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THIS WEEK’S FORECASTS WILL BE shorter than usual, because I’m writing a new, different “Year Ahead” for 2020 — this will give forecasts about ten times longer than your weekly message.

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START NOTHING:   5:12 pm Mon. to 8:47 am Tues., 9:12 pm Wed. to 3:23 pm Thurs., and 7:57 am to 7:56 pm Sat.

aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The emphasis this month lies on love, far travel, higher education, publishing, culture and wisdom. This is an easy week, with few obstacles.

Chase money Sun./Mon., Aries. Buy/sell, schmooze with clients, pay bills, etc. All goes well, and you end satisfied. Casual contacts, errands, paperwork and communications fill Tuesday to early afternoon Thursday (PST). Be cautious Wed. daytime, when your thinking can be fuzzy, or others deceptive. You might “gush” with love. Thursday afternoon to Sat. night nudges you toward home and family. Everything here flows beautifully Thurs./Fri., so charge ahead. Your hunches, your intuition, are spot on. Excellent time to deal with water issues, including plumbing. But back away a wee bit late Fri. night, pre-dawn Sat., when you face a home-vs.-ambition choice. (Choose home for now — indeed, until May 2020.)

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

December’s main focus continues, on mysteries, research, tempting lust, financial actions, lifestyle changes and medical procedures. It’s a good, easy week with no dramatic pitfalls.

Your charisma and energy soar Sunday/Monday. You’ll attract others, so lead them to get things done, even to launch a significant venture. Success hovers around you, esp. success in relationships Monday. (Seize any opportunities this day.) Money and possessions occupy you Tues. to mid-afternoon Thurs. Be careful — a full Moon might tempt you to overspend, or to throw too much into an investment, esp. Wed. (When your optimism is not justified.) You might chase sex with a somewhat casual friend, but I’m not putting money on you.

Dive into communications, errands, paperwork and travel Thurs. afternoon to Sat. night. Splendid progress — until late Fri. night and pre-dawn Sat., when legal or other obstacles stand as solid as stone. Earlier (Thurs./Fri.) a wish can come true, your popularity nudges up, and relationships bless you — great time to work out a misunderstanding or problem with someone you love/like (or need for business). Careful late Sat. night. (Odd combo of stress, accident potential and good luck.)

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Relationships fill this month, Gemini — for good or ill. Be co-operative, diplomatic, and eager to join. You might be rebuffed (if so, examine your approach) or embraced. Overall, this is a fine week.

Lie low, rest and ponder Sun./Mon. Contact civil servants, agents, advisors, spiritual and charity organizations. Make plans. Investments or financial manipulations good, too. Your energy and charm soar Tues. to Thurs. afternoon. Rather than use this to lead, use it to persuade others to let you join their band. Be ambitious Wed. — you might earn a raise, or show bosses how valuable you are. Pursue $ Thurs. afternoon to Sat. night. Again, “promote yourself.” A pay raise (or equity — not as good) is connected to your ambitious efforts. “Destiny” might affect your work. Careful Sat. — don’t invest, risk nothing, sign nothing.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Two more weeks of work, Cancer, then your skies lighten and fresh horizons will come. But first, the work. Dive into chores during this smooth, productive week. Romance and “feeling for others” wind like a ribbon through this week.

A wish could come true Sun./Mon. Social joys, popularity, friendly romance, optimism and blue skies lift your heart into joyous territory. Make new friends, flirt, discuss future goals/hopes. But withdraw into quietude Tues. morn to mid-afternoon Thurs. Rest, ponder and plan, be charitable (or seek it, if you’re broke). Deal with head office or the gov’t. Take off the rose-coloured glasses Wed. — be realistic (yet compassionate). Your energy and charisma surge upward Thurs. afternoon to Sat. night. A love dream could become reality Thurs./Fri. — dive in, take out all the stops! Great time to launch almost any project or venture (esp. work-related ones). But rear back, be quietly independent late Fri. night to Sat. dawn — opposition does exist, but why engage it?

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Ah, sweet romance! This week is an easy one, and next week’s even better. Focus your energies on love’s conquest, creative and risk-taking urges, beauty and pleasure, and self-expression. You belong in these, they’re how you live.

