October 2–October 7, 2016.
I am dictating this October 2 column, and some usual features, such as the “TRANSLATION”  will take me a few weeks to place again on this blog. I apologize for this: however, the blog has been hacked and I am just muddling my way through. Please forgive me when “a” is written “hey,” or “Tuesday” comes out as “choose day.”
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PREAMBLE:  Sorry, no heart for a preamble today. Oh, about the debate tonight (if you read this in time): Trump will be in his element because the moon is in Leo, his sign of talk. Of course this could go either for him or steer him into apparent inanities. The same moon is in Hillary’s sign of career, ambition, And of being judged. This does not seem as favourable; but the moon in the ambition sign is often an indicator of success through effort.




Aries: March 21– April 19
You remain in a relationship phase, Aries. Many opportunities face you this month, but this Wednesday to Friday Will see you tackling problems–probably too problems connected to your career or worldly status. Sunday noon (PDT) to Tuesday midnight brings secrets, Mysteries, sexual urges, and financial openings. Trust your luck, it’s good and productive. If a partner is involved, or even a casual associate, the long term results Will be even better. Your mind expands to take in new vistas, ideas, and understanding. However, you need to be aware of possible career difficulties Wednesday afternoon and Thursday mid day. These problems can interfere with a good relationship that might be building. But love, far travel, Legal affairs, higher learning, are all blessed Thursday, All day and night. Be a ambitious Friday and Saturday–repair any bad impressions you may have left earlier in the week. From now until early November your bosses will tend to be impatient and temperamental–Best approach, be long-suffering, smile, and correct anything that a boss points out. You’ll be fine.


Taurus: April 20 – May 20

Continue to tackle chores and to protect your daily health. This is a good, productive week, but beware any legal or relationship difficulties connected to you’re work or an employment, especially Wednesday to Friday. Relationships will be a source of joy Sunday noon (PDT) to Tuesday midnight. Love might to be slated Monday. However, remember that your major luck in the months ahead Will come from work, so these three days can also be profitably spent by seeking and encouraging partnerships in work. Sex, big finances, lifestyle choices, research and detective work, commitments and consequences–all these fill Wednesday to Friday noon. Diving into these areas can cause a problem or create an obstacle in love, travel, learning, and legal affairs. However you can make great progress, Especially Thursday, with civil servants and other bureaucrats, and with therapy or agents. Friday p.m. And Saturday Bring a gentle mellow mood and a wide View, Which can help you understand the events of the past two days. The short interval can also bring sweet understanding in love.


Gemini: May 21 –June 20

The accent continues on romantic love Gemini. You might be entering an affair; if so, this might be one of the biggest affairs of your life. Be realistic, Calm, and most importantly, look down the road 20 years–Will he or she still Love you–and that becomes the question: Will you still love him or her? The real secret to love is that those who give it get it, and those who can maintain it in our heart, keep it. Easier said than done. Whoever you are attracted to now seems to be very cheerful–is that usual or are they just being this way temporarily? Although you have recently been cool and well behaved, the weeks ahead– To November 8–Will bring a decidedly sexual urge. This urge is good for Friends with benefits, but can actually interfere with or upset a budding Love. That may tell you something about this love and its prospects and restrictions. But you are optimistic now that you may ignore all warning signs. This was the way love was meant to be anyway–a big plunge, and then the joy or regrets that follow. Sunday noon (PDT) to Tuesday midnight brings work and health concerns–the entire interval is benevolent so charge ahead.  Wednesday through midday Friday brings exciting relationships–both allies and enemies, cooperation and challenge. Now you might see the first conflict between Romance and sexual intimacy, especially Wednesday p.m. And Thursday morning, Noon. Things are intense: it’s all or nothing, Embrace or split. Thursday is cheerful and smooth; a friend might become a lover. Friday p.m. Through Saturday features heightened intuition, intensified sexual desire, Financial opportunities, secrets and spying, medical diagnoses, and lifestyle choices. Again you might have to decide between Love and intimacy–or wait until a person or situation arrives which does not contain this conflict. If the conflict does not exist, it could mean you have already found The One. Since you have 12 more months of loves Lucky favour, it will not harm you to wait.


Cancer: June 21 – July 23

Continue to focus on your domestic scene, cancer. This area will reward you for 12 months to come, but is especially important and productive this week and the next two. Hey threat to your peaceful Home might come Rolling in from the outside late this week–this could be anyone or anything, but is likely to be intense attention from an overly eager suitor or a twofold demand from your boss. Earlier Sunday noon to Tuesday midnight brings sudden sweet romantic feelings–and perhaps A relationship to accompany them. This is also a superb interval to teach your children or to find the best schools, and/Or to begin a savings plan for their education. It is also I find time to redecorate. Tackled chores and protect your daily health Wednesday to midday Friday. Thursday will proceed very productively; you can experience very friendly relations at work, could even make a bright new friend. But Wednesday and Friday are difficult. Wednesday might feature that over eager suitor or demanding boss; Friday might push you to choose between a happy home and a major adventure. Wait until Friday night’s and Saturday’s wisdom before you act on any of this. Opportunities and open doors Saturday–plunge in!


