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The sun, like a brassy thief, stole my sweet night.


There is no chaos in nature.


No doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. — Desiderata.




aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The major emphasis lies on relationships, Aries, but other factors hint that you might be chasing the wrong person, or seeking the wrong outlet/opportunity. If noticeable delays or a feeling that something could “dead end,” or every obstacle that’s solved seems to be followed by another — then consider backing out. Be diplomatic in everything, as others are snappish, even aggressive. Your romantic prospects remain sweet and lucky, but romance doesn’t make a whole relationship. (Even so, have fun, indulge your feelings.) Your money picture remains good, but “slow.” You finish a chore, which frees you for new adventures.

Chase $ Sun./Mon. — buy/sell, ask for a pay raise, hug somebody, learn something. A fortunate run, but watch potential illusion/deception Sunday night, Monday morn. Errands, paperwork, trips and messaging consumes Tues./Wed. — in a smooth, lucky way. Ask questions, be curious. Be home, Thursday pre-dawn to Saturday late afternoon. This is a jumbled interval, with obstacles and aids — go slowly, alertly. Saturday night hints of romance (or beauty, creativity) but “deeper stuff” will interfere.


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Work, work, work, Taurus. And daily health, and nutrition, and repairs and machinery and supporting dependants — these rule until Oct. 23. This could be a fine time to buy machinery or a vehicle, esp. Oct. 2, 4 and 10/11 (computers, too). Obey safety rules, and don’t over-exert. Your home and family remain sweet and helpful. And, despite all that work, an intriguing thread of romance wafts through this week.

Your energy and charisma surge upward Sun./Mon. Sunday is very lucky to about suppertime, and Monday afternoon, suppertime. Do something at least halfway important! Chase $, buy/sell, hug someone, and learn something Tues./Wed. — a superb phase for income projects, etc. Errands, communications, travel and paperwork fill Thursday to Sat. — a mixed-luck period, so remain alert and cautious. Saturday night, home to rest — NOT to work.


gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Romance, beauty, pleasure, adventure, poetic nature, creative and risk-taking urges — these fill the weeks ahead, Gemini. You are still “cleaning up” at home, Sun. to Wed. But your romantic urges are strong, and they will overcome your shyness. Your gift of gab, especially romantically, rides high. Soon, a new person might enter, who suits you both love-wise, and (important to you) conversationally or mentally. Your interactions with gov’t or head office remain fortunate, but are delayed.

Lie low, rest, contemplate and plan Sun./Mon. An excellent time to contact gov’t, management, institutions, and advisors. Your energy rebounds Tues./Wed. — get out, start thins, see and be seen — you’re in charge! Make it count on these 2 fortunate days. Romance very favoured, esp if he/she’s a social contact. Chase $ Thursday to suppertime Sat. Luck is very mixed here, so be flexible, alert, ready to pounce, or back away. (Then lie low thru Sunday.)


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

You’ll spend a lot of this month where you like to be, Cancer: home. Your ambition/prestige planet is in your home sign until Oct. 11, so “count to ten,” be calm, genial. You might be working at home, or you might create a great garden display to make the neighbours envious. Your money picture remains bright — but only until early next week, so act while you can — ask for a raise, or buy that luxury item. Some loose ends with communications, paperwork, errands — tie them up now, as soon your  efforts will slow here. Social life looks fine, but big new things wait for next January.

Sun./Mon. bring high hopes, fun, social joys, flirts, and entertainment. Dive into this, it’s fortunate. You might have a littler indecision about whom to pursue. (If you’re single, one you meet now might become “mate material.”) Retreat from the hustle and bustle Tuesday to pre-dawn Thursday (PDT) — this is a great interval, but most of your luck will be on the “quiet side” — health, govt, management, institutions. Meditation, seeking advice, planning — these go well. Your energy and charisma surge upward Thursday to late afternoon Sat. This isn’t the luckiest period, so use your energy to solve problems and get rid of obstacles.


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Errands, trips, calls, paperwork — swift, easy chores fill these weeks, Leo. The pace might be a bit hectic, so double-check addresses, etc.  Your money-making (or spending) actions should be taken Sunday to Wednesday, as that last night, going forward, tamps down on $, and ramps up the easy, errand-type chores. You remain attractive to others. A Libra might be involved. (Or a boss.) Good results from “being sweet” to others. Your career remains very fortunate, but it’s in a holding pattern until next January.

