“QUE SERA SERA” ~ Doris Day
(written by Ray Evans & Jay Livingston)

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My Aug. 25/19 AFTERAMBLE, about the Afghan war: “I think this war will end, or the U.S. will be totally freed of it, in 7 years, despite Trump’s intention to end it soon.”

September 8, Trump announced, “There will be no deal with the Taliban.” He cancelled a planned round of secret negotiations because the Taliban killed an American and other people the day before.

You might remember, long ago when Obama dragged his feet to aid the Libyan rebels, I said here that the U.S. had effectively lost the whole middle east due to his uncaring attitude.
***   ***

Sept 8 column I said John Bolton (another “J” — Trump’s achilles heel letter) should be fired.

Sept. 10 — Trump fired him.

I think I called out Bolton (spring, 2018?) when he destroyed the Trump-Kim N. Korea negotiations by saying that the U.S., if it achieved a successful treaty with NoKo, would treat Kim like America treated Gaddafi in Libya. (Essentially overthrowing and killing him.) I couldn’t believe it. Since then, Kim has grown reluctant, belligerent and coy. He’ll be very hard to convince now.

Sept. 11 — Trump brings up this very incident, Bolton’s foolish sabotage of the NoKo process, as the main reason he has finally been fired. He called it, and other Bolton actions,  “very big mistakes.”
***   ***


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

It’s your last week of heavy work, Aries. Although one particular chore will hang on until early October — it’s the task/job you feel most interested in, or the one that is most “you,” most natural. A thread of partnership or of fresh horizons, opportunities, perhaps of relocation or negotiation, starts now, and will build right into October, so that month holds unanticipated opportunities — and exciting meetings.

Your energy and charisma soar Sun./Mon. Use it to clear away big chores, or to work on your career, status, reputation. NOT good days to buy tools/machinery. Do not oppose authorities. Sunday – legal, far travel, intellectual, publishing, cultural and religious matters proceed with splendid luck!

Pursue money, pay bills, buy bargains Tues. pre-dawn to midday Thurs. (PDT). Your luck’s very good — ask for a pay raise. NOW’s a great time to buy machinery or tools, appliances, computer stuff. (Watch “Start Nothing” times Thurs.) An action could improve your health.

Errands and easy chores, contacts, visits, calls, texts, paperwork, etc., fill Thurs. afternoon to late Sat. night. A friendly relationship gives hints of more – maybe desire, maybe partnership — be open to these! However, beware deception or fuzzy thinking late Fri. night into Sat. night. You could be fooled about legal, far travel, intellectual, publishing, cultural and religious matters both days. Insist on firm answers; sign nothing. The gov’t might not be your friend.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Your last week of “unencumbered” romance, Taurus. Dive into pleasure, art and beauty, sports, games, risks — and love.  Work grows more interesting, co-workers more pleasant/flirty now to early October. (A pile of work begins next week — the 23rd.) All week, your assertiveness can improve love, romantic, and practical bonds. But you might also face a conflict between your hopes, wishes and social yearnings, and your sexual (or financial) needs. Which to choose? Well, right now (2019) your sexual/financial sector is very lucky and bountiful. But your social network and hopes/wishes are deeper, and last longer — years ahead. You choose!

Retire, rest, ponder and plan Sun./Mon. (Before or instead of planning, examine the complexities and obstacles for awhile.) Investments and openings for intimacy grow Sunday, esp. after 8 pm PDT — pounce! But gently — remember, you’re tired. Strictly adhere to laws, boundaries.

Your energy and charisma roar back Tues. to midday Thurs. Good luck takes your hand and guides you, esp. if you follow your hunches. Technology highlighted Tuesday. Relationships, love and romance Wed. A great interval, so lead, start, take charge of your life!

Money’s the main theme Thurs. pm to late Saturday night. Thursday pm through most of Friday  promotes success in work and practical relationships (and a wee pinch of romance). A sexual or lifestyle or financial opportunity faces you Fri. But be cautious Fri. night through Sat., as fuzzy thinking, impulsive but misdirected love nudges, and that conflict or choice mentioned earlier — sex or investments versus hopes and social desires — peaks now. Buy nothing Sat.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

It’s your last week of strong domestic concerns, Gemini. If you have home-food-shelter-kids projects to start or finish, dive in now — time is short. (In truth, it’s better to start now and finish later, than to not start at all.) Already a wee bit of romance is sparkling in — this will grow next week into October — and might bring a life-mate if you’re unattached. (But better if such a person appears after Oct. 3 than before.) (And remember, mating is a source of huge luck in 2019.) 

