在手機上,添加的功能(平臺,短篇小說,提前一年等) 可以從左上角訪問(堆疊線)。

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8:14 am to 8:43 am Mon., 4:08 am to 11:46 am Wed., and 3:05 pm to 4:07 pm Fri.


In January (2023) the U.S. might be pushed to war — a small one compared to the one a decade later. If so (in Jan./23) it will be fast, aggressive, high body count, and machine-oriented. 


Look at how “slim” the “Start Nothing” periods are this week — about 9 hours total, versus probably 20-25 hours in a regular week. This hints that a lot will get done, and many projects will launch successfully. 


Mars turns retrograde October 30, in a degree of Gemini that offers high intellectual gifts but zero practical, or “street” smarts. Mars wants action. This degree has no idea what action is — its purpose is to see and ponder. No wonder Mars stumbled, retrograde, into this degree!

BTW, Mars retro to January 11 or 12, hits that anyone who starts a war during this period, will fail. 



aries icon ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The secrets and mysteries continue, Aries. Be prepared to jump on a good deal, to commit yourself to a person, to intimacy or a course of action. These are life-changing weeks. You could end up in a different country in a few months. Now to March, you could re-acquaint with old contacts, perhaps triggering travel. Until late December, your prestige rises in management circles, with institutions or gov’t. People will think you’re a bit wiser than you are.

Be ambitious Sunday — all’s well. Friends, hopes, social delights, flirtations enter Monday dawn (PDT) to noon Wed. But if you want to accomplish anything practical, wait until Tuesday suppertime into pre-dawn Wed. (Even socializing might be a bit challenging, due to subterranean power-jockeying.) Retreat Wednesday noon to late afternoon Friday, find a quiet place to ponder, plan, meditate and recuperate. Help others. Your energy and charisma blossom Friday eve into the weekend. Get out, make contacts, launch or pursue a project/plan. Not one, perhaps, but two exciting meetings.

taurus iconTAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Until next January, money will come from old sources, not new. (Ignore someone who proposes the latter.) You might be attracted, sexually, to an old/former lover. That might last 3 months. Some time ago (5 months?) your social luck diminished; now it’s back, until mid-December. This could bring a mate to singles, but examine the situation (and yourself) first. If you’re male, there might be some sexual “hesitation” on your part. Until late November: fresh new horizons, opportunities, relocation themes, pubic involvements — and a need for diplomacy. (Others will treat you affectionately anyway.) Higher-ups are stirring, will soon lean on you to perform — esp. Monday to noon Wed. (PDT).

Chase love or understanding Sunday. (Mon.-Wed. above.) Your hopes, popularity and desire for happiness rise strongly midday Wednesday to late afternoon Fri. Love, romance and growing friendships are very possible. Retreat, lie low, rest, be charitable and spiritual, ponder and plan, Friday night into the weekend. A surprise link glows Sat.

gemini icon GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Chores fill the weeks ahead, Gemini. Eat and dress sensibly, as your daily health needs protection, restoration. You’re not afraid to work hard now — be cautious when stretching your physical limits, don’t “burn out.” Your sexual magnetism remains high (to March) but now to mid January that magnetism could spur you to enter the wrong relationship. Exercise patience and discernment. Look at another’s subdued reactions. 

Mysteries, secrets, sex, finances Sunday — all’s good. Far travel, intellectual, legal, cultural interests, and love gently sweep toward you Monday late morning to midday Wed. This internal can bring friction, obstacles and frustrations. Take a deep breath — you can solve much Tuesday night, [re-dawn Wed. (PDT). Chase your ambitions midday Wednesday to early  suppertime Friday. You could be promoted. Friday night starts a weekend of (relative) fun, popularity, flirts, and optimism. (Relative, cuz’ you’re still in a work phase.)

Cancer icon CANCER:  June 21-July 22

You’ve begun a month — a lucky month — of beauty and pleasure, Cancer. Romance, leading charming children, arts, sports, Vegas, all possible. Note: a light, friendly romance progresses; a deep-breathing “heavy” romance might frustrate you with delays (and temptations) right into next summer, and leave you with little. A career/management “bid” could go unanswered until January (even until March) — be patient rather than push or “remind” anyone. Circumstances are building in your favour. A foreign-born person could be at the centre of your desire. 

