WEEKLY FORECAST ~ JULY 21 – 27, 2019

“QUE SERA SERA” ~ Doris Day
(written by Ray Evans & Jay Livingston)

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START NOTHING: 1:34 am to 3:02 am Mon., 7:48 am to 2:42 pm Wed. and 9:28 pm to 11:29 pm Fri.


Loyalty is a great simplifier.


  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The month ahead rolls out the flying carpet of romance for you, Aries. This interval is more significant than in most years, as your tender feelings will be more intense than usual. In addition, a quiet delay in intellectual, love and far travel (since April) ends in August.

If you’re single, expect spectacular emotions in the weeks ahead. You could enter a major love affair, perhaps even marry. If already married, the four weeks ahead bring surges of self-expression, creativity, chance-taking, good luck, rekindling of the marriage flame, joys from children, pleasure and beauty. A long-absent relative or friend might “show up” in July.

You’re tired Sunday, but you can accomplish a tremendous amount. Work smart, not hard. Civil servants or “support personnel” help, your family’s affectionate and co-operative, and conversations solve puzzles/obstacles. Still, remember, don’t start any new, big projects in July. Protect ongoing situations from delays and mistakes, or reprise something from the past. For instance, this Sunday you might work to repair an old fault in the back stairs, or welcome a relative not seen in awhile. Be contemplative, fair to everyone.

Your energy and charisma bounce back strongly Mon. to Wed. afternoon. Monday’s packed with good luck, esp. in love, romance, creativity, far travel, intellectual, cultural and media zones. Tackle career and reputation demands Tuesday, but don’t spend extra time or energy on them (unseen pitfalls lurk). Wednesday has a couple of minor problems, but is generally pleasant, esp. at home.

This afternoon through Friday nudges you to pursue money, and also brings money. Monitor your bank account, esp. Thurs. You can make some progress in career, or pay. You might show someone how eager you are to fall in love — but he/she isn’t so sure. Wait. August 11 onward will give you an answer — a good one, but maybe with someone else. Saturday’s easy, restless, friendly. Do errands, make calls. Soon, you’re about to swim in the sea of love.

taurus weekly forecast  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Remember, Taurus, start nothing new and significant (including relationships) before August. Instead, protect ongoing situations from shortages, delays and misunderstandings. A former contact or casual friend that you once thought might be something more could return now or next week. A former paperwork or communications chore that you let wander off into neglect might return, demanding to be done properly.

Continue to be gentle on the home front until mid-August. You might see your domestic situation as a drag, a restriction, and stewing about this can spark your temper, even cruelty. Instead, work to dissolve those restrictions/burdens — for best results, begin after July 27. The good fortune (or merely a goal) you anticipate in sexual/intimate, and/or financial zones, (or from surgery) is still waiting on the cosmic shelf. But it will jump off that shelf and drive toward results, Aug. 11 onward (to December). Be patient!

Sunday’s filled with joy, flirtations, hope, perhaps significant romance. (Remember, no one new yet — former contacts/lovers okay.) (In Europe to mid-morn, Asia to late afternoon, disappointment in love.) Withdraw into quietude, contemplation and physical rest Mon. to mid-afternoon Wed. Plunge into financial, investment, property/realty, research and intimate zones Monday to 9 am (PDT) Tues. Avoid legal, marital, contract, relocation, public, love, international and cultural matters from 9:15 am (PDT) Tues. to Wed. afternoon.

Your energy, good looks, charisma and clout return strongly Wed. mid-afternoon through Fri. You might receive a sweet note or a flirty glance Wed. — great day (to 5 am PDT Thurs.) to handle finances, make (physical) love, investigate or seek a medical answer. A property or home situation (realty investment, find a rental, dig into a family problem, etc.) is touched with the wand of luck.  All 3 days bless you, esp. in relationships and understanding.

Squelch a moment of anger Thurs. eve. Saturday’s for grocery shopping, loving nature, casual intimacy, studying money options. All’s well!

  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Start nothing new before August, Gemini. (For more details, read the July 5 column’s PREAMBLE.) One bit of news: recent indecision and mistakes focused on communications  and travel. Now, the rest of July, these “attack” your money/earnings/bills zone. Be aware, alert — though, all told, you are fortunate in $, almost the same period. A former $ source (or casual love partner) might return before month’s end. You continue to be optimistically restless, ready to travel or start chores at any time. This readiness lasts until mid-August. You’ll get lots done —follow your enthusiasm.

