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NOTE:  The annual forecast, the luck forecast & the karmic forecast for 2021 are now available under PLATFORMS, above.

START NOTHING:   11:23 pm Sun. to 5:44 am Mon., 12:13 pm to 1:59 pm Wed., and 12:56 pm to 6:35 pm Fri.


ALL SIGNS: Mercury starts retrograding late next week (technically, May 29) so use the present time to wrap things up rather than launching new projects or plans. One exception: if you are “returning” to a former place, role, person, opportunity or situation, esp. if you will be “mining” this past connection or deeply researching something… then go ahead, even during the retrograde.


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Keep chasing $, Aries, at least through Wed. Thursday begins 4 weeks of lighter stuff, conversations, emails, paperwork, short trips. If romance exists, it will be light, friendly. (Quite possible in May.) You continue to keep one eye trained on home, family, until mid-June. Until July 28, your social side won’t be so buoyant; but your inner world — and connections to gov’t or head office, will be touched by good fortune.

Your domestic side is in full regalia Sun, to dawn Mon.  This day, your inner, spiritual and management qualities get a boost. You might spy a financial or sexual opportunity — or rejection. Unbeknownst to you, higher-ups might be deciding to promote you. Romance, creative surges, speculative urges, beauty and pleasure call Mon. dawn (PDT) to “late lunch” Wed. Luck’s pretty scrambled here, so go with green lights and stop at reds. No huge problems.

To work, Wed. pm to suppertime Fri. Eat, dress sensibly. Good machine purchase (or repair) opportunity Wed. eve to late morning Thurs. (PDT) — to evening in Europe, to Fri. in Asia. Generally a good interval, with much accomplished. Relationships confront you Fri. eve, Sat. You can make friends easily, or chat up the opposite sex, Fri. Saturday is a weird combination of realism, practical stability, and misguided fantasy or erroneous gossip, news reports. But it could be a loving night!

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

You’ve been empowered for the last few weeks, Taurus. But Thursday ends that, and shifts your luck from “personal presence” to money, buying/selling, earned income, etc. — and to the enjoyment of sex and beauty. Errands, messaging, paperwork, travel — these swirl around you, clamouring to be handled (right into mid-June).

Think twice before you speak/write: 1st thought: be gracious, even affectionate; 2nd thought: don’t say anything that will reveal your secrets, sins, weaknesses, etc. (or that might raise hackles on the gov’t’s minions). Your money picture looks good all May. One or two money projects might — will — stall late May to late June. Be prepared to be patient.

Errands, communications, contacts and paperwork consume you Sun. to dawn Mon. A great little run of accomplishment here (and a wish comes true?). Steer yourself toward home, family Mon. morning to late afternoon Wed. (PDT). Be a little careful Tues. morning — otherwise, everything works, progress is easy.

Romance, beauty, pleasure, games, creative and risk-taking urges — these fill Wed. afternoon to Fri. suppertime. Mostly excellent results if you chase these — except late Thurs. night into dawn Fri., when you might stumble. Tackle chores Fri. suppertime through Sat. Eat, dress sensibly. All’s good.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

One last week of weariness, quietude, rest and contemplation, Gemini. Not even a week, as Thursday noon (PDT) starts a month of heightened energy, charisma, and leadership qualities. However, your ruling planet, Mercury, retrogrades from May 29 to June 22, so all that extra energy might not be effective, unless you work on a past project or relationship, or use it to protect ongoing projects from chaos (supply shortages, missed meetings, etc.).

This week, be cautious about starting anything new — wrap up projects, obligations. Money continues to move swiftly, to and from you. Guard up, chase “money drain” situations a.s.a.p. You’re talkative, restless and attractive to the opposite sex all May and June.

Chase $ Sun. to Mon. dawn. Buy, sell, seek a pay raise, more clients, etc. If unemployed, you might be hired now. Good aspects. Paperwork and easy chores, trips and talks fill Mon. morn to Wed. mid-afternoon. Be cautious Tues. morning. Otherwise, charge ahead. You can find stability in love midweek.

