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The dialectic is an interesting concept and I believe a germane one when in discussion with another person who holds an opposing point of view. Initially and obviously the thesis, the point of view that you present is uniquely yours, your point of view. And the antithetical point of view, the opinion of the other, is by its very nature in opposition, reminding  me of the aspect, the opposition, in astrology.You and the other person are in two polar realities, neither full understanding the other. As the arguments get expressed and slowly each individual becomes aware of the other person’s point of view, each becomes aware of either things in common with their arguments, or the apparent differences.

Ideally, through further analysis,discussion, exchange we become conscious of the others’ point of view and a consensus emerges between the two debaters. It is through this analysis, dialogue and discussion that awareness is realized on both sides. At this point, the much desired understanding or synthesis begins. This stage in the conversation elicits to me what a sextile aspect in astrology truly represents. In essence what this is, is enlightenment, we are enlightened when we can embrace at least intellectually someone’s position, their ideas, their feelings.


So to present it as Plato did in the dialogues with his mentor Socrates, you have a thesis, antithesis and then synthesis. There both parties, and their ideas are discussed with the intent of reaching synthesis. The whole exercise is a sheer delight in exercising our inherent arguments about all aspects of Life. If this sort of discourse was encouraged or embraced in society we would develop strong debating skills and hopefully a better understanding of those who differ from our position, our culture, our norms.


These days it is surprisingly dangerous to express your political viewpoint . And worse told it is not polite dinner conversation, that and religion. We are warned it is awkward when discussing your sexual preferences or ideas, or regarding your environmental stand, your argument for labor or  against unions. But if we looked in it as an exercise in the Dialectic you not only open your heart and this is key to enlightenment, but you open your mind to a larger more inclusive view of life. And someone, the person with whom you are having this discussion can only come, through this exercise like you, larger and better off for it.



JULY 16, 2014 to AUGUST 11, 2015

It is really a lucky year for you Sagittarius and despite undergoing a massive quake sized shift in your Solar house of finances, personal assets, possessions, your liquidity and unfortunately for those born between December 1 and December 9 you will be experiencing the Universal financial colonic for the rest of 2014. It is a slow cleanse but once you have gone through this cycle you will have purged all the superfluous clutter in your financial area of life and feel free, and freedom is an ethos, a raison d’etre for Sagittarians require or the burden cramps their style.

For Sagittarius born before these dates, whew, you are done, its all clear now. You can come out of the fox hole now. And for those after, well? Look, if there is any sign known for walking on the sunny side of the street, it’s you Sagittarius. You amaze the rest of us with your wit, energy, kindness, love of animals(even ones that are not furry!). And when a Sagittarius is depressed, you have a very difficult time convincing anyone because of you are hilarious, a natural comic, a true wit, you have a sunny, upbeat disposition and can execute actions lickety split. But Sagittarius can be depressed too so good luck trying to convince your doctor, they don’t give out those “happy”drugs without a cavity search first.

For all Sagittarius’ Pluto’s transit of your Solar house of personal money, possessions, it has to do with the following areas of life: friends, social networks and a job loss or stoppage and to a lesser degree this hiccup in financial liquidity is involved with ancestors, real estate, and your home. But really this is a cycle and as we see, all cycles come to an end. And on the bright side you come through this wiser with your money, circumspect regarding personal resources. And some Sagittarians will transform how they make money into a new exciting endeavor. And you will make a ton of money and have a gas in the process.

With Jupiter, The Greater Benefic in Leo and remember, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, your planetary ruler, so where Jupiter goes you should always know where and what this planet is doing as it impacts your life to a greater degree than other zodiac signs. And this to a great extent applies to Sagittarius ascendants and also to those with Moon in Sagittarius, as it is the essential you, your primary motivation in life. And like a hound dog with a scent, you will smell out good things in the following areas of your life over the upcoming twelve months. Look to foreign investment, to foreign people, to high learning, this is an opportune time to finish that degree or get the new bachelor degree in the medieval history of the Himalayan Buddhist nuns. Publishing or writing about philosophy, travel are all promising.

