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START NOTHING: 9:51 AM to 11:33 PM Sunday; 4:49 PM Tuesday to 5:43 AM Wednesday; zero 13 a.m. to 8:08 AM Friday, and after 9:23 PM Saturday.



Virgo women are solid, and contain huge reserves of energy and emotion under an implacable exterior. When you strike the spark of attraction here, realize you might be lighting a furnace. Sometimes when you hug a Pisces woman you feel like you’re hugging air; elusiveness is second nature to Pisces. If you enter a love affair with a Pisces, you will find that he/she slowly and invisibly envelops you in the mists of her thoughts, dreams, and sensitivities.

Monaco will be an early indicator of U.S. war.

A reader from India has asked me to look at the latest Pakistani-Indian conflict, in which the Indian Army briefly invaded Pakistan to hit jihadist targets. Simply from their names, we can look at Pakistan as Libran, and India as a Taurus. Taurus is Libra’s sex sign, but also its life and death sign. Pakistan needs to be very careful of provoking India — a country that could deal it a death blow.
If the charts are right, Pakistan is a Leo nation with a cancer moon. Pakistan also has Half of all planets in Leo, and Jupiter in Scorpio. This nation is very stubborn and very proud. Again, the charts being right, India is an Aquarius nation with the moon in Taurus, so India is also very stubborn… but with a little less pride and a little more openness. India’s Pluto is in Leo–an indication that the two nations will probably never get along. It can also indicate mortal enemies.
Pakistan Will find true success when it makes/finds friends, not necessarily, but at least obliquely, with India. Or the meaning might be (of Uranus at 9 Gemini) on a minor scale historically,  that romance, vacation, recreation, and being a “social destination” (the last perhaps likely after some far time) will help mend and bring prosperity to Pakistan. Until then, disappointment in its general ambitions. This nation has a tendency to get swept into war with America — either alongside or against. The chart shows an arable, fertile land. Why the poverty? I don’t know Pakistan, but the nation — or its leader — seems to have a large, powerful “court” whatever it is called (coterie, advisors, entourage). The leader sits upon a boiling cauldron of these insiders and their intrigues. Power plays wring this court like a curling snake, forever tying and untying itself in elusive knots. Half of all the planets sit behind the sun — so does the moon, in a solar 12th. Pakistan has a genius for IT and telecommunications. This nation loves law and lawyers and judges. When Pakistan is calm and far-seeing, it will prosper. When it seethes volcanically, disaster and loss loom. On the calm side, love, sensuality, love of beauty and nature. On the loss side, anger, wrath, jealousy, vengeance, deep sexual attitudes or experiences, love of intimacy, power and security.


When Pluto opposes its moon in 2019 Pakistan will come close to war. By 2020 war Will be engaged. However despite the fact that both nations possess nuclear weapons, I can’t see a major conflagration. The entire time between now and approximately 2229 Will never hold enough stress to create a third world war– We are free of that. Civil wars, police actions, And sometimes mass murderers Will tend to fill the military bucket for these 200 years ahead. This does not preclude a nuclear strike, though — in fact, it is more probable than not that a bomb will be dropped in this era (1983-2232 AD) — thus the “mass murder.”
Long time readers Will know that since the mid-1980s I have written there would be no world wars in the next 250 years, and that in general stability would prevail. Two Harvard professors have just released a study demonstrating that casualties of war have fallen since the 1980s to only 60% of their 1980s levels. Now that the FARC have disbanded in Columbia, there is no war in the western hemisphere–and almost all the war in the world is confined to a strip from Libya to Pakistan. The casualties of terrorism might also be declining: 2015, As horrible as it was, showed a decline in terrorist victims from 2014.
Much terrorist activity is tied to the “Arab Spring” — or more correctly, the Arab Revolt — which spans the years March 2011 to March 2019. In 2019, a 7-year period of the “bankers’ Revolt” should start. In other words, a money, currency, and economic disruption (more than today.) (Remember, I’m the guy who told you deflation was coming — I think I first called it for 2014/15, in a 2009 forecast. Negative interest rates now stand in Japan and all Europe. Forecasters say China could also go negative. Canada is 0.25 % away from being negative.)

