WEEKLY FORECASTS July 20 – 26, 2014

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Astral Reflections:

By Astrologer:Diana Warwick






The following predictions are done through my approach to astrology which is quite different from Tim’s. While many modern astrologers follow a psychological approach to astrology, mine is entirely different. It is my feeling that astrology is a predictive, a scientific/art. And while we cannot actually predict the future, what astrology can do, allows me to say more than I know. Tim is unique among modern western astrologers insofar as he actually ‘predicts”. as a gifted astrologer, he is unique. I am sure the readers of this column and myself send him best wishes and a speedy recovery. We look forward to his return to these interesting pages which he has produced/predicted for over 30 years


This July 2014 is a busy month astrologically speaking. We see a number of planets moving signs and this is indicative of major changes for all signs.The status quo is about to get shaken up a bit!


Mercury, our planet of communication, interpretation, the ruler of Gemini and Virgo moves into Cancer on July 14th, 2014. Venus, our planet of pleasure, the arts,dance, love, jewelery, cosmetic and significator of  women is the ruler of Libra and Taurus and exalted in Pisces. Venus moves into Cancer on July 19 ,2014. Mars the planet of war, argument,aggression, blood sharp instruments, surgeons and young men rules Aries,Scorpio and is exalted in Capricorn. Mars moves into one of its rulers, Scorpio on July 27, 2014. On July 17th 2014 Jupiter moves into Leo. And Finally Saturn remains in Scorpio has been retrograde( meaning moving backwards as seen from Earth) goes direct in motion on July 21, 2014. You will see these movements affect us all. And for the most part, many humans while they decry the status quo, when it comes to change, there is a hesitation, a reluctance as it requires a new approach, a new way of dealing with matters that are of concern to us.Change requires acceptance, change requires we let go of what we knew to be our reality and to embrace something new.


So here is the week ahead and may our changes bring us wisdom.


Luck Forecast for Cancer 2014/2015:

July 17 to August 12 2015

 Cancer has had a stellar year,, as long as your birth day didn’t fall between July 5 th and 14th of July. I see Uranus as a “malefic ‘ influence rather than wonderful planet bestowing brilliance or benevolent life experiences. In predictive or traditional astrology, Uranus is seen as shocking, suddenly violent and disruptive energy but as we have learned over the ages to every Yin there is a Yang, I may have to ammend my thinking!

But as far as Cancer’s luck for this year,  the words “personal abundance” spring to mind especially if you are Cancer rising. However, depending on where Cancer sits in your natal horoscope this transit of Jupiter through Leo will enhance your opportunity for  abundance, so strike while the iron is hot

Jupiter is the exalted ruler of Cancer, therefore as a Cancer what Jupiter is up to is always of great importance to you personally. Jupiter moves into Leo on July 17th,2014 remaining there until August 12, 2015. . And like the story of Ali Baba in the Arabian Nights, it will  open up a cave glistening with gold, jewels and wealth both literally and metaphorically.  Leo, the sign of all things regal and for those of you lucky enough to have a Leo in your life, you know of what I speak. Leo loves things on a grand scale. Jupiter the planet of limitless expansion is about to enter the sign of wondrous grandiosity. Opulence, abundance, over the top are not unfamiliar phrases associated with Leo and naturally Jupiter will expand this ethos greatly. Personal finances, liquid assets flourish for most Cancers from July 17th, 2014 to August 12, 2015.

Jupiter passing through Cancer’s solar house of money, personal possessions, liquid assets augers opportunity for  personal wealth and prosperity . It won’t just fall in your lap and will require work in the form of your skills, daily routine, small pets and health issues.People you employ, can also embellish your bottom line. You will see increased results from publishing, foreign travels and foreigners. University students, professors or those employed in higher learning will see prosperity, advancement. perhaps that long awaited bursary finally gets approved  . Expansion, growth are the key words attributed to Jupiter’s’ transit through Leo. And those with spiritual ambitions will experience marked enlightenment or clarity in their meditations.

