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NOTE: in the Forecasts every week, I will not be inserting (“stay 6 feet apart”) every time I mention romance or intimacy or “garden party.” But you can insert it for yourself.

START NOTHING:  2:44 am to 7:05 am Tues., and 3:46 pm to 7:43 pm Thurs.


ALL SIGNS: Practical projects or businesses launched now to mid December will tend to last and grow for the next 30 years. Idealistic, political, intellectual and similar projects launched late December (technically Dec. 20) through January (and to some degree, but a bit weaker, until mid-May 2021) will also tend to grow for the next 3 decades. A revolutionary or rebellious faction that arises now will tend to have a long life, and might transform democracy in the USA, and later the western world.
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The last two weeks have been filled with start nothing periods. By contrast, this week has almost none — less than 9 hours total. This hints at a busy, development-filled week.
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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The emphasis, now to late December, lies on law, higher education, publishing, cultural and social values and rules, international affairs and travel — and on gentle love. Your financial and intimate interests thrive to Dec. 14. (Friendly associations can boost your income.) Good time for cosmetic /elective surgery. Good time, also, to launch practical business or a major career project, sooner better, though you have until Dec. 15.

Lie low, rest, contemplate and plan Sunday to dawn Tuesday. Be charitable, spiritual. This interval flows smoothly and fortunately. Contact gov’t, large companies, for aid or permission — likely something will be granted. Excellent time to invest.

Your energy and charisma, timing and effectiveness surge upward Tuesday morning to late evening Thursday (PST). You might have been a little indecisive or reluctant with a lover in the past couple of months. This mid-week interval is your chance to make it up to someone, to show how much of a go-getter you can be, especially if it involves pouncing on love. However, take care Wed. night and Thurs., when obstructions arise in personal areas — and opportunities await you in ambitious zones.

Pursue money Thurs. daytime through Sat. Careful Thurs. to mid-afternoon (PST) and be alert to “changes in plans” or ideas Fri. That said, you could meet someone new and fascinating Fri., and quickly move toward intimacy. Only flaw: it might not last long, maybe a year. Saturday, esp., is good for money, purchases, collecting and paying debts.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The four weeks ahead will be close to your heart in some ways, Taurus, for you can relate to secrecy and hidden facts, to large finances, debt and spending for growth, to sexual (as opposed to sensual) desire. These don’t sit at your core, but they’re just outside it, and they’re an echo of your core — and they’re usually lucky for you in November/December.  But be cautious, this time, of diving too deeply into these zones (e.g., making a large investment) and/or of giving your commitment. Examine future pitfalls very carefully before deciding.

My advice to avoid belligerent people and “dark alleys” holds now to early January. Much of what happens in the weeks ahead in this zone of secrecy, sex and finance, if it involves a partner or spouse, has a better chance of working out well. Conversations continue between you and another, and he/she is starting to bloom with a certain beauty.

If you’re unattached, someone you meet Sunday to dawn Tuesday (PST) can be a good match. At the least, this is a social interval, with a good group or good friends, and a feel-good optimism. If you wish, it will be granted. But a “wish” is just an elusive whisper of thought, it flits through the mind like a swallow, yet swifter. If you have to verbalize the wish it becomes not a wish but a prayer — still efficacious, but at perhaps one-tenth the strength of the “true wish;” it’s more ritualistic and not as heartfelt. The real secret to making your wishes come true is to live optimistically.

Take a rest dawn Tuesday to late suppertime Thursday. Ponder and plan. Handle private matters. Cheer someone up. Do any important action Tues./Wed. — Thursday’s obstacles deny success. Your energy resurges Thursday night (7:43 pm PST) through Saturday. Up to noon Friday you face both possible disruption and opportunity. After this, through Saturday, the pace studies and slows a little bit, but flows with smooth, fortunate grace. It would be a good time for a date.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Four weeks of relationships, opportunities and fresh horizons, relocation themes, dealings with the public and potential fame start now. Be aware and cautious: some of these opportunities and (new?) relationships will be subtle traps with disappointing outcomes. Until January 2022, you will fare best if you remain independent in some way, rather than inter-dependent. Still, be co-operative and diplomatic.

Though work eases up now, there will still be “shop talk” and perhaps lots of paperwork or short trips needed to finish a job. And if you are a “worker,” your job and co-workers become pleasant and gracious now to mid-December. Now to then (mid-December) you can start a business or make significant investments, ones that could grow and pay off for years, even decades. (You might have already begun this process, as it’s been “in force” for awhile — in productive ways since mid-late-September.) Stay optimistic for the rest of this year — a major wish could still come true!

