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ALL TIMES/DATES ARE PDT (Pacific Daylight Time Zone). PDT is 8 hours “before” Greenwich (England). (As long as Britain is also on Daylight time.) For example, when it is noon PDT, it is 8 pm in England – and 4 am the next day in China.) The “World Clock” in the right margin gives you some clues. (You can also Google “time zone converter.”)

START NOTHING: 3:00 am to 2:29 pm Mon., 8:31 am to 7:33 pm Wed., and 12:05 pm to 9:22 pm Fri.


Russian astronomers have received a “very strong” signal from a star about 94 light years away. The star is HD 164595, and has at least 1 planet. If we add the numbers 1+6+4+5+9+5, they reduce to “3,” the number of communication (especially nearby communications/travel – in other words, this is a hint that other, more distant communications exist). (I once asked my guide, Nima, in my meditation/channeling days, where she was from. I expected a “spiritual” answer – e.g., “from God” or “from peace, light and love” or “from a plane you are accessing” or whatever. Instead, she said something like “H…64.” I thought it was just me, babbling, and did not bother to preserve it. Several years later I discovered that astronomers label the stars like that, e.g., “HD64.” I wish I’d noted the name, it never came again. This made me suspect that the “entities” we channel might be “aliens” who are visiting us on a level we don’t understand, on a virtually non-physical level. “Virtually,” because part of the communication is obviously physical: our brain’s reception of something, and the images we receive in trance, and the physical utterances we make in trying to give voice to the entity. This possible link between aliens and channelled “entities” or meditation, was also suspected by Whitley Strieber, the fellow who wrote “Communion” in 1987 about an alien visitation he claims to have experienced. Perhaps, all along, angels have been such visitors.



Predictions, predictions…

From 2019 to 2026, there will be an agricultural revolution, caused partly by drought or a “new barrenness” and partly by (or the drought results in) scientific discoveries about soil, especially about the electrical conductivity (or creativity) of soil.

This will also be a time of disruption in banking. (See elsewhere, where I have discussed the currency and inflation/deflation crises of 2020-2023.)

Now to autumn 2017, we will be transfixed by unusual yet important legal cases and/or legal creation (e.g., writing laws by legislators). In 2018, there will be good news about the ocean, reproductivity, and root crops. More sex-oriented laws.

The deep corruption that inhabits Washington, D.C. will be addressed either 2017-2020 if Trump wins, or in 2021-2024 if Clinton wins in ‘16. By deep corruption, I mean it inhabits even the speech patterns and life philosophy of the participants. This is evil inbred, so prevalent it appears to be normal. But I don’t mean Trump will be a corruption-fighter.

Instead, look at it like this: America faces a second Revolution this decade and early next. The peak of this revolution will occur in two places, or between two forces: the population, and the administrative government. Some of the corrupt (in the administration) will wallow in a sexual sty. These people will tend to be thin physically.  There will be a group of these people, and they will be “outed” by one of its members, a talkative young male. (Anthony Weiner might be a precursor; he is sexually perverse; his wife is morally perverse, worshipping at the same altar of power as her mentor, Hillary.) The revolution’s peak probably occurs in 2022. I don’t mean there will be warring armies, as in 1776: but there will be a few parallels, and the media pundits will start to see and voice these parallels in about 2020-21 – some as early as 2019.

BTW, the revolutionary “period” covers the years 2008 to 2023; at present we are approaching the peak intensity (2020). We forget that the original revolution (1770’s) had two participants – England was on the other side. Now that the revolutionary influence is back, guess who revolted? Britain, last June – it was labelled “Brexit,” the UK’s secession from Europe.

The person elected U.S. President in 2020 will probably be assassinated.

Some major, long-lasting (centuries?) businesses or mega-projects will be born in 2019.

2016: Trump and Clinton are the two arms of this revolution. Trump is already being carried by its zeitgeist (witness his masses of followers). But Clinton is a gate-keeper, so her election will defer/delay the revolution by a few years. Part of Trump’s famous dithering on important issues is caused by the winds of this zeitgeist: as they blow back and forth, he turns, too.

Universities and academic groups will continue to decline morally and, ultimately, to suffer bad luck. We’ve seen this in the last decade or two, but this trend will last for another two centuries.