Turn to home and family Wed. afternoon to Fri. suppertime. Hug the kids, do a back yard adventure, etc. A good time to paint, repair, or tackle any domestic project that can be finished now, this week or early next. Romantic notions arrive Friday
suppertime, and Saturday — you could even find love, fall in, start — but keep an eye on your tendency to fantasize, or to chase someone who is too unreachable, or who might sully your pristine reputation.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Dreams can still come true, Cancer. But the last few weeks of social delights, flirtations, optimism and popularity end Thursday, when 4 weeks of solitude, weariness, rest and contemplation begin. This would usually be a good planning period, but plans made before June 22 are likely to go awry later.

Don’t start big projects; instead, work to wrap things up. Your inner life, as well as your contacts with admin. or the gov’t, are lively, inquisitive, and gracious — all May. Ambition lights your fires now; sexual magnetism fuels your advance.

Your energy and charisma, clout and leadership potential, are strong Sun. to Mon. dawn — woo someone, you’ll be glad you did. Chase $ Mon. morn to Wed. afternoon. Charge ahead, buy, sell, ask for a pay raise, seek employment, etc. Caution early Tues. morning, otherwise charge ahead.

You grow more communicative, restless, curious Wed. afternoon to suppertime Fri. Do errands, paperwork — ask questions, make friends. Again, a fortunate, smooth interval, but be a little careful Fri. morning.

Home and family call Fri. eve and Sat. — hunker down, putter around the ‘hood, hug the kids, start a garden, etc. DON’T start renovations. Realize water might be “errant” — plumbing, irrigation for the garden, etc. Good time to check for flaws, but a bad time to actually construct, say, an irrigation system.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

All the focus is on money now, Leo, but Thursday ends that, and starts 4 weeks of friendly contacts, errands, travel, restless curiosity, and communications. You’ve already experienced a higher-than-usual amount of errands, missives, short trips, etc. — connected to a wish, or a social or romantic goal — but now these pleasure-linked errands, calls and trips expand even more. You might exchange a significant secret, or start a friendly love affair.

Realize legal, far travel, educational, media and similar zones will be a burden, but also an opportunity. (Still, AVOID legal fights.) Now to late July, your  main luck lies in finances, intimacy, uncovering secrets, and lifestyle changes.

Sleep in Sun. — you’re tired, but also highly intuitive/imaginative. You can dream up a great solution to a work, machine or health problem. Your energy soars Mon. dawn to mid-afternoon Wed. Get out and get things done. You’re a leader, you’ll get your way by charm. But be careful Tues. morning. And don’t start anything big — 3 weeks of confusion, delays start late next week.

Chase $, seek bargains, sidle up to someone sexy or memorize a poem, a list, Wed. afternoon to suppertime Fri. Dive in — good luck swims with you. But be cautious Fri. morning — deception possible, but so are work and family successes. Open your arms wide Fri. night, Sat. — welcome everyone. Send messages, travel or visit, talk, do paperwork. You can sense a lively, social future! Avoid depending on someone’s word Saturday. Gossip is untrue.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The mild, enlightened mental mood of the past 4 weeks ends Thursday, Virgo, when a month of ambition, career pressures, worldly status, prestige relations, and interfacing with VIPs (including judges!) starts. You might actually enjoy this year’s “career phase,” as it will be lively, affectionate, even lucky — mainly in May, but to some degree right into mid-July. However, advance cautiously, protecting ongoing projects rather than starting anything new, from this Thursday to June 22.

Your social life is still filled with men or assertive women, and remains a source of intimate temptations — or of financial opportunities/associations — until June 11.

Sunday/pre-dawn Monday are a joy — hopes are bright, love and affection are available — even “destined love” might show up! But retreat Mon. morn to mid-afternoon Wed. Contemplate, rest, examine your path through life. Contact advisors, gov’t, charities, and spiritual orgs. All’s good except Tues. morning (disruptive).