Did you know the Marshall islands in the South Pacific were inhabited when the US exploded 67 nuclear bombs there in the 1950’s above-ground tests? Many inhabitants were relocated, leading to “nuclear nomads.” It’s funny how the 1950’s was known as the age of innocence–father figures on TV, happy nuclear families in suburban Idylls, etc., while the U.S. government put radioactive material in commercially sold cereals to see what effect it would have on the population, and when — the ’60’s by now — the Canadian and US. Governments dosed unwitting mental patients with LSD. (The 1950’s also contained much of the U.S. imperialism in the oil fields which essentially robbed middle east populations of their [maybe meagre] wealth — and helped lead to the present Arab Revolt.)


Well, today was John Lennon’s birthday–October 9. John was born in the 16th degree of Libra. This degree is known for generous abilities coupled with the courage to follow one’s own path. However, Carelli, in writing about this degree, says that the native should never enter a war zone because a bomb or grenade is sure to find him. Lennon was assassinated in New York City, perhaps the victim of culture wars.

Librans are some of my favorite people; they are almost always gracious and reserved. Librans often appear calm on the surface when they filled with hidden tension or stress. They possess a unique capacity to calm other people– especially nervous Geminis. Remember Wonderwoman, the tv series? The main actress had classic Libra looks. The actress in Bones (Duchamel?) is also Libran, and her voice, speech patterns and intellect are pure Libra.


Aries: March 21 – April 19

Live up to your reputation Sunday, Aries –you might receive a compliment or tip of the hat. Careful driving Sunday morning. Happiness, and social joy, popularity, entertainment, optimism, wish fulfillment and intriguing flirtations occur Monday and Tuesday. If single, you could made a good mate, especially Monday. It’s a great time to envision your future. Hey wish might come true. Retreat Wednesday /Thursday–rest and recuperate, and contemplate the potential flaws in an ambitious plan or a budding relationship. Avoid arguments and erratic driving– And electrical tools –midday Thursday. Your energy and charisma surge upward Friday and Saturday, but handling a relationship can be akin to mountain climbing–there are peaks and valleys and loose rocks. Friday is best; you might be dealing with the love of your life. But things can just as easily fly apart as cement together, Especially Saturday, When one wrong comment can ruin a whole day–or a whole, Delicate relationship. Overall, a great week with opportunities and happy meetings. The only problem might be, Late week, difficulties in communication, Especially with loved ones or partners.
Taurus: April 20 –May 20
The general accent remains on work, service personnel, General daily health, machinery and dependents. This area will be quite busy several new instructions or coworkers arrive this week and next. You will get lots of relief from drudgery, as a romantic streak breezes through. Others treat you very affectionately, and an assertive person, probably a Capricorn, is ready to pursue you. On the negative side, strictly avoid lawsuits and import and export projects now to November 8. Either one of these–Romance or legal Affairs–confront you Sunday. However not a lot is likely to occur after 10 AM PDT. Be ambitious Monday/Tuesday: A whole run of good aspects helps you succeed and impress the powers that be. Happiness, social delights, optimism, popularity, entertainment, and a flirty atmosphere buoy you up Wednesday/Thursday. However neither day is particularly lucky in terms of events, so don’t start new projects or relationships–just enjoy yourself. Retreat, rest, contemplate and plan Friday/Saturday– Bad aspects mingle with good, So be cautious: Watching is better than doing.


