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ALL SIGNS: from October 16-19 inclusive, an opportunity, new relationship, or other seemingly lucky circumstance might appear. For various reasons, If you seize this opportunity or new relationship, you will face some disappointment in love–even if the opportunity you jump on is a lucky, valid one in business or other practical areas. For example, say you land a lucrative new job Oct. 17 — good, it could be a great position, but as long as you’re in this job, you will have disappointment in love.


BTW, Every time you see ”choose day” in the text below, it means TUESDAY. If you see “hey” it means “a”. “Son” means “sun.” If you see a string of expletives, that’s me. (I’m dictating this column on Apple’s “Pages.”)




Remember some months ago I wrote that Bill Clinton, while campaigning for Hillary, would hurt her cause because he has a subconscious desire to keep her from attaining his position? Look at what he did last week: calling Obamacare, Hillary’s platform item, “the craziest system.”

The Gemini party? Donald Trump is a Gemini. His VP pick, Mike Pence, is a Gemini. His two strongest surrogates, Rudy Giuliani and Newt Gingrich, are both Geminis. Hillary is a Scorpio.

Long ago, but not that long ago, astrologers Believed that the sun represented men and the Moon represented women. For example, in a woman’s chart, her sun indicated the man in her life, while her moon represented the woman. Due to social advances, women’s liberation and a reduction in chauvinism, the sun in a woman’s chart represents the woman and her moon represents her emotions–just as in male charts.

Still, some vestige of this male sun–female moon remains relevant. When Donald Trump, A Gemini sun, was choosing a running mate, he chose a man with a Gemini sun like himself. Hillary is a Scorpio sun with a Pisces Moon. For her running mate she chose a Pisces man, Tim Kane– To fit with her moon.

Political correctness has always been the handmaiden of hypocrisy (and both are sisters to bigotry). I always thought Faye Dunaway, the preacher’s wife who seduced Dustin Hoffman in “Little Big Man,” was the perfect and hilarious illustration of pc-versus lust, or of pc versus its real enemy, nature. (This clever movie gave Dunaway a bigoted husband, showing pc and bigotry holding hands — i.e., married. Unhappily so.)

The Republicans who disavowed Trump after the video/audio of him bragging about his prowess with women in 2005, are almost undoubtedly hypocrites. The worst thing Trump said in that video was that he could “grab a woman’s pussy.” I am trying to think of any man I know who has not spoken about women this way. None occur to me at the moment. When I was 12 or 14, a joke was told repeatedly among boys; it was simple: you slowly drag your forefinger under your nose, and moan, “Ah, Sapphire!” You had to guess, of course, where that finger had been. This was standard fare among boys — many of whom didn’t even “get” the joke. For these mature male politicians to pretend they never heard (even as teens? even in the army?) nor uttered the words fuck, pussy, cock, suck, cunt, prick, etc., is pure, self-serving hypocrisy. And all these holy women who rail against Trump’s horrible words: how many of them have never talked about men with other women? How many women who have watched an NFL game have never coo’d over the player’s butts?   (I have heard this admiration/admission expressed many times.) How many women have never uttered the word “prick” or “cock?” You, Dear Reader, have you NEVER uttered a word about the opposite sex’s anatomy? You have? You said “fuck” once? You  said “shit” once? Then you can never run for public office, for we know politicians are pure, innocent, morally superb and without blemish.

Those who say you can’t say “pussy” or “prick” are the same types who say you can’t question the banks.

Did you know Shakespeare had Hamlet riff on the word “cunt” in a long speech of/to Ophelia? Did you know that in medieval France, boys of 5 years old and above — even the future king — were encouraged to “raise the drawbridge” (play with their penis’ erections)? The false prudery of modern america will be its downfall, because it creates a hollow nut: a shell of sanctimonious uprightness around an empty, stupid soul. Remember only this: the greatest writer in English history, perhaps in all history, called his heroine a cunt (Hamlet’s “cuntry matters” speech) and we revere his stage play as one of the greatest dramas in our human existence.

