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START NOTHING: Before 6:48 am Sun., 1:52 am to 2:43 pm Tues., 3:05 am Thurs. to 0:52 am Fri., and after 10:43 pm Sat.


Watching H. Clinton recently, she looks quiet, drugged, slow. Long ago I wrote here that she should sit on the back porch with grand-kids rather than run for President.

If Trump was smart, he’d double, triple his visits to inner city blacks and foreign countries. For example, Israel (he and Netanyahu think alike) or China (they might be curious, interested in embarrassing Obama by treating his enemy with courteous grace).

Two years ago I paid a crew to shear the bottom sixty feet from a little grove of five stately hundred-foot cedars, to let the Sun in. (They were keeping my house’s west wall in constant shadow, and it had begun to rot.) Their bare trunks emerged as slim and long as athletes’ legs. (Though you could not put your arms around them.) I’ve often contemplated these trees. Their wounds where the branches were cut off, round circles of dark and light wood, stare like eyes – some into infinity, some into sadness. Two of them have massive necklaces of eyes, wounds, winding round their grey stems like many minds contemplating the state of the world. One’s on the far side of the creek, half in the neighbour’s yard and beside her blue and white garage. Its wounded eyes are cruder, and a swelling around each one gives the tree an anguished, bent look.
The most intriguing cedar is closest to my west balcony. It was a twin – cedars often grow two, even three trunks from the same root. The tree people cut off the smaller twin about seven feet from the ground, so its flat top appears to be a Leprechaun throne. The remaining twin is slim and graceful, and its branch-wounds, its bark and “eyes” form a slim woman’s face, a long face punctuated with a mouth that looks like it has pronounced, graciously but intelligently, on a hundred matters – for that face is noble, as if she was a princess or queen of some slim land, locked in the wood like a tree nymph. Her nose, formed by a wrinkle of bark, is small and delicate, bent at the end. She has three eyes – one looks intelligently ahead, at her court, at the situation at hand. Another looks far away, to the side, as if seeing over lands and fields and seeing who and what is developing afar. The third eye, higher than the other two, seems to gaze into infinity.


ARIES March 21-April 19
Charge ahead, delays have dissolved and opportunities and new, fresh relationships fill the horizon. But charge ahead diplomatically, and be eager to join forces – ALL your luck, now and for 12 months ahead, will come from or through relationships. So, make no enemies if you want to thrive. Romance strikes Sunday dawn to mid-afternoon Tues. Sunday’s best, but the whole interval is great – for love, new love, creativity, risk-taking, sports/games, teaching children, beauty and pleasure, (Aim for immediate pleasure, not “future joys.”) Tackle chores and protect your health Tues. afternoon to Thurs. midnight. You’ll make good progress Tues. pm, and Wed. pm, but the first half of Wed. frustrates, fails. Relationships all Fri./Sat. – re-read the first two sentences above. You might start a new bond Fri., but it might, in future, stumble on a domestic snag. This condition lasts to Sat. dawn (PDT) – during the rest of Sat., magic, fantasy, spiritual joining, excitement and CHOICE prevail. (“Choice” – hint, be good.)

TAURUS April 20-May 20
Many jobs will demand doing this week and the next few. This is really the start of twelve months of big chores and extra work – some extra income could come from this, but more importantly, the tasks you tackle can (likely will) boost your net worth in some way. (E.g., you’re digging a ditch, and hit a gold vein; or your job opens your eyes to a good investment –this sort of “payback” could happen twice.) Sunday dawn (PDT) to mid-afternoon Tues. accents your home, family and security – very fortunately, so dive in – landscape, mow, renovate, paint, embrace kids, launch a family adventure, etc. Romantic notions arrive; so do beauty, pleasure, and “good” self-indulgence, Tues. pm to Thurs. midnight. Obstacles and refusals cloud the first half of Wed., but otherwise it goes well – you could even meet a good mate prospect Wed. pm. Tackle chores and protect your daily health Fri./Sat. – you could face a combination of green lights (daytime Fri.) and intuitive inspiration Sat. morn. Go slowly Sat. night.

