WEEKLY FORECAST August 17th – 23rd 2014

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Recently it was announced that the European Space Agency had successfully awakened their satellite, Rosetta, which will monitor and conduct experiments on an oddly shaped ( apparently it is reminiscent  of a rubber ducky, the Universe clearly has a sense of humour) Comet 67P/Churyumuvo-Gerasimenko.


Over the upcoming year there will be loads of data sent back to the ESA. It is hoped the study of this mass of rock and ice hurtling towards the Sun, presently roughly between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, will give us clues to the origins of our Solar system. Comets are believed to be leftover bits that were not caught in the gravitational tug during the prepubescent birth of our planetary system. But the shape of a rubber ducky, now that is a seriously comic, excuse the pun, a cosmic joke! The information and video footage can be viewed on the ESA site. Its an exciting scientific event that will no doubt change and or confirm theories regarding our neck of the woods and our origins. As the musicians of Woodstock sang We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon ….


I attended an astrology conference years ago and a physicist presenting his astrological work posed the question: What would an astrology chart look like if it was not Earth centric. What would a chart cast from Jupiter or Mars look like. And beyond our solar system what would a chart from where Comet 67 P comes from look like. Imagine if our earth had two Moons, instead of our one graceful yet inconstant orb of the night. what would it do to astrologers? And imagine the amount of study to come up with the meanings of these planetary motions, as we do presently, studying the motions of our solar system.


Comets traditional, as seen by ancient astrologers, were harbingers of ill fated events on Earth. So our recent visit from Hale Bopp in 1997, nearly 20 years ago now in 2014 that shone brightly for 569 nights in the northern hemisphere and was originally discovered by amateur astronomers on their driveway! What was its legacy? What did this cosmic nightly spectacular cause or effect on Earth?


Aside from the misguided cult, Heaven’s Gate, who committed mass suicide in the hope that they would join a spaceship supposedly hiding behind the comet. It was in this year that Dolly the cloned sheep was invented. It was the year the first commercial spy satellite was launched. The movie Titanic was released. Nobel prizes went to chemists for discovery of the cells that allow the body to transfer and store energy. In physics awards went to scientists who found a way to cool and trap atoms with the use of lasers.And in medicine prions were discovered to cause brain disease.Princess Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris. Steve Jobs returned to Apple computers. Mother Teresa dies. NASA launched the Cassini probe to Saturn. The Kyoto Protocol is adopted by the UN. And on the world spins.


Perhaps the most notable event that occurred was the death of Princess Diana and the global mourning it caused. I doubt if you were alive during 1997 you cannot remember this global event and the demand for a very public funeral with her two brave and young sons walking with heads bowed behind her coffin. It was an archetypal moment in our history, it brought out our sadness for “lose” of  mothers, fathers, those we love, those shunned lovers, it was monumental. Hale Bopp emerged from the constellation of Sagittarius which was Diana’s rising sign.It would appear that Hale Bopp as predicted by ancient astrologers did bring least one ill fated event in its path.


Hale Bopp is calculated to return to our inner solar system in 4385. And it was first reported to have had its perihelion( closest orbit to the Sun) 4,200 years ago and was observed by ancient Egyptians during the reign of Pharaoh Pepi, between 2332-2283 BC.In his pyramid in Saqqara there is references to the comet as the “nhh star”. This hieroglyph means long hair, likely reference to the tail of Hale Bopp, which actually had three tails, One tail of bluish gas pointing away from the Sun, one yellowish tail along Hale Bopp’s orbit and another composed of sodium and amazingly Hale Bopp has traces of the Noble gas, Argon. It was also cited by Aristotle in 371 BC. Quite an historically legacy Hale Bopp has.


Luck forecast for Scorpio:

JULY 16(03:31;00 a.m.) 2014 to

AUGUST 11(04:11 a.m.) 2014

Let’s face it Scorpio, the last two years have been far from a bowl of cherries.The modern astrological approach to Saturn is to call it the teacher, the planet from which you learn through difficulties, stress, depression, through hard times, through obstacles and hindrances. While it is true, one does come out the other end of these sort of life changing events, wiser, humbled, no one can sell this as a “fun” time.


