“QUE SERA SERA” ~ Doris Day
(written by Ray Evans & Jay Livingston)

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START NOTHING: Before 6:30 am Sun., 0:36 am to 8:31 am Tues., 7:58 am to 1:35 pm Thurs., and 12:50 pm to 9:50 pm Sat.


Before 2229, the world will have one centralized government.
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In astrology and numerology, “seven” is the number of marriage, partnership, enemies and agreements — it involves at least 2 parties. Of the basic numbers, 1 through 10, “seven” is the only one with two syllables — the rest have only one. 

But then there’s “zero,” which also has 2 syllables… any significance?

(Lots of stuff in the AFTERAMBLE.)
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  ARIES: March 21-April 1

This is one of your luckiest weeks this year, Aries. If nothing happens, start something — results might be immediate, or might reward present actions weeks or months down the road.  The accent continues on romance, beauty, pleasure and creativity. In fact, these intensify now as a current of deep affection swells. This week offers two open doors to love, far travel, legal success, media, publishing, intellectual and cultural advance. 

Sunday dawn to Tues. morning dovetails with the overall romantic theme, as it brings you face-to-face with significant people. Some of them will attract you, some might oppose you. Not only love, but business and practical relationships fill this interval. Sunday’s fine, gracious, but Mon. brings domestic and career/reputation obstacles. (E.g., you meet your paramour’s 12 dependent children, or the person you want to start a business with, is loaded with extra work by his/her boss.) Be understanding, diplomatic.

These relationships dip into deeper waters Tues. morn to Thurs. noon. Attraction might become intimacy; a business agreement might receive the funding. (If it doesn’t, it’s a clue to turn away.) Tuesday is a bit surprising and unpredictable in money and sex, but Wed. improves. One could slam the door, yet another could say “I’m yours”. Listen to your hunches, dig deep for facts/data. Civil servants, admin. workers, institutions, agents and advisors will benefit you.

Love can soar again Thurs. afternoon to late Sat. night. If you’re already attached, love grows; if single, go hunting — someone “perfect” might show up. Law, far travel, media/publishing, culture, beliefs, intellectual pursuits, and gentle love — these succeed, perhaps hugely. All three days are blessed, lucky — plunge into something!

taurus weekly forecast  TAURUS: April 20-May 20

A deep and beneficial accent on home, family, security this week, Taurus. This arena still restricts, even frustrates and angers you, and yet simultaneously pleases and encourages you. A mixed bag. This week holds some splendid solutions to domestic — and financial — obstacles. You can act now, or next week. 

Tackle chores Sun./Mon. Eat and dress sensibly. In general all goes well, esp. Sun. But keep an eye on the illegality/legality, or morality of your actions and opinions, esp. Mon.

Relationships arise Tues. morning to early Thurs. afternoon. There might be a surprise Tues., when you, not the other, act unpredictably. (Surprised at yourself.) Or, you might act with ambition (a good idea). Whatever happens, great good luck is waiting in the wings, ready to open a door to sexual intimacy, a great lifestyle change, investment in anything, but especially real estate. Plunge ahead — and realize someone else is helping, rooting for you.

Be cautious late Wed. night/early Thurs., when a “background factor” might cause friction. I just mentioned sex and money — these themes grow even stronger — and even luckier — Thurs. afternoon through Saturday. Mid-week’s opportunities, meetings and agreements now turn deeper — it’s all or nothing, Taurus. My advice: make it all. Invest, seek change, embrace someone, have surgery (Sat.) commit, promise. This week can be a beneficial turning point in your life.

  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The general accent lies on communications, trips, errands and paperwork. It isn’t so much that these flow very well this week, it’s that these communications and visits help you to “connect” with an opportunity, a relationship, agreement, contract, negotiation, relocation, or a present or potential mate. Love can be declared and accepted. This influence of relating, opportunities, mating, is your keynote to great luck until December, and August is one of the prime times for success in these. Go forward, not back — communicate! (And remember, honesty always leads to the best results, esp. in love. A rule I keep breaking!) 

Romance, love of children, beauty, pleasure, creativity and risk-taking fill Sunday dawn (PDT) to  Tues. dawn. Monday, as usual (from 2009 to 2025) you run into a problem — could be sex and romance don’t mix. (E.g., someone makes you feel blissful merely by their presence, but won’t go to bed with you; another offers great — and willing — sex, but you worry about his/her character, it stresses or intimidates you.) As a result, these three days end on a note of unknowing.