Sunday helps a relationship, offers an opportunity. Dig deep for treasure Monday dawn to midday Wed. (PDT). Research, investigate. Finance or intimacy are the main opportunities. BUT: several strong obstacles exist before mid-afternoon Tuesday: from then on, you succeed. Intellectual, legal, media, cultural and international themes fill your thoughts midday Wednesday to late afternoon Friday. This is a sweet, gentle period, loving and understanding. But beware Friday dawn/morn — reckless driving or arguments can occur.

Leo icon LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The weeks ahead focus on your domestic situation, Leo. Home, family, garden, food, nature, security… and “power naps.” Children, parents, will be affectionate, talkative, and lively. Months of delay in an important relationship end now — until March, you have a chance to re-knit a bond, or to somehow face and solve the “ills” of a strong bond or attraction. Remember, single Leos might well wed, or at least find a “vast” love, by/before late May 2023. (“Vast” = seems to surround you, to have no clear boundaries — probably starts — or already started — intellectually or while travelling.) Social affairs turn backwards into delays for awhile (to January). The 7 weeks ahead could bring a cornucopia of financial or sexual openings.

Sunday’s for chores, health. Monday morning to midday Wednesday highlights everything about relationships written above — but holds big obstacles until late afternoon Tuesday — so act after this. Sex, lust, power motives, financial actions, medical or lifestyle decisions — these fill midday Wednesday to late afternoon Friday (all PDT). An excellent, fortunate interval, Leo — but don’t act unethically Friday am. A mellow, understanding mood steals over you Friday eve through the weekend. Travel, discuss, write, attend school, speak of love, solve the world’s problems. A relationship surprise Saturday.

virgo icon VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The weeks ahead accent errands, light chores, paperwork, travel, communications, quick learning, anecdotal evidence, and curiosity. Bosses reman feisty, impatient, but their actions slow and they begin to doubt their course now (until January, when they renew their push, perhaps trying to revive a “project”). Your communications Garner positive and gracious responses. Great time for a “mail” campaign. Now to mid-December, good fortune in opportunities, relocation, and business and personal relationships — these might come from the past. Action advised on these links and openings Nov. 23 onward.

Sunday’s for love and romance and creative activity. Tackle chores Monday morning to midday Wed. Eat, dress sensibly — and go slow. Machinery, computers, etc. “fight you” until Tuesday afternoon — after this, success. Relationships arise midday Wednesday to late afternoon Friday. These are mentioned above. A superb interval — grab the moment! But be diplomatic, raise no hackles, Friday morning. Life’s depths and secrets rise to the surface Friday eve through the weekend. Disruption, luck, exciting meetings — lust and finances — expect them all. 

libra icon LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

A quite fortunate accent lies on money, casual sex and possessions for several weeks ahead, Libra. One qualifier: if you experience delay after delay in your $ pursuit, stop, rethink, and charge ahead on some other project. Your “thoughts” about marriage or a practical partnership float around, indeterminate, until mid-January. A lawsuit will follow the same circling, undetermined path. Better to wait until December onward to seek in this area. Instead, focus on work and money, get it done. Your workload expands now to mid-December. 

Spend Sunday at home or in the ‘hood. A nice day — hug the kids, flirt with your spouse. Romance, charming children, creative and speculative urges, beauty and pleasure — these fill Monday morning to midday Wed. Unfortunately, obstacles also fill this interval — until Tuesday afternoon. After this, success is available. Tackle chores, take your vitamins, Wednesday noonish to late afternoon Friday. This interval is packed with success, so charge ahead with work, machinery (yes, buying one a good idea) — but act before Friday. Friday eve into the weekend brings relationship matters to the fore, beneficially. A relationship (or financial) surprise might change your idea of what love is.

scorpio icon SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

You remain on top of your game, Scorpio — your charisma, energy, clout and timing have seldom been higher! A good time to initiate projects, start relationships, etc. Do something significant. Work, so big, hard and intense for some months, now eases up — almost disappears! — until mid-December. A few days off won’t hurt you. Filling the gap for will be the return of a former romance, or new romance or creative project. If so, snatch it up. Financial, sexual and medical projects might be on “stand by” now to mid-January.

