“QUE SERA SERA” ~ Doris Day
(written by Ray Evans & Jay Livingston)

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All times/Dates are PDT – Pacific Daylight Time zone. PT is eight hours before Greenwich England (BDT). For example when it is noon PDT here, it is 8 PM Daylight in England – and 4 AM the next day in China. Note: these time differences can be affected by different adoptions of Daylight — for example, until Britain switches to Daylight, their zone is only 7 hours past PDT. You can Google ‘time zone converter’ for your own zone.

START NOTHING:  Before 9:33 am Sun., 9:06 pm to 9:37 pm Tues., 2:32 pm Thurs. to 7:34 am Fri., and after 11:58 pm Sat.


Taurus, now through September, threads of attraction begin sewing the garment of your destiny. (Just wanted to write that. Sounds poetic, or arrogant!)
***   ***

When in the weekly forecasts below I mark intervals, usually about 2 days long: you can find the exact times when these intervals start and end by looking at the “Start Nothing” times above.  All “S.N.” times are Pacific Daylight Time — PDT — but you can convert to your own time zone). For example, in Aries’ message below, I write that “Your energy…Sun. to Tues. night”. By looking at the “Start Nothing” times above, you can see that the interval I’m writing about doesn’t start until 9:33 am Sunday, and ends at 9:37 pm Tues. When the next interval starts. (If this isn’t clear, let me know and I’ll explain it more fully.)

(BTW, when I write “pre-dawn” or another time when you’ll be asleep, the influence in most cases will pass without incident, good or bad.)
***   ***

(More in the AFTERAMBLE, below PISCES.)


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Romance remains front and centre, Aries, but it’s your last week of strong attraction, so if you’re planning to act, do so soon. (“Planning to act” — how un-Aries! Just act — esp. Sun. morn to Tues. night. Wed./Thurs. aren’t bad, either!) You’ve just entered 6 weeks of intensified work. Wednesday starts 4 weeks of rewarding and creative/inventive work (that might spark a partnership or opportunity). These trends merge, until Oct. 14, and the opportunities start to grow thick in the week following (Sept. 15 to 22). Anyway, lots of action and many demands, and a possible thrilling break-through, all on the work front for the time ahead. (Except this Sunday to Thurs., when romance, creativity, pleasure and adventure remain good goals.)

Your energy, clout and charisma soar to effective heights Sun. to Tues. night. Although you have to face problems (probably concerning your career or dealings with higher-ups) Mon. afternoon and pre-dawn Tues., you can make great strides forward in communications (send a love note, or call), legal, learning, media and far travel concerns, and, esp. Tues., in love and partnering. The right moves, accompanied by the right passion, could change your love future in major ways.

Wednesday/Thurs. bring money matters (buying/selling, wages, clients, prices, and purchases) and sensual attractions. Your luck’s splendid here, so charge ahead. Errands, easy, quick chores, visits and calls, texts and paperwork come Fri./Sat. Be curious, ask questions. Friday isn’t easy, so proceed cautiously, esp. with machinery and co-workers. (Not the best time to flirt on the job, though you can be tempted.) Don’t “cross” the gov’t Sat.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The six weeks ahead raise your courage and determination, esp. in romantic, creative and self-expressive areas. Before pursuing someone, ask yourself: seen as a whole, will this relationship burden/restrict me, or not? Is it morally/socially okay, or not? If it passes this “exam”, then charge ahead. Although you remain pretty buried in domestic concerns in the present week, Friday ends this trend, and starts a month of creative, pleasurable, beautiful, adventurous and romantic urges. These influences grow stronger this week and next as more and more threads of attraction (et al) begin sewing the garment of your destiny. Major financial or sexual (or research) involvements begin to shoot forward with good luck, all the way to December.

Take a restful, contemplative approach Sunday morning to Tues. night — you’re tired, need to recharge your energies. Ponder where you are in life, and make plans for future action. Legal, international, scholastic and partnership matters need care, caution. But everything else (esp. finances, home) succeed — you’re luckier than you anticipated!

