WEEKLY FORECAST August 10 – 16th 2014




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Do not start any important projects during the following VOC moon phase:


12 August, 2014 from 09:02 a.m. to August 13, 2014 06:01 a.m.

14 August, 2014 from 08:45 p.m. to August 15, 2014 08:58 a.m.




I would like to thank all the readers of Tim’s column for their insights and comments. Your feedback is important and is greatly appreciated.


While sun-sign astrology is frequently looked down upon by many serious astrologers and astrology students I find  it to be extremely informative and surprisingly correct. Mundane astrology which looks at the astrological configurations of the world is based on using significators. Much of the delineation is used with these significators and as such you see people of the world acting en mass. Sun sign in a sense has the same quality. While we all know that the sun sign will apply to many Libras or Sages,for example,  it inexplicably also makes sense to the individual. There is nothing more specific in the divinatory arts than delineation or predictive astrology. And in a personal reading, when the client gives you 3 pertinent details:date, time and place of birth, then you can say more than you know.

The future is fluid and much relies on our choices and the rationale for having a reading is well described, as the adage goes, “ forewarned is forearmed”. Humans, like other mammals act in according to their nature. And this pattern is predictable.

We all share concern for our family, for our health, our wealth, our love, our partner,our pets,  our career, our friends and so on. This is what underscores the philosophical idea that we are all human, all the same at the core of our being, from the same tribe and therefore the biblical adage: “Love thy brother as thy self”, rings true. How can we not? After all each of us is basically seeking the same confirmations in life.We seek abundance, try and have a happy life, we all seek out “Soul mate ( altho’ that may only exist in Heaven!).We love our children and raise them to be successful independent adults, take care of our health, consume ourselves in a job we can stand behind that has a purpose and we have passion for and provides us with enough to support ourselves and those we love.. Life is the struggle we all share. we are truly in this together and so we can clearly see that what makes us human is also what makes other guy human as well. . We can but love one another as ourselves. If we could really apply this understanding, and I feel Canada does embody this ethos, the world would be a more peaceful, tolerant and loving place.Have a super and Happy Summer!


JULY 16(03:31;00 a.m.) 2014 to

AUGUST 11(04:11 a.m.) 2014


Finances, personal assets, your possessions continue to have a governor over them right through to Dec 2014. Over the upcoming 35 days your urge to spend will be strong but it would be prudent to hang off. Check your bills, make sure you are up to date, no point in giving Visa more interest!

Spiritual /religious practices hold a compelling attraction for you through the next 15 days. Foreign travel beckons, culture, philosophy, different cuisine, people all hold a certain message or interest for you. If you are contemplating return or going to university this period will be filled with success, Professors are open to your point of view, grants are ok’d, the green light says “Go!”.And to 24 August, if you are presenting a paper, a thesis, all are destined to sky rocket your reputation.People from foreign climes are charismatic and charming during this 2 week period. Their philosophy, presentation, and ideas ring true and you are seduced by the aesthetic nature of their conversation.

Venus, one of your rulers remains for in your solar house of career for 2 more days. Put the finishing touches on an incentive that will guarantee your success in the eyes of your boss, those in positions of authority. People of influence have been taking note and the consensus is you have performed in a stellar fashion.

As Venus moves into your solar house of friends, associates from work and too large groups over the next 12 months, these people, groups become a defacto family. You share the same philosophy, loves, and there is money as well and your allure is haunting, August 13 to September 5. Events, appearances, gatherings will be done on a grand scale, if beer was served last year, this 12 month period the beers turns to champagne and the upscale nature is in part owing to Jupiter in Leo in your house of friends, social groups .

Your hopes, dreams and wishes for the future take off. Permit yourself to imagine on a grand scale. The evidence of what you think or imagine will become manifest is strong, so think positive, large and well off. Within the year your position will improve dramatically.  

