“QUE SERA SERA” ~ Doris Day
(written by Ray Evans & Jay Livingston)

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All times/Dates are PDT – Pacific Daylight Time zone. PT is eight hours before Greenwich England (BDT). For example when it is noon PDT here, it is 8 PM Daylight in England – and 4 AM the next day in China. Note: these time differences can be affected by different adoptions of Daylight — for example, until Britain switches to Daylight, their zone is only 7 hours past PDT. You can Google ‘time zone converter’ for your own zone.

START NOTHING:  1:33 am to 4:35 pm Mon., 3:58 am to 8:08 pm Wed., and 9:03 am Fri. to 3:37 am Sat. 

(Note the 3 long “S.N.” intervals. Something about this week is digestion. We might let recent events “settle in”. If we only act one day, Tuesday, we will accomplish most of this week’s potential successes. Of course, if you’re working, problems are as important as successes; both create the highway to progress. More accurately, I should say take long rests and be very time conscious about launching new projects.)


Here’s a little method I’ve mentioned before: write a wish down on a piece of paper. Fold the paper twice, then put it under your mattress. Leave it there until you forget about it. Your subconscious will work to try to bring you to fulfillment of that wish.
***   ***

I wrote (in April — thanks to a reader for reminding me) that the recession would be mild. I didn’t say that about the stock markets. However, I didn’t foresee this volatility… now with negative rates and China/US, I fear bigger things, a wholesale transformation. (The “technology threat” to banks that I think exists from 2019-2026, is part of this looming wholesale transformation.)


aries icon ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Work, work, work. Chores fly at you, but so do solutions, results — and gracious co-operation from co-workers. But don’t let this convince you to make a strong career move — maintain the status quo until May 2020. (Better to quit than to switch.)

Relationships arise Sunday to late afternoon Mon. — but take care to avoid status-reducing actions (e.g., challenging the boss or police). A new job/chore might come; if so, you’ll handle it well, esp. if you take a calm, long-range approach. (But work and your main luck source this year — intellectual, travel, legal, media and love/wedding zones — will conflict. Pick one; I advise the intellectual, etc. choice.)

You sink into life’s mysteries Mon. eve to Wed. night. There might be a wee disruption predawn Tues., and a choice between doing hands-on chores or delegating tasks, again predawn Wed. But the rest of this interval is solidly fortunate and rewarding, in financial actions, boudoir intimacy, research, medical and lifestyle issues.

Wednesday night through Friday steers you toward intellectual, legal. cultural, international and far travel interests — and love. Many glitches and minor irritations lay in your path, so go forward cautiously. The big, deeper trends in your work scene flow well, solidly, but minor squabbles can occur. Saturday starts a weekend of ambition and “reputation” — friendly relations and brilliant ideas involving work and ambition.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Your main emphasis remains on romance, beauty, pleasure, creativity, sports/games, and taking a risk. You could fall madly in love. Another generally fortunate week, Taurus — but be careful with sex and investments late week (Thurs./Fri.).

Sunday to late Mon. afternoon brings chores and duties toward dependents. Sunday afternoon (PDT) and late night could present moral (or travel, legal or scholastic) dilemmas. But the rest of this day, esp. before noon, is good for machinery/tools, computers, etc. — for operating or purchasing. Romance might spark in a hot, men-are-men way. You might find romance and sex stand in separate corners. Monday’s mostly a dud, results-wise, but this evening starts a powerful and beneficial relationship interval, lasting to Wed. night.

Monday night might disrupt a bond, or spark a new, unexpected one. Tuesday blesses relationships, love, cooperation, partnering, relocation, negotiations, agreements and contracts. Bonds formed now can last a long, fortunate time — and can be instrumental in making a wish come true. But Wed. has an air of unreality/fantasy, and offers little more than that.

Still, a certain stability exists in love and creative zones, even as this night veers, through Thursday and Friday, into the depths: sex, intimacy, commitment, finances, medical and lifestyle decisions, research and detective work. Unfortunately, many obstacles exist in this arena. Be wary of  commitment, signing anything or laying your money down. If you’re already in love (or happy in marriage), the deeper currents of love not only survive and stabilize, but grow quietly stronger. If a friend is enamoured of someone, don’t give advice. This is a major situation for him/her, so let God or karma decide.

Saturday brings legal, moral, intellectual, cultural, far travel and media interests — and love. The last, love, could be blessed — be mellow, but display your quirky or assertive side: it attracts now.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The accent remains on your domestic situation, Gemini. Be involved with kids, tackle the garden, repair property, improve security, make food/nutrition changes, and soak up nature and calm, restful days. Be gentle, as you’re a bit fiery and impatient, too.