Remember this Sun./Mon., when your career and prestige relationships, your general worldly status, are blessed — dream big, contact higher-ups, make an impression — but realize you’re working toward a 2024 pay-off, not an immediate one. Hopes, happiness, popularity and social joys, flirting and entertainment fill Tues./Wed. — very fortunately until about 9 pm Wed. (PDT). Retreat, lie low, seek advice and plan, meditate and seek spirit, charity. Above all, rest. Your energy rushes back Saturday eve, but don’t get too adventurous.


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The main emphasis remains on money, income and outgo, budgeting, special purchases, possessions — including the possession of knowledge and of “another” (by which I mean casual sex). Think twice, though, before buying anything, including investments. You speak well, fluently now, Sunday to Wednesday eve. Take advantage, write or speak. Gov’t, head office and therapists favour you — it’s the last week of this, so act now if you have any matters “pending.” Money continues to flow to you: bank it or pay down debt.

Sunday/Monday bring themes of far travel, higher learning, law, other nations, cultural rituals (e.g., weddings) — these two days bless this zone, but dig into ongoing lucky projects rather than start new ones (delays until January). Be ambitious Tues./Wed. — huge opportunities for your career, status — be imaginative! Social joys, popularity, optimism and friendly love fill Thursday to suppertime Sat. Sounds good — but the aspects are terrible, so enjoy your mood, events, but shy away from consequential practical stuff.


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

It’s your time, Libra! Your energy, charm, clout and effectiveness are at an annual high. Get out, see and be seen, do things, influence others, tackle big things. Your hopes remain high for one week — this one — esp. for love, friendships, and a happy future. You’re assertive, even aggressive now, so if you’re single, this is a pretty good time to chase or “allure” someone — fortunately but mostly in sexual (or lifestyle or financial) areas Sun./Mon. But hugely fortunately Tuesday to Wednesday night — someone here is “marriage material.” (Which could make you skip work for a day.) Your ambitions come into focus Thursday to Saturday suppertime — mostly good, but a disagreement might occur Sat. This night starts a weekend of delicious optimism — but Sunday’s “dangerous” for love-domestic-attraction situations. An investment situation (e.g., in your IRA or RRSP) remains fortunate, but might not “reward” until January-to-May 2024.


scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Lie low, Scorpio. Your energy and pizzazz are low. Seek spirit, meditate, seek advice, plan, liaise with institutions, head office, gov’t. This is the time to examine your past, and how you got here, and your future. Much of this might go right down to your core personality, fort it is here that many of your deepest urges come from and eventually form your plans. If you want to change your life, change/adjust your core, your personality. Bosses still love you, but that ends next Sunday, so take advantage now, Sunday to Wednesday. Ask for something!  Yes, a relationship will bring partnership or freedom, but not until January onward.

Sunday/Monday contain these lucky relationships and opportunities, but work on present ones (not new ones until January onward). You’ll be happy with others! Lust, sex, medical issues, lifestyle decisions, investments and debt, these arise Tues./Wed. — all are lucky now, so pick one and dive in. (But invest, don’t gamble.) A mellow, tolerant mood steals over you Thursday to almost suppertime Sat. (PDT). This zone, encompassing far travel, law, learning, culture, insurance, fame and other things, is, however, assaulted or constrained by difficult circumstances and obstacles. Go slow, be peaceful


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Your work has ballooned to big proportions, Sage. Part of your efforts now are spent just dealing with the mistakes, confusion and delays in your workplace. By December 31, these delays and confusions will end, so go slow now,.. give yourself a rest (since everyone else — or the elements of this whole situation — are “resting” also). Your mental state and your loved one are both sweet, assuaging now. But your social life is more intense, bringing serious flirtation to singles. Both these trends end soon, so act now.

Sunday/Monday bring work, employment and ”daily health” trends — a very fortunate time, but, again, take it slowly (as real progress is withheld until January). Relationships, opportunities, public dealings and relocation themes fill Tues./Wed. This is a beautiful (and romantically intense) social time, Sage, and these two days are very oriented toward “peer” or “equals” bonds. If single, your life mate might be in front of you. Be careful Thursday to suppertime Saturday, when finances, sex, lifestyle choices, medical concerns, research, all run into some (but not huge) obstacles — however, the consequences of action might or might not prove rewarding.


capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Lots of pressure, Cap, because you’re in a strong career/status period until late October. The most intense part of this will “fade” by Oct. 12. But until then, one of two things might occur: 1) you quit or get fired or move your “office” to your home, or 2) your duties veer toward property, security, environment, the “masses,” etc., and you could get “kicked upstairs” — or validly promoted! Your finances, investments, medical fitness, lifestyle, researches, and sexual desires are all blessed — this week, not next, so act now. Romance is promising, but any ultimate reward seems to wait for the first five months of next year, so just dally and enjoy for now.