Your energy and charisma soar Wed./Thurs. Tackle anything — success will accompany you. (Best: home, family, investment, debt re-configuring, relocation, sex/intimacy, healing, partnership, opportunities in general.) Wednesday starts three weeks of sweet affection, while Friday starts four weeks of glowing attraction, and last Saturday already started six weeks of “romantic courage” (see above, first few sentences). (And 2019 in general promotes intimacy, “lucky” sex.) Hard to get much more perfect for love!

Chase money Fri./Sat. — buy/sell, ask for a raise, schmooze with clients, etc.  — but cautiously Friday, when obstacles pop up everywhere. (If in doubt of its outcome, cancel a meeting.) Saturday’s a bit better, but can be deceptive, confusing — or simply goes against your wishes. BUT — a splendid romantic aspect (technically, 10 am PDT, 6 pm Britain) could create “love among the ruins” — or among the more practical problems studding Fri./Sat. Saturday night’s easy, smooth.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Errands, phone calls, texts and other communications, casual contacts, short trips, paperwork and meetings continue to fill your days — but only through Thursday. Friday begins a month of down-home, family, property, security, nutrition, childcare, garden and similar interests. You will swing between gruff/impulsive/temperamental (overbearing?) and sweet affection and the urge to protect. And next week into mid-Sept. will also make you quite talkative on the home front. Likely, you have all sorts of optimistic plans involving your home, which you’ll discuss willingly with any one who’ll listen.

Your happiness and hopes surge upward Sun. morn to Tues. night. Popularity, social joys, entertainment and flirtation buoy your heart. Life is good, you realize. But avoid: investments, research, sex, and commitment — sign/promise nothing. Your mate will be supportive. If single, you could meet a future mate Monday (but note that “negative” on sex — do you want a marriage without it?). Tuesday daytime has no “future dangers”. Couples get along happily. Singles should seek — love that starts this day will be light, friendly, but true.

Retreat from the hustle and bustle Wed./Thurs. — lie low, rest, recharge your physical and mental batteries, seek spirit and charity, ponder and plan, and assertively contact gov’t, large companies. Almost everything flows well. Again, love, and grand opportunities, are “supported”. Your energy, charisma and clout return Fri./Sat. — you’re primed to impress! But realize that you’ll run into obstacles both days, except in domestic zones. Here, you rule — be gentle!

  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

This is your last week of dealing with money, seeking it, purchasing, sensual but perhaps boring intimacy, and rote learning (memorizing). Friday starts a month of travel, communications, paperwork, friendly contacts, and general daily busy-ness. This stuff — travel, communications et al — is usually not consequential. But this week into September’s end intensifies this area powerfully. Last week began a strong, determined streak; this week begins both an affectionate, gracious streak and an expansive, “get it done” streak; and next week begins a very active, talkative streak — all in this errand, calls, daily business arena.

Show your ambition Sun. morning to Tuesday night. Work alone, don’t seek co-operation. If others seek to join your band wagon, gently demur. You’ll do your work well, and profitably. Tuesday’s superb — go all out, charge after status, promotion, and money. You’ll find something good, luck lays a path for you.

A wish might come true Wed./Thurs. Your popularity rises, so does your optimism and joy. Now you can, fruitfully, work with/co-operate with others. (Good money implications very late Tues. and pre-dawn Wed., whether you work alone or in tandem.) Now or in the weeks ahead, you’ll have “sweet conversations”.

Withdraw into quietude Fri./Sat. Rest, contemplate, meditate, deal with missives from gov’t or “head office”. (“Head office” includes your own admin. dept., but also insurance companies, hospitals, NGO’s, etc. Wherever bureaucracy thrives.) Many obstacles exist Fri., and a couple Sat. A love might start or climax, but a wedding seems unlikely.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

You’re still riding the stallion of self-promotion, Leo, and why not? Your charisma, energy, talent and clout are at a yearly high — but this is the last week of ascendancy. Friday begins a month of money, possessions, learning (night school level) and sensual but not exhilarating attractions. Mars entered this money area last week, Venus and Sun enter this week, and Mercury enters next week. So there will be plenty of activity and many developments in this money/ownership zone in the month ahead.

