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ALL TIMES/DATES ARE PDT (Pacific Daylight Time Zone). PST is 8 hours “before” Greenwich (England). For example, when it is noon PST, it is 8 pm in England (provided England is also on Daylight Savings.) The “World Clock” in the right margin gives you some clues. (You can also Google “time zone converter.”)


START NOTHING: 6:24 pm Sun. to 6:10 am Mon., 12:46 pm to 4:30 pm Wed., and 4:11 pm to 11:40 pm Fri.




Wow, that Hillary — what a Scorpio! (The email scandal — Scorpio loves secrets, and never shares them.) It would have been so natural to her to say, “Oh, no thanks, I prefer my own” (phone, email, etc.) as she sidled into her desk, that first day. And Obama, not wanting a fuss, never called her on it….


Remember, long ago, I wrote here that MH370 – the Malaysian airliner that disappeared in S.E. Asia in 2014 – and over which the media frenzied for a month or two – might not have ditched in the ocean at all? My guess was that it came down around 126 E (was that it? I’m going on memory) and either 19 N or 19 S. North seemed odd, because that was China, but 19 S gave me Australia, so I opined it landed/crashed in Australia. I looked a fool, as the experts spent a full year combing the Indian Ocean.
It turns out now that all those black box “pings” and satellite “bings” were false. Now theories are arising that MH370 crashed or landed on solid earth. (See Jeff Wise, a CNN pundit and aviation expert – you can google his blog – tho’ he’s a little far out. Wise’s theory is that it was hijacked and landed in Kazakhstan.)
So, as ridiculous as it might sound, my Australia location has gained one leg: that many now believe MH370 came down on land, not ocean. And it has another half-leg: Australia is much closer than Kazakhstan to the spot where the plane was last heard from, and it, to crash in Australia, it would not have to fly totally undetected past the radars of China, India, Nepal and Pakistan, as a Kazakhstan destination would require.
In most cases energy transforms matter –e.g., a fire turning wood to ash and smoke. This makes energy more important than matter. Europe should remember this about Greece: the money owed all those fat bankers is matter: the Greek people are energy.
Angela Merkel, et al, seem determined to destroy the Greek economy. There is a sort of nastiness to it, the kind of petty vengeance that envy produces. (And who can blame the Europeans? The Greeks had set themselves up to be lazy, state-supported idlers, with plush pensions, 75 % of their working income, by the age of 50.) If Europe really does destroy Greece’s economy, it will have created decades of bitterness – and perhaps of poverty. This is the surest way to push Greece even further left, and it will be a shocking, symbolic and demoralizing event should Greece start dancing with the Russian Bear. The very birthplace of democracy, warming itself at the other camp’s fires. This would have a slow but deep and lasting psychic shock; a demoralizing shock.
There comes a point where you show charity to a relative. Let them forgive Greece’s debt, but throw out the early pensions, make people work to 65 (in Canada soon it will be 67) , and reduce those pensions to 50 % of working income. Is that so bad?


Aries.svgARIES March 21-April 19
Continue to seek sweet solitude, to rest, contemplate (how did I get here, and where do I go from here?) and plan. Tackle neglected chores, interface with civil servants, institutions, charities and “head office.” You might be asked to join a select circle, perhaps a committee: say yes. Realize you can face a battle of wills with a higher-up. (All week, but especially Wednesday.) My advice: give in, as this person has the power and the luck to defeat you right now. And who knows – he/she might even be right! Despite your weariness and inclination toward solitude, you radiate a special romantic magnetism all week…make sure you act honestly and openly. Firmly reject all temptation to step outside marriage, or, if single, to step on another’s marriage. If you’ve already found amour, this week bundles you together in magic moments. Sunday brings pleasant, talkative encounters. Monday dawn to Wed. afternoon accents secrets, subconscious promptings, large finances, sexual urges, intimacy, health and lifestyle changes. These succeed with surprising swiftness. But all can be lost in the end if you defy the law, the hierarchy, or your boss. Be humble, alert. Wisdom, a mellow mood, and gentle love enter Wed. night through Friday – all flows your way, so accept your luck, use it, embrace or praise someone. Be ambitious, co-operate with authorities Saturday.

