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NOTE: in the Forecasts every week, I will not be inserting (“stay 6 feet apart”) every time I mention romance or intimacy or “garden party.” But you can insert it for yourself.

START NOTHING:   0:20 am to 5:33 am Tues., 10:34 pm Tues. to 10:05 am Thurs., and 1:02 pm to 1:16 pm Sat.


The next few columns might be shorter than usual, as I am busy moving, packing, etc. Leaving paradise for the big city.
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ALL SIGNS: Start nothing new — projects, relationships, (important) purchases — before July 12.
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When you look at Covid-19 from one angle, it has been a “cosmic agent” to speed up developments that were already occurring: cocooning, internet shopping, business by video conferencing, a lot of unused or under-utilized bank, real estate, etc.  In a real sense, Covid-19 is pushing us toward our inevitable future. In other words, Covid is an element/agent of progress.
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The 2020 second-half war, if it occurs? Could be China vs India.
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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The weeks ahead emphasize your domestic situation, security, sales territory, mother nature, gardening, repairs/decorating, and children. This month ahead will be nature’s “semi-hibernation” period for you. Don’t start any new projects, though, before July 12. (So a nice long rest looks quite likely!) Instead, reprise old stuff or protect ongoing projects, relations. A delayed communication arrives with an answer for you. Yet the answer leaves you uncertain (but pleased?). This is your last week of caution regarding violence and belligerent people.

Sunday/Monday double-down on the domestic theme. Spend at least one of these days with family. A mostly mellow interval, but Sunday night might raise some obstacles, which you can fix with a small burst of aggression. (Remember the violence warning, tho.) Tuesday dawn to mid-morning Thursday (all PDT) brings romance and a poetic mood. Beauty surrounds you. But a lack of  good aspects says this interval will be rather unsuccessful or will nudge you into not being yourself. For best results, act between 8 am and 3 pm (PDT). (I’m not promising long-term success, tho.) Pretty good interval for sports and games.

Tackle chores late morning Thurs. to noon Sat. Dress and eat sensibly. Possible work/career opportunity — if it’s connected to the past, go ahead. If it’s brand new, demur. You might be starting to think work is more peaceful than parenting. Saturday begins a long spell: until January 2021, you are going to be more adventurous, brave, determined, and magnetic to the opposite sex. Saturday night, deep night, might hold love.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Remember, Taurus, start nothing brand new before July 12. Your income is favoured, buoyant, from last April to next August — what might have been delayed, money-wise, now comes through, or at least begins marching forward. (Thursday onward.) You are, and have been since mid-May, making friends with people who might or might not be supportive in future. The four weeks ahead focus on errands, messages, short trips and visits, office systems/supplies, casual friends, light, quick chores. Be curious, ask many questions, watch the news. An old flame is likely to appear before July 12.

Sunday/Monday are filled with errands, communications, short travel, etc. Both days favourable. Monday night might present a dilemma: do I pick the short/casual, or the long/profound, in love, legal, travel and intellectual areas? (I’d go for the long — it has a “hidden treasure” — tho’ that treasure might not appear until September onward. For now, all treasure lies in the past — but could be re-mine’d!) Steer toward home and family mid-week (Tues. dawn to mid-morn Thurs.). Hug the kids, garden, hike in nature, relax, let yourself sink into yourself. Tuesday’s okay, but Wed./Thurs. need patience.

Romance visits Thurs. late morning to Sat. lunchtime. Go slow Thursday — wrong choice? But march forward Fri./Sat., in love, creative projects, risk/reward situations, sports and games. Saturday holds either a moment of intense attraction, or an argument. Saturday pm, tackle chores. This day begins six months of “interior cleansing” — anything from self-examination, to re-organizing your tax receipts — an important relationship with the government or an institution might occur. You might be “pushed” into management levels.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Remember, Gemini, start no new relationships, projects nor significant purchases (new clothes, tv, car, appliances, etc.) before July 12. In the meantime, there is plenty to keep you busy, and even more “busy stuff” might revisit you from the past. You’ll have less time than you envision. You remain attractive to the opposite sex (more so if you’re female) and a “love breakthrough” could happen this week (or anytime before Aug. 7) — what has been delayed here now resumes “forward motion.” A former money or purchase opportunity might re-appear. If it’s reasonable, grab it. Bosses continue to be snarky, impatient, but also friendly enough that you feel optimistic about your career.

