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ALL TIMES/DATES ARE PDT (Pacific Daylight Time Zone). PDT is 8 hours “before” Greenwich (England). (As long as Britain is also on Daylight time.) For example, when it is noon PDT, it is 8 pm in England – and 4 am the next day in China.) The “World Clock” in the right margin gives you some clues. (You can also Google “time zone converter.”)

START NOTHING: 1:10 pm to 9:58 pm Sun., 8:32 pm to 10:53 pm Tues., 0:57 am to 1:33 am Fri., and after 6:42 pm Sat.


Well I warned you on Sept. 4 (see that column) that a major Saturn-Neptune “square” occurring Sept. 10 might bring stock markets down.

Here are some quotes from the Sept. 4 column:
“Neptune square Saturn (occurring Sept. 10) is … an indicator of currency crises, interest rate fears/actualities, etc. These alone are enough to sink stock markets. This aspect is not an economic nor a financial one per se – it creates panic, or misgivings, uncertainty. That’s why stock markets should decline.”

RESULT: The Dow dropped almost 400 points Sept. 9 on fears that the U.S. Fed would raise interest rates. It dropped another 260 points Sept. 12 — the 4th drop in 5 days.

“Shipping remains a difficult business until May/17.”

RESULT: A few days ago, I think Sept. 6, Hanjin, (I think) the world’s largest shipping line (carrying over 10 per cent of the world’s sea-born freight) went bankrupt.
“Commodities are (will be in September, most of autumn) anxious because they cannot find a reliable floor.”

RESULT: Copper, zinc, iron, etc. fell and are still down as I write this [Sept. 9] – they’ve declined for a week or so. Oil was up early week, then fell 4 % Friday.

“On a smaller scale, we might see difficulties with pipelines, exposes or endangerment of spooks (CIA, etc.) and confusion among the hierarchy.”

RESULT: The North Dakota Sioux began a huge protest against a new pipeline in early Sept. The Feds called out their biggest guns (judges) to quash it. Trump revealed that the CIA’s “body language” communicated to him how the spooks felt about Obama. Can I count Obama in China having to dismount Air Force 1 by the mechanic’s rear stairs as “confusion among the hierarchy?” (The Chinese claimed it was all a mistake.) Or what about Philippine’s Pres Duarte calling Obama a “son of a whore,” then changing his mind and apologizing? Or the Mexican Pres and his country in a dither caused by Trump’s visit? Angela Merkel losing a key by-election to the Nazis? Venezuela in full-throated revolt against their Pres? Any of this qualify as confusion among the hierarchy?
Okay, just one more boast, below:

A reader wrote yesterday to remind me that I’d forecast, a few columns ago, Hillary Clinton would start declining “after September 9.” On the 9th, we learned later, she was diagnosed with pneumonia. She also made the “basket of deplorables” comment Sept. 9, revealing her contempt for American voters. September 11, she passed out at a public function, supposedly from pneumonia. The pneumonia diagnosis might be a falsehood – or might be true, but used as a purdah to hide something else. I have a neurological condition, and watching Hillary’s involuntary actions, I suspect she, too, has a neurological condition. (Yes, I know of her 2012 concussion – but it, also, came from her falling down, which is often a symptom of neurological distress.)

Though Hill will rise again, somewhat, and will enjoy a bit more popularity through Sept. 21, it is likely that she could become even more ill late Sept. to late October.



The Middle East is easy. All men who can reproduce are impelled by Nature (which is God) to look at naked women. Our society, which is still about one-third Victorian in nature, makes it a combination of impossible, very costly, potentially criminal, and reputation-destroying (not to mention marriage killing) to attempt to conform to Nature’s bidding. (So then are Peeping Toms and rapists simply bowing down to Nature/God by acting as they do, and is society at large actually sinning by trying to prevent Nature’s way? Are we so sunk in the vat of Political Correctness that we have outlawed Nature, in our quest for self-cleanliness? I dunno.)