Gemini: may 21 –June 20
You’re remain awash in romantic sentiment Gemini– If single, You have probably already started dating someone compatible. You might even have two prospects. The best of these two Is probably the one most separated from you in age. (Of course, be realistic.) If you are married, this weekend or next are splendid times to channel your children in the right direction by entering them in art or dance classes, Or in a prestigious school. It’s also a good time for snuggly stuff with your mate. Sunday is very sexy but whether you’ll get anything is another story, As the day tends to fade after 10 AM PDT. A gentle, mental love might arise Monday/Tuesday, Perhaps with an aquarian. Monday is best–a Libra might be reluctant Tuesday. These two days are also excellent for far travel, higher education, intellectual pursuits, and cultural rituals. Be ambitious but not too much so Wednesday/Thursday–the aspects are difficult, your motives might not be pure, and ambition’s rewards Will be rather paltry until next May. Avoid an argument Thursday afternoon. Happiness, hope, optimism, popularity, entertainment and flirtations arrive Friday/Saturday. Friday is best, You might even meet a new love interest. Still, friction can arise over your sexual forwardness or the other person’s domestic difficulties Saturday.
Cancer: June 21 – July 22
The focus continues on your domestic situation, cancer. This week is easy in the beginning but gets tough Thursday onward. Sunday brings relationships, but those that appear after 10 AM PDT will offer you little in days to come. Best approach to this day: relax and be flexible. Life’s mysteries and secrets nudge their way into your consciousness Monday/Tuesday; Your intuition rises strongly. Both days are excellent for investing, debt reduction, sexual intimacy, lifestyle changes, and research. This is also a good little interval to give or get counselling and to be charitable towards the handicapped. Wisdom and understanding, gentle compassionate love, far travel, intellectual pursuits, cultural rituals and publishing attract you Wednesday/Thursday. However, a very subtle pitfall lies before you Wednesday, and you’re luck isn’t great Thursday, Either. Go slow, and avoid sarcastic remarks. The ambitious Friday/Saturday–meet the boss, rub shoulders with VIPs, show your talents, and protect your neighborhood reputation. Friday is best.


Leo: July 23 –August 22

Errands, casual friends, paperwork and details, media and publishing, short trips and visits dominate this month–push on through with a swing and a smile. All is pretty good in your universe. Tackle routine shores Sunday–be careful with electricity. Relationships, new horizons, fresh air, relocation themes, dealings with the public, and opportunities arrive Monday/Tuesday. You might fall in love. Sex, intimacy, major finances such as investments or debt, Research and detective work, and lifestyle choices call you Wednesday/Thursday–but it’s the call of a siren. Be careful, Guard your money and your honour. Avoid sharp words with a coworker or mechanic– And drive carefully. Hey beautiful mood steals over you friday/Saturday. Friday is probably best, as Saturday, Especially in the evening, holds a deeper problem for someone and this can interfere with your work or health. For example, you might try to talk with a Libran you know but fine that you don’t understand the deeper things that he she is speaking of– Probably because these things are very personal to the Libran. Still, Love is in the air, even if the weather is “disruptive.”