That applies strongly to Sun./Mon., when romance, creativity, beauty and pleasure bless you with lucky outcomes. (But re-read the sentence just before this, re “romance is promising.”) Tackle chores Tues./Wed. — a superb interval, during which you can make “career points,” might even wrangle a raise or promotion! Relationships, opportunities and relocation themes arise Thursday to late afternoon Sat. Go slow and be diplomatic, Cap, as obstacles outnumber “harmony aspects,” esp. Saturday morning (PDT). Saturday night, stay OUT of dad or tawdry situations.


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Far travel, international concerns, law, education, media, insurance, cultural rituals, and gentle love — these inform much of the three weeks ahead, Aquarius — but intensely, so be gentle. Strictly avoid lawsuits. Others continue to treat you graciously and affectionately, but that ends next week, so “join” or approach others now. Secrets, lust, power, financial actions fill the first 4 days, then stop. So dig deep, soon. (Sun./Mon. excellent here.)

Sunday/Monday emphasize home, family, security, nature, in a very lucky way. You are tremendously lucky in these, and real estate, this “year” — May ’23 to May ’24. But you might not see huge progress until January onward, so “work with” what’s here, now. Tuesday/Wednesday bring romance, creative and risk-taking urges, sports, arts, beauty and pleasure. Dive in, Aquarius, this could be one of your best romantic periods in awhile! Gemini or Libra might be involved. Tackle chores Thursday to suppertime Saturday. Eat, dress sensibly, drive carefully, and obey all safety reg’s, as this is a slightly dicey few days.


Pisces icon  PISCES: Feb. 19-March 20

Answers to some of your enquiries won’t come until January onward, Pisces. In the meantime, errands and paperwork just grow and grow. The weeks ahead accent depths, the subconscious and intuition, lust/sex, pregnancy, big finances, secrets and investigation, medical and lifestyle concerns. Through Oct. 11, guard against impulsive commitments in these areas. (A profitable “cash cow” investment or agreement could yield future benefits — but commit after consideration.) Co-workers remain affectionate, gently humorous.

Perform errands, paperwork, calls, messaging, short trips Sun./Mon. Pick your most important items to work on or send, as this is a very lucky two days. Steer toward home, family, nature (go hiking, kayaking) nutrition, food, security, etc. Tuesday/Wednesday. Get your rest. You’ll be glad you did Thursday to suppertime Saturday, when romance, creative surges and speculative “gambles” fill the air. However, good and bad luck are mingled, so proceed cautiously (which never won love, did it?) or you might get burned, esp. Saturday daytime. Overall, a good week!






Did you know that Hunter Biden, the Democrat criminal, worked for George Bush, the Republican? The Bushes hated Trump and I guess still do. They thought it was outrageous that Trump beat Jeb Bush in the primaries in 2015.

George Bush, the Texas tycoon who brings oil to the Washington swamp.

Did you know that Hunter Biden worked with Bob Melendez, the American senator who has been charged with bribery and a few treasonous offences? Hunter approached him on behalf of a Spanish railway company, and Menendez said, “It will cost them $ 250,000 just to talk to me.” (Or so reported a news source.)


A reader wrote that she appreciated my criticisms of Biden and the Democratic crew, but wished I would turn my attention to Republican corruption also. I thought, that’s only fair.

Particularly, she wished I would investigate Trump‘s corruption. Trump’s an odd guy. He brags like Biden lies, with an utter disregard for reality. But Trump’s a Leo rising. This sign loves attention and flattery. An actor once said, or maybe it was a gossip columnist, “you can say anything nasty you want about me but make sure you spell my name right.” There’s a degree in Leo that reflects that (the 17th degree) — “I don’t care if I’m famous or notorious, but I had better be one or the other.”

Trump’s rising degree, if his birth time is accurate, is one of skepticism, realism, stoicism, and deep courage. When he says he’s not afraid to go to jail, I believe him.