People will be respectful toward you Sunday, because your prestige house is activated fortunately. You might pluck a plum from the money tree. (Relationship obstacles if you live in Europe or Asia.) Your hopes and joys soar Mon. to mid-afternoon Wed. Friends welcome you, someone flirts. But the best stuff arrives Mon. to 9 am (PDT) Tues. After this, to Wed. dawn, only obstacles face you — but they hardly dent your good mood. Still, avoid investments, and pushing for intimacy.

Withdraw from life’s bustle and clamour Wed. afternoon through Fri. Almost everything will go well, but avoid an argument Thurs. eve. Earlier, despite your lowered energy and charm – a note, call, letter, text or visit could luckily knit your talk together with an opportunity. Excellent time to reach agreement with your spouse, or to communicate with or travel to meet someone who might be your spouse in future. (Remember, no one new.)

Late Thurs. into Fri. favours finances, research, work, sex and medical help. Your energy, pizzazz, clout and curiosity, friendliness and charisma jump nicely Sat. — you could meet a significant person this night.

  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Remember, Cancer, don’t start brand new relationships or projects before August — nor buy anything important. Instead, welcome projects/people returning from the past, or embrace the ones ongoing. Be vigilant; work to avoid mistakes, delays, “no shows” and supply shortages. Your energy’s high, and your charms are showing. You might pine to return to some former place or “way of being”. Much money rushes to you, and even more can rush from you. Try to dampen spending!

Sunday’s sweet, affectionate, broadens your mind and brings the truth about love (among other things) — whether from a meeting or a missive. Far travel, culture, education and publishing are favoured. Your ambitions awaken Mon. morn to mid-afternoon Wed.

Everything goes very well until just before Tues. noon — then one obstacle after another plagues you right into Friday. You can avoid most of these obstacles by working alone. Follow you own goals and agenda — not another’s. (If you encounter indecision, it probably indicates that you’re worried about a higher-up’s reaction. That worry is 90% unfounded.)

Blue skies, popularity, optimism, flirtations, entertainment — and a party atmosphere — boost your mood Wed. afternoon through Fri. One caution: avoid an argument or fast driving Thurs. night (PDT). Otherwise, this is a benevolent, fruitful interval. Your work efforts (or social skills with higher-ups) could steer you toward money luck, Wed. and early Thurs. If single, viable people are waiting for you to notice, wink or call. Subside Saturday, into quiet, solitude, contemplation. All’s well!

Leo icon, Luck Forecast  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Support and protect ongoing situations all July. Delays, indecision, and supply shortages can occur. People or projects from the past could return. (Although these will likely weigh you down in future rather than give your heart new wings.) Remember, avoid starting new relationships or projects before August. Your sex appeal is high until mid-August, so is your determination and courage. The govt, head office, advisors and agents, all bless you, aid you if you ask. (This might concern something which has been dredged up from the past.)

Sunday’s sexy. This, and research, finances, medical and lifestyle matters earn a green light. Understanding flows Mon. morn through mid-afternoon Wed. Love, intellectual, media and cultural pursuits, law — these are slated, and can succeed before 9 am Tues. (After this, they tend to fail — and work, employment tend to hit barriers.)

Your reputation, ambitions, career and prestige relations are on the agenda Wed. afternoon through Friday. Almost entirely good news here; just avoid being too aggressive or impatient Thurs. night. Wednesday and Thurs. pre-dawn (PDT) help love and mind to coalesce in success — tell someone your thoughts.

Friday’s calm, fine all day — use this to enhance work relationships. Saturday? Celebration! Social joys, popularity, flirtation, entertainment and optimism lead you to delight. Make, accept invitations. BTW, your birthday month starts Monday night (July 22) — expect rising energy, success and clout this week, and for the month ahead.

  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Protect ongoing relationships, projects and “situations” from misunderstandings, false starts, indecision, delays or supply shortages. One or two of these ventures or relations might return from the past. Think: embrace them if you decide they were good then, can be good now. A former group, friend or friendly lover might reappear.

Now to mid-August: 1) be wary of belligerent people and violent venues; and 2) a sexual affair/temptation seems to need secrecy — is that good? Same period, research or investigation goes well, could uncover a treasure. You might have grown impatient or deflated over the “non-development” of your home and real estate dreams the last several months. Your patience will likely be rewarded August onward, when those developments do come, perhaps fast, but certainly with “bigness.”