For Sagittarius born between December 3 to December 17, Jupiter will turn retrograde over your Sun degree.on December 9 2014 and goes direct on April 9 2015. For you Sagittarians it gives you a second look at what to make of this good transit. You will have another kick at the can and can use this retrograde period to dig in, review, reassess and make well thought out and fabulous decisions regarding foreign travel, publishing. And yes, that return to university or high learning and Sagittarius, if nothing, loves to be the “go to” person in on a given topic.

All these following areas contain a financial benefit for all Sagittarians until August 11 2015: Your own skills, wit ( meaning your intelligence) and talent, naturally. As well, your home, family, real estate( rent out a room, instead of selling your condo if money is tight). And to a lesser degree you will find support, either literally or emotionally from romantic partners, business partners, from contracts and very close friends.  Wisdom, learning, spiritual practices, offer you the support to shoulder the bumps on your financial road. You shine a light not just for yourself, Sage, but for all of us. You cope with your difficulties with humor, insight and grace and when you think about it, that is rich, very rich indeed.   


Start Nothing:

Sunday, August 24 :01:27 a.m. to Monday, August 25 :02:32 a.m.

Tuesday, August 26 :07:29 p.m. to Wednesday, August 27 :02:54 p.m.

Friday, August 29 :09:02 a.m. to Saturday, August 30 :01:52 a.m


Aries.svgARIES March 21-April 19


Did I mention the Sun’s ingress into Virgo and is transiting your Solar house of employees, daily routine, chores? The Sun is the planetary ruler of Aries. it may come as a surprise, but Aries are destined to rise above the social strata they were born into, more so than any other zodiac sign, so keeping an eye on your planetary ruler is rule number one. Small pets, and services you give and receive are highlighted to September 23. Mercury has been in this area of your horoscope for another ten days giving you strong analytical ability to understand the behavior of employees. Or you will get outstanding analysis of a pet’s health concern. And it is a good time to re invent your own daily habits. Sunday proves a great day to indulge in your favorite of hobbies, sports or entertainments. The kids are okay, but showing signs of boredom. School is coming and this means you are off the hook. The New Moon in Virgo Tuesday to Wednesday early afternoon gives you the energy to tackle routine chores with speed and deal with employees effectively. Aries you are like a New Moon by nature, filled with action,potential and energy, so use these lunar energies to your benefit in a this mundane, but essential area of life. Thursday and Friday your partner needs a little lovin’, or at least a quick hello while you whirl through a busy day. Signing or discussing contracts, negotiations Thursday are hold better outcomes than Friday. Friday take your better half out on the town.Saturday, influences in your partners financial area are charged with emotional energy. A purchase will go through a major discussion and if you need it buy it if not, pass.


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS April 20-May 20

Your home, family and specifically your father needs your attention, Sunday. With the Moon the exalted ruler of Taurus, lunar cycles are extremely significant for you. Taurus, you have great instincts regarding people, especially the public. And with the Sun ingress into Virgo, traveling through your Solar house of children, they certainly require your instinctual, emotional and physical attention through to September 23. Your partner supports you unequivocally, this is of utmost importance to you, let them know. You are wise to use an intellectual approach with young teenagers, as they will respond to this mature approach. And giving them responsibility for their own schedule is a good learning tool and it free you up.Your trust in their decisions speaks volumes. Monday through Wednesday and especially Tuesday, structure and routine with backup from your closest partner spells success with family dynamics. And the information from significant people in your life regarding speculative ventures/investments and too your creative projects offer real perspective(two heads are better than one) and concrete support is real.Venus remains in Leo for the next two weeks. Use this artistic, aesthetic influence to put the finishing touches on your home remodeling. If selling real estate you could get your price during this period. By September 6 you will realize a financial windfall from real estate or an inheritance. So puff up those pillows and straighten the drapes. Thursday through Friday strike a balance with your employees, better Thursday then Friday. And small pets need your attention. OMG you are in demand! Any health concerns with your beloved little furries has good outcomes. Saturday, you are in demand from your significant partner. it feels good to be wanted n’est pas?


