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ALL TIMES/DATES ARE PDT (Pacific Daylight Time Zone). PDT is 8 hours “before” Greenwich (England). (As long as Britain is also on Daylight time.) For example, when it is noon PST, it is 8 pm in England. The “World Clock” in the right margin gives you some clues. (You can also Google “time zone converter.”)


START NOTHING: Before 3:40 am Sun., 7:24 am Mon. to 6:22 am Tues., 5:35 am to 12:45 pm Thurs., and 6:58 pm to 10:48 pm Sat.




Ferguson, MO. – the city where Michael Brown was killed by a white cop, followed by weeks of demonstrations. Evidently two-thirds of Ferguson is black, yet the shrinking white minority still control city hall and the police – and have regularly used the police force to produce income by unfairly ticketing and fining blacks. Why don’t the blacks, in future elections, vote in a black mayor who will hire a black chief of police and a black city manager, and while they’re at it, why don’t they vote those white judges and white prosecutors out of office? All people have the right of self-governance, not just white people.


Don’t mourn Hillary Clinton yet – she will bounce out of the email scandal – and other ghosts – by mid-April. I still think she should not run. She will seem almost unbeatable — until 2016.


Back about 2011 or 2012, in my “Year Ahead” article, I said the Euro Zone and the Euro would be in trouble in 2014 and 15. Well, the Euro has fallen over 30 % in the last 11 months, and you know all about Greece and the shaky Euro-zone.
Something has puzzled me for months: why doesn’t the “coalition” use the daisy-cutter bombs the U.S. used in Vietnam? These would have their maximum effect in the open, flat terrain ISIS operates in. The daisy-cutter spewed small flesh-cutting materiel in a circle of – I forget, but about 200 feet, and is a perfect anti-personnel weapon. Yet they continue dropping guided bombs on select targets such a tanks and trucks. Why not just wipe out ISIS’s army? (Perhaps it can’t be ultimately defeated any other way. By its own nature, ISIS cannot negotiate, cannot be tamed. It is pure nihilism. Every time ISIS beheads more innocent people, it is saying: “kill me. Kill us.”)


But, as I wrote here during the Libyan War of Independence, the U.S. has lost the Middle East… Too little loyalty, too much reluctant hesitation before aiding the freedom fighters.
Aries.svgARIES March 21-April 19
Your energy, charisma, clout, effectiveness and sense of timing rise now, and stay high for weeks – you’re in charge! So rule wisely. One of the chief elements of ruling is sympathy – the more you reject independence and embrace a “partnership of interests,” the better you’ll do. Your assertiveness, determination and courage are at a two-year high, so do charge ahead – just make sure your goal is worthwhile, achievable, and ethical. If you feel temptation (e.g., to cut corners, or to grab a “blue sky” gamble) or if you experience inexplicable delays, these are warnings to change your direction, even your whole venture. If you seek relationship, you’ll win – even if someone rejects you, you’ll win. Chase money, shop for bargains Sunday/Monday. (Your money picture is great, over the few weeks ahead.) Errands, short trips, visits, communications, paperwork and variety fill Tues./Wed. – be curious, ask questions. Wednesday’s better, as Tues. contains refusals and some evening confusion. A domestic vibe floats over you Thursday afternoon to Sat. night. Embrace your family, garden, landscape, hike in Mother Nature, act on security or retirement plans, rest – rest especially, as Sunday will be a big romantic, adventurous day!

taurus weekly forecastTAURUS April 20-May 20
The general focus lies on rest, solitude, the time and privacy to relax with your thoughts. This can lead to insights or new plans. It’s a great time for reflection, a terrible time for clamorous deeds. Remain wary of dark alleys, biker clubs and belligerent individuals. Though this is a low-energy time (nature’s way of encouraging solitude) your vitality and charisma rise Sunday/Monday, to give you two smooth, easy days. Start something in the self-support zone: a registered savings plan, meditation, yoga, nutrition. You get along well with a Pisces, both days. Chase money, shop for bargains or used items, Tues./Wed. – Wed.’s better, as refusals, obstacles, bad timing and misunderstandings fill Tues. Errands, communications, trips, visits, news media, paperwork and casual friends (or siblings) fill Thursday afternoon to Saturday. Be curious, explore new vicinities – remember, you’re in an excellent period (until mid-August) to sell and/or buy a home. By travelling now, you might come across the perfect neighborhood. But don’t wear yourself out – quit to contemplate, rest Fri. afternoon and Sat. near supper. (PDT.)

