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NOTE: in the Forecasts every week, I will not be inserting (“stay 6 feet apart”) every time I mention romance or intimacy or “garden party.” But you can insert it for yourself.

START NOTHING:   2:35 pm to 4:01 pm Tues., 4:56 pm to 5:59 pm Thurs., and 5:58 pm to 6:39 pm Sat.


ALL SIGNS: Practical projects or businesses launched now to mid December will tend to last and grow for the next 30 years. Idealistic, political, intellectual and similar projects launched late December (technically Dec. 20) through January (and to some degree, but a bit weaker, until mid-May 2021) will also tend to grow for the next 3 decades. A revolutionary or rebellious faction that arises now will tend to have a long life, and might transform democracy in the USA, and later the western world.

(I’m repeating this from last week, as it applies all December.)
***   ***


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

You remain in a mellow, wise and understanding mood, Aries. Love could definitely be part of this picture. If you are in love, distinguish between a light, friendly, witty and laughter-filled love, and a deep, serious, gentle and “socially approved” romance. The former, not the latter, is likely to become a lifelong love. The latter, the “gentle love,” can inexplicably lead to frustrations and dead ends… Though these might not become apparent until months or years later.

You remain determined, deeply and enjoyably sexual, and willing to state your views on almost anything. International travel, legal affairs, intellectual pursuits, cultural and publishing involvements are also highlighted this week and next — however, treat these areas lightly and do not bind your life or your future actions to them.

After a romantic morning, Sunday turns you toward work and health concerns, and keeps you there until late afternoon Tuesday. Sunday promises success in dealing with computers, electronics, humanitarian goals, or large groups of people. Monday is a bit difficult, perhaps even deceptive, so proceed with caution. Tuesday offers solid success: so march ahead and get things done!

Relationships, opportunities and fresh horizons, public dealings come late Tues. afternoon (PST). Co-operation, diplomacy and negotiation — or challenge, enmity and litigation? Which, is largely up to you. This is not an easy interval. Deception or illusion seems to be in the air Tuesday/Wednesday, and plain old problems and obstacles populate Thurs.

Thursday eve to suppertime Saturday shunts you into deeper waters, where things like investment opportunities, financial activities, sexual desires and intimate moments, medical and lifestyle decisions, these float by you. Grab at least one of these Thurs. night, when all action succeeds, and Fri./Sat., when you work toward good results, solutions, investments, etc.

taurus icon  TAURUS: April 20-May 20

This week and next continue to immerse you in a tempting stew of possible financial gains, asset gains, and sexual involvement – perhaps with someone “not free.” A medical or lifestyle choice/commitment might also be involved. All these usually go well for you in December, but this year, and 13 months ahead, you need to be alert and cautious, for these areas will, if pursued, draw you into a situation where are you are tempted to act unethically to attain your goal. This would lead to loss and disappointment. Your safe move: focus on earned income, spending, and casual sex.

Accept surface appearances; don’t waste time digging deep. You still need to avoid violent or belligerent people until Jan. 6 or 7. Until mid December, others are attracted to you and treat you with affection and grace.

Sleep in Sun. morning, even to noon (PST) if you want. Not much happening, but you can feel deliciously lazy. Sunday afternoon through Tues. afternoon brings sweet romance, beauty, pleasure, creative surges and speculative urges. Monday erects barriers to romance, especially barriers of suspicion or deceit. But Sunday p.m. and Tuesday are filled with good fortune for lovers and creators.

Tackle chores and protect your daily health late Tues. afternoon to suppertime Thursday. Eat and dress sensibly. This is neither a lucky nor an easy interval, so double check directions, work slowly and alertly. Do not buy machinery or tools. Relationships, new horizons and opportunities, face you Thursday suppertime to Saturday supper time. This is a splendid interval for making new contacts, chasing opportunities (esp. In management or with government or administrative offices) — even for meeting love.

gemini icon GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Relationships, relocation themes, fresh horizons and new opportunities — these face you for two more weeks. However, these are dicey areas to dive into for this month and the next 13. (For relationships, this means sex, friends, romance and social activities are fine: it is only the joining with someone, the partnering or cohabiting, which might be more complicated and hold more problems than you think.)

So proceed carefully, and make sure all your motives are good ones in relating to others. Or, just as good and maybe easier, be independent for the next 13 months. This week, friendships and light romance continue to please you. Your work and coworkers remain affectionate. Read the first item in the preamble above regarding your prospects in finances and research.