Gemini.svgGEMINI May 21-June 20

Your home, family and real estate issues continue to consume your attention for the next 10 days.With the ingress of the Sun in Virgo for the next 30 days men file into your home with saws and ladders in hand. The presence of all this testosterone in your home will prove helpful. Monday, as the New Moon in Virgo puts muscle to the work you have been planning. Tradesmen, laborers are dependable and good at what they do, so stop fretting. The Moon augurs a new beginning in upgrading your home, enjoy it. Even if the money seemingly is flying out the window, you pay for what you get. Aside from domestic chores dominating your energy (and likely) for the next 21 days, you will not regret what does get finished. Monday through Wednesday discussions, ideas and conversations with your family gives you a sense of community that has been aloof with all the changes afoot in your life. You personal assets are strong when you review your real estate investments. The confusion lies in your career, public persona, and those in positions of power have been nebulous, dreamy and simply not clear about the direction they want to take. With shocker, rocker planet Uranus in your Solar house of friends, an event will unravel your sense of security with the proximity of the South Node. Don’t bank on friends and social networks especially in January, 2015 there could be a falling out.Thursday through Friday, creative hobbies fill your imagination. A child with an enormous sense of justice, equality is in need of your attention. Saturday, it back to the insane obsession of your routine, daily habits and your employees. You have had enough drama with one person, time to cut the tape and wish them well. Bon Voyage!


Cancer.svgCANCER June 21-July 22


Again with the predictions surrounding your finances, but seriously Cancer with the following list of areas you could be raking in the dough, pardon my french: your skill wit and talent, small pets, service to others, a daily routine planner, exercise instructor, chef, foreign travel adviser, astrologer,writer, poet. Need I say more? Monday through Wednesday your communications skills hit a new high. You begin a 28 day cycle, where by a man, enters your locale, your neighborhood and his analysis, his intellect is inspiring, compelling you to follow his dogma, his repartee and dive into the topic in question. And your ability to analyse issues with neighbors, siblings and secrets they have been harboring is uncanny. Use this 10 day infusion of brilliance to shine and really suss out what’s up with them anyway.Thursday through Friday the home front beckons. You are the one the family leans on when help is required. Do you really like this role? Should you look at the equity in this position? Or do you secretly love the power? Roughly over the next year your future, your destiny is entwined with ancestors,family, your father. You are in a fated dance to find balance, equilibrium in the realm of home and family.  Money is found on Friday to do any decorating or refurbishing of your home. Change one thing, in Feng Shui you move one item at a time otherwise you set off too much energetic reaction. Make the change and wait and see what happen. Is the energy lighter or has it created a disaster? Saturday, with the waxing Moon in your house of creativity, children and speculative investments, an argument or emotional outburst will actually clear the air. And then celebrate the abundance of love you have in your world.


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO July 23-Aug. 22


Your ruler the Sun has made an ingress into the sign of Virgo. And this has landed in your Solar house of personal assets, money, liquidity. Over the upcoming 30 days look at your bank accounts and analyse your income. Borrowed money is a possibility if you are stuck with a renovation running over budget. But read the fine print you may find there is some confusing language. An event in a foreign land has strong repercussions here and everywhere. Batten down the hatches, Leo you will need to take sides! Monday through Wednesday the waxing Moon in your Solar house of money begins a new cycle of advantage, profit and growth. In two weeks the evidence of this becomes apparent. Thursday to Friday, short trips within your neighborhood are enjoyable, interesting and informative. Accept an invitation to travel about, and discover new treasures right under your nose. Saturday the emotional pitch at home ought to be turned down. The activity, business of renovations takes it toll on everyone. But with the Moon in Scorpio,this erupts in an emotional escalation, and this is not necessary. Don’t be swallowed up by fear, and anger. Look at the situation as a process that requires time. See each delay as a breather, a moment to catch up and assess the progress.


