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NOTE: in the Forecasts every week, I will not be inserting (“stay 6 feet apart”) every time I mention romance or intimacy or “garden party.” But you can insert it for yourself.

START NOTHING:   8:54 am to 10:34 am Mon., 8:21 pm to 10:19 pm Wed., and 2:14 pm Fri. to 7:24 am Sat. (All times are Pacific Daylight — 8 hours earlier than Britain.)


All Signs: Mercury turns “direct” 1:26 am Sunday, July 12, so we can all begin to march forward, to launch projects, to woo someone — confidently.


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

All systems go, Aries — almost. Career, ambition areas remain in delay-mode. This zone will resume forward motion about mid-September; meantime, maintain the status-quo, keep your hand in where new or intriguing projects/positions exist. Your ambitions will set up a climax this autumn — be ready to charge, fight, and win! Communications remain gracious, fruitful to Aug. 7. (And could help you mollify a mate, persuade a lover, or hold great negotiations.) You can charge ahead with domestic, security, sales territory and other basic matters. Your courage is double, now to next January.

Your energy and charisma help you attract attention and co-operation Sunday to mid-morn (PDT) Mon. You start with great inspiration Sun. morning, but you soon  a) run into obstacles, or b) see/encounter opportunities. Both a) and b) are identical, or almost. Seek $, buy/sell, send invoices and pay ‘em late morning Mon. to early night Wed. A good time to memorize anything, or to catch a “sensual episode.” Your luck’s good, so march ahead. You might have to decide between two money projects: but if you “partner up” you can handle them both. Investment opportunities appear.

Errands, ringing phones, messaging, travel, office systems, filing, reports and anecdotes fill Thurs./Fri. (and to dawn Sat.). You’re not super-fortunate here, so just plod along, get it done. Guard against deception Fri. Saturday draws you home, to kids, spouse, garden, repairs, etc. —the main accent of July, domestic matters, emerges. All’s well!

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

For another 10 days, the emphasis rests on errands, contacts, communications, travel and data. At last, delays and mistakes have ended in this zone, so charge forth and complete all those things that you let slide. Be curious, ask questions. Yield to restlessness. Your money picture still looks good, 4 more weeks. Until next January, continue to avoid belligerent people and dark alleys. Surgery might improve your health and lifestyle. Legal, university, far travel, sexual and related matters (e.g., wedding plans) might move sluggishly until mid-September onward… but they do remain lucky, so keep the faith, be patient.

Be quiet, thoughtful and restful Sunday to mid-morn Monday. Contact gov’t, management offices, institutions and advisors. Your energy and charisma soar late Mon. morning through Wed. Start things, get out, see and be seen, be a leader, ask favours. You’re on a winning streak, but one that might face you with a choice: do you opt for short-range results, quick communications and a casual attitude, or for long-range, profound words and relationships? I’d go for the short-term, as results in the more ponderous, long-range areas will take some months to accrue. (And might not even start accruing until this autumn.)

Chase $, buy/sell, schmooze with clients, etc. Thursday to early morning Sat. You meet some sweet money or purchasing luck here, but don’t mix friends and money. Saturday into the weekend emphasizes July’s main theme: errands, messaging, travel and curiosity. All’s well!

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Those frustrating delays, indecisions and mistakes, esp. in money areas, end now (tho’ indecision likely remains for a bit). So you can charge forward, with one exception: the sector of sex, pregnancy, investment, occultism, deep forces, the subconscious, intuition, surgery or deep medical diagnosis — these are delayed generally to September/October. Be patient, don’t force matters prematurely. You remain attractive to the opposite sex, esp. if you’re female. And now, to next January, you’re ready to do something about it, to respond or chase. Good idea! Your social life is on the upswing.

Sunday to Mon. mid-morn do exactly that: enhance your popularity and nudge you into groups or social situations. Sunday morning is best, might even shower you with a wee bit of admiration. (Take career action.) But this pm, and Monday, hold a few refusals, or show you that social life “fights” rather than helps, success in sex or finances.

