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All times / dates: Please remember that all time references (e.g., “dawn”) are PST – Pacific Standard Time zone. You can refer to the World Clock in the sidebar for a listing of various world cities or Google ‘time zone converter’ for your own zone.

NOTE: in the Forecasts every week, I will not be inserting (“stay 6 feet apart”) every time I mention romance or intimacy or “garden party.” But you can insert it for yourself.

START NOTHING:   4:48 am to 8:16 am Sun., and 8:22 pm Mon. to 7:33 pm Tues., 2:29 am to 4:53 am Fri., and after 2:28 pm Sat.


ALL SIGNS: Practical projects or businesses launched now to mid December will tend to last and grow for the next 30 years. Idealistic, political, intellectual and similar projects launched late December (technically Dec. 20) through January (and to some degree, but a bit weaker, until mid-May 2021) will also tend to grow for the next 3 decades. A revolutionary or rebellious faction that arises now will tend to have a long life, and might transform democracy in the USA, and later the western world.

(I’m repeating this from last week, as it applies all December.)
***   ***

The Covid up-wave that I predicted for November should start to decline after mid-December …for good. Traces will remain in the cracks and corners, like AIDS, but for most intents and purposes Covid 19 will die down markedly.… By 2025/6 it will virtually disappear.
***   ***

ECONOMY:  Well, I was wrong about a “long, slow slide” in the Dow and other markets after the summer/fall spike upward. After a brief decline, the markets soared to new heights. So I’m withdrawing the “long slow” decline forecast.

On the economic side:

a) businesses/projects launched now (to mid-January, to some degree even to mid-May) will tend to last and grow.

b) no generalized recession in 2021, but tough times for high-tech (although some tech firms will soar to powerful heights). Inflation returns around mid-May to July (just a hint of it) and a bit more strongly the first half of 2022. True economy-deep inflation in 2023 (mild) 2024 (stronger) and 2025 (strongest).
***   ***

Weird new kind of warfare, 2025 onward. The ocean, light and optics, astro-physics and an explosion of military production of new style weapons. The war of 2026/27 (’27 more likely) will be fought with these new weapons.
***   ***


aries icon  ARIES: March 21-April 19

Your mellow, wise mood continues, Aries. Now facts and figures begin to arise that fill out the picture of your larger ideas — or contradict those ideas. For 13 months ahead, listen to the facts, give them more weight than the “bigger picture.” Until 2022, try to avoid lawsuits, international travel, higher learning, publishing, weddings, cultural rituals, religion and other belief systems. Instead, focus on facts, figures, anecdotes, short distance travel, communications, paperwork, casual contacts, and curiosity. Instead of sort-of-knowing, ask.

Your determination and willpower are strong now to early January. The sexy side of life favours you now, so intimacy as well as research and the learning of secrets, are available. Pregnancy might come to young couples now. If you are starting or launching a business or practical project, work really hard now to put it on a safe safe plateau before mid December. (This ensures that it will grow later.)

Sunday to suppertime Tuesday emphasizes communications, short trips and errands, paperwork, and friendly contacts. All three days flow fairly well, but Sun. is probably the best. A love climax might occur now. Guard against deception Monday p.m. Turn toward home and family Tuesday night through Thursday. This interval just limps along until Wednesday night, when money or love blesses you with sweet luck. Starting renovations, repairs or decorating is okay.

Romance arises Friday/Saturday. Friday might be a little disruptive, but Sat., especially the afternoon, welcomes your approach. Romantic attraction signals deep sexual compatibility. If instead you’re using this interval to create, play or gamble, Saturday is still a winner.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The 13 months ahead, Taurus, tempt you toward lust, pregnancy, research, major financial actions, and medical and lifestyle decisions. I say tempt you because your safe road lies in a similar but different direction: casual sex, earnings, purchases and possessions, and rote learning (i.e., without research). The month ahead emphasizes the first, “dangerous” list (lust, pregnancy, etc.) so proceed alertly, look at the motives of every important action. Continue to avoid belligerent people. Those who belong in your life will now show affection and grace toward you. Lots of secrets — handle them well, and ethically.

