“QUE SERA SERA” ~ Doris Day
(written by Ray Evans & Jay Livingston)

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All times/Dates are PDT – Pacific Daylight Time zone. PT is eight hours before Greenwich England (BDT). For example when it is noon PDT here, it is 8 PM Daylight in England – and 4 AM the next day in China. Note: these time differences can be affected by different adoptions of Daylight — for example, until Britain switches to Daylight, their zone is only 7 hours past PDT. You can Google ‘time zone converter’ for your own zone.

START NOTHING: 1:30 am to 2:24 pm Mon., 10:22 pm Tues. to 2:52 am Thurs. (!) and 9:33 pm Fri. to 3:22 pm Sat.

The same situation occurs in the “S.N.” this week as last, so I’ll repeat that note:

The long “S.N.” intervals, esp. midweek, hint that this week is for digesting recent events, getting our bearings and our second wind. Usually, “S.N.” times should be used for resting, contemplation and routine efforts (e.g., laundry or your usual employment). Be very time conscious about launching new projects.


“Elizabeth Warren is absolutely taking votes away from Bernie Sanders”.  Dave Brown, FOX, 7:55 am Sept. 1.

“Warren will reduce Sanders’ following.”  Me, 2 months ago.
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The people behind the 9/11 attacks wore military officer-style uniforms. Sorry, I should have said this before: British style khaki uniforms, tho’ they weren’t British.
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Since 1984, what were tools have become requirements.
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There’s not only a third eye, but a fourth, and a fifth, a sixth and seventh. Beyond that, I can’t intuit. The fourth and sixth are “double-eyed”. The sixth contains almost infinite sadness.


aries icon  ARIES: March 21-April 19

You’re still deep in the work zone, Aries. This week’s end might see the departure of two or so co-workers, perhaps the end of a project. (And/or the entry of two new relationships, not work related.) But your work continues into early October. (Don’t forget your main luck path this year, far travel and etc. — read a full description in “Platforms”. This will kick in strongly late September onward, through travel, relationships or opportunities. Think ahead.)

Sunday/Monday accent ambitions, career, social standing and relations with higher-ups. Virtually every aspect is favourable, every path inviting — only your morals/ethics or legalities might disagree. Make sure these are “good” before proceeding. Think “work” rather than “prestige”. Monday’s a bit empty (stick to routine) until mid-afternoon, when a streak of happiness visits — even if you don’t want it! Seek friends, laugh and chat, flirt, enjoy your popularity and optimism, this afternoon to pre-dawn Thursday.

Monday eve’s deceptive, brings doubts about a chore/project. Tuesday flows mildly and productively. Wednesday’s a dud — nothing permanent, stick to routine. Your deep urge to tackle a project might run counter to your ethics or knowledge — maybe consult with a pro?

Retreat, rest, ponder and plan Thurs. to mid-afternoon Saturday. Lie low, avoid competitive situations. Connect with civil servants or admin. workers. You’ll succeed Thurs./Fri., but still face doubts about your tasks/performance — if applicable, pay extra attention to plumbing, water tables, freshness of food. Your energy soars Sat. night (and your charisma a wee bit) — but don’t chase a new shiny person.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Romance remains on the agenda, Taurus. Go forth without delay if you’re wooing someone. Saturday (Sept. 14) begins to quietly dissolve romance’s potency and starts to bring chores — small at first, but they will grow larger around Sept. 23, and become big, intense in October. So plunge into love, adventure, creative and speculative, pleasure and beautifying projects while you can.

Sunday/Monday seem to fit into this love/pleasure agenda with a beautiful array of fortunate circumstances. (Esp. Sunday; Monday’s a dud in N.A., good to late morning in Europe, and to suppertime in Asia.) But advance cautiously: you might meet your true love, or be inspired by (or called to) a relocation, international, far travel, legal, educational or publishing concern. Make sure your motives and morals are good in this — reject temptation, embrace realistic optimism.