taurus weekly forecastTAURUS April 20-May 20
Your popularity remains high, Taurus, but you might be puzzled, if single, that the opposite sex (same sex if gay) seems very friendly, yet isn’t up for amour. That’s because the romantic planets are in your sector of privacy and weariness. So have fun, without trying to put a romantic or sensual stamp on it. Tackle chores Sunday – you get lots done, unless you get into a talk-a-thon with someone you like. Relationships fill Monday to Wed. afternoon – good relationships! Opportunities arise to travel, invest, relocate, research. All’s well, but do not violate ethics, the law. Careful Wed., a “secret enemy” might lurk. (Generally, avoid belligerent people, dark alleys and biker clubs all month.) Investments, debt, mutual monies, intimacy, health diagnoses and research or detective work call you Wed. night through Friday. Success seems imminent, especially in real estate, home-buying. Charge ahead, listen to your hunches (that little quiet, calm nudge inside). Wisdom, gentle love, travel, higher learning and legal matters go fairly well Saturday – don’t work at cross-purposes to a higher-up.

Gemini.svgGEMINI May 21-June 20
Strive to get ahead now, Gemini – higher-ups are open to your ideas and proposals, you can speak masterfully, and your eagerness is showing. Display your knowledge of broader world than just your work place. Your popularity is rising among the opposite sex (yes, same for gays) so witticisms, flirtations can lighten your workday. But be careful – trying to steer flirty friendships into sexual intimacy might cause refusals and bad feelings, especially Wednesday. Earlier, Sunday’s romantic, pleasure-oriented and filled with beauty. Tackle chores Monday to Wed. afternoon, especially chores associated with your career, and “prestige chores” – you’ll succeed splendidly Mon./Tues., but just cruise, and stick to routine Wed., when allies and the hierarchy wrestle, perhaps secretly. Relationships confuse you a little but please you a lot Wed. night through Friday – say yes to any offer, take any hand that’s extended. Be co-operative, eager – fresh new opportunities loom! Saturday’s for intimacy, sensual yearnings, research and investigation, secrets and mysteries, health diagnoses and lifestyle options. Though you might be tempted, this is not a good day to invest.

Cancer.svgCANCER June 21-July 22
A gentle, mellow mood continues to flow through you. This is a great week to travel afar, join a college or university or a study group of any kind, to attend religious ceremonies, to further or begin any intellectual project, including publishing, writing. Until late 2017, your employment scene and your tasks, will be serious, long and hard. But this month bosses, parents, and authorities favour you (though with a mixture of affection and impatience). For the whole 3 years (2015-17) your workplace will spawn opportunities, especially opportunities to form working partnerships (and emotional ones; e.g., marriage) to relocate, perhaps even to start your own business with a partner. Same three years, protect your health: watch teeth, gums, knees, skin and bones (e.g., osteo – if every woman, especially young women – would buy a 100 pound sack of rice, and lift it twice a day, we’d decimate osteo). Watch, too, your hips and thighs. If you have chronic back ache, have the doctor realign your hips (while you lie down on the examination table, he/she should grasp your ankle, shake like crazy, then yank, hard. Repeat with the other leg.) This can eliminate back ache for months, even years. Sunday’s for home, nature, happy, exhilarated kids. Romance clutches your heart Monday to Wed. afternoon, although work, career seem to offer the immediate opportunities. Be careful with a higher-up, don’t let him/her draw you into intrigue, power plays or a “partnership” of unequals. Even love can be a power play, especially Wednesday. Tackle chores Thurs./Fri. – you’ll succeed. Saturday’s for relationships, fresh horizons. Don’t expect a lot; do co-operate.

Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO July 23-Aug. 22
Mysteries and bargains, Leo. This week and next continue to “awaken” your subconscious, so it nudges you with desires and hunches. These in turn can lead to profitable action: your intuition in investments, debt scenarios, power plays, intimacy and sexual yearnings, in lifestyle choices, is high. Listen to that quiet little nudge – it only comes when you’re calm, and it can lead to fortune – even to vast fortunes. Investigate, dig deep – you could uncover gold, valuable data, and emotional or psychic burdens and “headlocks” that have held you back. Resolve to be honest, open, free – free to act. Break the chains, Leo. Your legal, intellectual, cultural and travel side blossoms and calls, also. You could be sexually attracted to someone, and convince yourself it’s love. Take care in this zone, Leo: don’t convince yourself that love permits stepping over society’s boundaries. (E.g., “She’s married but it’s love.”) Stay FAR away from lawsuits, courts. Sunday brings errands, friends, good conversation. Embrace your family, improve your home Monday to Wed. afternoon. (Nap, too: rest refreshes.) All’s well – but take care especially Wed., with ethics at the workplace. Don’t be flattered by a quiet enemy. Romance, creativity, a tempting risk, beauty, pleasure, charming kids – all call you Wed. night to Friday. You could fall in love! To work, and protect health, Saturday.

Virgo.svgVIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22
Relationships fill this week and next, Virgo. Spend an hour – or a whole day – with someone you value Monday. You can talk out problems, and reach buoyant, optimistic plans for the future. For the past 3 years I’ve kept saying you’ll now meet (to 2025) fascinating but puzzling people who represent your true mates, true love, etc? Well, what you experience Monday is a good clue to this type of relationship, and to its benefits and – well, how to understand it/him/her. (The un-filtered, true type of this person will also show next week, March 18, late afternoon, PST.) Your sexual sector is lit strongly all week – this could bring intimacy, but it can also bring soft refusals or frustrating delays. If it occurs, delay is your friend, pushing you away from a honey trap. Be skeptical of investments. (Which you won’t believe at first, as what you don’t buy immediately goes up in price – but over time it will likely drop below where you stand right now. Okay, trade – don’t “buy & hold.”) Sunday’s for shopping, earning a bit of money – all’s well. Monday I’ve described. It and Tuesday favour errands, short trips, communications. Wednesday shows the difference/conflict between lust and ethics: choose ethics! Be home, embrace family, have a mini-hibernation Thursday/Friday – all’s well, everyone’s sweet. If you want to buy real estate, either day’s fine. Romance, beauty, pleasure, creative and speculative urges fill Saturday: co-operate, buy don’t chase someone.

Libra.svgLIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22
Two more weeks of work, drudgery and niggling health concerns, Libra. Just plod along and get it done – but realize there’s actually an advantage to work this Monday/Tuesday, in that it can make you a bit richer. All week, you can be attracted to someone, but be careful if you’re single. How much do you really know about this person? Ask questions before committing. DON’T be led along by your private marriage fantasies. The same applies, in a way, to business “associations” – don’t be talked into one by someone who intuitively understands your need to partner. Romance is fine, commitment not. Sunday brings out the admirers; you shine – dive into amour, or start an important (communications? travel?) venture. Flirt a bit! Chase money Mon. to Wed. afternoon – all goes well Mon./Tues. It’s a good time to ask for a pay raise (whether you get it or not, it’s a good start). However, stay far away from any competitive scenes or co-operative links that would require you to maintain secrecy, or that impinge on your time/loyalties toward family, especially Wednesday. If you’re in a physically abusive relationship, Wednesday is the time to get out. Thursday/Friday bring errands, communications, trips, paperwork – two good days! Contact friends, siblings, feel the breeze in your hair. Home, Saturday.