From September 30th 2014 through to October 23rd, 2014 you experience your planetary ruler, Venus transiting your Solar house of skill with talent and personal motivation.. With Venus in your Solar house of skill wit and talent you feel energized, filled with artistic ideas, fashion, aesthetic concepts, intellectual understanding, wisdom and women hold a certain luck and good fortune for you. Utilize this period to act upon your ideas, creative ventures, or projects launched by you during this zap of Venusian charm beauty and wit, allows you the confidence and certainty to sell you plans. You popularity soars. And people want to invest in what you have to offer. Partners, marital and business continue to be shocking. At times the brilliance is compelling but if erratic behavior is what you see, maybe it is time to cut the ties that bind. Your life is about to get large. Are you ready for success?

Aries.svgARIES March 21-April 19  


Sunday, August 10, your creative  life continues in an ebullient, joyful feast with a tinge of intellectual thought and discussion. The Full Moon in Aquarius highlights a humane idea you feel strongly about, sharing this with your social circles will bring out their similar interests and the impassioned conversation will wet your appetite for controversy. Parties or gatherings during the Full Moon are a success and your eclectic array of friends certainly know how to have a stimulating and  good time.Your Solar house of venture capital, speculative investments, money through inheritance continues to swell. You are lucky, not to mention totally attractive to romantic interests.On Tuesday,  with Venus entering your packed Solar house of creativity, children and capital ventures, all are blessed for the next 24 days.  On the financial front, you will be able to pay off debt, put your child through university without a student loan. It is amazing what a little boost to the pocket book can accomplish.Monday to Wednesday a.m. rest. relax,  withdraw, recuperate. Wednesday from 6:00 a.m. to Friday a.m. your energy, charisma, popularity soars. Artistic appreciation could see you investing in an art piece. Friday, as Mercury moves into your Solar house of small pets, those you employee, daily habits, and services you offer to others in the upcoming 20 days, use this cycle to analyse what is need and who needs what. Friday to Saturday your finances,, possessions, things you can carry, liquid assets are highlighted.

While your partner holds the purse strings they are also known for their generous nature and give you the funds you require for your creative ideas or projects.Children hold your attention over the week in part because of their talent, charm and spellbinding or humorous storytelling.Enjoy!


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS April 20-May 20


Career matters are dominant under the Full Moon  in Aquarius. As the Moon is a co ruler of Taurus I expect the news at work will have an impact on your partners, both business and marital. Now is not the best time to butt heads with your boss or those in positions of authority. You will only bring out the fixed nature of those calling  the shots. Your partner has been infused with energy, action and passion. No longer moping about or unsure of what direction to take,  they are on full throttle. Lucky you, the adventure begins for the next 35 days.Approach them with a plan or project and their support, their zeal  will be infectious.Monday through Tuesday p.m. your friends, parties,large gatherings all hold promise.Conversations with siblings or neighbors continue to be sweet, tender. Wednesday with Venus’s ingress into Leo there is a veritable pile up in your Solar house of home, ancestors,your  father and real estate. Now is the opportune time to redecorate, renovate or renew your home. Your artistic juices are flowing and your sense for interior design are second to none. Wednesday to Thursday lay low. Friday at noon your charisma, energy soar and with the Fixed Star Mira conjunct your ruler the Moon, noon is a good moment to persevere and exhibit your ability to solve even the most complicate matters.As well, Mercury moves into your Solar house of creativity, speculative investments and children.Over the upcoming 20 days use this period  to analyse these areas of life with the exalted Mercury’s ability to assess situations, events or people with a rational coolness which will  help to sort out all kinds of situations.

Gemini.svgGEMINI May 21-June 20

Your communication with those close, siblings, neighbors center around philosophy and filled with agreement. Sunday’s’ Full Moon in Aquarius bring gifts of insight on an intellectual nature and spiritual insight. Foreigners, or travel abroad or publishing enterprises are highlighted and you becomes convinced of a certain philosophy being discussed with your neighbors or siblings. By Tuesday with the ingress of Venus into Leo,into your Solar house of communications are imbued with the Goddess of Love in hand! Over the next 24 days intimate conversations, letters, emails, telephone calls are downright sweet. Your dream of resolution with an estranged sibling is fulfilled. The conundrum is resolved and no one’s ego is bruised or rubbed the wrong way. Its a win/win! Also at play, Monday through Tuesday your public persona, those in positions of authority are both exacting and nebulous at the same time.The influence of the Full Moon, albeit the Moon is in Pisces,  is strongly effecting matters in your career, with those in positions of authority Dichotomies are no stranger to you and perhaps you are at your best when having to sort out opposing signals.Wednesday through Thursday get ready for a party. The crowd you are friends with is in a celebratory mood, and you are up for fun, socializing, and schmoozing. Friday p.m. Mercury your planetary ruler moves into Virgo, and in the Solar house of family ancestors, your father. If contemplating a real estate purchase this period will be good. Friday and Saturday are good days to rest, recuperate and rest for a busy week coming up.