Your popularity and optimism rise Sun./Mon. Sunday better — late night (PDT) opens a door to success/opportunities in relationships of any kind. Both days need caution with sex, finances, investments, surgery — avoid involvement. Whatever happens, though, you’ll be happy and unfazed.

Retreat Tues. to midday Thurs. Rest, meditate/contemplate, be spiritual, charitable, connect with gov’t, agents, advisors, and institutions or large corporate administrations. Life will bless your actions, approaches with these. You could discover gov’t aid for your home (e.g., a renovation grant).

Your energy and charm return Thurs. pm to late Sat. night (moderately, as you’re still in a down-home, “hibernation” phase). Start projects — or better, use this extra energy to finish, or to solve/avoid problems. Before late Fri. night all goes well, romance winks at you, and someone very cheerful faces you — he/she represents a lucky opportunity. But make sure your wits, your mind, are “high, dry and alert.”

Saturday brings home projects, or temper/impatience, disharmony between the sexes, and possible huge deception or huge inspiration involving opportunity, co-operation and ambition. You might face a choice: do you pursue a relationship, or career?

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Your last week of easy chores, paperwork, communications, travel and casual contacts, Cancer. These remain important because in some way they relate to your ambitions, perhaps your career. Next week will bring a domestic theme, although (benevolent) hints of it already wind through your days — you’ll “see” these late week. 

Your ambitions grow Sun./Mon., but realize co-operation will be slim or nil. Best action: dive into hands-on work, esp. Sunday, esp. late night (PDT). Your hopes rise Tues. to midday Thurs. Social joys, popularity, optimism, entertainment, flirtation or friendly romance — these visit you with wings of happiness. A wish might come true. The entire interval is fortunate and contains “future luck,” so chase your dreams! (Tuesday’s sexy, Wednesday’s romantic.)

Withdraw from the daily hustle Thurs. afternoon to late Sat. night. Be spiritual, ponder and plan, rest, avoid competitive situations, contact advisors and agents, gov’t and institutions. BUT all this goes better before late night Fri. Thursday night and Fri. morning favour home and family — and offer you a “sweet hint” of the domestic month ahead — it will start in earnest Sept. 23. Same time, work opportunities appear — jump on them!

Be cautious late Fri. night (possible immoral or unethical situations) and Sat. (possible argument early, man-woman friction, and potential large or significant deception or choice involving work vs. ethics, health vs. law, or duties vs. love).

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

It’s your last week of full-throttle money pursuits, Leo — chase $ determinedly mid-week, when money and career luck accompany you. Collect, pay bills, seek bargains, haunt garage sales, butter up clients, etc. Sensual lures draw you also, but not importantly. Good time to memorize anything. Your income or spending might be tied to a lawsuit, to international affairs or far travel, to education or a cultural involvement.

Those last – law, education, far travel, et al – visit you Sun./Mon. Your work duties or a minor health problem might interfere with these more elevated themes, but soldier on. Sunday’s better — romantic luck kisses you Sun. night! (Morning in Europe, early evening in Asia.) Monday “quits producing” early.

Your career, worldly standing and reputation, and your relations with higher ups hit the “golden zone” Tues. to midday Thurs. Almost everything goes well, even splendidly. Be noticed, show your talents, ask for more responsibility and/or more pay. Tuesday might hold a career (and related relationship) surprise. Don’t be thrown off track by it, but do jump on any opportunity the surprise reveals. Wednesday especially favours work and money. You’ll succeed up to Thurs. pre-dawn (PDT).

Your popularity, social delights, hopes and flirtatiousness swell midday Thurs. to late Sat. night. All goes well to the middle of the night Fri. — including sweet glances and romantic (or creative or “gaming”) opportunities. But late Fri. night includes possible deception or sexual frustration — DO NOT INVEST. Saturday makes you wonder/worry about these same things: romance, creative or risky ventures. Hard to separate reality from illusion or deception. Not a good night for a date! Just hunker down with a book or tv and stay “safe.”

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Your energy, clout, timing and attractiveness remain high, Virgo. March forth, show the way, pursue what you want. See and be seen. Start important projects if you want, midweek (Tues. to early Thurs.). You’re still interested in, and attracting, sexual intimacy. But you can’t reject intimacy and keep expecting someone to “keep trying.” If this applies, think. Next week you will enter a strong money period (in which some of you will buy a new home — good!) — hints of this flutter through the present week.