Be ambitious Mon. mid-afternoon to pre-dawn Thurs. Display your skills to higher-ups. Monday pm’s hopeful, might bring new inspiration about love, friendship, and your future. Tuesday’s productive — dive into work. Stick to routine Wed. Your optimism, popularity, group involvements rise. Social delights, flirtation, entertainment lift your heart. A love wish can come true. (But someone who appears late Fri. looks like a temptation who carries a future burden for you.) Saturday night, protect your health, eat/dress sensibly.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The accent remains on your domestic situation, Gemini. Got a problem? Now’s the time to solve it, whether it’s home repair or soul-repair (e.g., rest, therapy, dietary change). You’ll remain intense, driven on the domestic side until early October, but the sweet, talkative side (which has balanced that intensity) exits Saturday (end of this week) to start a romantic phase. (Romance will explode into significant moments, even momentous moments, in October.)

Sunday/Monday steer you toward secrets, major finances, investments, lifestyle changes, medical decisions, and sexual lures. Your luck is high here, yet karma is very present. If you encounter delays, or have to “plot”, or feel temptation (rather than innocent optimism) then turn away, make no commitments. There’s a small chance (20%?) that karma will bring you a destined reward. But realize deep sex or a lifestyle or big financial commitment will likely “interfere” or ”chase away” your partnership or relocation prospects (where your greatest luck lies in 2019).

Monday eve to pre-dawn Thurs. brings a sweet, mellow, understanding mood. Good for far travel, intellectual, legal, cultural pursuits — and love. Act Tues. — Wed.’s a dud. Your career, worldly standing, are in focus Thurs. through mid-afternoon Sat. Work hard, but reject wishful thinking and arguments. All’s okay. Saturday begins a romantic thread that will grow into October, and will accent partnership. But don’t chase anyone who appears this day/night.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Errands, easy chores, trips, visits and communications and paperwork fill this week and next. So far, your communications have been sweet and sour. By Sat. (Sept. 14) the sweet goes somewhere else. So if you want to seduce, interest or grow closer to someone, send your texts or whatever this week. (You will want to use the last two weeks of Sept. messaging about your career.) Be curious all week — ask questions.

Sunday (to 1:30 am Mon.) offers beautiful progress in the relationships that are meant to stay; other bonds will prove difficult to deepen. A Virgo, Capricorn and/or Aries figures prominently. Monday daytime’s a dud, so stick to routine.

Mid-afternoon Mon. to pre-dawn Thurs. shunts you into deeper waters: commitment and consequence (careful!), research/investigation, sexual desires, financial actions, lifestyle and medical decisions. Your intuition is tops during this interval, so depend on it. Monday pm confronts you (subtly, w/o demands) with a choice: do you go long (love, profound thoughts) or short (errands, conversation)? Either works. A vision, a  “fantasy” of true love, or international travel or similar things, might occur.

Tuesday offers calm progress. Wednesday’s a dud — stick to routine again (laundry, yard work, whatever). Your higher mind “kicks in” pre-dawn Thurs. to mid-afternoon Sat. Fame, publishing, far travel, big ideas, law, culture and learning — and love — travel a mixed road: destiny’s good, romance good (esp,. for young Cancers), ideas/intellect good — but an intense attraction might contain more fantasy and “heat” than love. You could fall madly in! Saturday pm shunts recent affection  to the home for awhile, as “outside” career ambitions grow stronger.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The emphasis remains on money, depreciating assets, sensuality and rote learning (memorizing). Money continues to flow towards you, and away from you. Guard it, bank it. If you have planned to buy a luxury item for someone, buy it before this week ends. (Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday Best for this.)

Tackle chores and protect your daily health (e.g., vitamins) Sun./Mon. Sunday’s filled with good luck and happy circumstances. If you take on a new job now, it might prove limiting or its rewards elusive, over the months/years ahead. Act until 1:30 am Mon. (PDT) — after this, Monday’s a dud until mid-afternoon.

