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NOTE: in the Forecasts every week, I will not be inserting (“stay 6 feet apart”) every time I mention romance or intimacy or “garden party.” But you can insert it for yourself.

START NOTHING: 6:02 am to 3:48 pm Mon., 6:20 pm to 6:21 pm Wed., and 6:06 am to 9:48 pm Fri.


ALL SIGNS: Continue to avoid new starts in relationships, projects and (significant) purchases until July 12.
***   ***

June 30 should mark the peak of corona infections for this wave. Next height: November.
***   ***

International travel will not recover until about January 2022.
***   ***

As I’m moving over the next 2 weeks, the forecasts might be shorter…
***   ***

A BIG AFTERAMBLE THIS WEEK. (After Pisces’ weekly forecast.)
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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The accent continues on home, family, security, your base, your launching pad — and rest. Take a few naps on the couch or the back porch. Start no large new projects, esp. involving your domicile or family, before July 12. Travel, communications, bring you to happy, compatible people. (All July.) Now to next January, your life will grow in powerful directions — take command of your destiny, be “captain of your fate.” Your courage and magnetism are potent, same period. Don’t break too many hearts!

Relationships fill Sun. to mid-afternoon Mon. (PDT) — but not smoothly. Avoid arguments, downplay competing interests. Monday eve to Wed. suppertime brings deep stuff — sex, intimacy, financial commitment, medical procedures, and lifestyle choices. Dig deep for information, base your decisions on this data, and your hunches. You might be promoted, or admitted to the line-up. Tuesday and Wed. are great, smooth, profitable — remember, take advantage of ongoing or past “openings,” but don’t start anything brand new.

A more elevated, mellow, idealistic mood slides into you suppertime Wed. through Fri. Chase goals here Wed., for Thurs. and Fri. are rather unwieldy, awkward or simply low-lucked. (Still, you’ll feel calm, affectionate toward “all humanity.”) Your career, ambitions and reputation rise to meet you about 9 am (PDT) Sat. into the weekend. Charge ahead — you’re approaching success, good things.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Remember, start nothing new before July 12. Be particularly alert around mail, phones, letters, addresses, figures, reports — these are “mistake zones.” Meanwhile, your sensual attractions and money dealings feel peaceful and soothing. A secret admirer might show his/her hand. Something major is developing in your “background” area now to next January: could involve the gov’t or head office, management, neglected chores/duties, or health. Outcome could be good or bad, depending. But whatever occurs, it will bring you closer to yourself, it will stiffen your spine, so to speak.

Tackle chores Sunday to late afternoon Mon. Eat, dress sensibly. Be alert: little glitches arise everywhere. Relationships fill Mon. eve to suppertime Wed. This interval is well-starred, so march ahead! (But do be mild, co-operative, a team player.) Life’s more mysterious side arises Wed. eve through Fri. This starts well Weds., even very well, but Thurs./Fri. don’t help at all, so go slow, be careful — giving a firm (financial or legal) commitment, or “sealing” a relationship with boudoir action might be a mistake. Saturday brings an affectionate, easy-going, wise mood — march forth in legal, intellectual, cultural, international and philosophical areas. Love might appear, even climax.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Remain vigilant — start nothing new before July 12. A former money source might be returning. Oddly enough, though Mercury’s retrograding, causing hyper-indecision, you are growing more and more certain of one area: love. Married or single, you’re certain you need love and affection, and need to be able to give it. Move toward this goal in the 6 weeks ahead. (Better after July 12 — but before this, too, if you’re with an old flame.)

You will feel a new optimism, a social nudge, might be invited into a new, important group (important for you) — now to next January. Be wishful, be expectant of good, because good is coming. Make friends — you’ll pick the right ones now! (This blossoming of hope and friendship might run counter to your financial interests. Just a word to the wise.) The general accent this week (and next two) lies on money, earnings, possessions, “buying power” and sensual (but not necessarily loving) intimacy.

Romance spreads its veil over everything Sun. to 4 pm Mon. (PDT). But that doesn’t bring good luck or success — in fact, you might be frustrated, glad when it’s over. Best stance: enjoy the beauty, the feelings, without chasing what causes therm. Tackle chores Monday late afternoon to Wed. suppertime — you’ll get them done, faster than you thought. Someone might offer endless intimacy, valuable secret knowledge, or large financial rewards — it isn’t a trick, Gemini; it’s destiny’s small gift.

