to keep your head down and support the status quo at work.



At first blush I thought Trump should concede. But now I believe there is credible evidence that the election was stolen. If you want to watch some compilations of this evidence, Google (unless they censor them) these two You Tube videos: One is by Janet Porter, author of “A Heartbeat Away,” video dated Nov. 12/20. The other is an extensive interview with Rudy Giuliani on “Real America’s Voice” which seems to be an internet television station, posted on You Tube Nov. 11/20.

Unless these people are slick and practiced liars, Biden received hundreds of thousands of bogus votes — not ballots, but votes that were entered into the computers wholesale without even ballots to back them up. In one case, involving only 1 county of 89, over 100,000 votes were entered for Biden, and zero votes for Trump. That defies the laws of chance. This instance of fraud occurred in one county in the state of Michigan; what about the other 88?

Still, I am fairly certain that Biden will prevail, and Trump will lose, for the simple reason that the huge Democratic machine, including their media lackeys and biased court judges, are a thousand-ton truck that Trump just can’t lift. At least some of the judges will probably refuse to let Trump’s people or anyone recount the votes.

The brazenness with which the aberrant poll workers acted is on the level of revolt. Most such workers would be democratic, and consider Trump anywhere from a bad man with no manners, to the kind of man whose eyes glow in the dark. They are fighting the devil. Risks be damned. We’ll spend 20 minutes of every hour recording made-up Biden (or democratic) votes. That should ensure victory. It’s hard to survive when the bureaucracy is your enemy.

A second term for Trump? It’s possible! I wish Trump well. I really liked him. Sure, he had faults. But he accomplished more than smooth talking, lazy Obama and his con man Biden. And, Mr. Trump, losing might equal living — a terrifically good bargain.
***   ***

But let’s pretend/assume Biden will win: then all the below follows:

WELL, THE GUY I INITIALLY SAID “DOESN’T HAVE A CHANCE”* IS WAITING TO BE HANDED THE CROWN. GOODBYE DONALD, AT LEAST FOR NOW.**  FATE*** WAS NOT WITH YOU, IF THAT’S ANY CONSOLATION. Let’s hope Joe does a good job, and doesn’t hollow out America’s bank accounts too much, nor abandon Greenland in exchange for another “keep it in the family” billion $ from China. Despite his past treason and fraud, I think we should give him a chance. I think the presidency elevates some people to do good rather than bad. It had that effect on Trump.

(Just to show you how stupid democrats are, they laughed like donkeys when Trump tried to buy Greenland from Denmark. What an idiot! Who cares about Greenland? Six months later it comes out that China is trying to establish a foothold on Greenland, where they can hover over both the U.S.A.’s northeast, and Europe. So once again, the donkeys scoffed at any protection of the US and any belief that it had enemies.)

(*In my defence, I changed this assessment of Biden.)

** (It is possible Trump will gain enough votes from the recounts and examinations to embarrass Biden and assume a second term. I’m assuming, in all this, that that is not the case.)

*** FATE:

Here’s why I think Trump was fated to lose (not in chronological or any order):

He kicked off his campaign on a bad day, w/bad aspects. And, if I remember, a south lunar node was involved. There are certain things that signal political failure. Starting a campaign with the Sun in your fourth house is one. Canada’s only woman Prime Minister did this, in calling an election, which she decisively lost. Acting on a south node is another. This can be an extremely bad omen. (Less than half the expected crowd showed up, as if to prove the point.)

I’m assuming Trump knew nothing about astrology, and therefore he chose this day without any idea that it was blasted. He had no real choice, no opportunity to make one, because he:

1)  was not aware of the real forces around him (which astrology senses) and;

2)  he was not even aware that a choice was to be made. (If you see a cliff you can decide whether to jump down it or to stay above. You are aware of having a choice. But if you are wandering in the dark and can’t see the cliff, you had and have no choice. Down you go. Fate takes over. The Chinese say that chance takes over.)

I seem to remember that there was some mix-up over the dates, that the city had withdrawn the stadium, and it had to be moved 2 or 3 days, or something like that? (These, early glitches that force you around, jostle you a bit, make you drive twice as far or misdirect a phone call, are signs that difficult fate/karma is active.) Maybe Trump was forced into the bad day by this, I can’t really remember.