Sunday/Monday accent love, romance, beauty, charming kids — best Sun. before noon. Early risers (before 7 am PDT — earlier better) could have brilliant inspirations about home, improving its value. (But DO NOT invest — in real estate or other things — before May 5, 2020.) Love is stable, but the afternoon disappoints. (Apropos of this, if you love someone and they keep dithering — even for years — about whether to join with you, the problem is likely their home and/or kids, and/or your finances/assets.)

Maybe some domestic excitement Monday, but generally the day’s a dud. Not so the night — Mon. eve to Wed. night brings chores, health concerns, diet/nutrition, and machinery/tool repairs/sales/purchases. All fortunately Tuesday! Your work efforts could open a career door, or spark praise from a higher-up. This interval asks you to choose home or outside career. A love notion is a fantasy.

Relationships fill late Wed. night through Fri. Be cautious, discreet and at least nominally co-operative. (Someone might want you to co-operate beyond your own best interests.) There are more snags than smooth paths, but the financial and intimate sides of a relationship remain intact. Saturday’s for sex, finances, lifestyle choices and medical procedures, secrets and research. All goes well. You might make a secret friend. But DON’T INVEST!

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Life’s fast paced, but not frantic. Swift, easy chores, esp. communications, paperwork, trips and visits, and friendly conversations, keep you busy but big consequences aren’t here. So “relax in the busy”. A good time to install office systems, telephony, to set up mail programs, etc., though next week is better for these. (This week, Thurs./Fri. are not good for this, but Sat. is.) Be  creative and gracious in communications; being too aggressive will be (too) easy.

Sunday/Monday nudge you toward rest, digestion of thoughts/recent events, and your domestic scene. Relationships go well Sun. morning (PDT —to 8/9 pm in Europe) but hit a snag this afternoon and late night. Monday night/predawn Tues. might bring a “startling stranger” who wants to be friends. Could become sexual. Tuesday is wonderfully romantic. A casual meeting could turn to elation.

Wednesday’s romantic also (and, as Tues., creative, pleasurable, risk-oriented) but yields little result. Tackle chores late Wed. night through Fri. — but carefully, as mistakes, glitches are possible, even likely. Careful with sharp tools, fire, and racing engines Thurs. Eat, dress sensibly. Although I have advised you all year (and will, to May 2020) to avoid forming new relationships, your present ones enjoy a deep, stable harmony, despite any Thurs./Fri. squabbles. Saturday brings inspiration and lively, perhaps invigorating relations — accept them, enjoy them, but don’t form important commitments.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The almighty dollar still sings for you, Leo. Seek bargains, bank funds, chase clients, ask for a pay raise, etc. (These might prove more successful next week, but present times are “okay” and good for preparations.) In buying anything, think twice, mull it over before acting.

Sunday/Monday bring calls, emails, errands and visits, news reports and paperwork. Work and $ join hands nicely Sunday forenoon (PDT — to 8 pm in Britain, to pre-dawn Mon. in Asia). But the afternoon to pre-dawn Mon. might disappoint. Romance is on a splendid, fortunate track in 2019, but it and money seem to disagree with each other this early week interval.

Turn toward home, family, nature and rest Mon. eve to Wed. night. Monday night is unpredictable for good or bad, but Tuesday’s superb: start domestic projects (e.g., renovations, painting, garden, planning/ensuring children’s future, etc.). (And celebrate with some intimacy, or a “delicious” research project, Tues. night.)

Wednesday yields few significant results, but this late night (Thurs. in Asia) does begin two days of romantic feelings and notions, which you’d be wise not to act on, as romantic, creative and beauty projects, risk-taking and gambles, get lost in a patch of thorns through Friday. It’s just not the right time. (It will be soon, Oct. to Dec.) Underlying strength and stability exists in work and income areas, though. Saturday’s for work — plunge in, esp. in high tech, computer or electronic areas. A pretty good week!

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You’re the leader now, Virgo. Your energy, clout and charm are at a yearly peak (to late Sept.). You’re very attractive romantically, as the lovers’ planets, Venus and Mars, embrace in your sign. (Take advantage, it lessens after the 13th.) You want sex, but you want it with someone you’d marry. If you’re married, rekindle flames with your mate — no extra-curricular forays! Your massive luck in real estate (food/shelter areas generally) has resumed forward motion, and holds your hand until December.