Now through September, money will pour on you, but you’ll also feel a subconscious urge to spend. Stow that urge — it can deplete your bank account on frivolities. 2019 is a super romantic year for you. The month ahead emphasizes casual sex with someone(s) you know will bore you eventually; if you indulge in this (if you’re single, of course) you can damage your chances for true, heart-singing romance.

A mellow, wise mood steals over you Sun. morning to Tues. night. Your luck’s good in legal, travel, media/publishing, intellectual, religious/cultural and love matters. (Esp. love!) But avoid seeking results in work, machinery/tool, domestic and property areas — these face barriers. Your career, practical ambitions, prestige relations and worldly standing come into sharp, fortunate focus Wed./Thurs. Love winds through, around, all this, too. Charge ahead!

You enter a wishful, flirty, social, optimistic mood Friday/Saturday. You’ll be happy, but events aren’t so good, so be cautious about commitments, or pushing for intimacy, or launching practical ventures.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

This is your last week of physical weariness, of relative solitude and low charisma, Virgo. It’s not even a whole week, as Friday morning begins a month of new energy, clout, effectiveness and magnetism. (The month ahead will be a powerful, significant one, as 3 social planets and the Sun will be in your sign. Deep changes are likely, esp. in sexual and domestic zones. (Remember, you’re hugely fortunate in real estate in 2019.) I think you will let a bunch of ideas and urges build up until August 29, then you’ll start talking about them, voluminously, until mid-September.

Secrets, desires for intimacy and power, research, lifestyle changes, medical action, major financial action (e.g., investing) and heightened intuition — these visit you Sun. morning to Tues. night. Tremendous, “healthy” luck blesses you in these, but avoid romance, gambling, and creative projects, which will hit stone walls.

A wise, compassionate mood steals over you Wed./Thurs. Dive into intellectual, far travel, legal, publishing, romantic/love (light best, not infatuation) and cultural scenes. Success almost certain. Bosses, parents and authorities observe your progress or situation Fri./Sat. — and they aren’t amused. Be dutiful, work hard AND cautiously, esp. Friday. Avoid conflict. Others aren’t very co-operative Sat. Despite all these dire words, you will likely succeed. Someone has their eye on you: you glow with romantic, sexy allure.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

It’s your last week to make a dream come true, Libra. Chase people, make contact, offer “depth” (esp. midweek), offer funding, join a (new) group, chase not just romance/love, not just friendship, but a combination of these. Friday will start a month of quietude, withdrawal and rest/healing… but you’re already feeling hints of this.

One thing: most of you singles (rare exceptions) should avoid starting a brand new partnership-oriented link (love or business) now through Oct. 3. It would become burdensome and restrictive. Even if you’ve recently begun to see someone, or have been married for a hundred years, now to Oct. 3 your bond will be a bit heavy or accidentally sabotage your efforts/projects. There’s enough sweetness and good feeling to keep you mellow and “satisfied” though. (In fact, some of you will have a secret or very quiet, “sequestered” affair, same six weeks.)

Marriage, partnership, relocation, public dealings, fame, negotiations and agreements/ contracts, co-operation, litigation, opposition and challenges — any/all can face you Sunday morning to Tuesday night. Be cautious with home, real estate, furniture, children, but otherwise plunge in. You could achieve great agreements, sign a splendid contract, hit fame, etc! Your luck is strong, esp. in love, friendship and social zones Tues. Read above regarding brand-new relationship caution.

This early-week relationship success could move quickly and directly into the boudoir Wed./Thurs. These two days fortunately promote sexual desire, finances (investments, debts), secret actions, research and detective work, medical procedures and lifestyle changes. (Even if you don’t act on these, find a knowledge source about them — e.g., read a book about stock market investing.) Friday/Saturday bring a mellow, far-seeing mood, one you usually love. But these two days are studded with obstacles, obvious ones Friday, subtle ones Sat. Also, Friday starts a month of retreat and recuperation… yet starts it with a whiff of romance.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Stand up straight, Scorpio — this is your last week of ambition, of climbing the career/status ladder, of launching practical ventures, of prestige relations. So work hard — results could please you so much you’ll be grinning all September! Those impatient/ critical higher-ups “retreat” now, or treat you graciously. You’re no longer vulnerable to job-destroying criticism. Now through September, you’ll socialize more with co-workers. (You’ll also be in a bouncy, joyful state.)