Be pro-actively ambitious Sun./Mon., Leo. Good luck rides with you both days — higher-ups are impressed! Arise early for best results. Wishes might come true midweek, but obstacles exist. (A wish that does come true is likely a large, climactic one.) Your mood’s good, but events are merely “okay.” DON’T invest Wed. (nor push too hard for sex). Retreat, seek solitude Thurs. afternoon to Sat. night. Thursday/Friday are splendid, bring success in warehousing, administration, management/delegation, closed-door discussions, relations with the gov’t or institutions, with agents and advisors. (Both days excellent for visiting a psychic or other advisor.) But be careful late Fri. night to Sat. dawn — strong opposition if you push matters.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

It’s an easy, smooth week, Virgo. Home and domesticity are your main focus. Hug the family, push for family outings. Repair, decorate, landscape, grow the kids, etc. (Do as much as you can for property and family before May 2020, when 18 months of potential difficulty begin in this zone.)

Wisdom, a mellow understanding, compassion and gentle love float over you Sun./Mon. This interval is packed with good fortune. Make a start on far travel, higher learning, cultural venues, beliefs/religion, and/or legal matters. (If you propose to someone Sun./Mon., they’ll likely say yes. Be realistic — proposing to Taylor Swift or Johnny Depp probably won’t succeed. A Taurus is “ready!”) Be ambitious midweek — strut your stuff to the bosses, etc. But work independently — others (spouse, partner, associate) won’t co-operate, esp. Wed. This day highlights a conflict between home and career. Pick career for now.

Thursday afternoon to Saturday night tweaks your celebration gene — wit, laughter, good friends/family, optimism, flirtations, entertainment — these fill these days. If single, you could meet a life-mate, or find an intimate embrace. Love not only flows sweetly, it also can trigger “destiny.” But take care late Fri. night to Sat. dawn — friends might argue, or you might face a choice between love and co-operation: the two don’t mix!

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

It’s an easy, relatively smooth week, Libra. Be busy, tackle errands, mailing, communications, visits, paperwork, filing — all those swift, short chores. Be curious, ask questions. A friendly romance might occur.

Sunday/Monday are potentially life-changing. Finances, sexual desires, lifestyle changes, research, secrets — the deep side of relationships — fill both days, fortunately. Act, commit — results will please. Midweek brings wisdom, gentle love, wide understanding, international affairs, higher learning, beliefs, and cultural rituals. You might fall madly in love (say, 20% of you). A Gemini might be involved. Tuesday’s fine, but Wed. afternoon holds a bit of confusion or deception, or merely an upset digestion that prevents a desired meeting/outcome. Still, it’s this night when you might gush with emotions and moonlight.

Be ambitious Thurs. afternoon to Sat. night. Not because bosses are watching, but because circumstances are lined up to boost your pay or your status — but you have to ring the bell, be proactive. For some, Thurs./Fri. bring the future in the form of love/ partnership. Be wary late Fri. night to Sat. dawn — stay away from being “overly domestic”, or chasing security — bide your time.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

An easy week in a relatively easy month, Scorpio. Pursue money — buy/sell, cultivate clients, flatter the boss, hold or attend garage sales, etc. (A major opportunity or agreement might come in this area late this week or very early next. If you know what it is, start preparing.

Sunday/Monday are for relationships, fresh horizons, negotiations, opportunities. (Yes, enemies can exist here, too, but the aspects are so fortunate that 99% of interactions will be positive.) Approach people, seek to join. If a new partnership begins, it will be a blessed one. Midweek stirs the depths of your life — deep desires, subconscious urges, intuition, lust (for sex, power or financial gain), mysteries and secrets. Go through this period semi-cautiously; do not chase romance, nor gamble. You could make a big commitment — think first. A mellow, wise and loving mood steals over you Thurs. afternoon to Sat. night. Thursday/Friday are splendid: chase far travel, import/export, law, love, higher learning, publishing and insurance. Love, attraction could have a “destined” feel. Careful late Fri. to dawn Sat. — discussions could try to pull you in two directions. Default to “big ideas” — leave the small stuff to others.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Not only is this an easy, productive week, but you’re the central driving figure, the leader, the star! Good time to lead, to start significant projects, to demand attention.

Tackle chores and guard your health Sun./Mon., Sage. You’ll accomplish even more than you thought. A fortunate two days for buying machinery/tools (Mon. best) or. to hire others or seek employment. Your money looks great! Midweek brings you face-to-face with others (perhaps a Gemini). Now the going is not so smooth, esp. Wed. afternoon, when home, kids, security fears run counter to obtaining an agreement, co-operation. If single, you might spark — or rush into — an “expanded bond.” Grab opportunities late Wed. Thursday afternoon to Saturday night brings life’s depths, mysteries, research, financial actions, sexual desire, medical procedures, lifestyle changes, and commitment and consequence. Do commit — consequences will please! But slow down late Friday night to dawn Saturday: don’t step into an earnings (or buying) project.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Rest, lie low, contemplate and plan this week and next, Cap. You need a breather (and maybe a more cheery outlook). Deal with civil servants and admin. workers, institutions, agents and advisors. An easy, calm week

