“QUE SERA SERA” ~ Doris Day
(written by Ray Evans & Jay Livingston)

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ALL SIGNS: The Forecasts are shorter than usual this week, ‘cuz my tiny farm has consumed almost all my time. This is one of the luckiest weeks in 2019, so chase your favourite goals!
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Once it was said: Those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it. Now it’s: Those who do not see the future are condemned to lose it. (Technology’s huge and rapid pace has changed the nature of survival.
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Lots of AFTERAMBLE items, below Pisces.


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Might as well hunker down and attack your chores, Aries — a month of them lies ahead. You’ll hardly have a moment to yourself, yet you’ll plunge into this work, feel at home in it. Small possibility of a co-worker affair. I wouldn’t build your future on it. Excellent time to buy/fix machinery, esp. Aug. 25 (pm), 28, 29 and 30 (am). Legal, international, cultural and intellectual ventures lucky — rest of this year.

Sunday morning’s active, but the pm shunts you into domestic mode until late Tues. afternoon. Your general luck is good, but avoid confrontations with higher ups, VIPs. Romance lures you Tues. suppertime to Thurs. suppertime. You and a love could agree to merge. A long trip might be in the offing.

Those chores pile up swiftly Thurs. eve to suppertime Sat. But you do them with aplomb — careful Fri. night, when your thinking’s fuzzy. Otherwise, success accompanies you, esp. with computers, electricity and flowing water. (Not mixed together!)

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Ah, sweet romance! The weeks ahead bring sweet affection, creative and inventive surges, a gambling instinct, beauty and pleasure. If a parent, your children surprise and please you with their talents/charms. BUT: make sure you act gently in these areas — you might be a little too gung-ho. Intimacy’s favoured (right into December).

Not much Sunday morn. This afternoon to suppertime Tues. brings calls, texts, mail, trips, paperwork, contacts. All’s good. You might be thrilled by a wish coming true, or by dawning love! But don’t get involved if two friends fight, and avoid legal, profound stuff, and far travel.

Be near home Tues. suppertime to Thurs. suppertime. Hug the family, find a quiet, restful place, and veg out. Despite the domestic trends, romance can soar — at the oddest times. That very thing, romance (and creativity, winnings, beauty, etc.) surges into “thrill zone” Thurs. eve to Saturday afternoon. If attracted and single, make a bid, esp. Thurs. pm through Fri. A new love can start now. If married, chase your mate!

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

You face a down-home month, Gemini. An excellent time to decorate, renovate and/or repair your home. Dive in almost anytime, but esp. Sunday (after 3 pm PDT), Mon. (some minor problem mid-afternoon), Wed. (good for repairs or construction) and Thurs. night/Fri. (good in every aspect except plumbing). It’s also a “fair” time to buy/sell or rent real estate, and to relocate. (But not to invest any proceeds — good investments appear May to Dec. 2020.) Be gentle with kids, pets, as you’re a bit determined/aggressive in the home zone.

You wake energized Sunday, but this afternoon to suppertime Tues. nudges you to chase $ and seek bargains. Go ahead, you’re lucky — but do not invest nor engage in financial “engineering”. Your sex life looks enviable all week — is it love or just sensuality? Probably the latter.

Errands, swift, easy chores, travel, communications and writing fill Tues. eve to Thurs. suppertime. Tuesday eve/night is unpredictable, disruptive, but Wed./Thurs. flow easily. You might talk to a prospective partner Wed., examine relocation options, or hear exhilarating news. The domestic trend grows deep Thurs. night to Sat. afternoon. Again, your luck is fine! Charge into home affairs, repairs, family reunions.

Cancer icon  CANCER: June 21-July 22

The weeks ahead emphasize errands, quick, easy chores, visits, calls, trips and paperwork. A busy — ultra-busy — but not necessarily important time, Cancer.  You’ll communicate with higher-ups, parents and VIPs (don’t be too pushy) and with home mates (affectionately) and with money sources (quick enquiries) and with civil servants (or private industry bureaucrats).

