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START NOTHING:  2:36 pm to 8 pm Sun., 2;20 pm to 7:39 pm Tues., 10:35 am to 7:23 pm Thurs., and 3:15 pm to 9:04 pm Sat.


ALL SIGNS: Mercury starts retrograding May 29, so use the present time to wrap things up rather than launching new projects/plans. One exception: if you are “returning” to a former place, role, person, opportunity or situation, esp. if you will be “mining” this past connection or deeply researching something… then go ahead, even during the retrograde.
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“Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson.
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All veterinarians, zookeepers, horse trainers, etc., benefit immensely if they were born with the Sun, Moon, or any planet in the 7th degree of Leo.
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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

A month of errands, messages, paperwork and travel begins. This won’t be a hugely significant month, but what you say, apply for, or learn can help you immensely when more serious months come down the road of the future. Be curious, ask many questions. Until July 28, you’ll benefit from gov’t contacts, institutions, warehousing/ logistics, advisors and… rest. One of your missives might find love.

Late this week a period of confusion, delay, indecision and shortages begins — so wrap things up. Don’t start anything important.

Sunday daytime (PDT) is for relationships and opportunities — the picture/luck is mixed. This suppertime to suppertime Tues. presents you with hints, secrets, trails to investigate, as well as financial and sexual lures. Sunday night’s splendid, fortunate. Monday’s unlucky, disruptive, but this night into Tues., all flows well, achievement is yours to grasp.

A mellow mental mood floats into you Tues. eve to suppertime Thurs. Far travel, legal or cultural affairs, love, intellectual or international pursuits beckon you. You might be initially excited about something here (Wed.) then deflated (Thurs.) by all the obstacles involved. Better to let this one go. Thursday’s just generally confusing.

This eve through Sat., your ambitions will be tested. Stand strong, be calm, and you’ll come through with flying colours, as they say. Friday’s excellent for making prestigious, deep-pocketed friends.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Now to late June, Taurus, chase money, seek bargains, study/memorize something, and indulge your physical side: sensual intimacy is just the thing for you right now. (Of course, don’t cheat.) Communications and local travel are still hectic, so avoid “accidents” whether verbal or vehicular. There might be more communications with gov’t than you really want.

You are envisioning a “wonderful future.” It will come in the first half of ’22. Wrap up projects this week; start nothing new, important — Saturday starts 3 weeks of fiascos, “no shows,” delays, confusion and indecision.

Tackle chores Sun. daytime. This night to suppertime Tues. brings relationships, relocation themes, public appearances and opportunities. Charge ahead late Sunday night, late Mon. night, and Tues. Caution Monday.

Sexual and financial temptations, the urge to dig deeper, to investigate, and lifestyle options — these blossom Tues. suppertime to Thurs. suppertime. (All PDT.) However, despite early luck (Tues./Wed.) major obstacles await (Thurs.) that advise just walking away. (Half those “opportunities” are subtle con games, anyway.)

Late Thurs. night to Sat. nudges you toward love, understanding, peace and gentle happiness. Remember, this is a bad time to start new relationships (May 29-June 22) but Fri./Sat. could see you wooing someone!

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

At last! Your energy bubbles over, your charisma attracts “news” and enquiries even from far away, and you display your most endearing qualities. At last, the Sun is in your sign, until late June. Make the most of this time, be a leader, give ongoing ventures a push, make contacts, see and be seen, add your opinion to the stew of discussion. But DO NOT start significant new projects before June 22.

Use this week to wrap things up. Money still flows toward you; and so do a pile of bills/debts. Pay down debt. If you must spend, spend on home, garden, family stuff. Others think you’re like a purring cat. They’re attracted. An old flame might loom in importance soon. (Actually, to be more correct, you’re their old flame.) Your public reputation, your dealings with higher-ups bring cheer, optimism, through July. It’s early for a promotion, unless you were born around May 21-23, any year. Otherwise, a lucky “step up” comes the first half of ’22.

Sunday’;s for love and romance, creative and pleasure pursuits. This night to suppertime Tues. brings work, chores, health concerns, maybe boredom. Hardest: Monday. Easiest (and maybe holding a wee career reward): Tuesday.

