WEEKLY FORECAST August 3rd – 9th 2014


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MONDAY, AUGUST 4, 2014 at 10:45 a.m to TUESDAY AUGUST 5, 2014 at 03:19 a.m.

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 6,2014 at 03:45 a.m. to THURSDAY AUGUST 7, 2014 at 06:39 a.m.



In the past ancient astrologers  and now modern astrologers use the Fixed Stars as part of their delineation technique  in horoscopes. The fixed stars were used specifically in mundane astrology, or the astrology that forecasts world events and were not usually applied to personal or natal horoscopes. An interesting modernism has been to incorporate the use of the fixed stars in natal readings. Essentially the effects or the quality of the Fixed Stars (all astrological observation actually as astrology was the precursor to modern astronomy) are drawn from millenium of observation and are described as having the temperament or quality of the 7 planets in our solar system. The energy or essence of the outer planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are not used. And the Fixed Stars’ relevance is equated with the planet it is connected with in an individual’s horoscope or an important degree within the natal figure. Thus,the fixed star is more effective when conjunct, meaning standing with a natives’ natal planet or if the Fixed Star rises with the native’s ascendant, the ascendant being determined by the time of birth or when the  fixed star is culminating with  the “midheaven” or in lay terms, adjacent to the house of profession, public profile or prominence. The fixed stars are observed in the charts of rich and famous and frequently, the infamous!

A  fixed star conjunct a natal planet is like adding the spice in a bowl of chili. The essence or quality the natal planet is enhanced by the Fixed star that would otherwise have been masked, or subdued.The conjunction with a Fixed Star, for better or worse fortifies whatever it is associated with.  The Fixed Stars all have their own kind of character, yet  are frequently described in terms our planetary understanding. For example the royal star, Regulus is described as being a benevolent star with the nature of Jupiter and Mars. For instance, Jupiter conjunct the royal star Rigel, especially  and only if in close proximity, by this I mean within minutes of corporeal conjunction of one another, the native will receive accolades for writing, will gain celebrity and fame for their writing acumen and this will be long lasting, one of an enduring fame.

It can be quite a revelation to have your Fixed Stars delineated, and if you are interested in a comprehensive look at the Fixed Stars in your horoscope and who knows it may just be your fate to win the lottery as promised by the Fixed Stars! Book an appointment and I would be more than happy to look at your lucky Star!


JULY 16(03:31;00 a.m.) 2014 to AUGUST 11(04:11 a.m.) 2014

Over the upcoming 12 months Virgo, you have Jupiter in Leo adding light and levity to situations, events and or with people connected to large corporations, hospitals, prisons. Assistance with  large animals, unfolding of clandestine affairs or secrets. Issues which have been hidden including chronic health issues are softened or blessed with Jupiter’s upbeat, positive influence. With the presence of Jupiter transiting this sector of your solar horoscope, secret enemies will not have the impact or influence they were hoping for.. their pin has been pulled and any potentially explosive or unpleasant situation, nullified. You are secretly blessed and your Guardian Angel is indeed watching over you. On a practical note these 12 months ahead promise good things emanating from the areas cited above. You will find reciprocity, help and guidance from these sources and their influence.will be good. Partners, for those Virgos in relationship will enjoy secrets, quiet moments and singles find love in clandestine relationships, unseen by the hurried world around you.

Pets, daily habits, ritual are fulfilling and are genuinely a joy to participate with and to look after. A partners’ health issues finds resolution, relieving you of stress or concern over their health. You may consider moving to a foreign country, and this shift will embolden your zest for life, bringing exotic new experiences and fending off boredom with new and intellectually inspiring people, countries, cultures and adventures. If a move is not in the cards, refurbish your home, feather your nest by incorporating influences from foreign climes into your home. Redecorate your living room with a middle eastern theme for instance.Large pillows on the floor, hookahs, fine draperies and bowls of nutritious fruits, banning the TV to a back room and creating a new vibe in your home to entertain  large or intimate gatherings.

Family, ancestors, specifically those connected to your father offer unobtrusive beneficial assistance. Engaging friends, associates from work and social networks in your home will be likely and the abundance you share will be returned 10 fold. Open your home and heart, display the social component of your inquisitive, intelligent nature and by doing so promote  good times, social gatherings and events to develop and deepen your connections. Jupiters’ benign transit through your solar 12th house will be just that, benign, non eventful and definitely leaning towards a pleasant 12 months ahead.


Aries.svgARIES March 21April 19  

Your creativity, speculative ventures, venture capital, money from real estate, from inheritance shine over the next 20 days. Actually the abundance inherent in this sector of your horoscope sees a veritable cornucopia of good luck until Aug 2015. Your mind is always on the prize, you move with stealth over the upcoming  42 days and another source of financial abundance will be your partners money, both business and marital. Those plans you have been mulling over, its time to share them with those who can finance them.Your innate ability to lead the charge and start a project, the enthusiasm, the vision are unparalleled. Only you, Aries can stir up a crowd of adoring followers, it is truly uncanny!The Moon, in your Solar house of money, of others, is subject to stall momentarily but literally tomorrow its all bets are off and I would put mine on your ability to finesse the situation to your advantage. All fair in Love and War, right Aries?


