WEEKLY FORECAST – MAY 4 – 10, 2014

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(All quotes below are from the New International Version of the Bible.)

God hinted (Jeremiah 31:31-37 and 33:19-22) that mankind would no longer pray to God or formally recognize Him after he achieved jet travel and space flight. (“So that day and night no longer come at their appointed time” [Jer. 33:20].) When that happens, He said, there will be no more teachers of religion or of God – nor any need for them – because “I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts…no longer will a man teach his neighbour…saying ‘Know the Lord'” because “they all will know Me, from the least of them to the greatest” (Jeremiah 31:33/34). “I will remember their sins no more.” In fact, every human will be a priest (Jer.33:22). At this point, presumably because his work of absolution is accomplished, Christ (David’s descendant) will no longer reign. (Jer. 33:21).

The accent here is not on betrayal or misbehaviour; rather, God is saying that man will have come far enough under His tutelage, and it will be time to set him free. Free from observance and prayer, from formal reverence (“the arc of the covenant of the Lord … will never enter their minds or be remembered…it will not be missed”) (Jer. 3:16) because God will be indelibly in our hearts and minds, every moment. He is gracious, even magnanimous, at this change in our relationship: “I will ….remember their sins no more” (Jer. 31:34).

Let’s speculate. Before we do, we have to recognize that even the  best predictions fail in amount, intensity, and interpretation, and are often more symbolic than accurate in detail. (* See note at end.) So when Revelation states that one-third of humanity will be wiped out in the final battle, Armageddon, we can allow for error.  Seen with this tolerance, the Armageddon predicted in Revelation might have recently occurred: World Wars I and II, and the Spanish  flu. Hitler the Beast marked people’s foreheads, and put the Jewish star on their clothes. Human flesh burned everywhere. But Christ’s forces defeated the Hitler/Beast/Satan.

Armageddon is Christ’s last and ultimate battle. After this, anyone left goes to heaven, or at least visits/sees it. If Phase One is the Old Testament, and Christianity the second Phase, then here, in Armageddon, Christianity — and Phase Two — end. As the new, third Phase shows in the pale before dawn, space exploration (and modern jet travel) break the cycle of day and night, God’s “condition” for being freed from His literal tutelage. The space age segued into the fall of the Catholic church, the revelation of pedophilia, the blatant crimes of the Popes and Bishops, etc. So, thus, the people no longer need teaching; this frees them from the Church’s false teaching: “Prophets and priests alike, all practice deceit.” (Jer. 6:13) Instead, God says, (Jer. 3:15) “I will give you new shepherds, who will lead you with knowledge” (scientists, therapists, etc. – note how knowledge is no longer a sin, as it was in Adam and Eve’s time – the nature of sin changes over time.)

What, then, is the third Phase? Well, first, it is already dawning. The New Age movement’s basic assertion/assumption (and the prophet Nietzsche’s) that man is “god material” contains clues. Being self-conscious, scientific, ambitious, inventive, and possessing many mansions of history, many treasure troves of deep thinkers and other guides in politics and morality, man already can almost envision the god-head, and in his optimistic, loving and curious heart he knows that heaven is his destiny or guaranteed goal (for one can always fail; can spin out of the boundaries on a journey of selfishness).

I sense no hostility in God’s prediction that mankind would be set free of His literal or overwhelming management; rather, He almost seems to sigh with sly wit, as a father does when he leaves his son to his training. (Forgive me if I’m anthropomorphizing God.)

But I do not think humanity is abandoning God. We are abandoning the document, the Bible, and its concept of God. The Bible was written by men – inspired by God – but men. Men who had to write for others to read, so were further tempted to poetry. But poetry carries the scent of its times.

So what will come after Christ fades from the picture? What will the new world/religion/spirit look like? Here’s one clue, that I’ll follow next week: “The Lord will create a new thing on earth – a woman will surround a man” (Jer. 31:22).

***                       ***                     ***

(*Psychics can be astoundingly accurate, but their predictions still flawed. I once watched a good psychic [on television] say an unseen “mystery” guest was a rock star, because she saw spinning gold records. The  guest was Olympic swimmer Mark Spitz, who won 8 gold medals [round in shape] and broke swimming records. Right symbol, wrong conclusion. I have never seen an exact prediction, except in “yes/no” and other simple instances.)




Aries.svg ARIES   March 21-April 19

Continue to chase money and possessions, Aries. But, just as last week subtly aided you in these pursuits, this week contains a subtle headwind: basically, you must overcome the reluctance and scepticism of others, or the barriers that life has erected – right up to May 10, Saturday. It might also appear this way: you don’t have enough funds or investments (or don’t want to access them) to yield greater spending. This same situation is an opportunity (all week) to join forces or to seize a valuable asset. (Better if it is a used article.) A partnership of interests can boost you to another career/earnings level. A Capricorn or Scorpio might be involved. Be quiet, contemplative, home-based Sunday. This afternoon, you might spy the person or the opportunity I’ve just spoken about. Romance, self-expression, beauty, pleasure, creative and speculative luck bless you Monday through Tuesday afternoon (PDT) – you’re entertaining, you could make a great new friend. But after this, through Wed., take care, chase nothing/no one. Tackle chores Thursday (deceptive to mid-afternoon) and Friday (great – be early) – your efforts equal money. Saturday, relationships – they go from difficult to better/talkative to flirtatious.