At this time, until pre-dawn Thursday, relationships rule. Monday night could tempt you with almost pure lust (or a deceptive character has you in his sights) — take care. Tuesday’s good — mildly fortunate progress. A new opportunity is “okay,” not the biggest. Wednesday’s a dud — stick to routine.

Life dives deeper Thurs. to mid-afternoon Sat. Lust, power temptations, secrets and spying or research, lifestyle or medical decisions and financial actions fill this interval, but not easily. You might have to struggle for good results. Money and your home/family flow well. But you could fall madly in love (well, in lust) where there is more heat and fantasy than healthy attraction. Saturday starts a thread of contacts, communications and visits that you’ll find invigorating and… satisfying, makes you smile. If you’re old, youngsters amuse, treat you with affection for a few weeks.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Your energy, charisma, effectiveness and timing are tops, Virgo — at a yearly peak. Use this extra clout to pursue 2019’s best luck. It resides in family, food and shelter arenas: pregnancy, meal prep and content, gardening, hugging and directing the kids (e.g., starting a college fund), investing in a cafe or food source/manufacture, repairs and ‘renos, and the big one: real estate. You’re braver (since mid-August) about investing or taking a big step or commitment — this courage lasts to October 3. But before you make a big, bold move, make sure your loved one is in agreement, and that it will be good for the kids.

This is esp. important Sunday to pre-dawn Mon. (PDT) when love, children’s talents, creative and romantic themes seem blessed with a wand of intelligence (yours), determination and beauty. However, be careful with brand-new “attractions” — he/she might, in future, offer more dilemmas than certainties.

Most of Monday’s a dud, but late this afternoon a new theme enters, lasting to pre-dawn Thurs. — work. Dive into chores, employment, but stick to ordinary, routine tasks Wed. Earlier, Tuesday offers steady, mild progress. Even earlier, Mon. pm, you might come face-to-face with your future mate, or someone similar (i.e., a precursor of that “true mate”). If married, show your spouse how reasonable you can be!

Thursday through mid-afternoon Sat. brings relationships and all their “brothers” — relocation, fresh horizons, new opportunities, the public, possible fame, negotiations, co-operation and challenge, joy and enmity. Luck is mixed so march forward, but watch where your feet land. Thursday’s mostly co-operative. Friday offers good luck, esp. in communications, romance and proposals/mating.  Another sees you as too sexual: don’t mistake his/her “timidity” as a ”come-on” or “just cute”. Ask!

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Continue to lie low, Libra. Rest, contemplate, meditate, and mull over plans for the future. Last week was, and this one is, good for contacting and dealing with civil service, administrative workers, and institutions. Saturday ends much of the goodwill you can receive from these people, so if you still have anything to do in these areas, do it now. (From next week to October 3, continue to avoid starting any new love affairs or partnerships, and be more vigilant about your own safety.)

A domestic mood flows through you Sunday and Monday. Sunday is best, until very early Monday (1:30 am PDT). I know I have warned you off domestic and real estate projects until May 2020. This Sunday it is so filled with good aspects and good fortune that I am dropping that advice, for just a day. So work to solve any long-standing domestic problems— flooded basement, rotting stairs, too many kids (throw one out) etc. (Just kidding!) But do not commit yourself to anything huge — e.g., don’t buy a house.

Romance calls you late Monday afternoon to predawn Thursday. It probably will not amount to much, partly because you are in a quiet, restful state. Monday pm wants you to choose between hands-on efforts, and delegating tasks. I’d delegate. Tuesday’s mildly fortunate, productive. Wednesday’s a dud, for most people. If meeting a lover mid-week, make it Tuesday.

Tackle chores Thursday through mid-afternoon Saturday. Eat, dress sensibly. Not the best time to buy machinery/tools. A fear or worry you have Friday night is way overblown. Do not form a new relationship this day. Saturday brings a streak of charm, grace, wittiness and talkativeness that will last into early October. It’s minor, but things will grow here!

