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NOTE: in the Forecasts every week, I will not be inserting (“stay 6 feet apart”) every time I mention romance or intimacy or “garden party.” But you can insert it for yourself.

START NOTHING:  2:35 am to 3:08 am Mon., 9:37 pm Mon. to 11:13 am Wed., and 8:49 pm to 10:06 pm Fri. 


Remember, start no new, significant relationships, projects nor purchases before July 12. (In some cases, starting July 11, Saturday, can yield good results.)
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Lots in the AFTERAMBLE, including 2 solutions: one to the teardown statue phenomena, another to eradicating one of the deepest American symbols of racism, the White House.
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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The accent continues on home, family, security, nutrition, Mother Nature, and… well, the need for naps. (It’s a bit of a natural hibernation period for Aries.) This is your last week of delays and indecision. (So don’t start anything new yet.) Communications and friendly contacts remain affectionate, buoyant. And your sexual magnetism, courage and determination, all newly enhanced, will grow and grow over the weeks and months ahead. 

Sunday (and just a snippet of pre-dawn Mon.) points you upward, towards higher levels of career, prestige relations, and on-the-street reputation. Run with your ambitions Sunday — fate and good luck shake hands! You grow a lot happier Mon. to 11 am (PDT) Wed. Your popularity rises, friends open their arms, optimism swells in your heart, and flirtations spin their siren song. (Answer it Mon. daytime, as results are hard to find Tues./Wed.) Avoid hurting someone’s feelings with a “quick tongue.”

Wednesday lunch through Friday nudges you to withdraw, find quiet, rest and ponder. Though quiet, this is a fortunate interval, so sit down and tackle neglected chores, call civil servants, talk to advisors, and contemplate strategy. Good interval to enhance your family’s security — cctv? or fix that lock on the back door? Saturday is all you (Sunday, too) — you’re the leader, magnetic, effective — but show others your spiritual, compassionate and/or gentle side, not the warrior side. You, or a psychic you visit, can reach inspired heights of meditation, trance, or simply in envisioning the future. All week, management favours you.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  May 20-April 20

The general accent remains on errands, messaging, paperwork, and casual contacts, Taurus. Remember, start nothing new in any area. (This delay/mistake period ends early next week, July 12.) Now to next January, the “background” area of your life becomes definite, clear, and important. This whole 6+ months, avoid violence and places that breed it. You’re vulnerable — although you might shine in sports now (to 2021). You might be tempted by a secret love. You have become very appealing to Librans and Geminis, and will stay that way until 2026. Your money luck sails a high, sweet wave until Aug. 7 — delays in earnings and sales dissolved recently, allowing you to go forward, chase your $ and purchase goals. (No big buys before July 12, tho’.)

Sunday and a wee midnight tail of Monday, find you calm, mellow, thoughtful — do you always think of love? If so, that thought has a good chance of being answered Sunday, with a person who combines sexuality, a mature, challenging mate-hood attitude, and a wise, intellectual, even well-educated manner. You could experience a gush of emotions. Monday to “early lunch” Wed. brings pressure, ambition, and the attention of higher-ups. Do your thing, and do it well. You’ll pass any “tests.” Try to approach the boss Mon. daytime, as Tues./Wed. hold little, good or bad. However, one of your secrets might leak out — don’t talk too much, and drive carefully.

A light, buoyant feeling comes midday Wed. through Fri. — get out, dive into social delights, enjoy flirting or repartee, pay for some entertainment. You feel happy, and your popularity is evident. Your luck is pretty good, too! Withdraw into deep restfulness Saturday — all’s well, but you need to recharge your emotional/physical/mental batteries, and contemplate your path and progress.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Remember, Gemini, start no new projects, relationships nor major purchases before July 12. The general emphasis remains on money, income, sales, prices, purchases, sensual motives, and rote learning. This area is neither here nor there for you, as nothing exciting occurs for most Geminis. It’s the curse in reverse: may you not live in exciting times. (I don’t believe in curses, but I do believe that anyone who curses another will suffer — perhaps the same blows as were described in the curse. Hmmm. What a subject.)

Anyway, you hardly care about money, as a new, nascent optimism has taken hold. You’ll ride on a magic carpet of hopeful expectations, especially regarding your social life. You will make some new friends (accent on male friends) before this phase is over. (It ends January 6, 2021.) Depending on your rising sign, 2020 can hold a major love for you. 

