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ALL SIGNS: Sorry, this week’s column will be a bit short again. I’m still writing the 2020 Year Ahead — tho’ almost finished. (It’s about ten pages for each sign, so a long effort.)

This “Year Ahead – 2020” won’t be like my usual 200 words for each sign. It contains 2,000+ words (about 9 – 10 pages) for each sign, outlining influences in 7 categories: General, Love, Luck, Home/Family, Career/Employment/Business, Finances, and Health. I’ve finished writing it (except Health) but it has to be formatted and put in a booklet form, and I will probably charge for it, something small, but don’t know how much yet. More later…

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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Your mellow, wise mood continues — for one last week. You can still pursue far travel, legal affairs, media and learning, and cultural or religious goals.

Sunday’s beautifully romantic, so’s Monday. But be cautious late Sunday, and in the wee hours of Monday, when friction is likely, especially at home or with your children/family. Tackle chores Tues./Wed. Other than possible misunderstood directions or mechanical glitches Tues. pm, this interval goes well. If you want to buy (or repair) machinery, do it Wed., not Tues.

Relationships arise Thurs./Fri. — but not in a way that will please you. Thursday’s deceptive; Friday’s dejecting. (If you really need to reach an agreement, approach the other person after 4 pm Fri. to 3 am Sat. (PST). Saturday’s strange and mysterious — a pretty smooth day, but not one to commit to anything, including an investment. In the weeks ahead, friends will treat you with unexpected affection.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Your intimate desires, and attraction to power and big money, remain potent this week, but Saturday eve stops most of this (it still “hangs on” to late month if a Virgo or Gemini is involved). Late Saturday, a month of tolerance, love, profound ideas and far travel begins.

Sunday/Monday highlight your domestic situation — and could bring a brand new love your way. Avoid friction late Sun., early (3 am PST) Mon. Romantic feelings drift in Tues./Wed. — good luck and obstacles mingle. Deal with potential deception. Tackle chores Thurs./Fri., cautiously. Read instructions twice. Water or plumbing can be an issue Thurs., and your ethics might be challenged Fri. Eat, dress sensibly, and go at work in a plodding, careful way. Relationships and opportunities, fresh horizons and possible opposition arrive Saturday. An exciting meeting might occur — but if you’re looking for love, wait until next Sunday (Dec. 22). A sudden, unexpected promotion or other encouraging career development possible.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

This is your last week (for awhile) of relationships, new horizons and opportunities, of acceptance or rejection. Saturday night starts a month of mystery, investigation, sexual desire, big finances, medical concerns and lifestyle changes. You might hear news or spy an opening involving these things Sunday.

Sunday/Monday brings calls and contacts, short trips, errands and paperwork. Both days are successful, even “bracing,” like an invigorating gust of wind. But avoid an accident/argument late Sun. night, pre-dawn Mon. Head for home, at least in your heart, Tues./Wed. A good, productive interval, but watch information or relationship understanding Tues. pm. Thursday/Friday highlight romance — but, alas, the cosmos doesn’t seem interested. Deception or unexplained break-offs permeate Thurs. and intimacy is rejected Fri. Best time: late Fri. night (PST). Saturday’s for work, routine, minor health fixes. All goes fairly well, but stress can sing its vibrating song.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

This is your last week of drudgery, Cancer. Of work, boredom, health issues. Good news: Saturday night begins a month of relationships, new horizons, fresh opportunities, maybe relocation — and  of possible enmity or opposition. This, in turn, will open a whole year of grand luck in these relationship spheres. But for now, keep that nose to the grindstone.

Pursue money opportunities, buy/sell, and cultivate new clients or ask for a pay raise Sun./Mon. A career “disagreement” could occur near the midnight separating the two days. Errands, calls, texts, mail, paperwork and curiosity fill Tues./Wed. These could hit minor, frustrating glitches Tues., then run pretty smoothly Wed. Ask questions Wed.

Home calls Thurs./Fri. Hug the kids, putter around, but avoid starting major projects such as a renovation. Don’t buy furniture. Saturday’s for love, creative surges and speculation urges. Chase pleasure or beauty. This is a somewhat jumbled day,  but it could bring an exciting meeting with a person who’s very attractive, yet will turn out to be hard to handle, maybe hard to please.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

This is your last week of deep romance, Leo. (But don’t worry, for Thursday starts a month of loving interplay — mostly conversation — with a spouse or other.) Week’s end will start a month of work and service. (But also a month of sweet interactions with others.)

You’re the star Sun./Mon., Leo. Start things, esp. creative, sports or taking-a-risk things. Chase romance — you’ll find it! But avoid locking horns/friction very late Sun., very early (pre-dawn) Mon. Chase $ Tues./Wed. — buy/sell, cultivate clients, butter up the boss, etc. You might get directions wrong or misinterpret a loved one’s meaning, Tues. pm. Otherwise, a strong, fruitful interval. If buying machinery, etc., do it Wed., not Tues.