Sunday’s for errands, calls, newsy stuff. Monday daybreak to midday Wednesday nudges you to lay down your tools and embrace your home and family. Some squalls or difficulties here to Tuesday afternoon (PDT) — wait to act, or introduce anything, until after that time. Romance (et al, creativity, sports, pleasure, etc.) arises midday Wednesday to Friday late afternoon. A beautiful interval — true love possible — but “end it” before 3 am Friday (6 am EDT, 11 am Britain). (If you don’t, you’ll see why you should have.) Friday eve into the weekend favours work, machinery, etc. 

sagittarius icon SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Take your time, Sage. Go slow, rest, contemplate, plan, catch up on neglected chores. Cultivate your soul. An important relationship, to some degree, stalls or goes backwards until January. At the same time, romantic urges/luck, so fortunate in past months, slow right down. Instead, seek the comfort (and profit?) of home, domesticity, real estate, security, until mid-late Dec. Your quietude will be comforting, even interesting. Look up some really old stuff.)

Sunday’s for $ — chase them, buy/sell. All’s good. Errands, paperwork curiosity, contacts, communications and travel fill Monday morning to midday Wed. Thos is a rough interval, so go slow, sidestep obstacles. Tuesday eve onward, you’re good to go. Steer toward home, family, security Wednesday afternoon to late afternoon Friday. This is a lovely interval, offering success, comfort, affection and communication. Careful around dawn PDT (noon EDT) Fri. Though everything is “toned down” by your weariness, romance could be potent Friday eve into the weekend. A sudden attraction (or disruption) Saturday could change your ideas of love (but not your love).

capricorn icon CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Wishes can come true now into late November, Cap. Your popularity rises, as your “party side” emerges. Join groups, socialize, flirt, dream big, blue-sky dreams. (Because just such dreams tend to come true in future, if dreamed In November.) You’ll be happy! A recent, lucky accent on property, family and real estate, missing since last May, resumes now for 7 short weeks — to take advantage, you’ll need to move quickly. Rewards could be tremendous. Work, intense the last few months, lightens, slows now to January (but then will resume at peak intensity). 

Your energy and attractiveness are at a peak Sunday — start something significant. Buy/sell, learn, memorize, Monday morning to midday Wed. This is a hard interval; you might not make progress until Tuesday pm onward. Errands, communications, paperwork and curiosity fill Wednesday pm to late afternoon Fri. Mostly an excellent interval, but avoid argument or sharp tools Friday morning. Friday night steers you toward a down-home weekend — good! Rest, hug the kids, renew love.

Aquarius icon AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The weeks ahead are pressurized, Aquarius, by career opportunities and demands. Do your best. Dress “uptown,” work hard, smile with the boss. Higher-ups are both talkative and “affectionate.” Romantic feelings, so intense lately (since August) now fade a notch or two. But don’t be fooled — these feelings are not gone, just “repressed” for awhile — they will return, perhaps explosively, mid-January onward (into March/23). For 7 weeks, you can grab a prize a bonus, pay raise, lotto win, whatever — this money luck might be tied to a project/situation that existed mid-2021 to spring, 2022. 

Sunday, lie low, rest, seek advice, ponder and plan. Your energy and pizzazz return strongly Monday morning to midday Wed. This isn’t an interval for fun or love’s ease — work hard, force your way upward. Chase $, buy/sell, midday Wednesday to late afternoon Friday. Great good luck here, so take a chance, launch a money-maker — but avoid Friday morning (afternoon, eve in Asia) when sharp words could sink into another, and create an enemy. Friday eve starts a weekend of chatting, communications, visits, errands, etc. Saturday’s disruption (or sudden meeting) is more instructive than anything.

Pisces icon PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

You’re in an enlightening month, Pisces. International news, higher education, law, social rituals and cultural venues, your belief system, all are fair game for your efforts. Unexpectedly, you could travel afar before late December. Same period, your career and relations with higher-ups become lucky, expansive. You might have lunged for the brass ring months ago, Pisces — try once more, even if you succeeded previously. The possibility of friction at home remains but “goes quiet” now to January.

Sunday’s happy — friends and flirts surround you. (If not, get out and find some.) But retreat to a quiet spot Monday morning to midday Wed. This isn’t an easy interval for action. Contemplate, plan, meditate, be charitable. Most of all: rest. Your energy and pizzazz return powerfully — and luckily! — Wednesday pm to late afternoon Friday. A great interval — re-read first 2 sentences of this weekly message for suggested goals. Love exists. Avoid confrontations Friday morning. This eve starts a weekend of $ focus. Buy, sell, plan your bid for a pay raise, etc. If single, casual intimacy possible. A sudden, exciting meeting Saturday. However, enjoy this weekend fr what it is — not much will last beyond it.