Pursue $ Sun. to twilight Tues. PST. This is a fairly good, reliable interval, so proceed with confidence. All the good side of the choices mentioned in the paragraph above are highlighted: e.g., earnings, shopping, casual sex. Sunday is best. Monday might hold a little bit of self deception late in the day.

Mid week, Tuesday morning to predawn Friday, sends you on errands, travel, and communications or paperwork escapades. This interval flows fairly well, but if you’re doing something that you hope will turn out fortunately, then do it Wed. night. Thursday holds some conflict, and some opposition.

Head toward home and family, security and nature, garden and nutrition, contemplation and rest, Friday/Saturday. Your luck is mixed here, but mostly good, especially Sat., which ends on a note of family happiness, with a spouse who gently approves of your flirty approach!

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The 13 months ahead, Gemini, might nudge you toward relationships, foreign lands, relocation, dealings with the public, new opportunities, negotiation or litigations. This month ahead intensifies this “nudge.” My advice? Remain independent, at least for the present. That does not mean reject all dealings with others. Especially don’t take my advice and kick someone out of your life who’s been there for a while! Instead, practice independence within your relationships. Don’t let others rule you or tell you how to live your day.

Friendships, and romance, both light and heavy, are healthy and rewarding. What needs to be avoided is commitment to one new person above all others. Be your own genius, produce what comes from you, rather than trying to handle everything that comes from others. Your workplace and coworkers remain affectionate. In December, someone will want to talk and talk with you: can you afford the time?

Your energy and charisma soar upward Sunday morning to Tuesday eve, PST. Be a leader, show others the way. Sunday might bring a climax between you and a significant relationship. Don’t be bowled over; make sure addressing your concerns is part of any solution.

Follow the money Tues. eve to pre-dawn Fri. Pay bills, collect what’s owed you, shop for bargains. If asking for a pay raise or other “luck is needed” action, perform it Wed. evening/night, or at precisely 6 am to 6:30 am PST Thurs. Casual sex might appeal, esp. Wed. night,  but it doesn’t fit with your future, so might not blossom into a major affair. Friends, communications, short trips and visits, paperwork and easy chores fill Fri./Sat. Good luck and mild frustrations mingle. Best time: Sat. afternoon/night, when love’s charms float magically in the air.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Three weeks of work/drudgery left, Cancer. Time to roll up your sleeves, but don’t immerse yourself in chores right up to your elbows. (And don’t let children or others make you their slave.) Realize the 13 months ahead actually advise against overworking, and instead counsel you to delegate, manage, to work with policy, committees and background people such as civil servants and agents. Your career zone remains both assertive and volatile, yet fruitful and opportune.

Don’t step on any toes, but do push ahead, as now to January offers some of the best advancement openings in years. Although the river of romance has gone in some other direction, a little creek of love continues to bubble happily down the path of your days. You might have a coworker “twin” — someone who accompanies you while you work.

Lie low and get plenty of rest Sunday to suppertime Tuesday. Good and bad luck mingle, so just proceed with ordinary caution. This is a good time to plan your future actions and projects, partly because you are feeling calm and will make wise decisions.

Your energy returns Tues. night to predawn Friday. Be a leader, especially in work areas. Again, good and bad luck mingle. Your best time is Wed. p.m. PST, when love and affection — and quality art or furnishings — are quite available. Legal, philosophical, intellectual and publishing interest go well also. Thursday night, you might meet someone who holds an opposite view of the world yet is perhaps frustratingly attractive. Time will tell for this one.

Chase money and shopping bargains Friday/Saturday. Friday daytime is great for talking to the boss (angling for a pay raise)  or buying lovely objects (or a bicycle) — but NOT computers or software. Early evening might be a bit disruptive. Saturday p.m. is splendid, both for career, asking for a raise, and a little later, making a bed for love. (I said “bid” but AI wrote “bed.” You choose!) Really, Saturday eve can be magical.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The 13 months ahead, Leo, warn against deep, heavy, infatuation-type romance. But these months do favour light, friendly romance, as well as sex and friendship. The three weeks ahead emphasize the deep, heavy romance, and so I’m giving you a mild warning not to throw your heart around, but to keep it in a friendly happy place.