Virgo.svgVIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22


Your charisma, your energy are high and fully charged over the upcoming 30 days.And this applies to Virgo with ascendants and Moon in Virgo as well. The power of the Sun’s transit is remarkable. It is the most important luminary in the horoscope. And brings with it a litany of positive influences. Mercury in Virgo in your Solar house of wit talent and skills sets off a chain reaction, of analysis, research and discovery for you. Those in positions of authority are watching and taking notes. Money from partners is made available and some of those tightly held secrets we have been discussing over the past blogs may leak out. Don’t be fingered as the source of the leak! Monday through Wednesday, your charisma, charm , wit and energy are high. Once a year you have the cosmic cocktail of the Sun and Moon in your sign, use the spike of cosmic flow to realize your talents. Go ahead boast a bit, you will not come across as an egoist, simply stating the obvious.Thursday through Friday change is afoot with your personal assets, possessions. Not to worry this new beginning in your personal financial zone is good and within two weeks your resources are shared with the one you love and the two of you have great taste. Your Solar house of finance has the North Node in it. Traditionally it is of the nature of Venus and Jupiter, so I reckon, if you need an astrologer,I’m your woman. You certainly have the resources for a delineation. And we know knowledge is power, so give me a call! Saturday you are busier than a one armed paper hanger! Your neighborhood is abuzz with activity, dig deep and do some research on your hood. It may prove delightfully exciting, containing juicy mysteries.How strange is that?


Libra.svgLIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22


Secrets, mysteries are catching your attention, Libra. With the ingress of the Sun into Virgo over the next month and Mercury in Virgo already there for another ten days, you discover an interesting detail about a foreigner in your environment, so keep this tidbit for the moment.This secret may involve publishing or spiritual practices. Your social scene is still on fire and your attention, your heart is up for all the parties, schmoozing and flirtations. The party side of you continues for another 2 weeks. By Monday through to Wednesday, a slight shift occurs and new beginnings with solving any chronic health concerns you may have. It could be that your digestion is off, and you need to be mindful of what you are eating. Not to worry as whatever the case is the people, doctors find out what is happening and the fix is quick. Your significant other has sudden upsets with their money or personal possessions. Actually mid-January 2015 to the end of January, 2015 remind your better half to be careful with things. You get a whiff of what I am speaking of this week. Thursday through Friday you are bursting with charisma, charm, talent and skills. Toot your own horn as rarely will someone else do it for you. You are in a perfect position to utilize your social network to parlay a large financial boon for yourself. And with Saturn sitting in your Solar house of finances, possessions the hindrance, delay of this transit could use a burst of good luck and a windfall will be greatly appreciated.Saturday a shift or change is indicated with your finances.Hold off on any big ticket purchases.


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21


The big news is your career luck, Scorpio. And for the next two weeks you could charm the most chilly, stiff person into just about anything. It may be true you have the goods on a person in a position of authority but your own love of privacy wouldn’t see you spilling  the beans. But you do have chemistry with a certain boss, good thing you have a code regarding those you work with. And career crushes can be a messy business. You are all work for now and it is over the next year this ambition will be realized. Your energy is strong and churning out ideas, plans and most importantly action for the next 20 days. Strike while the iron is hot, no point in wasting time.Monday through Wednesday and continuing for the next 30 days your social circles, networking and associates from work are beckoning for you to join the party. And while you are career focused, all work and no play,,, well you know the rest. Plus there is a part of you who loves to indulge in a great conversation, start a debate on contentious issues. You do not shy away when your passions are on the table. The mix of foreign travel or plans about it,combined with philosophy, your skills and service to your community all collude to draw you to join in with your eclectic bunch of pals. Thursday and Friday are good days to find private time, rest, relax and just take a personal day. Saturday you are renewed refueled and ready for action. Charisma,charm and change are involved in an exciting weekend.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21


With the ingress of the Sun into Virgo, the next month will be busy on the career front. An authority figure from a foreign land or with and an enormous amount of creative energy appears as if out from nowhere. Monday through Wednesday, the New Moon renews your energy,verve and passion for your career, public persona, your position in society. And these combine with your philosophy, spiritual leanings. Over the the next nine days communications at work are a flurry of new information. Young co-workers are full of information that makes work not only profitable but educational. Large institutions, hospitals are places your creative expertise finds an outlet through to mid September. Volunteering or being of service in these establishments is a good channel for the philanthropist in you. And as your home life contains a nebulous or as yet unresolved matter, being in the public, working outside the home exercises your misgivings regarding a domestic situation.Thursday to Friday your social life, friends, networking beckon. Singles Sagittarians meet up with a foreign love interest over the next 10 days. Your love of travel and all things foreign combined with your knowledge of local haunts are interesting to tourists and new people to your town not to mention a perfect conversation starter. Saturday, secrets, women and a hindrance pop up.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19