Pursue money Sunday/Monday, but be aware of pitfalls mid afternoon and late at night Sunday. Your best time to act is before noon Sunday. (Not a lot here — money themes are “building up” for a late-month and October wave.) Errands, trips, visits, communications, paperwork and easy chores fill Monday eve to Wednesday night.

Monday p.m. might lead you to an odd destination. Tuesday’s superb, you make headway — communicate with loved ones, spouse, or one you wish to be with, esp. this evening/ night. Wednesday’s a bit of a dud — stick to routine. Wednesday night through Friday emphasizes your domestic situation. Tackle the garden, security, and needed repairs. You won’t feel like hugging the kids, but I think you better — your temper might be running quite high. Despite any surface frustrations (they will be few, mostly light) the deeper themes of love in your life continue to be stable and satisfying.

Speaking of love, Saturday is for romance. I know I have warned you away from heavy romance until May 2020, but Saturday is so nice, it mixes attraction and good spirits/ friendliness, and in some respects so easily intimate, that I’d dive in! (If I were a Virgo!) One caution: don’t build a future on any dalliance.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Continue to lie low, Libra. Seek rest, solitude. Be charitable, spiritual — build up your karmic bank account and deposit good deeds. Deal with agents, advisers, civil servants and administrative workers. Delegate rather than perform hands-on tasks. Ponder deeply and make plans. Avoid belligerent people and all places of violence, all month. September is a poor time to marry and/or to pursue a new relationship with possible marriage as your goal.

Your energy and charisma are high Sunday/Monday. You can lead others, but do not start new ventures as they will contain future snags. Best time: Sunday forenoon, when you can make some good adjustments in practical affairs. Pursue money Monday night to Wednesday night. Seek bargains, sell unwanted items, butter up clients, ask for a pay raise, etc. Tuesday is best as the entire day is steeped in good luck.

Little happens Wed. This night through Friday brings errands, paperwork and easy chores, Communications and contacts, and travel. Despite my word “easy”, little is easy here — watch out for glitches, wrong addresses, mis-speaking. You have had and still have major problems in your home. This is a 15 year trend, in which 10 years have already passed. The worst portion is “now” — Nov. 2018 to May 2020. But this week, and esp. Thurs./Fri., your problems subside for a bit; or, more correctly, you’ll sense that the home outlook is stabilizing, and some deep support “exists” — perhaps through a gov’t program.

Saturday actually emphasizes your home (and kids, etc.) — in a friendly (even flirty) way. An inspiration about solving those home problems, about mid-afternoon (PDT — bottom of the night in Europe, Sunday morning in Asia).

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Wishes can come true, Scorpio! (See the Preamble at top.) Group affairs, co-worker gatherings, light romance, optimism, entertainment and popularity buoy your heart and mood most of September.

Lie low, rest, ponder and plan Sun./Mon. Nothing much good or bad, esp. Monday, which yields few results. Best time: Sun. morning (PDT) when you can grasp a great idea, and/or communicate with someone attractive. Your energy, charm and effectiveness soar Monday eve to Wednesday night.

Monday night is mildly disruptive or surprising: someone may show a friendly interest in you. He/she is actually prospecting for a partner, but is it you? Tuesday is superb; you can do almost anything you want, start any venture, lead/persuade others, and make love, especially this night. (The Magic of love will whisper to you until dawn Wed., PDT.)

Pursue money from late Wednesday night through Friday. Butter up the boss, baby-sit clients, sell unwanted items, seek bargains. But be careful: snags and conflicts pop up everywhere. NOT a good time to make important purchases. Although short trips and casual relationships do not work very well for you in this macro phase (until May 2020) still, your contacts and communication pipelines remain stable and quietly supportive, as Friday might show. Saturday brings a friendly surprise — and fun. But don’t tie yourself to this person.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Be ambitious, Sage. But don’t be super-assertive, as this can trigger temperament from higher-ups. If you maintain a friendly, co-operative attitude, higher-ups will still display some temperament, but also grant you aid and affection/approval.

Wishes can come true Sun./Mon., but deal with minor wishes, as this isn’t the luckiest of intervals. Socializing, flirtations, entertainment, popularity and optimism fill these two days, but on a quiet scale. Best time: Sunday forenoon (PDT).

Retreat Mon. eve to Wed. night — rest, contemplate, plan, deal with civil servants, agents, advisors, admin. workers, spirituality and karma. Tuesday’s excellent, great time to study vacation retreats, contact those agents and civil servants (esp. about home matters) or start any charitable project. Monday and Wed. are basically duds.