Gemini.svgGEMINI May 21-June 20
Wishes can come true, Gemini – and the few weeks ahead are definitely the time to wish. Rest up Sunday/Monday – retreat from the crowd, clear away old chores, eat sensibly, and get lots of sleep. Envision what/where you want your life to be. This rest interval is important, because the rest of March and most of April will bring a whirlwind of possibilities, fresh faces, social joys, flirtations, optimism, bright plans, entertainment and popularity. Be rested for that. One whisper of warning: this entire zone (popularity, flirtations, etc.) has been and will be a bit disappointing, February 2014 to November 2015. E.g., you’re invited to a big party with the rich guys, then blurt out the wrong thing. In sum, it’s better not to chase these bright social colors, but to accept what comes. If this becomes an arena of disappointment, default to more private things, one-on-one romance, for instance. Seek out friends for information. Your energy and charisma soar back Tues./Wed. – Tuesday’s a bit difficult, as others treat you skeptically, and bosses, especially, are hard to pin down. Mists obscure clear thoughts. Wednesday, those very skeptics might be helpful, friendly – go figure. Start an investing, financial project, or bid for intimacy with someone. Chase money, seek new clients, shop, memorize something, or indulge sensual desires Thursday pm through Saturday. Best times: Fri. morning and early afternoon Saturday (PDT). Avoid political/religious discussions with a loved one.

Cancer.svgCANCER June 21-July 22
Be ambitious, but not too much so, for the few weeks ahead. If something good (or demanded, e.g., by a boss) drops in your lap, seize it and smile. You could be promoted. BUT if you have to chase something (“I left the boss three emails.”) if you experience unreasonable delays, or if you feel pleasantly tempted (“If I mislead Dave I could get that Orinoco project.”) then turn, slowly and thoughtfully, and walk away. If delay occurs, it’s your friend. You might find, these weeks ahead, that your real rewards come from your home and family. There might be a sudden change in structure at work. You might encounter an “opportunity” to gain equity in the company you work for, or otherwise invest in your career – I wouldn’t; that money could lead you more to a trap than a paradise. Sunday/Monday are for celebration. Friends call, entertainment calls. Your popularity, optimism rise. A friendly flirt lifts your heart. But retreat Tues. to Thursday noon – rest, contemplate, plan – and clear away neglected chores (especially if they involve the government – taxes, applications, etc.). If you have to succeed here, act Wed., not Tues. (nor Thursday). Your energy charisma, effectiveness and clout return Thursday afternoon through Saturday – get out, see and be seen, make contacts, show your skills, butter up the boss (but remember, easy does it when relating to higher-ups). Not the best time to start a new ambitious venture – until November, take money over prestige.

Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO July 23-Aug. 22

LEO, the following is your Love Forecast for the year ahead, not your usual sun-sign message:
Hmm. You’ve had the romantic “upper hand” since July 2014 – are you wasting it? Someone seems to want you, will accept you gladly as you are, yet you might be evading it. Something is steering you away from a final commitment. Perhaps you are just evading the idea>inevitability of a wedding (which is a good idea until late November, BTW – wedding vows tied before Nov. 12 will likely end in legal oaths – e.g., “damn it!”).
Many of you have already had at least one romance in the past 8 months; probably, this romance is ongoing. You have had – and still do until August – lucky Jupiter in your own sign. This has made you more cheerful, optimistic, friendly and lucky than usual – and more volatile and temperamental. You win on two fronts here: not only does this cheerful happiness attract the opposite sex (same, for gays) in addition, Jupiter is your romantic planet. So its travel through Leo (until August 11/15) almost must bring you romance. (If you’re married and unstable, you’ll attract romance also. But if you’re firmly one with your mate, these months bring adventure, games, witty repartee, and a new-found joy in each other. (“Gee, Honey, I never noticed how your neck curves like that. Mmmm….”) If you have kids, this is a super-happy year – you’ll revel in teaching them, bringing out the sports equipment, vacationing, etc. Your children are a blessing now – and if you have one by August, he/she will be a true go-getter, a success.
You do need to avoid commitments, legal affairs, social rites of passage, and higher learning this year, until mid-November. Where these affect love, be patient. For example, don’t plan a wedding before late November (onward). Don’t book a “lover’s holiday” in foreign lands (again, until late November onward).
In March, you’ve been drawn toward sexual and intimate sharing. By April, your desires become more open and broad – you don’t want just sex, you want the whole ball game: kitchen, sunny mornings, kids, neighbors, etc. My advice: be patient. If your amour (anytime before November, but crucially this April) jumps in your lap and proposes, okay – but don’t you press the question. After four months of delay, April at last gets the love wagon rolling again, so if you have been trying to find someone, April onward gives the green light. During April and May, demands from higher ups (or micro-management by your parents) could interfere or call you away from love. If so, accept this.
A former, light, happy, talkative person could re-enter your life in late May or early June – again, same type, perhaps same person, in September/October. This is not an earth-shaking attraction, but it’s someone you’re very comfortable with, who keeps you amused. This person has all sorts of courage now, might even chase you. June keeps you wrapped up in a whole role of invitations to social gatherings – and from one of these, The One (though as said, a light, talkative one) might emerge.
July keeps someone sweet in your mind, but the romantic ardor seems to have ebbed. It returns in August. If you haven’t already, chase someone early this month. From mid-August to September 2016, the love setting changes. (It changes mildly to “passive” for many Leos, but can still bring new love, depending on your rising sign.) For this “year” your romantic planet will be in your sensual, possessive sector – helping you hold onto someone you’ve already wooed, but bringing “mere sex” if you’re still unattached. (Beware marrying “just sex,” especially to November, as you’d head for eventual boredom.) September lifts your romantic courage – and charms – to an intense level. You could fall in love, as well as cause someone to love you. October’s more casual, filled with easy friends. November draws you home – late this month, and December, rekindle amorous flames. January keeps romance alive, but draws you aside frequently to get your work done. Late January and February tempt you to marry – but this would create a life of domestic friction. If you want to wed, make plans for April (2016).