But the main point: If society deprives men of the natural urge to see women naked, they will turn to porn, where at least a very accurate simulation of a naked woman can be easily accessed. The problem with porn, in Nature’s eyes, is that it is outside the loop of creation, which requires male-female copulation. Men spilling their seed on glossy pages or before screens of fantasy (and of a distasteful reality: seeing the abused woman beneath the make-up and bad acting) is an artificial, or human-created event and situation. So porn is a dead-end, and can become a time-waster, but it remains necessary in our society so long as the Victorian influence is still pervasive. (I think the “free love” of the 60’s made, perhaps, a 25 % dent in the Victorian Oak.)

Think of the male frustration in our society if porn were successfully outlawed and inaccessible. I think there would be a – perhaps minor – bulge in roadside rage cases, domestic violence, etc. Now look at the Middle East: the men there, especially and almost universally the young men, are not allowed to look at naked women. Nor is porn allowed. Now, add one more, ultimate frustration: the young reproductive male is often not allowed to marry, either. Have you ever seen house cats in heat, or elk rutting? All they want to do is fight: nature does this as a simple means of having the dominant male (winner of the fights) impregnate the female, which in turn keeps the species’ “evolution edge” vibrant and active. Now, take men between 14 and thirty, deny them sex, porn, women, any sexual outlet whatsoever except masturbation in secret and homosexuality (in some places not so secret) – remember these men are largely heterosexual – and what have you got? A rutting. Now, make sure these young men have no job, no income, no power, and the rutting urge, murderous enough itself, is focused and intensified into a rage powerful enough to sweep a person beyond pain, beyond any consideration for life. Violence becomes its own justification, and its own reward. There is nothing else sweet enough or satisfying enough. Nature’s urge is fulfilled, but in bloody massacres of thousands, because what might normally involve two or three males fighting over (any!) woman, becomes an army of males without women, with nothing to do but express the mating rage, and fight on a massive scale.

The real question becomes: is it better to repress the species in order to grow the society, artificially lengthen childhood in order to increase learning capacity, and hence progress and evolve, even though we do harm to our basic instincts and urges? Or is it better to conform reasonably to Nature, even though we might forsake progress? I think I answered my own question: the “pro’s” on the side of the latter choice are few, compared to the pro’s one could list on the civilization side. The main problem with stopping where we are – we have enough technology, we can live lives of luxury, we don’t need more progress, we want to be one with Nature – is that progress stops. Nature never stagnates, and it does evolve, but at one-thousandth the pace of humanity. (Of course, humanity is just a twig of Nature’s tree, a leaf in its canopy.)

The most invigorating thing I see is the melding of technology and Nature in some of the mega corporations, the “greening” of office towers, Tesla cars, etc. “Greening” or conservation, was a learned thing for my generation (we read Rachel Carson in university, and listened to reports of strontium-90, a radioactive isotope from the south pacific atom testing, being in grass and cow’s milk, even in eggshells). But the generation coming to power now, has an ingrained, almost “born with” sense of conservation. It permeates their habits and thinking, Maybe just in time.




Aries.svg ARIES   March 21-April 19

Remember, start nothing new before Thursday. That day ends weeks of hard (and sometimes confusing or wasted) work, and starts a month of significant relationships, opportunities, relocation themes, dealings with the public, negotiations and litigation. Huge good luck, perhaps a huge fortune, or a life-mate, lies in this direction (for a whole year ahead). Be co-operative and diplomatic; be eager to join another’s cause or project. This isn’t altruism; it’s the road to reward. Tackle chores before Thursday. Try to clear them all away. Your energy and clout are high Sun., which can give a good boost to work efforts. Chase money, pay and collect overdue bills, late Sun. night to Tues. night. A good green light ties successful work (on an ongoing or old project) to good money. Higher-ups take note, you move up a notch in their estimation. Travel, communicate, run errands and whip off paperwork Wed./Thurs. Be careful, as deception (or self-deception) and skepticism of others sidetrack or stymie you Wed. Thursday, as noted, starts a new world for you. Head for home Fri./Sat. – rest, rethink and plan, embrace kids and mate, garden, shore up security, etc. These two days are not peaceful nor easy, yet you can glide through it all Fri. – perhaps not Sat., when tension builds. Oh, well.


