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ALL TIMES/DATES ARE PDT (Pacific Daylight Time Zone). PDT is 8 hours “before” Greenwich (England). (As long as Britain is also on Daylight time.) For example, when it is noon PST, it is 8 pm in England. The “World Clock” in the right margin gives you some clues. (You can also Google “time zone converter.”)


START NOTHING: 1:02 am to 3:14 am Mon., 11:18 am Tues. to 3:58 am Wed., 2:36 am to 3:28 am Fri., and after 3:51 pm Sat.


Oops, sorry, no Love Forecast this week, as spring has come a month early, and I’ve been scrambling to set up my mason bees, protect the fruit trees, finish the garden fence (deer) and plant seeds. A few months ago I wrote here that in coastal B.C. we’d see California-style dry Mediterranean weather —  it’s sure come. I’ll restart the Love ‘Scopes next week.



Apple’s Watch should succeed, especially as time marches on.


The following is a preamble item from 30 years ago:


OMENS: You can see omens in almost anything: the flight of birds, the odd placement of a wild flower, a casual remark that reverberates with more meaning than the speaker intended.
Try seeking omens on your birthday and the two preceding days. The first day shows your future, the second day your inner spirit/psychological make-up, and the third, your birthday, hints at where you are in all senses. Birds are one of the easiest and most potent omens. To “omen hunt,” take a solitary walk through nature or a neighborhood where birds will be flying overhead, and mull over your question: (e.g., “what will the year ahead bring me?”). At some point, when you feel calm, deep in the question, raise your eyes to look at the sky. If birds are in flight, count them. There might not be any flying birds, but your eye might go immediately to a small flock in a tree, or sparrows on the ground. In any case, count them. Do NOT look for additional birds – only those that occur in the first “eye frame” count. This should all take place in an inner calm – the day can be windy, but you need to feel slow and calm. If you aren’t, just drop it for a few hours. Flying birds are stronger omens than stationary ones, and perched birds are stronger than those on the ground. Bigger birds are stronger omens than smaller ones.
If you see 1 bird, (on Day 1) your year ahead will be active, you will explore new territory, begin a significant new project, perhaps start a sexual affair. Two birds indicate calm, peace, and a reliable money source. Love, if it exists, will be easy, sensual and polite. If you spy 3 birds, travel, short trips, and the purchase (or more-than-usual use) of a car, computer, phone, or paperwork is indicated. The year ahead will be serendipitous, a little lucky, with happy communications. Love will be light, friendly. If a 4, the year ahead will be a basing year, bringing domesticity, security themes, babies, kids, real estate, gardening, etc. This type of year can be dislocating, if it moves you from one base to another (most likely for Libra, Aries and Cancer, if this omen occurs before 2025). Love will be of the family or “cozy” kind….
Again, do you omen seeking only when you’re calm and absorbed in the process, when it’s easy to keep the “answer seeking” – and only the seeking, only the question – in your mind.
If, when first looking up, you spy 5 birds, romance, a gamble or “lucky” risk, creative projects, pleasure, vacations, and dealings with children will be significant in the year ahead. Love will be of the romantic, unrealistic kind – though that’s not necessarily bad! If you see these birds the day before your birthday, they refer to your “inner world” – i.e., your subconscious is brewing a creative, romantic “mind set.” If on your birthday, the 5 birds hint at “where you are” right now – for example, you’re in a romantic situation or someone has his/her eye on you.
6 birds point to domestic bliss, hard work, and health concerns. Love will be sensual but might be tawdry, or face a crucial but not bond-breaking spat.
7 birds speak of face-to-face relationships: competition, opportunity, war, marriage, business partnerships or breakthroughs, fame, notoriety, negotiations, contracts, litigation, challenge, hand-shakes. Your life could go way up, or way down, depending on how you handle challenge.
8 birds indicate deep changes, probably caused by accident, illness, death, inheritance, tax regimes, investments, debt or mortgagers, extramarital attractions, sex and intimacy, pregnancy or childbirth – all the heavy stuff. Life’s mysteries will come close to whisper to you; your subconscious will burst to the surface. Occult studies, dreams and “coincidences” grow prominent.
9 means far travel, university, publishing, religion, learning, perhaps a wedding, perhaps a lawsuit. (If you see seven birds together and 2 a little apart, a lawsuit or a wedding is most likely.)
10 indicates career, prestige, striving ambitiously, dealing with important people, perhaps authorities.
11 hints at a broad social circle, friends, popularity, dealing with public desires, art, entertainment, concerts, etc. Justice might also loom – justice from people, not karmic nor poetic justice.
12 is a number of retreat, contemplation, rest, quiet, spiritual contacts, psychics, charity, government, institutions.
13 means “beginning again on a higher level.” This is the 13th or “shadow house” in astrology, and the card of death and rebirth in the tarot. It might mean the present situation has to end. It can be a wonderful omen, full of green growth.
Remember, seeing an omen two days before your birthday shows your future. One day before your birthday shows what is inside you, in your subconscious – and to some degree, what is holding you back, what you are wary of. An omen on your birthday shows your present, hints at where you are going, and to some degree portends or predicts the year ahead.




