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START NOTHING: 11:16 am Sun. to 8:26 am Mon., 5:26 pm Tues. to 9:15 am Wed., and 7:35 pm Thurs. to 11:27 am Fri.




Long ago, while meditating, I had this vision/image of floating/walking down a long, wide corridor with large terrariums on either side, like an aquarium, or like those displays in museums that have life-size Neanderthals and mastodons in them, with fake camp fires and papier mache rocks, etc. In each of these display “rooms” a life was shown: its environment, family, course, challenges, illnesses, triumphs and joys, etc. These weren’t all laid out, but they were hinted at, and understood fully by an observer. The wanderer (like myself) could stroll down these aisles and pick a life. You could pick any life you want, because over time you have one goal: angelhood. And every life lived brings you a hair’s breadth closer. But to get there, you have to face and conquer virtually every moral, physical, and other condition possible. So, at a certain point you might pick a terrible life, filled with agony and loss, because you want to take that step forward. Another time, you might be weary of struggle, so you pick a “charmed” life from the aquarium, in which you’ll be good looking and loved, rich, have fine cars, fine food and fine sheets in your bed, etc. There are no surprises, you know fully and intimately what you’re getting when you choose this life scenario or that one.

Of all the spiritual-religious conceptions I’ve encountered, Christian, Buddhist, New Age (?) Islam, Hindu, heaven/hell, reincarnation, etc., this one image of the “Aquarium of Lives” stands out, with about 2 or 3 other visions, as something I remember and feel comfortable accepting. In this sense, I really do feel we control our destiny, but only in the timeless instant before conception.

The only problem with such a concept is that I can’t bitch anymore about my life, or any catastrophe or disappointment in it – because, darn it, I chose it!

On the other hand, a rather mellow acceptance and peacefulness comes with this image of pre-choosing a life. The mere fact that I chose this life, me, I, makes me accept my troubles with a bit of a smile. After all, I picked it, so no intrusive force or god or mean fate forced this life upon me. (In fact, I chose my fate, for that one lifetime is why I think fate and the unconscious are one and the same – both indicated by Pluto). So I can’t resent my situation, my terrible parents, that awful taxman, blah, blah – for I wanted, I chose, all of it. And if I wish, next lifetime I can choose to be a movie star – or a billionaire. This thought or belief provides a huge amount of comfort. If someone locked you in the barn and said, “I’ll let you out in fifteen minutes and give you an ice cream cone,” those 15 minutes would be quite bearable. But if they locked you in that barn and said nothing, as far as you’re concerned they’ve locked you in for eternity – and those 15 minutes will burn in your soul.


The real trouble with religion is we take it too seriously. (Or, religions take themselves too seriously.)


If the answer is complicated, can the question ever be simple?




Aries.svg ARIES   March 21-April 19

A mellow, thoughtful month begins. You’ve been through a lot, Aries, for decades but especially for the last year and a half. The recent pall of gloom has lifted, so you can now look back and see what went wrong, and what now will comprise good actions and a good path. There is still no rose garden; you still face one more pressure, on your career and status. (This pressure started in 2009, lasts to 2024 – but it is also the stepping stone to huge success, should you use it the right – hopeful, faithful, energetic – way.) But your wisdom reaches a peak now, about all life. Pursue intellectual, educational, publishing, far travel, cultural and love goals. Even in career, for the two years ahead, a more philosophical approach (and/or higher education) will boost you unexpectedly upward. (It’s not an overnight boost, but a long, slow, reliable boost.) If you wed in the next two years, you will likely wed “upward” socio-economically. Your energy and charisma are high Sunday – approach someone! Buy/sell, chase money, pay bills Mon./Tues. You could meet real love Mon. Beware deception Tues. night (and forget finding a good movie). Errands, paperwork, communications and travel fill Wed./Thurs. Be home, embrace family Fri./Sat. Friday pm is inspirational, poetic, intuitive – great time for a Tarot reading, fixing plumbing, discussing and eradicating old fears in children.