Relationships face you from suppertime Wed. through Fri. Act quickly Wed., when action is rewarded. But hold your horses Thurs./Fri., when others present challenges rather than co-operation. Be the co-operative, willing one (as long as your own interests are not stomped on). Despite opposition, you might get a favourable review, career-wise. Saturday starts a weekend of sex, secrets, finances, investigation, and revelation. These might indicate an approaching lifestyle change.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

You’re full of energy, magnetism and “can do it” spirit, Cancer. Lead others, while being careful not to start anything brand new and significant. Cultivate the ongoing, or reprise the past. In the big picture, you are finally freed (since last May 5) to partner, join, marry, contract, negotiate, chase opportunities, relocate or appeal to the public. (Before July 12, don’t let these be “brand new.” E.g., a relocation which you almost did [days or years] before mid-June is “fair game.” But receiving and acting on the idea to relocate to a brand new itinerary, say Texas, will not yield simple good results.)

Your inner world remains sweet and soothed. An important career phase begins now, lasting to next January (2021). During this time you will be more ambitious, more determined and courageous about ambition-prestige goals than at most times in your life. That’s the plus side. On the minus side, bosses (and judges) can be more temperamental and impatient than usual. Ponder until mid-July, then start plans or actions.

Sunday to 4 pm Mon. (PDT) emphasize your home and family, Mother Nature, security, real estate. A gauntlet of difficulties advises against tackling anything important here. Romance, creative self-expression, risk, beauty, immediate pleasure — these arrive late Mon. to suppertime Wed. Luck rides with you, love is possible. Destiny might wrap your path together with a co-worker’s, or bring you a mate prospect who spells “work.” Be nice to that child you might have intimidated a day or two ago.Tackle chores Wed. eve through Fri. Act early, Wed., for best results. (Thurs./Fri. offer little progress.) Relationships arise Sat., and fill the weekend. Get out, make yourself “available” — an exciting meeting could happen!

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Until late July, the accent remains on your inner life, on pondering, dealing with civil servants, advisors and agents, rest and health. This area is rife with indecision, delay and potential mistakes until July 12, so don’t start anything — in any area, really. Your hopes (esp. for love) remain high and sweet, friends remain supportive, and, despite July’s tiredness, you remain attractive to many. This area has hit delays since mid-May, but those delays are over. Others finally begin to express their wants, desires.

Before February 2022, Leo, if you persevere, a dream will come true. But the present set-up that encourages your wishes and brightens your social life, lasts only to August 7. Be ready to chase your heart’s desire mid-July into early Aug. More momentous, Mars just entered your sector of law, religion, culture, education, far travel, media and fame — all areas it rules — for a more-than 6 month stay. Expect significant action and developments here, now to early 2021.

Errands and quick, easy chores, short trips and visits, communications and paperwork fill Sunday to late afternoon Mon. Step cautiously, make a list before you go, push no one’s buttons. Luck is poor. Your home and family rise in importance Mon. afternoon to suppertime Wed. This interval is beautifully successful in domestic, security, health, nutrition, and similar areas. A big task has destiny’s fingerprints on it. Romance is the intent, the atmosphere Wed. eve through Friday. But Thurs./Fri. seem determined not to give you anything, or anyone’s favour. So act Wed. pm, when luck rides with you. Tackle chores Sat. — you’ll get ‘em done, with relative ease. (In Europe, start after noon; in China, after 8 pm).

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Remember, Virgo, start nothing new and significant before July 12. The general emphasis is on popularity, socializing, friendly love affairs (which could turn out to be deeply significant) and optimism about your future. Your career scene, though benevolent and fortunate the last few months, has suffered delays since mid-May. Those delays end now — until Aug. 7, you can make huge headway with your ambitions. Women will help. Your nature is so pleasing now that no one will take offence at your attempts to climb. A promotion is not unlikely!

As for your hopes, your vision of the future, your social side, you’re wrapped in a quandary of indecision. That indecision won’t begin to end until July 12. Last week, Mars entered Aries for 6+ months. This will heighten your sex drives, and your pursuit of financial success or another form of power. Research, investigate. Surgery might occur.