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

You’re still in a “wishes come true” cycle, Scorpio. Flirtations, optimism, blue skies, popularity and social delights keep you happy! But Saturday (Sept. 14) starts to switch your mood from social to quiet. Then Sept. 23 and Oct. 3 will increase this “pull back” even more.  So gather your flowers while you can. Above all, enjoy yourself, for such fun is important to your well-being.

Sunday/Monday feature messages, trips, visits, communications, paperwork and media. Be curious, ask questions. Sunday’s terrific, right up to 1:30 am Mon. (PDT). (The rest of Monday daytime is a dud.) You can accomplish a big pile Sunday, can contact the one you need to. But handle this whole area of communications and short trips lightly — submerging yourself in it (e.g., starting a whole email-to-clients system) would be a mistake. Just do what’s to be done.

Home, family, property and security take you in their arms Mon. mid-afternoon to predawn Thurs. Monday night brings a wave of romantic feeling: is it real or fantasy? Tuesday’s fine, productive. Build a garden shed or whatever. Wednesday holds little, few satisfying results. A good day to relax, contemplate, hug the kids and study the backyard.

Romance, creative surges and risk-taking urges, beauty and self-indulgent pleasure (that’s what romance is) fill Thurs. to mid-afternoon Sat. Your luck is high, yet mixed. You might fall madly in love, or meet the person who might spark it. One thing: don’t let your hopes and desire for love cause you to build a fantasy around someone. Best way to “break” a fantasy? Ask! (For fantasy is a kind of imagination in ignorance.)

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Remain ambitious and hard working, Sage. Bosses are observing. You might be launching a creative career-linked project. If so, finish this up fast, as week’s end reduces the ambition energy somewhat — tho’ it continues to October 3. More and more over the coming weeks, you’ll slide from hard, ambitious work to socializing, hoping and celebrating! But gear up for two more weeks of solid work.

Sunday/Monday emphasize money: paying bills, collecting sums, garage sales, client persuasion, bargain purchases, etc. All goes well on the surface and with immediate things Sunday into 1:30 the next morning (PDT) but don’t plunge wholesale into this area. Your real fortune in 2019 lies in 2 places: you, and “big money” (e.g., investments over pay check).

Monday’s mostly useless until late-mid afternoon. Then it sparks errands and messages, contacts and visits, trips and curiosity, until pre-dawn Thurs. Monday night faces you with a choice: home, or outside opportunities/commitments. For now, choose outside, career.  Tuesday’s mildly productive, and Wednesday’s a dud — use it (Wed.) for routine, cleaning up, and extra rest. Bosses might rear up if you make a sudden announcement or move Wed./Thurs. Otherwise, Thursday’s fine, might even bring a promotion, or hints of a future one. That choice between home and the outside world recurs. Rather than choose right away, give yourself a night or weekend to contemplate.

Thursday into Saturday brings domestic, family influences. Hug the kids, garden, etc. Careful with plumbing. Saturday night starts a weekend of romance — or romantic yearning. (And births nascent relationships to spark that yearning.)

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

You’re halfway through a month-long intellectual, idea-oriented, expanding awareness cycle, Cap. It’s a good, easy-mood period; it aids far travel, belief, cultural and legal involvements, and love. (A good time to buy or customize insurance, too.)

If you’re involved in a legal fight or an “idea war”, your position has been lightened, supported by social graces, documents, and “justice”. But that support ends Saturday (Sep. 14) — leaving only a hot, fractious influence that can lead to real fights next week to Oct. 3. Best preparation: solve as much as you can now, before the “hot friction” kicks in. (You might also drop a lawsuit or campaign soon — watch Pete Buttigieg, presidential hopeful in the States, he’s a Capricorn.)