Tackle jobs and protect your health Tues. morn to early afternoon Thurs. Tuesday holds a mild surprise, could spark a change in your chores, employment, and duties. I think in future (2019-2026) you might have to choose between an intellectual, media or travel oriented job, or a quiet, out-of-the-limelight job. Thursday’s just one of a hundred steps toward this choice. This interval (Tues.-Thurs.) gives mixed signals regarding travel or communications. (Big matters progress, small glitches interfere.)

But huge good fortune exists Thurs. pm through Saturday in relationships, agreements, relocation, marriage, love, public dealings/fame, career, reputation, and finances. Even if a door opens only slightly, yank it open and step through! Soon, a commitment will be asked of you.

  CANCER: June 21-July 22

Your money luck’s good — and will improve even more next week.  Continue to beware of over-spending. You’re talkative and persuasive now. You might also “step into” a sensual relationship — don’t “use” another. In the most general sense, be independent rather than eager to join someone else — or their project. 

Home, family are on the agenda Sunday dawn to Tues. dawn. Hug the kids, and the spouse, garden, hike in nature, rest, contemplate and snooze. Be cautious, diplomatic Monday, when people or circumstances seem to get in your way. Romance, beauty, creativity, a risk-taking Tues. morning to early afternoon Thurs. (PDT).

A surprise, maybe a totally unexpected attraction to a new kind of person, Tues. This stands beside, or perhaps leads into, a great open door to work, employment, machine-related success — enter! If you’re possessive, you might be rebuffed Wed. morning, but the afternoon brings love, understanding, and “mellow romance”.  

Money and work form a lucky pair Wed. and Thurs. And that very thing, work, expands Thurs. afternoon through Sat. — in fortunate ways. Friday could even hold a promotion, if you see a “work need” and leap to handle, cure or “own” it. Do nothing illegal or unethical. Saturday morning’s splendid for money — afternoon/eve in Europe, early (Sunday) morning in Asia. Overall, a good, productive and easy week!

Leo icon, Luck Forecast  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

You’re the star, Leo! Your energy, charisma and effectiveness remain high — and you’re determined, hot, sexy, gracious, affectionate — who could not want to be with you! Two wee cautions: stay out of lawsuits (some are good, not all) and be gentle with others. Start significant projects, enlist helpers, see and be seen. This is your month!

Errands, communications, paperwork, casual contacts and short trips fill Sun. dawn to Tues. morning. Sunday’s fine, affectionate, productive. But Mon. holds a couple of challenges: poor health, or work “pins you down” — until suppertime (PDT). Lean toward home mid-week, and catch your second wind: relax, ponder, hug the family, light the barbie.

You might hear or sense changes in your status or career Tues., but — despite the domestic influence — a major love affair could ignite (actually, it’s possible any time this week). Work, health, investments, intimacy — all go well Wed. (However, avoid differences of opinion, political/religious arguments.)

You could hear/see a valuable or helpful secret Thurs. morn — a civil servant might help. Sweet, entrancing romance swoops in Thurs. afternoon through Sat. — or a major creative storm, or a winning “gamble,” or simple, heart caressing beauty. Good luck rides with you, so charge ahead. Some Leos meet true love, a true mate. Avoid pushing for sexual intimacy late Fri. night. Legal matters, media, publishing, education — these go well Sat. morning.

  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Continue to lie low, Virgo. Watch rather than act, listen rather than insist. There might be someone around who really does not wish you well. This person might not be “obvious”. Just to be safe, stay out of dangerous places (e.g., biker clubs), and watch, be alert, with any new sexual partners, and avoid all extra-marital temptations. Your relative solitude this month (to the 22nd) will bring sweet rest and mellow but deep contemplation — of your life, how you got here, how you’ll fare in future. You’ll hear upbeat news, from or about friends.

A long delay, since April, has held back progress on domestic, family, security and real estate fronts. These are the very things that are powerfully fortunate for you in 2019. (Great year to sell/buy a home.) Next week that holdback ends, shooting you forward to success in the 4 months ahead — don’t waste these few short months! (In fact, you can act on these even in the present week.)

Seek money, buy/sell, schmooze with clients, memorize, Sunday dawn to Tues. morning. (Sunday best.) This is a sensual time, but romance is NOT favoured, esp. Monday. (In general, deep romance is blocked but light romance, socializing, playing the field, IS favoured, until May 2020.)

