“QUE SERA SERA” ~ Doris Day
(written by Ray Evans & Jay Livingston)

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START NOTHING: 3:11 pm Mon. to 8:35 am Tues., 6:02 pm to 8:49 pm Thurs., and after 3:34 pm Sat.


Told you Elizabeth Warren would pass Bernie Sanders and at the same time reduce or whittle down his following (Aug. 4 column). Recent polls (Aug. 6/7?) showed her surging past poor Bernie, into second place behind Joe Biden. Bernie’s popularity sank.

A few weeks ago I “eliminated” Kamala Harris from any serious contention because she was “too heartless”. It looks like primary voters agreed. She fell in last week’s polls like a rock on a muddy slope.
***   ***

Last week I wrote that Trump’s “birther” comments about Obama were racist. Now I’m not so sure. Evidently Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff were spreading the birther rumour over a decade ago, when she was running against Obama. I wonder if Trump picked up on the rumours and ran with them. That would be very Gemini (his sign). In other words, Trump will use racists and their spewings to gain political or other advantage, but he’s not racist himself. In a way, that’s worse than racism, but in a way it’s much more innocent.
***   ***

The question is, why did the FBI and Justice want Hillary to win? Their later tactics (e.g., Comey’s attempt to blackmail Trump) reveal their goal. They could control Hillary; they could threaten to expose or prosecute her. They couldn’t control Trump, although Comey gave it the old college try. Hillary’s ascension was, for them, a crucial, solid step on the way to control of the nation.

***   ***

In the AFTERAMBLE: the Moon and sexual abuse, Dems and Demagogues, and the mass shootings.
***   ***


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The emphasis remains on romance, creative projects, risks, self-expression, beauty and pleasure. (Children now are charming, display their talents.) Better results on the Lotto than usual. Romance continues next week, but the present one contains more power and sweet luck. Legal, learning, publishing, intellectual, far travel or love projects, many of them “held back” since last April, now march forward to rewarding conclusions over the next 3 to 4 months. Your luck is growing! Except in career and dealings with VIPs and authorities — here, burdens and obstacles will generally frustrate you, so go slow, maintain status quo. DON’T push higher-ups.

That last bit of advice fits Sunday to post-dawn Tues. — esp. Mon., when the temptation to make a mark on your career front, or to nudge a boss to accept your view, proposal, is strong (and false). Caution! That aside, Sunday morning is friendly, inspired, might bring an earnings or money solution or opportunity. The very things that go well Sunday might rise up to frustrate you Tuesday. This day might spark a break-up, a final one. But even if it does, your mood will soar (which tells you something about the relationship).

Joy fills you Tues. morning to Thurs. early night. This interval brings popularity, social delights, optimism and wish fulfillment — and flirtations. A brand new love, a light, friendly, witty and flirty one, might start — it could be far more significant for your future than is apparent. You might face a choice Thurs. pm — do you opt for love, or for conquest?

Retreat Thurs. night through Sat. Seek quietude, rest, be thoughtful, ponder and make plans, esp. Sat. You might feel nervous Fri. morning, or have a hard time communicating. Saturday night starts six weeks of more intense work.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The emphasis remains on domestic matters, home, children, garden, security, Mother Nature, and, at work, “territory”. Good time to reconnect with kids, install CCTV, pave that driveway, even start renovations. Since April, your money connections, investments, debts, all major money, have been “missing” or stalled. Now to December, these delays melt swiftly, and you can march toward a solution. Communications, confidential discussions, commitments will improve the situation and your chances. If you owe major debt, now is the time to face up to it, speak with creditors, and work out a solution. Present your case confidently, even loudly.

Sunday/Monday bring legal, travel, international, educational, love or publishing themes — mostly temptations that will never yield rewards, and/or poor luck in these zones. Be cautious both days. But have fun Sun. morning, when friendship blossoms.

Your reputation, ambitions, career, and relations with prestige people (or judges) are slated Tues. morn to Thurs. night. Events are rather jumbled Tues. You could feel a lot of stress, esp. regarding a job interview, or meeting with a higher-up. But Tues./Wed. soothe you, offer opportunities. Wednesday pm, you might have to either join hands/accept an opportunity with gov’t, head office, or a manager, or stay away from them. Tempers possible.