Trump does brag shamelessly, everything that happens to him is an  historical extreme. (in someways he’s right!) but this braggadocio is so simple and so naïve that it’s innocent in an odd way. However, it hides a flaw, perhaps a tragic one: he is subject to flattery.

He might end life poorer in real terms than when he entered it.

RECENT NEWS is that Trump last week was found guilty of fraud in loan applications in New York, had his business licences revoked (about 200 of them, each representing a property) and was fined $ 250 MILLION — by a judge, before the jury even sat. This is Trump’s perennial problem: he exaggerates, to make himself seem more important. The main person he impresses is himself. For example, he said one of his properties was 40,000 square feet, when it was really 11,000. If Trump could solve these two interlinked character flaws — vulnerable to flattery, and an inveterate braggart — he would be one of the best presidents ever birthed.


In nature, everything, big or small, fits. There is no chaos in nature.

And we live in a beautiful nature, a paradise. In some places/times it’s festooned with thorns, mostly of our making, our misdeeds gone wrong — or worse, succeeding. I really think earth is a testing ground, where we learn the basic stuff: to advance, be and do good. To remain good, realize others are an extension of yourself, for we are all intertwined. It pleases me to please you; it would hurt me to hurt you.

I really think we are “put here” as a sort of test or course (as in study) — how we do “here” might have consequences in the afterlife, but I don’t know for sure. More and more, it seems to me the afterlife is benevolent to all. Maybe, if you believe in reincarnation, all our punishment for our crimes is doled out to us on earth, and if you don’t pay for your crimes in one lifetime, you will in the next, unless you become stubborn and start committing more and more crimes. But sooner or later, you will be cleansed enough to enter the afterlife, the one I’ve described before — actually, I described two afterlives –- one was clouds beneath your feet and green forest paths and sunlight and symbols, and a book of life, which I tried to open and read, I opened it and saw the writing but could not read…

And the other afterlife, with the central crystal and the moving angels of light, bright points of light, floating around it. My guide told me that these are two corners of heaven, and I asked her if I would reach one of them this lifetime and she said not really Tim. (But she says I’m over halfway! 🙂 And I asked if she existed in one of those corners of heaven, and she said she exists in a corner, and there are many corners. I remembered that saying in the Bible by Jesus: “In my Father’s house there are many mansions.” This ancient book described in its own way, but in a very exact and image-rich way, what my guide was saying.

Yes, so there are many “corners” of heaven? I asked, even  thousands, Nima? (For that is my entity’s “name,” as long-term readers will know.)  Yes Tim, an infinity of thousands.

But back to earth: even the thorns of life offer roses and berries. Isn’t it a miracle, not only that we exist, but that somebody gave us such a hugely pleasurable and beautiful place to exist in?


Ontario is probably the most “woke” province in Canada. 99 % of Ontario residents walk around with their noses in the air (to sniff out PC violators). It’s why, in BC, we call Ottawa “Snottawa.” Peel, a district near Toronto, has ordered all school libraries to destroy or throw out all books published before 2008. That would include Shakespeare, Homer, the entire Bible and Qu-ran, Melville, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, and every great writer in the world. (Any great books written after 2007? I don’t remember any.) So, essentially, they want students to read pap and porn. And to have absolutely no sense of history. No legal, scientific, social, cultural learning, except for the PC porn that flows like diahharea from teachers’ mouths.


What is so hard about this? When illegal immigrants come to the US southern border, they should be checked for Covid and maybe take a DNA sample. Then they should be handed a social security card and number, and informed that if they want to work they can just show that card and they’ll be good to go. Also, tell them that if they live and work in the United States for five years without any criminal action, they will become citizens.

The advantage of this is that a large portion of the immigrants will find work and make money and support themselves and sooner or later pay income taxes. So the US doesn’t get 10 million bums sitting on the street, it gets 10 million hard-working new citizens.

What is so hard about that?

And why is Texas Governor Abbott not sending more immigrants to those holier than thou sanctuary cities? Using only 100 buses a day sends 5,000 immigrants out of Texas and to all those cities and their NIMBY hypocrites who keep saying America wants more immigrants, but who howl with frightened outrage when a few immigrants actually are brought to their doorstep. I’ll bet 5,000 immigrants a day dumped on the White House grounds, and on the street in front of the residences of Majorca and Garland, and all those other officials who refuse to do anything about the border, would spark some action. (I think the border should be open, just that the immigrants should be welcomed and handled in a smart way rather than the primitive way Americans are presently handling this.)