Jupiter is a triplicity ruler of Aries. Aries rules Cancer’s 10th house of profession, public image and those in positions of authority who will have an impact on your life.Promotions, moving up the ladder of success will all be presented to you over the next 12 month period.As a result,  your personal assets will go up. Your public persona will be  enhanced and under the spotlight as Jupiter the planet of increase, expansion and exuberance runs its transit through your professional zone. As career and your job sector are well aspected, ask the boss for a raise or a new position during the above cited dates. Success is sure to follow.

For Cancers born between June 25 to July 9 there will be an increased chance of volatility in your luck forecast. Mars ingresses into Scorpio, July 27,2014, while in a good aspect to Cancer, and likely to mitigate Mars’s natural inclination to cause “war”….Mars’ aggressive, debating, argumentative nature is enhanced owing to the kind of aspect it makes to Jupiter. Jupiter in Leo will not be as beneficent and produce problems in your speculative ventures and disagreements with children, inheritance and money from real estate. The arguments stem from your public persona, authorities, people in positions of authority, your career.

And for Cancers born between between July 7 th to July 12th, conditions or events  in  your career, with those in positions of authority, your public persona contain elements of an explosive, combative and argumentative nature. Lie low for the time being until the stars are aligned in a better configuration and the dust settles.

And for Cancers born between between July 7 th to July 12th, conditions or events  in  your career, with those in positions of authority, your public persona contain elements of an explosive, combative and argumentative nature. Lie low for the time being until the stars are aligned in a better configuration and the dust settles.

WEEKLY FORECASTS July 20 – 26, 2014

Aries.svg  ARIES March 21-April 19

Your ruler Mars is still dangling in the end zone degrees of Libra and as such you have been some what at “war” with partners, those you sign contracts with and close allies. All these confrontations have been convert, somehow passive aggressive, subtle and leaving you pause for concern. But by July 27,2014 this will disappear. Ally or foe will vanish and your progress especially with partner’s money will flourish. Your zeal and ability to vanquish the opposition will no longer be a dull sword! Over the upcoming 30 days your attention is focused on the homefront. Acquisitions of art, new designs for your home are favored and new electronic gizmos give you the sense you are indeed  master of your future and up to date with the latest gadgetry. Over the next 12 months, romance, flirtation, romantic love flourish. Values for real estate embark on a new trend setting high. While speculative venture, investments soar ever upward!

taurus weekly forecast  TAURUS April 20-May 20

The Moon in your sign over the next 24 hours while giving you charisma, allure and attraction is being held down by Saturn, a constraint if you will. This aspect requires you think deeply about your desires and go for issues of gravitas and importance, esue the superficial, and strike for the profound. This is applicable in your domestic relationships and with contractual negotiations you have been involved with. Siblings, neighbors, short trips all take your attention. Over the upcoming 30 day period short trips less than 2 1/2 days will be offered. Take advantage of a quick getaway. These offer relaxation, spa treatments and I encourage you to take advantage of these as personal relationships over the last 12 months perhaps longer have been burdensome. July 27, 2014 sees your partnership undergoing intense discussions, even arguments over siblings, neighbors, communications, small pets, daily routines, and medical matters that are non life threatening.

Gemini.svg  GEMINI May 21-June 20


Money, liquid assets, communications regarding your personal financial situation are all emphasized over the next 30 days. Good luck, help, and fortune are found in places nearest to you. Siblings are kinder, more loving, down right jovial. Arguments that have besieged you  at home are about to vanish perhaps not resolved but at least move into the shadows as of July 27, 2014. Watch out for arguments, disagreements with your children. Best to channel this new found zeal into creative or speculative ventures, invest in real estate. Romantic interludes call and turn into sensual intrigues. It’s all up for now! Monday p.m. to Wed. your charisma soars! Communications with those close to you, neighbors, siblings hold a certain sweet and mellow feel. Teaching, communications of all kind have a lucky streak right through to August 2015. Your daily routine has sped up since July 17, use this influence to organize your daily habits.