Withdraw mildly Mon. pm through Wed. Rest, lie low, ponder and plan. Ask advice, deal with civil servants or management types. Your luck is good, but the dilemmas of Sun./Mon. reappear, in stronger form, affecting money, finances (i.e., heavy money) sexual intimacy, research, commitments and medical procedures. The question in each instance is: go short, light, or long and deep? Every dilemma is simply a choice: pick one — I’d pick short and light for now. Your energy and charisma surge skyward Thurs. to mid-morn Sat. (PDT).

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Your energy and intuition are tops now, and the delays and mistakes of recent weeks have just ended (at 1:46 am PDT Sunday). So charge forward now with ventures, projects, relationships. You’ll ride a winning streak, esp. in career, ambitions, esp. if you’re diplomatic, humorous and “hungry.” (Bosses might have hair-trigger tempers until next January — the same period offers solid career success.) Gov’t, head office, advisors and agents, and your inner life, remain fortunate, sweet until early August. (Use Thursday to Saturday morning to tackle these things.)

Relationships remain fortunate, but dangle in delay until mid-September onward. That’s okay, use the interim to add layers and changes/adjustments to a relationship; it could morph into something special. (E.g., before you loved her, were sexually attracted, but now a deep friendship side develops also, without diminishing the other attractions.)

Be ambitious Sunday to mid-morn Monday (all Monday daytime in Europe, into Mon. night in Asia). Sunday morning’s best — after this, difficulties can arise, esp. with peers, partners. This “problem” fills Tues. and Wed. also — you’re ready to join or charge forth on a project; they’re reluctant, indecisive. (And will be until this autumn.) Be self-sufficient, but willing to co-operate. That way, if they want something, they can ask you. This interval, Mon. morning through Wed., is otherwise lucky, happy, flirtatious, optimistic. Those peers/partners who seem stacked up against you — one of them might want you, and say so. I’ve described Thurs. to Sat. morning above. Withdraw, rest, ponder and plan. Your ideas are incorrect Fri. daytime. Otherwise, all’s well!

Leo icon  LEO: July 23-Aug. 22

Recent delays are over, Leo, so march ahead with confidence. But realize, at the same time you are in a tired, recuperation phase until July 22. So don’t attempt huge things. Your best progress will occur where you deal with civil servants, management staff, institutions, advisers and agents. These are the areas where you have suffered the most delays, so now things in this zone should proceed without undue snags. Pamper your health, take long naps, eat nutritiously and dress sensibly. Be charitable and spiritual. You still have high hopes for love and friendship — those hopes will prove justified over the next four weeks! (Most likely after July 21.)

Many jobs, work matters, are subtly delayed until September onward, but remain “fortunate.” Until next January, avoid lawsuits; attend school or plan a major voyage, publishing venture, or social/cultural ritual (e.g., a wedding — and many single Leos will attend one, as the main star!).

Sunday to mid-morn Monday emphasizes these legal, travel, media, wedding/ritual, and love matters. They aren’t really primed for success yet, so go slow, and watch for obstacles. Sunday holds inspiration, revelation, or a splendid sexual or financial “flow.” Later Monday morning, through Wed., brings career pressures and goals, ambitions and prestige relationships. This is overall a fortunate interval, so charge ahead with confidence — jump on opportunities. If two co-workers fight, stay out of it. Thursday to dawn Sat. (PDT) brings social joys, optimism, happiness, flirtations, and a feeling that’s life’s blooming! The aspects, and ”event luck” aren’t great, but your mood is.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Delays now end, Virgo, esp. in social and career zones — and in your own heart. You’ll start to see your future more clearly, and social connections will be re-established and/or new ones made. As noted before, you are at the beginning of a 6-month phase that intensifies your sexual drives and your financial actions. Be careful with this — it’s very natural, but you could rush too fast, too impetuously, and “bruise” a relationship, or buy and sell stock so fast the only person who makes money is your broker, etc.

