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You know I’ve been warning about deflation for a year or more. Here’s an interesting article:
http://bloom.bg/1XIMgXq (courtesy of my friend, Anita S.)


Please note: Your Weekly Forecast has been replaced, this week only, by your “Karmic Forecast.”

 On November 12, the lunar North Node falls into the sign VIRGO, where it will stay until May 10, 2017. During this period, we’d be wise to seek advice from individuals whose first name starts with G or N, and avoid seeking advice from those whose first name begins with T or Z. (This is a minor influence, but even so I’ve just changed my name to Nathan Stephens.) For the same duration, the planet Neptune can give puzzling results and open doors to difficult mysteries, while the planet Mercury will be our friend, leading us to clear, concise and detailed results.


Until September 10, 2016, this good karmic influence will be joined in Virgo by Jupiter’s great good luck, making this a powerful period for advancement, success and joy, in whatever area Virgo rules for your own Sun sign. This will not occur again for 35 years – so take advantage!

We might see, over the two years ahead (starting last August, 2015) great crop gains, ample harvests, maybe best in 30 years in some grains, fruits. Scandal around/about a spiritual leader. Not just a religious leader. Putin unhappy. Sanders ecstatic. Hillary likes him. To her he’s salt of the earth. The New York Stock Exchange might have a bad period, rising/expanding, then collapsing. (Don’t take this as gospel – I need to check it.)

The following forecasts are for the entire “karmic” period, November 12/15 to May 10/17:


Aries.svg ARIES   March 21-April 19

From this week until early May, 2017, Aries, you will tend to find a peaceful, smooth and “protected” path in hands-on work, practical effort, daily health, co-worker relations, machinery or tools, service personnel, fixing and puttering (e.g., repair the back stairs, or dig up the garden) nutrition, diet, and most domestic duties. This area not only welcomes you with “good karma,” it is also lucky – or at worst, expansive. For example, your work load expands, which usually means more income. Or you might go out to buy a Ford F-150 pickup, and come back with a 250. (And later be glad you did.)

On the other hand, you can find that your path becomes illusive and elusive, subtly frustrating, filled with delays and/or subtle traps, in dealings with governments, institutions and large corporations (.i.e., wherever red tape or bureaucracy exists) in warehousing and assembly lines, in spiritual and charitable organizations and situations, and in most “retreats” such as spas. During these 18 months, you might be wise to lighten up on yoga, meditation, religious retreats, emotional/mental therapy, management, delegating tasks, setting policy, attending closed-door meetings, and all efforts to handle things “at a distance” – be close, be active, be involved.


taurus weekly forecast TAURUS   April 20-May 20

Now to May 10, 2017, Taurus, your sector of romance, creativity, of diving into the pleasure or beauty of the moment (and of love) will be protected, easy, smooth. Overlaying this, now to autumn 2016 brings expansion, luck and cheerfulness to the same areas. In addition, you’ll feel optimistic urges to take a risk, to gamble, to join in sports or games. During the whole period from 2009 to 2024 you are favoured, if single, to find and wed a life-mate. There will be ups and downs during this long phase, but November 2015 to May 2017 is one of the best times to find and cultivate love, raise/teach children, and to pursue creative projects and speculative ventures. November /15 to Sept./16 is the best of this period. Usually, such an influence makes you a winner in the stock market, too.

You could waste these splendid opportunities if you seek safety in a crowd; if you seek light, friendly romance rather than the intense, heady stuff; if you constantly fill your head with dreams and plans for the future, and overlook the beauties at hand. People introduced by friends or met in your social circle are likely to disappoint in the long run. Seeking popularity, social delights, is not advised.


Gemini.svg GEMINI   May 21-June 20

Until May 2017, Gemini, your domestic scene will be peaceful and blessed with smooth, easy progress. Until September 2016, this influence will be joined by, heightened by, a river of great good luck and expansion (see your “Luck Forecast”). This double whammy of good luck and good karma (until autumn/16) will also favour: home, children, landscaping, renovations, buying and/or selling properties/real estate, re-establishment of family affections, return of prodigal children, security, retirement, nutrition, agriculture, retreats and spas, outdoor vacations, and the entire “humble” side of life. But even if you miss this first boat (to autumn/16) you remain blessed and favoured in these areas until May/17, so keep on keeping on in these zones. This entire 18 months to May/17 is also an excellent time to prune your life: cut out wasteful habits and relationships that are stale. This will leave room for new, fresh and promising projects and relationships to begin.