Aries.svgARIES March 21-April 19
These are your last 5 days of weariness and seclusion, Aries – by Friday your energy and “general charisma” (as opposed to sexual magnetism) soar upward. (Your sexual magnetism is already high – to March 30.) Your money fortunes improve Tuesday to mid-April. This same period also attracts you to purely sensual liaisons, but with people who might bore you, long-term. If you’re waiting for pure or real romance, your wait will end about mid-April. Be ambitious Sunday – you won’t get a lot done, but you’ll impress a boss or parent. Sign nothing. Monday’s an odd duck – bosses and parents might approve or disapprove of you, depending on your reliability: bosses seldom favour creativity/inventiveness, but they almost universally dislike unpredictable employees. Your job (or your opinion of it) might change, irrevocably. But the odd part is, whatever the problems, your optimism, social happiness and popularity rise – Tuesday too (a much easier day). Wednesday/Thursday bring weariness, solitude, but this is the last of it – by Friday/Saturday your energy soars, your charisma surges, your clout increases, and all these “stay around” for the next four weeks. Wed. through Sat. is a smooth, productive time.


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS April 20-May 20
It’s your last week of social delights, Taurus, so enjoy while you can. Friday starts a month of relative solitude, rest and contemplation. (You’re already halfway there is some things such as romance.) Sunday features intellectual prowess, far travel, legal affairs, international contacts, religion and culture. A smooth day, but don’t make any intimate or financial commitments. Monday/Tuesday bring dealings with authorities, bosses and parents – mostly good. Careful Monday, as something in your (hidden) past might interfere with your present education or travel (or legal) hopes. This affects your career, indirectly. Don’t gossip! Wednesday/Thursday bring social delights, light romance, entertainment, popularity, optimism, and wish fulfilment – perhaps the peak of these all month – get out, mingle and enjoy! Friday/Saturday call for retreat, rest, contemplation and planning – and they begin an entire month of the same. There is luck in this month ahead. (You’ll see it about midnight Friday, PDT.) But there are also karmic traps, if you remain in solitude, in rest mode, too long. Go lightly with civil servants. Despite your weariness, your good looks and grace will draw attention now into mid-April.


Gemini.svgGEMINI May 21-June 20

A month of pressure is almost over – the pressures actually peak this Wed./Thurs. So until Friday, remain ambitious, diplomatic and eager-beaver-ish. Don’t fight authority, especially Monday. You already feel friendly toward others, and they toward you, but you aren’t quite ready to party – be patient. Sunday accents secrets, lust attractions, investments and debt, detective work, health, and lifestyle choices. As long as you’ve passed breakfast (PDT) this day is “safe.” Monday/Tuesday bring international themes, intellectual pursuits, far travel. But take care Monday – a bad day for investments, research, socializing. Sign nothing Sunday or Monday. Tuesday flows smoothly, productively, especially in those far travel, international, legal and intellectual areas. You could meet someone subtly attractive. Your relations with VIPs, bosses, parents and authorities intensify Wed./Thurs. Pressures increase; you could be tested. It’s certain you’re being watched by higher-ups, who can give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down to your future. Be nice, eager, ambitious and hard-working. But act AFTER 12 noon Wed. (PDT). All’s smooth. One caution: do NOT start a new career-oriented project: it would die on the vine. A month of career focus now ends, as Fri./Sat. bring celebration, optimism, wish fulfillment, light romance (don’t grab it) popularity – this starts a whole month of the same!