Delays occur/remain in big, significant romance until September/October. Now you might kick yourself for not acting earlier (January to May would have been nice). That’s okay; what’s meant for you will wait for you still — but not past this autumn. Your career remains favoured, to early August.

That sexual or financial drive is strong Sun. to mid-morn Mon. (PDT). Your luck is beautiful in partnerships, relationships Sunday, but keep it on a mature, peer-to-peer level for best results. Obstacles will arise, though, where you chase (self-indulgent) romance. Don’t invest, nor seek medical cures. A mellow, understanding mood steals over you Mon. morning through Wed. Far travel, school admission, social/cultural rituals, insurance, love, fame, legal matters — all should yield to your approach, as your luck is good. However, in love, you might encounter a dilemma or choice: light or deep, flirty or profound? I’d go with the light, flirty for now, as the deep waits until autumn to yield to you.

Be ambitious Thurs. to dawn Sat. — higher-ups are watching, noting. You’ll pass any tests if you neither depend on another, on co-operation, nor argue with another. Work “singly.” The rest of Saturday tickles your fancy, and your heart, leading to an exciting, happy weekend!

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The emphasis continues on career, prestige relations, your worldly standing and reputation, and worldly, practical ambitions. Recent delays in everything, but esp. in this ambition zone, end, technically, this Sunday morning (around 2 am Pacific D. Time). A “retro hangover” might find you a little indecisive for awhile, but delays, mistakes and misunderstandings ebb swiftly. (Delays do continue, though, mildly, in domestic areas — kids, home, real estate, security, sales territory, gastro-intestinal diagnosis/cures — until September. Be patient.)

Far travel, love, legalities, intellectual and cultural pursuits — these bless you with sweet, mild good luck until Aug. 7. Relationships are starting to heat up, spark, surprise and attract, in love for singles, in business for marrieds. Love-wise, you’ll likely have more success July 22 onward. (Lots of time — this influence lasts to Jan. 2021.) Early week might demand that you choose between outside ambitions, and home life. Choose outside ambitions for now, and ask your family to be patient. (They will be.)

That intense relationship influence is heightened Sunday to mid-morn Monday. These two days give you a hint of the clashes or dilemmas that “pure partnership” will run into later this year. Sunday offers a brilliant work or health idea. (If you apply for a job before 11 am Sunday, PDT, you’ll be hired — but this job might interfere with family, home and love. Still, if you need it…) Secrets and mysteries, subconscious promptings and intuition, lifestyle and medical decisions, sexual desire and financial actions, commitment and consequence — these ride a nice wave of luck Mon. morn through Wed. However, the choice intensifies between outside action and staying home. The answer’s above.

A sweet mellow mental mood slides over you Thurs. to dawn Sat. Usually, this would be a good time to tackle far travel, legal, intellectual and cultural projects, but there’s little luck here after Thurs. (So act Thurs.) Saturday emphasizes ambitions, worldly standing, “prestige work” — dive in, you’ll make something succeed.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The accent continues on intellectual, legal, travel, idea-related media, on statistics, social rituals (e.g., weddings) and big, profound ideas — and love. Recent delays in these — and to some degree in all areas — end now. Love will be accompanied by intimacy. Work and health matters grow intense now to next January — eat, dress and exercise sensibly, and prepare for long hours or “intense work.” A communication/answer you desire probably won’t come until this autumn, so be patient.

Sunday to mid-morning Monday (PDT) emphasizes that potential increase in work, but there isn’t much luck here, so proceed alertly and cautiously. Sunday might bless you with love’s thrilling call. Relationships of every kind arise to face you Mon. morning to late Wed. night. Stimulating conversation pops up. You might need to choose between mere conversation and a profound communication. I’d go with the profound, it will serve you better as the weeks ahead unfold. In any case, it’s a great time to join hands with others, and/or to grab opportunities, seek fresh horizons.