What is “set” or begun in 2022 will set the U.S. direction until the 23rd century. Just as in the last couple of decades, the U.S. will continue to make bad judgements and unwise decisions internationally, and so will have problems, like a lingering disease. (Nobody listens, though. When same week Bush the Younger went into Iraq, I wrote here that it would be a long-lasting “quagmire.” [To date, this “war” is longer than WWI and WWII combined.] But do they listen? Noooo…ooo…ooo… They didn’t listen when I warned the Challenger shuttle would blow up, either.)

In the 2020’s the law, a favorite redoubt of Americans last century, will atrophy, lose its morality, and/or become “frozen” and incapable. It is already entering that territory.

America will continue, though, to be a very wealthy country. There will be a secret agreement/pact between the U.S. and China. The U.S. will fear China’s weaponry/aggression.

Many, many years ago, I predicted that Vancouver, Canada would “burn” in about 2023. I’m withdrawing this prediction. (That doesn’t mean it’s wrong, but that I don’t want to scare anyone. I often make predictions which, when I re-examine them, I cannot tell why I made them. That includes the correct ones.)

Ships will be sent into deep space around 2022; one will “return” (i.e., reach its goal and begin transmitting) after 9 years; one 20 years after launch. This latter one will contribute to changing ideas around space, gas, mind, perception, and time.

2020-2030 will bring “practical” lovers, and somewhat group-oriented love.


We are a product of geography. Where we live as nations “creates” our character, especially in latitudinal bands. For example, Mexicans and Mediterranean nationals are hot-blooded and voluble. Mid-latitude countries such as the U.S., Germany, China, etc., are outspoken, warm blooded, hospitable. Further north, the Canadians, Dutch, Danes, British, etc., are “polite” and temperamentally cool. Further north, Swedes and Norwegians, etc., are very reserved, almost “cold.”  (I realize that underneath, all peoples have the same capacity for deep feelings.)

Who could have arranged such an all-embracing, world-wide pattern of personality except Mother Nature? (If you remain quiet and objective, you can see nature’s variations in her “human stock” over as little as 10, 20 miles. For example, here in B.C., people living in Vancouver have a different personality tone, social mannerisms and even timbre of voice than those living in North Vancouver, only a mile or two away – but Vancouverites live on a flat plain, whereas North Van’s population lives mostly on one of several mountainsides. North Vanners are generally more airy, light, very P.C., WASP-ish, while Vancouverites are more voluble, a bit sturdier in stance, and a bit harder-driving, less laid back.

It’s a bit hard, though, to separate geography from other influences, such as immigrant effects on speech, divergent wealth, etc. (For example — many people don’t realize this – the drawling southern accent of whites in the U.S. “deep south” actually comes from the African tonalities of the Negroes they enslaved. In this case, a geographic influence was “transported” by the massive influx of another population.




Aries.svg ARIES   March 21-April 19

Continue tackling a pile of work, and remain free of “new starts” – both to September 21/22. Relationships are improving, sweetening – Friday begins 395 days of good relationship luck. (For more, see my “Luck Forecast” in the Aug. 21 column.) However, before you feel the full force of this benevolent breeze, you still have over 2 weeks of work to tackle – much of it chores neglected until now. Dig in, clear away these tasks – to free you to be able to grab relationships or opportunities with both hands. Avoid lawsuits until after September. Be ambitious Sunday/Monday – the road’s a bit rocky, but you can accomplish a lot (or bask in admiration from waiters, store clerks) Sunday, noon to 10:30 pm (PDT). Happiness, friends, social joys, popularity, optimism and flirtations fill Mon. pm to Wed. suppertime. Other than a wee tantrum around Tues. noon, this interval is filled with luck and delight. Retreat, rest, contemplate, be charitable and spiritual Wed. night to Fri. night. Though you might think you can wrap certain civil servants or admin, workers around your finger (until May 2017) even thinking such can nudge you into a trap. Until mid-2017, leave civil servant types, psychics and counsellors alone. Make your own decisions/actions, and accept the consequences. Your energy and charisma surge upward Sat. – you could be surprised by a sudden, new friendship before Sat. even begins, then puzzled by how quickly it cooled.