And for Scorpios’ with their birthdays between October 24 and November 11,Saturn has passed over their Sun Sign degree. But for those with Ascendants or Moon in Scorpio, only knowledge of  the exact degree of each would tell you if you have already undergone this profound transit. For those whose birthdays have yet to come, Saturn will being going over your Sun sign, however, the good news is, Saturn will not go retrograde again, therefore trouncing over your Sun degree more than once.


Regardless, certain stressor, inhibition or obstacle have brought about restriction for you.And where Saturn has been, and within Saturn’s’ two year cycle, it certainly leaves its mark.  And call me a big baby but I don’t like my boat rocked, unless I ask for it.  And with the Greater Malefic transiting all over Scorpio’s parade,  its been quite the “learning “ experience. The good news is, Saturn moves on by December 23,2014. Consider this message an early Christmas present Scorpio.


But wait…this is the luck column! Being somewhat of a pragmatist, I  had  to bemoan the presence of Saturn, and  its dampening effect on  fearless, brave Scorpio. With that said,  the entrance of Jupiter into Leo, Scorpio’s Solar house of profession, public persona, things are in motion to look way, way up, continuing through to August 2015.


People in positions of authority, your reception from the public, your presentation and how bosses or those calling the shots view you and believe me, they full heartedly like what they see. And yes, the lid is off the T.N.T.. In terms of how far you can rise,,, the sky’s the limit. So pack away the doldrums re: Saturn and say three cheers for Jupiter!


For those born between October 24 and October 31 your rise to the top is accompanied with Mars in Scorpio so there will be a struggle or argument alongside your success, but you take any opposition by storm. And if I were a betting woman, I would put my money on you, Scorpio.And the accolades regarding your profession flow in like honey and this will take you to the top of your game.


A lot of junk gets said about Scorpio. Frequently, a quiet hush falls on the group when asked what sign you are, and its followed by a faint gasp when you announce, “Scorpio”. This, the result of the intense presence Scorpio has. Scorpio is ruled by Mars, the God of War. I guess the gasp is merited, but there is another side to Scorpio quite apart  from its fearsome reputation or sensual intensity.


If you are seeking a loyal, steadfast, partner, friend or child, if you need someone who will stand beside you through thick and thin, who will champion your cause and literally, rush in,where Angels fear to tread,  then  Scorpio’s your man or woman (political correctness?).


If you can befriend or are in partnership with a Scorpio you have yourself a partner and a friend for life. But betray a Scorpio and you have lost more than your honor. You will have lost a person who would literally lay it all down for you.Scorpio is the most resilient sign emotionally, they have xray vision and can see through a bluff or a faux expression in a heart beat.


Back to the good things to come. Jupiter rules the Solar second house of Scorpio’s personal assets and possessions.Scorpio is rarely totally broke, they will always maintain a fairly affluent lifestyle. With Jupiter in Leo in Scorpios” Solar house of profession, your pockets are lined with money and respect right through to August 11 2015. This,  the result of the hard work, long hours and the passion you put into your career The silverlining after the storm and dram brought on by Saturn’s transit through Scorpio? Perhaps.  Your wealth will come from your career, your profession; and to a lesser degree  from children, from speculative venture, from foreigners, publishing, foreign travel, higher learning, astrology, And all these areas translate into “ brass in pocket”. Amen.


Do not start any major project during the following time:

August 17, 2014 from 05:25 a.m. to 03:41 p.m.

August 19, 2014 from 07:56 p.m. to

August 20, 2014 01:45 a.m.