Sunday’s for relationships and harmony. (In Europe, alienation or wrong attraction until mid-morning [e.g., 10:30 am in central Europe — and until about 4, 5 pm in Asia].) You could agree to mate, or someone wants you to. If this is an old flame, say yes!

Dig deep Mon. to mid-afternoon Wed. Sex, lust for power, finances, lifestyle choices, medical demands, research and investigation fill this interval, but with mixed prospects. Most of these go well until 9 am (PDT) Tues., then meet pretty big barriers. A home-finance situation is lucky.

A mild, mellow, wise mood steals over you Wed. afternoon through Friday. Far travel, intellectual pursuits, international and cultural affairs, media and law are favoured Thurs. and Fri., but take care with an argumentative or dicey situation Thurs. night (about 8 pm). Earlier, Wed. afternoon is great for light love, flirting, affectionate discussions.

Saturday’s for ambitions, prestige and career — all is well, so march ahead. BTW, Monday (July 22) begins 4 weeks of quietude, lower energy and increased contemplation — a good and necessary rest. (But really only half a rest, as you’re quite restless, need a task to focus on.)

  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

You might be dealing with a hopeful situation around love. The other person (perhaps an old flame, depending on timing) could be a natural, harmonious partner. Or, you might meet such a person between now and mid-August. (If before August, unless he/she’s an old flame, be cautious.) The best will come to you via a group.

Your career continues to be favoured, bosses like you; but the accent shifts now, from ambition to socializing, or a combination of the two. You might be asked to assume an old career role, temporarily. Now to late August, popularity, social delights, love, entertainment and optimism will colour your days. A cherished wish could come true. Remember, start nothing new in July. So those career opportunities and those optimistic relationships, for now, should be old/returning or ongoing ones (from before July).

Tackle chores Sunday — you’ll get a solid pile done. If you’re “at work,” co-workers are affectionate, fun. (In Europe and Asia, you might face a money dilemma.) Relationships stand out like a billboard Mon. pre-dawn to mid-afternoon Wed. They go well until mid-morn Tues., then hit obstacles right into Wed. morning.

Later Wed., you might hear good career news. This afternoon through Friday brings mysteries, research, lust, desire, financial action, and lifestyle and medical choices. Though you need to beware anything brand new – and although Thurs. supper/early night nixes any relationship agreement/success – these few days otherwise bring good luck and satisfying progress. A significant communication could take place between you and your partner, or with someone who might well become your partner. Saturday’s for happiness, gentle love, mental exploration, travel, media and culture. A joyous month awaits!

  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Remember, Scorpio, start nothing new before August. Buy NO machinery. Monday night starts a month of career, prestige relations, ambitions and tests, and dealings with authorities. Be ambitious, but throw your efforts behind an ongoing venture, or into something that intrigued you long ago, but was never quite brought to fruition.

Higher-ups are temperamental, impatient until Aug. 17, so step lightly, be diplomatic — and keep a sense of humour! (In August, these “bosses” relent somewhat, and you’ll face mixed ire and affection. If you work hard, a “quiet opportunity” — but a valid, fortunate one — will appear.) An old flame or a former belief, or academic or international contact might return.

Sunday’s romantic — you might fall madly in love! Good for kids, games/sports, pleasure, beauty and creative efforts. (In Europe or Asia: dilemma of choice in a relationship — pick the profound, meaningful, not the surface one.)

Tackle chores and daily health concerns Monday pre-dawn to mid-afternoon Wed. You’ll make good progress until about 9 am PDT (5 pm  Europe), then a gauntlet of obstacles irk you right into Wed. morning. Act accordingly.

Relationships, relocation themes, opportunities (not brand new ones!), public dealings, and co-operation or opposition fill your horizon Wed. afternoon through Friday. Except for a possible very mild disagreement Wed. suppertime and a potential fight or machine screw-up Thurs. night, this entire interval blesses you with ease, luck, progress, potential love or practical partnering. You might receive a work-money plum, or notification of one. (Chase it Wed. or Fri.) Saturday’s intriguing: mysteries, lust, high finances, investigation — you’re like an x-ray machine “seeing” the truth or structure behind things. An easy day!

  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Save all July for the past — reviving it in some zone, esp. relationships — or protecting present situations and relationships from delays, mistakes, etc. Nothing brand new before August! The 4 weeks ahead emphasize gentle love, weddings or other rituals, far travel, advertising, intellectual pursuits, beliefs and religion, and profound understanding.