Your home remains affectionate and supportive until mid December. A lot of communications, calls and texts etc. can occur between you and a child/children or a romantic prospect. Law, religion, far travel, intellectual pursuits and similar concerns dash forward now to early January — grab this rocket and ride it., Leo — you could be going places!

Sunday morning to Tues. suppertime emphasizes the best kind of romance for you for the next whole year: light, friendly, witty and enjoyable. This kind of relationship could turn into marriage or cohabitation in 2021. (If you do not have a lover at present, 2021 will bring a partner prospect.) However, this early week interval is not particularly lucky, so just go ahead — lucky or not, it can bring a climax.

Midweek, Tues. twilight to pre-dawn Fri., finds you tired and thoughtful. Withdraw from the crowd to ponder and plan, to meditate and find spiritual sources, to rest and recharge your batteries. Important and fortunate contacts can take place with civil servants or admin workers or health professionals Wednesday eve/night. Your intimate prospects look surprisingly good, in spite of your weariness.

Your energy returns with a good bounce Friday/Saturday. You are charismatic and “full of beans” — the opposite sex will notice! Friday’s luck is a little mixed, there is romantic messaging and male-female harmony, but also some challenge or disruption that nixes a long-term commitment. Saturday’s more smooth and fortunate, late afternoon to night-time — you can succeed in love both mentally/intellectually and sexually.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The general emphasis for the 3 weeks ahead, Virgo, lies on home, family, nature, garden, security, humility, territory, real estate, roots, soul and stomach. This is the exact area you should touch only lightly during the 13 months ahead, for it contains subtle traps, delays and dead-ends. (Instead, you’ll fare better now to January 2022 if you focus your efforts outside the home, toward career, business success, social standing, prestige, etc.)

Through December, a sexual, financial, research, lifestyle or medical project races toward a solid conclusion. (Made $ in the stock market lately? That’s this trend.) Casual friends and contacts, communications and short distance travel take place in an atmosphere of affection and some beauty. Someone is very talkative on the home front – is it you? If so, don’t make any commitments or promises that will tie you deeply into the domestic sphere. For example, don’t agree to extensive renovations.

Sunday dawn to Tuesday suppertime emphasizes your ambitions, your career, prestige relations and worldly status — the very things you should be focused on for the next 13 months. However, at this point there is not a lot of luck, so proceed with ordinary caution.

Mid week, Tues. night to predawn Fri., brings happiness! You will be popular, social, witty, flirty, and optimistic. Again, your luck is mixed, so don’t just charge blindly ahead in anything practical. Socially, there’s nothing to worry about. Wednesday eve/night brings both loving friends and sweet communications. Despite all the jumbled luck, good and bad, a major relationship such as a marriage or marriage prospect experiences gratifying harmony.

Withdraw from the hustle and bustle Friday/Saturday. Get plenty of rest, and examine your life far into the past and as far as you can go into the future. It’s a great time to make plans, especially Sat. afternoon/evening/night. Friday is good also, and helps you make some important connections are communications, but the afternoon and supper time (PST) are unpredictable, maybe disruptive.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Errands, paperwork, travel and communications, facts, figures and anecdotes, these fill your days in December, but they will waste time rather than yield spectacular (or even satisfying) results. Yes, take care of this area — for example, answer that gov’t form, mail those payments — but don’t plunge deeply into it. You’ll fare better, for an entire 13 months ahead, if you focus instead on the big picture, on society as a whole, on publishing or writing, on cultural, legal, intellectual and international themes.

Aim big, beyond the small and immediate. For instance, read a book rather than a newspaper article, travel afar rather than a few hundred miles. An intense relationship will grow even more so now to early January. Decide: is it marriage, lives entwined, or a split? Your money picture looks fortunate until mid-December.