taurus weekly forecast TAURUS   April 20-May 20

Remember, start nothing before Thursday. Until then, romance, poetry, beauty, pleasure and creative or “musical” moods continue to entice you. Thursday begins a month of hard (expanded) work – the very thing that promises great rewards for you now to October 2017. If you work hard, you’re sure to increase your income, and a pay raise, even a promotion, is not only possible but likely. Rest, contemplate and dream Sunday. Your energy and charisma start to climb late this night (PDT) to late Tues. night, a beautiful interval that brings you close to success in love, friendship, and in cultural, legal and social spheres. Taureans who marry now won’t regret it, despite my warnings to “start nothing.” Chase money Wed./Thurs., but cautiously, as illusion, con artists, sluggish economic conditions and, perhaps, a disagreement with a civil servant or “non-ally” mar your progress. Get active Fri./Sat. – send mail, call, read, visit, travel, do paperwork. It’s all easy, but needs speed. Careful Sat. daytime, when tension or disruption could suddenly interfere. As said, Thurs. begins a year of hard work – but Friday also starts three weeks of affection, sweet relations, and nice opportunities. (Nice = good, mildly lucky.)


Gemini.svg GEMINI   May 21-June 20

Start nothing big or significant before Thursday, Gemini. That day will end a year of domestic focus, and start a month (and year) of giant luck in romance, love, marriage, travel, opportunities, relocation, games and sports, speculation, creativity, and in raising and teaching kids. You’ll ride a winning streak so broad it will be hard to fall off! (To some this grand luck will come early, to some mid-path, to some not until October 2017 – in the broadest way, because there are many exceptions to this, the closer you were born to June 20, the later your luck will begin – but it will still last about a year “past the start.”) Before Thursday, remain focused on your home, land, children, security, etc. Prepare the house for winter, fallow the garden, etc. There might be important documents or property tax issues you still need to handle – don’t delay. Sunday’s friendly, happy, hopeful. Retreat, rest and day dream Mon./Tues. – attend to health matters, or repair the home (or your kid’s heart). Your energy and charisma soar Wed./Thurs., but obstacles, illusion and opposition exist, so use your energy to solve problems rather than to expand. Chase money, shop, embrace someone sexy (if you’re single) Friday, but be careful in these Sat., when stress and disagreement enter.


Cancer.svg CANCER   June 21-July 22

Remember, Cancer, start nothing new before Thursday. That day starts a month of great luck in food and shelter zones, and propels you into a year of the same. This luck will include everything from growth of your children to setting up a family/pregnancy, to growing veggies to buying/selling real estate, starting a restaurant business or landscaping the yard. Some of you will make a fortune in a real estate deal. But until Thursday, you need to be vigilant, get your errands and paperwork finished, and answer all communications. Follow every restless of wanderlust urge – get it out of your system. Display your ambition Sunday, or enjoy your neighbourhood status. Mon./Tues. bring happiness, social joys, popularity, optimism, wish fulfillment, flirtation and entertainment. Your luck is superb, so enjoy, mingle, and reach an accord, even a joyous accord, with someone crucial (a mate, potential mate, litigator, etc.) Retreat Wed./Thurs. – lie low, rest, contemplate. If you compete or act “grandly” you’ll attract opposition. Your energy and charisma return Fri./Sat. – let caution mix with triumph – use these days to overcome problems rather than to create anything new.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Four more days of delay, Leo – start nothing before Thursday. (If you start a project before then, “Delay” will be its middle name.) Sunday’s wise, mellow – gentle lovers might meet. Far travel, international affairs, education, intellectual and cultural affairs go well. Be ambitious Mon./Tues. Show your skills, perspicacity and loyalty – but start no ventures. All aspects are lucky, so you’re sure to make a good impression (on bosses, but also on parents, judges, etc.). You might receive an honor, or an overdue payment. Your popularity rises Wed./Thurs. – social delights, entertainment, flirtations and optimism buoy you so bouncingly that you’ll hardly even notice the deceptions, refusals and challenges that surround you. Sometimes, joy and innocence are life’s best defence. But retreat from the crowd Fri./Sat. – it’s time to rest, recharge your emotional and physical batteries, to be charitable and spiritual. You might get sex, but you won’t get real love – be patient. Thursday begins a month (and a year) of super luck in communications, travel, friendships and media. Your home life will be affectionate for three weeks, starting Friday.


 Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Spend this tail-end of the “retro” or delay period (it ends Wed. night) contemplating your path in life, what got you here (for good or bad) and where you’re headed. Thursday will begin a month (and year, though the year started two weeks ago) of superb money luck – and of learning for students, and of possible physical intimacy for the lonely. Friday starts three weeks of affectionate and lucky communicating, travel, media and paperwork. Earlier, Sunday piques your sexual and financial urges. You can succeed with either, before 1 pm (PDT) – but make sure it’s an old friend//lover, or a formerly held or coveted stock/investment. A mellow, wise mood steals over you Mon./Tues. You receive a green light for far travel, higher education, intellectual pursuits, gentle love, cultural and social “happenings.” Show your ambition, your ease with higher-ups, Wed./Thurs. – but be cautious, diplomatic, and start nothing – luck is sparse both days. Social delights, popularity, wish fulfillment, flirtation, and a simple, all-round happiness visit you Fri./Sat. Friday’s easiest and best, can even bring a solution to any disagreement with spouse, business partner, or anyone. Saturday’s a bit tense: drive, speak, cautiously, especially as suppertime approaches.


Libra.svg LIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Remember, no new starts before Thursday, Libra. That day also effectively starts a month and a year of personal expansion, cheerfulness, friendliness, good luck, popularity and “freedom.” A year of quietude, rest and relative solitude will end late week. Earlier, Sunday brings opportunities and relationships – welcome them until early afternoon (PDT). (Remember, no-one, nothing new.) You and a mate can reach solutions, even quietly celebrate. You dip into deeper waters Mon./Tues. – mysteries, research or investigation, medical diagnoses, lifestyle choices, sexual urges and financial actions fill your cup. Everything is smooth, fortunate here, so charge ahead. (E.g., buy a stock you owned before, or call a former sexy partner.) You’ll receive good health news. Love of a proper kind could appear Wed./Thurs.; so do themes of higher learning, far travel, cultural venues and law. But your luck is poor in all these during this short interval, so be discreet, patient, and careful. Show ambition Fri./Sat. – you’ll be tested, but you’ll pass the test Fri. – perhaps not Sat. If a big new job is offered to you Fri., think 10 years down the road: will it take you there? Friday begins three weeks of good money luck.


Scorpio.svg SCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Decline to start any new projects or relationships before Thursday. Until then, meet, greet and play with those you already know. You’ll be happy! Thursday begins a month (and to some degree a year) of rest, solitude or quietude, charitable and spiritual involvements, and government-related (or management-related) chores. Tackle chores and protect your “everyday” health Sunday. This night to Tues. night brings relationships – so luckily that success is almost certain. Could be success in love, in negotiating an agreement, in persuading others, in discovering new (and old) horizons. Be co-operative. There might be an almost destined meeting; true love is in the air. (This is likely someone you already know, even an old flame – avoid a brand new link.) Life steers you into a deeper mood, into research or investigation, Wed./Thurs. Usually, such a time would nudge you into lucky financial/investment action, or into a boudoir situation – but these two days hold poor luck, obstacles and bad decisions – I’d do nothing but routine. Wisdom, a mellow mood, understanding of the broader picture, and themes of far travel, intellectual pursuits, gentle love, arrive Fri./Sat. Now your luck is mixed, half good, half bad – Friday daytime, eve are best.