Virgo.svgVIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22
The door has opened to one of the most tempting months in many years, Virgo. It opens to a dimly, half-lit room of sexual yearnings, power plays, big financial actions, perhaps lifestyle changes, health diagnoses (perhaps leading to surgery). Since you can’t see well in this place, rely on your intuition. It has night goggles – and in addition it can see a long way in time. So at every “opportunity” – for binding sex, for signing a contract, for investing your life’s savings – let that quiet little nudge inside guide you. Be alert to time and consequences. Yes, it might be as great bargain to buy oil stocks now that the price is $ 45 versus $ 110 a year ago – but what if it falls to $ 30 or $ 20 after you invest? That person might seem super-sexy now, but what will he/she be like in 20 or 40 years? In dealing with all these things, if you encounter delays, or are pinching yourself saying “This is too good to be true,” then pull away, don’t sign. This advice is crucial in April, but it lasts until mid-November. Sunday/Monday bring a wise, mellow mood, international contacts, high education, cultural venues, and gentle love. Both days are quiet and productive. Be ambitious, or at least gear up to meet higher-ups, Tues. through Thurs. noon. Caution Tues. – barriers, time delays, and misunderstanding get in the way. (Don’t rely on a co-worker to stand beside you in the boss’s office!) Wednesday’s productive, logical. Popularity, social delights, light, flirty romance, entertainment, optimism and bright new plans fill Thursday pm to Sat. night. Get out, mingle, be happy! Only caution: be careful driving, or blurting out something, Friday evening (PDT), and don’t push for sex Sat. suppertime.

Libra.svgLIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22

LIBRA, the following is your Love Forecast for the year ahead, not your usual sun-sign message:

Relationships are the dominant theme now to late April. This is your “natural environment,” Libra, and usually I’d say, charge ahead. But this year, until Nov. 12, you should avoid the commitments/consequences of relationships: don’t co-habit, don’t relocate, don’t marry, don’t form a business partnership, and, if you can, avoid negotiations, litigation, contract agreements and dealings with the public. Look skeptically on “opportunities” and “new horizons.” In many ways, this is your year to be independent. Think of it this way: a marriage offers you some opportunities, a bit of a new world, but independence offers you everything.
This doesn’t mean you can’t have love, or amorous pleasure – just don’t hitch your life’s wagon to it until mid-November.
In March, Mars and Venus in Aries tempt you to fall in love, but if you do, you’ll soon learn that a light, non-committal approach is best – charging toward another can bring something (perhaps a favorable answer, perhaps an accusation of harrassment!) that makes you stand up and take a step back.
Since last July (2014) and lasting to mid-August (2015) your social sector is bombarded with luck. This should create several – at least two – amorous prospects. You will first meet the right person(s) when others – at least one other person – are present. An atmosphere of witty remarks, laughter, ease, friendliness, is a green light, indicating this person can travel some way down the months with you, in a happy, light romance. If you want to increase your romantic prospects now to August, sign up for more clubs, attend meetings, get into politics, etc. This “group/social” sector has not offered much since last November, but in early April Jupiter ends a four-month retrograde, and the invitations start coming. One note: anyone you meet in April, within a group or not, is not likely the one. In May, you feel the urge to grow intimate, and you can. All this year, the problem is not that you can’t attract anyone, it’s who you attract.
Late May/early June could bring an old flame. If you first met this person before late February, 2014, this could be a keeper. This person awakens your mind and morals. If love blossoms, welcome it – this person might be worth joining/marrying after November. Old flame or not, your social, flirtatious side is in high gear. One clue: if you meet May 18 to June 1, either you or this person has had a long record of failed loves, and steering away is not unwise. But if you meet or re-meet June 2 to 10 (especially June 2 and 3) a long, peaceful marriage might result. A Gemini might be in the picture, as this sign has social courage and romantic ardor right now.
In July, romantic interests tend to give way to ambitions, business demands, and parenting duties. Still, lucky social vibes continue – accept all invitations, one could be special or suddenly boost your prospects. Late July and August intensify the social theme tremendously. One you’ve admired from afar might want to become your friend, or a light, sexy romantic partner.
Late August begins an entire year of quietude. You’ll pull back from the social glitter; you’ll grow more contemplative and wise. If you’re married or have already found The One, use September to November to snuggle up, to enjoy quiet weekends together. An old flame might arrive mid-September into early October – and be smitten by your energy and charisma. Still, this is a bad time to marry (you would feel tied up, restricted by the marriage).
November 13 suddenly releases you. Your sexual and personal magnetism soar, into early December. Someone is definitely attracted, and you have the courage and “brass” now to approach anyone. Go ahead – it might work!
But generally, September 2015 to Sept. 2016 is a quiet time for love. (It’s a great time for health cures and spa treatments to prepare you for romance.) Your next big love year will occur from Oct. 2016 to Oct. 2017. December brings a lot of trips, errands and meetings. January sends you home. February brings pure, even deep romantic urges and perhaps a partner. (There is some hint that a love started now is more sensual than soulful, and might grow boring in a few months. But you’ll sense this before it occurs.) March brings a “swift friend.”
If you’re single, you’re very likely to marry the one you love before early 2019.
If you’re married, the entire period from 2009 to 2025 can strain your bond, perhaps through disagreements over money, possessiveness or control. To preserve your marriage, try to “get deep” with your mate, discuss your feelings and try to find a road forward that is inventive and mutual. Sentiment, expressing your feelings is the best road. The months of October, January, April and July will tend to bring this “adjustment” to a peak. So tell each other you’ll have a sit-down talk in each of these months, to discuss how you feel and all that.

Scorpio.svgSCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21
Oh great. You’ve just entered four weeks of drudgery, chores and health issues. The good “news” (actually, advice) is that you will fare best if you give work, employment, duties toward dependents (pets, fish, kids) a light touch. Do what you must here, without becoming a slave. Even at work, lighten up – manage and delegate instead of plunging in with that wrench yourself. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how well your subordinates or dependents do without you. (A co-worker could harbor anger: don’t light this fire.) This advice is strong for April, but lasts, to some degree, until November 12. If you’re unsure in the weeks ahead, quietly retreat rather than mangle something with good intentions. You might also need to work on your home – hire a professional if you’re unsure how to do something. Health-wise, be aware but don’t rush to the doctor at every twinge. Sunday/Monday bring relationships – all’s well. In fact, others will treat you with grace and affection to mid-April. The darker, deeper (and some would say, tawdrier) side of relationships and opportunities rises to the surface Tuesday to Thursday noon. Tackle problems, seek solutions Tuesday – act on your goals Wed., when things are more clear. Intimacy is possible, but why chase it? A gentle kind of love flows into you Thursday pm to Sat. night. Understanding, wide vision, intellectual pursuits, cultural venues, far travel – all are blessed – except 1 pm to 7 pm Friday (PDT) – be diplomatic, drive carefully during this interval.

Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21
The general accent for the weeks ahead lies on romance, adventure, creativity, speculation, pleasure, beauty and charming kids. You’ll ride a winning streak. But take care and look deeply, Sage. The whole gist of the month ahead is to live in the moment, not the past, not the future. Yet subtle traps can lie here. If things do look dicey, or if you have underlying doubts about a situation or a potential lover, default to friendly, social – and DO think of the future. Tackle chores and minor health issues Sunday/Monday. All’s well – a good idea, in this interval, to upgrade your nutritional intake, to formulate a plan to shop and eat well. Relationships arrive Tues. morn to Thurs. noon – and they won’t all be easy, at least not Tuesday, when your own boredom and indecision could spell the end of one. Seek solutions, make it up, apologize Wed., but don’t be tempted into another argument. Thursday noon to Saturday night steer relationships into deeper water, and you into the bays of finance, investment, debt, sexual intimacy, research. Make sure you want something/someone, then go and grab it! All three eves/nights (Thurs.-Sat.) are a little difficult, all daytimes are much better. Saturday’s irritation (about 7 pm PDT) shows you the downside of romance, or where the “traps” might lie.

Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19
The month ahead emphasizes home, family, real estate, Mother Nature, nutrition, garden, security, and plans for retirement. You’ll feel a bit sluggish at times, as this is your “hibernation” month. Take power naps. Despite the accent on real estate, I would not advise you to buy/sell a home or other real estate now (through mid-November) – this despite the fact that you’re in a superb investment cycle (to mid-August). If you sold your home and bought another one now, the new home might well increase smartly in value: but somehow that new home might negatively affect other sides of your life, such as love, other financial decisions, etc. It’s your choice, Cap. Other investments, I think, are better. But I can’t specifically say buying new real estate will hurt you, or how. So it’s your choice. Sunday/Monday bring romantic vibes – yes, he/she will welcome you, wants to be amused by you. Tackle chores and minor health concerns Tuesday dawn to Thursday noon. Tuesday is difficult and confusing/indecisive. Act Wed., when most things flow smoothly. (Your friends might call you away from work.) Relationships, relocation themes, negotiations, dealing with the public, contracts, opportunities and fresh horizons appear Thursday pm to Sat. night. To succeed, co-operate. One you meet now could have a way of triggering your investments (or debt! – take care) – or could be naturally open to intimacy with you. Be cautious Fri. and Sat. evenings (PDT) (late nights good).

Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS Jan, 20-Feb. 18
Busyness – errands, trips, visits, siblings, casual friends, email, communications, paperwork and a hundred details – this is your lot for the few weeks ahead. It’s a hectic but not important time. (This is usually not a good time to invest.) Be cautious in this whole area – do what you should, but don’t expand. For instance, avoid starting a new mail program, or redesigning a whole new phone system for the office. You’d get halfway on these, then stop in puzzlement. Your home life will be sweet, affectionate (into mid-April). Another pretty major influence began last December, and will continue to 2018 – this ends the slowness and skepticism toward you that bosses have displayed in 2012/13/14 – instead, this slowness and restriction now clamp onto your social life, and your wishes. Now you begin to wish for less, or for a private place. Your luck in relocation, partnership, in finding a life-mate, in negotiations and opportunities, is at a 13-year high. The delays since last December will end shortly – April to August will “renew” this splendid luck, so get ready. Sunday/Monday accent home – all’s well. Your romantic sensors perk up Tuesday dawn to Thursday noon. Tuesday’s terrible (for money and friends) and Wed.’s good. Still, romance seems to elude you – that’s partly because you’re meant to grasp a higher, more mature love, as in marriage. Tackle chores Thurs. pm to Sat. night – the days and nights are good, but the evenings (4 pm to 7 pm) are tricky, temperamental.

Pisces.svgPISCES Feb. 19-March 20
The general accent for the month ahead lies on earnings, buying/selling, seeking new clients, your bank account, possessions, sensual attractions and rote learning. Be careful with all these – they might contain traps. E.g., you could buy a lemon, or agree to a rate of pay, then find it’s below market. If something seems too good to be true (a Rolex watch for $ 15?) or if your experience repeated and inexplicable delays, turn around and walk away. Realize a purely sensual attraction will tend to fade, until you’re left with the person underneath – look beyond desire. Casual acquaintances (and siblings) treat you graciously and affectionately until mid-April. If you have an overwhelming urge to buy something this week, wait until April 1, when the impulse will fade. Sunday/Monday are for errands, trips, visits, mail, communications and paperwork. Your domestic scene becomes important Tues. to Thursday noon. Arguments or misunderstandings haunt Tuesday pm, and a bit of the same Wednesday around late suppertime. At other times, rest, nap luxuriously, embrace kids, play in the yard. Romantic feelings rise Thursday pm to Saturday night. Both Fri. and Sat. evenings cause a “pull back,” or argument, friction – so time your dates, pleasure, sports and fun for the daytimes. No worries in any big way…

The End.