August 21, 2014 from 12:35 p.m. to

August 22, 2014 01:49 p.m




Aries.svgARIES March 21-April 19  


Obstacles, hindrances and delays occur and arguments can ensue over the resources,  the financial scene of your partner over the next few days but by August 27 the coast is clear. Ride out any adverse repercussions by not saying,, “I told you so”. Your creative esprit has never been so high. Indulge your inventive zeal, attend parties, get out and live the dream. Popularity and good times despite a special someones angst financially can not stop your joie de vivre. Monday through Tuesday your siblings are chatty, informed and spreading their love of diverse knowledge, they will chat you up on things from A to Z. Those who work for you are scrutinizing, analysing their positions, and their worth. A change is afoot, keep up with the demands of those who rely on you. Wednesday through Thursday, home, family ancestors beckon. If you present ideas regarding daily routines, habits and care for pets over these few days, the logic will be an easy sell. And one everyone can follow.Friday through Saturday your children are the main focus. Still, you can not help squealing for joy with the potential creative project or speculative venture you are just itching to launch. The success and financial boon is palpable. Go for it.The Sun’s ingress into Virgo Saturday sees your indomitable energy focused in  your house of daily habits,employees and the small furry creatures you adore. You have the energy to go the distance.

taurus weekly forecastTAURUS April 20-May 20


Sunday your energy is good but don’t expect or sign  a contract or deal, it is simply not a good moment. Monday through Tuesday, your personal finances undergo a change and with the Moon hovering in your Solar house of personal possessions,money liquidity you have an opportunity to look at your budget. Look at your  creative ventures, projects or with cost associated with your children. Over the upcoming 20 days your distraction with home renovations or refurbishing your home is a wonderful creative outlet. But for the next few days focus on the kids and their needs. Wednesday through Thursday has your attention on neighbors and those close to you. An issue that was contentious has the ability to bring everyone together.Your siblings are involved. Use your charm as family dynamics can be touchy, if you are short tempered, especially with a partner. The Moon, co ruler of Taurus is changeable but when in Cancer it means the results will be good. Engage in a local issue, a civic cause and see the results begin to produce real change.  And the kudos for your efforts will  feel great. A partner’s’ spending gives you cause for concern. Especially is the money has been borrowed which is likely the case.Saturday, with the Sun’s entrance into Virgo transiting your house of creativity, children and speculative investments there is a new blush on the rose. Renewed pleasure, fun is a certainty.. You have the green light to put the finishing touches on the home renos, the new fixtures are grand and display your inherent knack for home decor.Have you ever seen this a professional possibility?.

Gemini.svgGEMINI May 21-June 20


Your charisma, charm and eloquence soar late Sunday right  through to Tuesday. Your revitalized interest in your home, family continue for the next 18 days. Use your analytical acumen to assess what is needed and what must go. Your ruler Mercury is exalted in Virgo. And like a conquering hero you can sweep in and change your family, your home, your real estate situation with alacrity and aplomb.And do it in such a fashion that everyone feels as if they are a winner. Bravo! Conversation, actually communications of all kinds. from your local grocer to your favorite sibling continue to exude strength, resolve, loyalty, faith, and in some respects drama and grandeur. It is from these fertile imaginings that novels, stories,scripts are made. If you applied your literary skills within the next year you could produce a viable literary work. If this is your secret desire to write or communicate ideas, philosophy or spreading and understanding then go for it. This sort of celestial opportunity does not present itself that often in ones lifetime. Wednesday to Thursday money, personal assets, possessions are the focus.  For Geminis thoughts, ideas are a world that actually speaks to them, their ideas, a realm of great imaginative richesse. When practical considerations force you to review or consider  your circumstances, write down exactly what you are thinking. Put those ideas on paper and make it happen. Friday’s old Moon in Leo gives you more time to call a sibling you’ve been out of touch with.Saturday,  the Sun’s entrance into Virgo offers a  fresh start and an analytical view of your home environment and with your communication skills on high alert, articulate your desires and receive your wish!