Mars intensifies these matters until mid-August — avoid law suits, and loud opinions. (This influence, for some Sage singles, means present [or August’s] romance = marriage soon.) Simultaneously, the sexual, intimate side of relationships swell with talk, affection and intrigue this week. A former sexual and/or marital partner might appear.

Spend Sunday at home or in the ‘hood, with family. A wonderful day — relax, ponder, tell the kids a story. Monday morn to Wed. afternoon highlights romance, creative surges, gambling urges, beauty and pleasure. All goes well until mid-morn Tues., when 24 hours of frustration occur. So act early, Mon., and Tues. am. The frustrations are likely connected to money, income, possessions, taxes, gov’t or large companies/orgs., and restrictions.

Dive into chores Wednesday afternoon through Friday — you’ll end with solid satisfaction. One warning: beware conflict or a temper tantrum Thurs. night. Earlier Thurs., maybe Wed., an intellectual, travel, or love door opens — discussion or love talk could set your heart soaring! Saturday’s for relationships, relocation themes, public interfaces, opportunities  and “fame”. All’s well.

  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

You’ve spent past weeks in relationship mode, Cap — mostly open, honest, cards-on-the-table links. Now, and for the 4 weeks ahead, these (and other) connections go “underground” or into more private or confidential places. Business agreements or associations now enter the funding stage. Love attractions/bonds now steer into sex, pregnancy, commitment, mortgage, etc. for 4 weeks. In a broad way, your intuition, hunches from the subconscious, rise to consciousness. Dig deep, uncover treasures! Medical, lifestyle questions can be answered.

Remember, start nothing before August. (So investments, agreements, relationships, lovers, et al, should have started before July, and/or have recently returned from your past. And yes, former connections, even an ex-spouse, are quite likely to appear before August.) Now to Aug. 17 this zone — sex, pregnancy, investing or attracting funding, business and personal commitment/consequence — becomes intense, impulsive — so don’t hang  your future on a whim. Others like you now, treat you with grace and openness.

Sunday’s not important, mostly errands, paperwork, phone calls and emails, trips around the ‘hood. Everything flows very easily and fortunately; you might have a “friendly affair” with an old flame. Late night, old news is new news. (In Europe and Asia, Sunday faces you with the choice — again: do you surrender to love, or maintain independence? Now to May 2020, the second choice is wrong.)

Monday to mid-afternoon Wed. steers you toward home and family (whether actually, or in your heart). Seek security, do repairs, hug the kids, relax in Mother Nature’s arms. But time yourself: success comes prior to 9 am PDT Tues., and problems after that. (Many of the “problems” won’t be that at all, but mere delays — coming from you.)

Romance raises its beautiful gaze late Wed. afternoon through Friday. This is a splendid interval for love, self-expression, pleasure and beauty. Only 2 quibbles: 1) man-woman relations should not be “tested” Wed. eve; and 2) avoid conflict, temper (esp. at home) Thurs. afternoon to 8:30 pm (about 4 to 5 am Friday in Europe, noon in Asia). Otherwise, plunge into joy! But dive into chores Saturday — all’s well, you’ll get ‘em done.

  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Chores and health complaints subside Monday night onward, as 4 weeks of excitement, adventure, new horizons, partnership and love attractions begin. (Despite this, a neglected chore returns this week, needs doing — which won’t be difficult.)

Listen, Aquarius, 2019 is one of the best years in 25 for you to socialize, join new groups, and to make a cherished wish come true. This month ahead, a major wish about relocation, marriage, love, business partnerships, fame, public dealings, a negotiation/agreement, or a law suit… can come true.

Still, start nothing new or with brand new people, before August. An old flame or “ex” might have “returned” lately (in the last 3 weeks). You experience things deeply, solidly, and enduringly; this person experiences things sharply, quickly, and briefly. Yet you can be a good match — the rock and the butterfly.

If you’re seeking someone more substantial, thickly deep and stubborn (like you) then wait until August to find this person. Not now. Relationships in general will be fiery and intense until mid-August. Talking/writing will get you furthest with others. Beware unexpected violence, belligerent people. Don’t argue with the police!

Sunday’s packed with good luck in earnings, possessions, memory and rote learning, and sensual, casual intimacy. Throw your net wide, fish in the world of money. (In Europe’s Sunday morning, Asia’s afternoon, a work/health dilemma or choice arises. If so, pick “hands-on” work.)

Errands, quick chores, paperwork, communications and short travel — these fill Mon. to mid-afternoon Wed. All goes well until about 9 am Tues., then all goes badly. Time your efforts accordingly.