Relationships and opportunities (possibly with unsavoury or hyper-critical or simply unsuitable people) confront you Tues. suppertime to Thurs. suppertime (all PDT). What promises Tues./Wed. turns deceptive, elusive, “unavailable” Thurs. I’d stay independent. Deep sex, “buried” treasure, research, medical and lifestyle decisions — these arrive Thurs. night through Sat. A good time to examine your finances. Good luck if you invest Fri., but the “retro” starting this day advises against most commitments.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Lie low, rest, recuperate, now to June 20. Seek advice, work with gov’t, institutions, large corporations; accept or seek a management role. Touch base with your spiritual, forgiving side. In all this, much communication, learning and gracious relating occurs. Your sexual magnetism continues to burn until June 11 — be gentle, thankful.

A new set of ideals is coming, perhaps changing your perspective on the world, now to July 28. This phase is fortunate for education, distant travel, law, culture, intellectual pursuits, insurance, religion, and love — but not as fortunate as the first half of ’22, when what is just a hint now to July, will become a full wave.

Sunday’s for home and sleeping in. This night to suppertime Tues. offers romance, creative surges, charming kids, beauty and pleasure. Monday’s tough, but late night and Tues. are loving, lucky. Tackle chores Tues. suppertime to Thurs. suppertime. Dress and eat sensibly. Be wary, and aware, of long-term outcomes if you chase something now. What looks so do-able Tues./Wed., could crash on the rocks of reality Thurs.  (Oddly, things might seem unreal.)

Relationships fill Thurs. night through Sat. Love is possible, co-operation certain, opportunities frequent — BUT Mercury retrogrades Friday, signalling delays, indecision and confusion until June 22. So start nothing new this week — catch up the past instead, complete neglected projects, love old flames or who you’re with, etc. All’s well!

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Happiness rules! For the next 4 weeks you will be buoyed by optimism, social delights and flirtations. Your popularity will rise. A wish from long ago might come true. However, this is not a good time to start new relationships, nor to join a new group before June 22. (Both of these, if you’re “returning” — e.g. to a former group — are fine, great.) Indecision or last minute changes can come to your social schedule.

Remain wary of dark alleys and belligerent people — and avoid lawsuits — until June 11. Until July’s end, your sexual and investment intuition blossoms, whispering of potential gain. Big results from this might seem a bit paltry, but that’s because the main wave of this actually comes in ’22 (Jan.-May): this present hope, luck, is more a hint than a fulfillment.

Use Sunday daytime for calls, emails, short trips around the ‘hood, curiosity. From 8 pm this night (PDT) to suppertime Tues., turn toward home, family, garden, nature, stomach/nutrition, contemplation and rest. Monday’s difficult; Tues.’s smoothly successful.

Romance (and creative, speculative, sports involvements) beckon Tues. suppertime to suppertime Thurs. Be careful: look down the road a long way. Pursuing a deep romance now will go well on the surface Tues./Wed., but will take you down a path that meets a huge obstacle: Thursday hints that obstacle will somehow prevent sex (or asset growth) and leave you in the weeds of (self?) deception.

Tackle chores Thurs. eve through Sat. All’s well, you’ll get lots done. Wee caution around dawn (PDT) Sat. — avoid challenge, argument.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Until late June, Virgo, the accent will be on ambitions, career, neighbourhood reputation, worldly standing, prestige relations — and pressure. Higher-ups will favour you, but DON’T start nor propose a new career project or proposal, nor a “prestige” dinner date, etc. before June 22. If you do, indecision, confusion and delays will “kill” the project, or make it a useless time-waster. So, instead, use your time and energy to prevent mistakes, to assure supplies and manpower in ongoing projects.

Hot sexual attraction still “available” amongst your social contacts (until June 11). Until July’s end, you will feel more optimistic about relationships and opportunities — and a possible relocation. This period might yield results, or might just whip up your interest — in either case, the first half of ’22 will bring the “big wave” and could see you married, relocated, or riding a magnificent opportunity! But that’s in ’22…

Shop or collect money Sunday. This evening to Tues. suppertime sends you out on restless feet — errands, visits, trips — and nudges you to call, write, or do paperwork. Monday’s tough, but Tues. succeeds. Steer toward home Tues. suppertime to Thurs. suppertime. In case I haven’t mentioned it before, don’t buy or sell real estate before Feb./22.

