“QUE SERA SERA” ~ Doris Day
(written by Ray Evans & Jay Livingston)

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George Bernard Shaw (famous playwright, long ago, Pygmalion “My Fair Lady”) and Stanley Kubrick (filmmaker, 2001) are virtually astrological twins.
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Richard Gere should play Biden.
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Meghan Markle and the Prince will have marital challenges in the 14th year of their bond.
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  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Don’t start anything big and new before Thursday — when recent delays and wrong directions dissolve, and free you to charge ahead. Love planet Venus has just entered your romance sector (there until August 21). If you’re single, affairs, attractions will tend to involve someone with whom you might co-habit sooner or later.

Sunday is purely for errands, talks, short trips, light chores — but stay away from significant actions. Your home, family, security are emphasized pre-dawn Monday to dawn Wed. In general all’s well, but Mon. is unpredictable — take care with electricity, social connections. You face a couple of choices (mostly Wed.) — do you indulge home things, or get out and chase career goals? Pick the former, home. (Applies to May 5, 2020.)

A powerful romantic, creative, risk-taking, beauty/pleasure current flows Wed./Thurs. You’re on a winning streak, so take a chance. These two days, and most of next week, are one of 2019’s peaks of good luck, esp. in love, self-expression, and “gambling” on a joyous feeling. Tackle chores Fri./Sat. Forget romance for 2 days — you could make a negative dent, impression, if you chase it now. But money, reputation and research succeed. Eat, dress sensibly.

taurus weekly forecast  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The general accent lies on domesticity, your residence, family, nutrition, Mother Nature, security, and in business, “territory”. You might  feel overwhelmed or “back against the wall” about these areas. But something is coming to “rescue” you — could be a lover, or your own decision to take matters in your own hands. In any case, domestic affairs will be sweet ’n’ sour most of August. (Even the “sour” has an opportunity — e.g., you can obtain gov’t aid for renovations, rental subsidies, etc.) A former friend or “critical contact” might re-appear. You might also find a “lost” document, photo, heirloom.

Pursue $ Sunday, but with care. Don’t start anything important nor buy anything significant before Thursday, but esp. Sunday. Errands, communications, paperwork, short trips fill Mon. dawn to Wed. dawn (PDT). You might rebel against authority Mon., and need to be diplomatic, careful with others, esp. Tues. Yet – perhaps a contradiction – your social relations rise with laughter, hope, fun, maybe a wee flirt, Tues. am.

Domestic affairs consume your attention Wed./Thurs. Both days are filled with success. July’s delays and mistakes dissolve now, freeing you to march forth on many fronts. Wednesday is a bit tense, disruptive to late afternoon, then favours you, into Thurs. A good time to buy or rent real estate, utensils, furniture, or to clean house, repair, etc. Your home is sweet, but you feel unsatisfied, restless, even rebellious. Oh well!

Romance, creativity, self-expression, charming children and raising them, risk-taking, beauty and pleasure — these fill Fri./Sat. — and are blessed with good fortune. You might discover that romance is more complicated than you thought. All’s well that ends well.

  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Busy, busy, busy! You’re talking, writing, travelling, until late August. Some of this will be connected to love or romance. If unattached, you could meet a romantic prospect while travelling. A friendly romance seems likely. Remember, start nothing important before Thursday. After Wed., July’s delays, indecision and mistakes dissolve, freeing you to march ahead with projects and relationships. A former money source (or bill you owe) might reappear.

Your energy and clout are high Sunday. Nevertheless, stick with routine. (Or bathe in the attention you receive.) Money, earnings, buying/selling, rote learning, possessions and casual sex slated Monday daybreak to Wed. dawn. Don’t invest — default to “daily money”. With intimacy, casual’s fine, but deep, profound “love diving” is not. Both advisements last to May 2020.