Errands, visits, short trips, communications and paperwork fill Thurs./Fri., but you won’t be overjoyed by results. Thursday’s deceptive, or confuses you about sex. Friday’s a dilemma: if you yield to restlessness, work will suffer. If you yield to work, your mood will suffer. Ah, well. Saturday flows fairly easily — spend it at home, with family, or in the ‘hood. A surprise meeting might occur late day — it might be thrilling, but, if it involves attraction, it isn’t to be relied upon. If it involves career/status, it could propel you upward or other-ward — but not downward!

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

This is your last week of being held down to “home ground,” Virgo. Use it to get as much rest and emotional security as possible. Week’s end will start a month of romance, beauty and pleasure — at last! (In fact, this month will be a doorway to a year of some of the best love chances you’ve had in many years. The better ones will come after April 2020 — my “Year Ahead” booklet will show why.)

Lie low, rest, be silent and watch, ponder and plan Sun./Mon. Contact civil servants or admin workers. But DO NOT invest (nor push for sex) Sun. pm to 3 am Mon. (PST — so to noon Mon. in Europe, 7 pm in China). Your energy and charisma surge Tues./Wed. Start semi-significant projects (semi, because things are generally winding down this week). Lead, impress others, get out and about. You might have to handle some complaints or little snags Tues., but Wed. offers partnership, romance (of a sober kind).

Handle money carefully Thurs./Fri. Don’t believe rumours, gossip. Buy nothing, sign nothing. Stay far away from a friendly, sexy person (if it applies). Saturday’s for errands, trips, communications, paperwork. Progress is spotty, but no disasters. A sudden meeting, break-off, attraction, legal matter, or work/health surprise possible late.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

This is the last week of a restless, communication-filled month, Libra. Week’s end will start a month of domesticity. (Late week also starts a few weeks of romantic success.)

Wishes can come true Sun./Mon. Popularity, social delights, entertainment and optimism buoy you — and could bring a love prospect. (But not a marriage prospect Sunday to 3 am Monday, PST.) You might face several extra-marital sexual temptations in the year ahead — Sunday might bring the first one. Retreat, lie low, find quietude, rest, contemplate and plan Tues./Wed. Minor misunderstandings Tues. pm. (E.g., if you’re a student, don’t start an essay before Wed. dawn.) Wednesday’s good, productive.

Your energy and charisma surge upward Thurs./Fri. — get out, make contacts, start important projects — or better, use your energy to work on solutions at home or in real estate, food industries or garden. Be alert Thurs. — rumours, deception (or water problems) can throw you off. Saturday’s for $ — spending, collecting — and casual sex with a semi-boring person. A sudden yet exhilarating break-off could occur, or a “choice” between sex and romance. (Romance wins, tho’ the sexual bond would last longer.)

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

This is your last week of chasing the almighty $, Scorpio. Get what you can. Casual sex might lure (and land) you. Week’s end starts a month of errands, wanderlust, curiosity, communications and paperwork — and this is just the beginning of a whole year of the same, in big ways. Plan to revise your office systems or buy a car or deluxe phone this year ahead (AFTER May 5, 2020 — I’ll discuss this in my Year Ahead booklet).

Sunday/Monday are for career, worldly status and dealings with higher-ups. The outlook is splendid, so charge ahead — but take care late Sun. to about 3 am Mon. (to 11 am in Europe, 7 pm in Asia) — your assertiveness could cause friction. Tuesday/Wednesday are wishes-come-true time, bring social delights, popularity, entertainment and flirtation. You’re happy, hopeful! But take care late Tues. — don’t push too hard for intimacy.

Withdraw from the bustling crowd Thurs./Fri. — you’re tired, and almost nothing will succeed. So rest, ponder and (Fri. only) make plans. Romance or a sexual “partnership” gives you pause Thurs. — puzzling! Saturday’s your day — your energy surges, your charisma draws other’s eyes. Your spouse and your home — the first surprises, the second pleases.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

You’re nearing the end of your “power month,” Sage. Use this week to launch any projects in the works, to make a last, telling impression, to gather allies, or, simply, to get your way. Week’s end begins a year of great money/earnings luck — but wait until May 5 onward to leap, as you might subtly undercut yourself before then. (Read my “Year Ahead” booklet for more on this.)

A wise, mellow mood, travel, possible love, maybe great love (Mon. better) intellectual pursuits — these arrive Sun./Mon. Be careful Sun. late into pre-dawn Mon., when friction, maybe a “romantic argument” are possible. Travel for work, or a work-money inspiration possible. Be ambitious Tues./Wed. — you’ll make an impression on the bosses. Events are bad but your mood is happy Thurs./Fri. Optimism, popularity, social joys arrive, but Thurs. you might think, “I just want to be home,” or someone tries to deceive. Money needs careful handling Fri. Still, you smile! Withdraw Saturday — find quietude, rest and ponder (but don’t plan, as “sweet disruptions” lie in the near future, could change plans).