Scorpio.svgSCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21
Two more weeks of romance, joy, pleasure. Beauty, sweet creative urges and adventurous speculation, bright, charming kids, the happiness of the moment. Don’t look far ahead now; instead, dive into what faces you – this especially applies in romance, where prudence, hesitation, don’t belong. (God invented this rule, so don’t blame the other person.) Work calls you, but answer only begrudgingly, do only what you must. (It might use a sexy co-worker to lure you, but he/she’s a distraction, not the real thing love-wise.) The pleasure and love side of life is too important now to waste your time on work. Find a very pleasant place Sunday, and rest there, read, contemplate – you can make superb plans. Your energy and charisma soar Monday to Wednesday afternoon – make hay, get out and be seen, call the person you’ve been dreaming about, start significant projects, call in favours, tackle things that formerly intimidated you. Take care Wednesday – a conflict arises between work and your “restlessness.” Let restlessness win. Chase money, seek new clients, shop for bargains, ask for a pay raise, Thursday/Friday – luck’s good, people are gracious. Saturday’s for errands, paperwork, casual friends – don’t tackle anything major.

Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21
The accent remains on home, family, real estate, security, retirement planning, gardening, nutrition, etc. for two more weeks. This is a good time to decide who/what remains fresh and growing in your life, and who/what has grown stale, should be pruned. Your attention can be drawn from your domestic situation by a romantic option, perhaps by an Aries. If this brings color and adventure to your family life – e.g. decorating or playing with/teaching kids, journeying to foreign places, go ahead. But if it’s “pure passion” take a deep breath and a slow, cool look. (Especially if you’re married.) You’re an expert at keeping things “friendly” – do so now. Sunday helps, as it brings friends, popularity – and a good, talkative person. Have fun, join the group. Your energy and charisma fold their tents Monday to Wed. afternoon, as solitude, weariness come over you. Retreat, contemplate and plan. Your domestic agenda gets a great boost, if you tackle it now. But watch Wednesday – romantic, creative, speculative urges could get crushed by practical considerations such as money. Your energy and magnetism return Thursday/Friday. Start important projects in security, retirement or family areas. Call anyone – everyone answers. Money’s prime Saturday – shop, but don’t buy anything major.

Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 18
The accent continues on busy, everyday activities – errands, trips, visits, communications, paperwork. Besides this, two things are highlighted: 1) your domestic situation, land ownership, retirement, family, etc. and 2) investments, power plays, lifestyle changes, health and intimacy. Of these, 1) attracts and lures, and could be quicksand; 2) is lucky. So, for instance, do invest, but not in real estate; do have your health examined, but don’t let it keep you at home, away from work. Money discussions are good (especially Sunday). Be ambitious Sunday – even if you’re lazy, they’ll call you “Madam” or “Sir” at the local restaurant. Wishes come true Mon./Tues. – your popularity rises, entertainment calls, flirty friendships arise, and optimism fills you! Despite my warnings, a real estate deal looks lucky Monday. (No advice here.) But take care Wed. – you’re still popular, but you seem to be pulling rank at home. Avoid fights, and dangerous places (dark alleys, biker clubs etc.). Retreat Wed. eve, as a mild weariness comes. Stay relatively secluded Thurs/Fri. – rest,, contemplate and plan. All’s well. Civil servants help. Your energy and charisma surge upward Saturday – but only tackle/start important projects if they have nothing to do with earnings or home.

Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18

NOTE: Aquarius, I have substituted your weekly message for your year-ahead Love Forecast below:
Aquarius, last July (2014) until this August (2015) forms one of your best years for married love. (I mention July last year because you might have met someone since then who really belongs in this “love ‘Scope.”) This marriage influence takes 3 forms: if you’re married and happy, this period will bring adventure, family outings/travel, a newly upbeat, optimistic spouse, and a potentially very lucky action or event – the two of you, for instance, might relocate (for work, lifestyle or retirement) or watch a child graduate, or walk a child down the wedding aisle. If you’re married, but unhappily, these 13 months could bring a separation, probably a permanent one. In this case, you will embrace your new freedom and progress toward new joys. Finally, case # 3, if you’re single, this year brings at least one, probably two, marriage prospects. This is a mature love in all cases, not romantic amour, not lust, not just for fun. You will be dealing with love that must tackle issues, must find a common ground, love that has to handle practical matters, income and money, how to support a mate or children, how to pay for shelter, etc.
You’ll be lucky in love if you seek a partnership of equals. Be outgoing; refuse to withdraw or be aloof. Seek to “merge” in general – a client, business partner, lawyer, international contact, scholar or teacher might introduce you to a special person. Relocation can also bring love. You’re likely to meet someone who is obviously your equal, and who might argue or oppose you at key junctures – yet you’ll admire this exciting person. (If you don’t, if the link is too stressful or argumentative, turn and walk away – another prospect will appear.) You know romance can fade, the sweetest infatuation can lead to eventual satiety – but this relationship (if you engage it) will never be dull. It has a certain spark that lasts past the years. Don’t be fooled because you don’t feel dreamy heights of ecstasy. This is something different, dynamic. The person who treats you with gentle good humor is the one.
(One hint: the one who stands ready to embrace you is very susceptible to flattery and praise – try a little, even if it’s humorous.)
A wish can come true this “year,” Aquarius – it can be a wish for love, partnership – it’s up to you. But listen, this is not the kind of year when you are pursued: you must pick your sweet target and chase it/him/her. Until mid-November, steer away from accepting as casual friend as a mate.
March/April might introduce you to someone who’s flirty, assertive and friendly. Try it, but if it turns out to be merely a sensual but quiet attraction, reserve your commitment. April/May can introduce friction into your love nest. Be patient. May/June crank up your romantic urges – and June could bring the one you’ll marry someday. (If you receive a proposal after June 10, say yes.) July/August continues the attractions, or deepens it with your ongoing partner.
By late August, everything changes – perhaps slowly at first. What has been an atmosphere of open, honest relationships begins to turn deeper and more private. For some Aquarians, especially those born later in the sign, the “marriage vive” (and luck!) continues well into the autumn, even winter, but even for these the quieter, deeper waters rise to lick your ankles. (No kinkiness implied!) More and more, your attraction will begin to substitute intimacy for the blushes of public attraction. Now you move, from August 2015 to September 2016, into the depths and mysteries of conjugal life. Even if unmarried, sex becomes important, and can lead to pregnancy, can open new layers of love and magic. You can find yourselves looking over rental ads, or home listings, discussing a joint bank account. This is where many couples have their eyes opened: be gentle, remember your (new) partner might have their doubts also. (Although if you’re lucky enough to land a Leo, you’ll soon learn that Leos never doubt love.)
If you have not found love by 2015’s autumn, realize that relationships that occur by September onward, are in some ways primarily motivated by sexual attraction, money and security. Not that this is bad – but make sure you retain your yearning for love.
September flares with argument and attraction – a hot month! Sweet, gentle love fills October (usually a good month for Aquarian weddings). October also starts that private, sexual trend with a big, strong note. Old flames lurk. Beware home-wreckers. Despite your ambitions and hard work, romance winds its way through November. In December, a wish can come true – if someone says Be Mine, say yes.
Pisces.svgPISCES Feb. 19-March 20
Your charisma and energy remain at a yearly high, Pisces. Start important projects, see and be seen, make an impression – you’re in charge. Take care with money: luck and favour reside there but you might also make some long-term commitments about money (e.g., buying on credit) which will hold you back in future. Sunday holds mysteries and answers, attractions and responses. Be a detective. A mellow, wise mood flows over you Monday to Wed. afternoon. Legal, travel, cultural, intellectual, international and love matters progress splendidly – push them! But be cautious Wed. when you might face a conflict (a subtle, deep down conflict) between your money and your friends. (Stick with your friends, take their $ advice – they’re right.) A love affair started this day might bring physical cruelty. Wed. night through Friday brings dealings with higher-ups and authorities, parents and VIPs. Charge forth, for both Thurs. and Fri. are productive, benevolent, affectionate. Your popularity rises Saturday – friends, entertainment, friendly romance, optimism, all lift your heart. (Don’t buy anything high-tech.)
The End.