Monday nudges you to “break free” from a restriction — will this benefit you or not? (I’m not sure.) An aside, Gemini: until 2026, you will tend to sacrifice for an Aquarian. Light romance, casual friends, trips, errands, paperwork and communicating fill Wed./Thurs. Charge ahead. A need to break away from restrictions again Wed., but this night and the first half of Thurs. bring harmony with a mate, beautiful new meetings, and hope.

All week, you might notice that two kinds of love or loyalty call you: one is light, affectionate, sweetly physical (with a Libra?); the other is entrancing, and will tie a burden round your neck (an Aquarian or Taurus?). Steer toward home, kids, garden, nature, nutrition and deep relaxation Fri./Sat. Again, two good days (though love disruptions/ choices in Europe and Asia Friday). Be humble: that way you undercut opposition — no one sees you as a threat.

  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

July’s delays, mistakes and indecision end Wednesday night, freeing you to move forward. Before this, a forgotten duty or message might “call you back”.  Money’s important now; on the plus side, a lot of it flows to you until mid-August; and, you might grab a pay raise at work. On the negative side, you could spend too much, or incur uncomfortable debts.

Lie low Sunday. Rest, contemplate, research. Your energy and charisma surge upward Mon./Tues. Monday holds a social surprise, or a money “bump” — be alert, cautious. Tuesday brings sweet feelings or mental inspiration.You’re in the winner’s seat, so take no guff, as they say. Independence, right now, might be better than an “uncertain bond”.

Chase $, buy things, cultivate clients, attend garage sales, etc., Wed./Thurs. Despite a bit of disruption (techno upset?) Wed. daytime, this eve/night (Thursday for Europe, Asia) grows very lucky for money connected to work, machinery. Make your bid for overtime, a better paying job, or buy that machine you’ve wanted, whatever. (The electric system needs checking.) A sensual attraction might also arise, but likely won’t work well over time, distance.

Errands, easy chores, casual contacts, visits and trips, communication and paperwork fill Fri./Sat. Expect social delights and harmony with spouse, other crucial relationships — good time to bring up a “plan for co-operation”.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Wednesday night ends July’s delays, mistakes, indecision, freeing you to leap ahead — and leap you will, as your energy is super high, and this week and next contain some of the best luck of 2019. In addition, your personal charms will be at a peak until August 20. You’re effective, astute, attractive and gracious — others look to you for leadership. You’re also determined, brave and simmering with “heat” until August 17 — foreign lands or foreign-born people might figure prominently. Time to do something significant, Leo! (But be patient until mid-week.)

Sunday’s social, optimistic, happy, but little of permanence gets done (avoid chasing sex). Retreat, lie low Mon./Tues., contemplate. You sense your career scene is changing Mon. Research succeeds Tues. morning. (Evening in Europe, deep night in Asia.)

Your energy and charisma soar Wed./Thurs. Be a leader — re-read the first paragraph above. Again, be aware of changing career conditions Wed. This eve into Thurs., your romantic luck soars. (But a quirky person might try to dominate you.) A bad time to buy anything electric, but a good time for self-expression, inventiveness, and taking a risk.

Pursue $ Fri./Sat. — buy, sell, cultivate new clients, seek a pay raise, etc. Your career goes very well Fri. If seeking a new home, seek Sat. afternoon in North America, Sunday in Asia.

VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Remember, Virgo, delay new starts, new ventures, until Thursday onward, when July’s mistake-prone influence dissolves. Generally, you’re in a time of rest, contemplation and relative solitude. Good. Recharge your physical and mental batteries. You’ll enjoy this “retreat” — and it’s a great time for a spa vacation. You might be tempted by a clandestine affair (love, politics, power play, collusion) until August 17 — take care with this. Remember, nothing’s free. A former friend or social group might return before Thursday.

Be ambitious Sunday, but not enough to start a new project. Social delights, a mildly buoyant popularity, optimism, entertainment, and “flirtatious dreams” fill Mon./Tues. Monday’s not good for intellectual, travel or legal matters. Tuesday could show you what a good life-mate looks like! Until May 2020, Virgo, avoid chasing infatuation-level romance; instead, stay with friendly, light stuff.

