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NOTE:  The annual forecast, the luck forecast & the karmic forecast for 2021 are now available under PLATFORMS, above.

START NOTHING:  (All times Pacific Daylight) 11:14 pm Mon. to 2:07 am Tues., 4:10 am to 10:59 am Thurs., and 3:47 pm to 10:46 pm Sat.


ALL SIGNS: Remember, don’t start any new, important relationships or projects (or purchases) until late day June 22 onward.


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The emphasis remains on swift, easy chores such as errands, calls and emails, paperwork and short trips. There might be more consequential things in these communications than is readily apparent. Double check all addresses, phone numbers, meeting times, etc. Continue to be the diplomat at home.

Your inner life is beginning to shine with understanding. This trend will exist until late July, then return the first five months of ’22 in a much bigger way. Remember, don’t start any new, important relationships or projects (or purchases) until late day June 22 onward.

Hope, joy, popularity and flirtation fill Sun./Mon. A friendly love affair might bloom. Withdraw Tues./Wed. — rest, sleep, contemplate, deal with gov’t, head office, spiritual and charitable orgs. (Don’t make firm plans, nor promises.) Good luck outweighs bad, so this will be a comfortable interval.

Your energy and charisma surge upward around noon Thurs. through Sat. Though this is not a good time to launch/start anything, your energy will help protect and further ongoing situations. Careful Sat., though — struggles, barriers — don’t get physical.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Remember, Taurus, don’t start any new, important relationships or projects (or purchases) until late day June 22 onward. Your hopes and sociability (and popularity) rise nicely now through July. (A hint of a big wish coming true Jan. to May, ’22.)

Be guarded in your speech/writing until mid-June — you might insult or push someone, or reveal one of your own embarrassing secrets. The general emphasis stays on money, possessions, memory and casual sex, for 3 weeks ahead.

Be ambitious Sun./Mon. — you could actually take a step up the career ladder. You talk well. Dreams might come true Tues./Wed., as optimism, flirty interludes, entertainment and social joys fill the hours. But withdraw, seek solitude late morning Thurs. through Sat. Meditate, contact spiritual and charity orgs., seek advice, liaise with head office, gov’t. All’s well until Sat., when you can experience deception, meanness. Don’t lose your temper —  smile, and go on without critics.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

This is your time, Gemini! Your energy’s up, charisma is flowing, your clout’s “obvious.” You talk easily, you attract fond attention — but remember, don’t start any new, important relationships or projects (or purchases) until late day June 22 onward. Instead, use your energy to protect and further ongoing projects. You might be dealing with an old flame. If so, now to late June would be the best time to visit/meet, if Covid permits.

Money continues to rush to and away from you. Cut the spending now, as lemons abound, esp. in garden zones. (You buy plants that die, etc.) Your career is buoyant until late July, higher-ups are beginning to “notice” — but the real career luck will come in a wave from Jan. to May next year.

Love, distant travel, intellectual pursuits, big ideas, international, cultural, legal themes — some or all visit you Sun./Mon. A career doorway exists — step through, if you spy it. A splendid, happy interval. Your career and other practical ambitions are highlighted Tues./Wed. (and a bit, Thurs. morning, PDT). Luck’s good — charge ahead!

Hopes, dreams, popularity, social delights, flirtation — these visit midday Thurs. through Sat. Careful Sat., esp. pm, as deception, ambition, finances all irk you — step away from any argument.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

You continue to be a ball of fire, assertive, determined — and sexy. But you are also in a low-energy, low-charisma month (to late June) so don’t exhaust yourself. (Best way: focus your efforts “solely” on career and save remainder of your time for quietude and rest, spirituality and charity, management and interfacing with gov’t or head office.) Your inner world remains sweet, even “lively.” (This would be a good time for a meditator to attempt channeling — except late this week.)

Your larger world is beginning to open, also — far travel, legal and cultural venues, internationalism, big ideas and gentle love favour you to July 28. (But not one-fifth as much as they will in the first half of ’22.) Remember, don’t start any new, important relationships or projects (or purchases) until late day June 22 onward.

Secrets, financial opportunities, sexual desires, medical and lifestyle decisions — these fill Sun./Mon. — dive in, luck’s high! Gentle love and all that far-travel, intellectual, legal, and cultural stuff fills Tues./Wed. (and a bit of early Thurs.). Again, your luck is good — go forth!