Leo: July 23 – August 22

The accent remains on errands, details, Paperwork, Short trips, communications, casual friends, and curiosity. These will in general go well this month, And for the year ahead. You will make many contacts and visit many places for the next 12 months: this can aid you in many ways in the decade ahead. You will be especially busy during the five weeks ahead; in addition, you might be operating or purchasing machinery. Protect your health from rashes, head blows, and sudden changes of temperature during these five weeks. Spend Sunday noon to Tuesday midnight in your home or neighbourhood. Decorate, garden, create new meal plans, Embrace the kids, Love your mate, and runs small errands around the neighbourhood–all lights are green, all systems go. Monday is especially good for landscaping or decorating. Romance arrives with fiery wings Wednesday through midday Friday–but proceed with caution and diplomacy. Wednesday might confuse you or cause a miscommunication, especially if you’re working at the time. Friday might also cause work to interfere with love or friendship. But Thursday seems made for love–or for being creative, taking risk, and finding beauty and pleasure. You might even be talking, if you’re single, to a fine potential life-mate. Tackle chores and protect your daily health Friday p.m. and Saturday.


Virgo: August 23– September 22
Money flows to you this weekend the next two, Virgo. However, this Wednesday to Friday erect obstacles to your money efforts–there are two obstacles or they occur twice and both of them involve Romance, children’s talents, pleasure, or a gamble you want to take. My advice: favor the practical, the monetary, over Romance and such things– Not only now but for the 12 months ahead. The attraction you feel most intensely and sexually Will only last a few weeks; the deeper attraction, a milder but strong affection–or the prospect thereof –Will still be here, waiting for you for another eight years. Sunday noon (PDT) to Tuesday midnight brings errands, travel, communications, paperwork and details, casual acquaintances, and curiosity–read, ask questions. You could learn something very valuable. All three days are filled with smooth, good progress. Your domestic environment rises to the fore Wednesday through Friday noon. Embrace your kids and spouse, Garden, make nutritious meal plans, seek security, plan for retirement, etc. — and rest, for this is a short “hibernation” interval. Thursday is splendid for investments, Especially in property–for the less ambitious, this is a good Night to snuggle together. But Wednesday p.m. And Friday a.m. bring difficulties or conflicts between your home, family and security set-up, and any romantic or creative notions you might have. Friday evening and Saturday do Bring a bit of “good” romance, or at least romantic notions. You will find pleasure, See beauty, and know life is good.

Libra: September 23 – October 22

Your personal charisma remains high; your energy and effectiveness reach a peak this week and the next two. Things you never thought you were capable of or could achieve, now seem to be under your complex command. For example, you might find yourself receiving admiration or romantic attention from someone you have long thought was out of your league. The question becomes: to take advantage, or not? I favor taking advantage, but watch for two obstacles that could derail your love train. The first centers on Wednesday, and could involve domestic strife, or even a break up because you act to arrogantly, or because you simply want your freedom. Be second obstacle affect you all week, and in fact has affected you since 2008, But it tends to arise to the surface Friday. This second obstacle has a direct connection to your Family or domicile. For example, you live alone and your residence is such a mess that any member of the opposite sex whom you bring home Will want to leave. You can be almost certain, if single, that any real true love now two 2024 well require you to change homes. Chase money, buy/sell, cultivate clients, and “believe what you see” (without digging deeper) Sunday noon (PDT) to Tuesday midnight. You luck is superb, and you can find good, valuable purchases. You might start a sexual affair these few days; if so it will be very Physical but might lack a deep, lasting emotional bond. Errands, communications, paperwork, short trips and casual acquaintances fill Wednesday .to Friday mid day. Wednesday is not easy; it could cause an argument with a loved one. And Friday brings that deeper domestic problem mentioned above. But Thursday is grand–you will feel friendly towards everyone, and a new Love could represent future marriage, or you and an ongoing lover could decide to elevate your bond. Friday p.m. and Saturday should find you at home or in the neighbourhood, doing at-home or neighbourly things. All’s well.


Scorpio: October 23 – November 21
Continue to pamper your physical health, Scorpio. Now, rest, contemplate. Examine your past moves and circumstances for clues as to how you got to this place; with this in mind, Plan your future. Connect with counselors, therapists, researchers, civil servants, institutional workers, and the head offices of large corporations. Be charitable, spiritual. Your energy and charisma Will rise Sunday noon (PDT) to Tuesday midnight. Prepare a large list before these three days, because your luck is high and you will accomplish a lot. Chase money, buy sell, cultivate clients, and pay bills Wednesday to midday Friday. This interval is not easy–your own lack of energy can interfere with the money luck Wednesday p.m., and you might temporarily be robbed of communication skills Friday. Still, Wednesday is superb, and promises to reward your work efforts with cash. Errands, Short trips, communications, paperwork and details, and casual acquaintances fill Friday p.m. and Saturday. Friday is not easy but Saturday shows you a smooth road–be curious, ask questions. Overall, this is a fairly benevolent week, So get lots of rest, and pursue your goals. You might, Thursday p.m., spy a house or neighborhood that you might live in a few years down the road. Or, you might learn a valuable Secret or process that can benefit your domestic scene.

Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21
Remain hopeful, Sage. Your wishes–at least some of them–Will come true, some this month but some in the 12 months ahead. You’ll remain buoyed by a flow of popularity optimism light romance and flirtation, Adventurousness, entertainment and social delights. You might have just finished an intense romantic interval. Now that intensity transfers to your private life, inner feelings and sexual desires. For the next five weeks you might find yourself, If single, mingling practical and financial themes with your romantic interludes. You might even be discussing co-habitation with a lover. If you are married, don’t let your eyes wander. Spend the Sunday noon to Tuesday midnight in a restful stance–sleep, dream, contemplate, and plan future actions. Be charitable, spiritual;  Deal with Government, Institutions and large corporations. Your energy and charisma soar Wednesday to midday Friday. Charge forth, tackle problems and solve them Wednesday and Friday. Wednesday, your monetary situation or urges conflict with your need for social and personal affection. On Friday, you face an old old obstacle–it involves your money, your income, and again, they conflict with your friends or y.our hopes. Simply, it is the old saying, don’t mix money and friends. Thursday, however, is successful and splendid–you could meet someone with whom you laugh and love–why aren’t you together more often? Chase money, pay bills, seek new clients, ask for a pay raise or sell old items Friday p.m. And Saturday. Results will not be spectacular, but fine nevertheless.


Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

Your ambitions, your career, your neighborhoods status, Prestige relations I’m dealings with the authorities fill October but also stand out luckily for the next 12 months. In some regards, October is a pivotal month, Or more correctly a Time in which to launch projects which you would like to see succeed over the months ahead. Midday Sunday (PDT) to midnight Tuesday will find you happy, optimistic, popular, and generous towards friends. A minor wish might come true. These are a beautiful few days, so tackle what ever appeals to you–including romance. Retreat Wednesday to mid day Friday–rest, Contemplate, plan. Deal with charities, Spiritual groups, Government agencies, and the head offices of large corporations. Wednesday and Friday hold problems–or not. You are on fire now, And deeply determined– This can earn the ire of bosses or judges, or they could love your new fiery energy. Be self-aware; realize the result is up to you. In between, Thursday is marked for success: you can find the right money angle, and you will somehow benefit from working from home or from involvement with your employer’s premises, Territories, Or leasing projects. Midday Friday your energy returns, your charisma kicks in, and you can accomplish almost anything within reason. Prepare, and March forth.
Aquarius: January 20 – February 18
The accent remains–very luckily so–on far travel, international affairs, legal affairs, higher learning, intellectual pursuits, media and publishing, cultural venues, and love. These might encounter a problem or two Wednesday to Friday, but a little effort and understanding can overcome obstacles. Be ambitious Sunday noon to Tuesday midnight– good luck accompanies you, so go all out in pursuit of a career, status, or prestige goal. You’re wise, Mellow outlook can help you advance. Social daylight, popularity, optimism, entertainment, and flirtations fill Wednesday to mid day Friday. Thursday is superb, bringing new friends and a rush of chatter. Wednesday holds a moral, Legal, or ethical dilemma, which might be connected to a secret you do not want revealed, or a feeling of I anger which you do not want to face. Friday holds a similar conflict–but this one has been around many years and Will last eight more. It involves a moral or ethical dilemma that might be attached to your job or career. However, Wednesday through Friday lifts your spirits so nicely that you remain unfazed–and happy! Retreat from the bustling crowd Friday p.m. and Saturday. Be charitable, spiritual, deal with Government agencies or head office, and complete neglected chores. Be restful and contemplative: plan your future moves.

Pisces: February 19 – March 20

You are in the midst of many mysteries, Pisces. This sense of the unknown, of the deeper depths and unexplored spiritual, sexual, psychological, and financial realms, Will lure you and benefit you for 12 more months. October represents a potential launching pad for these matters– So dig deep, glory in you’re investigations, and walk through Golden doorways when you see them. Remember one thing: that in all this at least one other person is involved, and sharing your discoveries, opportunities, and deepest self with someone else Will increase your reward. This is also a great year ahead to seek therapy or advice. If you are married or otherwise attached, your partner will tend to be a source of wisdom–listen. A wise, mellow mood flows through you midday Sunday (PDT) to midnight Tuesday. Your luck is good here, so step into International affairs, far travel, legal affairs, higher education, any intellectual pursuit, or, In some ways the biggest one, love. Your career and relations with higher-ups and authorities are highlighted Wednesday to midday Friday. Wednesday and Friday both reveal a conflict between your social life or your wishes and hopes, and you’re financial or Internet desires. In between, Thursday holds success, especially in dealing with management and money–E. G., a good time to talk to your bank manager about future needs and or present investments. Your social life expands mildly Friday p.m. and Saturday–you’ll be happy, and the world will offer you a bright new horizon.
The End.