Rest Sunday morning. You “perk up” by the afternoon (PDT) as your energy and charisma surge then to Tues. suppertime. A social romance might start (or grow happily deeper) — actually, all week — but reject the idea of marriage, other partnership Sun.-Tues., but to some degree all 2019.

Chase $, seek bargains, Tues. eve to Thurs. suppertime. Again, great luck! Excellent time to buy a computer or engine — small wrong, big good. Wednesday good for buying tools, machinery. Those errands and communications fill Thurs. eve to Sat. afternoon. All’s well — but finish before Sat.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The weeks ahead invite you to chase $ and bargains, Leo. As mentioned the last two weeks, money comes to you swiftly, almost unexpectedly during these weeks, but you are also prone to spend it or rack up bills. Careful! That said, this week is almost entirely packed with good fortune in money and career zones. Splendid week to angle for a pay raise. If you charge clients 1 or 2% more, they won’t complain. Career/money luck is highest Aug. 25 (pm), 26 (investments, late), 28, 29 and 30 (don’t invest).

Sunday morning’s bright, happy. But this afternoon to suppertime Tuesday brings brief weariness. Rest, ponder, plan. Avoid hands-on chores — delegate. Gov’t’s an ally. Your energy and charisma surge upward Tues. suppertime to Thurs. suppertime. Charge ahead — your luck’s good! You’ll impress higher-ups, and can strike exactly the right note in love, poetry (Wed.).

Pursue money avenues Thurs. night to Sat. afternoon. Again, career or dealings with those on top drip with good fortune! But quit Fri. by suppertime — don’t invest nor push sex. (BTW, every food-money time mentioned above is also a good sensual, intimate time.)

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

This is your time, Virgo! For the next few weeks, your energy, clout, effectiveness, timing and charisma glow with a light bulb’s intensity! (Okay, I exaggerate a bit.) This will be more powerful than your usual birthday period, as almost half of all the planets reside in your sign. They’ll make you gracious and attractive (Venus), very talkative and quick to act (Mercury), assertive, even aggressive, esp. in money and sexual desire (Mars), and full of energy and determination (Sun).

You’re the leader now — lead, start things, don’t wait for unnecessary “permission”. Your luck is high almost all week long. (BTW, you’re very lucky in real estate all 2019 — including this Wednesday, but the biggest luck this week lies in legal, intellectual, moral, far travel, media, cultural and “fame” projects, esp. Aug. 25, 26, 28, and 29 — and 30 in Europe, Asia.)

Finish things Sun. morning. Your optimism and extroversion, happiness and flirtatious notions — all soar Sun. afternoon to suppertime Tues. Not good for “heavy romance” but great for socializing, flirting (and more, if it arises).  Retreat for a brief rest Tues. eve to Thurs. suppertime. Your luck remains high, esp. in intellectual and food/shelter zones (house, furniture, groceries, kids, etc.). Yes, if a home “deal” exists Wed., sign, make the offer, etc. Ponder and plan. Your energy and charisma return handsomely Thurs. eve to Sat. afternoon — re-read the first paragraph above, and do it!

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The weeks ahead prepare a nice soft resting place for you, Libra. Enter, sink in. You have a lot of pondering and planning to do, esp. if you’re planning a major life move/change for the year ahead. Btw, if changing homes is on the agenda, wait until May 5, 2020 onward. Before this, your domestic luck is sullied; after this, pure.

Your luck is splendid, this week ahead, in creative financing, investment and tax planning. Also, in “private intimacy”. Sex and romance will be a heady brew for the next 6 years. (But each has to give a little up to the other.) Until October, beware belligerent people and places of violence.

