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Remember bit coin? At $ 800 I said it would decline. At $ 400 I said so again. (Or was I just crowing? Can’t remember.) Well, now it’s in the $ 200 range.

Kind of ironic that the Tea Party, which raised constant objections to Obama’s right to run for President because (as they falsely claimed) he was not born in the U.S., now presents as its prime candidate Ted Cruz, who was born in a foreign country (Canada) of a foreign father (a Cuban).


LOVE Forecasts: Again, for those of you who keep writing me, the “Love ‘Scopes” are being written in what seems a hodgepodge manner. I’ve tackled the signs that are closest to, or on the verge of, finding love, or just have found it. I’m leaving you earth and water signs to the end, as your favourable romantic period begins in August.


Astrology is the study of patterns. Mars and Venus are the romantic, amorous planets. Accordingly, they embrace the Earth, one on each side. On the outside is poor Mercury, the planet of talk. Women often say they want conversation; in my experience, words can win a woman, but only if the man is willing to commit himself and swear his love ten times more than he normally would, or if his talk is so witty, light and provocative that he has her constantly laughing (giggling is better). But in general, women respond to looks and touches – just as men do. And just as Mercury, planet of talk, sits like a third wheel outside the Mars-Venus embrace, so the talkative man usually stays on the outside.
(It is only after they have been won, that women want conversation. Though some women use talk as a way to refuse a deep intimacy, while retaining the man’s attention; and some wise women (many in the seniors’ ranks) do want to get to know a man better before intimacy. Anyway, that’s what I’ve seen. Please don’t think me a chauvinist pig.)
Nature governs us all, and what sometimes frustrates us is often a gift in disguise. Even our frustrations are part of a larger beauty, constantly unfolding.


We can only become what we are. More or less lucky, more or less healthy, more or less bent versions of what we are. The whole tree is in the seed.



Aries.svgARIES March 21-April 19
You remain energetic, charismatic, effective and “in charge.” Your sense of timing is superb. This is a great time to start significant new projects, especially in partnerships, co-operating with others, in dealings with the public, negotiations, grasping opportunities, and relocation. All these are favored to mid-November: but right now (into April 19) you have a great chance to push these forward. One potential problem: until April 5 bosses, parents or authorities might nix your efforts/goals. To solve this, start projects which you know the powers that be will approve of – or have already approved. Or, simply be ambitious, career-oriented, and your projects will tend to “escape” any pressure from above. Your money picture is already mildly lucky; by Tuesday, you begin an even bigger six-week boost in money flow. Trouble is, this boost also whets your appetite for spending. Don’t double your income, triple your spending, and end up in debt. Save! Sunday/Monday are sweetly romantic – take a chance Sunday. You might never marry this person, but there are other happy kinds of love. Your career/earnings might get an unexpected boost. Tackle chores carefully Tuesday pm, confidently Wed. (Work’s also highlighted Thurs., but take up only routine ones – you might be interrupted by romance – or daydreams of such.) Crucial relationships face you Fri./Sat. Everything I wrote above about co-operation, pleasing the powers that be, is packed into these two days. Be humble, eager, friendly, open to instructions, suggestions.

taurus weekly forecastTAURUS April 20-May 20
Lie low, rest, don’t volunteer for extra duty at work, but do give time, money to charity. From Tuesday onward for six weeks (into mid-May) your determination and sexual magnetism increase – but it’s a little early to take advantage – your “determined actions” could get you in a tight spot. So relax, nap, guard your health. If you’re unattached, a flirtation can lift your heart, but let this come as it comes, don’t push it. Think of this as your “self-administration time” – manage your life and yourself, look for efficiencies, find weak spots, plan action, build a “better you.” If you were a company, how would you run you? Sunday/Monday are great for such contemplation and self-search, for you’re tired yet secure. You might find that you don’t need all this self-search – for the simple answer is your love for your family – it conquers all (okay, most) weaknesses. These are an excellent two days for real estate (buy and/or sell) family, landscaping, renovations, security – and a great time to start counselling, to dissolve family ghosts. Romance, creativity, speculation, just “breathing in beauty” bring you pleasure Tues. through Thurs. – careful Tues., when a rejection or barrier might throw you into confusion. Be patient – Wed./Thurs. hold many treasures, of destiny, insight and love. Tackle chores and minor health issues Fri./Sat. – something in the background could climax; e.g., a secret could be revealed, or you spill the garbage on the kitchen floor. Stick to routine, my friend. Stress right now is alerting you, rather than just bothering you.