At present, Tues./Wed. seem to succeed, but they lead you down a path of eventual failure (as Thurs. hints). Avoid the temptation to buy furniture, change homes, etc. Sweet romance arises Thurs. eve through Sat. — yes, pursue it, no big impediments.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The four weeks ahead mix love, far travel, legalities and ethics, moral choices, cultures and religions — a real mishmash (or exhilarating complexity). A former love might appear. DO NOT start a new relationship or project before June 22. Stick with the ongoing, or reprise something good up from the past.

Lots of indecision, delay, mistakes until June 22, esp. in these areas of love, travel, etc. A planned wedding might be cancelled. Bosses and VIPs remain temperamental until June 11, but they might as likely promote you as fire you. A boss-employee partnership might form. It will be volatile. Briefly (now to July 28) your work duties might expand, or your work might increasingly involve travel/communications. Not a big deal.

Your energy is tops Sunday — jump on a travel or intellectual or religious situation and solve it. This night to suppertime Tues. nudges you to chase money, ask for a raise, cultivate clients or seek bargains. Casual sex is fine. Monday daytime’s disappointing, but late this night and Tues. your efforts pay off.

Errands, trips, communications, paperwork — do what you need to here, but nothing extra. This trip has a bad destination (as you might see by Thurs.). Home, family and Mother Nature call Thurs. night through Saturday. A productive, relaxing interval — be outdoors. But don’t argue Sat. morning.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

This is the time of year that most puzzles you, Scorpio, but it is also the most intriguing and potentially profitable time of any year. Sexual temptations, investment opportunities, debt, secrets and investigation, medical procedures, and lifestyle changes — these become the main stream of your life’s river these 4 weeks ahead, and twist you and your situations in its current, as it brings back opportunities/contacts from the past, and closes the door (through confusion, delay and indecision) to new ones. (Long sentence, hope it’s readable.)

Strictly avoid lawsuits before June 12, unless you’re a lawyer, in which case your work increases. Romance and a “gambling mood” tickle your toes now through July, but it might not be enough to move you to the chase. But this is just a foretaste of the huge romantic wave coming in ’22 (first half). Start no new projects, relationships before June 22.

Sleep in, rest and contemplate Sunday. This night your energy and charisma and determination rise, until suppertime Tues. Monday’s a bit difficult, but Tues.’s smooth, easy. Charge ahead, get things done — wrap up nearly-finished projects.

Pursue money and shop Tues. eve to suppertime Thurs., but only in the most ordinary ways — don’t push, nor chase a bright, tempting notion. What succeeds on the surface Tues./Wed. could meet an iceberg obstacle by Thurs. (Iceberg: 9/10ths of the obstacle is unseen, subsurface — karmic.) Friendly contacts, errands and missives, paperwork and filing, fill Thurs. eve through Sat. All’s well, but double check addresses, etc. — confusion has begun.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

This might be the most important month of the ’21 year, Sage, as relationships — in some ways your only/best escape from your own difficulties — expand, confront, challenge, and offer opportunity. Your sexual side is very alert, alive to June 11. However, it’s not as easy to talk to an important/attractive person(s) as usual. Your inner psyche has turned toward home, family, emotional security (now to late July).

Also, until June 22, indecision, confusion, delays and second thoughts affect your life in general, but esp. relationships, opportunities, public appearances, and relocation. Until the 22nd, you’ll fare better by protecting ongoing projects/relationships from mistakes, and/or reprising past, promising situations. Despite all these complications, marriage/co-habitation remains on the agenda.

Sunday’s happy, hopeful, friendly — but retreat this night to Tues. suppertime. Rest, contemplate, be spiritual, charitable, seek advice — but avoid making plans (they’d change) and avoid physical competition. Monday’s tough; Tuesday’s easy. Your energy, charisma, and leadership qualities surge Tuesday eve to suppertime Thursday. Good — but before you charge ahead anywhere, think: interdependence, not independence.