Cancer.svg  CANCER June 21-July 22


Your sensual nature is forefront for the next while. Woman, clothing, cosmetics, fashion hold an appeal for the fairer sex. You are inquisitive and poetic, this combo works wonder with your family who have over the past year harboured a passive aggressive streak, now  you are able to break through this screen and indulge in your love of family, home and ancestors. July 17 with Mars moving into your Solar house of creativity, children, speculative venture you feel brave. Bear in mind your zeal for a creative project needs to be matched with the funding. Where have all the patrons of fine art gone? With your exquisite taste you really need a bankroll to fund these brilliant ideas! Thursday to Saturday charisma, romance, charm merge to zoom you into the stratosphere of popularity. Dance, sing and be merry its summer and you are in full bloom. Money luck has begun to take root, soon you’ll be shakin the tree!.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast  LEO July 23-Aug. 22

Leo it’s your year! Starting today until August 2015 luck, money, wisdom accompany you! Carpe Diem! Although luck is with you, your usual energy is still a bit low this will change next week so until then lay low if you need to. But make plans to spearhead your success over the next 12 months. Delays with home renovations, real estate deals move forward as of July 21st. What had been an obstacle is dissolved and progress is in sight. Argument, disputes over home renovations on July 27 can harbor and fester for a while be careful what you say, there may be too much fire in the belly for those close to you to tolerate. July 26,  late afternoon onward your charisma shines, go out on the town, make plans with friends, socialise. Be seen and be heard. While normally quite outspoken you have been playing your cards close to your chest. this was likely a good idea, by August you are more willing to share your ideas, your agenda.

Virgo.svg  VIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22

It’s all happening in your social life Virgo! An attractive alluring person, someone who has intimate knowledge of your finances enters your life. The communications, repartee you two share is uncanny. July 21 12:00p.m. over the next 2 days career, ambition, authorities in key positions of influence notice your efforts. And while the pull of socializing, play and group activity is alluring stick to your resolve and get the job/project completed, the benefits will be showered upon you next week. Confusion with your personal finances evaporates on July 27. Watch out for feisty communications with those close at hand, siblings and neighbors specifically right through to Sept. 2014. Your usual cool demeanor may become unravelled by your children or the result of stress regarding an inactive speculative venture. Money, cash creative projects are forth coming through your associates, the “alluring “stranger may have a project that tickles your imagination! Go for it.

Libra.svg  LIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22


Time to go the the brass ring Libra! Until 12 Aug. your ability to shine at work is unmatched. Your work is found alluring, interesting and you are able to communicate your vision with the right amount of passion and drive. Over the last 2 years there has been a governor on your personal finances. Dec. 23 ,2014 this pall lifts and your personal finances brighten up, in large part as a result of your visionary creativity this week. July 27 be mindful your finances are somewhat curtailed and avoid the desire to spend, spend, spend. Keep a tight reign on your pocketbook. Social circles teem with activity from now until Aug.2015 but then you have never been short on friends or adoring admirers. But this go round is different, a certain someone may capture your heart with his/her wisdom, money and influence. Power is intoxicating and sexy.sweeping transformation have been underway on the homefront. By the end of it you will see how worthwhile all the effort has been.

Scorpio.svg  SCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21


Scorpios in their late 20’s or late 50’s having been going through their Saturn return. This profound, maturing transit continues until Dec 2014. You will see the results of Saturns’ power over the upcoming 30 years ahead. As of July 27 you regain your zeal, passion and power. What had been nebulous comes into sharp focus and your actions, matters which had impeded or held you back are now on full throttle forward. You will achieve what you have been focusing on. The world is your oyster. This momentum is with you until Sept 14, 2014. A foreigner, people from distant lands or actual foreign travel present wonderful opportunities. Publishing, higher learning is always a good option. Your ability for research and digging out details unseen by others is close to mystical. July 17th 2014 until August 2015 sees your career opportunities expand, especially for those in their late 20s or late 50s. This is the time to make your mark.