Gee, Joe, your approval rating has sunk to 36%, which the pundits are saying is the lowest in US history for a sitting president.

Hard to see why. He’s only had sex with his daughter, falls asleep in front of foreign leaders, sicked the police on Catholics and parents and pro-lifers, and has encouraged the pornification of children as young as five years old, accepted bribes from China, and refused to counter them, gave Hitler-type speeches with his clenched fists in the air and a backdrop of bloody red Reichstag type flags, is a pathological liar, shows repeated signs of dementia, has interfered with FBI/DOJ investigations of his son, censored the media, put out false news, bribed intelligence agents to lie for him about Hunters crime-ridden computer, told the FBI to bully Facebook and Twitter and Google, etc. to make them only report the censored news, has launched 4 lawsuits against his political rival, a tactic only accepted in Argentina, China, Russia, etc…gee, only 1 in 3 people, only 36 %, approve of such things?


You know how I am always ragging on universities, judges, and courts, lawyers and professors, etc., claiming that they will be corrupt and misguided for another 200 years. In Washington DC, a monkey cage of corruption, a federal judge (Ms. Kollar-Kotelly) just said, and I quote, “THE TRUTH IS IRRELEVANT.” This during an abortion case in which the court is trying to jail pro-lifers. I’ll bet this judge is a democrat. (I think it’s a great motto for Biden’s administration: “The Truth Is Irrelevant.”)

That’s much like the morbidly obese Toronto family court judge who told me in my divorce case, basically, that my evidence (submitted by a court-ordered forensic accountant) was irrelevant because I was a man. She implied that it was irrelevant because it showed that my ex wife actually owed me $54,000, rather than me owing her anything. This was evidence, ordered by this judge from her own assigned “expert accountant,” who, when she saw it, didn’t like the facts, so she called it irrelevant, or in her words, “soft.” This corrupt judge told me to either offer my ex-wife (these are the exact figures) between $ 75,000 and $ 100,000 or she, the judge, would order me to trial, and, she threatened (between sucking on her candies) that would cost me far more than $ 100,000. So these judges extort money from men by threatening them with an even bigger loss. Last I heard, extortion is a crime.

That slimy judge should be turfed, w/o pension. But she won’t be, as the entire Ontario family justice system is corrupt. Before you even hire a lawyer, you are forced to attend what is called an information session for people who are responding to a divorce action started by their mates. I attended the session, which was run by a  female lawyer. This lawyer told us we were all (200 men, one or two women) guilty; the very fact that we were at this information session was an indication that we were the guilty ones.

Basically, these family court “judges” are saying, multiple times I’m sure, “the truth is irrelevant if spoken by a man.”


When I was 11 years old, I realized that teachers were bad news. They were intellectually slow, educationally impoverished, and like most fools, full of themselves. By The age of 20, I realized they were almost all believers in communism, socialism, and the suppression of children. By 30 to 40, when I became a parent, I saw how teachers harboured a contempt for parents. They were the professionals; parents were just amateurs. At 20, 30, I called it suppression; by 40, 50, I called it indoctrination.

When I went to university it was a well shared joke that if you couldn’t really make it as a university student, you majored in education… Or psychology… So the Democrats signed up. (Very weird. I use Apple’s dictation program, and it very often changes or misspells words. In the last sentence of the text I wrote, so the “dimwits” signed up. Apple immediately changed it to the “Democrats” signed up. Does Apple’s AI have political opinions? Or does it know something we don’t?)

Now, as an old man, I see teachers as victims and purveyors of propaganda. And their administrators as kidnappers, trying to supplant parents, and even shoving parents away, so that they can bend their children in any direction they want, Including the type of medical experiments practised by the Nazis on the Jews. Children (and their parents) are the new Jews. They are experimented on, and their parents are excluded, arrested, labelled domestic terrorists, and all by the medical industry, Joe Biden and his FBI. Hitler released a seed into the world consciousness, and teachers, being the rather gullible and low IQ people they are, have picked it up and are now running with it.


The attacks on Jordan Peterson, probably the best mind in Canada, by his intellectual inferiors (other psychologists) who convinced an Ontario court (is there a non-corrupt court in Ontario?) to put him in a type of prison reeducation camp until his ideas conform to their woke Ideology. This flagrant stupidity and tyranny, these brown shirt “intellectuals,” are basically coming from the same kind of groupthink that teachers share.