Your deeper side oozes to the surface Thursday to dawn Sat. (Sat. night in Asia). You can rely on your intuition, first impressions. Delve into sexual desire, financial urges, medical and lifestyle choices — in these, Thursday rewards, but Fri. and Sat. are stingy with luck. A more affectionate, mellow, wise mood comes over you the rest of Saturday, and the following weekend. Love/romance mighty be slated.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Mysteries and secrets, hidden treasure, hunches and research, sexual yearnings, lifestyle changes — these occupy you for ten more days or so. Dig deep, reject surface appearances. Recent weeks of delay, esp. in these areas, ends Sunday morning, so you are free to march ahead. Every other sign would envy your romantic prospects now to next January. (It might be late July or August before you “feel” this strongly.) Also, another, in a partnership situation, has been and will be for 4 more weeks, kind, affable, and generous. If you’re single, it would not be a bad time to link up, even to marry. (July 23-Aug. 7 better than now, for most Sages.) Earnings situations remain fortunate, but delayed (until this autumn).

That romantic vibe is highlighted Sunday to Mon. morning, tho’ something might have sparked “yesterday” (Sat., July 11). But, from the obstacles you run into, you can “foretell” what problems a shining romance might run into late Aug. into early Oct., and again late Dec. If you’re a woman, these problems might temporarily deflate a man’s “libido vigour.” (‘Cuz his confidence ebbs.) Be patient, loving. Tackle chores mid-morn Mon. (PDT) through Wed. Good luck and effectiveness ride with you, so you should get a lot done. A $ issue arises: do you chase quick, “earnings” or sales money, or aim for long-term. (e.g., investment) returns? I’d opt for the quick, immediate, short-term, for now.

Relationships face you Thurs. to dawn Sat. — includes love, business, general public, and relocation, fame, opportunities — BUT make all your moves Thurs., as it contains the best luck (in love, too). (The good luck extends into 8 am in Europe, to afternoon in China.) But there’s almost no luck (good or bad) Fri. to Sat. morning. Be diplomatic, eager to co-operate, for best results. Saturday brings sexual yearning, valuable information, investment opportunities… be cautious but hopeful. Sex works, romance doesn’t.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The emphasis remains on relationships, for 10 more days. (After this, it remains on relationships, but in a more quiet, deep and consequential way.) “Relationships” includes relocation themes, new opportunities, business agreements, negotiations and contracts, love and… On the negative side, avoid disputes, challenges, litigation.

The mistakes and delays of recent weeks dissolve now (Sunday morning) although some indecision remains in yourself, about income and future prospects. You might not dispel this indecision until September/October — that’s okay, use the interim to examine the possibilities and go over plans. Be gentle on the home front, until next January. Work and work mates are pleasant, friendly. You might even start a co-worker flirtation.

Sunday to mid-morn Monday emphasizes home, family, security, nature, nutrition. For success in contacting someone, or working with water (plumbing, pool, irrigation) act (or start) well before noon Sunday. Remember, be gentle. Romance could be serious midday Mon. through Wed. Be creative, inventive, express yourself — nothing ventured, nothing gained, in love or business. Do venture! Good luck abounds, but so does a possible “wrestling match” of emotions. If you join, you win; if you try to conquer, you might rouse some stiff opposition. Tackle chores Thurs. to dawn Sat. You’ll obtain satisfying results Thurs., not much after, so act early. Saturday accents those relationships and associated opportunities, etc. Don’t leap too early; think, then act.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The accent remains on work, employment/employees, tools/machinery, duties to your dependents, and daily health — for 10 more days. Recent delays in every area, but esp. this work/health zone, end now, so be confident and march ahead with new jobs, repairs, machinery purchases, etc. Now to January 2021, many Aquarians will buy cars, or travel tickets (mostly short trips). Your love life is still blessed until Aug. 7. Take advantage, don’t be shy. (Best “prospects” will show July 22 to Aug. 7.) If you were chasing the gov’t or a management circle (or them you) last spring, relax for now. It will all return Sept./Oct., so use the interim to plan, get files in order, etc.