Just to belabour the point: G. Chaucer, considered to have penned the English language’s greatest poem (“Canterbury Tales”) liberally used the words piss, fart, shit, arse — and queynte (an early version of “cunt”).  Here’s a line, not from Chaucer, but from the BIBLE, the Christian Bible, in a 1382 (Wycliffite) edition: “Thei ete her toords and drynke her pisse.” If you can translate that, you’re a sinner. Here’s a little scene from the Canterbury Tales (bracketed words mine):

Derk was the night as pich, or as the cole, (coal)

And at the window out she putte hir hole (anus)

And Absolon, him fil no bet ne wers, (no better nor worse)

But with his mouth he kiste hir naked ers (arse)

Ful savourly, er he was war of this. (628-32) (A snootful before he was aware of what he was kissing.)

(This was actually tame for Chaucer — his “worst” I won’t transcribe here, as it might offend you. BTW, after playing this joke on the poor lusting parson, the lady in the quote above, laughs — “Tehee,” as G. C. writes it. This woman’s freedom to play with men was typical of the 1200 (or earlier) to 1600 era in Europe. In Canterbury Tales, in Shakespeare’s plays, even during the Victorian era, for God’s sakes (Wilde’s “She Stoops to Conquer,” or the female characters in “Great Expectations”) women have full-bodied, full-personality roles, as potent and powerful as the male roles. In today’s world, although we kneel before the altar of equality between the sexes, we keep women from major roles in film, and we tell men they must not talk about women’s bodies — except, of course, in secret. Secrecy is allowed; saying it publicly is a major sin.

Contemporary prudes caused Chaucer to apologize and retract some of his bawdier language/scenes. That was the 1300’s. In the 1500’s and 1600’s, centuries later, vulgar language or tasteless jokes were called, disdainfully, “Chaucer’s jest” or “a Canterbury Tale.”

Yet those self-appointed censors, those litigators who wanted to control how we speak, see and feel are all dead, all indistinguishable dust, while Chaucer’s Tale, arses and all, is still being printed, studied, and taught at university (partly because it reformed the English language, and marked the turning point between — was it old and middle English? Or middle and modern? I wasn’t a good student).

Sure, I can believe a man exists who, as a teen, turned his lonely back on the talk of other males; I can believe there is a man who has never spoken of touching a woman here, there, and everywhere — maybe 1 man in 20? In 50? In 100? These republican pols who act dismayed by the Donald’s crudity and shout for his dismissal, should themselves be fired for hypocrisy. “What Trump said in 2005 was disgusting and absolutely unacceptable!” they cry, hiding the fact that they spoke the same way (in private) a week ago. The CNN and MSNBC anchors and reporters who blatantly spend 20 hours a day blaring Trump’s latest gaffe to the world, over and over, and spend only 4 hours on Hillary — mostly to support her and to cover up or excuse her obstruction of justice (a felony) and her other worse-than-gaffes — these media anchors are not hypocrites but handmaidens. They’re not smart enough to be hypocrites.

(I saw Brooke Baldwin and her male sidekick on CNN grilling one of Trump’s security advisors, a former CIA director or some such. They insisted on asking him, at least 5 times, about the “lewd Trump tape.” He repeatedly told them he would talk about what he was invited for, ostensibly to discuss homeland security — but not about the tape. At last, cutting them short, he gave these two noodles a contemptuous “Goodbye” and ended the conversation. Baldwin and her sidekick looked shocked and non-plussed, that a guest would stand up to them. They both stared at him, speechless for a full second, before the camera went elsewhere.)

The real truth to that Donald “sex” video might lie in the actual video. The Donald Trump who bragged on the bus about his instantaneous conquest of women, when he dismounts from the bus and meets the female soap star, is reticent, impeccably polite in his stance and actions. In fact, It is his male companion, his guide, an actor from some entertainment program, who glams onto the female actress, and asks her to hug Trump–which she does, with much more Energy, Enthusiasm, and flirty playfulness than Trump, who stands there like a slightly flexible statue. When they are in the studio, and walking side-by-side Down a long Corridor, Trump is on one side, the flirty actress Is on the other, and the Male actor Is between them. After they walk a few steps, the actress drops back, Grabs the male actor, pushes him aside, and inserts herself beside Donald, even grabs his arm. She’s wearing skin-tight pants and a breast-revealing string shirt, and flirts with every step. In this whole interaction, Trump has no reaction, and simply walks straight ahead with the actress beside him. Clearly, the soap actress Is pursuing Trump while he, used to such attention yet obviously wary of it, does not respond to her advances.