Be ambitious Sunday to dawn Tuesday — good fortune rides with you. Career, prestige relations, worldly reputation, all are buoyant. A boss might want to make a deal or a temporary partnership with you. Your hopes, popularity and general happiness rise Tuesday morning to late suppertime Thursday. Enjoy Tues./Wed., but be cautious Thurs., when practical barriers arise, could even cause a brief ”falling out.”

Withdraw from the crowd Thursday eve through Saturday. Friday has surprises, perhaps a sudden attraction. Saturday is smoother, easy, fortunate. Both days (more Sat.) favour gov’t contacts, head office, management. Friday pm and Sat. are good times to seek advice from any advisor, from lawyers to psychics.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Four weeks of work and health matters begin now, Cancer. Do your work, but be wary of expanding it, and make sure you are on the right path to accomplishment. This is not the best time to buy machinery or equipment. A romantic phase has just ended, but a sweet streak of romance lingers, to mid-December. This might be connected to a domestic or live-in situation. Lots of talk about this (or simply pillow talk) for the rest of November.

Love, intellectual, legal, travel, international or publishing matters flow with splendid results Sunday to dawn Tuesday (PST). Be ambitious Tues. morning to late suppertime Thurs. Charge ahead in career, business and prestige zones Tues./Wed. Thursday’s probably good, also, but you must consider other people’s demands, positions: they might oppose you.

A wish could come true Thursday evening through Saturday. You’ll feel hopeful, social, popular — and flirtatious. Friday might bring a romantic or friendship surprise. Welcome everyone!

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Ah, sweet romance! Love is prominent during the next four weeks, Leo. So are creative and risk-taking urges, adventure, beauty and pleasure. Great time for a vacation. But be mildly cautious, also. For the next 14 months, you will fare better if you pursue light, friendly romance than if you chase deep, heavy passion. Groups bless you; one-on-one situations are more difficult and complicated.

Home will be a great refuge for the next few weeks; family will be affectionate, and this is a good time to re-decorate, paint etc. Have a family discussion about this before November ends.

Large finances, medical and lifestyle decisions, research and discovery, and powerful sexual lures fill Sunday to dawn Tuesday (PST). March ahead confidently in these areas, because your luck is good to excellent – especially Monday.

Intellectual, legal, international, travel, fame, cultural and social beliefs and structures, statistics and science -– these arrive Tuesday morning to just past suppertime Thursday. Tuesday/Wednesday are fine: you can experience love, spreading from a single lover to all humanity — and your mood will mellow and your mind will expand its horizons. But be cautious very late Wednesday and most of Thursday, when obstacles come in: work or health might interfere with love, learning or travel.

Pursue an ambitious goal Thursday night through Saturday. Butter up bosses and VIPs, make a bid for recognition. Friday might surprise you in career areas. Could bring a promotion or even a firing! (These are extremes, of course.) Whatever happens, your family will be sweetly supportive. Saturday lends all the “luck” you need.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Four weeks of domestic interest begins now, Virgo. Best to avoid launching any big or important domestic projects, such as renovations or landscaping. These might turn out to not have been a great idea — but you might not realize that until months later. (For 14 months ahead, you will probably fare better if you give your main attention to career or outside projects rather than to home/family/property.)

Communications are easy – and affectionate. Your sexual and financial urges go into overdrive now to early January. Don’t make any commitments you might regret: this will occur if you over commit, or mistake a sexual attraction for a harmonious love attraction.

Sunday to dawn Tuesday (PST) is filled with relationships, opportunities and new horizons. Throw yourself into this, approach others, grab opportunities, etc. Good luck aids you, but be cooperative and diplomatic to obtain the best results. This is not a good time to oppose others or make enemies.

I mentioned above that your sexual and financial urges are going into overdrive – you’ll see this for certain Tuesday morning to late suppertime Thursday. Great progress, developments Tuesday/Wednesday, but be careful Thursday as obstacles pile up.

A mellow understanding and wise mood steals over you Thursday night through Saturday. International affairs, intellectual pursuits, publishing, beliefs systems, cultural venues, distant travel, law — these figure prominently. Friday is surprising, and could bring a sparkling new (co-worker?) attraction, but one that may not last a long time. Saturday’s smooth, fortunate — a “heavy” person might take you under his/her wing.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The 4 weeks ahead emphasize errands, travel, visits, communications, paperwork, media, facts, anecdotes and curiosity. Not the best time to buy a car. Communications and travel will be major components of a significant partnership, negotiation, relocation, or love. Now to January, if you’re single, either an ongoing or new love is ready for “immediate action” — i.e., before January 7. (Between Jan. 7 and early March 2021, the commitment, sexual and/or financial, will be made, or not. In other words, if you don’t get deeper with someone, the affair’s about to end.) Your money luck is good until mid December.