Cancer.svgCANCER June 21-July 22


As get togethers of the weekend come to a close, it is a good time to rest, recharge, recuperate and relax. Follow this advice until Tuesday. Your Solar house of neighbors, siblings and communication is enhanced with exalted Mercury in Virgo. If you don’t know your neighbor, now is a good time to invite them to your backyard BBQ and get acquainted. Contracts, negotiations will go well with this analytical power house in your corner over the next 17 days. Secrets, clandestine affairs come to light and it is in your best interests to handle any disturbing news with a rational rather than an emotional response. Gossip is part of the human psyche, and this explains our obsession with rich and famous. It allows us in an acceptable way to gossip and talk about others. But if gossip is personal or you are engaging in an inappropriate slandering of a person regardless if they are a secret enemy, if you copy their behaviour,  you are reduced to their level. Do not let this kind of person be your teacher. Take the high road, that is your nature after all. Wednesday begins a two day cycle of popularity, charisma, and excellent outcomes regarding your skill, wit and talent. If looking for a job your success in interviews will be unparalleled and set you on the top of the call back list. Children can be prickly, argumentative, likely  stressed  from getting ready to return to school. By September 14 they will have calmed down and settled into the new school year routine. Thursday is a good day to have a heart to heart with your teenager. Make the rules are clear, not oppressive. Saturday, the Sun’s ingress into Virgo brings connecting with siblings, communications, short trips, a green light.Go for a quick getaway. There is money to be found and your career, your public persona, how those in authority view you will add much to your personal coffers.

Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO July 23-Aug. 22

The good news just keeps coming Leo. And over the next 17 days your personal assets, your possessions are up for an analysis, a rethink. With Mercury exalted in Virgo, your analysis, or that of your financial advisor is sound. Do what they or you plan. Your mind and actions are  fueled with success as Jupiter enhances your charisma and allure but you need to be practical. And over this period your ability to weigh what you want and to prioritize what is financially beneficial is good. Your social life is active but with summer coming to a slow close, friends, associates from work are looking to the rigours of the Fall, getting back into the grind of a new school year.. And with the waning Moon the enthusiasm for socializing is best if it is low key, small and intimate.. Wednesday through Thursday, take a break, slow down and relax. You have been pushing the limits and there is nothing worse than a tired, grumpy Leo. Friday p.m. through the weekend revitalizes your pocket book. Your luck is so hot you could turn lead into gold. You are raring to go and make a mark. There will be resistance and obstacles with a home project, this is not anyones fault Leo,  it is simply the way renos go, there is always a hitch, or a period when things slow down.. The more you struggle against the current the bigger the swell. Stop stressing and let this momentary hiccup pass. And the Sun’s entrance into Virgo promises new beginnings, a boost of energy in your personal possessions, what appeared old is new again.. And it doesn’t hurt to consider that the Universe puts obstacles in our way for a reason.Yell at the Moon she has big shoulders! Let the hassles wash off you like water off a ducks’ back.

Virgo.svgVIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22


Mercury, your ruler is in your sign, Yeah! Analysis, contracts, communication and your career all manifest good outcomes hopefully a bonus at work is the result. Certainly a project or recognition comes to you landing right in your lap! Regardless the next 17 days gives you added zeal and focus to accomplish what is required and more. Your Solar house of secrets, large institutions such as hospital, prisons and corporations are involved. So too is any chronic health issue. While I am not a doctor and do not have any medical credentials what I say regarding health matters is purely speculative and should be checked by a licensed doctor.This stellium in this particular area of your horoscope suggest any medical issues you have will be well looked after and the results will be positive. Professional things will heat up and expect a lot of action, conversation, gossip to be heading your way Monday through Wednesday before noon.Wednesday pm. through Friday noon your social life is full of people, get togethers and indulge in your hopes, dreams and wishes for the future. Let your imagination fly, dream big, and see your success soar over the next few years. Dealings with neighbors, siblings and short trips continue to contain a frostiness, obstacles, hindrance and even arguments over the upcoming 23 days. Lay low if arguments present themselves, take the high road, it always feels better, even if you are right. With the Sun’s ingress into Virgo, your Solar house of skills, talent and wit you are revitalized, reborn, this burst of energy stays strong to September 23. And while hidden enemies lurk about this new beginning with your vitality, verve and charisma energises you. regardless, you remain  the “gatekeeper” of many hidden agendas and projects.