Pursue $ Sun. to late afternoon Mon. Your luck is pretty low here, so don’t take chances. Stick to routine. Errands, messaging, travel, paperwork — these succeed splendidly Mon. eve to Wed. suppertime. Possible: an important, uplifting message about your home. And home is where you should be headed, Wed. night through Fri. But take your crucial action (if any) Wed., when Luck is with you. Thursday/Fri. are not very successful. Saturday showers you with creative urges and love’s luck — the start of a memorable weekend!

libra iconLIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The main focus remains on your career, ambitions, prestige relations and worldly standing, to late July. Remember, don’t start any new projects, relationships nor significant purchases, before July 12. You are, April to August, in a fine mental state; your thoughts range far, and bring added understanding. Far travel, intellectual and cultural pursuits are favoured. Recent delays in these areas — and in love — dissolve now, so push ahead — but not with a stranger before July 12!

Last Saturday began 6+ months in which you might relocate, might marry or co-habit, might form a business association or partnership, or do anything that links you up with another and/or with opportunities. This will be a remarkable 6 months! Be patient with career delays. (Look to the past here — a nugget lies hidden.)

Your energy and charisma soar Sunday to late afternoon Mon. Don’t depend on luck — use your extra energy to overcome obstacles, esp. on the home and security front (and in sales territory, if applicable). Chase $ Mon. late afternoon to suppertime Wed. (PDT) Be brave, confident, haggle for a lower price, connect with clients, ask for a pay raise — good luck rides with you. Errands, communications, trips and paperwork arise Wed. suppertime through Fri.  Thursday/Friday hold delays/obstacles, so act Wed. pm, when your luck shines, esp. in relationships. Saturday bends your path toward home, family, security, mother nature — all’s well (even more so as next Sunday comes).

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The main emphasis lies on love, travel, intellectual, social and cultural interests, and wisdom. You’re relaxed, mellow. Still, start nothing new in any area, esp. this one, before July 12. Nostalgia for your “old haunts” or voyages of earlier years, could beguile you. Your sex life, as I’ve mentioned many times, is very favoured (last) April to August. If single, you could meet a life mate in the boudoir stakes. Mars has just (last Saturday) begun a 6 month phase of intense work — be prepared, ready to expend extra effort. (Protect your head and face during this period — e.g., take care of a rash early.)

Lie low, rest and ponder, watch and absorb Sun. to late afternoon Mon. Not a good time to approach gov’t or head offices. Just rest. Your energy and charisma come leaping back Mon. eve to suppertime Wed. (PDT) Your luck is splendid, your goal true, your heart magnanimous. Someone’s attracted! Be a leader, give a significant nudge to stalled projects. (Or reprise one from the past.)

Chase money Wed. night when your work/money luck is high (a pay raise? selling a piece of machinery?) — because Thurs./Fri. offer little financial progress. Buy only routine things, groceries. Saturday brings calls, messages, friends, siblings, errands and paperwork. Good (all weekend) time to gather with friends, write, to ask questions. Love/partnership talk might occur.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Financial and lifestyle, medical and intimate delays have irked you since mid-June, and will continue to July 12. (Remember, start nothing brand new before then.) However, after that, in a swift move, you might “grab your prize.” Contemplate this, without making firm plans. Relationships have favoured you since April: others respond affectionately, and try to give you the better side of a deal. Delays have hit here, too (since mid-May) but now this area moves forward. Someone, I suspect, is willing to marry/join with you, or form a business partnership.

Relocation, negotiation, love, fame or dealings with the public — these are lucky until early August. Big news: last week (Saturday) started 6+ months of romantic intensity, fine creative furies, risk and adventure, gambling, sports, games, beauty and pleasure, perhaps teaching school. You have a choice: you can spend the remainder of 2020 on a sensual, sex-only affair, a hot white romance, live it intensely then walk away — or you can fall into romance, and marry before it ends (before January 2021 advised).

You’re hopeful, optimistic, popular and social Sun. to late afternoon Mon. Enjoy life, but don’t take any significant action, as luck here is pretty low. (You’ll hardly notice!) Withdraw from the hustle Mon. afternoon to suppertime Wed. Rest, recharge your emotional and physical reserves. Contact head office or the gov’t, advisors and agents, warehouses, institutions — seek aid, advice, the “inside track.” Your luck in these background arenas is high. Solve a domestic or security problem, too — it’s easy now.