Assets, investments, debts, research, hidden treasures, intimacy and sex, medical procedures, lifestyle decisions, commitment and consequence — these fill Sun./Mon. — but not in a terribly lucky way. Be cautious. Romance, creative and risk-oriented ventures will not succeed. Still, late Sunday night does offer something good in your home, with kids, or on the real estate market (not the only, but the best place you should invest, in 2019). (Food industries are profitable for you this year also.)

Tuesday to midday Thursday brings far travel, intellectual, legal, cultural, international, publishing or insurance themes — and gentle love — with powerful good luck. Dive in, chase that impulse or goal. Apply for school or buy travel tickets. If you’re at “that stage,” propose marriage. (One hint here: all week, culminating Saturday, your great home or family luck can “fight” your partnership luck, emotional and practical. However, the one you chase, or are wooed by, might see your home, or your general place in life, as a status incentive to wed.)

Midday Thurs. through Sat. shines the light on your ambitions, career and prestige relations. Most goes well here until Fri. night, then many things hit obstacles until late Sat. Thursday night, Friday morning carry those lucky money hints — and perhaps a sensual episode. Friday stands your outside ambitions against your security/property/home. I’d stick with security, etc. A spouse might not agree. Saturday holds early arguments, late confusion and man-woman conflict — and, oddly enough, a possible partnership proposal.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Remain in the background for 8 more days, Libra. (Sept. 23 will bring rising energy and fortunes.) Rest, for soon you will be spending those stored-up energy reserves. Ponder and plan. Seek advice, liaison with the gov’t, institutions and large “head offices.” Continue to avoid forming new bonds or partnerships or loves. (Wait until Oct. 4 onward for these.) Despite your weariness, you’re starting to become more talkative and social.

Sunday/Monday bring relationships to the fore. A vibrant and cheerful friend, perhaps someone new, might appear. Good. But in general be cautious — domestic matters distract you, and can cause “relationship deflation.” (Not quite a collapse.) Late Sunday night is best.

Dive deep Tues. to midday Thurs. — treasure awaits! Research, investigate, invest, seek naked embrace, enter a medical procedure, change your lifestyle, commit. Results should please, could even boost your place in life.

Thursday afternoon to Sat. night brings a wise, mellow mood, gentle love, understanding, and possibly far travel, international affairs, higher education, religion and culture. All goes well, and your communications succeed, up to midday Friday. But this night offers both friendship and poor health. Bad night to drink, or even to see a movie. (You’ll pick a boring one.) Your words, or travel, run into work problems or health difficulties, this night and even more so Saturday. Those you expect to co-operate, Sat. morning, refuse — even argue. Deception or misguided fantasy calls you. Caution.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

You’re still in “wishes come true” land, Scorpio — for one last week. (For singles, a major relationship wish, for married folk a major relocation, partnership project or business opportunity wish, can manifest.) And if you wish for more work, you’ll get it. Overall, a delightful, flirty, optimistic and popular week!

Tackle chores Sun./Mon. Sunday’s better, esp. late night (morning in Europe, late afternoon in Asia) when a money opportunity, if seized, can prove very fortunate. But be cautious with speech, writing, new contacts, short trips and paperwork.

Relationships explode with good fortune Tues. to midday Thurs. Opportunities exist in employment, machinery (buy or sell or utilize) relocation, business and negotiations — and love. You could meet your future life mate, or chase someone and get a firm “Yes.” Whatever you do, be eager, co-operative, and active.

Thursday pm through Sat. brings the intimate side of relationships, sexual desire, heightened intuition, investments, debt and major finances, medical procedures, lifestyle changes, commitment and consequence. Be cautious in all these. Thursday pm and Friday am are pretty good. You might discover a hidden ally. Much of Friday offers income opportunities, but romantic or pleasure “flops.” Saturday’s the same, but without the income side. Instead, this day can bring arguments, deception or a feeling of illusion/disillusionment, and critical members of the opposite sex. Be cautious.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The accent on ambition, career, prestige relations and your worldly standing remains for one last week. (My Sage daughter just received a solid promotion.) As before, take care not to be too fiercely ambitious or competitive. You might win that way, but you’d create future enemies. Next week into October you’ll celebrate, but a slender thread of joy is already here. (You’ll see it Thurs. night, Fri. morn.)