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

Your energy and charisma remain high. Your private life, your solitude, is sweet now (all May) but your heightened charisma and effectiveness beg you to get outside, to mingle with people while you’re making such good impressions. (You can combine these two, by meeting people in confidential or private ways; or by spending 2 hours planning, and 2 hours acting.) Tackle important projects, make happy/hopeful new starts. Now is your “open door” to impress someone. All week, you might be dealing with sceptical people – in love, he/she wants you to show your loyalty, preferably to “prove” your love. In practical affairs, the other needs to be persuaded to join your project or cause. This can be done! Sunday’s for errands, communications, paperwork and travel. Home sweet home, Monday through Wednesday – be ambitious, even if working from home. (A quiet conversation, perhaps with a civil servant, can stun you with valuable information/insights.) Thursday/Friday bring romance, love, beauty, pleasure, creative surges and speculative urges – you’ll win, especially Friday. Chores, Saturday.


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

Continue to lie low, rest, contemplate and sink into your spiritual side. Be charitable. Plan, but don’t reveal your plans yet. Deal with government agencies, institutions and large corporations (e.g., IBM). Just as last week subtly aided you in work, healing, financial and sexual zones, so this week subtly opposes you in virtually the same areas. The “problem” might be a skeptical person. You can persuade this person with an appeal to power and practical gain – without danger. (They’re very conservative, security-conscious.) Sunday focuses on money, buying and selling – all’s well. Monday through Wednesday brings talks, trips, errands, paperwork, details – fill out those government forms. Follow your curiosity: you might be surprised by the beauty or affection you discover. But do not invest; especially avoid machinery (esp.used). (Computers are okay, before 3:30 pm PDT Tuesday.) Home, family, property, security, retirement programs, landscaping – these and similar issues confuse you Thursday to mid-afternoon, then flow luckily. Saturday’s for love – but this am, work or health demands might slow you down.


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

Wishes can come true, Cancer – and right now, your wish quotient is high. You might have to overcome someone’s (perhaps your own) scepticism, but wishes around partnership, the public, relocation or negotiations have a splendid chance to become real this month. Your popularity and happiness rise. Make and  accept invitations. Your energy and charisma surge Sunday: impress someone, or launch an important project. Chase money Monday/Tuesday, shop, seek new clients, ask for a pay raise, etc. Luck rides with you! You are valued at work, seen as someone who can take on more – take advantage. (But aim for money, NOT prestige.) Give lifer a rest Wednesday. Friends, siblings, communications, errands, travel and variety come “confusingly” Thursday, successfully this eve and Friday. Home, neighbourhood, family, nature please you Saturday.


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Focus on your career, reputation, business ambitions, and status relations all week, Leo. You might have to deal with reluctance or scepticism from family members – or in  some cases with a crumbling infrastructure. But these can be an asset, if you can convince family members to be onside, or can seize an opportunity in “the ruins” of an old business. Lie low Sunday and early Monday: plan, contemplate, contact government experts. You energy and charisma, effectiveness and timing reach renewed heights Monday morning to Wednesday. Wednesday will be wasted, but Mon./Tues. offer great  opportunities – make friends, compliment important people! Chase money, or buy status items Thursday (careful to 3 pm PDT: confusion, deception possible) and Friday (when you’ll make the right moves). Errands, friends, trips, communications Saturday – be curious, ask questions.


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

This is a nice, mellow week, Virgo. If single, you could meet someone who is hard-headed and conservative, yet velvety soothing. You could fall in love before you realize you’re there. Also favoured: far travel, legal situations, higher education, publishing/media, religion, and all intellectual pursuits. (Religion is essentially intellectual.) Whatever you do, avoid extra-marital temptations (whether you’re married or single). Your popularity remains high Sunday and early Monday – life, friends, entertainment – all bring happiness. But retreat Monday mid-morn to Wednesday. Rest, contemplate, plan. It’s an excellent time to apply to government or large corporations for permission, funding, etc. (Quit by 4 pm Tues., though.) Your energy, charisma and effectiveness soar Thursday/Friday. You’ll impress others. It’s a great time to start projects. You could “start falling” in love. Shop, collect money, seek new clients Saturday – pm best.


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The main accent lies on the private or “secret” areas of your life, Libra: intimacy, sexual desires, skeletons in the closet, investments, accounts and net worth, occultism, your subconscious, mysterious health complaints, lifestyle changes, commitments and consequences. This is an easy, smooth week, helping you advance toward any goals in the zones I just listed. However, realize you will – to succeed – have to overcome a barrier, a realistic, not unreasonable one. The barrier could be someone’s scepticism, or perhaps your earnings won’t support the investment you want to make. Almost everything can be worked out by compromise and by accepting realistic constraints. (E.g., half an investment might be better than none. – But read my “economic outlook” in the April 27 forecast.) Research, play detective. Be ambitious Sunday. Your hopes and popularity rise mildly Monday to Wednesday: friends, potential lovers who appear before Tuesday mid-afternoon are good ones. Retreat, rest, think and plan Thursday (indecision probable) and Friday (all lights green). Your energy and charisma rise Saturday – chase a Gemini.