Sunday morning is quite active, communications and travel lure you. But Sun. noon to Tues. late afternoon brings you back to home, family, earth and garden, nutrition and stomach, soul and rest. Sunday and Tuesday are great. Monday needs caution and care, especially around your reputation or dealings with the opposite sex.

Romance lifts your heart, shows you beauty and invites you to pleasure Tues. suppertime to Thurs. supper time (PST). Tuesday/Wednesday are marked with a bit of illusion or deception, and Thursday erects barriers to understanding and love. So proceed with care. Tackle chores and protect your daily health Thursday evening to Saturday eve. You are lucky here, especially Thurs. night and Sat., 2 good days to buy or operate machinery and tools.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Work, work, work. That’s your destiny for the next two weeks. But before you plunge wholeheartedly into your chores, remember that the next 13 months (including this one) advise against working so hard that you don’t see the overall picture. You are good at managing, and managing things will bring you a better result than simply trying to do the thing yourself. Your career and worldly standing are still pressurized — like a rocket that can shoot upward!

A nice romantic streak stays with you this week. Relationships — pro and con — have been a major influence or trend in your life for years, esp. the last 2 years. This influence will wane appreciably within a month, to be supplanted by deeper, more intimate or financially significant ties.

Sunday morning (PST) is okay for shopping. This lunchtime to late Tuesday afternoon brings errands, communications, travel, paperwork and casual friends. Monday needs caution, but Sun. and Tues. shower you with nice, smooth progress.

Tuesday suppertime to Thursday suppertime shunt you toward home, family, nutrition, nature and rest. Do take naps, recharge your energies. It’s a contentious interval, so step carefully, and don’t try to dominate family or (esp!) your spouse. Romance visits you Thurs. eve to Saturday eve. Good luck accompanies you the whole time. So chase love, create, take risks, play, absorb beauty. You’ll be fulfilled!

Leo icon  LEO: July 23-Aug. 22

The main emphasis until Dec. 21, Leo, lies on deep romance, creativity, self-expression, risk-taking, beauty, pleasure, and raising beautiful kids. These areas are a bit “sullied” by the Moon’s node for the next 13 months, so you might be wise to chase the “opposite” — light, friendly romance, social and other groups, entertainment versus deep, self-indulgent pleasure. To succeed, keep it light!

On the other hand, weddings and “formalizing love” are very favoured now — at least until Jan. 7. And a bonus: 2021 will bring single Leos at least one viable, splendid life mate. (He/she might be considerably older or younger — that’s okay.) Your home remains affectionate, a comfortable retreat.

Sunday morning finds you fit and energetic, raring to go. Chase money Sun. noon (PST) to Tuesday. Ask for a pay raise, butter up clients, search for bargains, buy/sell. Sunday and  Tuesday are fortunate, easy. Monday not so much. (Deception and friction reign.) Casual sex might be offered. Okay, but realize it won’t reach the level of love.

Late afternoon Tues. to suppertime Thurs. ties you up in errands, phone calls and emails, paperwork and necessary little trips. There is hardly any good luck during this interval, so do what you can and don’t sweat what you can’t. Don’t over extend.

Your home and family, garden and property, nature and nutrition, rest and security – these welcome you Thursday supper time to Saturday eve. This is a fortunate interval, so charge after home improvements, love and games with the kids, etc. A good time to start renovations, though I suspect they should be minor or “shorter” ones.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The accent continues on your home and family, Virgo — and on mother nature, nutrition, security, sales territory and other real estate or basic matters. (Someone who wants to talk about these matters could actually have some good advice.) Don’t be too quick to plunge wholeheartedly into these areas, as they are subtly askew, and can be tempting dead ends or constant disappointments. These disappointments might not show up for a few months or even a year, but they do lurk in there. To be safe, or at least to have more potential for success, give at least part of your attention and effort to career, prestige and status and ambitious projects.

Your sexual drives are still running hot, and will till early January. This can also give you the courage to make a definite move on the stock market or some other investment. Study it well, then act. Friends and people you meet on the street treat you with a smile and affection until mid December.

Remain restful the first half of Sunday (PST). Then, Sunday pm to late afternoon Tuesday, your energy soars and your charisma and timing click up a notch. Monday is a bit of a waste, with many niggling obstacles. But Sunday and Tuesday could hardly be any finer: good fortune and good relationships please you very much.