Here we see the difference between trump’s locker room banter–admittedly demeaning women — as almost every man has done–and his actions, which by all appearances seem reserved, respectful toward that actress, and focused on his task, a cameo role in the soap opera.

Compare that to the full-on way in which Hillary hugs Tim Kaine before every speech. Oh, is that innocent? Oh, then forgive me.

TRUMP just held, as I write this, a news conference with the women Bill Clinton either raped or had sex with – Just an hour and a half before the debate. Both MSNBC and CNN, although they showed a two minute video of the press conference, claimed there were audio difficulties, so that neither Trump nor the women could be heard speaking. This is typical CNN/MSNBC bias, a bias so strong that it now will not even let the public hear. After finally giving us 90 seconds of sound, CNN cut back to their Studio and their pundits, the first of whom shook her head And declared “how sad and dark this is.”

As I wrote a few times, I don’t really approve of either candidate. However, I more and more see Donald Trump as an innocent to the slaughter (an arrogant bumbler to the slaughter?) and Hillary Clinton as a cynical manipulator. As I write this, the second debate has not occurred; however, I wonder what kind of abattoir Hillary is constructing for this night. (TIM’S NOTE: I just saw the debate. No comment, it would take another preamble. Donald, the Gemini, just couldn’t sit still, so he paced, and at times he stood behind Hill, looked threatening — bad move.)

The irony of this race is that I agree with Clinton’s overall worldview, including free trade. Yet her nature so crooked, her morals so lacking, her dirty tricks and crimes, and her heart so be-speckled with blackness, anger and falsehoods– All these repulse me. The double irony is that I like Trump to some degree despite his arrogance, His lies and his stubbornness–but I completely disagree with most of his Platform.


Aries.svg ARIES: March 21 – April 19

This is your last week of intensified relationships, Aries, although the whole 12 months ahead will bring great benefits from your urge to merge with others. Romance gets a boost this week as someone enters who is attracted to you, and makes your mind think new and mellow thoughts. Bosses are impatient until November 8, So be diplomatic and eager to please. If a lawsuit is brewing, you will probably win it unless your opponent is a Libra or Aquarian, or has a first name beginning with P or L. Chase money sunday/Monday–buy/sell, cultivate new clients, or ask the boss for a raise. This is also a good interval for for buying a status symbol. Sunday and predawn Monday PDT are better. Errands, communications, short trips, paperwork and details fill Tuesday/Wednesday. Although good luck mixes with bad, both day times bring smooth, even lucky progress. You’re might meet a potential mate or future friendly lover. Headed for home Thursday to noon Saturday. Thursday offers a kind of odd luck, like being kicked upstairs. Friday and Saturday are harsh and unwinnable , So take A passive, gentle approach– Unless of course you must fight. Saturday p.m. Brings beautiful romance, Beauty, pleasure, Games–but mostly Romance. Married couples rekindle flames, While singles could find true love.


taurus weekly forecast TAURUS: April 20 – May 20

The accent continues on work and daily health. Strictly avoid lawsuits before November 9. Although there is a lot of work to do this week, especially with quick small chores, a sexy note enters Tuesday and last until November 11. The same interval (to November 11) favors investing and debt reduction. All October,, to Nov. 8, cautions you against lawsuits, unethical actions, and secrets (they always get let out of the bag!). Your energy and charisma, clout and effectiveness, leap upward Sunday/Monday. Be the leader, start things, make contact and impress others– You’ll win! Chase money during the day times of Tuesday/Wednesday–morning and deep night are not reliable. Do not invest, nor mix money and friendships. Errands, short trips, communications, casual acquaintances, paperwork and details– These fill Thursday to noon Saturday. Accomplish what you can Thursday day time. Friday and Saturday Bring obstacle after obstacle: just relax and stay out of trouble. Your home and or family are an oasis of affection, Comfort and peace Saturday p.m.