Retreat even further into rest, solitude and contemplation Wed./Thurs. Though Wed. daytime’s a bit stressful, this night and Thurs. bless you in home, real estate, finances and, perhaps, sex. Your energy and charisma rise nicely but mildly Fri./Sat. Start something significant, but don’t seek co-operation. Romance (a smidgeon) and intellectual and creative efforts succeed. A good week to deal with government, institutions or admin. offices, large corporations — but next week will be better.

  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Wednesday night will end the delays, mistakes and false starts of July, Libra. So charge after what you want, Thurs. onward. The weeks ahead make a wish come true. The wish likely involves love/marriage, relocation, public fame, an opportunity, a law suit or a contract. Your social life surges now to Aug. 22. Popularity, optimism, flirtations and general joie de vivre accompany you. A love affair could lead to marriage. Before Thursday, a former career role, boss or award could find you.

Sunday’s mellow, intellectual, understanding and gently loving. Little gets done, though. Be ambitious, deal with parents, bosses, authorities Mon./Tues., but don’t start any new projects. You likely have to decide between a sexual and a social relationship Monday, or between investments/finances and a social group. Work goes well Tues.

Wishes come true Wed./Thurs! Re-read the first paragraph above — that’s what Wed./Thurs. are like! Wednesday holds a bit of stress or disruption, daytime, but this night and Thurs. shine with relationship joys. Retreat from the crowd Fri./Sat. Your energy will be low, charisma not functioning, but your intuitive, spiritual side flows nicely. A great time to rest, ponder and plan your future. A “secret love” (lust?) might lure you, esp. Friday. Saturday’s good for fixing home problems.

  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Remember, Scorpio, start nothing new before Wed. night. By Thursday you can charge forth without hesitation, as July’s delays and false start influence dissolve. Your career remains active, intense to mid-late August. Be nice to parents, bosses and authorities, as they’re impatient, temperamental, same period. At the same time, these higher-ups are also feeling gracious and affectionate. The combination could be sweet ‘n’ sour for you. It hints that an opportunity for a career/business partnership could lie within all this roiling situation. An ex-lover could still appear, likely Mon./Tues., but not after Wed.

Sunday’s sexy, filled with fantasy temptations, but nothing much happens, so just glide along. Romance not favoured. A mellow, understanding mood flows over you Mon./Tues. A relationship might go haywire, in love or business, Mon. Be flexible, roll with the punches. Both days, esp. Tues., choose profound thoughts over wasteful chatter, long trips over short, legal over casual. (This advice holds until mid-May 2020.) Tuesday’s okay for romance.

Be ambitious Wed./Thurs. These two days distill/carry the essence of the weeks ahead: career,super property opportunities, hard, intense work, temperamental yet affectionate bosses, and “jumpy” or unexpected relations with partners, associates. Splendid time, Wed. eve into Thurs., to start an ambitious or earnings venture. Your hard work will be relieved Fri./Sat., as an atmosphere of celebration, fun, social delights, flirtations and entertainment enters. This week has been filled with relationship stress, confrontation, but relations are smooth, rewarding now, esp. Friday.

  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Start nothing new before Wed, night, Sage. The few weeks ahead bring everything you like: far travel, international affairs, law, learning, cultural venues, publishing and — love. Love will tend toward romance. The others — far travel, law, et al — boil with intensity. A former sexual partner might return, but only before Thursday. From this day on, you’re free to charge ahead on many fronts.

Sunday’s for relationships, opportunity and adventure — yet nothing of note occurs. Just enjoy. Life’s depths — sexual intimacy, secrets, research/investigation, major finances, medical and lifestyle decisions — these fill Mon./Tues. Both days, opt for these depths rather than more surface things. For instance, better to focus on big, serious investments or financial partnerships rather than on weekly earnings. (This advice lasts to May 2020.) Monday’s unreliable, stressful — protect your health.