Money, memory and a “low grade” intimate attraction fill Tues. eve to Thurs. suppertime. Be careful, Virgo, this interval is studded with problems. (Perhaps arising from a past romance?) Suppertime Thurs. to suppertime Sat. brings errands, paperwork, casual contacts, mail and other communications. Your luck is good here. Thursday night opens the door to intimacy, high finance, research and discovery in a significant way… follow this up if you can’t see it. Use good communications luck to call a spouse, or prospective spouse or business partner. (Mostly Friday.) Saturday, tell someone you love them.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

“Small stuff” fills your days, Libra. Texts, emails, paperwork and filing, short trips and conversations, errands. Be curious, ask questions. But don’t waste your days in “make work” or goose chases, and surface thoughts. This advice holds for 13 months. To succeed, lean toward the profound, toward meaningful actions and deep thinking. Significant relationship developments are still slated until early January. You and another might agree to be business partners, or to marry (co-habit). Your money/income still mildly lucky.

You awake optimistic and cheerful Sunday morning (PST). But your energy slows Sun. noon to late afternoon Tuesday. Use this interval to catch up on your sleep, to research and deal with government or admin workers, to seek advice and to make plans. A bit of charity or meditation would not hurt either. Your luck is good Sunday and Tuesday, two days in which the universe protects you. But Monday is filled with obstacles, so step carefully and volunteer for nothing.

Your energy and charisma soar back Tues. early supper time to Thurs. late supper time. Be a leader, get out to see and be seen, and start projects. (Read the Preamble above for clues as to what to start.) Odd hint: hard work will not deliver; taking charge will.

Chase money, pay and collect debts, shop for bargains, schmooze clients or ask the boss for a raise Thursday suppertime to Sat. suppertime. Good luck rides with you, so press your case, even take a chance or two. Unless you are desperately single, I would avoid an easy, casual sexual prospect. However, Thursday night offers “the best there is” in love and partnership zones — plunge in!

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

This might get a bit boring, because I’m going to give you the same advice again. Now through the next 13 months, but especially this Dec. and Dec. 2021, you need to be sceptical of surface appearances, especially in monetary and sexual zones. Dig deep, find the treasure, the good investment or the right debt reduction program. In sex, pregnancy, deep soul exploration and a “crucial bond” lead to sunny skies.

Casual or throw-away sex, and focusing solely on income, buying/selling and chasing money sources, lead to dullness, temptation, maybe boredom. In these areas, for the two weeks ahead, accept $ that come naturally; don’t chase them. You’re still in a hard-working phase to Jan. 7. Your physical charms shine. Your words have weight.

You might be ambitious Sunday morning, but social happiness, optimism, popularity and general joy encompass you Sun. pm to late afternoon Tues. (PST). Sunday and Tuesday are splendid — get out, meet people, speak of your dreams and hopes — flirt with someone who shows interest. But be circumspect Monday, when many egos are “sensitive.”

Withdraw to solitude, rest and contemplation Tues. suppertime to Thurs. supper time. This interval is packed with obstacles, so don’t try to outwit a civil servant, nor interfere with management decisions, etc. A good interval to plan solutions and defences, but not really to plan expansive projects.

Your energy, magnetism and timing return to nice heights Thursday supper time to Saturday supper time. Thurs. night, you can solve a work problem, or find a labour saving device, or simply get a lot of work done. Friday brings love — romance for singles. Saturday is much the same, perhaps a little milder.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Your energy, persuasiveness and charm, leadership and optimism remain at an annual high, Sage. Use this extra clout to attract allies and to make yourself valuable to groups of people, to examine relocation prospects, and to engage in public dealings, negotiations and contracts. Few of these will “occur” to you to do, yet they lead you into a calm, wise place. (A Gemini — or Virgo, less so — might help you find the right “path.”) Merely throwing your weight around, or being too independent, will likely lead to disappointment.

Your private, interior life, your spiritual side as well as your contacts with management or government, are blessed with mild affection and good fortune. A significant romance has further to run, and you should see the most action here between now and early January. It looks good.

Sunday morning is mellow, thoughtful and loving. But your ambition gets cranked up Sun. noon to late afternoon Tuesday. Sunday and Tuesday are fabulous: get out and push for results, seek the attention of higher ups are VIPs and do anything to increase your social or worldly standing/reputation. But Monday can actually work against you, so step carefully this day.