The things that make you happy flow into Thurs night (North America only) Fri. and Sat. Expect social joys, flirtation, optimism, and a “quiet popularity”. Friday morning might bring a conflict between what your home/family need, and what you need. Saturday starts 6 weeks of intensified romantic, creative and “gambling” instincts/impulses. Make sure you won’t be gambling with burdens, or chasing a verboten relationship.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The accent remains on communications, paperwork, short trips, friendly contacts, and errands. Be active, but also be curious. Ask questions. Your hopes/goals for marriage, relocation, fame, business or other opportunities, have been delayed or “non-starters” since last April. But 2019 is a very lucky year for these, and the present week ends all delays — so chase these now to December.

Not a good week (year!) to invest, nor to sign anything. (Advice holds to December.) Those very things, finances, commitment, sexual desire, lifestyle changes and medical procedures, arise Sun. to Tues. morning. They will tempt you, but if you bite, expect future difficulties. Sunday morning’s friendly, inventive. Monday, temptations peak.

Wisdom and mellowness return Tues. morn to about 9 pm Thurs. (PDT). You’re learning a new, practical kind of wisdom, now to 2026. The need for it should be apparent Tues. This night could signal true love, ‘friends with benefits’ — or a break-up. Whichever occurs somehow favours you.

Chase travel, learning, intellect, love, a wider world view, law and justice Wed./Thurs. Your future, or a humorous friend, open a door or at least a window, Thursday. Ambitions, relations with higher-ups (including parents, bosses, judges), climbing the career ladder, operating a business- all these figure prominently Thurs. night through Saturday. Communications could be abrupt or snarled late Thurs., early Fri. Drive carefully, avoid buying computers, software, apps.

Fine career inspiration Sat. This night begins 6 weeks of intensity and optimism on the home front — renovations might begin (good timing) but be gentle with spouse, kids now to October 3.

  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Continue to chase money, Cancer. Buy/sell, butter up clients, angle for a pay raise or longer hours, etc. The last 5 weeks brought more $, but also more expenditures. This is your last week of that. Saturday starts 6 weeks of intense, swift travel, calls, paperwork, visits, texts, etc. Those communications, trips and paperwork will tie into your ambitions, business, career scene. This week, your money luck is high. A new note or circumstance  forms now in money, but your friends seem to “fight it”. (This peaks Fri. morning, or it doesn’t fit with your envisioned future.)

Sunday/Monday bring relationships and “opportunities”. Be careful, remain independent, be wary of commitment, of signing anything. (You might really want to.) Sunday morning’s fresh, friendly.  Secrets, mysteries, major finances, or sexual attractions fill Tues. morning to Thurs. night. Dig deep, treasures lie hidden. Tuesday’s a little hard to make go as you want — keep a wary eye on “unexpected guests” or other surprises. Wednesday flows smoothly. Thursday nudges you to choose between long-range (e.g., investments) and short-range money (e.g., earnings).

A sweet, mellow, wise and understanding mood flows over you Thurs. night through Sat. Saturday brings the best results, contains good inspiration. Good time to buy travel tickets, or enlist in school.

Leo icon,  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Your energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness remain high and handsome, Leo! Continue to make your mark, to impress others, and to start significant new ventures. 2019 offers giant romantic, creative, pleasurable and “gambling” opportunities. These have stalled since April, but this week ends all delays. Now to December, your good luck flows unimpeded in these zones. If single, you could fall madly (and fortunately) in love. If married, you both will celebrate your talented kids, or launch a special vacation adventure. Great few months ahead for writing your novel, painting, etc. This week, you exude sexual magnetism, affection/good looks, and witty discourse. The sexual magnetism will fade somewhat after this week.

Tackle chores Sun./Mon., but don’t expand them, or immerse yourself too fully in them. Keep perspective, a light touch. (Even better, delegate someone to perform them.) Sunday morning’s friendly — you might start a friendship with someone who can aid your ambitions.

Relationships fill Tues. morning to Thursday night. For these few days, “genuflect” to others — be flexible, accent their needs over your own, co-operate, find common ground. This might not be easy Tuesday, as someone’s ambitions get in the way. (Or you want status, your mate wants security. They could be one and the same if you both wiggle, adjust a little.) But Wed. and Thurs. flow productively, amiably — though by Thurs. you might need to decide whether to woo or fight someone. I’d woo!