The things you like, listed in the first paragraph above, arrive in buckets Wed./Thurs. Wednesday’s a bit stressful, esp. in the afternoon, but this night into Thursday noon opens the door to love, luck, learning and travel. Plunge ahead! You might notice a wee conflict between your love and learning side, and your work duties. Be ambitious Fri./Sat. — work now flows smoothly, stressers dissolve, and money/earnings are favoured. A good week, but next week is even better.

  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

July’s delays, false starts and indecision dissolve Wed. night onward, freeing you to charge ahead. The main accent lies on the deeper, intimate and consequential side of relationships, opportunities, contracts and business finances. Dig deep, ask pointed questions, investigate — a “treasure” might lie below the surface.

My advice, this August and really until May 2020, is to go out of yourself, to others. Be willing to trust and to commit. Bad time for independence. This entire private or intimate side of relationships burns white hot, intense — make love, not war! (“Love” will likely be lust, but sweet, affectionate lust.) A former mate might appear before Thursday, but not after Wednesday.

Sunday’s for routine chores — don’t take on big things that need thinking, planning. Relationships fill Mon./Tues. So do opportunities, relocation themes, possible fame, contracts — and opposition, challenge, even enemies. Monday, romance is disrupted by secrets, lust, or financial differences. Both days, remember my advice: better to join than act independently.

Wednesday/Thursday bring the essence of the weeks ahead: the deeper and consequential side of relationships, love or business. (Re-read your first paragraph above for more clues.) Other than some stress or a snit with your lover Wed. daytime, this interval is filled with “swift luck”. Revelations come Wed./Thurs., but understanding comes Fri./Sat. These last two mellow days bring love, mental expansion, academic, legal, far travel, cultural and belief interests. Explore ideas, think globally. A “love jolt” might hit Fri. — more so in Europe and Asia. Two lovely days!

  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Yippie! July’s delays, false starts and indecision dissolve Wed. night onward, freeing you to charge ahead. The main accent lies on relationships, relocation, opportunities, agreements and conflicts, co-operation and opposition, even enmities. Much depends on you — be diplomatic, eager to join. This is important now, as relations grow intense, could vibrate between hot anger and sweet affection. A relationship wish could come true. (Especially likely next week, Aug. 4-10.) A former job could return before Thursday.

Sunday’s sweet, romantic, but little of worth occurs. Just enjoy this easy, beauty-filled, pleasurable day. Tackle chores Mon./Tues., and protect your daily health. (Stomach upsets possible now to 2025/6.) Monday’s stressful, could strain a bond. Both days, choose hands-on work — don’t delegate.

The main focus of August — relationship — reaches both a peak and a new start Wed./Thurs. (For more clues, read the first paragraph for your sign above.) Links might be stressful Wed. daytime, but this night into Thurs. blesses love, attraction, and social/group joys. A disruption or “bump” in a relationship shows you a clue to the 6 years ahead, during which you’ll become more deeply domestic, and might reject anyone who doesn’t “get domestic” with you.

Friday/Saturday steer you toward the depths of relationships, intimacy, business finances, investments. Lust. Mysteries and secrets. A beneficial two days — dig deep for treasure.

  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Remember, Pisces, start nothing new before Wed. night. After this, charge ahead, especially with employment, chores, nutrition, machines/tools, and health initiatives. These are the theme now to Aug. 22. Until about Aug. 17/18, this area is intense, money-stuffed, sweet and luck, burning and impulsive. (So be careful with machines, sharp tools.) Surgery for some. Until Thurs., an old flame could still appear. (Though time’s short!)

Spend Sunday at home or in the ‘hood. Putter, repair, garden, hug the kids and sip a lemonade. Relax, realize nothing of importance will get done. Romance, creative surges, inventive and risk-taking urges, beauty, sports and pleasure fill Mon./Tues. Monday’s stressful, holds a conflict between your work duties (or health) and your desire to travel or communicate. Best time: Mon. morning (eve in Europe, late night, pre-dawn in Asia) when luck rides with you.