Sunday/Monday emphasize the theme of the whole month ahead: money, possessions, memory/rote learning, and sensual temptations. Monday’s better, your ambitions are emphasized, favoured. But Mon. eve can bring a dilemma: do you spend your efforts on long money (investments, etc.) or short (monthly earnings, buying/selling/spending, etc.)? I’d go long, for best eventual success. Errands, swift, easy chores, trips and visits, messaging and paperwork — these come mid-week (Tues. dawn, PDT, to mid-morn Thurs.). Tuesday daytime is okay, but watch your words and drive carefully late this night to Thurs. am.

Lean toward home and family Thurs. late morning to lunchtime Sat. Hug the kids and spouse, garden, relax on the back porch, contemplate — and clean the whole house, pack things, etc. Fri./Sat. best, though there might be an argument just after noon Sat. This night into Sunday sparks romantic urges. Saturday also begins 6 months of heightened optimism, socializing, popularity, entertainment, and “future vision.” A light romance is almost certain for singles — but let this, and future plans, begin after July 12, not before (unless a former love is involved).

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

You’re in charge, Cancer! Your energy and charisma will climb and stay high over the month ahead. Be a leader, tackle things, get things done, encourage others. But don’t start anything brand new before July 12. (Read June 14 message for more detail on this.) Continue to avoid lawsuits; instead, educate yourself about your career, or steer it toward international levels — both of these, through Friday, then the influence disappears. (To be replaced, Saturday, by a six-month increase in ambitions, dealings with higher-ups.

You’ll be ultra-ambitious, determined and courageous — this could be a great half-year for your career or prominence, perhaps the most significant in many, many years. It can go well if you’re assertive and hard-working; but it can go badly if you’re too aggressive, (or lose control of fire, chemicals.) A former friend might get in touch. Could be a Gemini or Virgo. Your inner world and your interactions with gov’t, go well until August. A recent delay in these ends this week. Seek an advisor.

Sunday/Monday emphasize your new energy and charisma — charge ahead, get things done, be a diplomatic, merciful leader (esp. Mon. pm). You’ll succeed, esp. in intellectual, travel and legal zones. Chase money, buy/sell, memorize what you must, seek “idle sensuality” midweek (Tues. dawn, PDT, to mid-morn Thurs.). However, don’t take big chances, as the aspects are mostly blah, disruptive or promote misunderstandings. Best: Tues. morning, afternoon. (Remember, buy nothing big nor significant.)

Errands, friends, trips, visits, paperwork, messaging, these fill late morning Thurs. to lunchtime Sat. Thursday isn’t easy, family nor gov’t help, but you’ll get things done. Better Fri./Sat., when errands are easy and friendly love is available — partnership agreement also. Avoid a potential argument midday Sat. Home better than carousing Sat. night. This day starts 6 months of powerful ambition, career developments.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Remember, Leo, start nothing brand new before July 12. Includes relationships, projects and significant purchases (e.g., fashionable clothes, appliances, car). You have been toying with light, friendly, speculative romance (or with the idea of it) since early April. (BTW, the 18 months ahead reward you in light, friendly love/romance, but “unreasonably” stymie you in deep romance [your favourite kind].) Your head is full of delicious “what ifs”. This trend has circled, suffered delays, over the last 6 weeks — now (Thurs. onward) it resumes forward motion. If single, love is potent, and looms close. But you might not be able to take full advantage, because your energy and charisma will be low, now through July 21.