Tackle chores and guard/improve your help Sunday to dawn Tuesday. You will get a large amount accomplished, as smooth good luck rides with you. Pretty good interval to ask for a pay raise or increase your prices. I’ve told you for quite a while that a significant relationship has been brewing. It comes to the fore again Tuesday morning to Thursday suppertime. All is good, love is strong. But be careful Thursday, when all the problems confront you. Likely your home/family situation (or your digestion) is the problem. Half or more of these problems will dissolve after mid-December.

Secrets, research, investments/deaths, deep sexual attractions, medical and lifestyle decisions — these come Thursday night through Saturday. Friday is surprising, might bring a new and unexpected sexual attraction, or surprise about an investment. Saturday flows with smooth luck. It’s an excellent day to invest or share intimacy with someone.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

During the next 14 months, Scorpio, you will probably fare better if you focus on long-term investments than on daily income and spending. That said, the month ahead focusses on daily income and spending. So proceed cautiously and thoughtfully. The same goes for sex: better to focus on deep, meaningful intimacy than on an easy, casual physical affair — to January 2022. It’s a pretty good time to share your inner feelings or secrets with a spouse or loyal love. Work demands will be heavy until early January. In manners and physically, you will be charming now to mid December.

Sunday to dawn Tuesday brings romance, beauty and pleasure, creativity and risk-taking. Yes, take that risk, as good luck accompanies you this entire interval. Ditto for romance, etc. Tackle chores Tuesday morning to suppertime Thursday. You will get a lot done Tuesday/Wednesday, but obstacles can frustrate you Thursday. So time your efforts accordingly. Eat, drink and dress sensibly.

Relationships arise Thursday night through Saturday. Opportunities, new horizons, dealing with the public (even fame), negotiations and possible litigation or competition are also slated. You’ll do fine, better than fine.

Friday might hold a relationship surprise, your spouse or another might act unpredictably. The same day might hold an unusual but good opportunity. Saturday is good all-around, a great day to deal with partnership issues, even to approach someone about a (romantic) date or a financial opportunity.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

For the next 14 months, Sage, you will probably fare better if you engage others, jump on their bandwagon, respond to opportunities, seek partnership or association, relocate, and generally cooperate and try to be pleasant. Be other-oriented. You might not fare so well if you insist on independence, push your own view or opinions and/or reject opportunities. That said, the four weeks ahead emphasize you, your charms and energy and your ability to launch projects and act as a leader.

Yes, enjoy your increased charisma and energy, but remember what I just wrote in the previous few sentences. For example, you could use your energy and charisma to attract relationships or opportunities. Now to mid December, your inner world blossoms with calmness, ease and affection. If you’re a New Age meditator, this can be a good time to attract an entity or spirit guide, as they call them. Romance or a creative or speculative project stampedes toward a December or January climax. Chase this one, it could be very important!

Sunday to Tuesday dawn emphasizes your home, family, security, property, nutrition and mother nature. This is an excellent interval to start a gardening, landscaping, interior decoration project, even renovations — or to buy anything for the home. Tuesday morning to late supper time Thursday brings romance – and/or a creative or speculative project. All these succeed quite nicely Tuesday/Thursday, but take your foot off the love gas Thursday, as old problems and obstacles pile up. (Many of these obstacles relate to money; many will dissolve in December/January.)

Tackle chores and guard your daily health Thursday night through Saturday. You will get your chores done, and might even receive a little unexpected help. But Friday is filled with unpredictable people or events — probably quite attractive people. Talk keeps you from danger. Saturday’s splendid – everything goes well, and you might even solve a psychological puzzle.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Lie low and conserve your energy for the next four weeks, Cap. Watch and listen, ponder and plan. Deal with civil servants, admin workers, institutions, warehousing or other storage situations, and agents and advisers. Be spiritual and charitable. However, don’t plunge extremely deeply into these areas. For the 14 months ahead, you will fare better if you tackle jobs yourself in a hands-on way rather than delegating. Reduce your contacts with the people or situations mentioned above (e.g., civil servants, warehousing) for this entire 14 months. DO NOT start projects in this zone.