There is so much action in the public section of your Solar chart, where do I begin? Friends, social networking, is ablaze. The thing about Capricorn is you simply cannot abide emotional outburst in public. It simply goes against your sensibilities.It is not that you cannot handle it, but it seems impolite, rude and not correct public behavior. But over the upcoming three weeks, a friend, an associate from work does exactly what has been described. And as Queen Elizabeth would say” We are not amused”. You response is quick probably you sever relations with this immature the person. Monday to Wednesday the Sun’s ingress into Virgo accompanied by his consort the New Moon in Virgo promise good outcomes from publishing and all things foreign.There is a rebirth in your interest in higher learning, or upgrading your already strong resume. If it will make more money for you, invest in the program or take the certification, it can’t hurt to have more letters after your name. With Venus in your Solar house of spiritual practice, astrology and divination for the next 12 days visit your local psychic or astrologer and have the stars speak to you about important decisions. Having a few close advisers is always a good thing. Two heads are better than one, right? You are quite lucky your partner is floating in loot and all too willing to show off his/her love for you in the form of buying things for your home. A new flat screen? A new couch, perhaps? Whatever, take the largess as it is their way of showing you love.Thursday through Friday your career and public persona is fully charged, charismatic and your destiny for the next year or so is career oriented. Grab the brass ring, you deserve it. Saturday, a heart to heart talk with a sensitive friend is needed.


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18


Your love of knowledge is renowned. In fact there is some truth to saying you actually love to hoard knowledge. The thing is, when you present yourself as an authority in a given subject, people will gravitate to you. And the responsibility is to share what you know, Aquarius. Reread the blurb on the Dialect. Knowledge is fluid and through the give and take of sharing you will always gain, more than you really give. Neptune is in a slow transit over your Solar house of possessions, personal assets and warns of making mistakes, overlooking personal spending. And if you, like most of us, are on a budget, stick to it. Don’t be under the mistaken idea money will always flow like honey. A shocking event occurs in your neighborhood. This disturbance is electrifying and will leave waves of concern with those who live near you. A sibling is involved. Monday through Wednesday, conversations, new beginnings and focus is centered on your partners assets. You gain insight into investments so listen carefully. Action, ambition in your career sector of your Solar horoscope continue for 18 more days. There is a struggle between a close friend, business partner or spouse and your ambitions in your career. I think the career aspirations will win, but put it to ’em gently.Thursday to Friday your desire for higher learning in highlighted. With the North Node in your Solar house of spiritual practices, astrology all these subjects promise success over the next year.  Saturday and for the next two days ahead career, your public persona and authorities in your career sector are fueled with passion, demands and call upon you.


Pisces.svgPISCES Feb. 19-March 20.


Small animals, your adorable little furries are giving you so much pleasure of late. We know they are on a higher plane emotional than humans. They love unconditionally. They do not hold grudges. And their love for us is truly limitless. And dogs teach us how to play, I mean PLAY. They are not concerned with worry and they make our blood pressure drop. And who do you know can get you on the ground with a chewed up stuffed warthog in your mouth growling like a puppy but your 9 pound Pomeranian/Papillon dog? Monday to Wednesday, Pisces your Solar house of partnership lights up like a Christmas tree. Whoever the lucky other is, they are in your romantic, charismatic and mystical lovedar! The thing women love the most is to be seduced with the mind, then the body. And for guys, just give me the body! With the Sun and Moon in your Solar house of marriage, partnership, love this time, is a Romeo and Juliet moment. And with Mercury there, perhaps Mercutio won’t get Romeo into a macho duel this time round.But it will incline the love birds to discuss issues related to home, family, father, real estate, perhaps even a good getaway plan. And contracts, business and the ties that bind like marriage. Thursday through Friday start a two day sojourn through your Solar house of other peoples money, namely Juliet’s! An analysis of this area of your life and your significant other’s money is important. With a desire to buy a home and with the constant threat by the Bank of Canada to raise interest rates is completely off putting. It puts a damper on the whole concept of the middle class dream. Saturday, your spiritual calling is drawing you from the rigors of material life. Remember, like the seeker in the Eight of Cups in the Tarot deck and leave one foot in reality.And hang onto your material assets.






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