Gemini.svgGEMINI May 21-June 20
The general accent lies on popularity, wish fulfilment, light romance, optimism, entertainment and social joys. You might have noticed that over the past year you’ve been less popular than you’d like (or in some cases, more popular than you’d expected) – this is/was karma, and it will “end” by November. (In my own case – I’m Gemini – I’ve been surprised by the huge smiles I get at the check-out counter, and readership of this blog has evidently increased by almost 50 %, but my Christmas and Easter dinners – relatives and friends – have shrunk by almost 50 %. Karma’s complicated.) Despite the accent on friends and socializing, now your inner life has grown sweet, you like being alone to some degree (to April 11). Civil servants, institutions, health workers have been kind to you the last two weeks; this continues to mid-April. However, now to May 11, avoid belligerent people, and don’t walk down dark alleys alone. (Applies literally and metaphorically.) Someone in management becomes friendly. Sunday/Monday are for casual friends, travel, errands, communications and paperwork – all’s lucky, so charge ahead. Focus on home, family, security, real estate (buy none) Tues. (barriers, indecision) Wed. (superb) and Thurs. (lucky, but stick to routine). Love, romance, infatuation grab you Fri./Sat. – be patient, or speak your piece and leave. (It’s unlikely seductive words will get you anywhere.) If single, let love go – it will return in a better form.

Cancer.svgCANCER June 21-July 22
The focus lies on ambition, career, community status, and relations with VIPs, parents, bosses, and authorities. (Pay those parking tickets.) The criticism or impatience you’ve received from these quarters ends by Tuesday. Still, be wary on these fronts: it’s easy to wander into a “prestige trap.” Resolve to take the money, let the status go. (It will return, after November.) Your income luck is splendid to August, and your wisdom/good action is high in family, food and shelter areas, until November. This isn’t a bad interval (best before September) to buy or sell real estate, or, on a smaller scale, to purchase furniture, dishware, etc., to plant a garden or landscape, show family you love them, sign on for family therapy, increase retirement savings, etc. Sunday/Monday emphasize earnings, purchases, and make lucky everything I mentioned in the last sentence (real estate, buy furniture, etc.). (Pay attention to the “Start Nothing” period Monday.) Errands, communications, paperwork, short trips, casual friends fill Tues. noon through Thurs. Caution Tuesday: barriers might steer you toward confusion, unrealizable goals. Wed.’s great, and Thursday’s odd – both a “dud,” and lucky. Domestic matters (and all that real estate, et al I mentioned) arise Friday (okay) and Saturday (caution advised).

Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO July 23-Aug. 22
The accent lies on intellectual pursuits, religion, life philosophy, culture, social rituals (weddings, bar mitzvahs, etc.) far travel, international contacts, higher learning, and law – all things which you’d be wise to avoid until November. In some cases, the effect is almost non-existent (far travel). In others, it is strong and fearsome: DON’T get into a lawsuit. In higher learning, you might unwittingly pick the wrong course of study. In far travel, don’t adopt a business idea or product you discover overseas, and don’t travel to draconian places: Iran, Pakistan, etc. That said, the weeks ahead can be happy, mellow, and loving. Jupiter will “go direct” (stop retrograding) April 8, releasing a cornucopia (into August) of good luck, romance, adventure and successful gambles that has been held up since last December. Higher-ups will treat you with a combination of Impatience and affection until April 11; after this, to mid-May, impatience will dominate, so practice diplomacy and a sense of humor by next week onward. At present, Sunday/Monday, your charisma and energy soar – chase anything and (almost) anyone, Leo. You’ll succeed, and the cosmos will help! (Remember, though, final results might not show until April 8 onward.) Chase money and purchase items Tues. (careful, obstacles lead to confusion or “secret actions” which won’t work) Wed. (charge ahead!) and Thurs. (oddly lucky, even if little occurs). Errands, emails, calls, visits, trips, paperwork fill Fri./Sat. – careful driving.