Sunday morning to Tuesday suppertime brings the good side, rather than the bad side, of the travel and communications areas discussed above. Ponder the universe and its meanings, and your place in it. Scholarship, a wide view and big ideas benefit you. However, there is little really good or bad luck in this interval.

Your home and family beckon Tuesday night to predawn Friday. Your luck is mingled. Best time: Wed. night, when affection (and some money luck) prevail. And perhaps Thurs. eve/night, when domestic openings, opportunities, face you. An air of celebration enters Friday/Saturday. You will feel popular, optimistic and flirtatious. Social joys abound. Friday is a bit disruptive, but ends well. Saturday afternoon/night offers the kind of love that lives are built on, and good health solutions, good beauty products, and perhaps romance with a coworker.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

For the next 3 weeks, Scorpio, the focus lies on surface actions/situations: earnings, spending and possessions, casual intimacy, and rote learning. Don’t dive too deeply into this zone now or for the 13 months ahead, as it might contain subtle traps. (E.g., you get a job that pays enough to survive, but not enough to improve your life.) Instead, default when you can to the deeper factors: larger finances, investments, debt, research and discovery, medical and lifestyle decisions, and deep, meaningful sexual bonding. Continue to work hard until January.

Your own physical charms radiate nicely now, attracting members of the opposite sex until mid December. Read the pre-amble for clues about being independent in finances; about starting a business or project.

Sunday morning to suppertime Tues. accents the deeper factors described above. Your luck is somewhat mixed, so don’t be too brave or make too large a commitment to anyone. Wisdom arrives Tuesday night to predawn Friday. You’ll feel calm, mellow and gently loving. Far travel, legal matters, intellectual pursuits, publishing and cultural involvements are all favoured. Best time: Wed. pm/night, when love is in the air.

Be careful with work matters, as you might neglect them while daydreaming. This becomes important Friday/Saturday, when your work production is under the spotlight, and higher ups are interested in what you do. Friday is a little disruptive, yet communicative and may contain opportunities. Saturday p.m. PST offers a good chance to get some important work done, while this evening offers pure romance on an almost magical scale.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

You are in charge, Sagittarius! Your energy, magnetism, effectiveness and clout are at a yearly high. But use this boost to attract others and to join their bandwagon, their project or their situation. Being overly independent during the next 13 months will lead you to a place of loneliness. You have a fast temper and a quick laugh — accent the latter for a while!

Romantically, you can hardly ask for better prospects. Many of you will be picking up a love affair that slacked off the last two or three months but is now ready to rocket forward in the weeks ahead. Your inner world, for example that place where meditation comes, is affectionate and fortunate until mid December. If you are hankering to start a business, read the Preamble for clues.

Relationships — good relationships, even though not much comes from them right now – fill Sun. morning to Tues. suppertime PST. Be cooperative and diplomatic. A love or business partnership might reach a climax Sunday.

Dig deep Tuesday night to predawn Friday; reject surface indications. Treasure might lie below. This is not a good interval for gambling, but it’s a pretty good interval for investing — and for research, sexual bonding, medical and lifestyle decisions, especially Wed. night PST, when love is in the air.

A wise, mellow mood steals over you Friday/Saturday. Far travel, intellectual pursuits, legal, fame, media and publishing, cultural and beliefs systems are all available these two days. Success awaits you here Fri. afternoon and late night, although you may have to skirt a disruption or uncooperative individual (a co-worker?). Saturday is great, especially in the p.m. when romantic love (afternoon) and affection at home (night) reassure you that the world is OK, and you’re snuggly comfortable in it.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN: Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Stay out of the spotlight, Capricorn. Use the three weeks ahead to rest and contemplate the world and your place in it. Deal with civil servants, admin workers, spiritual organizations, charities, agents and advisers. However, for the 13 months ahead, including this one, do not dive too deeply into administrative or management areas, nor into government, spirituality and meditation, etc. Instead, opt for hard work — roll up your sleeves and tackle the job at hand. This is a good period for doing, not for planning.