taurus weekly forecast TAURUS   April 20-May 20

A month of mystery starts now, Taurus. The general accent will be on research and investigation, diagnostics, commitment and consequences. These will tend to take place in financial, health, and intimate zones. Your subconscious rises to the surface now, which makes you highly intuitive for a few weeks – and brings your desires for safety, security, asset growth, and sexual bonding to the fore. Usually, I advise against marrying someone (or starting a love affair) during this period (to late December, every year) because temptation and lust also tend to flutter in this breeze. However, if you’re single, the two years ahead could bring a viable life mate via a primarily sexual attraction. If you’re married, you could become more sexually “attentive” to your mate. (If you’re married and stray, a legal outcome is almost certain, same two years.) Lie low, rest, contemplate and plan Sunday. Your energy and charisma surge upward Mon./Tues. A surprise from the past, or a duty, could upset your calm Mon. midday. Avoid deception Tues. night. (You might need to choose between deep romance and “friendly love.”) Buy/sell, pay bills, chase new clients, memorize something Wed./Thurs. But proceed cautiously: someone stubborn might refuse to co-operate Wed. Or, something old might be presented as something new. Happiness, popularity, social delights, optimism and flirtations arrive Fri. noon (PST) through Sat. Friday’s sweet, great, but Saturday holds barriers and disagreement.


Gemini.svg GEMINI   May 21-June 20

You might have noticed, January to June, and again the last two months, that members of the opposite sex (same if gay) have been slow to respond, skeptical of your intentions, or have been noticeably younger or older than you. (This trend lasts until Dec. 2017, but has some good sides, also – for example, you will tend to have a deep sexual attraction toward the prospects that do arise.) In practical areas, you can form “partnerships” to invest, improve assets, even start a business – also for the two years ahead. The ten days ahead will emphasize these relationship trends. But remember: everything proceeds slowly, step-by-step. Sunday brings socializing, popularity, maybe the start of a new friendship – or the door might open to a new group (if so, jump in). You might, this day or Monday, meet a new love, or be surprised by an ongoing love’s actions. Retreat, rest Mon./Tues. Contemplate, plan, deal with government and charities – though in charitable and spiritual zones you might be tricked, or veer briefly onto the wrong road. Still, there is good luck both days – and property investment isn’t a bad idea (BEFORE 5 pm PST Tues.). Your energy, charisma and effectiveness surge Wed. to Fri. noon – use this energy to attract others, and to join their projects/efforts. Don’t expect progress in career, though, especially Wed., when “ambition” meets confusion, misdirection, and “environmental” barriers. Chase money Fri. pm: use your intuition, imagination. But handle money carefully Sat. – buy nothing important.


Cancer.svg CANCER   June 21-July 22

A month of work and health concerns begins. This month (and again in Nov./Dec. of 2016 and 2017) can change relationships – you might, if single, become interested in a co-worker. If married, your spouse will either be a co-operative worker, or will cause you more work. Nothing major is at stake; so you can, in a sense, relax into your work. Your home life remains sweet ‘n sour, affectionate and temperamental. You might let an ambitious goal dissolve or end (perhaps Sunday, when continuing seems to uncover financial or health surprises, barriers). Your hopes climb Mon./Tues. – you’ll feel popular, flirtations will occur like little lights on the horizon (meaning no immediate fullness of passion occurs). However, take care, especially Tues., when deception or cloudy thinking can give you the wrong outlook in a cultural, moral or legal situation. There is also much good luck here, mostly in communicating, travel and paperwork. Retreat Wed. to Fri. noon – rest, contemplate, plan, be charitable, spiritual, and deal with civil servants, agents, counsellors. Again, beware deception, especially about work, “partnering.” This is the kind of week where someone tries to steer you into collusion or other tawdry clandestine stuff – say NO. Your energy and charisma return Fri. pm, Sat. Friday’s great for love, learning, travel, spirituality – but Saturday’s a bust: go slow. Let others make the mistakes.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Ah, sweet romance! The weeks ahead bring love’s sweet splendor, whether you love a stranger, your spouse or your children. The world blossoms with beauty, pleasure – and you swell with feelings, naivety and innocence (your most attractive quality). Your creative side surges, and you’re ready to take risks. Sports, games attract you. You’ll be on a wee winning streak! However, in November all these splendid things will come slowly, or with strings attached. You’ll be rejected if your passion is only lukewarm. (No one can sense lukewarm-ness more than a romantic partner/date.) Also in November, you might enter a co-worker romance. Oddly, this could last a rather long time, as it somehow ties in nicely with your hunger for money and dovetails with your work picture. You’re mellow, wise Sunday. This day and Monday (“co-worker” Monday) you could meet love suddenly, surprisingly. Be ambitious Mon./Tues., as higher-ups are aware of your actions. You’re touched with luck, especially Tues. afternoon, but beware deception or false lures this night (and really, right into Thursday) in financial and/or sexual zones. Wed. to Fri. noon raises your hopes and popularity, optimism and sociability. You’ll be happy! You might fall in love – at least, you’ll face the choice: light, flirty, friendly love, or deep, blushing infatuation? (Base NOTHING on lust, sexual attraction: here, you will become lost.) Retreat Fri. noon, Sat. Friday brings the intuition to unravel the previous deceptions/temptations of this week. But Sat. needs caution, period: lie low.