Sunday/Monday are spelled “romance,” but proceed cautiously — your money and belongings are “under threat” — only mildly, so don’t worry — but don’t overspend on a romantic date, buy a too-expensive vacation, etc. Sunday late night is best: love, creativity, speculation, happiness with kids, all buoy your heart with love and cheer. Avoid gov’t contacts.

Tackle chores and protect your health, Tuesday to midday Thurs. This is a very successful interval. Do something expansive: apply for a better job, buy machinery/tools/car/ computer, hire employees or service people — do what enthuses you, but do, act!

Relationships face you Thurs. pm to Sat. night. This goes well up to Friday night, but watch deception, illusion. A home matter might interfere with “partnering.” (E.g., Mom makes you babysit, so you can’t wander with your boyfriend/girlfriend.) You might meet someone intriguing and sweet, who might make a good partner, Thurs. night and Fri. morning.

Saturday starts with argument (romantic impulses frustrated — but this will work out in a couple of weeks) and proceeds, through deception/illusion or doubt, to a night of mild discomfort with the opposite sex. You might experience the peak of a months-long “division” between your adventurous urges and your career ambitions.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Your sweet, compassionate mental mood continues for one more week, Cap — as do ventures tied to far travel, intellect or school, law, culture, religion, and communication of profound ideas. Don’t be too aggressive in any of these before Oct. 4 — esp. avoid lawsuits (you’d likely lose).

Home, kids, real estate, security, nutrition and “Mother Nature” fill Sun./Mon. Be cautious, obstacles exist. Ask yourself: am I being too overbearing with the kids/spouse? Sunday’s better, and Sunday late night (PDT) offers you a glimpse into the workings of the power structure (esp. in gov’t or “head office”). Same time, you might successfully apply for gov’t aid (esp. in the home — e.g., renovation grant), or company benefits.

Romance, creative and speculative urges, beauty and pleasure and charming kids fill Tues. to midday Thurs. Dive in, Cap — rewarding results await you! No bad periods — though Tues. daytime might challenge you a bit. Tackle chores Thurs. pm through Sat. Eat, dress sensibly. Usually, this would be a good time to buy machinery, but not this time.

Thursday night, Fri. morning bring affection (not romance nor lust) with co-workers and/or bosses, lighting up your career prospects nicely. (But the real action in this zone will come next week through late Oct.) Friday night offers management or gov’t-related opportunities, but also snafus or misdirects your communications. DO NOT drink and drive — all Sat. also. Saturday starts with a deep immersion in home, or an impulse to chuck everything — or a temper tantrum. It ends with illusion/deception and friction between the sexes. Not a good day to try to explain anything.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

This is your last week of depths, mysteries and secrets, of lust, of significant financial and medical actions. If you want to act on these, do it mid-week. Avoid impulsive actions here until Oct. 4. Your mental world is growing affectionate and tolerant — possibly a precursor to love.

Sunday/Monday bring errands, paperwork, communications, travel, new contacts and curiosity. Go slow — obstacles exist. Sunday night best — could bring a little wish true, or introduce you to a friend who is a conduit to a group you’ll be glad to join. Steer toward security, home, kids, nature, nutrition, real estate. You can start a good renovation project, or even buy a new home, attract gov’t aid, invest in all “Gaia” things — lumber, mines, agriculture, nurseries, food stores, etc. — or simply love the kids. No obstacles, no loss.

Romance visits you, whether in person or in mind, midday Thurs. to Sat. night. Also, creative and risk-taking urges, beauty, pleasure, charming kids. These favour you Thurs. pm and Fri. morning, but nothing is simple. A wish calls you all day Fri., but also confuses or causes money problems. This becomes even stronger Saturday, which begins with argument and ends with illusion or disillusion, and friction between the sexes. If you experience intense love/romance Saturday and see no dangers/flaws, something’s being ignored.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Relationships face you for one more week — at least in an open way. Next week will start a month of relationships also, but those will be more intimate, private, and connected to funding, sex, or power. Others remain intense, possibly aggressive, until Oct. 3. Be co-operative, eager to join, and diplomatic.

Chase money, buy/sell, cultivate clients, see employment or a pay raise, Sunday/Monday — but do so cautiously, as both social contacts and your “inner ethics” will fight your progress. Sunday night’s best: it contains a career, prestige, reputation or ambition opportunity. (E.g., send an email, say a proposal, to a higher-up. Make sure you include the “broad view” of the situation.)