Libra.svgLIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22


Your social network, dealings with large groups and importantly, your hopes, dreams and wishes for the future, all receive a huge push over the next 20 days. You are treated in “royal “ fashion by friends and this moment also inclines single Libras towards finding love in within your social circles. A  special love interest is definitely putting out the “L.O.V.E.” vibe. Its up to you, either take it or not, but you won’t miss is the ques or advances and you can take that to the bank.  Monday through Tuesday your attention turns to higher learning, astrology, spiritual practices, under these lunar energies you feel inspired and enlightened by the studies or yoga practice you are doing. Out of the meditation flows a vision of  multi petaled flower of ideas, thoughts you want to act on. You can realize these dreams, and through social networks, and those in positions of authority,  Wednesday through Friday before noon, you are aided by your career, those with resources to make things happen, and attention from bosses is positive.With the Sun’s entrance into Virgo, your partner or a clandestine affair is bubbling up in your life.In the course of the next few day and certainly by September 23, 2014 you unravel a mystery. Use Libras famous inherent diplomacy, your desire to seek justice in relationships, to find balance and harmony thus putting you in the right place at the right time. Remember: “ Timing is everything”

Scorpio.svgSCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21

You have 30 days to put into action, complete your agenda and realize the success you having been building  brick by brick and  striving for, Scorpio. You are not one to sit back, you need to push for what you want but once you have set the ducks in a row, you prefer to sit back and watch the event unfold. Scorpios do not attack. It would be against their code of honor. But if they are crossed or a betrayal is sensed, my advice to the opposition is to concede. Scorpios robust emotional strength and strategy will outpace even the best laid plan. But Scorpio, guard against reckless behaviour, even if you believe the cause to be noble. Tuesday through Wednesday the assets of your partner or money from a bank, a mortgage is highlighted. With the generous aspects from Jupiter to the Moon, it looks like the money is there. Wednesday p.m. through Thursday, meditate, ruminate, and look to foreign shores for support, publishing, spiritual practices as all these areas give you the impetus to complete your plans. Keep high learning on the front burner, your ability for research, digging deeply in a topic is remarkable.Like a cosmic Sherlock Holmes you don’t miss much, do you? Friday p.m through Saturday your public persona, your prestige and those in positions of authority begin a new phase and within two weeks your creative zeal, passion, is applauded.And voila, your plan has been realized. Good work, and now onto the next adventure.The Sun’s ingress into Virgo highlights the importance of friends, associates from work, social networking. Gossip is afoot within your social circles, is there a interesting foreigner you have been hiding?.Light is cast on your hopes, dreams and wishes for the future, so plan to celebrate with your children and family Do not clash with a female authority( its an ego thing for her ), it is simply not worth the energy and in any case you will be proven to be correct, so let them say what they please.

Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21

With your planetary ruler, Jupiter in Leo until Aug, 2015, have you made your plans for an exciting foreign trip yet? You do realize if you plan it months ahead of time you can be excited and ebullient about it, researching all the best places to see, the best restaurants to dine in. I mean, half the fun is in getting it together, right, and being excited about your future. Monday through Tuesday is relationship focused. Marital or business you will need to speak and sort out what concerns your significant other. You may as well grab the bull by the horns and find out what is shaking. Actually there is not any problem perse Monday or Tuesday but being the one to bring up concerns shows an element of maturity that will raise your status and indicate that you do have great compassion and concern. Try it you may find you have yet another talent! Energy swirls within the financial world of your business or marital partner( by marital I mean anyone you have lived with for over 12 months ) for Wednesday and Thursday. Plans to reno your home or reinvent family dynamics are filled with snafus. The presence of Neptune in your Solar 4th house is the reason and ,although imaginative and spellbinding as your ideas are, things simply do not manifest and struggling with this will only irritate and exhaust you.Best to channel this long range transit with creative projects, painting, drawing, music or poetry. Personal financial concerns continue to undergo massive transformation. But your luck from unseen quarters give you solidity and confidence.The ingress of the Sun in Virgo shines a light on your career, those in positions of authority. Smile Sage, you are the one the boss is looking at! Your creativity, your philosophical approach all play into an interesting 30 day mix in your career.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Your skill wit and talent has been going through a complete overhaul and those Capricorns born between January 1 to January 6, will see this long transit by Pluto up close and personal through to the end of 2014. For those born before this date you have had your cosmic transformation and for those born after the mentioned dates, your moment in this alchemical hopper is yet to come. It is a cathartic experience, Pluto’s transit is like a spiritual colonic. And believe it or not, you will like what you become after all is said and done.Children, hobbies, or money from real estate are spotlighted Sunday, but make no promises wait until after 03:41 p.m. As the Moon moves through your Solar house of small pets, daily habits, those you employ, despite the energy being low, you simply must attend to the demands presented to you. Spiritual practices, astrology offer great insight into how to deal with many facets of your life Astrology most importantly, gives your dates and times regarding cycles which are good and not so good. But Monday through Tuesday, keep it simple, one foot in front of the other. Wednesday to Friday a.m your partner is exhausted, depleted and you need to step up and fill in. The old Moon and in fact, all the lunar phases impact your partners( including business ones) energy levels. Some of us are more in touch with terrestrial and lunar shifts. And it is not necessarily of a psychic nature but a physical reality. Saturday,sees the Sun’s ingress in Virgo lifts your spirits.And specifically for you Capricorn, foreign travel and your personal philosophy go a long way to revitalize your self worth and faith in life. Tough it out, but for the next 30 days lean on your spiritual principles, they will carry you far.