Your energy roars back Wed. pm to suppertime Fri. Be a leader, Virgo, chase what/whom you want. NOT a good time to launch important projects, though, unless they “reprise the past.” Pursue money themes Fri. night, Sat. This is a fairly good interval for career matters, but not for relationships. (If someone offers an opportunity that requires distant travel, reject it.)

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The accent continues on secrets, investigation, finances, sexual desires, medical and lifestyle decisions, Libra — but only until Thursday, the day that kicks off a month of far travel, intellectual pursuits, publishing, understanding, and love. More than the usual number of Libran singles will contemplate wedded bliss in the 4 weeks ahead. However, whether you should do so or not is a complex question.

You could go ahead now into late June, and push your way through a lot of delays and glitches (“You forgot the flowers!!??”) or you can exercise patience. In any case, no Libran should wed before June 12 (partner might dominate, unreasonably, even cruelly). Wedding between June 12 and July 28 will give an upbeat, happy, friendly marriage. Best time: July 24 to 28 (27/28 best). Higher-ups remain testy, impatient until mid-June — but they also might be the source of an opportunity.

Jump out of bed and do something ambitious Sun. If going to church, etc., wear your best “classic” outfit. Money, home and work — your triad of dilemmas — stumble into a possible great solution. Think. New hope, social joys, popularity and flirtatious wit arrive for you Mon. dawn to mid-afternoon Wed. Luck’s good — charge ahead, except Tues. morning (disruption, refusal).

Retreat Wed. pm to suppertime Fri. (PDT). Contemplate, seek advice, deal with charities, spiritual and gov’t orgs. Do not make firm plans (they’d change). All good, except Fri. morning, when cloudy thinking might cause glitches. Your energy and charisma soar Fri. night, Saturday. Love could start Fri. Spouses embrace. A conflict builds between work duties and the need to explore, think, travel.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Relationships have been top priority during the last few weeks, Scorpio. They do not go away, but Thursday introduces a month in which relationships turn to the deeper side. Sexual and financial (and power) urges will lure you. Be honest, morally upright, and this phase should reward you. Consequences are powerful, for good or bad.

Strictly avoid law suits before June 12. Many private discussions, closed-door meetings. Guard/monitor your health. Something stirs in your romantic zone, now to July’s end. Just a stirring, unless you were born close to Oct. 22 -23.

Sunday’s thoughtful, mellow, far-reaching. Show love to your mate and/or kids. Good day for discussion, dreams. Be ambitious Mon. morning to mid-afternoon Wed. (All PDT.) Be careful Tues. morn; otherwise, charge ahead — you’ll achieve a goal or two. Popularity, social joys, witty repartee, flirtation, and joyful optimism fill Wed. pm to Fri. suppertime. Here, be cautious Fri. morning — otherwise, all lights are green for fun, love and entertainment.

Withdraw Fri. eve through Sat. — rest, ponder, be charitable, spiritual. Visit an advisor, psychic, whatever, Friday, but avoid this on Sat. You might have to choose between lust and romance, or between an investment and an obvious gamble.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

It’s your last 4 days of a general work and health phase, Sage. Thursday will start a month of relationships, opportunities, and distant horizons — an exciting, stirring month, esp. because someone “wants” you, too. Some will oppose you — be diplomatic. But developments and promises around your associations might hit a wall of delay, indecision and confusion late next week to June 22. (This same period might bring an old flame.) Your sexual side is alive, hungry. Now to late July, your home/family grow in importance — and good luck!

Sunday to Mon. dawn brings “secret” information, financial and sexual urges. Good time to contact gov’t about a $ issue, or (Sunday) improve the home, hug the kids. DON’T start any renovations. A mellow, wise mood steals over you Mon. morning to mid-afternoon Wed. Glimmers of love, distant travel, publishing, higher education, cultural or legal actions, dance in your thoughts. All’s well except Tues. morning — small disruption, rejection.