A thoughtful Sunday morning yields to ambition, this afternoon to Tues. suppertime. Avoid domestic lures, calls. Tuesday eve to Thurs. suppertime brings a smile to your thoughtful face — you feel optimistic, a bit/sufficiently popular, and flirty. Maybe now, maybe a bit earlier, maybe a day or two later, a lust partner might take on the appearance of a life mate. Could happen, but be cautious — a life partnership formed before October will, in future, burden and irk you. Happiness lives! But Thurs. eve to Sat. afternoon places you firmly in the background — retreat, ponder, plan, interact with civil servants, be spontaneously charitable. Meditate. All’s well.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Wishes (two) can come true in the four weeks ahead, Scorpio. You’ve worked hard, now it’s time for celebration, fun, popularity and socializing, entertainment, optimism and flirting. You’ll be dealing happily, socializing with co-workers, friends, lust objects, allies/supporters and potential or actual partners. This whole week is fortunate, esp. with partners, relocation themes, opportunities, negotiations, and dealing with the public. (If single and seeking, the internet will be your magic wand.)

Sunday morning, half-formed temptations flit by you. This afternoon to Tues. suppertime awakens your understanding, allows wide vision, and encourages the “long side” — far travel, deep, profound thoughts/communications, cultural and legal affairs, and gentle love. The short side — trips around town, gab sessions, news, daily details — should be avoided as much as possible. Think twice, then speak, rather than the reverse. You might discover love.

Be ambitious Tues. eve to suppertime Thurs. Your career, prestige relations, community reputation and worldly standing meet good luck. A wish about partnership or “joyful friend” and/or a “career friend”, could come true. But your real wishes come — and come true — Thurs. night to Sat. afternoon. Get out, chase, phone, flirt, join friends, be happy! But act before Saturday.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The four weeks ahead will focus on your ambitions, career, reputation, worldly standing, and relations with higher-ups and powerful people (including judges). This week is very lucky for these things, almost guaranteeing you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

You face a new kind of work over the 6 years ahead — more computers, high tech, IT, AI, etc. — or more work with electricity, or humanitarian causes/organizations. Best days to tackle or start work projects, buy/repair machinery/phones/computers, make co-worker friends, are August 25 (late afternoon onward) 26, 28, and 29. A lucky week!

Sunday afternoon to Tues. suppertime brings mysteries, secrets, lust, heightened intuition, medical and financial developments. Make a commitment, plunk your money down. But on appreciating assets — avoid mere “shopping”. At work, opt for equity rather than a pay raise.

A mellow, wise, far-seeing mood comes over you Tues. eve to suppertime Thurs. Luck rides with you in far travel, law, intellectual concerns, fame, cultural and social rituals (esp. Wed.). Be ambitious Thurs. eve to Sat. afternoon. Re-read the first paragraph above. Favour outside efforts: reject withdrawal or staying home. Bosses approve, Fri. morning! (Evening, Europe; pre-dawn Sat. in Asia.) The gov’t, or “head office” (or any institution) favours you late Fri., pre-dawn Sat.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

A month of wide panoramas opens for you: large distances, large thoughts, big understandings. It’s an excellent time to enroll in higher learning, or to start a voyage, seek fame, or deal with insurance, statistics, cultural venues, belief systems and law. (Law in the abstract — do not start or be drawn into a lawsuit anytime before October 4.) You might be too forceful in stating your opinions — gently does it!

Love is not denied — in fact, the present week is studded with romantic “bolts” — the kind that come from Cupid’s cross-bow. Attraction can be sudden and strong, esp. Aug. 25 (pm) and 26 (honest, open desire), 27 to 29 (the lust component uppermost), and 29/30 (gentle love, the kind that leads to gentle marriage).

Sunday afternoon to Tues. suppertime features relationships. To succeed, be diplomatic and eager to join. (Don’t accent your own needs/talents.) Much good here! Mysteries, secrets, detective work, heightened intuition, lust, major finances, lifestyle changes and medical procedures fill Tues. eve to Thurs. suppertime. Good interval for investing, intimacy, and dealing with agents, bureaucrats and civil servants. Wednesday’s best. Put something solid into play.