Cancer.svgCANCER June 21-July 22


You ruler the Moon is full and in Aquarius, Sunday. This means the spotlight is on your partners finances.If finances are problematic, don’t dive into a discussion which might end up with harsh words.Aspects to the Moon from Saturn and Mars are ripe for arguments. And do not allow yourself or your partner to bring in issues concerning your children. It is not fair to bring up every concern, and besides it scatters your attention at what is really on their mind. Its a smoke screen to sussing out the real issues.. Wait until the energy of this full Moon has passed. You can imbue your karma for lifetimes to come when treating people with kindness, respect during a full moon, and if it spills over into the way you carry yourself all the time, all the better. Money comes to you for the next 24 days from family, from foreigners, friends and large social groups. Higher learning, travel lasting longer than 21/2 days are highlighted. If contemplating a return or entering university for the first time the energy to jump through all the hoops is available through to Tuesday. Career, your public standing, authority figures call upon your innate skills and talent, your ability to offer services with heartfelt concern and care are front and center, Wednesday through Thursday. Your career has felt as if there is a black hole there. Your energy gets zapped by either circumstances or an actual person. Its work so try and let this psychic vampire go when you clock out, or wear garlic to work. Just kidding! Fridays ingress of Mercury into your Solar house of neighbors, siblings and communication offer prime moments to analyse your position with them.Friday and Saturday are perfect for get togethers with large groups, friends or associates form work.

Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO July 23-Aug. 22


The good times roll. Charisma, charm and your ability to talk your way into investments regarding your home, to inheritances, to garner money from others, banks, partners is at an all time high . Actually I would be surprised if you actually have to do anything, the money comes to you by Tuesday.Get contracts signed before Thursday p.m for best results.The Full Moon Sunday puts the focus on your partner, marital or business.Contracts can be settled, perhaps better to wait until Mercury moves into Virgo on Friday to seal the deal.Partners, marital partnerships  specifically need their feelings validated and with all the attention, accolades coming your way at present, spreading the wealth is a win, win alternative to ignoring emotional issues. Monday through Tuesday the finances of the partner change, move or experience an upheaval. This may account for the prickly aires your better half has been displaying. Tuesday p.m. starts a 24 day period where Venus transit your Solar first house. While life has really lined up for you, the next 3 weeks it is now candied coated too. Love comes to you. Wednesday through Thursday, something shocking or sudden happens in foreign countries, on foreign shores. This event may be  personal but likely is an event we will all watch unfold and our collective response will be important. Thursday, water cooler chatter will be  consumed with current affairs, worldly events. Friday,Mercury moves into your Solar house of personal assets, liquidity. Utilize the next 20 days to analyse your portfolio, your possessions. Friday through Saturday your public persona, authorities require attention. Put on your best for what is promised be an engaging evening.

Virgo.svgVIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22


With this stellium in Leo piling up in your Solar house of secrets, clandestine affairs, large corporations, hospitals and prisons you are like the fly on the wall, privy to tales and secrets. Keep them to yourself, unless harm could come to someone. There is nothing worse than the gossip who spills the goods for their own aggrandisement. Self inflation is not a condition you suffer from actually au contraire,your tendency is to downplay your attributes.   Activity, action and  passion in your Solar house of communications continues over the upcoming 35 days. Lose the attitude, be the peace maker if arguments arise with siblings or neighbors during this period. You will feel better about your control and ability to diffuse potentially disruptive argumentative conversations. The Full Moon on Sunday brings focus on daily routines, those you employ, small pets and the serve you give to others. Monday through Tuesday your partner is emotionally charged. Expect that talk over the next two days. Again so much of our stress emanates from difficulty or lack of financial resources, this is likely the basis for the concern of your mate. Be sympathetic. Honey works better than vinegar wand being critical will only draw out your sweethearts defenses. Wednesday through Thursday use patience and understanding in discussions about their finances.Friday, your planetary ruler returns to Virgo. Up to September 3, 2014 you are rife with ideas, thoughts and the ability to express your skills, wit and talents articulate. Sell your ideas and the gang will follow.