Hopes and wishes, optimism, popularity, flirtations and other social delights visit you Tues. suppertime to Thurs. suppertime. Enjoy the mood, because you’ll be naturally, bubbly happy. But realize almost nothing practical will come to a successful end. Time for pure playing? Why not?

Withdraw from the crowd Thursday eve through Saturday eve. Rest, ponder and plan, contact civil servants and admin workers, meditate, be spiritual and charitable. This is a lovely interval, packed with good luck, esp. in management areas. Although your energy and charisma are a bit low Thurs. night, a major and pleasing romantic, creative, inventive, gambling or sports/games event might occur. Much more comes to those who seek than to those who wait.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Continue to lie low, to contemplate and plan, to deal with institutions, government agencies and head office, and to seek advice, spiritual, emotional and practical. But don’t sink too deeply into this zone, this month and the 13 to come.  Safety lies in a similar but opposite direction: hands-on work.

Your home continues to be significant and intense. You might be making major decisions about your family, your home or where you live, or you might be engaged in important renovations. Real estate figures prominently, all December. Despite your seclusion, friends visit, communicate, in affectionate ways.

Sunday morning is mysterious and might contain a secret. Or, you just may be feeling sluggish. Sunday noon to late afternoon Tuesday brings a mellow, wise and understanding mood. Monday’s not very fortunate (obstacles, deception) but Sun. and Tues. definitely are — you can safely and profitably plunge into far travel, international affairs, higher education, publishing, intellectual and cultural pursuits, law, love, and religion, insurance and statistics.

Midweek (Tues. afternoon to Thurs. suppertime) fires up your ambition and at the same time nudges higher ups to rate your performance. This is not an easy interval for most people, but for you it could actually bring advancement. Avoid erroneous or deceptive statements or impressions Wednesday.

Happiness and hopes, life’s joys and popularity, flirtations and social delights flow into your life Thurs. eve to Sat. supper time. This is a fortunate interval, with hardly a cloud in the astrological sky. Join and persuade groups of people. Thursday night you can solve a real estate or family problem with a single stroke at the right time and right place. Just act intuitively. Friends show their loving side, Fri./Sat.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Two more weeks of “easy happiness,” Aquarius. But don’t be too social, too optimistic nor too future-oriented. The weeks ahead emphasize these, but the 13 months ahead advise going lightly. Until January ’22, you will fare better if you chase deep, one-on-one romance and heart-blossoming, rather than playing the field or over-socializing. Your best gifts come in private now.

The last few months’ flurry of calls and communications continues until early January. Bosses and judges continue to favour you until mid-December. By the second half of Dec. you enter a year of great luck, optimism and confidence — the best in 12 years!

Sunday morning highlights relationships and opportunities… though not much might go on. Sunday noon to late Tues. afternoon brings deep stuff: sexual lures, high finance, debts and investment, mysteries and research, perhaps medical problems/solutions and lifestyle changes or decisions. Act Sunday or Tuesday — Monday takes delight in opposing you.

A strong mental, philosophical, loving and wide-picture mood steals over you late Tues. afternoon to Thurs. suppertime. This is not a fortunate interval, so proceed slowly. You might not want to express your opinions right now, as they will be fought, maybe derided.

Ambition enters Thurs. suppertime to Sat. supper time. Career, prestige relationships, and your worldly status are all in focus. This is a fortunate couple of days, so charge ahead with your ambitions. You might start a trip or contact someone important Thursday night — this should turn out well.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The emphasis remains on your ambitions, your career standing, prestige relationships and your worldly reputation. A partner or co-worker (or family member) seems to be involved. Though this area is strong in December, you might fare better if you act lightly, and pay some attention to your security, home and family. One of the best ways to get ahead is to act humbly. Whatever you do, for the next 13 months don’t yield to the temptation to cut corners or tell little white lies in your career zone.

If you still have a wish you want to accomplish, act this week and next before circumstances change. You are mildly favoured until mid Dec. in intellectual, love, travel and cultural areas. Incoming money continues until early January. Try to stop spending, be a little disciplined about Christmas presents, etc.

Sunday morning (PST) is for work. Eat a good solid breakfast and lunch. This afternoon till late afternoon Tues. brings fresh horizons, opportunities and relationships. Monday is terrible, but Sunday and Tuesday treat you benevolently. You could find love, love of an important kind, or you could seize an opportunity or make a partnership. However, a bit of conflict hides within this good fortune. It could even be major conflict, but it shows you what you have to work on together.

