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JULY 27 TO AUGUST 2, 2014





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Just a short note on Tims’ progress. He is doing remarkably well! I saw him  the day after his surgery and he looked bright, full of mischief (as always, he is a Gemini after all!) and his colour was good,his spirits good. But his surgeon has sworn him off working at all for the next 2 weeks and I believe he is giving his girls, who are taking good care of him a bit of a hard time. Tim is an exceptional astrologer. both he and I write this column for free, but he  must recover, recuperate. I hope I can fill in these big shoes, so bare with me and I know we all send good wishes and a speedy recovery to Tim.Get well Tim we miss you!


With the Sun’s’ ingress into Leo on July 22nd, 2014 we have a whole new set of galactic players on stage! With Jupiter, the planet of boundless optimism,abundance, good times and wisdom, we will witness the Leos in our lives perk up, big time. But for the rest of us mere mortals, the good times will roar in the area in our horoscope where we find Leo. a small plug here, if you would like a thorough astrological delineation to find out where this streak of bien etre falls in your horoscope so as to take full advantage of this transit, book a reading with me, as the saying goes ‘timing is everything”.


Generally speaking the transit of the Sun,Venus, Mars, Jupiter and the direct motion of Saturn will stir up the pot in all our lives greatly. The Sun is our vitality, our public persona, our father, our husband iF we are women. Venus is art, music, love, creative expression,, women, and romance. Mars is young men, war, argument, fighting, blood, surgery, sharp tools and muscles. Jupiter as said, is abundance and we will discussing it in further detail in the Leo luck forecast. Saturn rules hindrances, obstacles, but as well hard work and gain through constant effort and while abundance may come swiftly for those blessed with a good Jupiter, those with good Saturns’ find success through perseverance.


The week begins with the new Moon in Leo and moves through Virgo, and by the 2 August enters Libra. We have an area of the natural zodiac touched by the waxing Moon. These signs will experience a possibility to renew, regenerate and start new projects with ease, the result of the Moon’s energic assistance, giving you zeal, vitality and eagerness. Look to the Sun signs for more information. Have a great week and enjoy the “joie de vivre” the summer, the Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Leo will bring all of us!



JULY 16(03:31;00 a.m.) 2014 to

AUGUST 11(04:11 a.m.) 2014


Jupiters entrance into Leo on July 16, 2014 celebrates the showman in all of us but more so for those born under the regal sign of Leo. Over the upcoming 12 months Leo’s are back in the driving seat, feeling full of courage, abundance, joie de vivre and most of all luck. Leos born between July 22 and August 15 will  have the Greater Benefic, Jupiter  passing over their Sun degree right up to December 8, 2014 when Jupiter retraces his steps. This gives those born between August 5th and August 22 a second kick at the can in terms of reviewing what applications they may use this beneficial period for. The answer to that will be found in creative projects, money from inheritance, children, spiritual or higher learning and foreign travel. The name of the game here Leo is to explore your skill, wit and talent. And sell it with great fanfare, this is a moment in time when you can pull off just about anything! Leo’s born from July 22 to July 30th this will be one of the best periods in the next 12 years as not only are you celebrating a birthday but the corporeal conjunction of Jupiter with your sun sign and this will promise you good fortune, well being, financial prosperity and romantic luck. What more can a person ask

for? With a Leo,,, everything, but for those born during this 9 day period  you have really hit the celestial jackpot. Before the rest of the Leo pride email me ,,,your time with Jupiter’s magic is yet to come, so not to worry.  


For those Leos born between July 23 and August 9 there will be a challenge or argument accompanying this transit of Jupiter. The anxiety or argument may come from your partners’ money, investment capital.There may also be stress from publishers, foreigners or foreign travel lasting more than 2 ½ days. For Leos’ looking to speculative investment  you have the luck of Zeus with you now. Go for it!