Libra.svgLIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22


Two more days Libra of charm and persuasion working for you with your boss or a person in a position of authority. The Full Moon in Aquarius in your Solar house of children indicates they require attention, heartfelt conversations are a good way to let your understanding show.

Also highlighted are your creative ideas, hobbies, and speculative investments. Monday through Tuesday, your daily health regime is under the microscope.Pets, habits, those you employ are still under the influence of the Full Moon. Impassioned feelings abound and your balanced, pragmatic approach will help. Wednesday through Thursday your partner demands your full attention and why not you are irresistible after all. Wednesday, remember your planetary ruler moves into show stopping Leo. Social events, large groups, networking all hold great promise over the next 24 days. If you have it, flaunt it! Dress to the nines.  A glamorous friend will help you. Mercury’s ingress into your Solar house of secrets opens you to information otherwise withheld. You can keep a secret of course and explains why you have been placed in the position of gatekeeper.Information regarding a publishing gig or a foreign trip has been kept under wraps, and the secret of these upcoming plans need to be valued and kept with utmost confidence. With the Moon conjunct Mira, the fixed star at noon on Friday, your perseverance and innate endurance will help sort out financial conundrums of a partner. Your naturally conservative approach and respect of the rules which you see as a balancing element in life make you a perfect mediator. Explain that change is part of our world and nothing is forever.


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21


Your energy, talent, wit and skill are roaring for the next 35 days. Your mojo is back Scorpio. With the Full Moon in Aquarius spotlighting your Solar house of family, ancestors, your father, insist on non confrontational discussion regarding family matters, Sunday. At times, Scorpio, you burn so hot, others may feel scorched by your red hot passion. With Saturn’s slow transit through your Solar first house, the last year has been a sobering self-reflective phase, a maturing moment. But you have not lost anything, you are simply wiser, more circumspect and compassionate.Be gentle, show your loyal nature and lend your passionate heart to their concerns, you have big shoulders.If a friend or family member is in a debacle or fight, there is no other sign as willing to put themselves in the fray for a loved one as a Scorpio. With the Moon still radiating  its strong influence and power as well conjunct Fomalhaut, a Fixed Star whose nature is that of Venus and Mercury at noon Monday, you have the insight and spiritual awareness to unravel even the most complicated of issues connected with your children.Use the mystic in you to describe the ups and downs of Life.Try and seek balance. Your children will be all ears. Tuesday,  your Solar house of career, public recognition and  accolades from those in positions of authority are guaranteed with Venus in Leo for the next three weeks.Venus is a triplicity ruler of your sign, so keeping an eye on Venus motion is instructive . Display your charm, it will work wonders. Wednesday through Thursday daily routines, pets, those you employ are highlighted. Friday to Saturday your partner insists on your undivided attention. Acquiesce and the thrill of romance will be ignited.

Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21


The big news of the summer has been the ingress of your ruler Jupiter into the sign of Leo. And as promised foreign travel, higher learning, publishing will all be successful financially and fruitful philosophically for Sages. The full Moon in Aquarius, Sunday enters your Solar house of communication. And if there is one thing a true Sagittarius loves is a good chin wag. Expressing yourself is key to understanding Sagittarius. If you are not permitted to express your opinion on a gamut of subjects from design to zen Buddhism to mating ritual of the tzi fly then what is the point to all the wisdom, knowledge you have accrued through time. And you are not opposed to listening to others. But your point of view needs to be heard. Monday to Tuesday home matters are spotlighted and a touch of foreign influences while not entirely revealed unfold in your home.Tuesday p.m. over the next 24 days Venus moving into the stellium of planets in Leo you are definitely looking into spiritual, foreign or philosophical avenues to delve into. These various paths all share a root in the Sun, its metaphorical meaning or literal. By Wednesday your nimble intellect has moved into a creative expression, with children, speculative ventures or a beloved hobby taking your fancy. A romantic interlude could prove scintillating. Friday through to Saturday practical concerns regarding your daily habits, pets take over.

Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19


Capricorns born between Dec 22 and Jan 4, life has been quite the transformative experience for you over the last few years. You should have a chat with a close Sage or Scorpio friend.Scorpios have had Pluto transiting the first 3 Solar houses plus over their Sun degree and may offer you insight.Ultimately this transit of Pluto will transform every cell in your being and you will erupt a new person, with a new way of seeing, feeling and hopefully filled with Love. For Caps born after this date, Pluto has yet to pass over your sun degree. Your time under the celestial transformer is yet to come, what an adventure it will be! The Full Moon in Aquarius in your second house of finances, liquid assets all these are spotlighted. There may be a fee or dues owed to a group you have joined.Your partner has been blessed with a windfall and if you are struggling, which I doubt, Caps are so good with money, ask for some help. Their generosity will astound you. Monday through Wednesday a.m. your Solar house of communication, siblings those close to you(physically) are highlighted and while some of what they say is cluttered, nebulous and is not completely defined, listen to them as they really need your input. Wednesday with the Moon in your Solar house of family , home, real estate, ancestors,be mindful around your home regarding electrical gadgets, over stressed  power outlets could be dangerous so check them to be sure, especially if they are overloaded.Friday and Saturday party entertain, be seen with your social pals.

Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18


Your charisma is high, your charm fully charged, enjoy the attention from family, foreigners, those in university, or people in the publishing business. Your partner continues to enjoy the spoils of the limelight so this few days of attention are satisfying and you are destined to shine. Pets health issues which have taken your attention are solved by Tuesday. Make sure your vet has had a look just to be sure the little furries are tip top. Monday through Tuesday your finances are highlighted. There can be confusion regarding a liquid assets or you may lose a few dollars when paying your tab, be sure to check your change. Wednesday through Thursday your siblings want to do something exciting or dynamic. Go for that rollercoaster ride,when was the last time you had a hair raising experience! Be cautious in traffic as people are not as alert as you would like and this unconsciousness causes accidents. Distracted driving, people texting make for bad driving these days.Wednesday p.m. Venus enters Leo, and your Solar 7th house of partnership, close friends, business partners, contracts. All these undergo a 24 day boost and if there was any doubt about your love life; their attention, devotion and displays of affection will make your heart leap for joy! Romantic moments are in the cards and being in love is the state we all seek. Friday begins a 19 day period when analysis of your investment money, money from banks or your partner’s assets are available for scrutiny. Use this period to dig for information regarding the best venues for investment. Home, family  are front and center until Saturday. Some family members have felt left in the cold, is could be time to bring them back into the clan.

Pisces.svgPISCES Feb. 19-March 20.


The Full Moon in Aquarius over the past days and now on Sunday has opened up things that were hidden to you. If a secret enemy has been causing trouble for you, likely from a foreign country or involved with a university, spiritual practice, or in the publishing business, they are outed. Once bitten twice shy, okay. Monday through Tuesday your natural charisma, animal attraction soars, all eyes are on you.Dress to impress and you will win your hearts desire. You maintain an aura of mystery, allure and glamour. Especially true for Pisces born between February 21 to February 28.Pisces make excellent actors and many famous actors have either their Moon, Sun or ascendant in Pisces.And this particular period the above Pisces are irresistible.  For those not born during this period your Sun has not yet had the transit of Neptune over it, so not to worry your moment will come. Venus hovers in your Solar house of creative endeavors, children, and speculative investment. If a lover of dance, get out and boogie. Venus your planetary ruler enters Leo, Tuesday for 24 days.Go big or go home: dress up, be seen, let your natural beauty shine. And your daily health regime, small pets, and the service you offer others is enhanced with the healing energies of Venus. Hot rock massages, steam baths, saunas are fabulous for you right now.Wednesday through Thursday is a perfect time to look at your personal expenditures. liquid assets and possessions.Thursday you may discover something missing. A cohort at work may be the culprit, or a foreigner or oddly a spiritual adviser. Friday through Saturday communications with your neighbors, or a sibling is insightful and you see how fixed their opinion can be.