Cancer.svgCANCER June 21-July 22
A mellow, thoughtful phase will end Friday, when a month of ambition begins. Start to complete travel, intellectual projects, legal consultations and advertising schemes, as you will likely have to put these away on the shelf soon, for another time. (That time will come after mid-August, in a busy, blowy way.) You already have some idea of upcoming ambitious projects and pressures, as Venus and Mars have been up in your career sector since late February…but you’re likely anticipating with rose-colored glasses, as these are the two romantic planets. One word of advice: when you do enter the “”ambition zone” (this Friday to April 19) don’t be too eager: look upon things, ventures, goals, and your dealings with higher-ups, with a certain awareness, for subtle traps lie here. (The traps will all involve you being tempted; so don’t be.) Whatever you do, DON’T change careers, jobs or employers during the weeks ahead (nor, actually before mid-November). Meanwhile, Sunday’s for relationships and opportunities – all’s well, but disagreement lurks under the surface, and might emerge more strongly Monday, when your ambitions and relationships conflict: perhaps a strong competitor appears, or your spouse wants you home more. Be diplomatic, patient. Monday and Tuesday accent secrets, investments, sexual desires – all are favored Tues. Wednesday/Thursday bring a peak in the intellectual, travel, mellow and philosophical elements of March. Chase these after 12 noon Wed. (PDT.) Friday/Saturday hold great luck in the career zone, and propel you into a month of the same – and into new projects with financial implications. Seek money rather than prestige.


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO July 23-Aug. 22
This week ends the mystery, starts a month of enlightenment and understanding – by Friday. Before that, the depths of March remain, even deepen. Tackle chores Sunday, but avoid sharp nails, electricity, and anything high tech – Monday, too. Monday/Tuesday bring relationships, opportunities, dealings with the public, negotiations, relocation themes, and fresh horizons. If you co-operate, you win. If you compete or fight, you tend to lose. Tend to – it’s not certain you’ll lose, as you’re in a lucky year. But enemies (or simply problems) lurk Monday, friends appear Tuesday. Careful driving Monday – and sign nothing. March’s true character “blossoms” Wed./Thurs., as mysteries, research, financial actions, sexual desires, intimacy and health diagnoses face you. Act after noon Wed., as things fail before this. It’s a smooth, meaningful time, a “pregnant” time, but don’t start new projects in these areas, as you’d waste time and efforts – and perhaps money. Friday/Saturday begin 4 weeks of intellectual striving, higher education, far travel, international contacts, culture, mellow mood and gentle love. These are quite lucky both days, but watch out for hidden flaws in these things, for the same 4 weeks (and to some degree until mid-November). If you’re facing one of these flaws, the word “temptation” will likely be hovering around.


Virgo.svgVIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22
The relationship phase you’re in won’t so much disappear Friday onward, as it will veer into deeper waters, into commitment (and its consequences) into intimacy and financial pledges, sharing or obligations. But before that, relationships are open, honest – and can bring friendship, good partnerships, even love – or enmity, challenge and competition. Which, is largely up to your reactions and attitude. Sunday’s romantic, pleasure-or-beauty-filled, creative, speculative. (It’s feisty, temperamental until dawn PDT, then smooth, productive.) Monday/Tuesday bring chores, mild health concerns, duties toward pets, kids, invalids. You like work, so you’ll be in your element both days. But take care Monday – romance and sex don’t mix, nor do pleasure and money. Don’t take your life savings to Disneyland, nor push someone sweet into intimacy – you’ll get more than an argument! This applies earlier, to Sunday also. Wednesday/Thursday bring a climax in the themes of March – new horizons, fresh opportunities, marriage and other types of partnership, co-operation or competition. You might meet a prospective mate. Someone might fascinate and puzzle/frustrate you. But don’t start new projects these two days. Friday/Saturday bring new depths in a lucky way, intimacy, research, detective work, financial involvements (investments, debt, estate and tax planning, etc.). Your subconscious rises to the surface; your intuition increases. But walk carefully the next 4 weeks, Virgo – a commitment could be a trap. You’ll know if you monitor yourself, and look for moments of temptation or undue delay: these are warning signals.