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS April 20May 20

Over the upcoming 10 days your communications, short trips, siblings, neighbors contain such sweet sentiments it is no wonder you live and stay in touch with such supportive sweet folk. Money issues of your partner have been stalled, inert, or simply stagnant for quite some time. Now through to September 13 you see movement, decisions and action. This is a good sign, you  need money to make money and fear of using it is as good as not having it. New additions to your home are promised right through to Aug 2015 and through the next 20 days your pocket book matches your impeccable taste. Discuss plans, ideas with your family and support will attend you. Your ancestors, father, may want to spend extra time in your presence. There is never a better time than right now to have a family meal/get together including the old folks. You are sure to make their week! It is possible family members give you an advance on an inheritance to support your renovations ideas in the home.


Gemini.svgGEMINI May 21June 20

Discussions, chatter, gossip hold wonderful insights and keep you captivated Gemini. Over the next 12 days siblings, neighbors pour out stories, legends, and myths about your neighborhood and ancestors. You are captivated and could use these yarns in a novel or that  fiction you have cooking on the back burner. Your solar house of communications is lite up like a Christmas tree right through to August 2015, if you dive into writing that novella it will pour onto the page, why are you hesitating? This is the best period in 12 years so go for it.Daily health, your habits, and too those who work for you have been somewhat depressed or at least requiring attention. The next 42 days gives you a window to create new daily habits, eating routines, exercise schedules that will improve your general health. It takes a repetition to create and new habit and 40 days is what it takes to get the brain adjusted to the new regime. Start now and the stars favor your efforts.


Cancer.svgCANCER June 21-July 22

Your charm, charisma continue as Venus transits your solar house of skill, wit and talent. Your soft sell, your assurance and emotional groundedness is so appealing. You put people at ease with a homespun earthiness, not to mention your home cooking.Your finances, liquid assets, material things that are not nailed down are undergoing a period of solid abundance, improvement and a shot in the arm. They can come from your own daily habits, from pet care, from those you employ and too, foreign shores or higher learning. Children are overly emotional and likely argumentative for the next day. But the overall pall that has been sitting on your children is about to lift. And for the next 42 days action, activity, strike a positive note. Your energy to fix matters that have been underground or hidden are identified and you know exactly what to do. Aug 5 to Aug 7 in the a.m. small pets require your attention.


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO July 23-Aug. 22

It is a good thing you are a magnanimous person because with all the good luck showering down on you form the celestial players,, you sure could gloat. But that would be beneath you, anyway those around you share in the largesse you have walked into. And for the next 20 days as the birthday party season for Leos rolls into full gear, laugh, enjoy and relish the love your adorning family and friends are giving you. Its a go, a green light as far as the home renovations go and within 42 days the whole project will be completed.Saturn sits in your solar house of ancestors, family and real estate until December 23, 2014. Use this period to discern your next move. There is no rush to make a decision and contemplating what you want, and how best to incorporate your new found abundance over the long haul is just plain good planning. Tuesday  through Thursday a.m. your creativity, children and speculative investment show movement and change. Mostly as a result of your own reaction and responses. Saturday partners are front and center.


Virgo.svgVIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The next 13 days Virgo gives you an opportunity to suss out secrets, hidden agendas of your boss, your company and those in positions of authority. You could reveal all, but playing the cards,so to say,close to the chest will work best for you. The planets are moving into your solar house of secrets, hidden issues over the next few weeks. And its a good idea to keep your ear to the ground so you know what action to take further down the road.Clandestine affairs, hidden issues hold an enormous beneficial gift for you. Its true knowledge is power.For the moment, over the next 10 days enjoy social scenes, large groups and expand your hopes dreams and wishes. Change is afoot in your domestic sector from Tuesday to Thursday a.m. From then to Saturday, your creative juices flow.Consider an investment plan of action, one that will obviously grow incrementally but also allow you to travel, study and play. Change is afoot Saturday as small pets, daily chores dominate a relaxing weekend.

Libra.svgLIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The next 10 days gives you the charm and persuasion required at work to get what you want. The appeal of socializing, partying and general midsummer fun beckons. And its been a real lesson in balance and restraint to hold back on spending, but you did it. Now for the next 42 days the urge to buy, buy, buy will be uncontrollable and actually Sunday through Tuesday, the bargains abound, a little spending spree can’t hurt, right?. Tuesday communications with those close are informative, philosophical and underscore a change in your neighborhood. Thursday through to Saturday a.m. the homefront undergoes refurbishing. Even a clean up will give you the feeling of newness, and contemporary art purchases are as good as a total makeover. Devote the rest of the weekend to hobbies, creative urges. Your children are full of  intellectual curiosity, feed their inquisitive minds with a visit to the art gallery, or take in a classic movie at home, anything to engage their minds.