Sunday to very early Mon. morning is sexy; Sunday offers treasure, perhaps financial, perhaps intimate, perhaps valuable information. Actively seek it. (If nothing else, google “lost treasure” or some such.) A loving mood steals over you Mon. to brunch Wed. If you want to act, esp. in travel, publishing, cultural, love, law or educational areas, act Mon. daytime, as Tues. and Wed. are like barren fruit trees. Best stance: learn, message, love. Avoid a disagreement over money or a possession.

Midday Wed. through Fri. brings ambition’s pressures and heightened scrutiny from higher-ups. You’ll do well, even very well, so go forth confidently. Saturday is for wish fulfillment, light, friendly love, social pleasures, groups, clubs, entertainment. You’ll feel popular, confident, happy — and you might get good career news, or have an idea that could propel you upward.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

You’re at the top of your game; you’re in charge, in power, charismatic and energetic. Yet you start this week facing strong strong opposition; which can be, and likely is, bountiful and desirous and sweet opposition Sunday (and a few hours early Mon.). In many ways, you might be itching to get going, but remember — don’t start anything important and new before July 12. So throw your energy into ongoing projects, or pluck something “workable” from the past. (That old guitar in the basement?)

An important phase is just starting, hardly evident, but it will grow strong, and last 6 months, to next January. It affects your career, can make bosses impatient, but also imbues you with the strength, determination and courage to aim for the top. If you want to deal with or apply to any level of government this year, do it this month — August might be too late.

(Sunday’s above.) Monday to brunch Wed. opens a door to mysteries, secrets, treasures and revelations. Sexual desires sharpen. Financial opportunities hover around you. Medical or lifestyle decisions might face you. If you’re going to act, do it early, before 5 pm PDT Monday (1 am in Britain, and so on). Tues./Wed. are duds: stick to routine. Don’t say ANYTHING about your boss or your career.

A mild, mellow, humanity-loving mood steals over you Wed. brunch-time through Fri. It’s a good interval, even a fortunate one, for handling legal, media, travel, cultural, intellectual, religious or love matters. Saturday, be ambitious — this is your introduction to the 6 months ahead; maybe by tone, by real event. Saturday foreshadows your ambitious climb now to next January. (Remember, all year, the gov’t or managers will help you.)

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Hey, Leo. You have just entered one of the highest intellectual cycles of your life — from last week to next January. You will see the bigger picture, smaller disputes become unimportant. Love, if it visits you during this 6 months, will be deep, abiding, and filled with mental harmony. (Now, what about the physical/emotional?) A very significant long journey, school admittance, writing or distributing ideas, or an “eye-opener” is likely to occur. I might be wrong, but I would avoid lawsuits the whole 6 months. More single Leos than usual will tie a wedding knot. Until early August, friends, popularity, social joys and happy optimism tickle your days, make you laugh. (Even if you are in a quiet period until July 22.) Remember, start nothing new and important before July 12.

Tackle chores Sunday. You’ll succeed. A big job or employment action possible. Monday through Wednesday brunch brings relationships. Your best time to act, approach another, or throw in with someone(s) or chase an opportunity, is Monday (before 5 pm PDT) — as Tues. and forenoon Wed. are a bit of a bust. Protect yourself legally, promise nothing, and accept no promises. Be diplomatic — make love, not war.

Brunch Wed. through Fri. slides you into mystery, life’s underbelly, and gives you glimpses behind the scenes in financial, medical, and sexual zones. Prior agreements must now be honoured, or thrown out. Lifestyle choices can bear on, and be affected by, any commitments you make now. My advice? Make those commitments, they will have fortunate, maybe even bountiful, outcomes. Saturday’s mellow, wise, loving — if single, you might be admitted to someone’s private place.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Remember, Virgo, start nothing new before July 12. The general emphasis still lies on errands, messaging, contacts, paperwork, travel, swift, easy chores. These might be swift, but they might also be unnecessary, or go in the wrong direction. Think, double-check all figures, and make a “to do” list before you go out. Bosses, even court judges, still like you, a lot — delays in this career/prestige area have ended, and now you have almost 5 weeks to take advantage (but no more; this lovely influence ends Aug. 7). Angle for a promotion, ask for a raise, etc. Great time to launch a venture, esp. in luxury, woman-oriented, fashion or cosmetic fields. (AFTER July 11).