Your energy and pizzazz pop upward Wed. suppertime through Friday. Act quickly Wed. night, as you won’t advance much Thurs./Fri., despite your energy and enhanced determination — best, these two days, to just dive into routine and get as much done as you can. Follow the money Saturday, which starts a lucrative (or expensive) weekend.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Remember, Cap, start nothing new in any area before July 12 — esp. in relationships, relocation, negotiation/litigation, or dealings with the public. There should be enough ongoing stuff there to keep you busy. In one arena, delays have ended: in work, health and career. You have been favoured here since last April; now to early August you can reap the rewards, like a fisherperson (?) pulling in the net: whether it’s full or scanty, depends on what you’ve done in the past year or so.

You have just begun a 6+ month cycle on the home front, one that can pull you toward home, but can also nudge you to be temperamental there. It’s a good 6 months for renovations, landscaping, planning your children’s future, etc. Build a cabin in the woods! A child might be “off to war.”

Sunday to 4 pm Monday (PDT) triggers ambitions and neighbourhood status concerns. Act Sunday (if at all) as Monday’s a dud, mostly. (Better in Europe and Asia.) You might receive a significant message from gov’t or head office. Late Mon. afternoon to suppertime Wed. brings new hope, optimism, a friendly, sociable mood — and happiness! Take advantage of this really splendid interval. You could make a dream come true. A friendly romance might be more of a “keeper” than you suspect.

Withdraw from the bustling crowd Wed. eve through Friday. Rest, recharge your personal batteries, ponder and watch. If you need to act, e.g., to seek gov’t permission or a mentor’s advice, or to tackle a neglected chore, do so Wed. pm, as Thurs./Fri. offer little progress. Your energy and charisma come roaring back Saturday (and all weekend) — get out, see and be seen, use this boost in charisma to chase or persuade someone. A (good) “fateful” weekend!

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The main accent remains on work and service, employment/employees, health, machinery/tools, and dependents. These remain stuck in the past, or in mistakes and delays, until July 12. Start nothing in ANY area before then. Romantic, creative, artistic or “risk-on” situations, delayed since mid-May, resume forward motion again. Love lives, despite the evidence. Be brave, be forward, esp. if this is a former flame. You sure won’t lack the courage to speak up — now to January 2021, you’ll become a real chatterbox, talking, travelling, visiting.

Sunday to 4 pm Monday are thoughtful, compassionate, as you examine the “big questions.” Usually this would be a good time for love, but this time luck seems to have skedaddled away over the fields, running like a dog with its first taste of freedom. Just enjoy the depth of your thoughts, the beauty of life’s design. Monday eve to Wed. suppertime brings ambition and pressure to perform. A good time to push projects or ambitions, former or present (but nothing new) — good luck stands by you. A gov’t edict (or message, e.g., tax return) spells fate, but this fate favours you.

Wednesday suppertime through Friday brings optimism, satisfaction, popularity, social joys — phone/contact people Wed. pm, as Thurs./Fri. hold small disappointments, underwhelming results. Still, you’ll be happy! Withdraw Saturday and the whole weekend — you need rest, relaxation, and time to contemplate where you’ve been and where you’re going. A perfectly harmless, comfy weekend!

Pisces icon  PISCES: Feb. 19-March 20

Start nothing brand new — relationships, projects or big purchases — before July 12. The general influence is romantic, creative, speculative. The earth and weather will seem steeped in beauty. However, actual romance (or creative projects, etc.) is either slowed/delayed right now or brings past attractions. Old flames are good, if the past was good. Your home has been affectionate, beautiful, since last April, and will, to early August.

The past 6 weeks of delays in this home area now dissolve — march toward any domestic goal now to Aug. 7, good luck will march with you. (Pregnancy is a domestic goal.) Recently, you’ve been hotter, more intense than usual. (Don’t believe me? Ask your friends.) Now that intensity shifts to your money and possessions sphere — for 6+ months. If you save and avoid debt, you’ll end up with more than you now have. But if you spend, spend, you’ll be poorer.

Mysteries, physical yearnings, secrets revealed, fill Sun. to 4 pm (PDT) Mon. You might be asked to give a commitment — don’t. Not much luck in this little interval. Best activity: investigation/research. But if your practical world begrudges success, your intellectual side shoots for success — and scores! — Mon. eve to Wed. suppertime. Now luck favours you, esp. in travel, legal, cultural, philosophical, educational, media and love pursuits.

Higher-ups want to know what you’ve been up to, they “grade” you, Wed. eve through Fri. Take ambitious action Wed., as Thurs./.Fri. don’t have much for you. (Friday’s good, pre-dawn in B.C., daytime in Europe, etc., specifically for ambition, not for love, et al.) Optimism, a celebratory feeling, steal over you Saturday (and the whole weekend) — enjoy your popularity, be with friends, and flirt with the one you want.