Be ambitious Thurs. through Sat. Your prospects look great Thurs./Fri. (so act) but STOP Sat., long enough at least to study a situation before leaping into it. Major barriers, possible deception, even physical danger possible this day.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Remember, Leo, don’t start any new, important relationships or projects (or purchases) until late day June 22 onward. The 3 weeks ahead continue recent optimism, popularity and romantic stirrings — in the very area that is filled with delays, confusions and mistakes. Ah, well. Patience. You still glow with life’s enjoyment. Until June 11, beware dark alleys, belligerent people, and most lawyers.

Relationships fill Sun./Mon. — welcome someone, co-operate, jump on another’s bandwagon, grasp opportunities (if connected to the past). Agreements made or partnerships formed before Sun. suppertime (PDT) might fall apart; those formed after this will prove fortunate.

Tuesday/Wed. (and early Thurs.) bring various financial ideas or subtly elusive “hots” for intimacy, secrets, research and lifestyle choices. This is a pretty good interval. These things —secrets, sex, finances — will occupy your thoughts now to late July: though fortunate, these might not come to much — until Jan.-to-May ’22, when finances, sex and “power goals” will arrive in a surging, beneficial wave.

Thursday morn through Sat. brings wisdom, understanding, distant goals, far travel, gentle love. intellectual and cultural pursuits. Thurs./Fri. are great — Sat.’s terrible. Avoid all fights.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The emphasis remains on career, worldly standing, prestige relations, and ambitious goals for the 3 weeks ahead, Virgo. Remember, don’t start any new, important relationships or projects (or purchases) until late day June 22 onward. Until then, protect ongoing projects/situations from confusion, delays, supply shortages, “no shows,” etc. Or reprise the past — revisit a former career, or write a VIP who befriended you long ago, or revive a neglected venture. A former boss might appear.

Your hopes now (to mid-June) are tied up with males, no matter what your sex. All Virgos are optimistic about intimacy and assets; your hormones are “awake.”

Tackle chores Sun./Mon. Eat, dress sensibly. Careful with electricity Sun. — otherwise, a splendid interval, with much accomplished! Someone might “confer intimacy” upon you. Relationships and/or opportunities arise Tues./Wed., and a bit of Thurs. morn.

You might, now to July’s end, meet one or more viable life-mate prospects (“business” partners if you’re married). However, this might be more a hint, a “first look” than a complete-able situation — then, the first half of ’22, the huge relationship openings — and general opportunities — will swell into a lucky wave.

Sexual temptations, financial lures, lifestyle changes, heightened intuition and subconscious prodding come Thurs. through Sat. — fortunate Thurs. and Fri., decidedly difficult Sat. You might have to choose: sex or friendship, reputation or relationship.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

If you’re single, love is most important now. It might be at a distance, or a former flame. You might have a wedding on your mind, more than romance. These — relationships — as well as legal, intellectual, far travel, cultural or belief system involvements — slow and turn backwards now, creating mistakes, delays and confusion until June 22. (Remember, don’t start any new, important relationships, projects or purchases in any area, until late day June 22 onward.)

If you’re married, the kids will love a “blast from the past” whatever that is — a costume party with old fashioned clothes? Revisiting a former vacation spot? From this Wed. to June’s end, your home attracts you, family supports/loves you. Now to July’s end, your work load might increase a bit — this is a precursor to a major wave of work to arrive January-to-May, ’22. Bosses, VIPs remain impatient, but are also willing to hear “partnership proposals.”

Sunday/Mon. are for love, romance. All’s good — but don’t chase sex Sun. daytime. Maybe a brilliant work/career idea. Tackle chores and boost your health (proper diet, sleep, dress) Tues./Wed., and a bit of Thurs. morning. All goes well, few obstacles.

Midday Thurs. through Sat. brings relationships, opportunities, distant shores, public appearances (remember, avoid starting new projects). Your luck is fine Thurs./Fri., but everything hits the fan Sat. — proceed cautiously, be diplomatic, co-operate, but avoid commitments, promises, love, and a fight. Drive carefully.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Three more weeks of mystery, lust (reject extra-marital stuff), financial opportunities (or pressures) and possible lifestyle changes. A medical procedure might be needed. Investigate, dig deep for “treasure.” (Your investments, if you have them, should fare well this present week — but not Saturday.)

Remember, don’t start any new, important relationships, projects or purchases in any area, until late day June 22 onward. Until then, life will slow and turn backwards, creating mistakes, delays and confusion. Probably not the best time to make new investments. Strictly avoid lawsuits. Travel afar for work, not pleasure, nor love.

Home, children, security, safety, nature, garden, sleep and rest fill Sun./Mon. A lovely, restful time, but get outdoors too. Bit of tension Sunday, but late night and Mon. offer swift success. Romantic notions spur you to act Tues./Wed. (and a bit of Thurs. morning). You’re more likely to be rebuffed Tues. than Wed., but Tues. also holds the possibility of “huge” love. (Wed. offers “sweet love.”) You choose.