Partnership still holds a certain restraint or obstacle. This lifts just before Christmas 2014, so chin up.Your romantic embers will refire after mid December There are always ups and downs in relationships, and as Nietzsche said “ what doesn’t kill you , makes you stronger” or was it Cathy Clarkson? At any rate the beauty of astrology is that it teaches all of us that change is the essential nature of our Universe. And those who can adapt and grasp this will be happier than those bent on holding onto things that have moved through your life.


Any project that involves foreigners, publishing, higher learning, astrology, spiritual teaching/studies all hold a special newness and are  ripe for making money or achieving a better understanding of your world , your life and those forces that sustain us all.


Children, lovers, creative projects,, theatrical performances, sporting events, all hold a great promise for beneficial outcomes. Invest in real estate, your home reno will pay you back in heaps of doe and despite recent setbacks, you have to admit this break with your home reno has given you prospective. You  move ahead with more confidence and assurance your ideas will work and pay off.


For all Leos now through to Oct 29 go for the brass ring, invest, network, initiate your creative project, support your children in their endeavors all these hold huge promise and will make you and those around you happy. Good Luck!


Aries.svgARIES March 21-April 19  

Creativity. children are a delightful over the next year and over the next 24 hours enjoy yourself!  Throw a party, mingle with friends.Romance is appears in the most exuberant. thrilling episode for you and this kind of fireworks only happen every twelve years. Dive in and cease the moment. Problems, arguments and disagreements with your partner have dissipated, its  time to let things go and move on. Your partner may be spending more than they have but in order to keep the peace, keep quiet. Sometimes shopping therapy is a great cure. Career, your public persona, bosses, people in positions of authority have been undergoing a slow, major transformation. The corporations’ manager are being schooled in a new approach, there have been major adjustments. But your optimism has never faltered; ask for a raise, or a new position. It will indicate your ambition, show your passion for your profession, your confidence in your public persona. Everyone loves a  winner and of all the signs in the zodiac none is able to rise above their station in life like you Aries..

taurus weekly forecastTAURUS April 20-May 20

Taurus you are composed, peaceful and wonderfully grounded. I swear if the world took a page out of your playbook, it would be a kinder, gentler place. Over the next two days your home is front and centre. And with Jupiter sitting in your solar house of home, family, ancestors, real estate expect good things in all these areas of life over the upcoming 12 months. Now is a great time to undergo a renovation or upgrading your furniture. The money is there, as is your creative zeal. Conversations, short trips, siblings and neighbors remain especially sweet over the next few weeks. If you need that tree trimmed to improve your view, or want to redo the garden fence, the green light is on, you won’t find any resistance. Frank and loving conversations with younger siblings are probable and its high time you expressed your feelings. Marriage partners, business partners and contracts are presented in an winner takes all approach. Do not be daunted if its not your cup of tea, remember Taurus you are the strongest sign in the zodiac.

Gemini.svgGEMINI May 21-June 20

Money luck accompanies you over the next week and beyond! Over the next 12 months communications, short trips, siblings continue to exude love, generosity and help. Highlighted with the New Moon in Leo, begin a dialogue with a sibling. that perhaps you have been distant with over the past decade. You will be surprised at the response  and yes it is positive and possibly lucrative and certainly wisdom will prevail. Children are rebellious, angry and may be short tempered. Allow them to vent, they are likely right on the money with their concerns. Their success will be in their ability to navigate life’s challenges and your reaction as a sounding board to their manner, approach is instructive for their development no matter how old. Life after all is a learning experience, in order to stay current we all need to continue to learn. Your career has been undergoing a sort of fog, a haze that spurs you to believe in providence. Geminis born from May 26 through to May 30 are undergoing this experience most uniquely. A charismatic, alluring figure has entered your career zone. Fear not, they come in peace.