Plunge into work Sun. morning to Tues. night. You’ll accomplish a pile worth bragging about, and you can increase your earnings. Tuesday, you’re crowned with affection and recognition. However, avoid travel, communications — think before launching either. Opportunities, perhaps due to your Sun.-Tues. efforts, face you Wed./Thurs. — splendid opportunities to form alliances, chase (and seize) money, ask to marry, relocate or approach a “very different” company, etc. Reach out, be diplomatic yet eager to join — a treasure awaits in partnering zones! Now travel, communications are fine — but still, lean toward long travel, profound communications (rather than daily chaff).

The underbelly of your life — intuition, the subconscious, mysteries and secrets, assets and finances, medical realities and sexual drives — these come into focus Friday/ Saturday, and not in a fortunate or smooth way. Be careful, esp. Fri. Not a good time to promise, commit, nor sign anything. Romance? Not much. All goes well after 5 pm Sat., so save actions for that eve/night.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The focus remains on intellectual, international, religious, legal, and love interests, Sage. Rituals are still favoured (e.g., a wedding). (If someone asks you to marry them this week, a “Yes” might be a good answer!) Plunge into these, as they’re basically fortunate through Thursday. But a new zone is dawning, partly last Saturday (Aug. 17) and partially this Wednesday, again Friday, and then again next Thursday (Aug. 29). Each of these is a step deeper into ambition, career, prestige relations, reputation and worldly standing. These practical matters will be intense, sweet-n-sour.

Higher-ups could be critical, impatient, so behave, work hard, maintain a level, sweet temper. A boss might give you a creative task — good, because it “nixes” the possible friction with higher-ups. But the main thrust of this ambition influence doesn’t start until Friday.

Romance swells Sun. morning to Tuesday night — plunge into this, for love, creative projects, risky ventures, self-expression, beauty and peace are all blessed. Tuesday, you could feel over the moon with love’s delight. Avoid these: money, earnings, purchasing, possessiveness, relying on your memory, and sensual sex (instead, choose heart-swelling romance).

If you want to chase these, money etc. — although I don’t really recommend it anytime in 2019— wait until Wed./Thurs. These mid-week days bring another tranche of good luck, now in employment, tools/machines, health and legal matters. Friday/Saturday bring relationships, just as your core ambitions awaken. This can cause turmoil, just as when two strong currents meet in the ocean. Step lightly with others — avoid conflict Fri. afternoon. You and another might misunderstand each other Sat. daytime, but this eve/night offers solutions, through communication.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Friday begins a mellow month of pondering, wisdom and beliefs. This area — which includes legal, publishing, international, intellectual and cultural pursuits, and love — will be more intense than most Septembers. Love, romance could well up. Strictly avoid lawsuits now to October 3. You might deal with legal papers involving property, land. The present week is ten times more beneficial than bad.

Property, home, kids, garden, security, a place to stand (in business, territory or premises) — all figure prominently Sunday morning to Tuesday night. Everything is smooth, fortunate, unless you “impose yourself” on the situation. Heavy hands lose, light and hopeful touches win. Tuesday’s superb for starting a painting or other beautification project. (And for affection — not romance — at work.)

True romance calls you Wed./Thurs., and again good luck rides with you. Creative, beauty, pleasure, teaching, sports pursuits, and taking a risk are included here, and are blessed with the same lucky wand. As a bonus, you discover your home is worth more than you thought, or, if looking, a real bargain might appear.