Gemini.svg GEMINI: May 21 – June 20

The emphasis remains on romance, Beauty, pleasure, charming kids, sports/games, and self expression. In the old days they said that faint heart would never win fair Maiden–that applies now also whether you’re man or woman. If you’re attracted to someone, let them know in no uncertain terms. If you keep a social choke chain around your desires, then so will the one you’re attracted to. If you don’t trust your passion, Why should he or she? Your sexual fires are well lit through November eight, and your romantic notions are active through next October. Tuesday begins four weeks of affection from others, And gratifying responses to your approaches. Go out, Gemini–give yourself at least this month ahead before you dismiss the entire concept of love. Rest, Lie low sunday/Monday. Contemplate, make plans, be spiritual and charitable. Although your energy is low, your luck is high, Especially in management, civil service, financial, medical and sexual arenas. Your charisma, effectiveness and energy Leap to the sky tuesday/Wednesday. Both daytimes are excellent for pursuing your goals, Although difficulty lurks in the morning. You might meet your True mate Tuesday, and your True love Wednesday–hopefully they’re the same. Approach money, spending and possessions, and sexual attractions with much care Thursday to Saturday noon. Many frustrations and obstacles exist. Saturday night is affectionate — a great night for a date or meeting someone new.


Cancer.svg CANCER: June 21 – July 22

This is the last week of strong domestic focus, cancer, although the entire 12 months ahead Will bring you Great luck in this area: Real estate, raising/teaching children, gardening, security, retirement planning, Etc. Until November 8 relationships are intense and could lead to arguments; they could also lead to an ambitious partnership or a career opportunity. From Tuesday to November 11, your workplace Will hold affection; you might start an affair with a coworker. Sunday/Monday brings happiness, popularity, social joys, Optimism and glimpses of a bright future. A wish could come true, Especially in regard to a relationship, career, and or a relocation. Retreat tuesday/Wednesday–rest, contemplate, plan for the future, be charitable and spiritual, and interface with government or other institutions. Both daytimes will go well especially in domestic, family and security areas. Both predawn periods contain obstacles. Your energy and charisma, Your clout and effectiveness rise Thursday dawn (PDT) to Saturday noon. The short interval is fraught with irritations and problems–use your energy and heightened clout to seek solutions, although they may seem far and few. Thursday is best; it might even Bring unexpected good luck yeah and or from your home. Chase money and bargains Saturday p.m.–Your luck is superb, especially in luxury items.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO: July 23 – August 22

The accent continues on errands, communications, short trips, And other minor tasks. In many ways, Leo, you get a pass this year–although you will be busy, you do not face high-stakes and can happily talk, laugh, and enjoy friends all the way till October next year. Now to November 8, your work is intense And rapid. The flurry of errands and jobs you handle this week Will probably be the peak for the year ahead. Tuesday begins a four week Thread of romance with someone both friendly and good looking– Hopefully this is not your boss. Be ambitious Sunday/Monday–your luck is high with bosses, VIPs, authorities, and in career and prestige zones. This lock, however, Will fade strongly after dawn PDT monday. Social joys, optimism and a bright future, popularity, and white romance filled Tuesday/Wednesday. Both days have plenty of luck, but take care late Tuesday night to Wednesday dawn, when chasing sex, A financial jackpot, or work progress Will be in vain. Retreat from the fray Thursday Dawn to Saturday noon– Be charitable, spiritual, contact civil servants, institutions and head office. Contemplate and plan. Thursday is best, But not perfect; after this all is snafu’d. Your energy bursts forth Saturday p.m.– Suddenly you’re the star, and love fits perfectly: Welcome it!