Tackle chores Wed./Thurs. Eat, dress sensibly. These two days bring the peak — and yet a new beginning — of August’s trends. (For more, read the first paragraph above, again.) Wednesday daytime is stressful again, when work conflicts with wanderlust or friendship desires. But this night into Thurs. daytime, both work, career and money form a lucky brew — jump in, start or propose something! Friday and Saturday bring relationships — smoothly and sweetly Fri. daytime, with stability and harmony Sat.



American presidential election hopefuls, all Dems:

Most of the smaller hopefuls, Castro, Yang, Hickenlooper, Klobuchar et al, are just too little known and/or lacking in charisma. (I like Yang, though ethnically many won’t vote in his direction.)

Harris is too heartless to be president. Booker, too self-serving behind a crusader’s mask — a sort of mini/mild Michael Avenatti. Sanders, the Impossible Dream. Beto should put on his beanie cap and rejoin Our Gang. Biden’s mind is beginning to skip. Gillibrand stands with her feet too far apart — pugnacious. Buttigieg is the best politician among therm, but is stranded in a rare karmic trough. He’ll escape this next May, but by then almost all the primaries are over. Perhaps he becomes a dark horse or somehow succeeds at the dem’s national convention? Only he or Warren could — could —beat Trump.

Elizabeth Warren has to modulate. She’s a natural talker, but before a crowd she has to avoid being strident, relentless. She’s deftly forceful, but needs to intersperse it with softer, more human, emotional connections with her audience. She needs to create valleys of softness among the peaks of her uber-assertive speech. Like Trump, she will gain a rep as a hard, indefatigable worker — none will doubt her health, there will be no “Hillary swoons”. Like Trump, she will have a powerfully loyal base. Were they to face off in November 2020, it would be a contest of who could sway an independent crowd as large as one-third the entire electorate.

If Peter Buttigieg and Trump face off, the outcome is uncertain; these two are the most equal, and the most different. Buttigieg is a natural politician; it’s hard to imagine him being anything else. A high school vice-principle? He would be Trump’s greatest challenge. Peter Buttigieg’s Sun would “beat” Trump’s Sun. But Trump’s Ascendant (rising sign) would “beat” Butts. Trump’s Moon also would “beat” Pete. This isn’t a prediction.
***   ***

My words, 4 months ago (March 24 column):

“The Mueller Report (it was completed yesterday, March 22) will in essence yield no results, and all further action based on it will yield no further results. Why? — The Moon was void-of-course. (I.e., it was released/handed to the authorities during a “start nothing” period.) Dems take note: any attempt to dig further into the area of the report, will just entangle whoever digs. (Added March 23/19)”

Mueller’s doddering appearance before Congress last week, demanded by the Dems, was exactly that: Mueller could explain zero, added nothing to the report, and his “testimony” hurt the people (the Democrats) who pushed him into this pathetic circus.  (For it revealed, perhaps for the first time, that Mueller did not write the report, did not even know what was in it, and hardly engaged in the whole investigative process. He admitted he was not present at 96% [using his number] of the interviews of “suspects”.)

I called Mueller a “bad man” several columns ago. I retract that. He was, instead, a dupe, a poor old man who couldn’t string two thoughts together and whose memory constantly faltered (like twenty times an hour in the congressional hearing) — but he had a great reputation (despite his FBI history of putting innocent men in jail — google it).

So he was a perfect figurehead for the past two years, placed there like a cardboard cut-out to give the malevolent investigation of Trump a legitimate face. How could you not trust him? Mueller is a republican, was investigating republicans — how could it possibly be a witch hunt? But underneath this hapless, helpless, unaware straw-man, a cabal of Democratic Trump-haters went crazy, committing massively serious crimes* behind the mask of Mueller’s “great patriot” reputation. This is rot, and needs to be expunged.