A powerful sexual and financial streak began a week ago, and lasts until early January, 2021. Think twice before acting on an impulse here, but do act. You can revise your entire life, can start a strong sexual liaison, spear a “perfect” investment, etc. Research, secrets and revelations will deeply interest/affect you now to 2021.

Sunday’s for romance, self-expression, charming kids, beauty, pleasure, games and risks. Yes, be romantic! It’s not so much an easy day as a significant one; destiny might play a role. Big things can start. (But remember my first line above.) Tackle chores and protect your daily health (eat, dress sensibly, take care with tools, etc.) Monday to brunch time Wed. Leap into the most important jobs Monday before supper (PDT) — there’s success here, but not much Tues. nor Wed. Don’t try to talk a social acquaintance into the bedroom — you’d be “set straight” very quickly. Don’t invest nor buy machinery/tools.

Relationships come midday Wed. through Fri. — good ones. If someone attracts you, approach him/her, esp. Wed. or Thurs. (Friday’s good too, just a bit milder.) Whether it’s love or business, you and another can agree, commit, find new “mutual admiration.” Saturday’s for deep stuff, for that strong sexual/financial streak that entered recently. (Described above.) Whatever you do will tend to succeed, esp. with others, so choose well what you want to do.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Avoid brand new starts before July 12, Libra. This is your last week of delay, esp. in career and business zones. Rather than carry-over any ideas that are brewing in your thoughts, starting next week try to empty everything out, and be open to new ideas, plans, opportunities — not now, but next week onward. Your main arena of success since April, and continuing to early August, has been/is: publishing, far travel, international affairs, intellectual pursuits, insurance, fame, law, religion/beliefs, cultural rituals, and love. But already another strong streak has entered (a week ago) and will lead you to partnership, relocation, and major opportunity, now to January 2021. A real estate investment might play a role.

The sweetness of the first streak and the “direct desire” of the second streak overlap now to early August, which can mix into a beautiful partnership or love, or not. Here’s the problem: the April-August sweet, intellectual streak brings love that can fit in with your domestic or home needs. But the July-January powerful “mating” streak encounters friction and disagreement, and clear choices between your mating urge and your domestic reality. So someone who appeared/appears April to August, or in the month ahead, might form a more loving, affectionate, successful bond, ultimately, than the one you encounter August onward. A hint: the right person is gentle, quick-witted, restless, talkative. The stronger presence, but likely containing friction, is impulsive, assertive, humorous and “rough.” 

Sunday’s for home, kids, nutrition, garden, mother nature, and rest — plunge in, all’s well. If house-hunting, you might find your Shangri-La this day. Romance whispers to your heart Mon. to brunch-time Wed. — but only Monday yields good results. Enjoy the mood of beauty and joy Tues./Wed., but go light on the action. A career directive might nix a chance to meet/pursue someone. Tackle chores midday Wed. through Fri. You’ll accomplish a lot, esp. Thurs./Fri. Eat, dress sensibly. Saturday brings all those partnership vibes/opportunities — or a hint of them, as you’re still at the nascent beginning of this growing streak.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Don’t start anything new before July 12 (next Sunday). That esp. includes far travel, intellectual pursuits, legal, media, cultural rites, and love — which have met delays, indecision and misunderstandings since mid-June. (This week, around Wed., avoid an argument over this — e.g., a political argument, or a legal broadside. Better to say nothing.) An old flame or former “teacher” might re-appear, or occupy your thoughts. You remain favoured in sex, research, finances, investments and debt — recent delays here have ended, so resume chasing a goal in this zone — until early August. You have just started a hard work streak, to last to January 2021. Before you kick the cat, remember that more work = more money, an important thing since you might want to make a big downpayment in 2021 (on a home or trailer, not a car).