Your focus bends toward home, family, food and shelter Wed. afternoon through Friday. Enhance security, hug the kids and spouse, garden, shop nutritiously, do minor repairs, chat with the neighbours. A lovely interval in which you’ll get lots done (or get a deep rest, just as valuable).

Though it doesn’t really “fit” this interval, you might hear from, or text or travel to, someone who can make a dream come true. Some singles meet their mate. But take care with all relationships Thurs. night, when a spark of irritation can start a conflagration. Saturday? Saturday is made for romance. This day also begins almost 4 weeks of affection and grace from others. Let the weeks ahead be labelled: “Approach others!”

  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The 4 weeks ahead bring chores, involvement with machinery or service personnel, daily heath concerns, and duties toward kids, pets. A smidgeon of romance might still exist, likely with someone from the past. Until August, work on neglected or ongoing chores. Don’t buy machinery in July. Until mid-August, work will be intense, but could really swell your bank account. Follow safety rules, as cuts, accidents possible (e.g., this Thursday).

Your energy and charisma hit a peak Sunday — a romance might climax, or a new one starts (not recommended), or an old one returns. Handle money, possessions and sex with confidence and optimism Mon. to 9 am PDT Tues., then very cautiously from that time to mid-afternoon Wed. (Friends won’t help in the last period.)

Errands, easy, quick chores, contacts, short travel, paperwork and communications fill Wed. eve through Friday. This is an easy, rushed but pleasing interval. Be curious — ask questions. Exercise caution Thurs. eve/early night, when an argument, machinery/tool accident or (more likely) losing your wallet or a $20 bill could occur.

You might send or receive a light yet meaningful card, note, or text, with a romantic or creative message that will lift hearts. You might also be promoted; at the very least, your work efforts now give a boost to your reputation, esp. among higher-ups. Not the time to rest on your laurels, Pisces! Spend Saturday at home or in the ‘hood, with kids, gardening, soaking up nature, resting and pondering. All’s well.



One, find your marriage planet. Most people have (at least) two marriage planets, based on their two birth charts, the solar or “sun sign” one, and the rising chart. I’m only addressing your sun sign here.

Aries, your marriage planet is Venus. Taurus, your marriage planet is Pluto. Gemini – Jupiter; Cancer – Saturn; Leo – Uranus; Virgo – Neptune; Libra – Mars; Scorpio – Venus; Sagittarius – Mercury; Capricorn – Moon; Aquarius – Sun; and Pisces – Mercury.

Here’s a quick and pretty accurate way to tell if a relationship will lead to marriage (living together, or formally wed). First, locate your marriage planet in someone else’s chart. E.g., if your marriage planet is Mars, then locate his or her Mars, in his/her chart. When that Mars has a lot of bad aspects to your planets (and sun, moon of course) things look grim. If it has bad aspects in her/his own chart, to his/her own planets, then some (or additional) problems come from (within) her/him. And if your marriage planet is in bad aspect to his/her marriage planet, marriage won’t occur.

THE WORST ASPECT is the square (2 planets 90 degrees apart in the sky). I consider every “bad” aspect to have an opportunity side, or to contain some slim route to co-operation; but the square seems to have the least of this. Its main element of success, when success occurs, lies in vanquishing, conquering, dominating or securing.

We have a tendency to dislike the square, because it always spells struggle and very often a “No” or some other barrier. But the square refers to the tenth and fourth houses, whose functions are vital. One rules ambition and finding a place in the hierarchy; while the other gives birth, nurtures, feeds, lets us sleep, keeps us safe. So even the square has a vital, fruitful role.

You can tell a lot of other stuff, too, but that’s another day. (E.g., If your marriage planet — let’s stay with Mars throughout this — is in his/her 11th house, he/she will be optimistic about the prospect of marrying you. If his/her Mars (being your marriage planet) is in your tenth house, then you are marrying (or attempting to) with a deep drive for status. I say “deep” because you might not even be aware of this drive/need, esp. if it’s rooted in childhood events or circumstances. But the other meanings of deep apply also. And so on… maybe another day.
***   ***

Pols, esp. in the U.S., should remember the parable of the Wind and the Sun. One day they were having a friendly argument. A man was walking down a muddy road in the rain. Wind said, I bet I can rip that coat off that human faster than you can. Okay, you’re on, said the Sun. So the Wind blew and blew, breezes, gusts and hurricane strength wind — but the man just wrapped the coat tighter around him. At last the Sun said, My turn. He shone bright, and the man, being warm, took off his coat. Sun smiled at Wind.