taurus weekly forecast TAURUS   April 20-May 20

Remember, Taurus, don’t buy anything major nor start any important new projects or relationships before September 22. The general accent continues on romance, beauty, pleasure, creative and speculative risks. (All creativity, all romance, is a risk; love is never a risk.) All month, you can be drawn to a former flame, or to a frankly sexual bond.  Sunday through mid-afternoon Mon., your mind expands with new information or new views. Your luck is mixed, but success is possible all Sunday pm – for love, all intellectual matters, legal affairs and travel. Be ambitious (without starting anything) Mon. afternoon (lucky!) to Wed. supper. Tues. eve, night are also great for work or career progress. Earlier Tues., a sexual attraction, or a financial temptation, could negatively impact your romantic and creative wishes. You bounce with optimism, fun, social delights, popularity and flirtations Wed. night to Fri. night – here again, luck is mixed, but you hardly care – it won’t dent your ebullient mood. Still, don’t invest nor seek intimacy Thurs. daytime nor Fri. morning. Retreat Fri. night, Sat. – contemplate, watch, rest, deal with charities or spiritual forces. Dig deep: you could discover a secret or insight that can give your career or social climbing ambitions a good boost.


Gemini.svg GEMINI   May 21-June 20

Remember, Gemini, don’t start any new ventures nor relationships, nor make a big purchase, before September 22. This applies especially to your domestic sphere (e.g., DON’T start renovations, buy furniture, etc.). Sunday through Mon. mid-afternoon (PDT) brings a deep sexual attraction, or a financial nudge. These will succeed Sunday pm, not earlier nor Mon. Excellent time for research. A medical diagnosis might be wrong. A mellow, wise mood enters Mon. afternoon to Wed. suppertime. Your luck soars Mon. mid-afternoon – you could meet love, or win a gamble. Careful Tues. daytime – the eve and night aid love again. Be ambitious, but not overly so, Wed. night to Fri. night – make no promises, start no new projects. Happiness, optimism, social delights, entertainment and flirtations come Fri. night, Sat. – everything goes well, but realize “destiny” won’t let a new attraction thrive.


Cancer.svg CANCER   June 21-July 22

Start nothing new before September 22, Cancer. Mail, messages, calls, paperwork and documents can go astray, so strictly adhere to a system, filing, recording, whatever. Your work remains intense and hard, and your home remains a sweet retreat from all that mad activity. Tell the family how valuable they are. Relationships confront you Sunday through Mon. afternoon. Be diplomatic, co-operative – this will be easy during a happy, loving Sunday pm (early to bed best). Mid-afternoon Mon. (PDT) to suppertime Wed. brings sexy temptations, financial urges (invest, take on debt, etc.) and health concerns. Make no promises, and accept none. Avoid an argument at work or dangerous machinery Tues. daytime. Monday afternoon and Tues. night bless you, especially at home, with family, and in real estate. (Not yet, but in the 12 months ahead, your luck will soar in real estate and all food/shelter activities – e.g., selling peaches, building porches.) A mellow mood of understanding visits you Wed. night to Fri. night – trouble is, you can’t really count on your wisdom until mid-May 2017 onward – before then, it’s warped by your own desires. Strictly avoid legal fights until then. Love these few days? Maybe. Be ambitious Fri. night, Sat. – but without starting anything. Your luck’s mingled all week, but in the deepest sense, all’s well.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Continue to chase money, Leo – but remember, no new starts/projects/relationships nor big purchases, before September 22. An old money source might return, and/or you’ll need to pay outstanding bills. You’re kind of in a semi-romantic mood; and the present accent on possessions and sensuality could nudge you into a friendly, polite, easy sexual affair. Whether this is a former flame or a new one, it won’t burn too long, a month to a year perhaps. Tackle chores Sun. to Mon. afternoon (PDT). Sunday pm is very successful; stick to routine chores Mon. Relationships fill Mon. afternoon to Wed. suppertime. These are happy, friendly, even romantic Mon. afternoon and Trues. 2 pm onward. Sexual urges, financial actions, research, therapy, detective work, medical exigencies – these are slated Wed. night to Fri. night. Be careful in these depths – traps and sharks lurk. A gentle, wise mood steals over you late Fri. night and Sat. – you could hear true love expressed, or could agree to marry. Far travel, publishing/media, higher education are also favoured. Late Sat. night will tell whether any of these are to blossom, or wilt under the pressure of job/career or health demands.