Sunday’s for errands, messaging, travel and paperwork. Charge ahead, all’s well. (Make a to-do list before you leave the house.) Pre-dawn Mon. to brunch-time Wed. shunts you into a domestic mood — be home, hug the family, garden, relax, enhance security, etc. — but act Monday before suppertime (PDT) on anything important. Stick to routine Tues./Wed. Something much more than routine visits you midday Wed. through Fri. — beauty, love, pleasure, creative or speculative (risky) projects flow in. Chase/accept someone — all aspects are favourable, esp. Thursday. Saturday, tackle chores and protect your health through moderation: eat, dress sensibly. You’ll succeed, you’ll get things done. A good week.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Remember, start nothing big, new before July 12 (next Sunday). The general accent for July lies in mysteries, secrets, valuable information, research, hidden treasure, medical and lifestyle decisions, investments and debt — and these are the very areas most resistant to progress right now. Two things: 1) progress will resume next week; and 2) goals in these zones, if you started well before mid-June, can still be achieved, esp. Sun./Mon. and Thurs./Fri. But if you feel uncertain, delay a commitment this week. 

Sunday’s for money — collect it and pay bills. But stick to routine in shopping. Errands, contacts, messaging, travel and paperwork fill Mon. to brunch time Wed. If you want to accomplish something here, act Mon. before suppertime PDT, as Tues./Wed. are a bit unhelpful. Avoid a dispute or “break-off” between your romantic and your sexual/financial (practical) interests — a careless word could start a fire. Midday Wed. through Fri. steers you toward home, rest, family. A great interval, dive in! Saturday’s for romance — or decorating the home.

BTW, Sage, your love future looks “guaranteed” until next January. One of the great affairs of your life could start. But there’s a duality: April to early August have and will introduce you to bright, quick, witty, nervous and gentle life-mate prospects. July to next January will introduce you to major, intense romance, or send you on a long, deep creative project. The first “type” will make a marriage with relatively few problems, whereas the second, romantic type will run afoul of your monetary or possession circumstances/goals — in early August (when you might have to choose between these two, mating and “mere” romance) again in October, and late December, early January (21).

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Your last week of delay, mistakes and misunderstandings, Cap. Continue to avoid big new starts or relationships until July 12. Much of the delay involves the main emphasis of July, which lies on relationships, opportunities and relocation themes, contracts, negotiations, litigation, etc. Co-operation and/or opposition, love or war. Be diplomatic. Your workplace remains affectionate to August. Until next January, your home/family arena will be filled with action, intensity — humour essential! 

Your energy and charisma are potent Sunday — get things done! Destiny seems to have a little “package” for you. Monday to 11 am (PDT) Wed. nudges you to spend and collect money. Good idea, but do any important money, sexual or learning action Mon. — Tues./Wed. (morn) are rather empty of results. If somebody wants to argue about — well, about a relationship — whether it should end or not, perhaps — just be patient and “wordless.”

Errands, paperwork, calls and emails, media, casual contacts and travel fill midday Wed. through Fri. Many good aspects help you sail through these easy, light chores. Be curious, ask questions. Saturday starts a weekend of home, family, mother nature, gardening, etc. Excellent aspects for a pond or water garden, fountain… (prepare the ground Sat., build the waterworks Sun., when Mercury ends its retrograde).

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Remember, Aquarius, start nothing big and new before July 12 (next Sunday). Meanwhile, you have a lot of work to do. There might be something you have to complete soon. Don’t neglect it. Take glitches, delays and other frustrations in stride. Just quietly march ahead. A former health complaint might return. Eat and dress sensibly all July. That sweet romantic streak that might have beguiled you since last spring is still alive, until August 7. Until then, if single, don’t let this romantic luck pass you by — speak, approach, flirt, explain — or just talk, which is your most effective love tool. You will speak quickly and assertively now to next January, and you’ll be restless, prone to hop into a quick journey anytime.

Be quiet, restful Sunday. Interact with advisors, gov’t, institutions, employers/managers. You will glimpse the vastness and depth of your inner world. All’s well. Your energy and magnetism spurt upward Mon. to 11 am (PDT) Wed. Only Monday is very effective, so act this day (best before suppertime, PDT). Then just admire yourself Tues./Wed. — or find someone who does. Midday Wed. through Fri. accents $, sensual attractions, possessions and rote (memory) learning. Luck travels with you here, so tackle any of these. If buying, stick to routine items. Saturday brings errands, conversations, curiosity, reports, paperwork, travel, visits. All flows well, esp. if these are in the service of money motives. (E.g., send/deliver invoices.)