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Relationships fill this week and next. Be diplomatic, loving, eager-to-join. After a drought (Sept. 2012 to Feb. 2014) in which almost no relationship worked, you’re now free to join – and will receive double benefits (especially in money) if you merge with another before mid-July. Some Scorpios will fall in love, some wed; many will form “brief partnerships” in business or other practical areas – benefits pack all these. This week makes one “relationship demand” on you – that you drop your own (yes, partly justified!) scepticism toward others. Without faith and hope, nothing is possible. The city around you would never have been built. Use Sunday to examine the whole picture of your life, to “check” your direction (or to woo someone attractive). Be ambitious Monday to Wednesday – luck accompanies you, you can enhance your reputation, even grab a promotion. Happiness, popularity, wish fulfillment (especially about a romance) and entertainment brighten your days – and future. Retreat Saturday – take pencil, paper, make plans.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Into every life drudgery must come, and it’s come. Might as well plod through it now and next week. Dependants, employment, service people, machinery, health – these are accented. That said, no huge problems face you. You can progress step-by-step, except perhaps Thursday, and next Sunday, May 11, when indecision or deception might interfere. Also, there is some secrecy about money or possessions,  or perhaps a government restriction, that can prevent progress this week. (Co-operation will reduce this barrier.) Sunday’s mysterious, sexy: research will help the rest of the week go better. A mild, wise, mellow mood flows over you Monday to Wednesday. You’re lucky, Mon./Tues., in higher education, law, publishing/media, travel, cultural events, and all intellectual pursuits. Be ambitious Thursday (some conflict with home base can leave you indecisive to midday) and Friday – your hard work is now paying off! Saturday’s happy, cheerful, brings friends and renewed hope.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

You’re on a winning streak, Cap. Expand in any direction. You progress will be limited only by your level of optimism, your scepticism about your own future or about your “lovability.” (The truth is, you’re very lovable, and the person who marries you will be lucky.) Romance, pleasure, self-expression, new beginnings, beauty, charming kids, creative and speculative urges, all arise now, and all have success potential. Sunday’s for relationships – what seems a quiet flirtation could mark the beginning of love. Life’s depths – intimacy, sex, big financial actions, research, subconscious promptings, deep health issues, destiny – these rise to the surface Monday to Wednesday – and are lucky until Tuesday late afternoon. Investigate, then charge ahead. Thursday/Friday bring wisdom, travel, gentle love, cultural expansion. Be ambitious Saturday – noon to midnight (PDT) you can step through a doorway into work-career success. Email a VIP.


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The general emphasis, this week and next, lies on home, family, property, security, retirement, Mother Nature, nutrition, stomach and soul. (Ever wonder why Buddha is so fat?) You might find it easy to embrace your home life this week, as your career scene is so restrictive, stultifying and unrewarding. (But don’t quit before Christmas Day, or you’ll face 3 decades of reduced employment.) Real success will come if you can combine the two. (E.g., work at a home office, or focus on territory, other company foundations.) Tackle chores Sunday – you’ll make steady, plodding progress. Relationships face you Monday to Wednesday. Be diplomatic – that will be easy, as you feel warm and affectionate toward others. A love affair might start, but it probably wouldn’t be a lucky affair. Use your people skills to butter others up, to gain information. Secrets, life’s depths arise Thursday/Friday. Your subconscious bursts to the surface, your intuition, sexual yearnings, and perceptions increase. (Well, they’re muddled to mid-afternoon Thursday, then good.) Invest, re-arrange debt, start a new lifestyle, get a puzzling health problem diagnosed, embrace intimacy with someone – share. Wisdom, gentle love, understanding enter Saturday. Far travel okay. Seek culture.


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

This week and next are a busy time, but not an important time. So relax, and work quickly – tackle pesky paperwork, visit Aunt Harry, re-organize files, build office systems, buy new phones and computers (best Tuesday before 4 pm PDT). It’s better to buy new than used. Relationships: in the short term, you’re upbeat, superficial; in the long term you’re serious but hopeful – and you’re right. Sunday’s romantic, creative – if not, find a movie, good book, or soak up nature’s beauty. Tackle chores Monday mid-morn through Wednesday. (Routine chores, Wed.) You’ll make good progress, even have fun doing it. Don’t buy machinery these three days. Relationships confront you Thursday/Friday. An exciting meeting could give your heart a wee flip. Someone’s attracted to you Thursday afternoon, but they’re not seeing clearly. Saturday brings depths: sex, intimacy, financial commitment, health diagnosis, perhaps a lifestyle change. A good week!


The End


Disclaimer: Tim is not a lawyer, medical doctor nor financial advisor. Though astrology addresses all these fields, you are advised to discuss Tim’s advice with the appropriate expert before acting.