Errands, easy, swift chores, paperwork, trips and communications fill your time Tues. morning to early afternoon Thurs. Tuesday brings a new note in relationships, a fresh, lively, maybe slightly odd ball note. Surprise is part of the picture. This entire interval opens a door to real estate/domestic success — if you see it, step through. If you don’t see anything, start exploring, ask questions, take short trips, etc. Almost everything goes well except investments and lust.

You can find a good house, even agree on price, but hold off buying until later. In some ways, Thursday pm through Saturday is one of the best “laters” you’ll find! Great time to find and/or buy furniture, cutlery (especially favoured) or real estate (or sell it) or to start renovations, repairs, etc. Great few days to family plan, seek pregnancy or give birth, mark out sales territory at work.

Only one exception: be careful with spouse or other partners Friday (Saturday in Europe, Asia) — co-operation lacking. Pull the investment, money trigger Sat. (Watch “Start Nothing” times at the beginning of this column.)

LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Your mood of optimism continues — and there’s much to be optimistic about. Your popularity bubbles, you run into friends on the street. A wish can come true now, esp. if it involves partnership, negotiations. agreements, financial actions, intimacy, marriage or self-promotion. A discussion with a boss or authority could arise this week. My best advice: be prepared.

Your presence, energy, charisma and effectiveness soar to splendid levels Sunday dawn to Tuesday morning. Expect to be noticed, perhaps even woo’d. Monday reveals (once again) the problems that affect your domicile, or are caused by it (e.g., poverty, trying to pay the rent). Take action to reduce, to whittle down this problem. Remember, you’re effective!

Mid-week (Tues. morn to Thurs. noon) pursue $, buy/sell, train your memory, and/or indulge a sensual attraction. Tuesday might be a little stressed — this day shows you a new kind of love, attraction. A bit more lust than you really want, but interesting! This entire week, but esp. Tues. to Fri., a trip, visit, email, text or call could open a very fortunate door. It can be to friendship, light romance, travel (likely Tues. in N.A., Wed. in Europe, Asia), work or health performance (or simply finding employment) Wed. And sweet whispers or whoops of joy Thurs. daytime.

Midday Thursday through Sat. offers love, friendship, agreement, short trips. This is a splendid interval for your heart — you’re popular, flirty, happy, restless — and you could meet (or further) a marriage prospect. All week, significant messages can be sent and received.

  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The main emphasis lies on ambition, Scorpio. This area is very fertile for you now, especially in money zones. If you’re an employee, start campaigning for a pay raise; or if you give a service, find new clients; or an entrepreneur, start a new income-generating project. Now to December holds one of the best times in your life to raise your income.

If a significant raise has already come this year, or a money project launched before now, you might or might not enjoy a second one. The planet that brings this luck, Jupiter, and the sign it’s in, Sagittarius, both mean (among other things) “two.” So even 4 lucky money events might occur… though luck, even good luck, can grow fatigued, and yield less as you age; it depends on your will. This week and next are two of the luckiest money-and-prestige/career intervals of this fortunate year. 

Take a breather Sun. dawn to Tues. morning. Rest, ponder and plan (esp. about work and money) — you have a big week ahead of you. Driving, tools, communications need caution Mon.

Your energy, charisma and clout rise strongly Tues. morning to Thursday noon. Tuesday’s a bit unreliable — others are unpredictable. Still, this is a great day, esp. after 8 pm PDT (Wed. forenoon in Asia) to bid for or chase after a money opportunity. It could be a bargain you buy, or a pay raise, or a sale, etc. Wednesday afternoon belongs to romance, love, creative inspiration. Thursday rewards career, money efforts — and might bring a co-operator.

Thursday afternoon through Sat. turns up the dial even more in lucky money zones. Plunge in, don’t stop, major breakthroughs are possible! One caution: avoid romance, inspiration and indecision Fri. night.

  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Ah, you’ll love this week and next, Sage. All your favourite things are ”available” — far travel, law, higher learning, media/publishing, cultural venues and belief systems. Determination and intensity mix with grace and affection. If single, you could meet a life mate now. (Same next week, but the present one’s better.) You’ve felt many hold-backs since April. These are about to dissolve — and you will shoot forward now to December, lucky, blessed, and courageous! 