A buying opportunity might re-appear from the past — yes, it’s okay. Your sexual side, simmering since mid-May, has only this week to simmer more. Saturday ends this influence, and replaces it with 6 months of pure, intense travel, learning, law, publishing, media, cultural rites and beliefs — and LOVE. Well, possibly love. More accurately: if you are in love, this six months tends to bring vows. If you’re single, the same 6 tend to introduce you to people whose minds and personalities turn you on, and whom you would feel deserve a wedding more than just shaking up. Here, hard to separate respect from love: they intertwine.

Withdraw to recharge your emotional, mental and physical batteries Sunday/Monday. Think, ponder, but don’t make plans, you’d just throw them away later. Contact head office or gov’t — good results. Midweek (dawn Tues. to mid-morning Thurs., all PDT) your energy and attractiveness rise, but not to the top, as you’re in a month of quietude and low charisma. Enjoy the energy surge, but don’t act too solidly on it: hard to know what to do, what actions will fill the bill, or fail. Pursue money, buy/sell, have “afternoon sex” (i.e., for pleasure only) from late morning Thurs. to lunchtime Sat. Thursday isn’t much, but Fri./Sat. hold success elements — march ahead. (Buy only routine items, e.g. groceries.) Work goes well, too. Sidestep an argument Sat. afternoon. This day starts 6 months of adventure.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Remember, Virgo, no matter what I say below, start nothing brand new before July 12. You are at  the beginning of a month of happiness, optimism, light romance, popularity and social delights. Old friends return; perhaps you return to a whole group. (New group associations might take up a lot of your time and disappoint, so stick with the former or ongoing socially — and in every area of life, before July 12.) An old flame might begin to burn again.

Your career and reputation are favoured, buoyant, from last April to next August — what might have been delayed, ambition-wise, now comes through, or at least begins marching forward. (Thursday onward.) By August, you might be promoted, with a pay raise, if you haven’t been recently. Your stock is rising amongst the bigwigs! Be ambitious, impress higher-ups, apply for positions, etc. — this will go even better after July 11, but if a former boss/position is offered, with a pay raise, consider it seriously.

Sunday/Monday double-down on the fun/popularity/flirtation theme — get out and celebrate life! You could meet true love; or at least a potential life-mate. But withdraw, seek quietude and rest, ponder (don’t plan) Tues. dawn to mid-morn Thurs. Deal with gov’t, corporate head offices, institutions, advisors and agents. Pamper your health. Tuesday’s okay, but Wed., early Thurs. don’t offer much. Rest, relax — that’s the main thing.

Your energy and charisma bounce back beautifully late Thurs. morning to just past noon Saturday (all PDT). Get out, see and be seen, be a leader, lend your “muscle” to mutual projects (not brand new ones!). You might be drawn to one who represents a challenge, emotionally and sexually. Saturday night begins six months of heightened sexual awareness, intimacy, and financial urges, strong ones. (Now to Jan. 2021 think 3 times before committing to anything or anyone: this will protect you against impulsive mistakes.) It also begins a weekend of money, possessions, and sensual urges.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Remember, Libra, avoid brand new investments, purchases, relationships and projects/ventures until July 12. The general accent lies on ambition, career, prestige relations, worldly standing/reputation, and practical pressures. Here, strictly avoid the brand-new: either protect ongoing situations from delays, mistakes, etc., or reprise past projects/relations. (A former career role or opportunity might return — sure, grab it if you want.) You might have had some rewarding moments with intellectual, international, travel, legal, cultural and love circumstances since last March, and will, to early August.

These, travel, love, etc. have slowed down since mid-May; by Thursday, they begin to march forward again. Love, socially acceptable/approved love, is in your future. Co-habitation might come also, from this Saturday to early 2021. Listen, Libra, you are marriage-oriented, and never feel quite complete w/o a partner. This looming “marriage period” (this Sat. to Jan. 2021) is an important one — BUT make love, not war.

Be ambitious Sun./Mon. Monday’s best. If you must decide between home/family and career/outside world Mon. pm, hmmm — I guess pick home. (Sorry, ran out of insight.) Dreams can come true midweek! Your popularity and optimism rise; social delights and friendly romance visit you. Tuesday’s best. Wednesday, and into Thurs. morning, needs thought, care — start nothing, though tempted! Just enjoy the beautiful mood.