Virgo.svg VIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

A month of domestic concerns starts now. In the November portion of this month, you might be concerned with protecting or comforting loved ones. After this, care and concern lift, so you can enjoy all the perks of “home” – kids, parents, garden, nature, nutrition, stomach and soul, security, retirement plans – and rest, naps, rejuvenation of your spirit, mind and body. Your money picture remains favourable, even lucky – but it will be luckier if you don’t spend. You might buy an income-producing investment. Realize, all week, that relationships might be deceptive, in love and business. Sunday brings mysteries, financial and sexual urges. Protect your health (nervous system?) and your assets. A gentle wisdom, a mellow, loving mood flows over you Mon./Tues. Chase far travel, intellectual activities, love, cultural and legal venues – a nice luck buoys these. But don’t seek co-operation: someone is totally out of tune with your ideas/information. Be ambitious Wed. to Fri. noon – but step carefully, as deception, fuzzy thinking and “sluggards” impede you. Start nothing of importance. Friday pm and Sat. bring errands, trips, visits, communications, paperwork, details, curiosity – with good results Friday, especially with partners, lovers. But Sat.’s a dud – a dangerous dud, so drive carefully.


Libra.svg LIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The month ahead is not supremely important, but it will be very busy. So relax in your activities, enjoy them. (Activities = errands, paperwork, details, friends and siblings, communications, short travel.) Be curious. You might discover why you’ve faced such high walls in property, home, family, security issues – better, you might discover how to ease them by communicating with crucial people. Ask questions, many questions – but also be curious “in your thoughts” – mull things over. The answer lies deep, but is accessible. Your romantic, sexual charisma stands high, especially before December 5. Remember, my past admonishments not to marry are over now. To some degree, for the rest of 2015, you have the steering wheel in love’s auto – people met now are “okay prospects.” Sunday brings relationships, fresh horizons. You could fall in love Sun. or Monday – rather unexpectedly. Large finances, sexual desire, intuition and power urges fill Mon./Tues. You could make a splendid investment, especially Tues. afternoon. Treat your health delicately Mon. to Thurs. – avoid alcohol, drugs. (Do NOT invest in machinery, tools, health aids or nutritional supplements, or employee/employer assets until Friday pm.) A mellow wisdom, and perhaps a love choice, come to you Wed. to midday Friday. Luck is mixed, so proceed carefully. Friday pm is excellent for work progress, machinery, fixing plumbing, intuition and all things career-related. But Saturday’s dicey – start nothing, examine your worldly status.