Sagittarius.svg  SAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21


Health matters of a chronic nature become more clear as of July 21. Your concerns are revealed and healing will begin. Dealings with employees or small pets have taken up your attention over the last few days.  July 21 p.m. your significant other or a contract which has been  hanging fire gets the red light over the next 21/2 days. Finances of business and marital partners are embellished and they are definitely happy to share the spoils of their wealth with you. July 17th right through to August 14 2015 anything related to foreign shores, publishing, higher learning, travel,even moving lock stock and smoking barrels abroad are promising and prove to be wonderful experience . You can realize a life ambition during this period. And let’s face it philosophy must be in the mix or you would lose interest. July 27 friends who have been passive aggressive shift their activity. Action, argument perhaps a debate heats up with a major institution, hospital or prison.

Capricorn.svg  CAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19


Over the last 3 to 4 years Capricorn you have been going under the transit of Pluto in your sign. This long lasting transformation will change every aspect of your life.. it also gives you incredible stamina to overcome matters that would lay others out. Stick with the tried and true consequently, you will end up in a good place, wiser and more confident of your ability to withstand the winds of  change. Over the next 30 days your significant other, business or marital matters consume your attention. Money concerns for your partner are on the uptick. For single Caps the light of love is glimmering at you: Seize the moment and engage, we all want Love to be in our lives and why not you?Beating under that reserved, conservative shell is a wild lover and total romantic.For the past year career fronts have presented a force that has been nebulous and difficult to pin down let alone confront, not that you engage in public outburst, never, luckily this person or situation is about to evaporate. If you have been rallying for an agenda at work and been somewhat unsuccessful, July 27 onward will see the balance shift in your favor. Friends, associates from work, large groups are passionate, loyal yet secretive.

Aquarius.svg  AQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Career, public persona especially for Aquarians under 40 has been a slog over the past two years. Obstacles, hindrances, difficulties abound. Things are about to spark up as of July 27 when an impassioned co worker or likely a boss brings down the hammer. Go with the flow you cannot battle a force of Nature. For those over 40 you are being taken more seriously, and over 50 you are perceived as a source of wisdom for many in your career. Money may not be the accolade or benefit, but respect does have its up side. Embrace the new impassioned boss and go with the flow. The passive aggressive elements you have been dealing with since Dec 2014, vanish. Small pets, those you employ, your daily health maintenance, your skills are highlighted this month. On July 23 partners appear with flowers in hand.Are you being courted ? How romantic is that? Partnership, contracts all hold promise and increase for you. right through to August 2015. Your  partners are open, expansive full of optimism and seek your attention, company.

Pisces.svg  PISCES Feb. 19-March 20

Over the last 3 years your mystical side, your dreamer, the romantic within has been riding on your shirt sleeve!This charismatic quality brings out devotees, those who would follow you into the fire.This means you have a great deal of responsibility on your head to  those who would follow you blindly. Neptunes transit through Pisces is also an alert to avoid drugs or alcohol of any description,, it will just mar the natural high you exude. Children, romance, love affairs beckon over the next 30 days. Communications with romantic possibilities are poetically engaging your sweet spot. This could be the real thing: Go for it! Your luck is found in service to humanity or in service to the  animal world  and up to Aug. 2015 success accompanies your endeavors in this area. Sudden money luck could find you so buy those lottery tickets.Foreign travel, publishing have had setbacks over the last 2 years. July 21 serious publication offers or plans for foreign travel resume ,, this time with the financial backing needed. Tues.p.m. career, public persona, authorities are spotlighted. If these present a problem use your loquacious tongue to extricate yourself out of a jam. Charm works for you every time.