* serious crimes: treason, attempting to overthrow the government, suborning perjury, destruction of evidence, unlawful threats toward and intimidation of witnesses, on and on!
***   ***

I was thinking about airplanes. How counter intuitive they are. To think this heavy body could leave the earth — and return unharmed. Making an airplane demanded study, invention, ingenuity and above all the imagination to form the goal of flying, and the optimism to chase it. How great mankind is! We have rare skills, learning, and ever-increasing knowledge. We go to the Moon at will. (And that’s been lacking since the 1960’s, though Trump is reviving it, my gut says mildly less vigorously than Kennedy.)

God created us, but we create after. I don’t think we should harbour guilt about our advances. Even into areas once called sacred or of God’s domain, such as pregnancy, operations, genetics, DNA, stem cells, cloning, etc. It’s not where we go, but how we go. Compassion, empathy, mercy must advance with us, must bathe our actions. The Hippies raised social interactions to Love. Then the New Agers, not to be outdone, raised our consciousness to Love, revealing that it is the driving force of the universe.

I think our century is only one day in our lifetime. We will find freedom – and vast strides, vast power – in detail. With this power and freedom there must come – cannot help but come, for technology and social development have always paced each other in symbiotic growth – a broader tolerance, mercy and forgiveness.  So the more powerful our technology, the deeper and broader our empathy; and from this  will come a mingling of cultures and people worldwide.

In this, I disagree with Trump’s basic attitude of defence, of “Fortress America”, which tries to prevent a tide of immigrants. Yet he can’t do otherwise. And that might be for the best. We might want to embrace the Chinese as brothers and sisters, but will they return that embrace — sincerely? Did they return Obama’s embrace, or Bush’s, or Nixon’s, the first embracer? We must, as a nation or a people, find or develop a technique, an embrace, that causes the one embraced to embrace in turn. This hints at some kind of surrender/absorption process.

We still, as a species, have a problem with trust between peoples and nations, mostly because nations have personalities, and try as we might, we can’t make two “natural enemies” devolve into comfortable peace — e.g., Palestine and Israel. Though they might reach it on their own — e.g. India and Pakistan. (I’s and P’s don’t like each other.) Nations will disappear, but it takes time, and at present it’s better to be self-protective. I think he’s right for the times.

Another plus about Trump is that he incensed the left so much that it:

1) sped almost immediately to where it wanted to be 50 years from now, and
2) crystallized and made super-public this goal and its attitude, this 50-years-from now place of free tuition, medical, gas outlawed, etc.

It’s both too idealistic and too futuristic. But that’s great, in a way. We shouldn’t laugh at them (the radical left, such as the 4 members of the “Squad”) because they are precursors (I think, not sure). Dostoyevsky’s 19th century novels were filled with cells of revolutionaries or nihilists. They aren’t taken seriously in the stories. In the 20th century they returned, to overthrow the government and begin communist Russia.

Back to technological and social progress. Like a brother and sister, each will have spurts — such caused the 1950/60’s lament that science was outpacing our moral capacity. We were not “mature” enough to handle atom bombs, cloning. This dilemma has not been cured, yet you don’t hear of it anymore. That’s because over time small advances in both technology (versus science)* and in understanding ourselves, have whittled the threat down to a more nagging or demanding one, from the initial emergency (of identity or crisis of morality).

* It’s hard to separate the two. When an engineer working to improve the lousy dictation function on these computers, does so, discovers a factor, takes a patent, is he a scientist? I think scientists observe, propose and test. Scientists want to answer questions, more than improve a process. They do make discoveries, but they are not inventors. Inventors are “technologists”, along with programmers and engineers. Though I’m sure many cross over, back and forth.
***   ***

The Aspirin scare currently touted on teevee: In university, I ate Aspirin almost every day. I’m mildly cross-eyed (up and down rather than side-to-side) so I could not read for hours (as is demanded by the profs) without getting headaches. ( I quickly learned how to pass w/o reading very much, but doing this left me, years later, with an empty feeling. Sometimes I fear I charmed my way through UBC and don’t deserve my degrees. Though that’s pretty boastful.) Anyway, the point is: I have had digestive problems ever since. I think Aspirin might erode your stomach lining — ?


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