Life’s mysteries, depths rise around you Fri./Sat. A boss, parent or judge might disagree with your hopes, plans Fri. morning. Careful driving and with machinery. Good investments (or sexual intimacy) Sat. Saturday night starts 6 weeks during which more money than usual will rush toward you, and away from you. Take care, save rather than spend until October.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Continue to lie low, Virgo. You need rest, relaxation. Too fast a pace will make your health suffer. It’s a good time to turn to the spiritual, to meditate, or to fulfill all those charitable ideas you’ve had. Liaison with head office, agents, advisors and civil servants. Saturday night will begin six weeks of heightened course, determination and sexual appeal/ interest. Until then, remain wary of belligerent, angry people.

All 2019, your real estate and home sectors are blessed with solid good luck. But since April, that luck has stalled and progress ended. But this Sunday ends those stalls. Now to December, march forward with property improvements, purchases from a house to a coffee pot and everything in-between — furniture, food, cutlery, a backyard pool, etc. You’re going to be “hot to leap” into investments (or bed) these 4 months ahead — and your prime investment should be real estate or something related. (Food, coffee shop, grocery store, farm — same good luck.)

Sunday/Monday bring romantic, creative, pleasure and “gambling” notions, openings, attractions, lures. Say no, a subtle trap lies here. Instead, opt for friendship, socializing, group fun, even light, friendly romance, even marriage based on such feelings – steer clear of deep, soul-surrendering, private romance.

Tackle chores Tues. morning to Thurs. night. Eat, dress sensibly. Be careful with sharp tools/machines and electricity Tues. The remaining days flow well. But Thurs. might confront you with a powerful sexual or financial situation — it’s either an opportunity or a closed (and argumentative) door.

Relationships fill Fri./Sat. Careful Fri. morning, when tools, driving, or ethical/legal boundaries could irk you. Saturday’s splendid if you’re co-operative, seeking others, and are willing to merge. You meet (or re-meet, perhaps for the ten hundredth time) someone who is your counterpoint: intuitive where you’re logical.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Wishes can come true, Libra! Especially wishes around popularity, socializing, travel, love and marriage. Right now, almost half of all the planets, and the Sun, sit in your “wish” sector. However, one of them, Mars, leaves Saturday night (Aug. 17). During this phase, Aug. 17 to Oct. 3, new people will be poor marriage prospects (poor for business or friendship partnering, too). So if you’re looking for a mate/lover, better act this week! (Wed., Thurs. best.) In general, a beautiful week!

Sunday/Monday bring domestic, property or security problems to the fore. Tackle these lightly, with reason and knowledge. (E.g., ask an expert before digging, building, etc.) Don’t just attack them impulsively, and DO NOT buy or rent property. Sunday morning’s gabby, friendly — you might learn a secret, or discover a financial “ore vein”.

Tuesday morning to Thurs. night brings romance, affection, beauty, pleasure, creative surges and the urge to take a risk. Plunge into any of these, Libra, Wed./Thurs. (Tuesday brings risk to money, health and morals.) If you meet someone Thurs. before 6 pm PDT, and you’re attracted/intrigued – act, swiftly, make some arrangement — for this is a “last chance” for a while to meet significant mate material.

You might have to choose, late Thurs. and early Fri., between secrets and openness. These days, and Saturday, tackle chores. You’ll get a lot done, Fri. after mid-morn, and Sat. If buying tools or machinery, wait until Saturday.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The emphasis remains on ambitions, relations with higher-ups (bosses, parents, judges), career, your worldly standing and neighbourhood reputation. These themes tend to succeed this week and next. All 2019, your major luck lies in money. Since April, the cosmos has likely withheld any big prizes, but that ends — now to December, your money luck swells again, so march ahead — no more delays!

Bosses and parents have probably been impatient and temperamental since early July. They remain so this week, but after that, their tempers cool, and you might even receive a pat on the back or some other praise, Aug. 17 to Oct. 3. That period ahead will be a good one to socialize with co-workers. A job wish might come true — but that’s next week onward.

Sunday/Monday bring wanderlust, daily calls, messaging, visits, trips and paperwork. Don’t plunge into these, and strictly avoid starting a new mail project, buying travel tickets or a car, installing new telephone equipment, etc. Subtle dead-ends lie in these pursuits. In thoughts, speech, be profound rather than quick.