A mellow, wise mood steals over you Thurs. night to Sat. afternoon. (Re-read the first paragraph, above, for more clues.) Almost every “lucky sequence” or circumstance this week, is sparked by a romantic or creative “eureka moment”.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Dive deep, dig deep, Aquarius. Everything valuable lies beneath the surface — for 4 weeks, but especially this week, which is studded with fortunate moments and inspirations/revelations. Much of your success, this week, will come from or be centred in home, real estate, children, security, (business) territory, food, garden, nature. (This will be so for 6 years.) These lucky “spots” will appear Aug. 26, 27 (late, night), 29 and 30. (Aug. 28 and 30 favour Europeans and Asians more.) You’ll enter deep but rewarding waters in sex, finances and research. One caution: don’t act on first impulse: think, then act, but without undue delay. Surgery might be indicated: it will go well.

Sunday afternoon to Tues. suppertime emphasizes chores, machinery, employment, co-workers and daily health. Luck’s high and handsome — maintain it by being hands-on; don’t delegate. (This advice applies until May 5, 2020.) A  co-worker (or somebody) might strike you as being very sexy.

Relationships figure prominently Tues. night to suppertime Thurs. Again, luck rides with you. A wish could come true (Wed.). Some of you will find yourself in someone else’s bedroom. And, or, you might start a relationship, or form an agreement, that involves you funding a fortunate venture. Thursday night to Saturday afternoon highlights what this whole month ahead is about: secrets, research, large money, deep health, lifestyle, and lust. And, again, fortunately!

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Relationships fill the month ahead, Pisces. That includes relocation themes, business opportunities, practical and love links, public dealings, fame, negotiations and agreements, litigation and enmities, co-operation and opposition. To succeed, be diplomatic and eager to join. Some singles will meet their future mate.

This week is splendidly fortunate in relationships, esp. if you abandon your dreamy self, and haul out your chatty side. August 26 and 28 through 30 bring the “sudden touch” of friendship and interest, followed, possibly, by embraces. Beware one thing: if you fight or oppose, others will become almost immediately hostile and fierce, even violent.

A calm, wise, mellow mood steals over you Sunday afternoon to suppertime Tuesday. Pursue intellectual, educational, legal, international and cultural situations. For example, buy tickets to a foreign land, or apply for school. In emotional clinches, abandon light, playing the field kind of romance; instead, lean toward deep, all-consuming love. (On a light scale, opt for private creative sessions; eschew group sessions.)

Tackle chores Tues. night to suppertime Thurs. Eat, dress sensibly. Again, casual friends are everywhere; accept them, woo them — lucky contacts! Bosses like what you do Wed. Ask them: “promote me!” Those relationships and opportunities described in the first paragraph above come barrelling in Thurs. night to Sat. afternoon. Relationships can be the door to almost everything, including future weddings or business deals.



China is saying Canada should think about and learn from its mistakes — supposedly in how we treat China. We are holding the CFO of Huawei, a spy organization disguised as a telecom company, for extradition to the U.S., and China is furious. Even more so because they know Huawei is guilty, and China’s underbelly of deceit is exposed. In asymmetrical retaliation, China has jailed innocent Canadians, one a former ambassador, and cut off massive Canadian food imports to punish our farmers. In relative terms, we slapped China, and China’s response is to beat us with the biggest sledgehammer they can swing. They’re being bullies.

But Canada isn’t innocent. In the 1800’s and 1900’s, Canada imported Chinese as virtual slaves, indentured servants, mostly to build its railways. Racial prejudice against them was deep, nasty and despicable. We practiced our own cruelty.  This might partly explain why guilt-ridden Canada has been slow and passive in the face of China’s bullying, doing little more than issuing a complaint. The crimes the entire western civilization did to this nation in recent centuries, the Opium Wars, racism, slavery, et al, are deep justification for China’s present posture of might makes right, or so China thinks.

But China should grow up and learn to recognize Canada’s recent (last 60-70 years) benevolence. For example, Canada prevented China’s starvation from famine in the 1960’s with massive grain shipments. (All other western nations refused to give them food.) We still sell them millions of tons of wheat every year.