Your energy pops up Wed. night through Fri. Your charisma, timing, clout and effectiveness rise. You’re faced with a variety of tasks or problems, so use this good energy to solve them. Though you’ve had income or earnings slowdowns since 2018, and will until at least May 2020, this late week period indicates that a strong, beneficial monetary current or situation underlies and supports you this week/month.

Saturday brings money and purchasing issues front and centre. Though this is an area you should avoid before next May, Saturday offers good luck here. Fine time to buy a computer or peripherals, electronics, or to pursue a sensual relationship with a co-worker. Just don’t bind yourself; sign nothing.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN: Dec. 22-Jan. 19

International, far travel, intellectual, religious, cultural, legal, publishing and media issues wrap your mind in mellow, wise meandering. September’s a good month to pursue these. (But beware of law suits, and don’t travel to hostile or “army-ruled” shores.) Love can strike at any time. (Remember, Cap hermits lose now to May 2020; those who seek others, gain.)

Be ambitious, maybe try/launch a new venture Sun./Mon. Sunday’s best; Monday’s a wee dud, yields few results. Your optimism, popularity and friendliness surge Mon. eve to Wed. night. You’ll love this interval, Cap. Flirtations, entertainment and wish fulfillment add a smile to your hidden heart. Tuesday’s splendid, fortunate — Mon. night and Wed. not so much.

Retreat from the busy world late Wed. night to pre-dawn Sat. Lie low, ponder and plan, catch your second wind. Deal with gov’t, admin. workers, institutions/large companies, agents and advisors, and spiritual and charitable organizations. However, proceed with caution, as you can encounter almost immediate opposition, disapproval or refusal. If so, withdraw: be sensitive to clues. You might misunderstand a legal, ethical or political “instruction”. Despite these words, a deep, supportive bunch of allies remains loyal.

Saturday is your day! Your energy and charisma soar, and romance can spark with sudden friendly force. Remember, this day and the Sunday following, use your charisma to attract, to form relationships, to be accepted.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Life’s depths still shimmer up to you, Aquarius. It’s like looking into a deep pond; within lies your subconscious, your destiny, strong sexual urges, financial actions, medical and lifestyle choices. If you reach down into this pool and grab something, it will not let go, so make sure you want it. (E.g., a mortgage isn’t easy to just throw away some day. Sex can create a life of parenting, etc.) But there are things worth grabbing down there. Use research and your intuition — treasures await!

A wise, mellow mood fills Sun./Mon. Love exists. Far travel, law, culture, beliefs and media might arise. Best time: Sunday forenoon (PDT). Monday’s a dud, yields few significant results. You shunt into ambitious corridors Mon. eve to Wed. night — here, your luck is powerful, esp. Tuesday. Cap Tues. off by angling for a pay raise, or seeking a money-earning situation. A sensual attraction lures you.

Popularity, social delights, optimism, entertainment and flirtations fill Wed. night to pre-dawn Sat. Events and results are mostly difficult, conflicts arise, but you’ll be happy anyway. Those deep, maybe treasure-filled waters now aid and support your hidden or “background” life. For example, you could have sex with a civil servant who helps you make an application for aid or permission. (Sorry, examples are hard to find…)

Retreat Saturday. Rest, catch your second wind. Ponder, examine your life thus far. Contact agents, advisors, institutions, charity and spiritual groups. This day soars with brilliant ideas — but don’t “enlist your future” — sign nothing, commit to no one. All’s good!

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19 – March 20

Relationships are potent, filled with possibility and laden with future consequences, Pisces. On the positive side – fresh horizons, new opportunities, partnerships and associations, fame, dealing with the public, negotiations, agreements. And on the negative side – enmity, opposition, broken ties, litigation — all these fill September. Whether relations turn positive or negative is largely up to you. To succeed, be diplomatic, co-operative, and eager to join. Turn away from hot-heads.

Sunday/Monday bring secrets, mysteries — delve into these, for they might only be the filigree, the decorative disguisers of treasures. Sexual, financial, lifestyle or medical treasures. (One sexual treasure: pregnancy.) However, forget wishful thinking — you gain only what you’re courageous enough to grab. (Courage = commitment.) Don’t listen to friends. Best time: Sunday forenoon, PDT. Monday yields few lasting results.