Your energy and charisma soar Sunday/Monday, though most of Mon. is empty, void of significant results. So act Sunday, into 1:30 am Mon. (PDT — 9/10 am Mon. in Europe, suppertime in Asia/Aust.). Talk about your future hopes or your beliefs. But remember, in 2019 your periods of heightened personal presence (as Sun./Mon. are) have one lucky direction/use: to form relationships. Other people are your anchor and your guide this year.

Chase money, buy/sell, pay and collect from mid-afternoon Mon. to pre-dawn Thurs. Monday isn’t terribly stable: small disruptions mingle with impulses/visions around someone sweet and elusive. Keep this person as a friend, don’t try to make it a love affair. Tuesday’s mildly fortunate, productive. Wednesday’s empty of significant results — stick to routine.

Errands, communications, trips and paperwork fill Thursday to mid-afternoon Sat. Most things go well, even love’s discussions. You might have a difference of opinion with someone: give in, let them “win” — that way, you’ll receive future affection. A love/sex fantasy might “appear in person”. Head for home Saturday eve — a pleasant (minor) surprise awaits you there.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Life’s secrets surround you. Treasures lie deep, under surface appearances. Talk, communication can reveal them. This is your last week of good or easy rewards from research, investments, and lifestyle changes — but sexual drives and medical exigencies last until Oct. 3.

Lie low, withdraw and rest, contemplate and plan, Sunday/Monday. (Monday’s relatively empty, so act Sunday for best results. Good fortune lasts to 1:30 am (PDT) Mon. However, don’t immerse yourself in solitude or sleep — this area needs a “light touch” until May 2020. Secret agreements/discussions can take place.

Your energy snaps back Mon. afternoon to pre-dawn Thurs. Handle people, get out — see and be seen — lead others, you know the way. Monday night nudges you to choose between fast money (e.g., earnings) and slow money (e.g., investments). (I’d pick the slow for now.) Tuesday moves calmly and productively. But Wed.’s “empty” — start nothing big, stick to routine. Realize that for much of this week, money/sex goals don’t “jive” with your bigger life wishes (and these latter will bring big luck in 2019 — whereas money/sex are hot now, forgotten in a few weeks).

Pursue money goals Thurs. to mid-afternoon Sat. A great investment, career opening, or money door might appear. You’ll need to choose (again) between fast and slow money, or between light, casual sex, or a deep, life-changing embrace. Luck’s odd, mingled. But something comes to a climax. You could put the money down, or make your bid for closeness. Saturday pm brings errands, trips, calls, visits — and begins, very lightly at first, an affectionate, mellow mental awakening, to last into October.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19 – March 20

Relationships remain your prime focus. This is a splendid, opportune time, Pisces. Life brings fresh horizons, new opportunities and potential partners/co-operators. (Though, in truth, the onus is on you to co-operate first.) You can boost your fortunes through negotiations, contracts, relocation, and going outside yourself.

Some of those you face are charming, young, sweet; some are fierce and impatient. By Saturday (Sept. 14) the “sweet” associations will fall away (or enter your inner world, to join you in financial, sexual activities or in deep research), while the fierce, impatient people aren’t going anywhere until early October. (On the plus side, these fierce guys can lead you to a higher income.)

Sunday/Monday accent your wishes, and bring popularity, social joys, flirtations, and optimism.  All goes well on the surface and in daily things, but don’t sign up for the whole tour — it will likely end up in a jungle of delays. (In which case delay is your friend!) For example, flirt but think twice about going to bed. Despite what I’m saying here, you might meet true love, esp. late Sun. night and into 1:30 Mon. (To midmorn Mon. in Europe, to suppertime in Asia.) If you feel innocent and experience no unexpected obstacles, attraction/love could be destined. But think twice!