Sunday dawn to Tues. morning (couple of hours after daybreak, PDT) brings hope, faith, friends, social delights, flirtations, entertainment. A wish might come true in these areas. (Including, for some, a life-mate wish.) Be careful Mon., esp. around money, income, possessions and casual, sensual sex. (This last, if indulged, could prevent you from establishing a connection to a true potential love or life-mate. He/she is around, right now.) Beware STD’s Mon.

Retreat from the crowd Tues. morn to midday Thurs. Rest, ponder and plan. Be good to others, build up your karmic bank account. Deal with agents, advisors, and gov’t. Tuesday’s a bit wonky, stressed — someone might present you with a new chore — but this night (Wed. in Europe, Asia) blesses you among all others. You might hear of a winning pick, or see one of your ideas adopted. An international ticket might also be slated. Wednesday’s splendid for security, home, kids, garden. Great day to buy a water feature (e.g., indoor waterfall) or some such. Don’t argue late Wed. night.

Your energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness rise sharply Thurs. afternoon through Sat. Good fortune everywhere! Pick a goal or two, Sage, important ones, and charge after them! Only one caution: avoid domesticity, security, home, withdrawal — get out, chase success.

  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The emphasis remains on secrets, mysteries, sex/lust, intuition and subconscious promptings, investments, debts and major finances, medical demands and lifestyle changes.

Dig deep; you could discover treasure, especially during this fruitful week. However, be cautious also, as you’re feeling impulsive in these areas — e.g., if investing, think twice, then do it. A sexual liaison is very available — your own hesitations might be the biggest barrier. Realize, all week — and in truth all 2019 — that hidden allies, civil servants, admin. workers, advisors, psychics and agents stand ready to aid you.

Sunday dawn to Tuesday morning brings your career, community standing, and relations with big-wigs into focus. Be ambitious, charge forth. The problems that affect others Monday are merely a spur to ambition for you.

Tuesday morn to midday Thurs. brings happiness. Your popularity rises, but one-on-one more than in a group. Flirtations, optimism, entertainment fill your heart. In one way, your “flirt” with secrets, with revealing them. Tuesday’s a bit un-boring, as you see a different kind of love/romance. (A hint of romantic conditions until 2026.) But this day and Wednesday — and through to Saturday, actually — brings blessings from the “background”. For instance, the “hidden allies” mentioned above are working for you, or at least approving your efforts, your bid, in all gov’t, secret, financial and sexual areas. (How that last works, I don’t know!) A “perfect” message Wed. daytime.

Thursday afternoon through Sat. brings tiredness, quietude, rest and contemplation. Deal with gov’t, institutions, warehouses, large companies, psychic, advisors, agents — a big “reward” (opportunity, permission, financial aid) could answer your efforts. Invest Sat. am. (pm in Europe, pre-dawn Sun. in Asia), esp. if real estate or food/shelter ventures involved.

  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The emphasis remains on relationships and all their tentacles, Aquarius. (Wrong word, as these are lucky, beneficial tentacles.) Relocation themes, partnership or practical association, love, marriage, opportunities and obstacles, co-operation and “push back”; negotiations and agreements, enmity and litigation — these are all possible. Whether this week (and the next two, which extend the theme) brings joy or anger, is largely up to you.

On the plus side, the week ahead (and frankly, the rest of 2019) very much leans toward granting one (or two) of your major wishes. On the bad side, this week and next spark aggressive behaviour from others, and intense attractions that can turn to “fight”. Good results are much more likely than bad, as lucky Jupiter forms harmonious links. 

Sunday dawn to Tues. morning brings a mellow mood, gentle love, wide understanding, far travel, law, higher learning, publishing, even fame. But there’s a basic problem with all these areas all year (and to some degree, from 2009 to 2025). The problem exists “behind you” and might be a burden or duty; or in another way, in the bag of secrets we all carry around with us. You’ll likely see it, come across it, Monday. Be cautious this day, make no agreements.

Tuesday morning to midday Thursday “tests” you. Are you ambitious, hard-working, confident enough to climb the ladder of success? My advice: be so, and charge ahead, for splendid luck rides with you. Now a wish could come true also, but this one’s in the career/status area, or simply fulfills a love/mate wish and has nothing to do with your career. One warning: stay away from relationships in the few hours that bridge Wed. night to Thurs. morn.