Withdraw Thurs. mid-morn to lunchtime Sat. Nap, rest, contemplate, liaison with civil servants, institutional workers, and “head office.” All goes very well — but if you eat/drink unwisely, Friday night can bring a stomach ache. Saturday, around midday, you face either an argument or a mate prospect. Make love, not war. Your energy and pizzazz jump upward Sat. pm into Sunday. As stated, this day starts 6 months of “marriage vibes.”

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

A sweet, mellow month lies ahead, Scorpio. Your intellectual, travel, philosophical, media and love zones flow well, but mostly toward past goals, or along paths already set. Strictly avoid starting anything brand new — relations, projects, or significant purchase— before July 12. In sexual clinches, you’re uber-favoured until August. Even better, recent delays in this region end late this week. Your marriage planet is in your “deep sex” sector, so what might begin as just “a roll in the hay” could develop into life mating. You’ve been intensely romantic (as opposed to “adult” love) since mid-May. That ends Saturday, when 6 months of intense work begin. This work will likely mean more income, perhaps a career boost, so don’t flee from it.

Sunday/Monday doubles down on the mellow, loving, intellectual trend of the whole month ahead. Both days nice, but Mon. better. You might need to choose, Mon., between a casual or a profound relationship with someone. If uncertain, delay — a decision in mid-July might be wisest. Midweek (Tues. to Thurs. morning) brings career and prestige pressures. Be ambitious but careful. Everybody’s searching for things that can’t be found — including the truth.

Your mood lightens mid-morn Thurs. to lunchtime Sat. — social delights, enhanced popularity, optimism and light romance visit you. Thursday’s a bit dicey (you receive a very nice “no”) but Fri. and Sat. have real potential for joy — and for wish fulfillment! One thing: avoid an argument midday Sat.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS: Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Now to late August, the general accent will be on “deep stuff” and on commitments that can change your life as well as your lifestyle. (For example, a mortgage.) Life now offers  investments, research, medical decisions, sexual bonding, heightened intuition and hidden treasure. Great time to dig into the past, not only for revelations, but for pathways to success/profit. But now to July 12, DO NOT start anything brand new, projects, relationships nor significant purchases. If these arise from the past, or are part of an ongoing venture, okay. (Even in this, you’ll have to battle indecision and watch for mistakes, double-check figures, etc.)

This is your last week of temper on the home front — and, equally, of a love of “real estate” in some form. Saturday starts 6+ months of romance, creativity, speculative actions, games, sports, beauty and pleasure. A major love affair might loom — and it might occur with someone you’ve met since April, and who still puzzles yet attracts you.

That “deep stuff” (investments, research, etc.) is doubly emphasized Sun./Mon. Both days are fine, although Mon. afternoon/eve presents you with a dilemma of choice: do you pursue short or long-term money or intimacy? For now, I would lean toward the long-term. Midweek (Tues. dawn to mid-morn Thurs., PDT) brings mellow understanding, far travel, international affairs, law, religion, publishing, ideals and potential fame — all the things you love. Don’t expect a lot from this interval, as lucky or productive aspects are few, and obstructive aspects many. Be ambitious Thurs. late morning to lunchtime Sat. Luck accompanies you, so march ahead! (Charm a boss?) Sidestep an argument that is really over, or irrelevant, Sat. afternoon. This night, chase love or beauty.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The main emphasis for the 4 weeks ahead lies on relationships — and your environment, which includes relocation themes, opportunities, dealings with the public, negotiations, etc. Be co-operative, not demanding. Hop on another’s band-wagon, at least until it takes you to a good destination. But don’t expect immediate results — many changes of view, opinion can occur. Others might seem indecisive, but realize part of this come from you (you’re showing more hesitancy than you think).