Tackle chores Thurs. midday through Sat. You’ll get good things done Thurs./Fri., but Sat.’s a mess: be cautious! (Lovers temperamental, sales people deceptive, potential legal/ethical problems). DO NOT buy machinery, tools, TV, car, etc. before June 22 — you’ll have a knack for picking lemons.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Relationships rule, Sage. You’ll also notice opportunities, be tempted to get to distant places, might be nudged into public appearances/dealings. Be diplomatic, co-operative. (Realize that until late Jan. ’22, you’ll gain if you join, lose if you seek or maintain independence.)

Remember, don’t start any new, important relationships or projects (or purchases) until late day June 22 onward. Until then, situations/projects slow and turn backwards, creating mistakes, delays and confusion. An old flame or “ex” might appear, grow in importance for 3 weeks — actually, to mid-July. (But about re-marrying, you might remain hesitant, flip-flop, for all ’21.) Another child in ’22? Possibly! In intimacy, you’re “running hot” until June 11.

Perform errands, paperwork, communications and “fact checking” Sun./Mon. All’s good! (But double-check addresses, etc.) Your home and family are highlighted Tues. to Thurs. morning — a good, productive, affectionate period. Your home beckons, makes you hopeful, bright-tempered to July’s end. (Unless you were born Nov. 21-23, the brunt of this good luck will come January-to-May ’22 — wait until then to change homes, buy property, furniture, or undertake major renovations, etc.)

Romance, adventure, creative and gambling urges fill you midday Thurs. through Sat. — Thurs./Fri. go well, but Sat. is a disaster waiting to happen: potential $ problems, grudge matches, arguments, deception. Be alert, cautious.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Three more weeks of drudgery, work, health and machinery issues, Cap. Many opportunities for you to make a mistake, a wrong decision, so go over directions, thoughts, and intentions, 3 times before acting. A health matter might return, deserves attention. So might a former work or career role, employer.

Remember, don’t start any new, important relationships or projects (or purchases) until late day June 22 onward. Until then, situations/projects slow and turn backwards, creating mistakes, delays and confusion. DO NOT buy machinery/ appliances before June 22. Relationships are intense until mid-June: you might end a bond, or “dig it deeper.” Communications, errands, short trips and paperwork abound now to late July: get them done.

Chase money, pamper clients, think about a pay raise Sun./Mon. Buy only routine stuff (e.g., groceries). Good chance (late) Sunday to speak of love, marriage. Those errands, paperwork and communications rise to the surface of your desk Tues. to Thurs. morn. Charge ahead — good luck accompanies you.

Your home, family become more important to you midday Thurs. through Sat. If you plant a garden, love might spring up. Focus on security, nature, nutrition, “soul rest.”  Thurs./Fri. go well, but Saturday’s filled with barriers and conflicts. Just sit on the porch and stay out of everyone’s arguments and power struggles. You might be very attracted to someone, but it would be a “grudge match.”

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Ah, sweet romance! (Or the fine fury of creativity, or the thrill of risk.) Remember, Aquarius, don’t start any new, important relationships or projects (or purchases) until late day June 22 onward. Until then, situations/projects slow and turn backwards, creating mistakes, delays and confusion.

In love regions, stick with your present squeeze, or take up with a returning old flame. A brand new relationship would end in confusion and probably an eventual split. (Avoid revisiting a project if you’re a writer or artist. You’d weaken it now.) Whatever happens, you’ll be entwined in love’s dreams to mid-July.

Work is intense until June 11 — avoid cuts, scrapes. You receive a kind of cosmic “notice” that money luck is coming your way — but it might not come until Jan.-May next year.

Your energy and charisma soar Sun./Mon. — you’ll get your way! (But remember, start nothing big.) A lucrative job might appear (or a brilliant idea for later action). Chase $ Tues./Wed., and Thurs. morning. All’s well. Shop, but reject anything “uncertain.”

Friends, wee trips, communications and easy chores fill midday Thurs. through Sat. Good luck, good progress, even a lucky bonus Thurs./Fri., but beware Sat. Struggles, conflicts, arguments, traffic accidents, all possible. Be cool!

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The emphasis remains on your domicile for 3 more weeks, Pisces. Remember, don’t start any new, important relationships or projects (or purchases) until late day June 22 onward. Until then, situations/projects slow and turn backwards, creating mistakes, delays and confusion. That esp. applies to home, kids, garden, landscaping, renovations, security projects, etc.