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Sunday through to Monday your charisma, energy soar. Changes in your energy levels have improved substantially since mid July. The reason for this blush of exuberance can be attributed to your planetary ruler Mars has entered her home turf of Scorpio. This verve and your ability to accomplish projects, plans and ideas will be on full throttle for the next 42 days. Use this return to accurate, precise action well. If your ambitions lie in communications, with service to others, in care and maintenance of pets, in altering your daily habits as well as utilizing your innate skill, wit and talent  then you will be very successful. The adage “ you cannot stop a planet in dignity’ is what Mars in Scorpio spells. With Saturn sitting in your solar house of your persona, skill and talent  the last year has dampened down your usual assertiveness. This has not been a bad thing and perhaps has taught you a valuable lesson in knowing when to “hold’em” and when to act. Your profession,those in positions of authority shine the light on you and your work over the next 20 days. But the larger event in your public life will unfold over the next 12 months right through to August 2015. Expect reward for your hard work as the chickens come home to roost!


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS Nov. 22Dec. 21

The big news is yes you’re in the money, or at least those close to you are, and they have plans to share the spoils. Lay low Sunday through Monday, rest recuperate and relax. Tuesday you are charismatic, filled with energy, talking up a storm. Foreign travels beckon and plans are made to take you on the trip of a lifetime. Publishing, astrology, higher learning, philosophy all of these hold much promise for you right now through to 2015. As a mutable fire sign you go for adventure, recognition, fame and freedom, both mental and physical. Your financial picture has completely transformed over the last while and continues to do so. Thursday you will look into more changes regarding your liquid assets. While money is not really your end game the lack of it can be hazardous. Look into ways to increase your bottom line. With Uranus in your house of speculative venture,start ups, money garnered through inheritance or money from real estate, all hold possibility for huge gains and huge losses. Do your homework and research investment ideas/commitments before you leap.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19

You are in the zone Capricorn, friends, social groups, large get togethers are big attractions and incentive for you to dress up and be see. The next 42 days see you excelling in all things social. Partners continue to want to be with you and their allure and adorable style is causing your heart to leap.Intimate and frank discussion with your partner go well over the next two days. Get your loved one out and about over the next 10 days, your presence at social function will be a hit. Communications with neighbours and siblings has been blurred over the past year. Revist an attempt at clarifying your positions so as to keep the channels open. Support is always appreciated and you may need their help down the road.Tuesday through to Thursday early a.m. rest, lay low, meditate or if required deal with large corporations, institutions while the flow is with you, otherwise, hunker down. Thursday p.m. to Saturday your charisma soars, charm and schmooze your way to the top.


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS Jan. 20Feb. 18

Actions at work on firing on all pistons( am I dating myself ? Do cars still have pistons?). At any rate there is plenty of action taking place in the career, public life and with those in positions of authority. One person in particular is extremely aggressive, seething with energy, orders and demands. Be calm and acquiesce.Pick your fights is a wise adage in this particular situation.. The tempest passes within 42 days,no point in suffering fools, even if they are your boss or the person calling the shots. Pets, daily habits continue to satisfy your love of routine and small furry beings.The big news is with business or marital partners.Not only are they over the Moon with newly realized affluence, but are filled with bien etre and likely are focusing a lions’ share at you. The good news gets even better as this tide of joyous abundance continues right through to August 2015. Tuesday through Wednesday, friends, large groups, associates from work are up for a good time and ever eager to partake in social get togethers, you find yourself leading the parade. Recover, lay low Thursday, Friday. Saturday you are rested as charisma, popularity soars.

Pisces.svgPISCES Feb. 19March 20.

Mysticism, fashion, cosmetics oddly mix in your life and likely always will. Creative outlets, projects continue to consume your attention for the next 10 days. A sweet flirtation may be at the heart of your interest, but nonetheless your creative zeal is peaked. Foreigners,specifically older men offer the financial aid, their help is welcome and could become an ongoing source of subsidy at least until December 2014. Foreigners, publishing, travel are attracting over the next two days and become a major source of action over the next 42 days.With Jupiter(Pisces planetary ruler)  in Leo until August 2015 a great portion of your attention will be focused on service, daily habits, small pets and those who either are employed by you or perhaps come into your life during this period to offer their services to you. Wednesday to Thursday career, your place in society and those in positions of authority are highlighted. Thursday p.m. to Saturday early a.m.friends drop by, so have the fridge full and ready to entertain.Rest, recuperate for the rest of the weekend as next week the action takes off.