Since the 1970’s, the U.S. (Nixon to Obama) (and the Europeans) tried to befriend China, to bring it into the modern industrial and technological world. China’s response to this largesse has been to hide their fist in their pocket, to steal, spy, engage in hegemony, colonize portions“ of Africa and the “Stans”, practice unfair trade practices, etc. China is saying, “Gee, thanks for helping us get up off our knees. Thanks for rescuing us and inviting us into your living room (the WTO, etc.). Now we’ll pay you back with our fists, for your help has only humiliated us, and we will work, for decades, to overcome and humiliate you.”

These are both Libran nations — China’s Sun, and Canada’s rising sign. Both nations prize justice, peace, and co-operation. But a negative Libran can mistake vengeance for justice, and grow selfish and cunning. It’s an intellectual sign, so the nation can convince itself, with reason and logic, that it should be what it becomes. This is more integral to China, because its Sun, or core personality, is Libra. Canada’s ascendant is Libra — its surface and its circumstances. Canada’s core personality is Cancer. Unfortunately, Cancers and Librans trend toward friction rather than harmony. (This is why we rescued them from famine — Cancers tend to mother/nurture Librans.)

My long-ago prediction, that Vancouver might burn, 2023 to 2025, might emerge from the above situation/frictions. But I’m not saying it will happen! (I can find no astrological evidence of such an event.)
***   ***

The 2020 American election — Godzilla versus King Kong. Two slavering monsters smashing each other — and the American fabric — to, each hopes, jail or death. (Never saw the movie, so I’m not sure who wins.)
***   ***

I find Hillary’s two-year-long anger incomprehensible, and a little fascinating. After all her sins (against women, mostly) and crimes (destruction of evidence, etc.) have been exposed, my question isn’t how does she hide her humiliation, reject her shame, and act as if she was still a leader. Not how — for she does none of these well — but why? Why act this way?

I think her world was shattered by the election loss, to a – a – rich peasant. (Tribal leader of the deplorables?) I suspect she thinks she was tricked/pressured into running, and that gives her justification to burn, and people to blame.

Yet she has always been soaked with ambition, and was determined to compete with Bill, to hit his level. Hillary’s a Scorpio, and this sign has not been elected to Prez since 1921. (Adams, Polk, Garfield, T. Roosevelt and Harding were Scorpios.) Dukakis tried, failed. Hillary had many to blame for her failed bid, or at least knew many she could blame. Blame and anger are her self-protection, her defense against admitting she’s failed too many times, that it’s over. No more chances.

Regret finds solace in anger. Many pundits condemned her, publicly, for crimes against the nation. She knows the accusations are true, and feels the public disapproval sharply, sharp as a serpent’s tooth, to steal from King Lear. In her heart, she condemns herself also. This condemnation flows hot: she can ignore it for periods, but not end it. It will fill her retirement. I hope she can forgive herself. 

The higher/hotter Hillary’s self-condemnation burns, the more fierce her defence against it, a defence so fierce that it must enlist anger to buttress it. (Though she was angry earlier during the campaign, part of the reason for low crowds and her eventual loss. Anger is an emotion so primal it cannot be hidden. People don’t give a gift to angry people, and a vote truly is a gift.)

“Top of the world” success had been denied H.C. for so long, that even while reaching for the crown she was angry. Hillary’s reasons for guilt go way back, precede her courtship with Billy the Goat. Angry people are often coddling a bowl of guilt. One of the longest phases of guilt is anger; some people never escape it. Anger can be addictive; it dulls pain.