You meet easy (surface) success Tues./Wed., but fall into indecision Thurs. Follow others’ desires, needs, rather than chase your own (for that way lies failure, mild and subtle but perhaps life-affecting). Chase $, new clients, a pay raise, increased sales, Thurs. night through Sat. Shop for bargains, also. All’s well. But nothing big and new. “Friendly sex” might be offered.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Work and more work fills the four weeks ahead, Cap. Oh, well. Do your best, plod through, protect ongoing career/work/machine situations/projects by double-checking all schedules, orders, supplies, appointments, etc. — well before you’ll need them. Don’t start any new projects before June 22, and DO NOT buy machinery or tools. Lemons abound!

You might come across a chore or project you neglected long ago — it might be worth reprising during this “delay” phase. (Writers and artists: NOT a good time to rework/edit past oeuvres.) Pamper your health: eat, dress, sleep sensibly. Relationships, esp. partnerships, remain intense, volatile until June 11. If you need a job, this is a good time to seek one — tho’ you might leave it within a year or so.

You might have an ambitious inspiration Sunday morning. Dress “upscale” for church, mosque, synagogue, etc. Dreams can come true this night to suppertime Tues. Happiness, popularity, optimism and social delights lift your heart. Make and accept “near term” invitations (i.e., within a few days or week). Monday’s a bit tough; Tuesday’s splendid.

Withdraw to quietude, rest, and contemplation Tues. night to suppertime Thurs. But don’t sink deeply in, remain a bit active. Realize institutions, warehouses, management, admin., gov’t, and delegating tasks, are doors to difficulty before next February (’22). Better to just tackle a job yourself. (This can be ego-invigorating, too.)

Tuesday/Wed. succeed on the surface, but Thurs. holds deception, confusion. Your energy, charisma and clout rise Thursday night through Sat. But rather than launch new ventures or relationships, use this fine energy to support, protect or further ongoing situations.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Wow. If single, Aquarius, you might be launched on the romance of the year — but everything falls into confusion, delay, indecision until June 22. There will be mix-ups, changes in plans. If you’re married w/kids, don’t plan their future now, nor sign them up for “serious” classes — art, drama, magic shows are great. But not anything which can challenge their intellects and impact their confidence, no math, etc. (Because even very smart kids will make dumb mistakes now.)

Let patience — and happy family times of nostalgia old photos, etc., — rule. Your chores/work are hard, intense, involve more movement, or driving than you thought, until June 11. Be careful around machines, sharp tools. An old flame might appear.

Sunday’s thoughtful, gentle, loving — big ideas, big understanding. Show ambition, tackle career issues, approach bosses and VIPs, Sun. night to Tues. suppertime. Monday’s a bit difficult, but Tues. offers success. Suppertime to suppertime, Tues. to Thurs., brings friends, social joys, flirtation, optimism and entertainment. Good, enjoy this, esp. Tues./Wed., but don’t dive into this area wholly, as it might disappoint as time goes on.

Thursday gives a clue: a money obstacle is really a substitute for a moral/spiritual barrier. Retreat Thurs. eve to Sat. — rest, sleep, seek advisors, liaison with gov’t., head office, institutions. Make no firm plans, and no promises. All’s well.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Your home is the most important “thing” of the 4 weeks ahead, Pisces. Family, nature, nutrition, garden, holidays, security — dive into these. But DON’T start major redecoration, repair, renovation or landscaping projects. (Minor repairs, like painting, okay until Friday.) Buy no furniture, etc. All the above are affected by a period of confusion, delay and mistakes May 29 (and a bit earlier) to June 22.

Family shows affection, until June 2. Passion, probably romantic, continues to flare until June 11 (and becomes sweet, reciprocal most of June). You get an almost puzzling boost in confidence, adventurousness, freedom, ambition and friendliness now (last 2 weeks) to July 28. Something might come of this, for example in career, a lucky rise. But for most Pisceans, this is merely a hint of the great, lucky adventures and career luck of ’22 (Jan. to May).

Sunday’s for secrets, lust, power, finances — think before promising anything. This night to suppertime Tues. brings a mellow, understanding mood, gentle love and distant things: travel, other nations, “higher perspectives.” Monday’s tough; Tuesday’s easy.

Your career, your ambitions and prestige relations — your status in general — are emphasized Tues. eve to suppertime Thurs. Caution: easy surface success Tues./Wed. will hit a major obstacle Thurs. (Weirdly, you might not see, or respect, this obstacle, which seems minor but has a lot of future “impeding” to do.) Be wary of ambition generally before next Feb. (’22). Retiring, home, and humility bring more than ambition, until then.