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Last week of delays, indecision, misunderstandings, esp. in romance, creative and speculative areas, teaching kids, art, pleasure and beauty. But all week, don’t start new, important projects or relationships in any area. Your domestic situation remains peachy keen, until early August. Mars entered your money sector a week ago — you’ll be hot on the trail of $ now to next January. However, be careful: if you contract (more?) debt, or spend liberally on a project, even a practical one, you could end up poorer. Same 6 months, a sensual attraction could light your kindling, but the fire is not likely to last past January 2021.

Generally, Sunday’s for parties, gatherings, popularity, optimism and just plain happiness. It might not be obvious, but you could form a link this day that will open large worlds to you, in both thoughts and career/prestige. The link isn’t important; the “worlds” are. Retreat, find a quiet place Mon. to midday Wed. Approach advisors, psychics, agents, civil servants, nurses and doctors, management levels Monday, to succeed. Tuesday and Wed. morning are fairly useless, unproductive — meditate, sleep, recharge emotional and physical batteries.

Your energy returns with speed and vigour Wed. pm through Fri. Be a leader, show others, get out, see and be seen. Give favourite projects a hefty push. Good luck accompanies you, makes you a winner in romance — so take a chance! (Saturday’s the same, in some ways — aids love, romance.) That 6-month money streak “appears” Saturday (and into Sunday). Think, then act. A “sensual” bond that starts now could last a long time, despite my scepticism about mere sensuality (expressed above). 



Do you know how they can solve this statue controversy in the United States? It is easy: just put all the statues in a park or in several parks around the nation. Call them statue parks or better yet History Parks. There could be a wall around these parks, or simply trees and bushes to block the site of those easily offended by history. Then even slaveowners and bigots like George Washington, Jefferson and all the rest — their statues can stand, with historical notes showing all their accomplishments, and all their shortcomings, including racism. People can visit the history Park, or they can ignore it, like a library or a museum.

This removes the present power of statues, who loom over the people from the town square or the fountain, with a sort of grim unstated demand: be like me. When that “me” was a slave-owner, good, rid the town of his overbearing presence. Putting the statues in parks would remove that power, and reduce them to what they are: representations of the beliefs of the people at the time they were sculpted. In these parks, vandalism would be punished. If there’s still trouble, there could be a gate, and I.D. required to enter. That way, even vandals who escape might be found more easily.

Now, any municipalities that tried to get around relocating a statue or two into a nearby park, simply by planting some trees and turf around existing statues, would defeat the whole purpose, and in so doing, perpetuate the systemic racism that seems so obvious (when exposed) to a foreigner, but is so hard to grasp for many Americans.

They are so deeply steeped in their beliefs, and their beliefs are so powerfully entwined in their social structure, like ivy on a tree, or muscle clinging to bone, that it is difficult sometimes for them to see what is there. It hides behind their assumptions (that all are equal, all is fair) and their assumptions in turn shelter their fear. So to Whites, the Jefferson status is fine; to Blacks, it holds a slave-owner up as a guide, a personality to be copied.

One essential ingredient if the park is to succeed: it must be open and truthful (more than judgemental, for there is always error in judgement). For example, if a president was a slave-owner, or an alcoholic, or a proven blatant racist, that information should be part of the display. And time: should be 50 years after any presidency ends, or after death with cabinet members, congress-people, generals or admirals, etc. 

Now, if the Trump campaign takes this idea and uses it, just like they took my solution to the sanctuary cities, then they should give me some credit. I got absolutely nothing for the sanctuary idea (that Trump should ship all the illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities and release them in front of their city halls). About two weeks after I published the idea here, the White House, whether coincidentally or not, announced that exact plan. The announcement worked splendidly: every formerly braying sanctuary city, accusing Trump of bigotry, cruelty, and simple incompetence, suddenly shut up — showing their hypocrisy. (It’s a bit of a NIMBY idea/trick.) (If you go back and look at recent history, and at my column, you’ll see that I did put that idea out a solid interval before the White House promoted it. So was it a suggestion or a prediction? Why cares? But if they rip off my History Parks idea, I’ll never help again! Bah!
***   ***

If America really wants to be free of the weight of a bigoted, slave-owning society, if the nation truly wants to be free of racism and embrace the Blacks as equal brothers, it must tear down the White House, which was largely built by Black slaves. I mean physically, demolish it and rebuild with modern methods — and racially and sexually diverse builders. The whole nation could be brought into the picture through contests for the design, etc.