Virgo: August 23–September 22
The general accent lies on money and possessions, Virgo. Buy and sell items, cultivate clients, seek a pay raise, or in some other way strive to improve your bank account. You might also be involved in a sensual affair– don’t lead someone on if you know their feelings are much stronger or more vulnerable than your own. You probably will not do this anyway, as honesty is very important you in emotional and loving situations. Your romantic courage remains high until November 7, and you talk charmingly to the opposite sex during the present week. Still, you know deep down whether you are ultimately compatible with someone or not. If not, gently let them go. Sunday is filled with beauty, pleasure, and romantic feelings–stick with the beauty and pleasure, as romantic events seem sparse. Dive into work monday/Tuesday–you will get a terrific amount done, and likely be very well rewarded, As money and work mingle. Relationships, opportunities, new horizons, agreements, negotiating, litigation and dealing with the public are all emphasized Wednesday/Thursday — but you should not be forming new bonds nor marrying before next May, and the rest of these–opportunities, etc.–Temporarily face difficult reactions. Avoid arguments. Your secret life, your secret desires, greed on intimacy, investment and debt reduction, research, medical diagnosis, lifestyle changes, consequence and commitment fill Friday/Saturday. Dive into these Friday but put the brakes on Saturday.
Libra: September 23 –October 22
Libra, your magnetism, Charm, energy and effectiveness remain at an annual high– Charge forth, start ventures, Chase someone attractive, Be a leader. Many things go your way, And love is one of them. However, friction in your home could undermine a relationship; this friction can also bring you to a place where you must do something: change residences, fix up your own place, or solve some domestic hindrance. This trend Will climax around October 19. You might not solve the problem, but you will probably give it a couple of pretty good, Aggressive whacks. (About that time, also be wary of domestic violence potentials.) Singles who are dating now can face song pressures to end the relationship. At the same time, you talk well and your cheerfulness is growing–two factors which can save a love affair. Sunday ties you to home, kids, and/or the neighbourhood. Relax, and stick to routine affairs. Romance whacks you with its magic wand Monday/Tuesday. Hey (dammit I’m tired of converting “hey” to ”a”) — A Gemini might be very voluble, and can convince you of almost anything, but an Aquarian attracts you more. (Though these two days, almost any sign will do.) Monday/Tuesday also favor children’s interests, beauty, pleasure, risk-taking, Sports and entertainment. Tackle chores and protect your daily health wednesday/Thursday–however don’t dive in too deeply, as both these areas yield little reward and might actually contain traps. Relationships confront you Friday/Saturday–if you’re single hey future mate might appear. However, for this to work–that is for attraction to turn to wedding–a deep domestic obstacle must be overcome in future. Friday is better for jumping on opportunities or seeking love or agreement.


Scorpio: October 23– November 21

Continue to lie low, Scorpio. Rest, research, contemplate and plan–soon, you will be putting some of those plans in force. But many of you’re bigger, Better plans are for 2018, when your life, money, and cheerfulness Will surge into happier places. You are very talkative and restless now, Filled with wanderlust. You are also, despite your present low-energy, attractive to the opposite sex. A small, minor Love affair might occur, to last a week or two. Sunday is for travel, short trips, visits, calls and messaging, And errands. Stick to routine, as the day is mostly a dud. Your home and family call monday/Tuesday. Your luck is so fine here that almost anything you undertake will succeed–E. G., landscaping, decorating or renovations, starting an educational savings plan for the children, improving your security, or enhancing retirement plans. Dive into something! Romance– Or at least romantic notions–arrive wednesday/Thursday. This takes two forms: one, on Wednesday, you can be drawn into a powerful romantic/Seductive situation which later turns out to be a dead end of disappointment. Or two, on Thursday, Friction and argument prevail. However, Thursday evening to midnight could bring real love. Dive into work friday/Saturday–you’ll get a whole pile done Friday, but Saturday might frustrate and irritate you with a symphony of glitches.
Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21

A wish can come true now, Sage! For the two weeks ahead, and to a very significant degree for the 12 months ahead, popularity, optimism, flirtations, and all around happiness visit you. Your romantic courage has ebbed a little, yet paradoxically your ability to attract physical intimacy has increased, And will stay high until November 8. if you are single, an important conversation Will occur with someone you find attractive. This Conversation could make a love and lifemate wish come true, Especially if a Libran or Gemini is involved. I’ll Sunday emphasizes shopping, earning money, and a physical attraction. However, Little of importance Will occur. Errands, travel, communications, casual acquaintances, paperwork and details fill Monday/Tuesday. You will accomplish a lot and encounter more than one exhilarating meeting. Monday could bring a prospective lifemate. Head for home Wednesday/Thursday–there are a couple of problems you need to solve. However don’t get too deeply involved in your home or family now through May  2017, as this area holds few rewards and many potential pitfalls. You might argue with the very person you want to love Thursday. Real romance comes barreling in Friday/Saturday. Friday and late Saturday night are better, as the first 20 hours of Saturday are a jumble of risk, unexpected reactions, and potential alienation between lovers. This two days bring beauty, pleasure, charming kids, and speculation–be careful with gambling.