In this short tale, the human is the citizenry of the nation, and the Wind and Sun are the two major “methods” of governing. The windy method is when the pols and parties argue, hate, condemn, slander and otherwise fight — like today — and the citizenry just pulls further into itself in such a toxic environment. In the sunny method, friendliness,  persuasion, warmth and energy create cooperation and results for the citizenry, as in the 1980’s.

***   ***

I remember how disappointed I was the first time I handled a trophy. Those things that look so metallic and shiny on TV are actually light, flimsy plastic things, worth maybe a few cents. (The big, professional trophies such as the Stanley Cup or Superbowl are likely more substantial.) But in a way these trophies are true descriptors: fame is one of the emptiest, lightest possessions. It only nourishes one need among a hundred —the desire for attention, admiration or an ego-boost.

But the need for attention/admiration has a growth characteristic so strong that it can eventually occupy a majority of a person’s “desire space” and crowd out other needs and desires. So Mr. or Ms. Famous (or Ms. Sports Champion, etc.) ends empty of nourishing substance, and seeks more attention because it is most familiar, and, in a sense, easiest to obtain. (Notoriety is easier than love.) But the more he/she gets attention, the more he/she “robs” his/her other needs of more normal nourishment. (By normal I mean friends, family love, co-worker relations, stable home, etc.)


14 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST ~ JULY 21 – 27, 2019

  1. aLibra

    Hi Tim, what orb would you allow for a square to form between marriage planets?


    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, aLibra,

      That’s a complex answer, for each chart is different. I don’t subscribe to the western “orbs” of, for example, 8 degrees for the Sun, 5 degrees for a planet, or whatever. I tend to ascribe the whole sign(s) to any aspect, but to consider the tighter aspects stronger. For instance, Venus at 2 degrees Cancer is still square Neptune at 26 degrees Libra, showing difficulty in handling the fantasy part of love (not well said, but). But a Venus at 10 degrees Cancer and a Neptune at 12 degrees Libra is a very strong square, warning of a severe lack of realism in love situations.

      All the best, Tim

  2. dianne

    Hi Tim
    Thanks for yet another interesting weekly column.
    Love when you tell us don’t start anything new before August.
    But I want to start a new exercise regime and want to know when’s the best time in the skies to make this successful. I’m Taurus with cancer rising.

    Thanks again

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, dianne,

      Start the exercise regimen Aug. 7 after 10:30 am, or, better, Aug. 14 before 1 pm, or Aug. 20 after 10 pm. All times are Pacific Daylight.

      Cheers, Tim

      1. dianne

        Thank you. thank you. And thanks for responding to your readers comments. Means a lot.

  3. ashjane

    Hi Tim,

    I’m a bit confused, I can see his sign (Cap) is Moon so when I find the Moon in my chart (link below to a screenshot of the chart) it shows that it is in my Sagittarius (House II).

    But my marriage sign is Mercury. Am I looking at the info on the House II as indicators or in the actual sign his Moon is in (Sag)? Any indication of if it will lead to marriage? Are they 90 degrees apart? I’m not sure which ones I need to look at.

    thank you!

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, ashjane,

      Maybe ‘cuz it’s the end of a long day, but I don’t really understand what you’re asking. If you want to rephrase the question, AND INCLUDE YOUR BIRTH INFORMATION, I’ll try to answer it.

      Cheers, Tim

      1. ashjane

        Sorry Tim, I didn’t clarify properly.

        My birthdate: March, 19, 79 (time: 9:30ish PM – PST, westcoast Canada)
        His birthdate: December 29, 65

        He’s a Capricorn and I’m a Pieces-Aries cusp. His marriage sign is Moon and mine is Mercury. Is this a good combo for marriage? Will it lead to living together/formally wed?

        1. Tim Stephens Post author

          Hi, Ashjane,

          Sorry this took so long. In general, Caps and Pisces get along well, and can certainly have a pleasant marriage. However, every case is different. I’d have to erect your birth charts to answer your last question.

          Cheers, Tim

  4. mayberrysq

    Your article on the marriage planets say that sag’s planet is Gemini and leo’s Is Aquarius. I think it’s a mistake because those are astrology signs? What would their actual planets be? Maybe help clarifying if this is the case? Thanks!

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, mayberrysq,

      I mistakenly put in their marriage sign rather than planet. It’s fixed now. Thanks for the head’s-up!


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