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18


Sunday is best spent resting, relaxing, the waning Moon is a wonderful time to dream, imagine and nap. Your career has been particularly active and the action continues for the next 28 days.Your communication skills, interpretation, and translation of ideas is involved.And for those Aquarians born between February 1 to February 6 an argument or defensive response from a boss or person in authority seems over the top. But we all bring our lives to work and while this may not be a professional approach it happens. Give this person some slack, take the high road. Your ability to navigate this fight or emotional outburst will pay you back ten fold. Your finances are not in trouble but be mindful, conscious of interest rates or details vis a vis personal assets. Mistakes are costly, so check the facts in financial dealings. Monday through Tuesday children are restless, the upcoming return to school will be a welcome reprise for you after the holidays.Wednesday through to Friday a.m. require you pay attention to employees,those who offer you services, especially domestic ones need supervision. Your furry babies are due for a vet visit if you have been holding off with annual shots and checkups. Look at your daily routines and think about improvements to minimize inefficiency and therefore streamlining your day to maximise your productivity.The old Moon on Friday p.m. will works best if you rely on tried and true approaches with business and marital partnerships, albeit the energy levels for all are low, wait as a C change is afoot and you see tangible results in two weeks.


Pisces.svgPISCES Feb. 19-March 20.

The world of imagination, the unconscious or meditative states are really your ken Specifically, Pisces born between February 24 to February 28, your imaginings are downright visionary. The consensus is  Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, this concept has been around since its discovery. From my experience the problem with Neptune, if not properly channeled, , is a proclivity for drug and alcohol abuse. If you are a conduit for this visionary insight, do it without the aid of chemical enhancement. Like a fine stereo system your wiring will be fried and the sweet music will be halted if you wallow in the debauchery of drugs and booze. Your Solar house of possession and money is undergoing a long transit from Uranus and presently conjunct the South Node.Beware of loss, or actual theft of your personal wealth. Sudden and shocking revelations reveal the source of this loss or theft may emanate from a foreigner or while traveling abroad.Sunday is a good day for short trips. Do not sign any contracts before 03:41 p.m. And for good measure have a partner or business person actually check the details of a contract.You will avoid future headaches and worry if you follow this admonition. Monday to early Wednesday your home, family ancestors, specifically on your father’s side require your presence. Lend an ear to your significant other. The analysis and grounded, practical opinion they offer is not only sound but their ability to see the writing on the wall, is spot on. Wednesday p.m. to Friday a.m entertainment, hobbies are fulfilling especially if you can find a quiet moment by yourself. Children are loving, comforting and require attention, but save some time for your visionary, mystical side. Saturday, the entrance of Sun into Virgo sees the next 30 days with partnership, marital status front and centre. You are smitten with your significant other’s smarts and now their charisma.Lucky you.



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