Sunday to mid-morn Mon. brings errands, travel, visits, messaging, paperwork and easy, quick chores. For best results, start well before noon Sun. (PDT). Monday midday through Wed. nudges you toward home, family, security, Mother Nature, etc. Rest, but not too much — this is a fortunate interval, with unexpected ease, progress and “yes” answers. You might have to choose between hands-on efforts, and a restful “you do it” attitude. I’d pick hands-on for now.

Love, romance, beauty, pleasure, self-expression, risk — these draw you Thurs. to dawn Sat. Thursday’s good, then it goes downhill, a bit. Careful with your money Friday. Saturday brings chores and everything mentioned in the first sentence above. Your luck’s neutral, so just plod along. (Wait for tomorrow, July 19 to begin any important action.)

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Recent delays end Sunday morning, esp. those involving relationships, relocation, opportunities, romance, and creative projects. You face ten more days of blissful romantic feelings before a “curtain of work” descends. Your home and family (and real estate) continue to bless you, until Aug. 7. Money rushes to and through you, all the way to early 2021. Bank it, or regret it! (Sensual intimacy can occur, also — perhaps frequently.) An old or former wish that paled recently, returns now to December… and might be granted. A group or associate returns (or you do, to them). Some intellectual, legal, far travel or publishing ventures “tread water” until Sept./Oct. That’s fine, use this delay to refine plans, prepare, etc.

Sunday to mid-morn Monday highlights earnings, buying and selling, possessions and sensual attractions. A significant romantic or creative inspiration/event can occur Sun. This eve and Mon., tho’, tread lightly. Errands, visits, travel, communications, office tasks and media reports fill late Mon. morn through Wed. Be curious, ask questions. This is a lucky interval, great for starting a mail or internet project, buying a car or travel tickets, contacting others, conversing, etc. However, you might need to choose between light, friendly love and deep, passionate stuff. I’d pick the deep passion for now, as the light/friendly (and group affiliations) tend to be “hung up” or delayed until this autumn.

Thurs./Fri., and pre-dawn Sat. nudge you toward home and family — and rest. To accomplish here, act Thurs., as Fri. and Sat. morning aren’t much help. Thursday’s loving, active, sweet. Romance, beauty, pleasure, creative and speculative urges, fine children and self-expression visit you Saturday, and into the weekend. Guard your money.



Okay, it happened again, right after  I complained about it: You know this column is published on the blog every Thursday preceding its formal dates. E.g., the July 5 Weekly Forecast appeared here on July 2. In that week’s Afteramble, I suggested two solutions to the present race/etc. riots: 1) to rebuild (even rename) the White House, this time without slave labour, and 2) to establish “statue parks” or “history parks,” where statues of Lincoln, Washington et al could be preserved, and viewed by any who wanted to view them, and if not, not. No longer would they loom over a “subservient” (mostly Black) population. In the interests of justice and historical accuracy, plates would be attached, spelling out events, but also significant facts. “This President was a racist who dined with the head of the KKK…” etc.

But here’s the kicker: on Friday, a day later, Trump announced the formation of a “vast outdoor park that will feature the statues of the greatest Americans who ever lived” — my statue park, exactly the same idea! In jest, I said last week that if I wasn’t given credit for it (or for the White House idea) I’d — what? Stop with the ideas?

Actually, the interval between my blog and Trump’s announcement was only one day, so I’m sure it’s more a case of “minds think alike” than of poaching. So I’ll give him this one.

But here’s how Trump can win the November election: he announces plans to tear down the White House, a symbol of white oppression (as it was built with slave labour) and he, master builder, builds a new, magnificently modern/classic “Presidential House” (to escape the word “White.” Hopefully, not in gold gilt! (Regrettably, this idea is a little late — he should have started a year or two ago.)

A generous reader did post my White House idea both on You Tube and on the White House “in-mail” site, but received no answer, but one: his YouTube “announcement” was taken down the next day. By YouTube? By the W.H.?