During this same period (to May/17) you would be wise to avoid changing careers, jobs or employers, even if your present career/job seems stultifying, suffocating, bosses are unfair, work’s harder without compensation, etc. Stick it out where you are, and conditions will improve. Change bosses or careers, and you’ll make poor job conditions permanent. It’s better to simply quit than to change jobs. Sometimes, this can actually increase your income. (E.g., you quit your job, then write a best-seller, or earn twice your previous salary by fixing up and selling your home – or many homes!) Be careful with authorities, judges, police, your reputation, etc. This is not a good timer to make a huge public display, run for office, challenge authority, or to seek prestige. At work, don’t push yourself or your projects onto bosses: they’ll push back. In general, Geminis in food and shelter fields will fare well in career.


Cancer.svg CANCER   June 21-July 22

Now to September, 2016, Cancer, “daily business” demands are likely to increase, perhaps hugely. Errands, calls/emails, and returning them, paperwork, details, short travel, meetings, casual acquaintances, siblings, all will grow until you wonder if the avalanche will ever stop. Good luck should emerge from these activities. For example, an acquaintance could alert you to a good job opening. These “daily business” involvements will be both protected and lucky until September 2016, but only protected and blessed from Sept./16 to May 2017. During this whole 18 months to May, be active and curious – you could learn something that helps you steer your life positively for several years to come. This is a good period to buy tickets, a car or bike, hand tools.

Until May 2017, avoid lawsuits, and don’t expect huge returns on international travel, higher education, philosophy, publishing, cultural roles or involvements, or social rituals (e.g., weddings, mitzvahs). If you enter college or university during this period, take a broad cross-section of courses: if you pick a specialty now, you could wish you hadn’t, later. Don’t seek “profundity” too early – let life be light, playful.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Until May 10, 2017, Leo, your income sources, your possessions and day-to-day money are blessed and protected. For the first portion of this period, that is, until September 2016, this protection is joined by very good luck, the best in 35 years. So do buy things and sell things, purchase items you’ve always yearned for, and earn more money. Ask the boss for a pay raise, or start cultivating a broader army of clients. Try to make any pay raise permanent, for you can reach an earnings plateau now that could last a decade, even a lifetime. (So try to get a permanent raise rather than overtime.) You can be attracted to a sensual yet somewhat superficial or casual physical relationship. (Usually I advise against such bonds, as they usually eventually lead to boredom – but this time they promise to be good, healthy.) This is also a great time to take any courses that utilize memorization. All these will grow swiftly and luckily until Sept./16, but will still be a source of goodness and progress right into May/17. Trust surface appearances.

However, now to May 10, 2017 you’d be wise to avoid large investments, taking on debt, financial partnerships, and deep, profound sex – especially extra-marital involvements. This is not a good period for research, detective work, looking under the rug, nor for major lifestyle changes, surgery, the occult, and any major commitments. One clue: where everything is clear, detailed, proceed – where everything is elusive, or promises involve half-defined rewards, stay out.


Virgo.svg VIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Until May 2017 you, your personal interests, your well-being, your personality and “presence” in groups are blessed, protected and calmed, Virgo. This is the time to be proactive, to start projects and ventures, to listen to your own advice, to see and be seen. Your moral compass will be on straight (and not tempted, like it has been in Sept./Oct. and early Nov. of 2015 – by lust or power or money). In fact, people might come to you for advice now, as you will radiate a calm assurance. For the first 10 months of this period, that is, to September 2016, this personal clout and charm will be even higher, as Jupiter in your sign will make you lucky, cheerful, optimistic – and much less shy than usual! These first 10 months of this long karmic period also favour buying/selling real estate, enlarging or  improving your home, buying furniture, hugging your kids and spouse, gardening, Mother Nature, curing family ills, and cutting out useless or stale projects and relationships.

To succeed now to May 2017, be wary with relationships. This is not the best time to start a business partnership, nor to marry. (Anyone met between Nov./15 and May/17 will tend to NOT be a good choice, even if you marry him/her after May/17.) Try to avoid: relocation, dealings with the public, negotiations, litigation, contracts, fame, challenges, or fights. It isn’t the best time to make or accept promises. Best not to sign anything. If someone sues you, don’t fight back: they will tend to either go away, or hang themselves with their own accusations. Remember, you’re blessed these 18 months – this will draw people who are not blessed. Temporarily, your spouse might seem unlucky or down in the dumps – be patient, as he/she will bounce back later.