Capricorn: December 22 – January 19
The general accent remains on ambition, Cap. Prestige relations, dealings with authority, with your parents, the course of your career, and your worldly and neighborhood status–all these fill your thoughts, And all are lucky not only this month but through October 2017. Mars in your sign until November 8 makes you more magnetic and determined than usual. The magnetism fits very well with a streak of flirtation and light romance that blesses you this week. But the determined part could lead you to quit or lose a job, especially if you speak angrily to a boss Thursday or become inflexible Saturday. Your energy and charisma remain high Sunday, but little gets done after 10 AM PDT. Chase money Monday/Tuesday–cultivate new clients, seek a pay raise, sell items, and make important purchases. Good luck accompanies you both days, So charge ahead. Errands, trips, communications, paperwork and details, and casual friends fill Wednesday/Thursday. Wednesday goes smoothly, yet you might find that the things you accomplish are afterwords a bit insignificant: Guard again just wasting your time. You will meet obstacles Thursday; be diplomatic and work your way through them. This night might bring sweet affection. Be domestic, embrace your family friday/Saturday. Friday goes well and you can accomplish a lot (landscaping, renovations, repairs, gardening, nurturing the children)– But Saturday needs care dawn to dusk. Accidents, arguments and ego conflicts could steal the day.
Aquarius: January 20 –February 18

The wise, gentle mood that has recently stolen over you continues for two more weeks– and to some degree For 12 more months. Think About international travel, cultural involvements, higher education and all intellectual pursuits, legal matters, profound truths, and love. You will probably be diving into at least one of these areas in and months to come, and with splendid results! This week and next a Gemini or Libra might whisper sweet things in your ear–these whispers of love or advice are actually quite true–but you might argue with them, Perhaps just to be contrary, Thursday through Saturday. Until November 7, avoid belligerent people and “dark alleys”. Someone might reveal one of your secrets, Perhaps this Sunday. However, nothing of any consequence happens Sunday so I wouldn’t worry. Rest and contemplate this day. Your energy and charisma soar upward Monday/Tuesday– You will succeed in almost anything except career. Hey love affair or a major voyage– Or both–could be born. Chase money and pay bills wednesday/Thursday. You’re luck is not high here, so stick with routine purchases and do not sacrifice your ethics or other opportunities in pursuit of money. In general for the next seven months you will fare better if you aim for long-term money or asset acquisition rather than focusing on you’re monthly income. Don’t argue Nor blurt out a secret Thursday. Errands, short trips, paperwork and details, And casual meetings fill Friday/Saturday. Dive into Friday, But be cautious Saturday–don’t argue with a loved one nor attempt anything unsavory or secret.


Pisces.svg Pisces: February 19 – March 20
The accent remains on the mysterious, on secrets and investigation, lifestyle choices, medical diagnoses, Depth psychology, heightened intuition, sexual urges and financial actions. This entire area is a gold mine for you from now to October 2017–so dig in, don’t be timid–you could strike it rich or discover an insight that can change your life for the better. Visiting a therapist, Counselor, Psychic or medical doctor could be instrumental inciting you on the right course for the years to come. Sunday is optimistic, Happy, social and flirtatious, But little happens of any consequence, so just enjoy the day. Retreat monday/Tuesday–rest, contemplate, plan, Research and dream. Dreams and imagination this year ahead can trigger valuable ideas. Be charitable and spiritual. Your energy and charisma rise Wednesday/Thursday, putting you in charge. Go after what you want, But realize that everything selfish you chase Will be like water in your hand while chasing relationships Will give you something solid. Even chasing a relationship, however, can give you Communication difficulties Thursday. Money, possessions, memory, and sensual attraction– All are enhanced friday/Saturday. Take your main action friday, as Saturday is studded with obstacles.
The End.

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