Dig deep for treasure Tuesday supper time to late supper time Thursday. Reject surface appearances. Lust, large finances and critical life decisions confront you during this interval. My advice: be very cautious about commitments and consequences. If you’re unsure of what to do in this mid week period, do nothing.

A sweet, mellow and understanding mood steals over you Thurs. evening through Sat. late supper time. Far travel, legal matters, intellectual pursuits, fame, insurance, and gentle love all favour you during this interval. You can make a quick, decisive and successful bid for more money or a coveted possession Thursday night. Friday and Saturday are all about your intellect and your love. If you have been in a love affair for a long time, and want to discuss marriage, bring up the subject from 2 to 4 pm (PST) Saturday. (Earlier better.)



(THE LAST political stuff!)

Michelle Obama has twice now appeared on national tv to call everyone who supported Trump liars and lowlifes. Michelle, of course, is carrying the standard of Democratic, left-wing decency, family values, and uprightness. It must really bother Ms. Obama, then, that her daughter Malia has been arrested twice since Obama left office. One was, it appears, a cruelty thing with a weapon; the other for snorting cocaine at school.

If she couldn’t even point her children in the right direction, what is she doing lecturing us? Oh, this is a complex lady. But there is something harder to describe than it’s worth in her eyes, under the patina of enthusiastic goodness and preacherly, helpful condescension. I don’t know whether she will ever admit it, but Michelle will look back on these appearances and wish she had never done them. Should she remain proud of them into old age, you will see a very rigid woman.
***   ***

I see that CNN has picked up on Alan Dershowitz’s idea that Trump can win, not by getting 270 electoral votes, but by denying 270 votes to Biden. If this occurs (by Republican state legislators fighting back against the Democratic voting frauds, and refusing to certify their state’s results) then the U.S. Constitution says the election will be held by the States voting. Each state gets one vote. As there are 2 more Republican states than Democratic states, Trump would be elected to a second term. This actually looks possible, if Trump’s and other’s lawsuits (there are actually hundreds of suits) prevail in 3 or more states. (I think there are 6 contested states.)

Biden holds 306 electoral votes, so 37 votes deleted from his present total would defeat him. Pennsylvania holds 20 votes, Arizona has 11 votes; Wisconsin has 10; Michigan has 16, Nevada has 6.
***   ***

Trump recently said the FBI and DOJ are “missing in action” during this many-armed legal fight against the recent presidential election process. Trump, wake up! The FBI hates you, co-operated with efforts to impeach you, helped scapegoat you for 4 years, harassed your helpers and hid evidence that could have sprung you from a Democratic trap — and the FBI controls the DOJ, as Bill Barr has unwittingly revealed. (Remember my item on his rapid blinking?) These agencies aren’t “missing in action”; they’re acting against you. Wake up, Donald! See your enemies!
***   ***

I have so many times realized that you can’t predict accurately when you’re arrogant, even overly-confident. But I keep falling into that self-satisfying trap. Humans are weak, and few more than I.


2 thoughts on “~WEEKLY FORECAST ~ DECEMBER 6 – 12, 2020

  1. Makron

    Hi Tim,
    Your predictions regarding work and love have been spot on, especially since 13-Sep till now. My life has proceeded exactly by the script you’ve written :-).
    I’m an Aries guy whose romantic possibilities with a Cancer girl were building up very strongly in 2019.
    True to your 13-Sep weekly forecast for Aries, she appeared out of nowhere on 14-Sep and she was super eager to reconnect with me (after a 6 month lockdown).
    But I was so erratic, I was sulking about her not reaching out online during the lockdown so I did not reciprocate.
    True to your weekly forecasts for Cancer, it was the starting point of major changes in her career! After my “snub”, she soon got entangled in disagreements with bosses and managed to sign a big contract with another firm. And now she’s gone!! And she has also closed the door on me for good!
    14-Sep brought an amazing reconnecting opportunity but my erratic mood turned it into a nightmare that continued through Oct, Nov and….well…now she’s gone.
    I guess no one would bet on this, but what do you think? In 2021, is there any chance of her coming back to me?

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Macron,

      Your “adventures” show why Aries and Cancer have such a hard time together. I don’t know anything but your sun sign, but I’d say you should avoid Cancer and Capricorn, and all earth and water signs generally (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces and Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn). Libra is your marriage sign, Leo and Sagit. your love signs, and Gemini/Aquarius your “happy friend” signs.– You’ll connect with one of these in 2021.

      Cheers, Tim

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