Monday’s pretty empty; stick to routine. Withdraw to quietude and rest Mon. eve to pre-dawn Thurs. Ponder and plan. Be charitable. Seek spirit. Deal with gov’t, agents and institutions. You might have to answer the question: “do I love him/her/you?” Monday night. Tuesday’s quiet, productive. Wednesday’s “empty” — stick to routine, start nothing big, significant.

Your energy and charisma surge upward Thurs. to Sat. afternoon. Again, love and “love talk” enter, esp. in Europe/Asia. You’re in charge, Pisces — lead others, make new contacts, impress people! Someone “fierce” might get tangled up in (misguided?) desire for you. Be diplomatic.



Love em or hate em, Leos are the consummate performers. Trump’s a Leo (rising — almost a Virgo!). Mick Jagger, probably the best band performer of the last 100 years, is a Leo (Sun sign). John Lennon, a more intellectual, serious singer than Mick, was a Libra. His collaborator, Paul McCartney, is a Gemini. Geminis and Librans usually get along well, and can form superb creative associations (and, male-female, are often lovers). However, when a“trine” goes south, both people sometimes hate each other without end — like John and Paul. When two nations are at war, if their country birth signs are trine, the war seems endless, to the death.

The trine signs are: Aries-Leo-Sagittarius… Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn…. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius… and Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

All else being equal, if you’re unattached and want to chase someone successfully, you’ll do best if you chase other members of your “trine” — e.g., an Aries should chase a Leo or Sage. Your chances increase if you chase the “second trine.” For instance, for best results, Gemini should chase Aquarius, not Libra. Libra, for best results, should chase Gemini; and Aquarius, to increase the odds of acceptance, should chase Libra. Or a Taurus should chase a Capricorn over a Virgo. If you look at the signs and count around the circle, counting your own sign as #1, your “easiest to attract” sign is #9.
***   ***

The New York Times (was a newspaper, now a propaganda rag) recently stated its opinion that Biden’s gaffes and lapses in memory are not significant, but Trump’s gaffes are a sign of mental illness. I think Trump should sue everyone of these calumny artists, every liar, from CNN’s stable of donkeys to MSNBC’s lair of snakes.
***   ***

ALLSTATE’s recent car insurance ad campaign, where they put a little “black box” in your car that records and/or transmits your driving habits. The smooth, warm, reassuring shill says this is such a gift to you, for it lets AllState reward good driving habits. (Though — an old man’s memory here — I don’t think lowering your insurance rate is specifically promised.) In reality, this is Allstate’s way of spying on and recording your driving habits. I’ll bet after a year or two, if successful, this “black box” will be used to “trim off” whatever portion of drivers are deemed too high an insurance risk — maybe 10%? Other insurers will follow suit, leaving this rejected 10% with no option but to pay huge fees to be covered — or quit driving — even if they have never have an accident. Social engineering…

In a way, it’s inevitable, this technological cataloguing, serving, spying and transforming; it forms humans into vast herds. As individual humans, we interface with an increasing number of masters.

This is an insight silicon valley does not want you to have, for their revenue models depend on conformity to a higher power: Amazon, Verizon, Oracle, Apple, the list contains a thousand. They exercise their power (being a higher power) in various ways, one being to shut you out. It’s funny how telephone companies, banks, and insurance companies seem to have an automatic group-defence response to any problem. When one, for example, excludes loans to an income level or position, then, turn and turn again, so do the others.

This technological intrusion/seduction is inevitable. It is part of our evolution.
***   ***`

James Comey, the disgraced former FBI Director, has a Sagittarius Sun with a Scorpio Moon. That Moon is 12th to the Sun, indicating a human warehouse, a keeper of secrets, and someone who is very comfortable in the halls of bureaucracy, which stretch endlessly to the horizon. In practical, corporeal terms, Comey moved among the ten or so most powerful bureaucrats, those at the hub of the entire nation’s wheel of power. He moved fluidly, his way cleared by his 7 foot height, and greased with charm and seemingly endless patience. This the 12th house Moon.