Scorpio.svg SCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The weeks ahead feature money, possessions, memory/grade school education, and sensual attractions. In November, these might involve travel and/or communications. Much of your work load might involve delegating, or interfacing with management or government. Tackle chores Sunday morning (PST). This day and Mon. might bring a sudden change in work procedures, or in your job itself. Drive and handle tools carefully. Relationships fill Mon./Tues. You can make a lucky new contact or join others in a lucky, optimistic venture. But be careful of deception in love all midweek: Tues., Wed. and Thurs. Relations veer into deeper waters Wed. to midday Fri. Sex, secrets, mysteries, finances, investments, debts, commitments and consequences, research and diagnoses fill this interval – and all demand caution. Friday noon through Sat. brings a wise, mellow mood, travel, foreign contacts, love, intellectual pursuits and cultural involvements. Friday pm is superb in these, and can bring a sweet, magical interlude in romance or a fine creative fury. Your intuition is high, and a gamble might pay off. But Saturday holds problems, glitches and stress. Find a relaxing spot to day dream.


Sagittarius.svg SAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

At last! Your energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness soar to a yearly high now through late December. You might not feel this very strongly in November, as you remain more sober than usual. In fact you might not even notice that your luck and presence, energy and pizzazz are growing, as your mind seems attached to thoughts about money and possessions – and perhaps a sensual (but – you know deep down – boring) temptation. But after Nov. 29, your soaring begins in earnest! Your social life, popularity, optimism about the future, and your “friendly romantic” sense – all remain nicely buoyant for the rest of 2015. At last, too, romance (and creative projects) are freed from restrictions – so charge ahead! Sunday’s for just that – romance, and kids, love, creativity, risk-taking, and beauty. Immerse yourself in the pleasure of the moment. You could fall quite suddenly in love, or meet someone exciting, Sunday or Monday. Tackle chores Mon./Tues. – you’ll accomplish much. Your career profile could rise as a result of lucky action you take Tues. Impress the bosses, contact VIPs. But be wary of deception or fuzzy thinking involving your home, family, spouse, and your career – all Tues. to Thurs. DON’T start domestic or real estate ventures, landscaping, or plumbing projects. Eat sensibly. Relationships fill Wed. to Fri. noon (PST). This interval is jumpy, erratic, and problematic. Use your energy to overcome opposition – all ends well, affectionately. Friday pm gives great intuitive insight into your home situation, and supports investment. But Saturday, give a wide berth to everything important. Indulge in some research.


Capricorn.svg CAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

A month of quietude, self-examination, rest and rejuvenation starts now. Your energy and charisma will be a bit low. However, this is a good time for background work, management, delegating tasks, for warehousing and assembly lines, for interfacing with all bureaucracies, and for charitable and spiritual projects. Meditate, contemplate. Make future plans. Your career and status picture looks fine until Dec. 4, so charge ahead on this front until then. (After Dec. 4, through year end, you might change jobs or career, or work to put a secure foundation under your ambitions.) Spend Sunday near home. Surprises can happen – you might need to decide between home and the outside world (e.g., career) Sun. and Mon. Romantic notions, creative and speculative urges, play and pleasure fill Mon./Tues. All’s well, your luck is strong, but take care Tues. with communications, travel, and casual friends. (Actually, extend this advisory into Thursday.)Schedules or understandings are awry. Tackle chores Wed. to noon Fri. Eat and dress sensibly, protect your health. Luck is very jumbled, so be alert, aware; practice safety with tools. Relationships fill Fri. pm and Sat. Friday’s splendid; a bond, a friend or partner, or your spouse yield to a gentle, caring approach. Your intuition soars, and handshakes or embraces result. But Saturday’s a quagmire (like the U.S. in the Middle East) – stay gently independent.