I keep mentioning that wishes might come true this week, and I have to say it with double emphasis about Thurs. pm through Sat. Your popularity rises, love/flirtations abound, social delights and bright optimism about the future fill your heart. If single, you could meet your match — be talkative! Love is sweet as candy Friday. (But avoid money, possessions and possessiveness this night.) A trip or call Saturday leads to interesting times, maybe a stunning meeting.

  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Tackle chores, Pisces. Eat and dress sensibly. It’s one of the best weeks this year to purchase machinery, tools, car, computer, etc. (Best times for this, (PDT): Sunday, 6 pm to 7:15 pm Mon.; 8 pm Tues. to 0:30 am Wed.; and Thurs. pm to 12:50 pm Sat. If fluids involved, e.g. washing machine or PTO/hydraulics, don’t buy Friday night.) Be friendly but light with co-workers: arguments intersperse with affection. Someone still wants to talk about love (or you do). This person deserves serious consideration, has mating characteristics.

Sunday dawn to Tues. morning brings mysteries, heightened intuition, important financial, lifestyle and sexual decisions, possible medical procedures. Be careful Monday daytime (7 am to 6 pm) — bad time to invest, to make life changes.

Tuesday morning to midday Thursday provides relief — a mellow mood, profound questions and thoughts/answers, far travel, law, intellectual pursuits and cultural rituals. These succeed, but even more, your ambitions, your attempt to climb a career or status ladder, face splendid luck, not only Tues. to Thurs., but right into Saturday.

If you do nothing else, at least ask the boss for a promotion (or ask instead, for “more responsibility” or propose a project you’d control, etc.). You might not get or even deserve it, but your asking plants a seed that might bear fruit before 2019 ends. Only two bumps: an odd new note in romance Tues. pm, unusual conversations begin. And take care very late Wed., and the first two hours of Thurs. (PDT) — money, physical confrontations have “rough edge”.



Elizabeth Warren will fairly easily toss Bernie Sanders aside, simply by growing. Bernie will always retain a very loyal base, but Warren will define, even slightly sculpt, its size. She’s an early Cancer, born in the first degree of that sign. (Hence her slim figure, as Gemini is still present in early Cancer.) She’s intelligent, and has enough emotion, more than she shows. On stage, she exudes a hint of maternal attitude, just enough to reassure some men. Deep down, her whole approach, her speaking personality, carries a maternal underbelly.

Like Sanders, she proposes free health care, etc., etc. Yet her proposals seem more plausible or probable, or more likely to benefit, because she’s a woman. Thus her communistic actions – which her following wants – come somehow from a holier place; or a more bountiful, giving, caring centre, with all the maternal virtues never stated nor acknowledged but powerfully there. A man can’t compete with a woman in the nurturing game. (That sounds cynical, but I couldn’t get rid of the phrase.) A woman will coddle and swathe, comfort and soothe you, and wipe away your fears. That’s difficult stuff for a man to offer.

This “maternity” nudges us to yield our judgement of logic and analysis, to surrender to the comforting, gentle, giving government, to adopt an emotional/intuitive approach. Yet this, unfortunately I think, tends to breed laziness, reliance, a state in which much is lost. Empires have been endangered by this — the U.S.A. is a present example. Whether this nation has caught itself in time to maintain dominance, remains a question.

Among the red flags of decline was the obesity epidemic — it was both a symptom and a symbol of lazy self-satisfaction. From Bush’s catatonic response to Katrina to Obama’s quietly intelligent and well hidden ennui, the American leadership reflected the mood of the people.  I credit his boredom and Hillary’s malign influence for nudging Obama to live in the political world behind the curtain, where tricks are performed and uranium is sold to Russia, and Biden’s son receives $ billions from the Chinese, in return for — what?

And, worse, worse, Obama gave the Iranians their money back in order to delay (not stop) Iran becoming a nuclear power for 10 years or so. Worse not because it was unjust or unwise, but because it showed him taking the easy way out rather than removing the threat, with, say, a permanent ban. Worse because it showed Obama would rather slide than exert, appease than confront.

The Millennials are receptive to the socialist ideas/goals being floated today, because these kids largely came of age in the Clinton-Bush-Obama eras, when K-12 educators had all been to university, and were flush with ideals of justice and sharing (and in Canada, socialism.  In the U.S., I don’t know.) They taught the Millennials their world view from the age of five upward.