John Fetterman, the Democrat candidate for the U.S. senate, reminds me of Lennie from Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men.”


My daughter-in-law sobbed for two days alone in her bedroom back in 2003. Huge, silence-destroying sobs that filled the air with purple alarm; on the third day, she only wept. Hearing her in her room was my first real experience with abortion. I’m sure the choice was hers; she was in her early 20s, headstrong and passionate. Only her mother could persuade her in any way. (That, her mother, a labyrinthine subject in a potent world of meanings and hidden meanings and unintended meanings, is better left for another time.)


There are many mythical, mystical and numerological levels in astrology. Let’s leave the mythical alone, since I’m a lousy historian. So, on the mystical or occult side, here are a few new ideas:

The shadow chart: wherein the 13th house is a shadow house or an overlay of the first house in the birth chart. So the second house would become the 14th, the third the 15th, etc. what the meaning of all of this is or where it leads I have never discovered. Hint, etc.One might combine numerology with this: so the 13th house has a “4” or lunar flavour. The 14th has a 5 or Sun flavour, the 15th a Mercury or Virgo influence. Where all this goes, I don’t know.

Here’s another layer: the number of degrees separating two bodies from on exact aspect, will colour that aspect. For example, a usually harmonious trine between subject A’s Venus and subject B’s Mars, would seem to promise perfect romantic success. But if that trine is 4° from perfection, the romance/love will be experienced most intensely in the home and with the family. This can also be one of the more fractious of the trines and might even portend a break or many lover’s quarrels, depending on the rest of the two charts. 

If the degree of separation in this same instance was 8, their romance would be strongly sexual. If the separation from an exact aspect was 10°, romance would be turned on by status so each partner’s ambition would heat up the other partner. And so on. A square, usually a contentious aspect, between say someone’s Moon and someone else’s Mars, would tend to produce a torrent of verbal argument if the square was 3° from being exact; if it were 8° from being exact, we should fear violence or crime or at the very least sneaky power moves. If 2°, we are arguing over money.

Another mystical way of looking at astrology is easier to show than to explain: For Aries, Mars is Mars, Venus is Venus and Pluto is Pluto, and so on. Each planet is simple and direct in its expression, like Aries. We all agree to this “ordering” for it’s simple reality. 

But there’s another reality underlying or perhaps overlaying this one, a reality as thin as gossamer. When I was a boy I delivered newspapers on my bicycle every morning between four and 6 AM. I loved this job. I loved going through peoples gardens, I loved my own grace and ability to land those papers on the furthest porches and I loved speeding down the empty street with morning coming, and I was full of muscle happiness as the street began to stir with early workers. Sometimes, usually in winter, a dark morning would come that was a little warmer. There will be a breeze, not a strong nor steady  one, just a light little breeze that would touch your skin like a little wisp of heaven and let you know summer was coming. Summer of adventure and warmth and the wind in your hair on your bicycle like a horse charging into unexplored places. (Sorry for the personal digression. 🙂 That light touch of that almost nonexistent breeze that held such an important message… that touch is similar to the almost invisible, gossamer overlay of a “planet reference”  system that might illuminate the hidden meaning of each planet in relation to its human’s birth sign rather than in a simple relationship to the zodiac.  

So when we move beyond Aries into Taurus, planets take on additional meaning. For Taurus, Mars is Neptune, Venus is Mars and Uranus is Saturn,  Neptune is Uranus, Mercury is Venus and so on. Hint:  a planet coincides with, or shares “influence” with, the planet usually ruling. For example, Mars for Taurus rules Aries, which is Taurus’ 12th sign/house. The 12th sign of the zodiac. Is Pisces, ruled by Neptune. So for Taurus, Mars is allied with Neptune. 

Another example: for Gemini, Mars (ruling the 11th) is Aquarius; the Moon is Venus (rules Taurus) Mercury is Mars and Moon (rules the 1st and 4th) and so on.

You should be able to discern the pattern from what I’ve given you here. How these associations operate and what they mean or describe, I’ve never thought to investigate – partly because I only thought of it an hour ago.