Happiness comes Thurs. night through Sat. — your popularity rises, social joys, flirtations and optimism lift you to smiling levels. An old wish might come true!



Under the heading Quick Reaction (“to a changing environment”): What we often think of as mankind’s fickleness, is probably a survival technique to help us react quickly whenever a new element in the environment threatens our security, our money, our family and loved ones, etc.

Three or four years ago a very kind friend at the time, Angela, alerted me to a program in Toronto that was using ultrasound to cure tremors. I watched a documentary from an eastern news station, showing a patient before and after this treatment. A middle-aged man went from tremors so severe he could not even put his hat on his head, to, 30 minutes later, calmly holding his arms and hands out, turning them over, without a minuscule quiver.

I have been plagued by tremors since I was 19, so I knocked on the doors of that program for about six months and finally a video conference was set up, during which the doctor in Toronto watched while I tried to drink a glass of water (I couldn’t even hold it w/o spilling water over the table and floor). And other tests. He assured me I was a candidate, and said I would be contacted in September to come to Toronto.

September came, but no call. Having learned from a former girlfriend that a person has to “advocate” for himself (she was very right, but it goes against my grain, which says, idiot that am, “talent or illness should automatically be seen by others, not self-promoted” which in turn might be a cover for a lazy shyness). Having learned the value of her advice, I emailed my contact there, and was told they were running a month behind.

By November, no call. I phoned, and after some hesitation, the receptionist (?) told me I was in the file, but there were many candidates, and they wouldn’t get to me until January. Then, when I called again, I was moved to April. April came and went. They have never contacted me, and, I’m quite sure, never will.

When this conviction first hit me, I blamed God. “Why me? Why do you thwart me? Can’t I have a few years of no trembling? Aren’t I ‘allowed’ to appear normal, or at least a healthy man, before others? Why can’t you ever do one little thing for me?” (I said worse things, but I don’t want you to lose too much respect for me.)

Very recently, about a month ago, I heard that those ultrasound treatments only lasted six months to a couple of  years, and had to be repeated, and they would not do it a third time, I guess from danger to the brain. But now I think, risking a brain burn, stroke or whatever for 6 months of calm — maybe God saved me! So now I praise God.

I find it hard to praise, though, God or anybody, I don’t know why, but it’s one of my faults. So lately I have forced myself to say at least one sentence: “Thank you God” when anything goes right. When my tremor-launched poached eggs hit the ceiling and floor and walls simultaneously, I won’t be in any damn mood to praise God, and am in danger of the very opposite. But when, say, traffic clears just before I’m in danger of being late, I say “Thank you God” (when I remember).

But my two-facedness is not hypocrisy. In the first instance, I was reacting negatively to what looked like a negative environment, an unfair denial of my cure. In the second one, I was reacting positively to a beneficial environment, an escape from a potentially brain-damaging “cure.” As mentioned in the first paragraph, I think this “quick switch” is biological, a survival technique or reaction.

In each case, I skipped coincidence and paranoia and went straight to God. That’s how arrogant I am. But I am likely that way because I am separated from humanity.

Occultists believe there is no coincidence; I agree. I believe when early monotheists claimed that God was omnipotent and omniscient, they might have been trying to describe karma.
***   ***

You know these stories of UFOs not only flitting around the sky with “impossible” speeds and maneuverability, but apparently cleaving through the ocean depths at similar speeds? Maybe the way they do it has something to do with changing the molecular structure of whatever they’re cleaving through, immediately in front of their vessel — like the insects that swim through the ice in Antartica. (Yes, they do! Google it.)

If there ever is contact with aliens, I believe it will be beneficial.
***   ***

U.S.A. Today wrote last week that the Jan. 6/21 riot at the Capitol (in which one civilian died, shot by a cop) was equal to or worse than 9/11, when 3,000 people died. The reason? After 9/11, the bad guys scurried away to hide in such places as Iraq and Afghanistan and didn’t represent much of a threat. But Jan. 6/21 inspired a lot of Republicans, and Republicans are the future enemy of America. Sheesh.