Libra.svgLIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22
A major time is coming, Libra. It starts Friday. But first, you face five more days of work, drudgery, and minor health concerns. Sunday accents home, domesticity, nature, real estate, security, nutrition, retirement. Though the day runs smoothly (after dawn, PDT) I wouldn’t push anything too much. Steer away from important purchases or discussions. Or Monday/Tuesday bring pleasure, beauty, romantic, creative and speculative notions. However, Monday’s tough – your home loyalties and a special relationship might draw you in different directions; a link could break. Buy nothing high tech. Tuesday’s sweet, easy. Wednesday/Thursday intensify the themes of March: work, employment, duties, health, dependents. Do what you must here (all goes well after Wed. noon) but don’t start new projects nor volunteer big new chores. Friday/Saturday emphasize relationships, and start a month of the same. These two days are lucky (though there’s some stress on home, kids) – fresh opportunities, new horizons, prospective mates and associates, exciting and tempting meetings, prospects that seem too good to be true. (And they might be. During the weeks ahead – and to some degree until mid-November – you will be tempted to cross the barrier between you and another, to marry, to relocate, to grab a business opportunity. Listen to your inner voice, to the subtle warnings of your intuition. If you have any doubts about a relationship, a person, honesty, about a project or commitment, turn away.)


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21
The accent remains on love, romance, beauty, pleasure, charming kids, creative and speculative urges. These remain lucky, gratifying through Thursday. Then, Friday, a month of work begins. First, Sunday is active – errands, casual friends, visits, trips, communications and paperwork keep you busy. Take care with driving and tools. This warning intensifies Monday – buy nothing high tech, and start your workweek with caution. A gossipy person is probably speaking the truth, especially about your workplace or health. Both Monday and Tuesday bring a bit of weariness, and a domestic focus: embrace your family Tuesday. Wednesday/Thursday bring the climax to “chapter one” of a romantic, creative, teaching, speculative or pleasure pursuit. Wait until after noon Wed. to press your case in love, or to tackle that creative opus. But don’t start a new project, venture these days – they would die on the vine. Friday/Sat. bring chores and minor health concerns. You handle these easily, as luck and productivity accompany you. But be aware that work can be a subtle trap now to mid-November. Show your talents, be assertive with higher-ups (for you have great luck here until mid-August) but don’t work yourself into the ground. Work smart, not hard.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21
Your home life (and security, retirement issues, nutrition, garden) has consumed your thoughts for several weeks. This theme climaxes and disappears Wed./Thurs. Earlier, Sunday focuses on money, shopping and possessions. Work for money, but take care with gambles. Buy nothing used, high-tech, or for the home (furniture, etc.). Errands, visits, trips, communications and paperwork fill Mon./Tues. – Tuesday’s fine, but Monday could hold a conflict, even a fight, over money and beauty/pleasure, or could break apart a romantic link. Be careful driving this day. Wednesday/Thursday bring domesticity, children, garden, nutrition, security and retirement issues. These climax, reach peak intensity, and all is smooth (AFTER 12 noon Wed., PDT) so plunge into these. But don’t start any new projects in this zone – they would not go far. Friday/Saturday bring romance, beauty, pleasure, creative and speculative urges. Both days are lucky (but not for money Friday). They also start a whole month of the same. However: yes, your romantic actions will meet with luck, but a karmic cloud hovers here. Be sure you want someone for a long time, or that your speculation won’t bankrupt you. If you sense temptation (the 4 weeks ahead, but to some degree until mid-November) or undue delay, turn 180 degrees and walk away.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 18
A busy but not terribly important month ends Friday. The new month will bring you some rest – and other things. But first, you still have errands to run, communications and paperwork to dispose of, and perhaps something to buy or repair in travel – tickets, or a car. (Or just new stationery, or a new phone.) Your energy and charisma make you the centre of attention Sunday. Still, take care. Do nothing to cause gossip, and don’t tell anyone your secrets. Chase money or shop Monday/Tuesday – Tues. morning best (PDT). Monday, you might face a rebellion at home, or a nasty insurance or property tax bill – or just a broken window. You feel a bit fed up with the home thing, perhaps want to rearrange it, or find a whole new one. Buy nothing high tech. Wednesday and Thursday bring a flurry of errands, calls, visits, trips, paperwork, etc. You’ll succeed best after Wed. noon (PDT). Do NOT start a new project here – e.g., don’t buy travel tickets, or put a new phone system in the office. Friday/Saturday start a month of rest, hibernation, home, family, garden, nutrition, retirement planning – a lucky two days, but the weeks ahead will hold challenges. If a real estate buy (or sell) or a home renovation plan, or a new school for the kids, or a landscaping project looks too good to be true, it is. Listen carefully to your hunches and inner voice: if temptation (something for nothing) or undue delay occurs, walk away. In general, now to mid-November, this is not a good time for major domestic projects or real estate. Be patient!