In the Catholic universe anger is a sin, and constant anger is, I suspect, a condition that makes bad actions justifiable… and therefore forms a gradual pathway to evil. Hillary’s anger glows so bright (with dark light) it must be a shield, partly against the world, but primarily against herself, against revelation, the kind of self-revelation that could turn her toward good.
***   ***

Did you notice Barron Trump is now taller than Donald and Melania? He’s only 13 years old. Barron’s a Pisces with a Sagittarian Moon. He will be very ambitious, and at home in the world. I think he will very likely become some form of lawyer or, less likely, a creative figure. He will pick up his father’s tendency to become involved with shady or sketchy people. He will value freedom, very highly. Though CNN and other media speculated that Barron was autistic or retarded (what malicious goofs the CNN propagandists are!) his chart indicates intelligence, and that he will be a staunch friend, is persuasive and could, as an adult, become extremely social. His main drawback: he might find it difficult to start new projects and give them the necessary heave forward.
***   ***

AFGHAN WAR: Sydney Omarr, the most popular newspaper astrologer of the last century, wrote once that when the planet Uranus enters the 8th degree of Gemini, the U.S.A. finds itself in a major war.  (E.g., Revolutionary War, Civil War, WW II.) Uranus will be there again in 2027 and 2028 — in macro-historical terms, around the time that the present animosity between the “two Americas” (and severe alteration of the hierarchy) is occurring. (The animosity, crime, and revealing of corruption should be most intense in 2019-20-21, so this potential war might not be directly connected.)

Long-time readers might remember that when George Bush invaded Iraq, I warned that this war, won virtually the first week with his “shock and awe”, would turn into a “quagmire”. Well, 2 decades later, it’s still a quagmire.

But about the Afghan war, I was clueless… or more distracted. Looking at the chart of the invasion (October 7, 2001 — unfortunately, I don’t have a time) shows the Sun was in either the 13th or 14th degree of Libra. The 13th refers to what the I Ching calls “cleavage” — splitting apart, or marriages/friendships/partnerships that don’t work, because one party (the U.S.) suffocates the other (Kabul’s government) with “micro-management”.

I doubt the 14th degree was activated, as it is concerned almost wholly with theatre, acting, coquettishness… not the stuff of war.

In this 2001 Afghan invasion chart, the Moon and Saturn were in Gemini. I did the chart for noon (Kabul time) tho’ the invasion was probably hours earlier. But as coincidence (which never exists) would have it, this “noon chart” finds the Moon in 8 degrees Gemini — the American “war degree”. (I think 10 degrees Gemini, not 8, might be the actual “war degree,” at least at present, due to precession of the equinox.)

In this Afghan invasion chart, the Moon not only crosses the U.S. war degree in Gemini, but it also is approaching the planet Saturn, an indicator of “lasting a long time” (18 years so far). The Moon is in the house of war/death; Saturn just makes it into the house of international affairs. Mars (violence, armies) sits in the 4th house of “home” — so devastation of Afghanistan’s home, land — but also an indirect reference to the Moon in or near the war degree, as the home is ruled by the Moon.

I think this war will end, or the U.S. will be totally freed of it, in 7 years, despite Trump’s intention to end it soon. (Though those 7 years might consist more of aid, policing, etc.) Key dates: 2019, the war undergoes a deep change, which comes from leaders, not grassroots. In less than 2 years (2020-21) the armies grow violent and confused — as if water is on fire. Maybe chemical or napalm-style weapons. Maybe also the U.S. tests optical weapons or weapons of light. I could be wrong.
***   ***

TLAIB’s excellent Israeli adventure: Anti-semitism is racism, tho’ a sub-set. U.S. Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, bless her heart, is a  Jew-hating* Muslim who feels empowered by the early enthusiasm toward and social/media popularity of the “Squad”. She’s a Leo, she’s intoxicated by attention, and is acting to increase it. She also feels — to some degree justifiably –that the amazing clout she and her three buddies have enjoyed within the party and without, supports and validates her racist stance. She’s riding a wave of power: and for her, being a Leo, much of power’s good result is attention and admiration.

Leos love to gamble, and Tlaib is gambling now, risking moral disapproval for abandoning her grandmother against a possible two-fold reward: more admiration/attention, and “making her bones” in the left’s hall of honour, a hall filled with photos of liberals who have opposed or insulted Mr. Trump. (“Hey, there’s Nancy, lying face-up in Aisle Two!”)