Virgo.svg VIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Remember, Virgo, take no new life paths now (before September 22) nor start significant projects or relationships. A former career role might (have) return (ed). All month, your money/income continues to be good; your home life continues to be rough. (You might want to buy a house or land that you desired long ago – this can work out well, but there’s no urgency: many buying opportunities will come for 13 months.) Sunday/Mon. bring romance, creative urges, beauty and “rewarding risk.” These go well, even splendidly, Sun. pm – noon to night. Tackle chores and protect your daily health Mon. afternoon to Wed. suppertime (PDT). This whole interval speeds along very productively, except Tues. daytime, when argument, accident or a truly bad investment are likely. Sex? Forget it. But after this, great progress! Relationships confront you Wed. night to Fri. night – bad luck outweighs good here, so proceed cautiously – realize strong new bonds are likely as trap, until mid-May next year. Have no regrets. Life’s depths, subconscious forces, intuition, financial factors and sexual desire flow into you Fri. night, Sat. – handle this cautiously, as ultimately there might be a dead-end or “break-off” in these, if they’re new. You might have a brilliant idea about work, earnings and finances.


Libra.svg LIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Start no new projects nor relationships before September 22, Libra. You are beginning a whole new year now, but let the days until September 22 be quiescent ones. Rest, ponder, and in general gather your strength and let your subconscious brew its future. By late month, you’ll burst forth and race toward success. Sunday/Monday highlights domestic themes, kids, security, nutrition. For the long-range, realize you have to make some major changes (e.g., moving, or re-building). But for the present, charge ahead on domestic matters Sun. pm, when your luck is splendid. Romance, creative surges and speculative urges, beauty and pleasure face you Mon. afternoon to Wed. suppertime. All is well, one you meet or pursue before Tues. afternoon will not marry; while one you meet this eve/night might become a mate, but you both might, in months hence, fall into a crippling indecision. (If married, a wandering eye could trigger a row Tues.) Tackle chores and protect your everyday health Wed. eve to Fri. night. The auspices aren’t great, so proceed with caution, forethought. Relationships confront you Fri. night, Sat. Now you can cement a friendship or enjoy love with your mate (Fri. best, PDT) but your home life, and his/her status concerns, could kibosh it all.


Scorpio.svg SCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Remember, Scorpio, no new ventures, relationships nor major purchases before September 22. That said, your happiness seems almost complete now: you have hope, optimism, friends, entertainment, and the certainty that you will find love in the years ahead, if you aren’t already attached. The best thing you can do now is hope: it will change your future. Sunday/Mon. bring errands, missives, calls, trips, paperwork and details – Sunday’s great, Monday’s a dud. Make no communications/promises regarding money – and accept none. Settle down Mon. afternoon to Wed. suppertime (PDT) – focus on home, kids, diet, security. Take a wee rest from the hustle-bustle. All is well, except for accident potential, job/machinery frustration, or argument over money Tues. daytime. Romance beckons, and your enjoyment faculty rises, as does your appreciation of beauty, your creative and risk-taking side. However, this is not where you should be this year, so proceed lightly, cautiously. Tackle chores Fri. night, Sat. – good results, at least to midday Sat.


Sagittarius.svg SAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Avoid new projects, purchases and relationships, Sage, until September 22. Though the general accent this month is on your career and social standing, something romantic or adventurous seems to brew a pretty strong “alternate road.” You’re probably best off to enjoy romance, beauty, pleasure, social delights and affection while you can, without building anything on them. (And remain ambitious, but without starting anything – just show how you can help with whatever’s already in the works.) Chase money Sun./Mon. Sunday’s best; Mon.’s a bit “empty.” Errands, communications, travel, paperwork, details and simple chores fill Mon. afternoon to Wed. suppertime. It’s a smooth, easy interval, but – watch Tues., when an argument or impulsive action on your part could cause a career “stir” or dent in your reputation. (Great day, Tues., for pruning plants, editing, clearing away messes.) Head for home, at least in your thoughts and heart, Wed. eve to Fri. night. Embrace the kids, garden, make minor repairs, etc. – nothing big, though, or you’ll become entangled in complications. Romance, creative urges, risk, beauty and immediate pleasure call you Fri. night and Sat. A love communication could make your heart swell. But money, earnings power, could interfere.


Capricorn.svg CAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Avoid new starts, big purchasers, and brand-new relationships, Cap – until September 22. The general accent lies on far travel, legal affairs, higher education, media, philosophy, international affairs, import/export, and all intellectual pursuits. These, especially, need your careful attention AND avoidance of new starts. Continue to protect your physical health. (Cap athletes triumph now: but us ordinary people need to avoid challenging, belligerent people, especially Tuesday.) Your energy and charisma remain very high Sun./Mon. Act Sunday (nothing brand new!) especially in far travel, legal and international affairs, et al. Monday yields paltry results. But this afternoon to Wed. suppertime brings you a bucket of luck in earnings, sales, chasing money, etc. Don’t argue with a civil servant Tues. Errands, communications, casual acquaintances, short trips and paperwork fill Wed. suppertime to Fri. night. Be cautious in all these, as the aspects are mildly adverse. Find home, be there Fri. night and Sat. – good, secure things flow easily, so garden, enjoy kids, etc. All month, bosses, parents and VIPs favour you – return the admiration!