Romance calls Sun./Mon. (So do creative, risk-taking, pleasurable and adventurous pursuits.) Everything’s fortunate, so chase your love, express yourself. You’ll win! Tackle chores midweek. Pamper your health; eat and drink sensibly. Be careful midday Wed., when communications or information could be wrong. Check before acting. A job or chore might come to a climax, a new level. Relationships, opportunities, fresh horizons, relocation, negotiation and agreements sail toward you Thurs. afternoon to Saturday night. Seize what you can here, as your luck is high. A friendly romance might begin, and become more serious. Communications, friends bring you happiness. Someone might view you as their destined love. But don’t dig into your own position late Friday night to Saturday dawn. The best path (at least to May 2020) is to go to the other, rather than being independent.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

This is an easy week, Aquarius, and it comes in the midst of a wishes-come-true, popular, optimistic, social month. You’ll be happy — especially midweek. If you’re single, flirt, play — and join a new group or two.

Home and family draw you Sun./Mon. Start big things here — landscaping, decorations, repairs, children’s affairs. Have a garden or dinner party. Midweek’s romantic, and supports self-expression, creative and speculative urges, beauty and pleasure. You could fall madly in love. Careful Wed. midday — you could make a money mistake, or be rebuffed if you try for “casual sex” with someone you don’t really love. Work and health need attention Thurs. afternoon to Sat. night. You’ll succeed mightily Thurs./Fri., will impress higher-ups, might earn a pay raise. It’s an excellent time to buy machinery. But slow to “caution speed” late Friday night to Saturday dawn. Tackle chores yourself, hands-on — don’t delegate, nor contact the gov’t.

PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Ambition should be your focus during this easy, productive week, Pisces. But take some time for fun and friends, as your social side is buoyed by the cosmos. Love could start.

Errands, paperwork, trips/visits, communications and media — these fill Sun./Mon. in fortunate ways. Get out and do things, make new contacts. A “sober” wish could come true (Tues. also). Midweek draws you toward home, children, security. Mother Nature, gardening, nutrition reward any efforts you expend. Something comes to a head — ? (Your heart might break over a child.) Passion fills Thurs. afternoon to Sat. night. Thursday/Friday are superb, lucky — romance, creative and speculative ventures, beauty and pleasure shine with good results. A legal, intellectual, school, travel or wedding action is well-starred. Love might be “destined.” But step back a bit late Fri. night to Sat. dawn — the relationships available in this small period are “punk” — i.e., have a hollow core, so growth is limited, even denied. Remain independent — at least until next Sunday (Dec. 15).


A new post in Politics this week:

POLITICS                    MY SHORT STORIES


AMAZON is running an ad seeking new workers. One of them (obviously an actor) claims he was given benefits — dental, medical, etc. — “right out of the gate. The first day!” My step-daughter started working at Amazon two weeks ago. She was told she won’t get benefits for 6 months — and then only if she is hired as “permanent.” She works 10 hours, 4 days a week — full time. So why is Amazon lying? (Or was that a U.S. ad? And Amazon treats Canadian workers like third-world denizens?)
***   ***

Mankind’s main duty, after eating and procreating, is social. It is almost a sacred* task. (*By “sacred” I mean any metaphysical view.) We have a long way to go — and that’s encouraging, for we are quite comfortably social now, other than in wars. The further off our goal and/or our attainment are, the more blessed our itinerary. Just think: between World War I and today, a mere 100 years, we have advanced from the widespread use of gas in wars to a relative non-use. From no social safety net for indigents other than soup kitchens, to widespread welfare programs. From lobotomies for troublesome daughters to a society hyper-aware of children’s rights. From a war anywhere at the drop of a hat to relative stability world-wide; instead of wars, we now have policing actions. World-wide, tolerance is a fresh new force — unfortunately, so are intolerance and violence. I don’t think it’s an even equation, as the tolerance flows like a broad stream through the world’s people, while the intolerant and violent are very small in number. Like a small crick they will have force and spray as long as they plunge down a rocky crevice, but little sway in the flats.

Overall, there has been a tremendous leap in social sophistication world-wide in the last century. So at this pace, if we are to develop as swiftly as we have, and our goal-line is, say, 100 million years away, what will we become? Even in 1,000 years, what will we become? (Here I can help you, already have in some predictions. More maybe later.)

At present, I think we are in the process of realizing that humankind cannot pass a certain boundary, a boundary best framed as: how can we radiate love to the universe if we don’t first love every member of ourselves?