In addition, Rashida hates Jews, so had a satisfying opportunity to disparage them.

All this stands on a desire for power. This frightens me, because it has echoes of Hitler’s rise, and the ranks he quickly persuaded. I don’t think Tlaib and Ilhan or their two cohorts, AOC and the elvis woman, will ever wield the power Hitler did, but I don’t like the whiff of it, especially if it represents a crucial or “radical” turning point in belief of a significant portion of the population. I think the Squad’s political philosophy will eventually become mainstream, but only as one of five or six dawning forces which will sculpt the future U.S. political structure.

I actually see this upheaval (the one that has infected politics in various forms since Trump’s election, Rashida Tlaib and the muslim-communistic Squad being only a recent step) as a good thing. It has awoken the American psyche from a quietly comatose gluttony,** an understandable result of its 250-year rise to top power in the world. But the nap is over; the digestive sluggishness is fading. China has crept very close; Russia is invading countries and testing a new generation of nuclear weapons (one of which just blew up).

Hopefully, alertness and endeavour will come quickly and vigorously, as when Kennedy’s scientists recovered the lead in space. But will the vigour be intense enough? Perhaps. Back in 1985 I predicted the U.S. would be the world leader — and its policeman — for 250 years. (To 2229 AD.) I’m not abandoning that statement — yet! (But it’s almost certain that a Libran — or Libra nation — will rule the world in the 23rd and 24th centuries. China is a Libra nation.)

But you can also see it — the “Israel trip” — from Tlaib’s side:  It would have been humiliating to travel to Israel, and then to Palestine, head down, eyes down, perhaps a shawl over her head, and perhaps accompanied by guards. The humiliation strongly emerges from another source: that she was initially demanding to enter Israel as an political agitator. To then back down and “accept” the “shame” of going as a private citizen, must have been humiliating.

*Sorry to state it so crudely, but I wanted to suggest the emotional ugliness of racism, or bigotry in any form.

** This is partly why, back in 2017/18 I said Trump was a hero, in the literary sense. That he (I’m paraphrasing or substituting words ‘cuz I can’t remember the exact ones) would change things, disrupt things, and I said, expose divisions and problems which Hillary would not have. I said Hillary was stagnation, Trump was …can’t remember the words.
***   ***

Interested in how our forebears saw racism and prejudice? Watch Gentleman’s Agreement with Gregory Peck, a 1947 film.
***   ***

I’VE MENTIONED this before, but will again. In one significant way, Muslims and Sharia law have already won their 20-year war with the west: the Muslim “law” that one cannot charge interest on a loan, has gripped the west by the economic throat. At present, one-quarter of all nations’ central banks have reduced interest rates not only to zero, but to negative levels. (E.g., when you borrow $100 million, you only have to pay back $90 million, at a 10% negative rate.) (As a private citizen, you’d have to be at least a partial billionaire to take advantage — as usual, the ordinary Joe is locked out of enjoying this opportunity. Banks can, tho. A Canadian bank, CIBC, recently borrowed a billion or so from a European bank or country, and profited $100 million or so as soon as they borrowed it!)

And the three-quarters remaining, the rest of the world sans outliers, is at or close to zero interest rates. The world economic system has yielded to Sharia law, unwittingly, involuntarily. Such is the consequence of war.


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    Dear Tim,

    When reading the Karmic Forecast, should we read it according to our rising sign (first house) or to our sun sign?
    Additionally, what’s your opinion on the impact/meaning of a North Node return? What is to be to expected ?

    Many thanks and looking forward to next week’s Forecast

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, LeoV,

      I’d read both. An example: as a Gemini (Sun) I’m having a very tough time with investments, but as a Libra I have suffered pretty major house “failures” — in both cases the lunar south node (karma) is travelling thru Capricorn, which means finances to a Gemini, and home to a Libra. I find their effects almost equal, with the rising a bit stronger.

      Cheers, Tim

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