Tuesday morning to Thursday night nudges you toward home and security, real estate, family. Tuesday’s tough because a partner or spouse disagrees with you, or is stressed. Drive carefully. Wednesday and Thursday flow easily. Thursday daytime might offer a working partnership — or an argument!

Love, passion light your heart Thurs. night through Saturday. Both Thurs./Fri. could pit your career ambitions/duties against your spouse’s interests; or nudge you to choose between being loyal to your present career situation, and seeking new opportunities. Saturday’s splendid: romance rises, inspiration and imagination blossom. Enjoy! This night ends criticism from higher-ups.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The accent remains on intellectual, religious, international, educational, publishing and legal concerns, Sage. “Concern” is not the right word, as these matters are fortunate and pleasing this week and next. For a while, and for the week ahead, your romantic planet is in your intellectual house. This nudges romantic relations into wedding zones. (Most marriages occur because the two people share an intellectual biorhythm… more from this than from sexual or emotional compatibility. That’s partly because the intellectual rhythm also governs religion and other beliefs, social training and “group think.”)

Saturday (Aug. 17) ends this “romantic spark” and begins six weeks of intensity in career. Be diplomatic and pull your weight, next week through Oct. 3 — bosses and other VIPs will be impatient and temperamental. There will be benefits in that intensity, also — in fact, a wish about your career or social standing might come true.

Sunday/Monday focus on money, earnings, buying/selling, possessions, memory and rote learning, and sensual intimacy. DON’T take any plunges — treat this area lightly, stay out of tempting situations. Sunday before 10:30 am PDT is good for buying computers, software.

Errands, paperwork, friendly but casual contacts, short trips, communications fill Tues. post-dawn to Thurs. night. Be alert, careful Tues., when driving – machinery and relationships (at work) vibrate with stress, sudden movements. Wednesday/Thursday are fine. Thursday pm could bring the last opportunity to chase/contact someone who turns all your cranks: intellectual, emotional and physical. Or, an unimportant argument might occur.

Settle into home, rest Thurs. night through Saturday. Tension, abrupt occurrences/ accidents, or disagreement can visit you late Thurs., Fri. morning. But the remainder of this interval calms, puts a quiet smile on your face. Relax, hug the family, garden, enjoy.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Two more weeks of secrets, mysteries, sexual and financial commitments, medical “bothers”, lifestyle changes, and research/investigation, Cap. Dig deep, reject superficial answers. This area, although mildly lucky since April, might not have yielded much, perhaps due to gov’t delays, administrative indecision, etc. But this month 3 planets favour this zone, and those “collateral delays” end now (Sunday) so charge ahead — invest, woo, change your lifestyle, confer regarding surgery, etc.

Saturday (Aug. 17) will begin six weeks of intensity in legal, political/fame, educational, religious, international and intellectual zones. Strictly avoid lawsuits. One might arise over real estate, home, rentals, kids, that sort of thing.

Your energy and effectiveness, clout and charisma stand high and strong Sun./Mon., so start new things, make contact, see and be seen, be a leader. The best leadership you can show:  join another in their quest, project, group, etc. If you act independently, you will only subtly trap yourself.

Pursue $ from Tues. morning to Thurs. night. Buy, sell, schmooze with clients, angle for a pay raise, etc. Tuesday’s tough on love (and isn’t supportive of much else, except disruption and surprise). But Wed./Thurs. are wide open — march ahead, but two cautions: 1) prices might be high; and 2) deal with short term (earnings/purchases) or long-term (investments, debts) but don’t argue.

Quick, easy chores, errands, visits, chats, paperwork, travel and communications fill Thurs. night through Sat. Thursday night, Friday morning (PDT) might be a bit tense, unpredictable — not a good time to ask for a date or a favour. But the remainder of this interval flows with pleasant satisfaction. Be curious, ask questions, esp. Sat.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The emphasis remains on relationships this week and next, Aquarius. That includes opportunities, public appearances, relocation, negotiation and contracts, litigation and enmities. Charge into these — except the last two! True love, true mating is possible now, likely coming from a group source (e.g., you’re introduced by friends, or meet at a gathering). If so, it’s light, friendly, witty, not “hearts over the moon” stuff. (BTW, your deepest romantic sign is Gemini — light, witty and friendly at core. But a Leo or Aries looks more prominent right now.)