Your domestic life remains intense and significant. If you have become pregnant, be careful about overworking on the home front, and protect yourself against any possible miscarriage. Despite your tiredness, you remain happy and optimistic — and, believe it or not, popular! You will hear or “see” secrets: should you share them?

Tackle chores Sun. morning to Tues. suppertime. No great luck here, but no bad luck either, so just plod along and get it done. You might feel a mild but welcome sense of satisfaction and peace because you’ve done these chores. The same sense of satisfaction can accompany you for the 13 months ahead, as long as you stay “hands-on.” Eat and dress sensibly.

Relationships confront you – bad word, as they really welcome you — Tuesday night to predawn Friday. Be cooperative and diplomatic: that’s how you can reach some good, even profitable agreements. Wed. eve through Thurs. morning is especially fine, filled with affection, even love and good communications. Just be sure to avoid any domestic arguments. Thursday p.m. and very early Friday morning can trigger opposition or merging — much depends on what you want and will accept.

Dive deep Friday/Saturday — important choices face you in lifestyle, sexual, medical and financial areas. One or two minor disruptions, but otherwise this is a tremendously lucky interval, especially Friday night and Saturday afternoon into nighttime. Love, sweet friends, affection at home and general success in your actions — these prevail both days.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

You love having friends, so you will love this month, Aquarius. Popularity, optimism and joy in life, flirtations and entertainment fill the 3 weeks ahead. But don’t become a party person too much. You will fare much better if you chase one deep heartthrob rather than flirt around with several, or even one, light, friendly romances. (A Gemini might figure prominently in love; a Virgo in sex.) Better also to create independently, rather than be part of a creative group or committee.

All this advice holds for 13 months — to Jan. 2022. You are still running around, phoning and texting like crazy, and will do so until early January. No harm in this; it might bring you closer to your goal or to someone attractive. Bosses still favour you until mid-December, so this could be a good time to talk about a promotion.

Chase love and romance, beauty and pleasure, Sun. morning to Tues. suppertime. This interval is a hint of what you would do best to chase during the 13 months ahead. A love affair might reach a climax Sunday p.m., but otherwise this is a mild interval without tremendous luck — yet.

Tackle chores and guard your daily health Tuesday evening to predawn Friday. Again, your luck is mixed, but Wed. eve/night can open the door to career success, maybe praise from on high. Thursday morning is good for money. This p.m. brings choices, and within the choices are opportunities, especially in work and management zones.

Relationships fill Friday/Saturday. Friday eve is a bit disruptive – perhaps someone doesn’t want to agree to anything – but earlier this day and late at night success is available. Saturday afternoon/night encourages you to communicate, to make contact with a friend or other person. Career, prestige and ambition can open the door to more money.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The accent continues on ambitions for three more weeks, Pisces. If all was positive for you in the career zone, you would be tested for the next few weeks. (Tests often lead to promotion.) But in the weeks ahead, temptation, or cutting corners or “little white lies” could inhabit your ambitions. This is a bad thing, for it can lead to a dead-end or subtle trap. This advice holds for 13 months — to January 2022. Above all, Pisces, be firmly ethical/moral at work, in court, or in prestige/status situations.

A partner or associate or simply a coworker talks a lot, perhaps urging you to get involved in some ambitious scheme. Probably not a good idea. Reject collusion, especially if it comes from one above. Until early January, money continues to gush toward you; so, unfortunately, do spending and debts. Corral that incoming money before it all disappears. Cultural, intellectual, travel and legal interest remain fortunate until mid-December.

Turn toward home and family Sunday morning to suppertime Tuesday. You might face a choice (a climax, actually) between home/security and outside ambitions. Choose home.

Tues. eve to predawn Fri. brings sweet romance, joy with children, pleasure, beauty, and passionate creativity. Best time: Wed. eve/night and around dawn Thurs. (PST) — IF you avoid an argument about $. (If this is casual sex, the argument will occur, but might be disguised as possessiveness.) By Thursday pm, you face choices: deep romance, or playing the field? I have no advice here, except to say that a life-mate might be in the picture.