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

This is your last week of weariness, of burdens and restrictions, Cap. Late week begins a month that features you, your talents and goals. Your luck will “explode” in 2020, and the week ahead will open the door to those fields of fortune.

Sunday/Monday steers you into mysteries, research, and lifestyle, medical, financial and sexual “hidden forces.” There are profit and/or revelations here, but be wary late Sun. night, pre-dawn Mon. when friction can arise over your goals. Tuesday/Wednesday draw you toward knowledge, learning, a wide view, tolerance and mellow wisdom — and love. Be cautious Tues. pm, when misunderstandings, wrong addresses or stray words could cause little glitches.

Life offers opportunities to rise in career or status Thurs./Fri. Thursday’s openings, though, could be deceptive, or you could have unreasonable fears. Rumour and gossip broadcast falsehoods. Not a good day to contact the gov’t. Saturday brings social delights, popularity, optimism and wish fulfillment. The planetary aspects show disruption, but you’ll see the best side of everything. (Including a sudden romantic or $ surprise — could be good.)

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

This is your last week of heightened popularity, social joys, optimism and wish-fulfillment, Aquarius. Enjoy while you can. Late week begins a month of quietude, weariness and rest, contemplation and planning. This actually starts a year (2020) of good luck involving civil servants, agents, advisors, charities, spirituality, warehousing, institutions. (This luck will be unreliable until May/20 — I show why in my Year Ahead booklet — not available yet.)

One of those wishes might manifest Sun./Mon., when relationships and opportunities shine. If you’re single, you could meet someone very interesting. (In this, Monday’s better than Sunday.) Be careful very late Sun. to 3 am (PST) Mon., when arguments could arise. The police won’t have a sense of humour. Life’s hidden forces emerge Tues./Wed., promoting investments, research, intuition, medical procedures, lifestyle changes, and physical intimacy. Wednesday’s better — Tuesday pm holds a couple of glitches affecting love or creative projects, and indecision about $ or possessions.

Thursday/Friday nudge you into intellectual, learning, travel, legal, publishing and cultural pursuits. Unfortunately, both days are dicey. Thursday, money and hopes, money and friends, money and romance “fight” each other. The day is generally confused, dreamy, deceptive. Friday daytime, hidden factors (e.g., your secrets) obstruct romance. Don’t gamble! Be ambitious Saturday — luck is mixed, so watch for “the opportunities of crisis.” You’re gracious, affectionate, and your family acts in a zany, quirky way— you’ll be surprised, and perhaps delighted.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

This week is the last in a hard-working, weighty, ambitious and pressurized month. Keep it up. Week’s end (Saturday) starts a month of socializing, popularity, light romance, wish fulfillment and general joy. But it also opens the door to a whole year of the same — you’re about to be happy! (Your love situation is very different before May 2020, and after April/20. I’ll explain in my “Year Ahead” booklet.)

Dive into chores Sun./Mon. Success accompanies you; so does a surprising inspiration and friendly help. But grow wary Sun. night to 3 am Mon. (PST) when friction might arise. Relationships and opportunities confront you Tues./Wed. You might argue with spouse or your “date” Tuesday pm — this night into Wednesday could bring an embrace, or a brief “no thanks.”

Life’s secret forces, finances, investigations, lifestyle options, medical procedures and sexual desires — these emerge Thurs./Fri. — but not with any good luck. On Thursday, your ambitions might conflict with your “true self” — which leads to confusion, indecision, perhaps self-deception. You might have to battle obstacles in the way of your wishes/popularity Fri. Two days in which to sit back and watch, rather than engage. Commit to nothing, sign nothing. Saturday’s mellow, wise, loving — travel, intellectual pursuits, cultural venues and insurance are mildly favoured. A surprise might come in the form of gossip or news — a cheerful surprise.



Many great artists and writers struggle against massive odds or disabilities. It’s as if God declared: if you are going to create, and advance mankind’s knowledge and consciousness, I am going to punish you. (With poverty, misunderstanding, alienation, denial of domestic bliss, physical disability, etc.) In a sense, every artist is a Job, suffering God’s diseases, boils and cankers. Why does God (karma, cosmos, nature, whatever) punish innovators? (Except in business.) Is creativity an insult to the universe? An unforgivable arrogance, trying to copy God’s role as the Original Creator? That seems petty to me — a jealous, envious God, worried about human competition. It makes no sense. Then, why?

One possible answer is that I have the sequence wrong. Human “creators” are probably mis-formed at birth, so that the same “disabilities” that cause later problems in life, are also the source of creativity. I.e., such people not only think “outside the box” (their creativity) but were born outside the box — maverick DNA?

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