Virgo.svg VIRGO: August 23 – September 22

You are in a period of earning money, preserving possessions, important purchases, and sensual attraction. That last is heightened by your sex planet, Mars, traveling through your romantic sign, Capricorn. This influence has run throughout October and lasts until November 8. This trend might have caused you some embarrassment if you were too physically eager in past weeks. Affection and sweet calm fill your home this Tuesday to November 11. Sunday/Monday it is mellow, wise, far-seeing. Your luck is high in intellectual pursuits, far travel, higher education, law and statistics, and love. Sexual intimacy is available. Stick to routine after 8 AM PDT Monday. Be ambitious Tuesday/Wednesday– Both daytimes favor you in earning money. Both early mornings hold small disappointments. Happiness, social joys, popularity, entertainment, light romance and optimism fill Thursday to Saturday noon. Thursday is best; Friday and Saturday contain only barriers and irritating developments. Be patient, cool. Retreat Saturday p.m. To rest, contemplate, and make future plans. All is sweet, affectionate–if you’re attached, this becomes a snuggly, Reassuring night.


Libra.svg LIBRA: September 23 –October 22

Your energy and charisma remain high, Libra. Whether it’s apparent or not, someone already has their romantic eye on you. If you sense this, And want it, just respond. But if you don’t see romance anywhere, charge ahead with your own plans and ambitions. This is the time to lead rather than follow– Not only now, but for the 12 months ahead. You will be lucky, you will be listened to, you might even become famous. Your domestic situation has been fractious all of October, And stays this way to November 8. For singles, this can cause one of two effects: meeting a loved one in the home can result in marriage, or in splitting apart. If you don’t want to test matters, then meet somewhere else. As last week, you continue to express yourself very well: Define your position for those who might want to impinge. From this Tuesday to November November 11, a light friendly Love affair might begin. Sexual intimacy, investment prowess, debt reduction, research and investigation, medical diagnoses, Lifestyle changes and making a commitment–these fill sunday/Monday. Sunday is better. Good luck accompanies you, So go after what you want. A wise, mellow mood, far travel, higher education, intellectual pursuits, the Statistics, science, Insurance, Possible fame: these arise with fair luck both daytimes. Both mornings (predawn PDT) hold opposition and obstacles. Time your actions accordingly. Be ambitious Thursday morning to Saturday noon. Thursday is best: you might even be promoted in a “Kicked Upstairs” Way. But Friday and Saturday contain almost insuperable barriers. Avoid the boss. Saturday p.m. Is another world: a wish could come true, especially in romantic and social zones. Don’t reject an honest suitor.
Scorpio.svg  SCORPIO: October 23 – November 21

This is your last week of weariness, Scorpio. By Saturday your energy will begin to rise for an entire month. You are speaking, acting, and driving with more speed and intensity than usual until November 8. Be cautious with this, or at least wait until next week onward to dive into trips, errands, arguments and discussions, Etc. Your money fortunes improve from Tuesday into November 11. Sunday/Monday confront you with relationships–good ones! If you want to make good new contacts, Or reach new agreements, act Sunday or before dawn Monday (PDT). Mysteries, secrets, major finances, investment and debt reduction, Lifestyle changes, medical diagnoses, research and investigation, on the results of commitment–these fill Tuesday/Wednesday. Both days rewards your efforts, but both mornings/dawns contain obstacles. An affectionate, mellow, wise mood slides over you Thursday morning to Saturday noon. For travel, higher education, intellectual pursuits, International affairs, cultural venues– And love fill these days. Thursday might reward you, or might erect a legal or religious barrier. Friday through Saturday noon brings opposition, irritants, obstacles, even loud arguments. Be thoughtful, not act–ful. Saturday p.m. Brings beautiful career or prestige luck to you–and starts a month of heightened energy, charisma, and effectiveness.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS: November 22 –December 21