Tackle chores Friday/Saturday. Eat, drink, dress sensibly. Other than a bit of disruption Fri. afternoon/eve, this interval flows with good fortune. The work you accomplish Friday can go along way in a future discussion of your position and your ambitions. Saturday afternoon benefits your wallet, can bring a pleasing amount of money for a quick bit of work. Saturday night is for lovers – or for a great foreign film or other cultural entertainment.



I told you I was going to abandon political comments, and I am. If Americans want to elect a president who has committed treason against them, and passively accept rigged elections, then so be it. If Americans want to accept a media that lies to them and covers up facts as efficiently as Pravda did in the U.S.S.R., then so be it. If Americans want their President to be controlled by a secret police, which the FBI and their fellow thugs in the intelligence community have become, then so be it.

The USA is not democratic anymore. They have entered the stage I wrote about in the 1980s, in which neither democracy nor communism will prevail, but a third structure will be created. The danger in this, as I pointed out in the 1990s, is that those in charge will create a police state. This police state will become large and obvious from 2026 to 2043.

Many areas in the US are already tipping into — not police states exactly, but corrupt states. The irony is, the corrupt politicians, who would usually enlist the police forces as they enter the dictator stage, this time around are calling for the reduction of police forces. Maybe they are depending on Antifa to be their police force — ?!
***   ***

PARLER. If you are frustrated by Google’s/FB/Twitter’s (or “Goof-up-twits”) consistent repression of conservative news — try this new search engine. It’s called Parler, and it works somewhat like Twitter. You can find it by googling (yes, I get the irony) ‘Parler.” WARNING: Parler’s submissions are not edited, so you might run across hate speech, bigotry, porn and calls to violence.

But there is no other way to fight the dictatorial prejudice of Google/FP/Twits than to provide a free, open, totally unregulated forum, which Parler is. Otherwise, sites and search engines like Parler could simply do what Goof-up-twits does, in reverse: deny access to left/liberal/Democrat “news” and opinion. Only for the adventurous! If you want more conservative news, try Breitbart, the Hill, WND, OAN, Epoch … these conservative news sites will link to others.
***   ***

The voting public, far from being the dupes of politicians, are the core of stability and wisdom in our nations. The keyword here is voting. A voter can be disenfranchised by lack of knowledge (knowledge withheld* — Twitter, CNN, et al) and by the more traditional methods of deceit and false promise, voter suppression/intimidation, bribery, election office fraud, etc. As long as we can vote, we control the pols. Recent moves by the media and the pols threaten this right to vote. Once again, the Senate looks spineless. I wish Trump would spend his remaining days:

1)  pardoning everyone sullied by the Mueller investigation; and awarding full restitution of their legal costs and estimated lost income/salaries. One exception: Michael Cohen.

2)   lowering drug costs markedly by executive order somehow: by, say, 70% on average

3)   initiating law suits against Google, Twitter, FB, CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WAPO, the FBI and the rest. The public needs to know, especially when it affects their opinions, and when these actors are attempting to strangle knowledge — that is, constantly. It’s a pathological movement, spear-headed by criminal Democrats. Worst of all is the FBI, which is helping the Dems sidle toward dictatorship.

What happens between now and 2025 will shape the world, but more intensely, reshape governments, and how they rule. The pandemic was one blow by karma to nudge this change along. What role Biden plays in this, though, I don’t know. (Except in these early stages, when he tends to assume the role of kind, gentle dictator. But so far a toothless, frustrated one. Winning the presidency will not stop democratic in-fighting. I suspect AOC and her corrupt friends are about to taste what it’s like to be conned — by  Biden.) As I opined a year ago, any president elected now will likely not last the term. I said that before the primaries even occurred, so it’s nothing personal.

4) If possible, an executive order to deliver a bare-bones $2,000 to everyone displaced or hurting from the pandemic, including workers, barbers, restauranteurs, gym owners, all those forced to shut down.