Be ambitious, expend extra effort, interface with bosses and VIPs Wed. pm to suppertime Fri. — you’ll make an impression, could grab a promotion. Happiness, celebration, popularity and social delights visit you Fri. night, Sat. Friday’s great — a wish could come true. But Saturday can confuse a relationship, reveal a dilemma between home and love.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Romance, beauty, the pleasure of living continue, Cap — but only to Thursday are these the main theme. Thursday begins a month of work and health concerns. About this, 3 things:

1) much of this work will already be well underway;
2) In May, work rewards, co-workers are affectionate, all’s blooming;
3) next week starts a “backwards” period until June 22, so don’t start big new projects — and DO NOT buy machinery.

Your volatile relationship scene continues to early-mid-June. Be diplomatic, skirt conflict. Sweet affection will come to this area, too, but not until June. Now through July: many, many messages, trips, and calls, etc.

That intense relationship stuff ascends Sun. to Mon. dawn — you could fall in love (or at least be charmed). Sexual, financial and power urges/temptations enter Mon. morning to mid-afternoon Wed. (PDT). Good luck here, so step in and grab a prize (you might have to dig deep — i.e. research — to find it). But don’t act nor commit to anything Tues. morning.

A mellow, understanding mood, a soft love for all humanity, come to you Wed. afternoon to suppertime Fri. Good luck rides with you, so plunge into cultural affairs, legal, intellectual, media, insurance and love situations. Good time to discuss (don’t set any dates, though) a wedding, other ritual. Be a little cautious Fri. morning. This eve and Sat. promote your standing in the world. Be ambitious, “proper,” try to meet higher-ups, VIPs, esp. Fri. Communications involving work or machines goes awry, sparks indecision Sat.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Your “domestic phase” ends Thursday, when a month of sweet bliss — and maybe of ecstatic agony! — begins. Romance is very favoured the remainder of May, but might hit various shoals — of indecision, delay, confusion — next week to June 22. An old flame might arrive. Work is intense, demanding until June 11. Your money picture looks bright, fortunate, now to late July — but it might be just a glimmer, a hint, of the great $ luck that will come in 2022, January to May.

Tackle a chore or two Sun. to dawn Mon. — you’ll make headway, might boost your bank account a bit! (In fact, if a higher-up observes your hard work, you might be in line for a promotion.) Relationships face you Mon. morn to mid-afternoon Wed. Be co-operative, diplomatic, esp. Tues. morning — otherwise, charge ahead: jump on someone’s bandwagon, propose mutual projects, etc.

Associations turn into deeper waters Wed. afternoon to suppertime Fri. — intimacy, commitment, pregnancy, investments, debt, lifestyle changes and medical decisions. Do commit to something during this interval, as results will please you. (E.g., make an investment.) Careful Friday morning.

Friday night and Sat. bring a mellow, understanding mood, love, distant travel, intellectual, media and cultural pursuits. Friday’s for love or a “publishing” of some information/opinion. Caution Sat. — love and money don’t mix, and you could chase either down the wrong path.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

You might be glad when all this paperwork, travel, messaging and “little chores” of the last weeks ends — which it will do Thursday. On that day and the 4 weeks following, you will turn toward home, family, nature, garden, nutrition, contemplation and rest. (Notice that you rest most easily when your tummy’s full? That’s why the statues of Buddha and others show them with huge, rotund bellies.)

But DON’T start any big projects — e.g., renovations — before June 22. Until then, indecision and delay reign. Your romantic sector continues to simmer with magnetism, courage, sexiness and — possibly — too much aggression on your part. That “mellows” in June, to touch romance, creativity, pleasure pursuits, even gaming, with a wand of affection and mild good luck.