Actually there is some truth to this, if you think of the January riot as a Boston Tea Party type of event, and see the rioters as simple citizens, red necks, crude and primitive (like the American colonists) and the “rioted upon,” the effetes and elites in Congress, an institution that rivals the British “mad king” and his foolishly sophisticated, over-refined and ineffective court at the time of the 1700’s Revolution.

To the “blind by bias” U.S.A. Today editor, of course, Republicans writ large are violent, anti-American (because not socialist) and launched down a path to destroy faith in elections by continuing to believe the “Big Lie” that Biden’s minions stole the election and Trump actually won. This lie, U.S.A. Today says, is more dangerous than the 9/11 attack.

Now the FBI (itself wildly crooked) has been mandated to focus its massive covert resources on “domestic terrorists” — by which the effetes mean Republicans — of any rank. Trump, Giuliani, both recently “mishandled” by the Dem’s attack machine. Trump at his kangaroo impeachment fiasco (and he’s still being prosecuted) and Giuliani in a “bedtime” raid.

But, pardon me, I have seen mountains of evidence that election fraud was large and widespread — and worse, unrepentant, even defiant. Thousands of affidavits, truckloads of ballots mishandled, machines pumping out 100% Biden votes (none for Trump) and 60 to 80 cowardly judges who were determined to perpetuate — or at least tacitly approve of —democratic election crimes by playing “3 monkeys” — see no evil, hear no evil — refusing to even look at the evidence, refusing to let any Republican lawsuit get to court.

In Maricopa County, Arizona, where a judge finally let an election audit take place, the Democratic bureaucrats have fought tooth and nail to oppose the process. At present, they are defying the court, refusing to give the password(s) so the election machines can be examined for vote-changing capabilities. The Dems are running scared.

If the Arizona audit shows massive election fraud, and that Trump actually won the state, it will not be long before audits are forced in the other 5 “dirty” states. Then, if it is shown that Trump really did win the whole thing and was defrauded from a second term, what happens?

The Dems are terrified of this possibility. Like children, they think that adamant refusal and blaming someone else will deflect any blame, and the harder they yell “Disinformation!” — the more false they are. Whenever you hear this word on television, you can at least suspect that the truth is being covered and denied.

As  someone wrote, the very intensity with which the Dems are fighting to kill the Arizona audit, hints that they have something to hide. So far, every dirty state (Arizona, PA, Michigan, Wisconsin, etc.) has fought tooth and nail against an audit. The Department of Justice already ruled (without evidence) that there was no unusual fraud anywhere in the nation, and nowhere near enough to affect the election.

The DOJ spokesperson who said this was Bill Barr, who I suspect caved to the swamp forces two years ago. (Remember his wild flitting eyes when asked what Durham was doing?) (What IS Durham doing?)

This from WND news Service:

“In Wisconsin, officials have confirmed that city officials essentially turned over control of the election to special-interest groups funded by leftist Mark Zuckerberg. In Michigan, a lawyer revealed that voting machines, in fact, contained software that could be used to alter the database. Then there were those dark-of-the-night dumps of massive numbers of votes, almost always exclusively for Biden. And the unexplained halts in the counting, while Trump was leading, and Biden’s sudden lead when they resumed.”

So I don’t know if the election was stolen or not, but I certainly will never agree it wasn’t, until I see evidence either way. And evidence is the one thing the Dems seem to fear and abhor. This itself prods me to believe they acted criminally to pervert a Presidential election.

Joe Biden wants to legalize methods to enhance and encourage (democratic) voter fraud, to enshrine vote corruption across the entire USA. They are attempting to ensure corrupt elections by enshrining in law a process which welcomes fraud by whichever party the bureaucracy favours — in this case, and for decades past and to come, the Dems. In sophisticated, large societies, the bureaucracy is stronger than impermanent governments. (That’s what happened in the 6 “dirty” states, the bureaucrats have openly defied the elected government — and are still doing so.)

As insurance, Biden wants to make DC and Puerto Rica states, so they can add 3 or 4 more electoral votes to the Dems. This could prevent a Republican victory for decades, even forever.