Errands, paperwork, short trips and visits, communications and media fill Tuesday to midday Thursday. Use/do the most important of these, as your “success luck” is superb. (E.g., better to write the boss about a promotion than the local grocer about the 50 cents he shortchanged you.) There’s almost no downside anywhere.

But settle down Thurs. pm to Sat. night. Be home, attend to children, make repairs. Thursday night and Friday morning improve relations with co-workers and employees. And the rest of Friday contains one or two career/ambition openings, though you have to choose between this and loyalty to your home base, family. Your choice, either is good — but the choice will be even bigger Saturday. This day begins with a (money?) dispute, and evolves into a night of disharmony between the sexes and possible illusion, fuzzy thinking, false inspiration. Be cautious, be discreet.



CANADA: About that federal election,: I’ve already made my prediction (reluctantly) but here’s some astro background:

Challenger Andrew Scheer is a 29 degree Taurus Sun, but we have no birth time, so his Moon lies somewhere between 14 and 26 degrees Pisces, and his ascendant (rising sign) is unknown. Justin Trudeau is a 3 degree Capricorn Sun with a 17 degree Aries Moon, and a Virgo ascendant.

On election day in eastern Canada (voters west of Ontario usually don’t count due to poll times) the Moon spends the morning in Cancer, then travels thru Leo from just past noon (EDT) onward. The pm Leo period will determine the victor.

Uncertainty resides in the lack of Scheer’s rising sign. If he’s a Leo or Pisces or Scorpio rising, he’ll win. If his Moon is in 15 to 17 degrees Pisces he might well win — people will vote for him almost “unconsciously.” But none of this is “solid,” because we don’t know his birth time. As a 29 degree Taurus, he will have Jupiter, the planet of luck and political wins, in his 7th solar house of opportunity, fame and interactions with the public.

Trudeau is wounded by the lunar south node travelling through his Sun sign, Capricorn. This negative influence grows stronger throughout the campaign, and won’t even reach its peak until March 2020. It is responsible (* see below) for Trudeau’s SNC Lavelin scandal. (The RCMP are currently investigating, so if J.T.’s arrested, or another big scandal pops up, all bets are off!) This node could defeat Trudeau. As noted before, I suspect Trudeau is good hearted, so the karmic “pull down” of this south node might not be enough to defeat him. On the plus side, the Sun is in J.T.’s career/promotion/political sign (Libra) on election day, often a sign of winning. However Jupiter is in J.T.’s 12th solar (good) and 4th (by rising sign) (bad) whereas this lucky planet is in A.S.’s “quick fame” sector.

More importantly, if Scheer is elected, he will prove (within Canadian bounds) a bit of a tyrant, ignoring or trampling upon his citizens and their dignity, though his wife (and mother) might push him toward sympathy.  If Trudeau is elected, the first 5 to 7 months of his second term will sink him further into scandal, and the electorate will feel disappointed in their choice. (All is not dim — after mid-2020, Trudeau will, if he’s Prime Minister, recover to become effective and successful (though the civil service will “fight him” from mid 2020 to the end of 2021.)

*(I anthropomorphize the astrological elements only for easier reading — in truth the planets, nodes, etc. cause nothing: they only indicate, are only signs of deeper causes.)

***   ***

The trouble with evil is that once you get launched down that road, you lose a certain perspective. James Comey lost that perspective; he became wrapped up in the excitement and paranoia of a power grab. He made a mistake. Comey tried to blackmail Trump, and when that didn’t work, he set about trying to frame Trump. Logic tells you that is is a lot easier to blackmail someone when you have already framed them, and almost impossible to blackmail someone who knows they are innocent, before you frame them. Very basic mistake, which an intelligent Comey would not have made, but an evil Comey would.

His recent impersonation of a holy man seems now not a clever ploy but another mistake in judgement.
***   ***

All the right-wing criticism of the 6 or 7 hour “town hall” marathon for left-wing presidential candidates failed to notice one thing. If you watched and listened carefully, it became evident that each candidate (although I wondered about Harris) had been given the questions days in advance — if not weeks. Every candidate had not only an “on topic” answer to every question at his/her fingertips, each answer was beautifully polished, often ending with a patriotic flourish or a clever, memorable and rousing quote. Not the sort of thing any speaker can do off the cuff every time. Maybe once in ten, or if you’re a comedian, once in two? It was, basically, a 6-hour infomercial.