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18
You’ve been busy shopping, working for $, chasing new money, clients, etc., for the past few weeks. Or, you’ve sunk into a pleasant, sensual rest, like a cat in a sunny window. Well, this lasts until Friday, when a new, busy influence begins. Sunday finds you weary – rest, contemplate, dream, make plans. (But in making plans, realize a long-term conflict or “non-success” vibe hangs around revelation of secrets, dealing with civil servants, institutions, gossip, spas or retreats, assembly lines and warehouses. The conflict arises where you try to communicate your needs/demands. Oddly enough, you might be promoted if you work in any of these fields – e.g., government, investigative reporter.) Your energy and charisma, clout and effectiveness surge upward Monday/Tuesday. But Monday holds a barrier or event: the quiet people in your life step on the vocal one(s). Strictly avoid gossip. Drive safely. Buy nothing high tech. Tuesday’s fine, productive. Chase money Wed./Thurs., shop for bargains, ensure the safety/security of your possessions (e.g., put that diamond in the bank deposit box, insure your art or your car). These two days bring March’s money affairs to a peak. Don’t start any new projects nor ventures, especially in money areas. Friday/Saturday begin a whole month of errands, trips, visits, communications, paperwork and details – a busy time, but not an important one, so avoid burying yourself in these light, hasty tasks (to mid-November).


Pisces.svgPISCES Feb.19-March 20
Your energy, charisma and clout remain at a yearly high. Sunday’s filled with delight and optimism, but you might hear the rumblings of a friend who is tired of his/her home, or your boy scout troop looses the hall it’s rented for the last ten years. These things (your friend’s or group’s difficulties) can impact your money. Retreat Mon./Tues. – rest, day-dream, plan. Re-engage your spiritual self; be charitable, merciful. Tuesday’s fine, but Monday contains refusals, barriers, and Sunday’s rumblings might now become obvious problems. Drive carefully, speak carefully – the times are unpredictable. Your energy and pizzazz return solidly Wed./Thurs. Act after Wed. noon (PDT) but do act – show your talents, impress peers or higher ups, tackle daunting tasks, seek love, seek favour(s). But don’t start any new ventures or projects – they would likely fail. Friday/Saturday start a new month, of income, money, shopping, and sensual attractions. These two days are lucky, easy and you might start a money project – my advice is, don’t get too involved, don’t believe promises, and if you sense that you’re buckling to temptation, or that a series of delays is “odd” – then get out. If you’re facing a money person, negotiating or whatever, and you feel a real “blankness,” then get out. And don’t woo that handsome/beautiful person if he/she bores you a little intellectually. That said, all’s well – have fun with life!

The End.