This is your last week of happy socializing, Sage. Continue to have fun, meet people and join groups. Saturday Will begin a month of relative solitude, rest and recuperation, and contemplation. But beyond this, Right into October 2017, your social life Will remain buoyant, light romance can turn into real love, add a major wish will come true. Until November 8, more money than usual flows your way; however, you display an almost subconscious eagerness to spend it. This could leave you poorer then when you began. The present week holds much social discussion about your future and perhaps about marriage. Your personal charm and good looks Will be highlighted this Tuesday to November 11. Tackle chores and protect your daily health sunday/Monday. You can get a tremendous amount accomplished, as good luck prevails. Relationships fill tuesday/Wednesday–these are difficult both pre-dawns and very late Tuesday night. But they go very well both day times. You could meet your mate or agreed to marry. You could jump on a new opportunity in business, public dealings, litigation, relocation, and agreements. Someone who is very like you in their ideas and desires about companionship– And probably about travel–might make an appearance these two days. Life steers you into secrets, heightened intuition, heightened sexual desires, large financial actions, Lifestyle changes, and Research and investigation Thursday morning to Saturday noon. This interval is fraught with problems both seen and unseen. If you must invest or start a new boudoir Bond, try it Thursday or abandon it by Friday/Saturday. Saturday p.m. Makes you a very attractive to the opposite sex– Someone wants you, and will probably reveal it.


Capricorn.svg CAPRICORN: December 22 –January 19

Continue to be ambitious, Cap. Your career and business efforts are under good auspices for the entire year ahead. You have been fired up all October, and your determination and assertiveness can either end a job, end or fire up a relationship, or nudge you into increasing your security, Even by buying a home or leasing new premises. There will be several discussions with higher ups this week. Your inner or private world Will be filled with affection from this Tuesday to November 11. (Yet starting next week, your social or outer world Will also be filled with affection– And playfulness.) Sunday/Monday bring romance, beauty, pleasure, charming children, Self-expression and an eagerness to take a risk. All signals are go, so charge ahead Sunday and to dawn Monday PDT. Tackle chores tuesday/Wednesday– Both daytimes are very productive, Especially in your career situation–but both predawn periods hold refusals and setbacks. Relationships role in Thursday morning to Saturday noon. Thursday is not bad–you might even get lucky in career or dealings with higher-ups. You might even be promoted in the sense of being kicked upstairs. However Friday to Saturday noon is a disaster waiting to happen: be gentle with spouse, children and everyone. Don’t argue. Be passive if you need to. Start absolutely nothing important. Saturday p.m. Offers sweet luck in sexual intimacy, finances/Investments, and “detective work.”


Aquarius.svg AQUARIUS: January 20–February 18

The accent remains on intellectual pursuits, higher education, far travel, international affairs, legal matters,  profound truths–and love. Love that comes now or over the 12 months ahead Will be gentle, mental and just a little wistful. Many single aquariums will fall in love and marry. (I’m sorry that this stupid dictation program keeps calling you aquariums rather than aquarians.) Protect your physical health through November 8. Avoid belligerent people and dark alleys. Although October has been a refreshing relief emotionally, you might have had a slight downturn in social life. From Tuesday till November 11, that social life Will pop with ringing telephones, Affection, and Mutual optimism. For some, a wish to wed Will be fulfilled. Head for home sunday/Monday, or work on your Sales territory. Good luck aids you if you dive into gardening, nutrition, children’s future, security, repairs and reno’s, and retirement planning. Romance, Beauty and pleasure, self expression, risk-taking– all visit you tuesday/Wednesday. A Libra, gemini, or Sagittarian might be involved. You’ll succeed both day times but be cautious Tuesday and Wednesday before dawn and late Tuesday night PDT. Tackle chores and protect your daily health Thursday morning to Saturday noon. Only Thursday helps you so act this day. Friday through Saturday noon holds only obstacles, Possible fights, accident potential, Etc.. Be patient and good-humored. Saturday p.m. Might bring True love–or at least affectionate times with another. This day also begins a month of career focus for you.