Cancer.svgCANCER June 21-July 22

Romance, love and your sweet demeanor, charm is enhanced, magnified with Venus sitting in your Solar house of your innate skill, wit and talent. You look marvelous, darling! And you communicate your desire with passion and depth, this is part of your charm. The next week will be particularly productive for your spiritual practice, foreign travel, or foreigners. Don’t be surprised if  your guru comes to you, especially those Cancers born 3 July to 17 July. Your money luck and the New Moon in Leo spells money luck. Your ability to attract financial backing for higher learning, travel and publishing are all good. This is a particularly beneficial time to visit your local astrologer. Insight into your life, your purpose helps to validate ideas, creative projects or simply career choices you have been mulling through. Book an appointment with your financial advisor up to August 1. Your ability to get the most information, plus you are articulate in what is happening regarding your finances. Another opinion is always helpful. Begin a budget. Frugality is needed, but for the moment,  right through to August 2015 you personal finances are on fire.

Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO July 23Aug. 22


It’s the dog days of summer and “the livin is easy”, Leo. You are having your cake and eating it too. Happy Solar Return! But the big news for you is this happy state of confidence and good luck will continue right through to August 2015. Wow! And with the new Moon in your house of physical health, skill, wit and talent, it is a great time to flex your creative muscles. Children will approach you with requests for financial support, give your support on all levels as this period holds much promise and they could use a hand. Sharp tools, buzz saws, knives are to be treated with respect around the house as your long awaited reno takes off. Movement with your home project is swift and luckily for you.  You can have confidence as the workmen are of the best quality.Secrets, or a woman working behind the scenes at in your career sector holds some important information, be sure to make yourself available. Hidden enemies are slightly jealous of your success, watch out for rumours from these types. After August 1, all will be revealed.

Virgo.svgVIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22


Friends, associates from work are full of chatter regarding your profession, your public persona, bosses and those in positions of authority. While the word on the vine is favorable, use your abundant analytical skill to assess what is superfluous and what is fact. But the outlook is rosy for sure. And your reputation is gaining a great deal of respect and adulation from the right people. Your energy levels may be taxed with all the socializing and cavorting you have been indulging in. Lay low, relax and take that well deserved nap, its hot, its summer and you can afford to take it easy. your productivity is renowned, so chill. A neighbor or sibling exhibits an aggressive profile, don’t indulge. Use the ancient Farci saying:” to the stupid the answer is silence”. Communications, short trips, interpretations have be restrained while Saturn transits your solar house of communications. Allow this period to reflect deeply on exactly what it is you wish to communicate to those close, especially siblings. July 30 to August 1, your charisma, charm, eloquence soars.

Libra.svgLIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22


The new Moon in your Solar house of friends, associates from work promise new beginnings, a fresh start. And with Jupiter in the Solar house of dreams, wishes and hope for the future promises good things in connection with your social network, work pals and group activities right through to August 2015. This is the time to expand your horizons and network like crazy. Career, those assessing your progress are pleased as punch with what they see. You communications are articulate, concise and spot on, they appreciate your aesthetic point of view and impressed with your evaluation. Personal finances have been under a governor for the last while, but with all the great bargains out there, go for a shopping spree, treat yourself. A fashion update is always a good investment and the signature of success. August 1 to August 3, your charisma, charm soar. Sweet talk your boss into that long awaited raise. It can’t hurt to try.

Scorpio.svgSCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21


It has been a long haul Scorpio but now and for the next 49 days you are hot, ready for anything and your engines are firing on all pistons. The opposition better step aside, your confidence, your accuracy is flawless. Mind being reckless tho’ and placing yourself in dangerous situations, like overdoing it in extreme sports. Publishing, foreigners, travel, astrology all hold a certain attraction, allure and are compelling you to investigate further opportunities in these areas. You have the energy and the gravitas to pull off just about anything. People are taking note, and most importantly, taking you seriously. Career success is promised over the next 12 months, tackle large projects especially if they involve research, your middle name. The New Moon in your solar house of career promise new beginnings, a fresh start and your public persona soars over the next couple of days.July 30 to Aug 1 your social circles are rife with activity. Be seen, attend group functions, take the work mates along.You have felt restrained until recently and its time to blow off steam and enjoy your newly found success, celebrity and popularity.

Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21


Study, higher learning, foreigners, people involved in the publishing business hold your attention and for the next 21/2 days your exuberance is best expressed if you launch a new project in this sector of your life. Success in these areas are a sure thing for you over the next 12 months. Your planetary ruler, Jupiter is flying high in Leo, this promises big projects, foreign trips over 2 ½ days. Success awaits in writing, ideas, meditation and spiritual practice.The financial well being of your partner is helpful, while your own personal financial situation continues to undergo a complete transformation. Pluto in your Solar house of personal finances means what had been your source of income will change and transform. If anyone can handle this monumental upheaval it’s you. Sagittarius is extraordinarily nimble with change and ever the optimist, confident about the future. When you are finally finished with this long transit, you will be a different person. Wiser, more adept with finances and likely wealthier. Children may be harbouring secret feelings, give them time to express their secret desires, you will learn a lot about them and yourself.

Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19


Marital partners, business contracts all hold an attractive silver lining. Follow the prompts from business, close friends or domestic partnerships. They hold the keys to your financial success, security. Social circles have been stalled over the past few months, but this is about to change, radically. Your zeal for large groups, friends are fueled with a new sense of power, energy, action and personal exchanges. Avoid any heated debates as people are pumped up and it will not serve your agenda to lose your cool. The New Moon in Leo over the next few days promises financial aid from a close friend or business partner. Accept this largesse and know that the Universe has a quirky way of making it all fair. Reciprocity will come in time but for now, take the assistance.Over the past 6 months you have been plagued with a passive aggressive person/issue at work. The gig is up and they no longer hold any power.

Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18


The good news Aquarius is partnership, business liaisons, contracts are blessed with Jupiter’s ingress into Leo( right now and up to August 2015) and bolstered over the next 2 ½ days by the New Moon in Leo. If starting a project, dot the “I’s” and cross the “T’s”, the timing is perfect and while favoring the other, but your humanitarian nature is not perturbed by this,nonetheless, make sure your have read the small print. Career continues to be stressful, filled with obstacles, hindrance and delays. While the obstacles are moving away, there is now a new contender. A strong willed, Martian type who is fearsome, bombastic and filled with hubris. Avoid a confrontation with the whirling dervish, and complete your task. It is always best to pick your fights and this is not the time to engage.With Venus and Mercury in your Solar 6th house of small pets, make sure your pets are well watered and find relief from the summer heat. Employees are particularly helpful, and you can reinvent your daily health regime. Get to the gym, run that sea walk. Discussion with those who perform a service for you will be crystal clear so if you have a medical issue that has been troubling you, now is the time to talk to your GP and allay your fears.

Pisces.svgPISCES Feb. 19March 20


Your dreamy nature has been enhanced with Neptunes’ passage through Pisces. Your mystical, philosophical side is teaming with images. People find you fascinating and are not afraid to tell you. It is said Neptune is the ‘higher ‘ octave of Venus. Charisma, charm, attraction are its side effects, but that means you have a responsibility to treat your adoring fans with respect, and love.Children, hobbies, entertainments, the summer blockbuster movies are great activities to do to engage your vivid imagination. Sweet chatter with women, a love interest promises true love . Enjoy the adoration right through to August 12, 2014. Dancing, art, music all play a part. Poetry drips from your every word,  what a romantic!The New Moon in your Solar 6th house of small pets, employees and daily routine allow for new beginnings that will be successful. Jupiters’ presence in this area of your Solar horoscope support good quality workmen, doctors, pet caregivers, and with Jupiter as the ruler of your sign, you have no inhibitions when it comes to giving service to others. This is how we experience Love at its deepest level, when we are giving of ourselves to another.