Your compassion, understanding, and world view rise up Mon. eve to Wed. night.  Law, culture, far travel, publishing, intellectual pursuits and beliefs are favoured, esp. during a fortune-packed Tuesday! Buy tickets, write a speech, start your lawsuit, apply for school, etc. Monday night isn’t as good, a bit disruptive or unpredictable, hard to know what another really means/believes. And Wed. is mostly without result.

So time major actions for Tuesday — best day this year for a wedding, or for meeting/wooing the one you want to wed someday. (These great influences are noon Tues. to dawn Wed. in Europe, almost all Wed. in Asia.) You ambitions and reputation are highlighted late Wed. night to pre-dawn Sat. A “partner” might not co-operate with your goals, so work alone. You can accomplish a lot, but you’ll have to be patient with a string of small frustrations. In the midst of all these “minor struggles” a promotion or excellent report might brew behind the scenes. (So behave!)

Whatever happens, this week, culminating Fri., maintains a solid bridge between your wishes/group involvements and your yearning for a mate or a new opportunity, new horizon. Saturday brings those wishes and group affairs — this area is “barren” for you until May 2020 onward, but this Sat. shows there is hope, also. A new friendship, a crisp, clear, exhilarating view of the future, a sensual attraction — these are possible! Just don’t commit your future this day (or Sun., Sept. 8).



The Dems are conflicted. The real mass of democrats will feel, correctly, that the far left progressives cannot win against Trump. Their platforms are too big a gamble, for all except the poor — or those beneath the middle class. So they have to choose Joe Biden, because he’s the only centre-left contender left. And he’s warm and popular. Fingers crossed, he’ll pull this election off with careful handling and the grace of God.

Dems might instead go for E. Warren, for she’s human and smart and although she’s far left of Biden, she exudes an aura of traditional neighbourhoods, genteel, educated families and conservative values such as roast dinner on the table every Sunday. She radiates such conservatism that her platform kinda gets lost in the delivery. This conservative signalling (which is probably unconscious; it is just part of the lifestyle, mannerisms and fashions that she grew up with) nudges her into centrist territory, where I believe this election will be won.
***   ***

Although Tulsi Gabbard qualified for the next round of debates, the democratic party has refused to let her participate. The reason’s easy: she mortally wounded Kamala Harris in their last debate. Kamala had many supporters in the party. Are they scared Tulsi might chew up Joe Biden next? I’ll stick with my assessment, that Kamala Harris comes across as heartless, even cruel. Tulsi Gabbard destroyed her in the debate simply by exposing her record, and Kamala’s been sliding in the polls ever since.
***   ***


I’ve often equated God, karma and nature, proclaiming that one is the other, in almost insolent words. (Of course that’s better, if you believe in a punishing God, than my earlier claim that God was “my brother”. That was a way of equating myself with God. How arrogant I was!) The problem with arrogance, for some people, is that the person radiating it is not aware, is blind to it. Many forms of pride are so. But arrogance is one of the more “innocent” sins of pride; I suspect that one is born with such a personality, or develops it through trauma.)

Oh, my point: I think it is very possible that there is an existence above nature. It’s possible this existence created both nature and karma, and is content to let them develop on their own. (Thus an apology for the massively numerous, seemingly undeserved injuries experienced by humans [and animals] — e.g., a devastating tornado, or a girl of six eaten by a crocodile. Though it is possible to present a reason: these are simply karmic payback for the 100 million cows we’ve murdered.)

So I can see, in the religious sense (was it ever?), that an existence could reside above our nature, our universe(s) — above anything corporeal, above even our highest laws, spiritual and karmic. Just tonight, I think I glimpsed that existence, though I could only see it ”translated” into a natural reference (e.g., the diamond-lit sky) but I tried to let this fade into the periphery. Then I “felt” that this existence truly existed.

Many years ago I channeled at the Spiritual Healing Centre in Vancouver. I liked the inner circle there. They were optimistic, cheerful people who sincerely believed they should do good, and thought they were doing so, chiefly by teaching meditation. Most of them used a visualization technique after the meditative state was established (once the shores of calm were reached?).

One of their beliefs and boasts was the eradication of the ego. Yet, sweet things, they each had  tremendous egos, hidden from the surface, behind their adoration of New Age values and beliefs fashionable at the time. They competed with each other for status, for group sizes and adherents, but mostly for attention. They hungered for the miraculous, and wisely were content with — apparently excited by — small miracles.

I say wisely because there is something great and lovable about people who see — perhaps not the miraculous, but the unusual or illuminative — in small events and insights, from sunrises and fields of beauty seen by tourists, to coincidental meetings.  These experiences help many people conceive of another existence, unseen and everywhere, psychic, all-knowing. The all-powerful part came second, as in chains of thought or discovery; first you find/sense /create the concept of a being, then you assign a personality to it, or blame it for pain and disaster.