Friends are affectionate until mid December. In fact, they might help a dream come true for you. Anyway, despite your weariness, do a bit of flirting or socializing. Your home life grows even more intense now to early January — throw your energy, assertiveness and determination into home renovations or other “basic changes.”

Sunday to dawn Tuesday brings errands, short trips and communications, paperwork and curiosity. This is a beautiful little interval in which you can accomplish many small but perhaps important tasks. Mid week, Tuesday morning to Thursday, shunts you into “domestic mode.” Hug the kids, landscape, redecorate, repair, enhance security and nutrition. Act Tues./Wed., as Thursday is blasted with difficulties — or you might become overbearing.

Sweet romance might come to you more as a notion than as a real event Thursday night through Saturday, but it certainly does come in some form or another. Be creative, express yourself, seek beauty and pleasure and entertain the kids with a special day out. Friday can bring a surprising new love. Saturday flows with gratifying events.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Happiness is coming, Aquarius! The four weeks ahead focus on your dreams and goals, social life, and love. You will feel popular, optimistic and humour will bubble up in you. Travel and communication restrictions have ended to all intents and purposes, so you should be able to visit or accept visits quite soon.

Now to mid December, bosses like and favour you. This is a good week to have discussions about your career. For 14 months ahead, you will fare better if you pursue a deep, meaningful romance rather than light, flirty and friendly stuff. Since the month ahead does emphasize light and flirty romance, you need to be alert and a bit cautious. Playing the field could leave you alone, long run.

Sunday to Tuesday dawn nudges you to chase money, to buy/sell. Plunge into this, as your luck runs high. Ask for a pay raise, schmooze with clients, hunt for bargains. Casual sex might occur with someone you suspect won’t last. Errands, paperwork, trips and visits, communications and curiosity fill Tuesday morning to suppertime Thursday. Act Tuesday/Wednesday, when everything runs pretty smoothly. Thursday is filled with obstacles — not a good day to sign anything.

Home and family grab your attention Thursday night through Saturday. Friday a.m. (PST) holds surprises in love and career – mostly in family or home areas. In rare cases, someone long-lost returns to the fold. Saturday is great, a good time to start home repairs, decorations, even renovations.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The accent lies on your career, prestige relations, reputation and worldly standing, and your ambitions in general. But don’t ”overachieve” — nor do anything unsavoury to get ahead. During the next 14 months to January 2022, you will probably succeed more if you concentrate and act on real estate, home and family, nature or anything involving it such as agriculture, mining, etc. rather than on career. Humility wins against prestige.

Communications continue with teachers and those who intellectually inspire you. A new affection comes to these communications and to your ideas in general. If you are in a lawsuit, travelling internationally (despite Covid) or attending school, a nice mellow luck accompanies you. A gentle love might grow now. Money rushes to you, and away from you, until early January.

Your energy and charisma rise to gratifying heights Sunday to Tuesday dawn (PST). Start significant projects, be a leader and get others involved, make new contacts and generally proceed with the idea of impressing others. You’ll succeed! Tuesday morning to Thursday suppertime accents earnings, bills to pay, sales, and casual sex. These go well Tuesday/Wednesday, but run into obstacles Thursday — social obstacles.

Short travel, errands, communications and paperwork, curiosity and quick anecdotal news or other stories fill Thursday night through Saturday. Until Friday noon, surprises prevail, especially in love. You might receive a message that makes your heart pound. Friday p.m. and Saturday are fortunate and easy. Communicate with people you love, and also if it applies, to schools, publishers, travel agencies or lawyers.



COVID ADVICE?: Maybe it’s true, maybe not: seen on TV: when Hitler came to power, over 95% of German doctors joined the Nazi party. Only 1 in 20 did not. Don’t depend on doctors for wisdom.
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They’re right, marijuana is not addictive. It is easy to go without it. But it is much, much easier not to.
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If you want real conservative news (i.e., not Biden’s or Google/ Twitter/ Facebook’s or CNN’s garbage) go to WND on the internet. Best site I’ve seen lately. Ranges from middle-centre to right of centre, and is pro-religion. Haven’t seen any hard-right stuff. (Intrusive ads, tho — numerous ads.)
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Watched the congressional hearing into Google, FB and Twitter Nov. 17, where it was revealed that these 3 actually work together to ban pro-Trump news. Their censorship departments talk on the phone and co-ordinate about who and what they are going to reject. They should all be thrown in jail for illegal campaign contributions and for interfering with an election.