Saturday (Aug. 17) starts 6 weeks of intense sexual attraction, courage and determination. In other words, an open bond that occurs now can have a good intimate fireworks start. Same 6 weeks, be careful and thoughtful – NOT impulsive – about investments and assets.

Lie low, rest Sun./Mon., but don’t sink deeply into withdrawal, nor enter into contracts, agreements with “head office”, civil servants or bureaucrats. Traps disguise themselves as temptations. Your energy and charisma soar Tues. post-dawn to Thurs. night (PDT). Get out, mingle, impress people, make friends. You might spend much of Tues. mulling over your home/kids/security/retirement situation. You sense in your bones that a change is coming here — look at the future. Wednesday/Thurs. flow easily, and might bring a new mate prospect to singles. Independence isn’t the smart road now.

Thursday night through Sat. nudges you to handle money affairs — seek bargains, ask for a pay raise, etc. Events/people are abrupt, irksome to Fri. noon, then you sail luckily forward. Saturday’s best, could hold a money plum. Six very sexy weeks start this night.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Dive into chores, Pisces. Get them done. Protect your health — dress and eat sensibly. Buy machinery, appliances, computers or tools August 11 (before 10:30 am) (all times are PDT); Aug. 14 and 17th (3 am to 3 pm); 18th (communications or transport only); 20th (4 am to 9 pm) and 21st through 2:30 pm the 22nd (but no cars, communications devices).

The recent hectic pace at work “sighs down” (ends) Saturday night (Aug. 17). For the next six weeks (esp. Aug. 23 to Sept. 22) relationships will grow hot, intense. Make love, not war. Someone might keep pressing you toward intimacy, if you’re single. This is a potential mate, but you might be wise to make him/her transform sexual aggression into promises. (You’re sexually “awake” now, too, so that might be a hard promise to obtain.) If you’re married, reject the entire thing.

You’ll feel hopeful, social, flirty (and happy!) Sunday/Monday but handle this lightly. Don’t plunge into parties, clubs, a flirty “opening”; nor try to convince friends to join/create a project. Until May 5, 2020, in the love market, lean toward real, deep, one-on-one romance; avoid light, playing-the-field stuff.

Withdraw from the hustle and bustle 9 am Tues. to 9 pm Thurs. Rest, ponder and plan. Seek advisors, agents, civil servants, attend committee or policy meetings, confidential discussions, sleep and pray. Tuesday’s restless; drive with care, avoid handling electricity. Communications garble — happens Fri. morning also. (Maybe same person.) But Wed./Thurs. flow well.

Thursday pm (to suppertime) holds one of these: a job offer, a $ opportunity, a tool/ machine opportunity (reject this one), a sensual attraction — or an argument. Your energy and charisma bounce back Thurs. night through Sat. Get out, see and be seen, start projects — be a leader. As mentioned above, Fri. morning might disrupt communications, computers, car trips. Later Fri., good career luck. Saturday, you shine with elusive charm, mystery and allure — welcome all comers.



I saw a big, half-moon this afternoon. (Moons seen white in the daytime are called “gibbous”.) Anyway, I thought ‘What a good friend the Moon is’. He’s tremendously loyal, and only an astronomical cataclysm could shake that faithful tie. Strong, staunch, stable, always there, and probably always empathic — a great friend! Sure, he’s always silent. But he speaks in light. And he shows his moods.

In astrology, the Moon is considered female — the mother archetype.

Venus is the pre-maternal feminine archetype, the romantic or alluring (usually young) woman. But to sense how much men invest in the concept of children — [a booster would say “in the preservation of their species”; a detractor would say “men just want to control women’s bodies” (or something more intelligent, I just can’t think what)] — to sense how important pregnancy/maternity is to men, look at Venusian paintings of women (from the Renaissance to the 1700’s. Even now, in pop culture — virginal, pre-maternal women/girls are portrayed with a maternal fullness of body, or possess bodies which accentuate the sexual and child-bearing zone. A famous example: Venus on the oyster shell (Botticelli’s painting). This soft, alluring female image fell apart with the rise of large-scale European genocide and depression, with cubism, Picasso, etc. Many women might call Picasso a “Scorpio pig”, but he portrayed women’s grief more powerfully than any other artist or writer in history. (Next best, I think, was the Chinese novel, “Dream of the Red Chamber.”)