This personality will evolve over tens/hundreds of thousands of years. The Catholic God is merciful. The millennia-earlier Jewish God is vengeful and short tempered. As far as we have come from man-eating gods to the present religions of forgiveness and bliss, so far again does our spiritual future lie. But I wander.

My tiny “incident” occurred when I was meditating and channeling at the Centre. It was simply a word. My guide during channeling, Nima – to whom I owe much, for she befriended me when I was lost. This can be seen as an attempt to anthropomorphize a sense, a subtle physic force, perhaps a being, spiritual or extra-terrestrial — probably both — who spoke to many people, or as a projection of the subconscious. I do not believe it is the last possibility, as I’ve seen too many things occur beyond the subconscious’ reach.

Much is within its domain, if you believe two minds can “communicate”. When a psychic tells a traveller she’s never before met, what city he last stood on, or with no recognizable source of knowledge. Or tells a young man that his long-dead uncle is saying,’we liked sailing with you’, and that was the young man’s favourite memory of those boyish years. These might be more, but are at least a case of two sub consciousnesses being able to communicate with each other. Maybe, at best, an ability to communicate with heaven (my favourite way to think of the afterlife). But this seems a laborious way to reach, say, a karmic command or conclusion. But certain things — what?

Anyway, she twice, and then many times when I wanted to think about it, spoke the word “isness”. It grew to be a prime focus or idea for me for at least a year, several years in a lighter way. (Though it was a casual knowledge for Nima, which hints that she had awarenesses far larger and more astute. She told it to me like a teacher tells a second-grader we’re going to have a cookie and a nap now.)

As I thought about feeling this existence beyond nature and karma, I remembered the “is-ness”. That was 3 decades ago. How slowly I learn! How long it took to reach this second concept of “God!” Not existence, for existence must live to exist, but is-ness never is not is-ness. It’s always is-ness. It radiates outward, and has no motive. (Thus the future “sphere religion” I described in a few columns.) It simply is. It causes no wars. That’s all I can see.

Except that everyone and thing is, is is-ness, and in that sense is-ness, or the higher existence, surrounding all nature, all universes, like a sphere of knowing, of growing, is our God.


5 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST ~ SEPTEMBER 1 – 7, 2019

  1. NS27

    Hi Tim, As always many thanks for these forecasts! I am of Gemini sign (Sun & Moon) with Sagittarius ascendant (29 yrs & May 27 born, living in Netherlands if that helps). I am currently quite keenly looking at housing market to buy an apartment. You mentioned in your forecast to stay away from all such new investments until mid 2020. Can i ask for a bit more elaboration? Not that i have bought an apartment already – market is tough, I was out-bid on 3 offers i made so in last 2 months :(. I am quite proactively looking & trying, and would want to ideally buy soon (also given the political situations housing market in NL / Amsterdam will just increase even more in months / years to come). Can you please advise on how i should read the prediction in this context? Many Thanks!

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, NS27,

      Investments are basically dangerous for Gemini until May 5, 2020. And very lucky May 6/20 to Dec. 2020. Why not wait? Now, if you don’t care about the financial side, only want a home, then go ahead.

      Cheers, Tim

      1. NS27

        Thanks for your reply Tim 🙂

        I already waited for about 1.5 years because i wanted my financial conditions to be more favorable. I think if not now, then market will just get much more expensive (as has been the trend last few years) for buying. Its already difficult to rent already (I’m currently living in a rental place). I am not looking for a forever home, but for short term living (<5yrs) then perhaps rent out or sale, atleast this is the plan for now.

        Not that i will make a rushed decision, but i also just don't want to wait any longer than i already have. I plan on taking it as it goes, be thorough in my research and rest I can only hope it'll be for the best! Lets pray the stars are aligned for me when my purchase happens 🙂 Thanks Tim!

  2. GeminiSun

    Hi Tim
    A Sagittarius suddenly came up with this idea/ desire, of trying something new, working in another country, new adventures.. because life here is “stuck” .
    is it because Saturn is getting closer to the 3 house / opposing 9, or why and what would be a good time to try “something new” ? Thank you

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Gemini Sun,

      I’m guessing you’re the Gemini. Sagittarians always want to try something new at some place far away. Until Dec. 2, 2019, good luck will come to Geminis who relocate or partner up, or both.

      Cheers, Tim

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