Other readers have emailed to commiserate with me over the lack of recognition for my ideas from on-high. I must be a bad writer, because my original complaint was supposed to be humorous, ironic. But some were really sorry for me. Don’t be, I’m happy just spewing this stuff  (predictions, advice). I’ve known, since the 1980’s when NASA ignored my prediction that the Challenger space shuttle would explode and fall into the ocean, that intelligent, normal, ambitious people, esp. politicians and scientists/techies, could not give me any credence. (In fact, I doubt they even notice me.)
***   ***

Ravens versus crows. In size, ravens are larger than crows, about half again in mass, like a crow is to a robin. But their vocal cries are much more restrained and, well, “middle-class,” muted and personal, not the brash, sometimes incessant cawing of crows. A raven’s cries,  phonetically, are closer to a duck’s than a crow’s. Crows caw and ducks quack, and both with an intensity, a loudness. In comparison, ravens’ calls are soft and decibels lower, but still oddly duck-like.

Ravens are generally quiet birds. They organize into family units: usually one child with two involved parents. Like middle class burghers, quietly living a life of relative ease. I’ve heard a few cries: For no reason of merit, I remember first a sort of low rattling sound, I think this one is a comfort signal to a mate or child, but used fairly casually, I think. It’s like a cat’s purring, but done in chunks… it will do this several times, then stop. There is no order or routine in it; I suspect it’s just spontaneous. It hardly even makes a ripple in the blue summer sky; draped over these cedars it returns to silence, intense but peaceful.

Crows, when they caw, do so, usually, incessantly. cluck-clock. But a crow will caw twenty times in a row; a raven voices itself only once or twice, in most situations. And the raven’s cry is milder, a sort of “cluck-clock.” It also makes a sort of single-note “cop” but pronounced by a Scot, so the “r” sound hovers in the background, almost “crop.”

Tonight I heard the raven’s alarm or war note. First I saw part of the cause. A crow was flying close to a raven, and must have been harassing it. They were about 20 feet over me and descending across the front “yard” in my general direction when I first looked up. Because they have very little gliding ability, crows often circle around their target, flapping their wings — like pigeons, but spryer. For this or some other reason, the raven was above the crow, and just as I looked up it dove quickly and pecked the crows back.

(You’ll notice I have assumed the crow’s guilt [yes, the phrase is ambiguous] — never a good idea, but I’m full of bad ones. This assumption is based on typical crow behaviour. Crows love to harass bigger birds. Decades ago when I was hitch-hiking on Vancouver Island, in those forests kept sparse and thin by bad drainage and salt air, I watched a squadron of crows attacking an eagle, dive-bombing toward his head from above, until they forced him into a sheltering tree. But as soon as the eagle swooped from his tree shelter, they attacked again, driving him into another, lower tree. In the few minutes I watched, they forced him into three successive tress, each one lower. Out of maybe 150 feet, he lost about 50 feet.)

This crow over my yard was knocked about ten feet down instantly, to about 5 feet above the ground, but recovered, flapping, to stagger off. I could be wrong, but I think the crow gave up chasing the raven, at least for that day. But that didn’t mollify the raven. Both birds disappeared from sight (behind my house) but I started to hear loud, repetitive cries of gathering ravens. I suspect there was a summoning call, too, but I can’t remember hearing it. Perhaps, like elephants, these ravens can make subsonic sounds which others can hear miles away.

As I watched, the sky filled with ravens, I think there were eight or ten of them. They cris- crossed the sky, almost in a grid, all made the same cry, and it was the closest thing I’d heard yet to a crow’s cawing.  It was loud, abrasive, and repetitive (about 5 times, not the 100 times of crows’ cries) (yet it was also a reassuring call to their own). How they had managed to get so many ravens to congregate, and in mere moments — it seemed less than a minute — astonished me. I have never seen more than 3 together; it is usually two. And ravens have large territories, so some of these birds must have come several miles.

Whatever the case, I was surprised that these birds had such organizational skills: this was not a madcap panic, nor something slow and stumbling: the skill with which those ravens “covered the sky” in defence of one of their members hinted at a high intelligence. Ah, but so much of nature is intelligent.