Aquarius.svg AQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

A wish could come true over the next few weeks, Aquarius. Sunday starts a month of cheer and optimism, popularity, social joys, entertainment, and friendly romance. (Which might turn to pure lust or to a sanctified marriage eventually – but if no wedding or promise occurs before 2015 ends, look elsewhere.) In addition, your mind is lit up with communications, love notions, legal and intellectual goals, far travel, international affairs, philosophy and cultural issues. Combine these if you can – e.g., a travel date, or a romance with a philosopher/ess, or socializing with Mensa people, etc. Sunday’s for chatter, errands, siblings and casual friends. You could, while travelling or talking, trigger a love attraction – Monday too. Head home Mon./Tues., embrace family, putter, rest, contemplate. You’re in a lucky investment year, and one of those ribbons of luck flutters Tues. afternoon: a realty purchase is favoured – BUT don’t buy for income, only for 1) your home; or 2) investment growth. (Money is wrapped in deception Tues. to Thurs. – earned money, purchases, income, etc. – investments okay.) Wed. to midday Fri. brings romance, and the choice between light, flirty love, or deep, blushing stuff. (That light stuff will turn serious, ponderous very soon, so maybe there is no real choice.) Creativity, speculation, beauty, pleasure, games – these, as well as the romance just mentioned, face a number of glitches so proceed carefully. Friday pm brings heightened intuition, and (finally) a good money sense, decision, idea. Saturday needs care, especially with health, nerves, tools and machines. Tackle chores both days.


Pisces.svg PISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

A month of career, status concerns, prestige relations, hard work and pressure starts now. In November, this career/ambition focus seems to conform to your wishes, or you meet one or two people who are good for your progress. You might even be admitted to a “circle of managers.” Your sexual and financial interests are favoured for the rest of 2015. However, after December 4, make sure you aren’t acting impulsively (e.g., jumping into bed, or grabbing an investment) or “burning through” sexual or financial circumstances. Sunday is for money, buying and selling. Shop, but keep your hands off attractive gizmos, especially computerized ones. Sun. and Mon. could bring a sudden lust attraction. Dive into errands, communications, paperwork, travel, and casual relationships Monday/Tuesday. Lots of luck these two days, so act impulsively – and be curious. What you learn could help a love affair or a business relationship thrive. Yet relationships are rather mixed now – and you won’t appreciate a higher-up yapping at you all day. In addition, another might have a misconception about you: be clear, and insist on truth; that way, you’ll prevent others from the wrong fantasies about you. This applies all week, especially Tues. to Thurs. Wednesday to noon Friday (PST) turns your thoughts toward home. Be there, embrace family, rest and rejuvenate – not the best interval to launch domestic projects, though (e.g., renos, landscaping). Passion, romance, gambles and creative projects call you Fri. pm – and sweet, blissful success (or dreams!) slated. However, Saturday’s a mess – still romantic, but a mess. Dreaming’s better than acting, in love.


The End.

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  1. PJames

    Hello Tim,

    Not sure if this is the proper place to post , but here it goes.
    I’ve been following you for about two and a half decades now, first started when you were in the Vancouver courier (I think that was the name), any ways, two countries and three provinces later, I still look forward to reading what you post every week.
    The reason I am posting is that my wife forwarded me a video (http://buzzpo.com/this-is-the-most-disturbing-muslim-refugee-video-you-will-ever-see/) from facebook on the whole refugee crisis in Europe… and potentially coming our way, and I really be interested on your take of the video and the situation as a whole.
    Thanks very much and keep up the great work.

  2. pbrouwer

    Love the life aquarium, or is it a life library? Which book will we write this lifetime? re: luck… I think we like to feel lucky, so our thoughts trick us into thinking we are, or aren’t lucky. The author wields the pen, and can call it what he or she wants to, it’s their choice!

  3. dinudinu

    Hi Tim,

    I’m not a member of your blog for a long time, but this preamble is definitely the best. I don’t know if you are right about this life (I wish to) but certainly if you look at it the way you describe it makes you feel a little bit more comfortable with your being. Only if you can take the full responsibility of choosing the purpose of your life. After all, what else is to say?! You chose it, you live it. Be happy with it.
    But I don’t think it’s that simple. I think it stands true only if you live a life of a movie star or of a billionaire as you say; or if you believe that you were so wise at that time when you made the choice that it doesn’t really matter that you don’t understand now why you did it.
    But …there is one more scenario. What if you don’t like the course of your life and the above situations don’t match the reality? In this case all you have to do is to accept that you were incredibly stupid when you made the selection. And I know how difficult it is to see a stupid face in front of a mirror.
    Hmm… I think I prefer to consider bad luck as the possible main cause than the stupidity of my soul’s brain.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us

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