You will likely feel a burst of confidence, friendliness and “lucky adventure” now to late July — use it to improve your career situation. (Or wait until January-May 2022, when this “chance” will come again, bigger, longer and stronger.)

Sunday into dawn Mon. opens the door to passion, even to “true love.” Tackle chores, eat and dress sensibly, Monday morn to Wed. mid-afternoon (all PDT). Careful Tues. morning; otherwise charge ahead — machinery operation, repair or purchase, all fine. Relationships confront you Wed. afternoon to suppertime Fri. Lots of opportunities — several — to make contact, woo, join forces, relocate, respond to offers/openings, etc. But avoid early Fri. morning.

Life’s depths emerge Fri. night, Sat. — secrets, sexual temptations, finances, medical and lifestyle choices. Friday’s good, “profitable,” but Sat. needs careful choices. (Depend on your intuition rather than logic.) Home affairs, old skeletons, might bother you.



The massive Colonial pipeline was shut down last week by a cyber-attack, affecting energy supplies over the entire U.S. east coast.

Should Canada help, by diverting oil and gas south?



1) Democrat Joe Biden shut down the Keystone (Canadian-built) pipeline AFTER it was approved and AFTER TransCanada had built major portions of it — thus dealing a multi-billion dollar gut-punch to the Canadian economy. (And firing 10,000 U.S. workers, too.)

2) Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen (“I Hate Everybody”) Whitmer is trying to outlaw/decommission an existing pipeline from Western Canada to its eastern provinces. This pipeline goes through a portion of the U.S., and has since the 1960’s, its existence ratified and ensured by a Canada-U.S. treaty in the 70’s (1976?). Shutting this pipeline  would not only be illegal, it would cripple Ontario and Quebec, where most of Canada’s manufacturing — and half its population — are situated.

3) For the last decade, mostly liberal, democrat-leaning American agent provocateurs have worked in Canada to stymie or destroy efforts to build a Canadian pipeline to its west coast (to open international markets to Canada). This has been a covert (and morally despicable) economic warfare waged against Canada by the big bully to the south. To give them a hand out now would just encourage this kind of behaviour. America is NOT Canada’s ally in energy, and should be treated as the competition, at best.  America boasts about its exceptionalism, its moral superiority, and then it acts like this. This is not a friend.

***   ***

BTW, speaking of the Colonial Pipeline cyber-attack and shut-down — not done by Russia, oh no, done by criminals who happen to live in Russia. This reminds me of the 16/17th Century, when Britain “allowed” pirates to harry and destroy Spanish ships. The result? Spain sank from view on the world stage, and Britain colonized the entire globe (N.A., China, Australia, Africa, Middle East, Caribbean…)
***   ***

Nice to see Victor Davis Hanson, leading intellectual light in the Republican ranks and a frequent pundit on FOX, has now, mid-May, adopted my February suggestion — of boycotting “woke” corporations.
***   ***

We will see huge advances in super-computing 2024 to 2044. (Big leaps in Quantum computers from 2044 to — ? About 20 years later. I don’t have an ephemeris from 2051 onward.) Over the whole 40 to 50 year period (2024 to 2070 or so) nuclear fission will probably be attained.

2024-44 will see the “rise” of extreme, powerful and committed radicalism, esp. in the U.S. I put “rise” in quotes, because the real action will be to dig deeper, to “root” radicalism in the psyche of the population.

Same 20 years, infrastructure-cyber wars will rage unseen, but have potentially devastating, observable effects. The present cyber-shut down of the Colonial Pipeline in the Eastern U.S. was a “try-out,” a practice run. Major targets: water systems, power plants, railways and airports, missile silos, etc.

In 2027/28, Uranus (the planet ruling computers) hits the U.S. “war degree.”

All this is part of the change I forecast to start in 1983 (November, only 2 months from Orwell’s 1984), in which both communism and democracy would disappear, to be replaced by a third system.