Aquarius.svg AQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Remember, Aquarius, don’t start new projects nor relationships, nor buy big things (especially machinery) before September 22. If you have investments, they might be bumping around unpredictably. You might want to readjust your portfolio, but DON’T make NEW investments. Your social life looks fine, and you’re favoured in legal, educational, intellectual and love zones. Lie low, rest and contemplate Sun. through Mon. mid-afternoon (PDT). Sunday pm is great, and can open the doors to insight, special information, and/or unusual co-operation from civil servants, charities and spiritual groups. But don’t rise to the bait in a disagreement Tues., and be careful driving. Your energy and charisma climb nicely Mon. afternoon to Wed. suppertime – you’re given the lead, others follow your direction. Good luck exists in legal, intellectual, travel zones – but steer clear, Tues. midday, of an accident scene, an argument, or intimacy with a friend. Keep money and friends separate. Chase money, seek better earnings, sell items, pay and collect old bills Wed. night to Fri. night – but walk the straight and narrow here: reject temptation, and make no casual promises. This area is “mined” with pitfalls until mid-May 2017. A great friendship could develop Friday night, Sat., despite my advice not to start one. Communicate, run errands this weekend.


Pisces.svg PISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Relationships continue to dominate; you and another can feel quite indecisive about the future course of your bond. My advice: be patient. Clarity will return soon. Bosses and VIPs are temperamental, so be soft, diplomatic. Avoid starting anything new and significant before September 22 – includes relationships, projects and purchases. Sunday’s happy – so is Monday, but only Sun. yields results. (Especially Sun. pm, when you can repair a relationship and reach joy for both parties.) Retreat, lie low, rest, contemplate midday Mon. to suppertime Wed. Be charitable, spiritual, deal with the government, institutions, large corporations. Careful Mon. morning and Tues., when your ambition could make another angry. (Monday’s words lead to Tuesday’s action.) Your energy and charisma soar Wed. eve to Fri. night – you’ll attract attention, perhaps a suitor. But don’t act too independently – you need allies, others’ support, especially now to next May. Friday night, Sat. bring a money accent – and perhaps a huge stroke of money/career luck, or a brilliant idea about the same. Be cautious about money Sat. night, though.


The End.

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  1. carita

    Hi, Tim
    I love reading your astrology page.
    Quick question with Capricorn avoiding things…I was in a car accident on Saturday (9/10/16) the lady that hit the car was drinking and driving. I don’t want to wait until Mercury is out of retrograde to file a lawsuit against her. Any suggestions would be helpful.


  2. Mary Anne

    I was surprised to see the mention of your previous prediction re Vancouver burning in 2023 as I have been searching your old archives for several days, trying to find that article with no luck.

    You say you are withdrawing the prediction but not because it is inaccurate. Does this mean it will actually happen?

    I also want to thank you for this website and all the work you put into creating your posts. I read a lot of horoscopes but yours is the one I pay real attention to. It just feels truthful and ‘real’ compared to others.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Mary Anne,

      This prediction is a puzzle for me. I thought I based it on one phenomena (Mars returns to Vancouver’s ascendant) but I can’t see that phenom occurring in 2023. So was it wrong? Perhaps. The thing is, I almost never can figure out, later, what I had based a prediction on. Clients often return to me and say, “Wow, how did you know, when I saw you ten years ago, that I would be — blah, blah, blah?” And I look at their chart and I think, “Yes, how DID I see that?” I draw a complete blank. (I think it’s because, during a reading there is a sort of heightened awareness that is “invisible” to the logical eye later.) 🙂



  3. Mitch

    Hi Tim, I read your blog and forecast almost every week (miss it only when extremely busy). I would like to know if you have insight or forecast into the ongoing ND Standing Rock Sioux protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline. As there has been aggression against the protesters from firm hired by DAPL and the protester masses is getting larger by the day, will the ND Sioux prevail or will large Energy Corp?

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Mitch — I didn’t know of the Sioux pipeline protest. In a general way, nothing will be resolved (despite the recent court order) before Sept. 22. (Sorry, that’s all I can say, as I would have to research the entire thing, and I don’t have that much time.)



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