I would like to say he had no warning that launching on this day indicated ultimate failure of the project, the 2020 campaign. But I suspect he had a glimmer of doubt, or more a quiet moodiness, a velvet tone of disappointment, or something on the down side. The emotional reflection of the early glitches mentioned above. These are almost always there when the lunar nodes are involved. You could see it on Trump’s face election afternoon, long before he could have known by math or reports that he was losing. He walked in with a grim look; humour was gone. He knew.

3) His first campaign manager was an over-confident blockhead with no imagination. (he was fired about a month after I mentioned this.) Why was Trump so blind to this?

Last spring/summer, all the Trump folks, on Fox and elsewhere, were glowing and crowing about their prospects for a win. Pride before a fall. (I didn’t write about this at the time. Wish I had.)

4)   his initial campaign ads, run right up to, I think, August or September, were militant demands that you, the viewer, march to the right and give Trump’s campaign money. They were crude, rude, forceful and angry, with big, bullying men portrayed — big mistake! I think (nothing scientific here) that most women would find these ads scary and/or repulsive. I kept wondering: Who approved these? What are they expressing about Trump’s spiritual and emotional state? What kind of anger inspired these? Softer ads came in during the last month or two of the campaign, but it was too little too late.

5)  Covid-19. The pandemic hit (public awareness) in March. Trump’s a Gemini, a sign that’s seldom very good with disease, hospitals, bad health, etc. So God or China picked just the right crisis to mortally wound his re-election campaign. Considering Trump’s style, he was over a barrel: if he had big rallies, he was the villainous leader, the Number One Spreader of Disease. The bigger the rally, the more dramatic the display of his popularity, the more he was the covid-19 villain. If he did not have big rallies — well, that was not in his blood.

6)   Dems did a run-around, which Trump was helpless to stop — the massive early voting, when Trump was still hobbled by negativity toward the pandemic, and his poor leadership in this area (this was when I withdrew my prediction of a Trump win).

7)  for all his huge rallies and fervent supporters, Trump was defeated by a man who hid in his home, and when he was out, bought ice cream cones and ignored all questions, except what flavour did he like? A century ago, Garfield did the same thing as Biden — he ran almost no campaign, hid in his house, and was elected President. 300 days later, he was assassinated. Garfield was not only a Scorpio like Biden. I think they were born 1 day apart. Hillary was a Scorpio, also. Scorpios can be martyrs or saints; they’re hugely sentimental and loyal. The bad ones love to hide, and it is difficult to find their crimes. Many hide behind charm.

8)  although Biden might have committed treason against the United States, hard evidence of this came out too late to affect the election, because 70 million votes had already been cast, mostly by Biden supporters, who took advantage of #6 above. Was it the fault of the New York post, which broke the story too late? Or the fault of Twitter, Facebook and Google, which blacked out the story? It certainly was bad luck/bad timing for Trump, because it came out too late and was successfully hidden by the media, both factors over which Trump had little control. (One survey found over 25% of Americans had not even heard of the potential crimes.)

Trump could have done things much differently. He could have sued, whether through the justice department or on his own, the media and the Twitter twits. This should have been done in the second and third years of his presidency; he didn’t, he either waited too long, or trusted too much in the intelligence of the American people. This is often what fate is: the subtle result of actions that we took or neglected to take, long before “fate” comes into operation. In other words, our fate resides in our past. And Donald has quite a past. (So does Biden.)

(Trump was also treated this way — actively undermined by manipulating announcements and timing — by drug maker Pfizer. They withheld their announcement that they had a vaccine that was approved by the FDA and ready to go (since late October). Withheld it until the day after the election. The intent was obvious: make Donald lose. The FDA itself tried to delay the approval of any vaccine before the federal election so Trump could not add it to his accomplishments.

They did this by unilaterally imposing a 60 day enforced delay of approval of any vaccine for COVID-19. Add to this the FBI withholding evidence when Trump was being “impeached.” For almost 5 years, there has been a wave of opposition against him that was broad and deep in the Democratic party, deep enough to justify betrayal, cheating, immoral actions, and crimes — all of which the Dems are practised in.