Virgo.svgVIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22
The accent lies on research, detective work, mysteries and secrets, sexual yearnings, intimacy, investments, debt and major finances, health diagnoses and lifestyle changes, commitment and consequences. My advice: in general, don’t commit. That way, you’ll escape the consequences – which seem desirable now, but could prove to be a burden, dead-end, trap or similar disappointment. E.g., you seduce that sexy person, then what? Marriage to someone you don’t even get along with? Or you make that investment, then can’t back out, or can only sell for less. Step carefully through this week and the next two, Virgo. One of these actions could even lead to a lawsuit (a thing you should strictly avoid until May 12). On the plus side, your earnings are fine, protected, even growing, until at least November. Also, before committing yourself to anything, realize this August will start a year in which you’ll want to – and will benefit from – “switching commitments” – for instance, you might want to quit your job for a better one, or sell your home, to buy a better one. But commitment now could prevent you from doing so. Rest, contemplate and plan Sunday to Tuesday morn – all is lucky, so contact head office, civil servants, institutions or charities. (Check the “Start Nothing” times – you might have to write rather than phone.) Your energy and charisma rise smartly Tues. noon through Thursday. Tuesday’s obstacles could make you indecisive, or drain your trust in a partner. Wed.’s great – charge ahead, start projects. Shop Friday – not Saturday, except for routine items.

Libra.svgLIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22
You are the penultimate sign of marriage, Libra. But I have been warning you for months not to marry anyone before mid-November 2015. (You can still have fun, friends, lovers, romance – just don’t commit or co-habit.) Well, this week and the next two, you are firmly placed in the partnership lane of the relationship highway. Go slow, no matter who honks. Opportunities, negotiations, relocation, dealings with the public also contain the same problem: an eventual dead end, loss or entrapment. Be courageous, be independent – until November. Sunday/Monday bring a superb round of socializing, popularity, witty flirtation, optimism and entertainment. Plunge in, especially Sunday. But retreat Tues. noon to Thursday: rest, nap, contemplate, plan, deal with charities, government agencies, institutions or your own head office. Tuesday’s slow, disappointing, but Wed. speeds you to your goal(s). Your energy and charisma surge Friday/Saturday. Friday’s okay, but Saturday brings upheavals or duds. Exercise your independence, and your “clout” – rule over domestic or property disputes, show love who’s boss. Talk to a Leo or Sagittarian – they see your situation clearly, are glad to discuss, help. (Unless you’re trying to partner with one of them). BTW, a sexual link is “available” now to early May. As long as it’s honest and no one’s “cheating,” dive in – it will regenerate you, give a psychological solidity. (And help you forget my ad nauseum chant: “don’t ma-r-r-r-r-y.”)

Scorpio.svgSCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21
Tackle work, Scorpio. Do what you must, without becoming a slave to your chores or your dependents. (These latter will probably do better without your “constant” supervision, anyway. Kids need freedom, too.) Though this is usually the time (this week and the next two) for repairs, home maintenance, buying tools/machinery, sharpening, nutrition planning – all these are not recommended now, as they could prove unwieldy, costly, useless, or otherwise ultimately disappointing – especially if you’re “hands-on.” For safety, default to delegating, managing. For example, if that leaky window definitely needs repair, delegate the task to a family member, or hire a pro. This is NOT a good time to adopt a child or a pet. Your career is splendidly favoured now, but aim for prestige or a management roll – not a “hands-on” position. Sunday/Monday show that favour, though Monday’s luck ends fairly early in North America. Do what you can, approach the boss with a proposal, write a VIP, beg a judge to let you off. Tuesday noon to Thursday bring celebration, optimism, popularity (within reason, as you’re in a work month) entertainment and flirty friends – jump in! – Except Tuesday, which holds refusals and confusion over “true love.” Wed./Thurs. are great (but check Thursday’s “start nothing” times above.) Retreat, rest, contemplate and plan Fri./Sat. Don’t pick up the phone or otherwise let “useless duties” in the door of your sweet privacy.

Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21

SAGE, This is your Love Forecast for the year ahead, not your usual weekly message. (Your weekly message would merely say, “Careful with romance.”)

UNTIL November 12, Sage, I strongly advise you to chase light romance, to play the field or to have a friendly affair – anything but deep, heavy infatuation. This last, until late November, can lead you down the primrose path to self-deception, dead-ends or other disappointments. It’s like a dream – the more you chase someone who makes your heart pound and your face blush, the more elusive he/she will become. (Facial blushing is Nature’s way of communicating to another that your body is ready for sex: that is, that blood is also being drawn to your sexual organs.) Perhaps you’ll chase them away with your eagerness. The same caution holds with creative projects, teaching children, recreation, pleasure, beauty and gambling. If you feel compelled to do these, do them with a group (e.g., an investment club, or a creative group such as a film crew) – therein lies a pot of luck, if not gold. Even better, therein lies satisfaction, calmness, a sense of growth and goodness, a smooth, easy path. And best, aim for intellectual pursuits, law, foreign travel or contacts, religion, profound ideals, scholarship, publishing. In these, a golden wheel turns, and from April 8 onward, it’s about to spew favours and fortune upon you. E.g., if you want to pout about not finding true, deep romance now, buy a world-travel ticket instead – that’ll cheer you up! The odd thing, Sage, is although deep romance is blasted, you could wed luckily – by August – to someone “lighter” – a Gemini? A Leo, a Libra? And some of the best romance will come from libraries, law offices, travel hubs, college/university, poetry or philosophy clubs, church or mosque, synagogue or temple. But your 2015 rule of thumb should be: light, not heavy. (Light romances often make the best marriages because they contain friendship, too.)
April awakens your romantic desires, and might answer them with someone deeply attractive. Their mere presence seduces you. Unfortunately, this is just what I’m trying to steer you away from. Be strong! You might start a bantering, affectionate relationship with a Gemini or Libra – this link, though light and brief (April 11 to May 7) might “hang around” on the periphery of your heart, even through May and June. Though you’ll be sceptical, this could make a good marriage. Late May to early June brings an old flame or former spouse. If this “mixes in” with that light, affectionate link (i.e., they’re the same person) or brings someone from long ago, again, life-mating could be in the cards. If this “light” link begins teasing you too much, becomes challenging or pokes holes in your balloons, walk away. July continues the wedding theme, but doesn’t bring anyone new and valuable – however, it might bring a new, sexy person with whom you could have deep down and gritty physical love, but you’ll also sense, deep down, that this person is not the one for love – he/she’s too jealous and possessive. (And he/she would bring you down, eventually.) Married Sages should beware any extra-marital temptations, June 24 to August 9.
August and September, your romantic courage will flare, but you’ll also demand a commitment. You won’t fall for a heart-pounding disappointment anymore.
The entire interval from early June to October 7 sprinkles you with lucky marriage vibes.
Again from mid-September to October 8, an old flame might return – this one definitely hails from the region of “light romance,” and therefore is a good wedding prospect. (This person might mildly entrance you into early November.)
But overall, Jupiter, your planet, leaves the wedding sector in mid-August, and enters your status, career and ambition zone, where it brings you luck for a year (to Sept. 2016). This can have two effects, especially as autumn progresses: for many Sages, it can shift your attention from love to ambition. But for some, this can indicate a “status wedding” – meaning you marry for the status of being married, or in order to climb in the world, to “marry up.” In both cases, make sure you’re also in love, or you could end up like the bird in the golden cage.
October is social, optimistic, and you could meet more than one flirty prospect in a group or club. November isn’t very amorous, although about mid-month onward, those flirty “social” prospects seem to mature into blossoming amour. By December, you have two potential lovers to choose from. Pick the one who is most passionate or about whom you feel most romantic – deep romance, infatuation no longer hold any “dangers” or traps, so plunge in! You’re energetic and charismatic this month.
In 2016, January and February hold little appeal love-wise, although in January your charms do attract admiration (mostly from the wrong types) and February brings casual friends. March steers you toward home, but your romantic courage soars, as does your magnetism, right into September 2016 – yes, 7 months! – and it could bring some crucial questions and choices, especially in late April and May: did you find real love, after all, or is this new person the real thing? My opinion, advice? The real thing came in 2015. (But if you remain single, unattached, late March into April can bring a passionate attraction.)
Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 18
The accent, this week and the next two, lies on home, real estate, family, garden, soul, nutrition, security and retirement – all things which you should handle with a light, non-committal touch until mid-November. DON’T buy real estate. You are in a splendid, lucky investment period through early August – in anything but realty. (It sounds odd to say “be non-committal” toward family – I don’t mean be aloof, but be sceptical about projects or plans they bring to you.) A nice romantic, pleasure, creative or beauty streak winds through your days until April 11. (After this, into early May, you remain romantically brave, and perhaps intensely – mostly sexually – attracted to someone, but now it’s not lucky, might even hold traps. And – here’s a puzzle for you – the biggest trap of all might be rejecting this person.) (If you want a larger view, this spring/summer you’re “in lust” – whereas the year that begins this late summer will bring, if you’re single, a sweet, gentle, socially acceptable, wed-able love. In other words, you don’t have to “treasure” present attractions – there will be other ones!) Sunday/Monday accent sex, intimacy, investments, financial actions, research – all go very well! Tuesday (bad, barriers) Wednesday (successful) and Thursday (“empty” yet lucky). Be ambitious, dutiful Fri./Sat. (Careful Sat. morning, driving, tools, etc.)

Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS Jan. 19-Feb. 18
Busy work, paperwork, details, calls, communications, nail, travel, errands, casual friends and siblings – these fill the weeks ahead. But don’t let them “over-fill.” You can waste a lot of time chasing wild geese, potential clients who will never sign, etc. Know when to back away. Listen to the part of you that wants sink into home sweet home, and into reverie. You have a lot to ponder. You’ve just stepped into a new trend, lasting to late ’17, in which your wishes and life goals have become/are becoming more serious, sober, even sedate. You don’t care about the bustling crowd as much, are growing to like quiet, mellow times. In addition, if single, you’re about to meet (in the next 4 to 5 months) a viable life-mate. Single or married, opportunities and/or partnerships in business, or a lucky relocation, face you these same 4-5 months. A lot to ponder. Sunday to Tues. morning brings these things: relocation, opportunities, etc. To succeed (and all the aspects are lucky ones) be co-operative, put others’ desires before your own. Tuesday noon through Thursday brings secrets, sexual yearnings, research, health diagnoses, financial actions – Tuesday’s screwy, Wednesday’s great, and Thursday, though “empty of results” (in North America – filled with results for Asia and good pre-noon for Europe) is quite lucky. A wise, mellow mood steals over you Fri./Sat. – you might discuss marriage, but be careful Saturday, when disruptions, alienation can occur.

Pisces.svgPISCES Feb. 19-March 20
The emphasis lies on rote learning, sensual attractions (and furnishings) earnings, purchases and possessions. Realize a possession might be holding you back (e.g., a man with a boat in his yard never goes on vacation because he’s afraid someone will steal his boat). Rote learning can prevent you from reaching profound knowledge/thoughts. An over-emphasis on earnings can prevent success elsewhere, including in investments, etc. (E.g., who’s better off, the person who works 12 hours a day from age 18 on because the $ 100 per day pay is so good, or the 18-year-old who doesn’t earn, but spends 6 years studying to become a lawyer so he can eventually earn $ 4,000 a day?) Think about the small and the big pictures this week and the next two. Friends, siblings are affectionate, helpful. Sunday/Monday are for work, employment, and minor health issues – two lucky days, though Sunday’s better. Relationships confront you with obstacles Tues., with cheer and affection, even love Wed., and with luck Thurs. Life gets deeper Fri./Sat. – research, detective work, large finances, health diagnoses, intimacy (and yearning for it) – these fill the hours. Though you might hit a couple of bumps here (especially Saturday) your instincts are right, your intuition and “good karma” operating. Socially, financially, great change might be brewing.

The End