I’m sorry, I have not pulled the political content out of the text below, I just don’t have time, and I haven’t done politics for so many weeks that I’m sure many readers have stopped checking there. So some’s here. If you don’t like it, just don’t read those pieces. I’ve placed all political items at the end of the Afteramble, to help you avoid them.

***   ***

In my experience, cops are either diplomatic or bullies, at about 50-50 each. But I kind of like the idea that has come out of the Dems, the concept of “re-imagining policing.” I know it’s a political phrase, but if it were followed in spirit, it could lead to the new police, but also to heightened development of other means of tracking and controlling the citizenry, such as Google’s phone-tracking practices. I’ve said a few times that eventually architecture will replace (most?) police. This might be a step on that path.

***   ***

Well, I warned you back in April or May that June might bring a second, though milder, wave or resurgence of Covid-19. That has happened.

Now Saturn has retrograded back into Capricorn (July 1) until mid-December, hinting that the grim results of Covid-19 are growing grimmer. This is a “must do” situation for the various health organizations.

But more significant is a possible November 3rd wave. The January wave spread around the world quickly, shocking everybody. It was the most powerful, because it birthed. There is nothing more powerful than birth.

***   ***

There must be a communism in which everyone has a role, and everyone feels a desire to do things. It will come, but not before the 23rd Century. It will be achieved almost more in a psychic way than a corporeal way.

(To us, “psychic” sounds strange and woo-woo, rooted in a place unknown, etc. But really, psychic is just what is known. We are all psychic, to an astounding degree. But few of us will stumble upon what is known, fewer still will have the courage (or idiocy!) to notice the clues and be open to unfamiliar areas (for whenever we learn, we disturb the pool of the familiar, and must be, either little or much, brave; and few among those will actively pursue the psychic, or the psyche, simply because it doesn’t put food on the table like a regular job. So we end up with a lot of part-time psychics, some good, some spouting fiction.)

But my image is of a network, worldwide, of “villages” (factories, etc., are something else) of, say, 10,000 people on average, who are all psychic to the degree that they can “step out” and visit others, almost like a walk, on a walkway, without physical action. But they won’t be inactive, and their psychic sharing will go on while shopping cooking, playing soccer.


Trump’s leadership has largely failed since Covid-19 became a big thing; he was unable to resolve the contradictions and multiple plans of action against the virus, all speculative, all done without facts or evidence. This confusion showered down around his daily virus briefings, during which he grew more and more grim, even angry. Three reasons for this: 1) he had just been through the impeachment wringer, and was still smarting from the injustice of it;

2)  he is a Gemini.

Geminis are very uncomfortable with sickness and ill health. They hate to nurse. (Of course there are Gemini nurses; no sign in itself prevents any vocation; they only show a leaning toward or away from given goals or situations. For example, every Leo loves flattery; certainly there are some who are unmoved by it [though you’d be hard pressed to find one]. That rarity, Leos who disdain praise, is matched by Libra operating room nurses — this sign doesn’t like the sight of blood.)

Unless they have an intellectual connection, invalids bore Gemini. This sign loves to move, and, aside from hours spent at a book or task or tv, hates to be confined to one room. A sick person can be like a heavy anchor to a Gemini.

3) — I didn’t forget! — is related to 2): Gemini hates to be cooped up, tied down, which was almost synonymous with Covid-19. I think too he was frustrated by his delay in closing the borders, regretted that he hadn’t acted earlier. Regret can be a bitter tea.

I think he lost interest in the whole public health thing long ago; he could see the chaos around him, with medical experts saying anything, and I think he was just too exhausted emotionally after the impeachment fiasco, to give a deep damn about Covid. His brilliant economic future, where he rode on a sun-gilded chariot of success and prosperity into a second term, was ruined by Covid. Donald loves to construct; I don’t think he loves to repair.

But God loves this man: if he’s defeated, it will save his life.
***   ***

The trouble with communism is that it encourages laziness, and gives assertive, energetic people no other outlet for their energy than the pursuit of power in the hierarchy. They do this by walking over the backs of the lazy people. It must fail, for it discourages all work except the pursuit of political power. That’s why vodka is so prevalent in Russia — thwarted energies turn inward, into self-loathing and the need for escape from the self — vodka. And, why Russia is poor.