Hot Mars is in your romantic, creative sign (Cancer) until June 11. Now, Wed., sweet Venus enters also (to June’s end). The next 2 weeks offer “true romance.” Your optimism, cheer, friendliness and luck rise now to July 28 — though this might be more a “surface skim” than a true, deep pulse upward. (Major love luck comes the first half of ’22.)

Be quiet, contemplative Sun./Mon. Preserve energy, avoid competition. A love or creative breakthrough or a brilliant idea very possible. Your energy and charisma return Tues. to Thurs. morn. Remember not to start anything brand new — otherwise, charge ahead, for luck, clout and charm ride with you! A “love meeting” very possible (except pre-dawn Wed., PDT).

Chase money, collect and pay bills, shop — all carefully, as mistakes float around — midday Thurs. through Sat. Money and shopping (and casual intimacy) go well Thurs./Fri., but Sat.’s difficult. A child might argue, and someone you’re interested in is more prepared for a fight than rapprochement. Still, you’re the strong one.



From a comment on a Breitbart article about Pelosi trying to control a 1/6 commission to investigate the U.S. “Capitol Insurrection” of last January:

(For Canadian readers — the writer is referring to Nancy Pelosi, the house Democratic leader who has tried to impeach Trump twice, and failed, of course.)

“The densest element yet known to science. The element has been named Pelosium. Pelosium has one neutron, 12 assistant neutrons, 75 deputy neutrons, and 224 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 311.

These particles are held together by dark forces called morons, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons.

The symbol of Pelosium is PU.

Pelosium’s mass actually increases over time, as morons randomly interact with various elements in the atmosphere and become assistant deputy neutrons within the Pelosium molecule, leading to the formation of isodopes.”
***   ***

You might have noticed in the last few blogs that I have been shunting away from politics, but into the race question — jumping from the frying pan into the fire. I  didn’t mean to, it just got me excited. I have to be careful here, as I have very little experience with Blacks, and see much to be critical of in their latest decade of advance, although I see the oppression, and sympathize; I see why many of them are angry and violent. But I also love to win an argument, so I might say/write things that are clumsy at best, inexcusable at worst. Forgive me.
***   ***

Currently, about 33% of all U.S. abortions are obtained by white women, and 37% are obtained by black women. Blacks are only 12% of the population, and whites are 75% (61% excluding Hispanics). So Black women are aborting at over 6 TIMES the rate of the general population. (That’s my guess — I’m not a mathematician, so I could be wildly wrong.)

PLANNED Parenthood, the major abortion provider in America, is a democratic agency, originally started as a method to eliminate the Black race in America (by a white woman, natch). It was a eugenics approach to genocide. This was the democrat’s answer to losing the Civil War and losing their black slaves. (If they won’t be under our thumb, let’s get rid of them.)

So far, PP is winning the public relations war. An investigative journalist who taped PP executives bartering over the sale of baby’s parts, from penises to eyes, stomachs to brains, was thrown in jail by democratic functionaries and their pet judge.

PP is also winning for racist democrats: If you keep Blacks so downtrodden that they don’t want to bring a child into this world, you will succeed in killing their babies at accelerated rates. Looks racist to me.

I wrote before that in my experience, Blacks are far more racist than Whites. (And that they have reasons to be so.) Blacks will not achieve real parity until they forgive Whites. Kind of the opposite of the Black Chicago Mayor, one of the biggest, most vengeful racists around, whose latest move has been to ban white journalists.
***   ***

Remember last week I lambasted America for its dirty dealings and secretive attempts to degrade Canadian oil assets? Well, it just occurred to me that Canada already got its revenge — by supplying the U.S. with Dominion voting machines from Toronto for the last fed. election. These machines are at the heart of the election fraud investigations now taking place — and might even have destroyed the election, making a dead man walking President.

So let’s call it even, you screwed with our energy, we screwed with your election. Friends?
***   ***

I’ve written before about the ongoing “partnering” or symbiosis between advancing technology and social sophistication.

In1700’s France, authorities cut off your hand for stealing a loaf of bread. (At least that’s what they taught us in high school.) Today, in many nations, we would more likely ask, “Are you hungry?” and offer some assistance. Every century, we grow in tech, but also in kindness, gentleness, mercy and empathy for fellow humans.

If “aliens” do exist and are as technologically advanced as they seem to be, they will likely be many times, maybe a hundred times, more compassionate, empathic, and gentle than we are right now. (Of course, even advanced societies can either consciously or unconsciously destroy a native population — just as Europeans did to Amerindians — and later to “Eskimos.” However, we were a cruder version — and less techy — than our present selves.)


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