Libra.svg LIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Now to May 10, 2017, Libra, you will be blessed and protected in spiritual, background, and management zones. Closed-door meetings, delegating tasks, setting policy, research and silent observation, all favour you. You’ll have pleasant and smooth interactions with civil servants, institutional workers and management types in big companies, with gurus and therapists and advisors/counsellors. You can successfully and beneficially dive into yoga, meditation (or simple natural contemplation) charitable activities, and most spiritual endeavors. In fact, these 18 months ahead could provide a spiritual touchstone that will slowly and quietly transform your life and, most of all, your approach or stance, your understanding. This is a splendid time to make plans for the future. Examine where you have been and where you’re going. Be happy to retreat, find quietude, and rest far from the bustling crowd. Warehouses, assembly lines, spas and resorts might make good investments for you. If you need work, apply to any of the organizations listed above (e.g., warehouses, hospitals, charities, etc.) After September 10 2016 your luck in the outside world will increase powerfully, to start one of the luckiest – and busiest – and friendliest – years of your life. However, for the first half of this lucky year (Sept./16 to May/17) your interior world will continue to thrive and provide you with a “steering anchor.” (An anchor ships sometimes drop to help them sail straight.)

During the Nov./15 to Sept./16 period, avoid seeking popularity, bright friends and parties, public appearances and competitive situations. From Sept./16 to May/17 (and beyond) don’t shrink from the limelight or public actions, but reach back, at times, to that “steering anchor.” For the whole period, Nov./15 to May/17, try to avoid too much hands-on work. Don’t become a “work slave” – and if you have kids, make sure they don’t turn you into one. Reject requests that would strain your schedule, physical reserves, or your nerves. To those who want you to serve them, point the way, and let them fare on their own. Be charitable to the disadvantaged or handicapped; not to the greedy and lazy. Avoid major machinery or tool purchases. Don’t rely solely on over-the-counter cures if you have an ailment: an MD, even a clinic, is best.


Scorpio.svg SCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

From Nov. 12 2015 to May 10 2017, you will find a smooth path, rewards, blessings and protection in social situations, Scorpio. For the majority of this time (now to Sept. 2016) you will experience an expansion of your social tendencies, a new popularity – and wishes about money, about earnings, will tend to come true. To succeed, stay social. Friendly flirtations, light romance, optimistic, cheerful plans for the future, camaraderie, entertainment, gatherings large and small, all benefit you.

During the second phase of this trend (Sept./16 to May/17) you will naturally feel a pull away from the limelight, from social gatherings and witty flirtations, as your inner world and the coziness of home pull you. But your social “blessing” won’t fade. So mingle the two.

Until May 2017, avoid unrealistic infatuations, deep romance. Get a babysitter for the kids and go out. This is not the best time for creative projects and speculative ventures (or gambling). Don’t succumb to the pleasures of the moment: think of the future, instead. Beware of ovder-indulgence in candy, alcohol and recreational drugs.


Sagittarius.svg SAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Until May 2017, Sage, you are favoured, protected and blessed in career, prestige, status, and in dealings with higher-ups, VIPs and authorities (including judges and police – you might even hear the police call you Sir or Ma’am). You could be promoted. About all you need to succeed now is ambition! This is the best period in over a decade to change employers or careers or to launch a new career or practical project, to seek recognition, to display your talents. Keep your efforts strong; don’t take extended vacations. You will be doubly-blessed in these areas before September 2016. After this, to May 2017, you’ll tend to enjoy the rewards of your ambitions, as a period of celebration begins. Dress sharply, slightly on the conservative side.


During the same period, now to May/17, avoid spending too much time at home, alone, or in contemplation. Be forward, cheerful, even brash – this is NOT the time for humility or withdrawal to contemplate the gleam of philosophy or religion. This is not a good period for real estate transactions. Your domestic situation could eat up more hours than it should: let your spouse help carry the load. Avoid starting new gardening, landscaping, renovation or similar projects. If you feel restricted by your children, call in the nanny – your ambitious efforts will, at this time, have a more salutary effect on your kids than staying home 24-7 to coddle them.


Capricorn.svg CAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Now to May 2017, Cap, you will be protected and face a smooth green path if you focus on profound things: the law, far travel, international affairs, higher education, philosophy and religion, advertising, publishing, cultural venues, fame (if applicable) and all intellectual pursuits. You will tend to win any lawsuits. Import-export revenues can climb handsomely. If you’re in love, this is a great time to wed. (But if you’re seriously planning a wedding, ask any astrologer for a date when Saturn is NOT “interfering.”) You could also meet one of the great loves of your life – though this is less certain than finding progress in an ongoing love. All of these matters will get an extra boost of luck now to September 2016, but remain very favourable all the way to May/17.