Pisces.svg PISCES: February 19 –March 20

The accent continues on mysteries, hi finance, debt reduction, sexual desires, pregnancy or new birth, medical diagnoses, lifestyle changes, research and investigation, and commitment and consequence. These avenues Will prove productive and lucrative for the whole year ahead.This October, something dies, and something is born. Your wishes about money can come true. You might join a purchasing club such as Costco, or an investment circle. Bosses, parents and other authorities favour you from Tuesday to November 11. This Sunday/Monday is filled with luck–perform errands, trips and visits, paperwork and details and other small tasks. What you say and write Will be accepted as “sound.” Be curious, read or watch media. Turn your attention toward home tuesday/Wednesday. You can get a lot done both day times, but avoid both early mornings and late Tuesday night. Hug the kids, find a new residence, garden, enhance your security, and take a couple of nice, deep naps. Romance and/or other passions (beauty, creativity, speculation, teaching children, art and pleasure) arrive like a debris-filled storm surge Thursday morning to Saturday noon. Thursday isn’t bad, and might even bring a few laughs and good friendship (but little romance). Friday to Saturday noon has no redeeming qualities whatsoever: be careful, keep your guard up, and just enjoy life rather than plunging into any kind of commitment. After all this frustration, Saturday p.m. Might bring you the intimacy and “love gratification” that the prior 48 hours denied.

The End.

21 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST — OCTOBER 16 – 22, 2016

  1. lifeinagriculture

    So many angry opinionated folks on here and no one genuine (just you Tim), just emotional and can’t handle reading something direct! I actually enjoyed the whole political disection on both candidates… btw everyone is entitled to be abit dirty at times it balances everything out.

  2. elfteacher

    ‘I decided to attack “political correctness,” bigotry masquerading as sanctimony.”
    tim, even calling attention to the effects of language used ‘political correctness’ is begging a question. what’s at issue is not a prudish social obedience but the private biases betrayed in public language. protesting public language used is as tiresome for the protestors as it is for the protested-against, but it has to happen to make people aware of truly harmful private biases. at the same time i agree with you that there’s nothing wrong with a word like ‘pussy.’ there has been a lot of misdescription of what was wrong with the trump tape: it wasn’t about lewdness, it was about violence. this may be more obvious to women than it has been to you.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Elfteacher,

      I agree about the difference. But read my Preamble in the Oct. 23 blog (not posted yet — will be in an hour) about Tom Jones, the singer, not the literary figure. What is more violent than throwing one’s panties at a singer — or, a thousand women doing so simultaneously. This is much more an assault than Trump’s braggadocio.



        1. elfteacher

          if i had to choose between a thousand people throwing their panties at me and a thousand people grabbing my crotch i’d really have to choose the former. on the tape he describes what HE actually DOES: it’s not just words.
          and of course women can be violent too, no argument.

          1. Tim Stephens Post author

            Thanks for your broad-mindedness (i mean it). However, you have the numbers wrong: it’s one man grabbing your crotch versus twenty-million panties flung at you.


          1. elfteacher

            mm … i’d still take the twenty million panties since most of them are flung from quite a distance and you know how bad women are at any kind of aim

  3. pbrouwer

    Trump was not “bragging about his prowess with women” he was bragging about sexually assaulting women. It has nothing to do with the soap opera star, or Bill Clinton — because neither of them are running for president. Why should CNN cover a story about some guy boasting that Bill Clinton might be worse? To generalize Trump’s behavior to all men is pure sexism on your part.

  4. sundew

    (*feel free not to post this* – this is a personal message to you Mr. Stephens.
    Sorry Mr. Stephens, this is perhaps the last time I’ll visit your website. Much as I always looked forward to your forecasts, perhaps you could have given a more impartial stand on the U.S. elections and stayed away from the dirt. Like several others, your tipping point was the allegation of these two women who went public? Do you understand that 1000s of women do not because they don’t feel that they will be heard?
    You boast of your psychic prowess, your intuitive insights about people. What happened to that? How could you have been so blind?
    It’s puzzling to see you going all out to support a pedophile, one who has practically no clue of what “consent” means, and has repeatedly objectified women including his own children – more evidence is coming out, more will. He is lying repeatedly to not only his fervent supporters (about his taxes/tax policy to help the 1%, his businesses, the way he cheated people through his University, Foundation, ditched 10,000s of workers to fend for themselves , etc) but also to the rest of the American citizens. There were times when I wondered what prompted you to blindly support this racist, misogynist, pedophile, two-faced, hypocritical, gun hungry, pig. Trump’s excuse of a locker room talk is a joke – you know it, every one else does too. But it was puzzling to see you support it in every possible way you could!