In addition, the Millennials had every need fulfilled in the average family. They have been coddled more than most generations because they possessed the most divorced (and therefore emotionally guilty) parents. This is partly why the “Squad” are happy to make monkey faces to the 50-80 year old established politicians. They’re punishing them, fighting them, because they were deserted by them. From a child’s pretty reasonable point of view, even the single parent who stays to parent them, is guilty of a subtle form of desertion: disappointment.
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Jeff Bezos is having a bad year: his wife divorces him, Amazon’s profits decline, Amazon scandal about low wages and toxic work environments, his Washington Post sued for a billion $ or so*.  In the smaller picture, Jeff is a Capricorn, so his woes will largely cease after May 5, 2020. But in the larger picture, the planet ruling high tech (Amazon included) squares, or “fights” the high tech sign — until 2026. This trend started slightly over a year ago (May/18). I’ve already mentioned its “future” (present) effects on banks and real estate. Amazon might face a restructuring before 2026. (I don’t mean bankruptcy.) Now (July 30) the news says an ex-Amazon employee caused the personal/financial data breach of Capital One credit card users — 200 million of ‘em. (Now they say 100+ million.) (I think the data was being stored by Amazon.)

(* This case was dismissed as I write this, July 26, but will be appealed, and still stands against CNN and, I think, MSNBC.)
***   ***

Trump IS a racist — I’ve seen him fiercely attack many minorities, including the English, Germans, Swedes… (Theresa May,  Angela Merkel, etc…)

Look at all the people of colour this racist pig has attacked: Schumer, Brennan, Comey, Pelosi, Cuomo, de Blasio, Jake Tapper, Clapper, Rachel Maddow, Avenatti, Michael Moore, Lyin’ Schiff and Fatman Nadler, E. Warren, Hillary Clinton and a thousand other lily-white-skinned actors who claim to have black souls. Oops. That itself sounds racist. Insert “African American souls.”

Hillary. She and her husband were, are, deeply racist. Witness their 1994 law that put thousands of blacks in jail for relatively minor crimes. Mandatory minimum sentences, the strict curtailment of parole, and the three strikes law [even for jaywalking, or stealing a loaf of bread, if you’re convicted 3 times, you go to jail for life] — these were non-racist Clinton’s creations. 

The media’s favourite scapegoat,** Uber-Racist Trump, is the first President to correct non-racist Clinton’s mass kidnapping of Black freedom. (Remember, the Democrats were slave-owners, and waged war on Lincoln. I can see the Clintons talking in bed: “Well, we can’t make them slaves any longer, so let’s put them in prison”. I know, I know, I’m being unfair.) 

(**  I wrote here, in 2016, that Trump would be scapegoated. (I think I used a stronger term.)  In 2016 I predicted that the Democrats might try to subvert democracy to get rid of a man [Trump] they feared would end democracy. Their method: kill democracy so no one will elect a dictator. And around the same year I wrote  [in 2015?] that Hillary should find a sunny chair on the back porch and wait for grandchildren.)

Racist Trump’s “First Step” law has already freed thousands of Clinton’s abused blacks — and some white inmates, too, because of course Trump’s a white-loving racist. 

When last week Trump attacked Black Congressman Elijah Cummings, cries of Racism rose again, media-wide. But did anyone mention that Cummings has attacked Trump incessantly and viciously? Where were the cries of Racism when Black Cummings attacked White Trump?

BUT the “birther” attack on Obama — sorry, Trump, that sure looks racist. But I’m not so sure. Evidently Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff were spreading the birther rumour over a decade ago, when she was running against Obama. I wonder if Trump picked up on the rumours and ran with them. That would be very Gemini (his sign). In other words, Trump will use racists and their spewings to gain political or other advantage, but he’s not racist himself. (Other commentators have expressed this long before me.) In a way, that’s worse than racism, but in a way it’s much more innocent.

***   ***

The City of BALTIMORE receives enough in federal grants each year (over $17 billion) to build 68,000 new houses, with lot, at $250,000 per house. In only 3 years, Baltimore could build 200,000 new houses — with a pop. of only 600,000, that’s a brand new house for every family (of 3 persons) in the entire city. 

Say 2/3rds of the citizens don’t need a new house, so you build a brand new house for the 1/3rd, and use the remaining $11 billion (per year) to upgrade roads, improve the harbour, plant some damn flower beds, etc… Yes, I know these people need hope, which mere material things can’t supply — but how can they have hope without them?


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