***   ***

Get ready for a few presidential pardons (in the U.S.) Nov./20 to Jan./21.
***   ***

Dang it, Trump, you’re driving me crazy. Unless you drop the anger and stress that has gripped you since covid-19 appeared, you’ll lose in November. (A huge resurgence in Covid around this month might throw the election awry.) You need to relax and call up all the gentleness, compassion and empathy you can — you need to be a “kind father” figure, not a stern, pointing father figure. You know, honey draws more than vinegar.

Oh, I know why you’re angry, and you have every right to be, after your enemies used every dirty trick against you, and little rats like Bolton bit your hand after you fed them, after you’ve been slandered, libelled, called disgusting names by disgusting people… but get over it, rise above it, or Gentle Joe’s quiet passivity will attract more votes — people aren’t looking at his mental tottering, but his “kind heart.”

They assume he will be a rather incompetent, ineffectual President, but they have faith that he will be a figurehead, run by dependably democratic people. So he and his invisible (and so far intelligent) team, can give the democrats a win without freaking out at their choice: Biden’s on his comfortable “squeeze her arm” perch, and the trusted team of democrats is running things efficiently and the way we want them; we’re still No. 1 in the world, and — we’ve eliminated Trump and handed the Republicans a huge defeat. It’s a line of thought that already is swelling Biden’s approval/popularity numbers.

(Yes, Biden’s actually a thief, and the worst kind — a treasonous thief who sells out his country for handfuls of gold. Like the guy who sold out Jesus. But he knows how to project comforting emotions, and how to look loveable even when he’s angry. He is, in the worst way, a Decepticon, a traitor to his country, but voters will forgive that, just as they forgave your ersatz university.)

And now you’re making mistakes — or rather, the cosmos is “helping you make them.” You started your campaign during a “START NOTHING” period, and were immediately shown the result: your rally only filled half the building, a major embarrassment that right-wing Fox News spent all Sunday trying to explain away.  (“Start Nothing” means the Moon is “void-of-course,” or “empty of results.” The Moon rules the people, the masses.) That was an omen, Donald, a precursor. Covid-19 isn’t the  only reason the crowds went limp.

Now, this wasn’t entirely your doing: you planned it for the day before, June 19 — a pretty good day, astrologically — but the Blacks and Dems shamed you out of that day, so you picked the 20th, which had no aspects, no future. AND you started it during Mercury retrograde. Having two strikes against you, doesn’t leave you much room to expand, much less breathe in the months ahead.

(BTW, regarding John Bolton [who really is an intelligent, well-spoken, unflappable ass — or viper] I warned you not to hire first names starting with J or U. They end up hating you, or even innocently sabotaging you.)
***   ***

JOE Biden is in danger (for the Republicans) of becoming a sacred creature, prized not for his skills and abilities, but because he possesses something deeper and more instinctual, a precious commodity or quality, which the race cannot afford to lose — or more correctly, feels a hunger for. And now, the hunger seems to be for comfort and reassurance, and Joe embodies these. Crowds are not really fickle; it’s just that when one hunger pops up, another fades. So almost like a queen bee, Joe is to be “cared for” by a legion of servants. They will keep him from harm; hopefully, in a perfect world for the Dems, Joe would not even have to face Trump in real debate. Like China’s Han emperor in 200 AD., Biden is an impotent vessel of something indefinable yet ineluctable.
***   ***

I told you (in 2016, I think) that Obama was a “Loki” (the Norse god who caused mischief and was a master liar. Now written evidence has appeared that shows he was involved with Comey, Biden and Stzrock (sp?)  in using the FBI to sabotage the Trump campaign — when he denied this, Obama, I guess, lied again! Oh, well.


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  1. piscesunny

    hi Tim,
    I signed up for online dating last month and finally got photos together… now its mercury retrograde and your first words for Pisces sun is no starting of new relationships == yet I feel like finishing my profile and making new friends as opposed to outright romance. esp . if I avoid the start nothing times. fascinating point you make re: Trump campaign !
    as a Sag rising, your forecast is accurate re: love.
    my question : is this retrograde good for finishing projects previously started like my slow online dating stuff?

    thank you , piscesunny

    ps. good points re Trump, he seems to have fate on his side

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Piscesunny,
      Why not just wait a week or two, then finish/submit your profile? (The retro is over July 12, and you’ll still hAve lots of time to date. Yeas, the retro is good for finishing previously started things, and your online dating MIGHT qualify.
      Cheers, Tim

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