9)  Despite all their rhetoric, the Republican rank-and-file did/do not support Trump, and eventually this encouraged his enemies, and denied him several key accomplishments, most notably replacing Obamacare. They’re loud and staunchly supportive during this ongoing “election,” but before this show of loyalty they had four years to find what was obvious to everyone else: the corruption and crimes in the FBI, the media, Twitter and Facebook and Google, and the general Democratic Party.

Around the time Trump was being pilloried for “false accusations” about Joe Biden and Ukraine, the Israeli media ran stories about a pretty big Biden family scandal (not $) — a year before the election. No one on the Trump side (so no one) took this to the public.

The Senate held four hearings investigating the FBI’s harassment and attempt to take down Trump, without once charging any of the actors with anything whatsoever. In fact, as I write this, after Trump has already lost, the Republican Senate is holding another hearing on the very same subject. They hold many hearings, with no results… partly because the corrupt FBI stonewalls them, but partly also because they lack the will to do their job.

10)  Joe Biden — first letter, “J,” which many of you will remember represents Trump’s “hidden enemies.”

The Fate of it all:

In #1 above, Trump, not being an astrologer, could not possibly have consciously known that he was launching his campaign on a day that spelled defeat. Unconsciously, maybe, but that’s where fate resides. In astrology, 95% of the time, whatever is started under bad aspects, eventually fails. I complained about this at the time in this blog, but I largely ignored it. Then most of what happened subsequently was not particularly Trump’s fault or decision; these events and developments in a sense flowed to him from the universe.

Trump’s blindness: he was blinded by the large crowds that pressed to his rallies, thought they easily outworked and outpaced and out-charisma’d Biden in his basement. He didn’t see that Biden’s quietness, broken here and there by a pronouncement that Trump’s bad and I’m good, and his jaunts outside to buy ice cream cones, appealed to something in the people. They wanted to be peaceful and eat ice cream, too. Trump thought hard work was the key to success. But it wasn’t. It was like Kennedy defeating Nixon, mainly because JFK looked a lot better on television. Nixon could not see the new shape of political popularity; neither could Trump. Both were outsmarted.

The Question Remains:

If Trump was not ultimately responsible for his loss of a second term, and fate played a big role, what does this say? It seems to indicate that God or karma*, or the fates wanted Trump to have a one term presidency. Why? I think it goes back to my original forecast, that the 250 years between 1984 and 2229 would bring a completely new political system that would be neither communist nor democratic. I think Trump was a step along that road, or a paving stone set wrong so that everyone would trip on it. He was an aberration, although probably a needed one, and during this aberration, he managed to accomplish more than almost any other president.

But now, with Biden, we are returning to the large current that is carrying us forward toward a green landscape and pacified citizenry. We are heading toward an existence similar to the Borg on Star Trek, to a hive existence, as I’ve said many times. (This hive won’t particularly be an anathema to creativity, genius and innovation; in fact it could foster greater heights/depths in these areas.) Biden is the proper leader for this: he’s a Scorpio Sun, which loves secrecy and quiet peace, and he has an Aquarius Moon, which innovates and restructures society. Both signs are dictatorial.

*(America’s karma).
***   ***

And now that it’s finally over, I can relax and exit politics, and resume my good nature again. (Okay, my memory’s bad — Where was it in the first place? My memory or my good nature?)

PS: If I were Trump, in the two months ahead I would pardon every person who has been convicted by Democrat judges in the past 4 years — except M. Cohen.
***   ***

A stock brokerage is running a television ad that promises a new, more generous approach to clients: instead of just charging them a fee, whether they profit or lose in the stock market, now they will have a deeper interest in seeing you succeed, because they will share in your profits. What a generous gesture. If you lose money, they lose nothing and they collect their annual fee. This is standard in the industry, as long as you use a human stockbroker. But if you win, they collect their annual fee (as is standard) PLUS a portion of your profits.

A kind but substantial old gentleman delivers this con game so smoothly, they’re sure to reel in some suckers. “Hey, Tom, let’s go to the casino. You bet with your money, and I’ll give you some advice, and I’ll get 20% of your winnings — if you win. That’s a good deal, eh, Tom?”