Until July 12, stick with ongoing relationships and projects — start nothing new. Applies to important purchases, also. A former love or ex-spouse might reappear for a “second chance” in the few weeks ahead. Delays at work end later this week — and your workplace remains pleasant, even creative. It’s your last week of hurry-hurry errands and messaging. Saturday starts 6+ months of intensity on the home front. You might end a situation or relationship, you might buy a house, change cities, etc. Buy extra fire insurance.

Those relationship themes are doubly emphasized Sun./Mon. — all’s well, be diplomatic and cooperative, especially Monday eve, when conflicting points of view can occur. An opportunity might return from the past, could be a good one. You veer into deeper waters Tues. dawn to mid-morn Thurs. You might be tempted by financial lures or visions of intimacy, but don’t act quickly — almost everything is mildly askew.

A mellow, understanding mood steals over you Thurs. mid-morn (PDT) to lunchtime Sat. Far travel, legal matters, intellectual, cultural pursuits — these might face a gentle “no” to Thurs. suppertime, but this night to Sat. offers easy progress. You might feel something stir inside you about an attractive someone. Sidestep a confrontation midday Saturday.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS: Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The four weeks ahead feature machinery, employees/employment, and daily health. DON’T start any new projects here, or anywhere, before July 12. (Also avoid making new relationships or big purchases — machinery, appliances, are likely to be lemons — or unnecessary.) More money, and more debt, continue to flow to you. (Told you not to spend!) But this money streak ends Saturday, as six months of hyper-communications, friendliness, travel and restlessness, and curiosity, begin. Remember, you still have winking Venus, love planet, in your romance sector until August 6 or so. Recent delays in love (since mid-May) end now. In July/August, communications can bring you closer to love. (But we aren’t there yet — next week onward.)

Re-read the first line above (“The four weeks…”) — this is the main emphasis for Sunday/Monday. Tackle chores. It’s a good interval, with much accomplishment — make sure you have a solid goal, then proceed. Monday pm might present a choice: hands-on effort, or “delegate the thing.” Your choice — probably hands-on is best for now. Midweek (Tues. dawn to mid-morn Thurs., PDT) brings relationships, “opportunities” and relocation themes. Co-operation or opposition. (I.e., if you do’t co-operate, you incur opposition.) Don’t be too adventurous here — “opportunities” is in quotation marks because new ones will be false. Hardly anyone knows exactly what’s going on. Tuesday daytime is best. Watch, smile, help — and that’s it.

You enter deeper waters 10 am Thurs. (PDT) to Sat. lunchtime. Yearnings for intimacy, power, financial gain, knowledge, a new lifestyle — these awaken and surface, as do your subconscious, your intuition and hunches. Thursday night onward is lucky, so take advantage. (Remember, though, nothing brand new.) Sidestep friction Sat. noon-ish. This afternoon leads to a mellow, loving night.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Remember, Pisces, start nothing new, projects, purchases or relationships, before July 12. The general accent for the weeks ahead lies on romance, beauty, pleasure, creativity and passion, speculation and risk, charming kid, teaching. All the areas that are most affected now by delays and possible misunderstandings (to July 11). An old flame might appear — and be worth re-engaging. (You choose, based on past events.) You can also be tempted to revisit creative projects, painting, writing, etc. — but I wouldn’t, because you might sow confusion in your masterpiece.

Home matters that have been delayed now (Thursday onward) resume forward motion. (E.g., you mortgage is finally approved, or that stove you bought last May now arrives.) You’ve been fiery, assertive, since mid-May. That changes Saturday, when 6+ months of money intensity grips you. More money will come, but so might more debt — restrain spending!

Sunday/Monday light the passion flame in a fortunate way! Both days significant. Marriage prospects hover around. Take a chance. Tackle chores ands protect your daily health midweek (Tues. dawn to mid-morn Thurs., PDT). Eat, dress sensibly. Follow all safety regs, and read instructions twice. Not an easy interval — Tuesday daytime’s best. Relationships confront you midday Thurs. to lunchtime Sat. Besides a gentle “no” Thurs. pre-twilight, this night onward offers sweet success. Be co-operative, diplomatic, and lean toward merging rather than independence. Don’t lose your temper Sat. afternoon.


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