This is really what the radical left and the protesters want: not only a clean but an innocent start, for everyone, going forward. You can’t govern a racist-free country while you live in a house that enslaved Blacks built. 

A new, modern, majestic “White” House would cleanse the American soul (within limits) and become a symbol of strength and clean motives, a fresh breeze, a clean house and a sunny day for America.

(BTW, my constant use of the word “Black” instead of African-American is not a slight — I just want to write quickly.)

Now, if Trump and his merry crew rip off my White House idea (even the name is anti-Black!) I’ll really be p——-. Three solutions in a row, and here I am, still poor, unrecognized. Boo-hoo….
***   ***

My mind is very slow; I spend 10 seconds just watching, to 1 second thinking. I’m by nature a highly prejudiced individual, and would make a staunch racist: I have that kind of emotion. My intelligence saves me; I know bigotry is wrong, and I bow to that. But in a better way, too, my intellect (I mean my logical side, as pitiful as it is — it’s the runt of my brain — see, you thought I was going to be humble, didn’t you?), my intellect has opened my eyes to the many gifts that others carry, and to the smallest qualities of human in someone, anyone, and I find myself more and more respecting and liking those qualities — a real smile, eyes that show the soul (for it’s easy to hide) awareness, many things. But always things that would spring from any land, any person, things shared, things that touch the mutual soul that we are nodes upon. A soul as alive and glowing as the magma in our earth. It is interesting that all of these things, once recognized in others, bring a feeling of joy and satisfaction or comfort — of belonging to, and sharing, something deeper and alive across the earth (and maybe of the earth). Prejudice is fear of difference.
***   ***

The fighting clouds bruise the sky; they roll, like warriors in sleeping bags, black and blue through the rain-dark day.
***   ***

It just occurred to me that almost all my readers will go to heaven, if such exists. That’s because anyone who reads this blog must already be on a search for information/truth, and Multi-God or karma loves truth-seekers almost above all others (though God cannot ultimately not love, or the universes would disappear). 

So how did they get it so wrong, for 4,000+ years? They said that mankind’s first born, Adam and Eve, committed a sin — the very first, or original sin — so vast and grave a trespass that its repercussions, including pain, sickness, imprisonment, war and famine, volcanoes and typhoons and tornadoes and tsunamis (remember when they were called tidal waves?), and earthquakes and airplane crashes, and droughts, and… all these, as punishment for our original sin. But I suspect that our suffering at the hands of such experiences has grown less over the last 100 years, and less now than 50 years ago, even less than a mere ten years ago, if only measured by one metric: medical/science advances. 

Adam and Eve’s sin? Seeking knowledge, says the Bible. But the Bible is wrong. Humanity is meant to grow and ascend, not vegetate like a bunch of frogs on a log. Life, nature and karma award those who seek knowledge. We can now feed every person on earth, every year. That did not come about by refusing to seek knowledge about seeds, crop yields, pests, soil chemistry, etc. Seeking social knowledge has made us more empathic and merciful as a species. Medical knowledge has enabled us to save many lives, improve the general health, and reduce pain and suffering.

Rather, I think God and karma disapprove of people who fight knowledge, who cling to rigid beliefs and who reject those with different beliefs. Perhaps it wasn’t the story, but the translators and transcribers who messed up. The original edict was (I’m fantasizing): “Animal happiness resides in instinctual stances. To awaken, or gain knowledge, weakens this animal happiness. If you want to remain animals, don’t eat from the tree of knowledge. But if you want to know yourselves in a different way, if you want to increase your lifespan and ensure winter’s food, if you want to explore worlds beyond your (admittedly rudimentary, animal) imagination, then eat its fruit, and become aware, and begin the Great Journey — a long one, to a multitude of different kinds of happiness.”