Now, what happens when you place one party in power for decades? Think Red, think China. Think Idi Amin. Think Putin. Orwell’s 1984. Handmaiden’s Tale. Think oppression, dictatorship, rule by aristocracy. Think about what I wrote 6 months ago: electing Biden would be like buying a haunted house. Do you hear the ghostly whispers of history’s tyrants floating down the streets? Actually, I don’t know what the tune is, I catch only snatches of a huge, great song, a song as big as the earth, but quiet as a tickling breeze.

So no, I will not admit the election was fair and true until the real evidence is shown. If it was not stolen, well, good. I’m at peace with that. (In fact, despite the Dem’s blatant corruption, I think the track they’re on is an essential journey to the “third state” I keep forecasting [since ’84] — that communism and democracy will disappear and a third system evolve. This is not a quick process, but it’s not as slow as shifting continents, either — it will be completed within 208 years.)
***   ***

Since Hillary lost to Trump, the Dems have been indicting and/or arresting their political opponents, including the President, with total confidence. Isn’t that odd, that arrogant series of attacks, while all (or 2 1/2) of the three bodies of gov’t were Republican? An answer goes in two streams:

First, Hillary and the Dems had the intelligence agencies, the Dept. of Justice, and the FBI — as well as 20 million loyal civil servants — on their side. There was no attention to the law in these agencies; only to power. The D.O.J.’s, FBI’s, CIA’s, etc. disloyalty to Trump was especially egregious, as they were part of his administration, and should not have even been available — except publicly — to Hillary and her Democrat functionaries.

Yet we now know that at least one of these agencies — the FBI — plotted with the Dems to take Trump down. With the FBI having your back, who needs to worry? That explains the heedless arrogance. It explains Eric Swalwell going to bed for months with a Chinese spy and keeping his position on the foreign intelligence committee even after the facts were exposed.

It explains Adam Schiff’s blatant and obvious lies to the American public when he read a counterfeit (knowingly, as he had manufactured it) piece of “evidence” to accuse Trump on false charges. Yet Schiff retains his high position in the Democratic Party, as well as his Congressional seat. Man, what a den of snakes.

Even now, Dems in Maricopa, AZ, have blatantly destroyed subpoena’d evidence to defy an audit of their (almost certainly criminal) vote tabulations. Immediately (one day) after a judge ordered them to preserve these records, they wiped therm out. Who cares? they say. Our party is stronger than mere judges. Oh, and Trump’s a liar, so we had to destroy records. It’s all Russian disinformation anyway, so we destroyed the records….

It’s called tampering, and is criminally actionable — but who will act? The FBI? Biden? Hillary? Obama? Adam Schiff? Pelosi? — all have committed various felonies, all under-reported, all ignored by the FBI and other agencies.

Secondly, the confidence, intensity and sureness the Dems displayed in attacking political opponents, their unflinching support for massive lies (Russia, anyone?) and their willingness to disobey moral and secular law in doing so, struck me as a kind of vengeful zealotry.

Oddly, it is another expression of, or is similar to, the almost mad anger muslim extremists feel toward anything caucasian. So this anger, this heedless revolt, this irrational or supra-rational (I believe it’s both) wrath and rage is not a Middle East thing, not an American thing, it’s a zeitgeist embracing the whole world.

The funny thing is (watch them on teevee) Americans and Middle Eastern peoples share very similar temperaments. More similar than, say, Americans and Canadians.


2 thoughts on “~ WEEKLY FORECAST ~ MAY 23 – 29, 2021

  1. Joy

    How can you write such nonsense regarding your beloved Republicans?
    You fail to mention the voter suppression laws which suppress Democrats from voting.
    Furthermore, referring to Democrats as Dems, is like nails on a chalkboard.
    Shall we start calling the lying Republicans, Repubs? Or Pubs? Or Lying Control Freaks?
    Apparently, only the truth is revealed in Cananda and not in America. You’ve already proven that your research skills and proof have not been very efficient.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Well, Joy,

      Please, prove to me with your superior research that voter suppression exists. But I agree with you — there’s very little truth in America right now. Extremism has invaded both sides — Dems more. (I’ve struggled for years to find a short form for republicans. I would use g.o.p., but I worry many of my Canadian readers wouldn’t know that it stood for republicans.) That “democrat” is easy to shorten — that’s not my fault. I didn’t create the label. My entire motive for “Dems” is that as as writer I hate typing out the long form 50 times in a column.

      Cheers, Tim

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