Sagittarius.svg SAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Recent delays and snafus end Thursday. Until then, start nothing and double-check everything, especially in your career area. Sunday’s romantic, nature and the weather are beautiful in a poetic way, your creative and speculative antennae rise – enjoy yourself! Tackle chores and protect your daily health Mon./Tues. You’ll accomplish a huge amount – higher-ups will be impressed. Although Mercury is still “retro,” this could be a good interval to buy or sell, repair or operate machinery. Relationships confront you Wed./Thurs., and I do mean confront: a series of deception/illusion, rejection, small frustrations, mixed motives, even anger and argument will hamper sweet relations. However, Thursday to 2 pm (PDT) can bring a “peaceful friend.” Thursday starts a month (and a year) of luck in social zones. You’ve felt small indications in the past two weeks; now you step fully into an atmosphere of rising popularity, light romance, entertainment and optimism – a major, perhaps life-altering wish is going to come true within 13 months. Look beneath surface appearances Fri./Sat. These two days aren’t particularly good for action nor commitment, but you can learn a lot, even a valuable secret. Friday daytime runs smoothly: use this period to accomplish anything (but don’t invest: something’s wrong with the goal).


Capricorn.svg CAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Only 4 more days of delay, indecision and mistakes, Cap. Double check, and start nothing brand new before Thursday, especially in legal, travel, intellectual and media zones. Be home or in the ‘hood Sunday – all ends well despite a bit of morning excitement. Sweet romance greets you Mon./Tues. Your creative, risk-taking, pleasure and beauty sensing side(s) surge – take a chance, you’re riding a winning streak! Tackle chores Wed./Thurs., and protect daily health, eat, dress sensibly. Be cautious, follow safety rules, and don’t attempt anything big or difficult – deception, rejection and obstacles irk you. Thursday’s better in the morning, early afternoon, and late at night (after 9 PDT). Relationships arrive Fri./Sat. – your luck is mingled, so remain cautious, diplomatic. Friday daytime rolls smoothly and intuitively, but be gently sceptical of anyone who attracts you or speaks of love. Thursday begins a month (and to some degree, a year) of super luck on career, prestige and status fronts. A promotion before November 2017, is quite likely. At last, you can start a business or other practical project which will succeed.


Aquarius.svg AQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Remember, Aquarius, start no new projects nor relationships before Thurs. (Speaking of relationships, a powerful one – from the past? – could confront you Wed./Thurs. But these two days are so racked with poor luck and obstacles, that this might not be the RIGHT relationship. Caution!) Earlier, Sunday’s for errands, casual friends, communications and small chores. Settle down Mon./Tues. – rest, contemplate, show family your affection. Gardening, security, real estate, furniture, hiking, retirement – all are touched by a wand of lovely luck. Romance, beauty, pleasure and charming kids call Wed./Thurs. – however, your luck isn’t good, so proceed but be prepared to laugh off deception, rejection. Tackle chores Fri./Sat. – Friday runs smoothly, but don’t believe your own thoughts about “big money” earnings, and make no decisions based on the money factors. Thursday begins a month (and year) of general success in legal, international, far travel, intellectual, cultural and social, and love pursuits. You’re going to be satisfied with life’s gifts!


Pisces.svg PISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Hey, Pisces – 4 more days of delays, mistakes and indecision. Until Thursday, start nothing new, especially in partnership zones. Sunday offers good money luck, especially in earnings (rather than shopping). Dive into errands, calls, emails, trips, paperwork, and casual conversations Mon./Tues. Everything flows successfully – and a communication you receive could gladden your heart. A “social friend” might be involved. The focus shifts to your domicile, family, garden, security and nutrition Wed./Thurs. A gauntlet of difficult aspects assails this area, so proceed slowly and carefully. An affectionate word late Thurs. night could end everything with love, dissolving any prior rancor. Passion visits you Fri./Sat. – romance, beauty, pleasure, creative and risk-taking urges combine with a burgeoning sexual (and financial, and secrecy) drive. You’ll succeed morning to suppertime (PDT) Fri. Otherwise, be cautious. Thursday begins a month (and year) of great luck in investing, finances, sex, pregnancy, lifestyle changes, medical diagnoses, and research/detective work. You could emerge rich by next autumn!


The End.


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