When I was a child, teachers always favoured the mediocre many. Most teachers did not even want me in their class because I was a brat and I would point out their mistakes. My grade 5 teacher crossed out words in big red pen in my classwork and “my summer vacation” essays. When I protested, she told me calmly that such words did not exist. She was wrong, and ignorant and vengeful. These weren’t even  complex words. One was “plummeted” (to earth). When I showed her the words in the dictionary, she told me to shut up and sit down. In grade 6 I created a disproof of Euclid’s definition of a square; I proved that the definition of a square also precisely described another figure (a pus sign) which Euclid missed. I learned later that this teacher had recommended me for a school across town with special classes, and I also suspect my mother kiboshed the idea, perhaps fearing my sexual abuse, in which she had been complicit, would come out.

My grade 7 English teacher went sobbing from the classroom after I pointed out her grammatical mistakes. For that I was called down to the office, where the vice-principle told me I going to be expelled from school. (That’s how east-side [poverty] schools handled bright kids in the 1950’s-60’s — exiled them, whether physically or mentally, rather than looking on their intelligence as any kind of resource or asset. Maybe this is why Canada is perennially behind the US in productivity… Generally Canada’s productivity rate is 70% of the American’s rate.)

At the time, I started crying. But I also perceived that the vice principal was a stupid as his teachers.  Not ignorant, just stupid. In this particular instance, I was rescued by my art teacher, Mr. Joplin, who stood about a foot higher than the vice principal, and told him — in front of me — that I would not be expelled.

By Grade 8, I was telling my friends and fellow students that there was no worse fool than a fool in authority. I stopped studying and stopped reading the texts we were given. I haven’t progressed much since then. I “earned” my Bachelor’s and Master’s without reading any text except what I wanted to read. I BS’d my way through Geophysics, English, philosophy, etc. Instead of studying, I just created stuff. (I DID study French.) UBC, I guess, liked it, because the school paid for my tuition, rent, living, etc., for 6 years.


In Trump’s trials, the core issue is whether the 2020 election was stolen or not — if it was stolen then all Trump’s actions are forgivable.

These lawsuits come from the DOJ and the FBI. But the FBI refuses to bring forth all the evidence they have not only of election interference but of other matters affecting this case. (Just Google “Michigan voter registration fraud” in which the FBI buried evidence of a U.S.-wide fraudulent voting scheme.) So the rule of justice should be: that you cannot accuse a person and hall them into court while simultaneously refusing to let them see the evidence. So Trump’s team should be allowed to depose Merrick Garland and Chris Ray and the top management level of both the DOJ and the FBI. They should also depose and force as a witness Hillary Clinton who even today is still saying that her election was stolen. They should bring her in and grill her on the Russia collusion hoax which she created. Trump’s missteps, if any, were like peanuts to the watermelon Hillary carries around with her every day.

On a related note, I noticed that corrupt judge Chuckles (T. Chutkan) is taking an unusually long time to rule on two matters before her: one, the attempt by the prosecution to stop Trump from making any comments in public, and two, Trump’s request that this crooked judge recuse herself. I suspect she is weighing a blow to Trump against the consequent blow to her own morals and reputation should she deliver that blow. (NOTE: CORRUPT JUDGE CHUTKAN HAS NOW REFUSED TO RECUSE HERSELF.)


Meanwhile, the most unexpected of the unexpected: the leftist New York Times has declared that the woke movement, the progressive movement, has failed. The Times named BLM and other progressive groups as failures caused by such things as “financial mismanagement” — the Times’ euphemism for outright fraud and theft practiced by the leaders of these movements. They had no other purpose than to fleece their own people, the blacks they were supposed to have stood up for.


They should invent a video game in which for a certain section, everything progresses at 1/3 the normal speed — including the player. It could be called a time warp or something. As hard as you tried, you could not move any faster, nor can your enemies, but you can see the trajectory of how you are moving and how they’re moving. To change direction you need to change immediately, to affect movement/direction a second or two later. I think it would give a weird experience, and get the mind thinking along a few different vectors.


It is now known that Biden had at least 38 provocateurs in the January 6 crowd, urging them into the house, 18 from the FBI and 20 from the department of homeland security. There might have been more FBI agents, but the FBI has claimed to have lost track of them. Ray Epps, who is famous for urging the crowd to attack the capital, was finally charged— with a misdemeanour. (Equal to a traffic ticket.)