Expect some obstacles, difficulties in employment, chores, with machinery/tools, co-workers, Friday/Saturday. Proceed cautiously Friday. This night to Sat. morning might bring a love affair to a climax of sorts, or start a new one. Saturday morn also offers a money opportunity connected to work. Take a well-deserved mental break Sat. night.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

This is your last, great chance to form or seal a bond, agreement, contract, to relocate or to grab an opportunity. This won’t be “announced” or be the subject of discussion, as your “chatter” planet just left this area, and fell into a sector of silence until October. You’ll have to hold your nose and jump — do so, the water’s fine! Friday starts a month of secrecy, sexual attraction, financial engineering, detective work, medical issues and possible lifestyle changes. This zone has already begun to creep into your life — a bit last Saturday, more this Wed., more this coming Fri., and even more Thurs. Aug. 29. Next month will be momentous — avoid impulsive actions, and playing with fire, in both senses.

Communications, gab fests, errands, friendly contacts and visits, short travel and paperwork fill Sun. morning to Tues. night — with tremendous luck. Now’s the time to contact someone who’s eluded you, or to make a bid or statement, an employment application, etc. You’ll hit the target, find the right person, and obtain a “Yes” or at least a fair hearing. Avoid these: gov’t, civil servants, “head office,” agents, advisers, and napping.

Steer toward home, family, security, Mother Nature, rest and recuperation Wed./Thurs. Good luck fills this arena, so act! Wishes might come true about love/marriage and/or about career or social standing. Note the new ideas you have about property, land, home or kids: they have “decade significance”. Romance, creative surges and speculative urges, beauty, pleasure and games call you Friday/Saturday, but your path is strewn with conflict, irritation, deception — maybe take a passive, understanding approach. Enjoy the poetic feelings, but defer action. These two days, you’re entering the doorway to life’s depths.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

It’s your last week of drudgery, Pisces. Not even a week, only through Thursday. Still, perform your duties and protect your daily health — eat, dress sensibly. You’ll have an easy time of it, as this week is benevolent and smooth. Friday begins a powerful month of relationships and opportunities — also, of attraction and conflict. Now through Oct. 3, two possibilities exist (and both can occur): 1) intense love or hate/anger, and 2) money earning opportunities/partnerships. So be diplomatic, but keep an eye on possible “meeting points”.

Money, possessions, purchases, low grade sexual desire/attraction, and rote learning fill Sun. morning to Tues. night. All are fortunate, so dive in. Avoid these: socializing, light romance and wishful thinking. Tuesday’s especially lucky — co-workers might congratulate you!

Errands, communications, contacts, paperwork and short-distance travel fill Wed./Thurs., again with good luck. March ahead, make contacts/friends, call or write to establish an important link — for example with a boss or VIP.  What you communicate could raise your career prospects. Maybe a wee misunderstanding with your spouse or a co-worker Thurs. dawn (4 pm in Britain, to midnight in Asia).

Friday begins a month of relations, opportunities, new horizons and environments. Unfortunately, Friday and Saturday offer more problems than solutions. Proceed carefully. Both days emphasize family, home, nature, security, gardening. Avoid $ actions/conflicts Fri. Some singles will feel a sudden swell of attraction/love (technically Sat. mid-morn, but spreading over both days).



I see CNN is accusing Trump of spreading conspiracy theories about Epstein, the pedophile pimp. That’s pretty rich, considering CNN spread the false Russia conspiracy theory without let-up for two years. Worse. they or a portion of their employees knew (e.g., Van, one of their anchors, was recorded telling a questioner that the Russia collusion thing was “a nothing burger”).
***  ***

Nov. or Dec. 2018 I wrote here that Trump’s legal troubles would end, but that in 2019 and to mid-2020, he needs to focus on financial, asset and economic problems.

Awhile ago I wrote about the stock markets that “these heights make me a little giddy”. As I write this, the Dow has, since mid-July, dropped 1,800 points, or 6.6%.

Several months ago I wrote here that a mild recession likely loomed. The “experts” are now saying present bond rates signal an approaching recession.
***   ***

Layers of mystery flow over love’s unfathomable surfaces. A girl’s voice floats over the fields, quicksilver in the ebb of twilight. Where does loneliness live, and who does it come to visit?


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