GEMINI May 21-June 20
The main focus this week and the next few – and for a whole 12 months ahead – lies on romance, pleasure, beauty, creativity and risk-taking. You’re riding a winning streak not seen since about 2004/5. Be wise if you’re single: study the ranks of the opposite sex (okay, same sex for gay) and look inward with courage: where do you want to go in the next twenty years, and who would most agreeably, harmoniously, pleasurably, accompany you there? Beauty, this time around, might not be the most important element. Reject, fast and firmly, “toxic pleasure.” Sunday dawn (PDT) to mid-afternoon Tues. brings friends, errands, small busy chores, trips and communications. Your luck is superb, so plunge into these, cement contacts – you could meet a future mate! (But, as said, you have 12 months – there’s no rush.) Settle down Tues. pm to Thurs. midnight – tackle home concerns, family issues, garden, diet, security, retirement prep. Wed. morning (to 1 pm) rebuffs your efforts, deceives and confuses you. So act before and after this, when progress is “okay.” For Fri./Sat., re-read the first half of this forecast: romance, beauty, creativity, etc. Again, you could meet your future mate. (BTW, you might find you succeed, in love, this year ahead, much more easily with someone considerably younger or older than yourself.)

CANCER June 21-July 22
The general accent is on home, kids, security, property, food, retirement, garden, etc. – all domestic things, for the few weeks ahead, but to some degree (a very lucky degree!) right into October 2017. Dive into this zone – if you hug the kids, you’ll benefit; if you paint the walls or start a garden; if you buy or rent a new home; if you start a retirement fund, or a school fund for the kids, you’ll benefit. (You’ll benefit, too, from spending an extra hour in bed, from “power naps,” etc.) You can find much happiness and emotional fulfillment from this domestic zone. Fri./Sat. highlight the domestic theme, and would be two good days to advance in these – but be cautious Sat. pre-dawn, and late night. Earlier, Sunday to mid-afternoon Tues. brings tremendous money luck – get out, earn, ask for a raise, buy important items, make money from buying/selling, butter up clients – you could strike pay dirt! Errands, calls, trips, visits, paperwork, details, casual contacts and curiosity fill Tues. pm to Thurs. midnight – your luck is mixed here, so act Tues. pm and Wed. pm, not Wed. am. Overall, a good week!

LEO July 23-Aug. 22
Lucky you (sort of) – you’re going to be busy, busy these weeks ahead, and busy right into autumn 2017. Errands, mail, messages, travel, curiosity, “quick” learning, making casual friends – these will fill your days for many months. Not a lot is at stake, so you can “rest” your deeper heart, soul and mind even while in the midst of your quickened activity. Your curiosity is very important now: without it, you’ll miss “doors to success” that might lie in your future. For instance, during the frequent travel of the months ahead, if you sniff around a bit, you might discover a perfect city or ‘hood for your next home, and 2018 will bring the opportunity to grab that better home. This week, Fri./Sat. emphasize all these matters, and could start a new project, e.g., a mailing, travel, or communication venture. (If you want it to succeed, start AFTER 7 am PDT Sat.) Earlier, Sun. to mid-afternoon Tues. suddenly elevates you to “Mr./Ms. Magnetism” – your energy, charisma, leadership and effectiveness soar skyward – be gracious toward your admirers. A major communications project might start – e.g., it’s a great interval to install a new telephony system at the office. Money – earning and spending – need care Tues. pm to Thurs. midnight. Act before or after Wed. am.

VIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22
Chase money and make important purchases this Sunday and Fri./Sat. – and in the weeks ahead, and the whole year ahead. During the year ahead, you’ll fare better if you accept surface appearances, people as they are, than if you start digging deeper. (That last action can create profit-killing and project-sapping delays.) You might start, or “accept” a sensually intimate relationship, but not one that thrills your mind or heart. Be kind, Virgo. Don’t “use” someone who’s smitten with you, or you might someday fall in love with someone who returns the negative favour. If you know you couldn’t live with someone for the next 20 years, tell them so up front: this can cause a little bit of hurt, but prevent a river of regret later. Keep this in mind Fri./Sat., when money, sensuality and the urge to possess are heightened. (A bond formed Fri. or before Sat. dawn, will eventually fail. One formed later Sat. morning/day might have its ups and downs, but generally satisfy both parties.) Earlier, withdraw, rest and contemplate Sun. dawn to Tues. midnight – all goes well, making this a good, even superb interval for contacting charities, spiritual groups, therapists and advisors, government, institutions, and “head office.” Your energy and charisma rise nicely Tues. pm to Thurs. midnight. To succeed, act Tues., or Wed. pm (AFTER 2 pm PDT). Not a bad week, Virgo!

LIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22
This week and the few ahead place the spotlight on you – your charisma, clout, energy and effectiveness rise solidly now, especially Fri./Sat., when you could, almost without realizing it, start a new, promising life. If you’re single, the 12 months ahead can bring major attention. A Gemini, especially, might fall head-over-heels for you, and is sincere about marrying. (So might an Aries, Aquarius, or a light-hearted but teasing Leo or Sagittarian. Overall, Gemini and Aries are your best potential partners this year ahead.) You, yourself, will be cheerful, friendly, lucky, travel-prone, and intellectually alert. This “renewed joy” will attract suitors – but for all of you, married or not, your newly bright personality will bring an expanded group of contacts, and therefore a lot more messaging, travelling, etc. – and favourable attention, even a “hand up” from bosses, parents or VIPs. (Hint: government, managing, delegating tasks, charities, asking for aid, will benefit you far more than taking a “hands-on” approach.) Sunday to mid-afternoon Tues. boosts your popularity, might bring flirtation with a future mate prospect, fills you with optimism and good luck and brings a “wish granting” atmosphere. But retreat Tues. pm to Thurs. midnight – rest, contemplate, plan, connect with advisors. Wed. morning’s difficult: take a hands-off stance. You’re launched, Fri./Sat. – on your way to a big, fortunate year!

SCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21
Be quiet, Scorpio; lie low, rest, contemplate, meditate, join a spiritual and/or charitable group, and plan your actions for 2018 (when you’ll burst into huge money luck, and, if wanting, a sexual dalliance). If you need employment or aid, see what the levels of government have to offer – there’s a prize for you in those realms, perhaps a very solid, financial prize. This “quiet luck” period experiences one of its peak points Fri./Sat., when you might begin a new project (relating to management, gov’t., head office, et al). (If you act Fri., you might experience communication or travel difficulties in the long-range future – a clue about these Sat. dawn (PDT). If you act Sat. after dawn, not only some success, but some loving, might come to you.) Earlier, be ambitious Sunday dawn to mid-afternoon Tues. – contact VIPs, bosses and parents, propose projects (even better, propose studying to pick profitable projects). You’ll impress higher-ups, you could even land a promotion. Happiness, reward, social delights, a feeling of satisfaction and that “the world is going the right way” – these visit you Tues. pm to Thurs. midnight. Be cautious the first half of Wed., when rebuffs or mistaken commitments are possible.

SAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21
You’re generally lucky – and happy-go-lucky – Sage. In the 12 months ahead, you’ll be doubly lucky, and, perhaps, doubly happy! A major, perhaps life-long wish could come true before October 2017. A light romance could begin, and turn into a year of happy frolicking – but there’s also a chance, a strong one, that this “light” attraction could turn to a deep marriage, especially if an Aries, Leo or Gemini is involved. Married or single, your social life and popularity will blossom. You’ll see proof of this Fri./Sat., if not earlier. These two days (Sat.’s better) launch a year of happiness. But even earlier, Sunday dawn to Tues. mid-afternoon (PDT) bring happiness of a different sort – a mellow, calm, far-seeing, understanding mood. Someone might woo you – if so, this person might eventually win you, as what you thought was just a “mental attraction” starts to take over, to melt your resistance and turn you toward love also, possibly a deep, abiding love. Be ambitious Tues. pm to midnight Thurs., or at least put on an ambitious show. You’ll meet obstacles the first 13 hours of Wed., but otherwise you can accomplish a fair amount. Fri./Sat., as mentioned, are for happiness.

CAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19
The general accent lies, this week and the next few (and to some degree, for the next 12 months) on ambition, prestige relations, neighbourhood standing, and dealings with authorities. You’re very likely to be promoted (or succeed in your own business) before autumn 2017 – or to perform so well that bosses promote you a bit later (before Nov. 2018). At the very least, recognition, praise, or bonuses come to you. (Well, at the very least, you could stay in bed all year, and avoid a promotion.) Realize that a promotion, if it comes, will involve a new level or weight of responsibility. (It’s that way for you: your good luck always seems to hold hands with an increased burden or duty.) You’ll receive hints of this good luck Sunday – and even more so Fri./Sat., when a new career project could begin. Sunday dawn (PDT) to mid-afternoon Tues. favours investing, debt reduction, lifestyle changes, commitments, medical diagnoses, detective work and research. Your intuition surges; so does your sexual drive: you sense possible intimacy with various people. Charge ahead during these few days, your luck is superb. (E.g., an investment made now could pay off for years.) A wise, mellow mood steals over you Tues. pm to midnight Thurs. Be cautious the first 13 hours of Wed.; otherwise, march ahead. Take care with legal, far travel and intellectual matters. In the year ahead, Cap, rest when you can. Save your energy for large, long leaps forward.

AQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18
The weeks and year ahead emphasize intellectual pursuits, law, far travel, higher education, international affairs, cultural venues, insurance, statistics, science, and profound relationships. A teacher might enter your life. You might fall in love. All these themes are kissed with luck now to next autumn, the kind of luck that will bring at least one, probably two, major wishes true. Sunday dawn (PDT) to mid-afternoon Tues. bring relationships, several of them important ones, opportunities, fresh horizons, dealings with the public, even the start of fame for some writers and artists, inventors and creators. Love can also arrive, perhaps with unexpected suddenness. Best stance: be open to others, eager to join, complimentary and diplomatic. You steer into deeper waters Tues. pm to midnight Thurs. – the relationships or opportunities of earlier week now need to be followed up: e.g., where there was affection, now you pursue intimacy, or where an agreement was reached, now you have to provide the funding or actions you promised. This is an excellent interval for research. However, be cautious the first 13 hours of Wed., when rebuffs and disappointment rule. For Fri./Sat., re-read the first four sentences of your forecast above. A splendid week to open the door to a splendid year!

PISCES Feb. 19-March 20
The weeks and months ahead (to autumn 2017) feature mysteries, depths, secrets, research and detective work, lifestyle changes, medical issues (get to an MD quickly, if pain visits) sexual intimacy, heightened intuition, commitment and consequence. These areas are blessed with good luck, light and understanding – and they can give your career a boost, especially if you work in these zones (mortgage broker, investment dealer, banking, research, police work, etc.). All these are highlighted Fri./Sat., when a new project or association might start. (Action Sat. will likely get you further than action Fri.) Earlier, tackle chores Sun. dawn to mid-afternoon Tues. You’ll get a lot done, as good luck fills each day. It’s a great time to buy or rent machinery. Relationships take centre stage Tues. pm to midnight Thurs. Careful Wed. am, when obstacles exist – but before and after this, you’ll find good “partners” or co-operation. But the bottom line is, you have to be more co-operative than anyone else (now to May/17) or you could risk alienating someone. (And in the year ahead, which is filled with secrets, you don’t want to create a secret enemy.) For Fri./Sat., read the first four sentences of this weekly forecast. If you proceed with care, deliberation and courage in the 12 months ahead, you could end with much more than you possess now.

The End.

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