But that Scorpio Moon also lurks in the sign of secrets, spying/watching, and power manipulations. (There are many good Scorpio qualities — the opposites of the list I just gave you form some of them. This is a physically brave sign, with determination to spare. [For me, staying determined is like building a house with marshmallows. For a Scorpio, it’s like casually picking up a walking stick.]) But I want to slant this article against Comey. (And you’ve got to admit, the negative qualities do seem to fit: he’s smooth.)

I still have a couple of questions. Why did the I.G. report only address the lightest of Comey’s sins and then decline to recommend prosecution? Will other reports emerge?

Why is Comey acting like a holy man? I expect to see him in robes — or a Roman toga — soon. I guess if the last refuge of a scoundrel is patriotism, then the last refuge of a disgraced, blackmailing FBI honker is holy-man utterances and beatific smiles….
***   ***

The real problem with elitism is that it robs the country of vitality and awareness. For example, when the rich place their privileged children of average intelligence in the top universities, they automatically exclude that many highly intelligent, highly motivated students. Say everyone graduates. But say 10 percent of the graduates are children of privilege. That means, in the upper echelons of the nation and its working and non-working society – in the pilot rooms of a nation’s ship, where they assess conditions and make the decisions that can change our lives, we don’t have 100% of our human resources operating. We have 10% duds. So our strength and innovation as a society are diminished, not by 10%, but by some portion thereof. (I might be low on the percentage of “elite” students in top universities. I suspect [no basis] there might be a much higher percentage.)

Being stricter about a supposedly meritorious system might put us on a par with China, which had merit-based education 250 years ago. (I’m no historian, so it could be 2,500 years! I’m certain of the 250 because the novel Dream of the Red Chamber was written back then, and it contains a very sophisticated system of exams; all promotion was based on it.)
***   ***

I think Marconi (first sophisticated use of radio waves) will be remembered as one of the pivotal figures of civilization. He did more to change the world than Leonardo da Vinci.  Da Vinci was prescient, but Marconi changed our environment and our behaviour. Before Marconi, there was the apparent physical world — that was the entire world we worked with and lived in. After him came the entire digital/techno world.

In terms of effect on the world and following generations, in the last millennium only Newton and Watt stand with Marconi. Einstein? Well, his giant steps strode a very different realm of reality, cerebral and abstract, like a bible in reverse, a history of the future. He had little direct impact on the daily lives of billions. His discoveries are like a pointer to lead the tiny, sharp edge of humanity forward into realms that, while important, are wisps in the wind to most people.

Marconi was more practical; he operated in the earth plane. He’s affected and radically changed the work and social patterns — and lives — of billions of people. (A recent study found that 30% of young adults ages whatever to whatever had no real, physical friends; social media supplied this need.) Our entire world now is increasingly less physical and more digital. That stems from Marconi.
***   ***

Told you, soon after his appointment, that security advisor/warmonger John Bolton was a negative influence on the White House. (Also, remember my note that all “J’s” are opposed — sometimes secretly, sometimes unwittingly — to Trump’s success.) Bolton destroyed the North Korea negotiations. Shortly after he was sworn in, and I think just after the first, successful N.K. negotiation; he told NoKo that no matter what agreement they reached with the U.S., America would screw them anyway, afterward. I could hardly believe this when I heard him. What an idiot! — even Pompeo’s difficulties w/Kim can be traced back to Bolton. Now he’s being shut out of the Afghanistan “withdrawal”. Trump’s waking up. He should drop Bolton entirely.
***   ***

I think I’ll stick with my forecast of a few months ago that Justin Trudeau will win re-election in October. It’s just a guess — I’m lousy at political prediction as I let my feelings influence me. Going against this “guess” is:

      • 1) that the lunar south node, a negative indicator (karmic retribution) is travelling through Justin’s sign (Capricorn); and
      • 2) I think Jody Wilson-Raybould could defeat him if she ran as a party leader.