That’s what I think the snake said, and he was either God’s mouthpiece, or he had an amazingly alert mind. (We don’t trust snakes today, but in Biblical times they were considered to be symbols of wisdom and knowledge, even repositories of magic (remember Moses’ copper snake) — and are still considered such by a number of mantic schools, occultists and mystic groups. (Notice the snake has no astrology sign — Scorpio’s lizard comes closest — perhaps an indication that the snake was considered “beyond” the animals of the zodiacal signs. I won’t go so far as to say, “beyond astrology.” And my reasoning’s a little thread-bare: rabbits and frogs and mosquitos have no astrology signs, either.)
***   ***

I’m a baby boomer, of that generation born between 1946 and 1966. (Dates vary by author.) World War Two ended in 1945, I think, so the spike upward in pregnancies during this period has generally been attributed to the return home of the soldiers. I would estimate, considering the times, the wave of men who had not had sex for years, meeting a wave of women who had their own desires, that on average a love relationship was started 18 months before a baby’s birth. (We could argue about this time span; it might be shorter?) This means that the height of the boomer cycle, the year containing the most births, occurred 18 months after “first touch.” The most babies were born between 1961 and 1965, so the most “love affair beginnings” occurred approx. 1959 to 1964.

The War ended in 1945. The birth spike began in ’46. It took the average or “median” male from 1946 to 1959 — 13 years — to find love, or something close. And these were sex-starved men, killers and despairers (many men, my  father included, were in despair due to the war: despair at something they could not identify — JD. Salinger shows this despair in a short story, can’t remember the title, about a man on a beach). I don’t know. Hard to believe. Maybe something’s wrong with my idea.

(Other factors bear on this — the early children of the boomers might be having their own births by the “late peak” time of the boomer births. Also, the boomer birth “spike” was really just a continuation — though an abrupt and big one — of a rise that had been happening since the beginning of the century. In addition, immigration probably increased over these years, so gradually, over the years of the boomer births [1946-66] there were more and more moms and dads to give births. During the two decades of boomerism, Canada took in about 3 million immigrants, or about 20% of Canada’s pop. at the time. (Our pop. =’d 12 million in 1946, and 20 mill. in 1966, so the 3 mill. immigrants formed between 25% and 15% of the entire population. The U.S. was similar on all counts — though bigger by ten. But I ignored these and [I guess more successfully] other factors, to get to my point.)
***   ***

Aren’t you surprised that many of my forecasts come true? I am. (Even when I’m just being an ass, for instance when I was angry with Facebook, and I wrote here that “Facebook sucks” — this was followed about a month later by news reports that Facebook had sold millions (100- million?) Americans’ personal information to the Chinese government. This was followed by congressional hearings, etc. When I saw George Floyd killed by those evil cops, I opined here that Blacks are justified in shooting police. (I pulled it after 1 day, due to hate mail and threats on my life — from an anonymous coward — but also due to the possible illegality of it.) But, lo and behold, two weeks later Blacks began shooting cops. I wasn’t predicting in either case, I was just venting my anger.

But I was right about the stock markets, about the covid second wave (and when) about the U.S. “civil war,” about sanctuary cities, Trudeau’s election, Hillary’s defeat, bank stock falling, real estate declining, oh, and a few other things. I blew Joe Biden, tho — way back in the primaries I wrote: “Poor Joe, not a chance.” Well, he certainly does have a chance, a big one. Here’s the question: are  enough right predictions (I think I’m batting 80-90 %) proof of God? Or proof that there are unsuspected levels, many levels deeper than our surface world, but intertwined with it, so that if we sink down a level or two (or rise, they are the same) and watch our surface selves operate, we can see further (though dimly) into the future.  (Which might already exist.) Everyone of us can.


5 thoughts on “~WEEKLY FORECAST ~ JULY 5 – 11, 2020

  1. Mukesh

    Hi Tim,
    This is Rox.
    My DOB 21 NOV 1980.

    Is it not ok till 12th july to file a police complaint against someone, who is causing nuisanse.

    Plz suggest.
    Thanks for your support.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Trouble is, Mukesh, if you make the complaint now, it might get “lost in the shuffle,” or little comes of it. Try July 14 or 15.

      Cheers, Tim

  2. camouflage

    Please do not use terms such as “whites”. There is no “white” race. This society is not a slave–owning society. Only the 1% owned slaves. My people have come here starting 1880. You have to get out of that white vs black binary opposition. Building a new White House won’t change anything because even with a new building you still occupy the Native land.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, camouflage,

      Sorry, as long as everybody (including Blacks, BLM, etc.) uses “black” to describe African Americans, I can use “white” to describe Caucasians.

      Cheers, Tim

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