    I can understand your dilemma if you have wondered how you could possibly support the woman instead who has lied on several occasions, compromised lives and security through her lax attitude, and has continued her marriage with someone who is no less a misogynist, and has no understanding of the sanctity of marriage.

    There were times when I wondered whether you were driven to take sides because the idea of a woman should uphold is severely compromised every time you discover another miscreant of this woman or was it something deeper in your psyche. But then, could you not have stayed impartial, stayed distant from both of these vile candidates? You did have the luxury of doing so being a Canadian citizen.

    Perhaps you should take a break instead of writing vile posts about how much you support a pedophile running for President of the United States (it does not take coming out of 2 women to disengage from Trump).

    Or may be focus on the great Prime Minister you have in your own country, focus on civil rights, and human rights for the ones who are deprived? You have a platform and you have an ever increasing audience. May be you can use that towards a more positive cause. Remember with great power comes great responsibility.

    I wish you peace.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hey, sundew,

      I have many times written here that I disapprove of both candidates. I’ve called Trump arrogant, entitled, Hitler, a fascist, etc. — and Hillary black-hearted, Machiavellian, and, worst of all “a bag of dust.” I believe, as do most people (by the polls) that both candidates are severely flawed. But, as I have done once before, I decided to attack “political correctness,” bigotry masquerading as sanctimony, in both men and women — especially in pols and pundits, “news” anchors and “reporters.” It says something that the (TV) guests who most understood/forgave Trump were religious ministers — who have no political axe to grind.



    2. camouflage

      So Hillary and Obama have killed hundreds of thousands of people, Hilary works for banks, she wants a war with Russia, the Clintons stole the money for Haiti, even Chelsea is engaged in money laundering, Bill Clinton raped women, Hillary defended a rapist in the court, but Sundew is angry at Trump. Action speaks lauder than words. You are barking at a wrong tree for a wrong reason, darling.

    3. rd38

      I’m disheartened by Mr. Stephens crude vocabulary as of late. No need to spell out these words in their entirety- we can fill in the blanks. It’s curious that Stephens astrological symbol of the scales of justice are so much at odds with his strong opinions. Trump shows little knowledge of how a government works, is sloppy in his preparation for debates and promotes anarchy and violence against those who disagree with his opinion. He lies to create discourse and his lies are taken at face value by his supporters, hence the damage is done. It takes very little research to uncover them. Hillary lies too but many are defensive. I think the first thing on Trump’s agenda should he be elected, would be to go after his detractors with a punishing hand. At his final debate he evaded the question on whether he would accept his defeat in the gracious manner of past candidates. Frankly, I think he would incite riots. The man is half mad in his selfish, arrogant nature.

      1. Tim Stephens Post author

        To rd38:

        My recent “crude vocabulary” comes from the subject itself. American voters/talking heads/Trump — these brought up the vocabulary. I also drew from Chaucer, the Bible, and Shakespeare. Obviously, these writers are just too rank for your delicate sensibility. I suggest reading children’s tales and watching Walt Disney, to avoid crude vocabularies.

        Two points: 1) Clinton, not Trump, paid operatives with criminal records to foment violence and start riots in order to mischaracterize Trump. Hill’s much more violent, vengeful and deceptive than Trump. He lies willy-nilly; she lies, always, with a purpose.
        2) don’t blather astrological opinions when you know little about astrology. If you knew a smidgeon more, you would know that, when injustice arises, Libra is vocal, angry, violent and forceful — perhaps more than any other sign.

        Funny, too, how I’m brave enough to put my name everywhere on this blog, but you hide your name.



        PS: I’m withdrawing from American political discussions, for awhile. People are just too angry, and the light of knowledge is dimmed, at least for a few more weeks.

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