But Justin has been a good person most of his life (a “billionaire” who teaches grade school) so there might not be much negative karma to dump upon him. And Wilson-Raybould is running as an Independent, which gives her little nation-wide support. But I have only briefly glanced at opposition leader Andrew Scheer’s birth chart. (That’s how lazy I am about politics.)
***   ***

When Trump was told that his “gatekeeper” personal assistant (Madeleine Westerhout) had gossiped about his family with reporters, he tweeted that: “She apologized and…. I fully understand and forgive her.” CNN called this “a thinly veiled threat”. Wow, Trump must be a real devil in disguise. Nothing like the innocent angels on CNN.
***   ***

It’s possible — probable — the media knew from the beginning that the Russia collusion charges were false. Van Jones (CNN reporter, now anchor) knew, very early, but I suspect CNN shut him up by promising him his own show.

Now Laurence McDonnell (sp?) at MSNBC, another Trump-hating station, has been caught creating false news. In particular the lie — which MSNBC/McDonnell consciously, and with premeditation, spewed — that Russian oligarchs signed as guarantors on Trump’s real estate loans.

When faced with the truth, that there was no Russia collusion, these cable stations began making up new and wild accusations, which they then report as fact. The depth of their mendacity is astonishing — they have permanently blackened their own soul(s).

By extension, we should assume that the entire Democratic Party, and all its members, are liars. (Since they control the majority of the media, which has not ceased lying, on air, knowingly, to the public.)

It initially angers me, then breaks my spirit. My ideals are solidly democratic * but the only honest people in the room (and those not slimed with the ooze of hatred and bigotry) are Republicans. What a dilemma!

For instance, I support immigration and think the “illegals” should be made legal. A very simple, painless process that would add 10 to 20 million new taxpayers or $30 to 100 billion to the gov’t, Ultimately, I don’t think any government should have the right to exclude any human. In other words, it’s like anyone who wants to can join any group, and the group has no right to exclude him/her.

This would be an asymmetrical society in one sense, because it only operates to welcome, not to exclude. This sounds noble, but in reality it leads to the dissolution of the boundaries that formerly contained the group, and helped define or distinguish itself from other groups. Thus we had tribes, then nations, many cultures, many diverse skills, and friction leading to wars. Independence leads to competition.

A puzzle to me: why does the Democratic Party attract cruel people: Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, Ilhan Omar, Tlaib etc? (And of course such fascist egotists as Debra Messing and R. DeNiro.)
***   ***

There was a bright man and a wise man. The wise man said, You probably want to ask me something.

Yes, I did. I wanted to ask, what is better, to be young and enthusiastic like me, but prone to stumble; or older and wiser, but not as potent, like you?

Your asking that question shows you have already crossed into the zone of wisdom, so you now might taste its rare treasures and  — at first, its disappointments: regret, strong wishes that you’d done something else, taken other turns. But you come to accept, to love your past. To see that every choice you made was an almost inevitable step to bring you here, where physical comforts replace physical efforts, and thoughts spring up that are not as strong as true action, but are multi-coloured, subtle, interesting, and as they progress, they solve life-long questions.

Sometimes I’ll go through 5 or 7 views of someone over anywhere from months to years. It’s fluid, always flowing. You’ve come to the river. At some point as you feel its flow, its surge, you’ll discover that healthy river is time, and you’ll exert powerfully to stop its onrush.  But you cannot. So a sane man abandons the effort and flows with time, and turns his energy to some other end. It’s a process. At this stage (meaning your stage), the first rule for happiness: Be content with what you have, and with the world itself, that… sunlit world. He thought a moment. Old age is only as sweet as the baby that birthed it. Anyway, you come to enjoy the contemplation more than you would the action, even if you didn’t have to chase it.

So you now can judge, since you’ve seen both sides, which is better, young and stumbling, or wise and bumbling?

… I can’t decide… I mean yet, yet.

Perhaps you never will, my young friend.