Another precursor of future hostilities is the “Havana Syndrome” attacks on U.S. and Canadian diplomats and embassies (and now occurring on U.S. soil). Expect this weapon (if it is such) to be perfected and sharpened 2024-44. It is China’s effort (one prong of many) to destabilize, even render impotent, swathes of the military and government by “cutting the head off the snake.”

Huge advances in medical research, technology, and esp. oceanography, 2044 onward…. the Borg is coming, but not in the horrific way portrayed on Star Trek. Oceanography: we might discover major “treasure” under the oceans — natural treasures (e.g., minerals) and/or perhaps unnatural ones. (Alien/ancient civilizations?)

See? I am sort of staying away from politics.
***   ***

All of us, saints and sinners, carry the future in our DNA. The origins of DNA lie at the deepest, maybe even the spiritual levels of chemistry. From up here, in our conscious minds, it is probably very hard to accurately discern those deep levels, and to see their breadth and their “isness” — their God-infused existence.

(God need not be anything more than existence — and the ability to create or be existence.)

So we must admit, from our conscious tower (height being in no way superior to depth, and less stable) that we can’t “see” or determine, much less judge, the moral content in any partIcular string or “niblet” of DNA.

It behooves us, for humanity’s safety and diversity, to value a criminal’s DNA equally with a Senator’s, or a CEO’s. Both or either could contain an element or characteristic essential to mankind’s future.
***   ***

Did you see both Dr. Fauci and a Winnipeg, Canada gov’t lab had ties to the Wuhan lab that dispersed the Covid-19 virus? Fauci was the head of the U.S. agency that funded the Chinese germ warfare research, specifically in the Corona virus area. (Fauci has dodged this accusation several times, although even Senators declare its truth.) In Canada, two Chinese nationals (and their students) in the Winnipeg lab were fired after transporting similar death-viruses to Wuhan, in China.

Note: I am not a fact-checker. I’m just the canary… you know, in the coal mine.
***   ***

Several incidents of BLM marchers blocking motorists and attacking them. My advice? Don’t stop. If need be, esp. if they try to open your door or smash your windows, hit the gas, and if you hit a few, so what? Worried about the law? Just claim they scared you to death and you were trying to escape. Too bad someone got hit.

No, I’m not prejudiced, not racist. I wish BLM all the best. (The B does stand for Black, right? Not for Bullies?) (And not for Black Lady Millionaires?) I just think, if someone is bullying you, fight back. Forget cowardice and good sense.
***   ***

As for racial prejudice and all that: the real divisions, and bias, perhaps flow along economic lines as much as colour contours. There are Black oppressors (Obama, Al Sharpton, Idi Amin, Mugabe) and white oppressors (Putin, Netanyahu somewhat, Pelosi somewhat, Cuomo, Newsom). There are Black victims and White victims…. mostly nameless.
***   ***

Intuitive people succeed at astrology; the non-intuitive do not. Does this invalidate astrology? I don’t think so. When a psychic uses a client’s house key to read his “fortune” (what a word) it does not invalidate the key – it is still a house key and still works, although some might not have the skill to turn it in the lock. (“Key” has meaning.) I hope there is a deeper, more powerful justification for astrology as a predictive/interpretive practice. It certainly has other values, e.g., the study of archetypes, and psychological, societal and moral situations.


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  1. Gothamcity

    Hello Tim

    I hope you are well.
    I wonder if November this year is a good month for a Leo to marry a Sagittarian?

    I was born on 19.8.62 in Sydney and she was born on 23.11.61 in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

    Thank you for your column. I have been following you for five years.


    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Richard,

      November (before Nov. 23) would usually be the worst month for Leo or Sagittarius to marry. The fact that you are contemplating November, leads me to think that you both have earth or water signs and/or rising signs. Late Nov. — after the 23rd — would usually be okay, even good. This, or the first 3 weeks of December, are good this year, as Jupiter (lucky) lies in Leo’s marriage sector.

      Cheers, Tim

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