Sometimes fashion — which is cheekier and less predictable than art — changes this focus of fascination. For example, in Victorian times women wore a superstructure under their dresses that gave them huge, protruding buttocks, capable of deep reception. This was probably a rejection of the species-survival imperative. (As anal sex, which seems to be the predominant advertisement/message of this popular fashion, does not produce babies.)

(Ironic that the Victorian era — one of the most secretive, sexually repressed periods of civilization, either consciously or subconsciously [I believe both intertwined] flaunted — in the most public of dances, shopping, promenading along the park or beach — this implied approval of anal sex. This fashion arose as British testosterone was conquering the world. Maybe a hint here: when men are conquering, at war, subjugating others, they “forget” our species’ prime objective and opt for anal, or non-fertile sex. Partially, this might be subconscious, unresolved guilt for the humans they kill. I think a murderer might have a hard time making innocent, natural love with a woman; but he might find it tempting to increase his crimes, to opt for the dark side in sex, because it harmonizes with the path he has already stepped upon.)

When I think of the Moon as a female entity, suddenly I feel ignorant. Ignorant like looking at a statue or painting that exudes a mysterious, hypnotic pull and having no idea where it comes from, this fascination, nor how it operates, nor what lies within. But this is a living statue, so another ten layers of mystery flow around her. The feminine Moon has a psyche that wants and demands, but all the wants and the demands are my guesses. The only solution to this mystery is trust.

***   ***

These mass killings will “change” after 2025, but not end for about 210 years. After 2025,  slayings will be much more directly linked to belief systems. Many terrorist armies, and much of their efforts will be spent, wars waged, on computers. Attacks will centre on utilities, “machines of the many”. (I keep asking myself, why haven’t they hit, like, a nuclear reactor or electric grid? Then I remember: Pluto isn’t in Aquarius yet — that starts in 2025.)  This period ahead, 2025 to 2044, will bring, alongside the usual advances in cerebral, medical, astral, optical and such, a few astounding inventions or discoveries of new realms, many of them beneath us, some within us. One advance will be like a leap; a “silver star” figures somehow.

Long-time readers might remember my predictions of this trend of mass shootings circa 1984. I think I used the term “mass deaths”. I didn’t know how it would occur. I thought, perhaps nuclear. (Still possible astrologically. It’s what made me write “a black sun will blossom” in this column in late 1985/early 86 — Chernobyl followed.) I think these shootings qualify.

Well, to repeat myself: violence is its own justification and its own reward. To condemn the perpetrator keeps us blind, prevents knowledge. The cause of violence lies deep within memories, and deep within our society. If you anally rape a 5-year old boy, why are you surprised when as a teen or young adult, he takes up an AR 47 and shoots people? If you don’t want violence, cure abuse. I say “you” because I mean us.

Abuse is endemic, and largely ignored by health, legal and social agencies. They know, but hardly care, that the jails are filled with people who were abused as children. (Which is why convicted rapists fare poorly amongst the prison population.) This isn’t the whole picture, but it’s a substantial part. Parents who treat their children with violence, raise violent adults. With abuse, same process. This is the meaning of the Biblical assertion — I think by Moses in Deuteronomy? — that the sins of the fathers will be visited upon the sons, essentially forever.
***   ***

The Democrats are Demagogues. That’s a really innocuous, polite word for reckless acts of incitement; yet it fits almost every one of the 23 Dem contenders, except some few at the bottom of the polls.  Dems are angry and frustrated. They are caught in the winds of the civil war* I have been forecasting for a few years. I disapprove of the extremism, fanaticism, hate and angry cunning of the left, yet in a sense they are not blameworthy, just as a man caught in the throes of rage deserves some mercy because we recognize that he “has lost control.”

* Not a full martial war as in the 1800’s. Though violent episodes exist, the war is basically one of belief, of such intensity that participants are in danger of surrendering to the strictly emotional, which first perverts, then loses, logic.

***   ***

Readers recently (and my last client) keep asking: why aren’t you writing about Trump as much? Really? Can it be? Do you want more about Trump and U.S. politics?


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