But avoid, now to spring 2017, light, superficial friendships, time-wasting gab sessions, errands, short travel (e.g., around town, or in your own nation) and masses of paperwork. This is not a good time to buy tools or a car, nor to fill your days with emails. Hesitate before you order a new phone (or system) re-organize office files or invite your cousin to spend a week at your place. It is a great time to get a new education. In reading and writing, seek the long and profound (books) and reject the short and casual (news media). Value ideas over “facts.” From Sept./16 to May/17 (and beyond) you could meet great luck in career, and indirectly, earnings. But don’t abandon those higher things: travel, learning, love, etc.


Aquarius.svg AQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Until May 10, 2017, your karmic axis lies along your monetary and sexual lines. To succeed, focus on “deep” worth – on investments, debt, growth of assets, business. Dig deep for answers, do your research, reject glib talkers. Investigation can reveal valuable nuggets and opportunities. Occultism holds a door open for you: walk in! (As long as your birth chart allows it, this is a splendid time to engage in financial, business or investing partnerships.) This is an excellent time to change your lifestyle, to diagnose a medical condition, to walk down power corridors (and make power plays – but be careful here, for this is where egos and anger can cause enmity). Make a commitment, and enjoy the consequences. I do mean enjoy, for you’re presently protected and blessed in these arenas of big finance, secrets, and sex. In sex, you might find it easy to achieve intimacy; if you want to become pregnant, now is the time. You will also find it easier to have an extra-marital affair than usual – but realize your “protection” only goes so far, and such an affair could void your heart’s warranty. All the above matters will take great leaps forward before September 10, 2016; but even after this, all is blessed in these zones.

During the same period (now to May 2017) reject surface appearances. Don’t sweat the small stuff – if you focus on earnings or daily money, or want to keep all your money to yourself, you’ll miss the great opportunities of this phase. Reject the casual, light – and courses which demand mainly memorization – and casual sexual assignations. DON’T marry anyone before Sept. 10/16.


Pisces.svg PISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

This November 12 to May 2017, Pisces, you will be blessed and protected in relationships of all kinds, in agreements and negotiations, contracts, dealings with the public, fame, relocation, and all co-operative efforts. Be diplomatic, eager to join. Be interdependent, NOT independent. Seek advice. Seek legal counsel if you need it, or before launching a project. Look for love, if single. Approach people. If you ask an attractive person for a date, even if he/she rejects you, you’ll feel better than you would if you had never asked. In fact, anyone who rejects you now will tend to be flattered and to say no in a gracious, warm way. And one or two people are likely to give a solid “Yes.” Until September 10 2016, single Pisceans are very favoured for marriage – and all, single or attached, will find that 90 per cent of your luck comes from a relationship in love or business. This is a time of doors opening, of opportunity, especially in career and worldly status (which includes marital status). If nothing’s happening where you stand, get going, even to another continent, if the opportunities lie there. (After Sept./16, relationships, and their luck, will tend to veer into deeper waters, intimacy and commitment.) If you are unhappily married, this time could bring separation.

Try to avoid being selfish, egoistic, or to insist on your own way, until May 10/17. Sometimes, the particular aspect you’re under until mid-2017 can tempt you toward self-pity: “Why me, God?” If you suffer poor luck or dead-ends, these will either be due to independence, or will be a “karmic wash” in which you are washing your old, bad karma clean. If the former, propel yourself out of yourself. If the latter, shrug and mutter, “Oh well, I probably deserved that one.” After May, this need to avoid independence will dissolve for another 17 years.


The End.

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  1. sashimi

    Hi Nathan,

    I’m taking what you wrote about the North Node first name initials thing seriously.
    My 2 nic-names and my real name starts with T. I can’t lose my street cred. Really, please tell me, should I temporarily change my name? My co-workers and manager (who happens to be a strong N) may think I’ve lost my mind, so I need a good enough reason to let them think I’m even crazier than they already think I am.

    Pisces 12H sun, Aries rising 🙂

    All the best to you!

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, sashimi,

      Changing my name to “Nathan” was a joke. I do not believe anyone should change their name, as names are indicators, not influencers. So if you change your name, you are just disguising or trying to alter the perception of you — changing your name does not alter you.


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