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ALL TIMES/DATES ARE PDT (Pacific Daylight Time Zone). PDT is 8 hours “before” Greenwich (England). (As long as Britain is also on Daylight time.) For example, when it is noon PST, it is 8 pm in England. The “World Clock” in the right margin gives you some clues. (You can also Google “time zone converter.”) PLEASE NOTE:  THE TIME SHOWN IN THE WORLD CLOCK ON THE RIGHT HAND MARGIN FOR CHICAGO IS 1 HOUR “FAST” — THE CORRECT TIME FOR CHICAGO IS ONE HOUR LESS THAN THE DISPLAYED TIME. I’VE TRIED TO CORRECT IT, BUT CAN’T SEEM TO.


START NOTHING: Before 12:04 pm Sun., 1:42 pm to 10:08 pm Tues., and 10:42 am Thurs. to 5:47 am Fri.




VIRGOS are almost always on time – sometimes to the exact minute. PISCEANS are often late – usually because they’re not sure if they should even go. (Pisceans often are unsure of their “acceptance” – you need to send them an engraved invitation.) GEMINIS are often late, because they have ten things that have to be done “right away.” (Only ARIES are more impatient than Geminis. But Gemini seldom nags you to hurry – they just wander off.) In love, Aries likes to conquer, but they seldom stick around. (Once they find someone worthy of their commitment, though, Aries can be very loyal and loving.) LIBRA is very slow to seduce/conquer – in fact, they prefer to be the conquered one. Once mated, Libra is usually the last person to jump ship. This sign reveres marriage like priests are supposed to revere God. AQUARIANS are usually quite cool in relationships, but if/when they fall for someone, they fall hard. They are also the most loyal of signs – look at Aquarian Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. If they were the same age, Newman would out-hunk George Clooney, and Joanne was no Cleopatra. But Paul stuck with her and always knew she was the best thing. SCORPIOS like to think that they will sacrifice everything for love; but Aquarians really will – and they don’t brag about it. This sign seldom marries twice. If I suggest to a divorced Aquarian (especially a female) that in, say, 18 months a great marriage prospect will appear, the typical answer is: “No thanks! Been there, done that.” Case closed.
I dunno. I know Walking Dead, the tv show about zombies, is very popular. But it irks me. In one episode, though they are dying of thirst (they can’t find a stream or creek in this woodland? they can’t dig a hole to find water 3 feet down?) the heroic band of human survivors refuse to open some bottles of water they find on the highway, with “FROM A FRIEND” written on a placard. Obviously, zombies didn’t put the bottles there. But our heroes are sure it’s a trick, an attempt by other humans — all Americans, mind you — to kill them with poisoned water. (“The Zombies are coming! The Zombies are coming! How do we defeat them? I know, let’s kill each other!”) Immediately after they reject the bottled water, the heavens open and it rains. So they all turn their faces skyward and open their mouths – that way, they’ll take in at least 15 or 20 drops each, if they crane their necks for half an hour. After two or three seasons wandering the wilderness, they haven’t learned to take one of the tarps they’re carrying around, open it and collect some rainwater? Later in the same episode they get rid of a band of zombies by throwing them down what appears to be a river bank. A river? Oh, don’t rivers carry water?


Glad to see Canada’s Future Shop has gone bankrupt. About 10-15 years ago I bought  a computer there. It malfunctioned, so I took it back. With no protest at all, the sales clerk called someone from the back, who took my machine away, and returned with a “new” one — or so I thought. When I returned home and opened the box, I discovered the contents had been re-packed, and not very professionally. It probably wasn’t the computer I had returned, but obviously someone  had returned it. I never shopped at that chain again. Let’s hope Best Buy (who just bought Future Shop’s remains) is more honest.


Speaking of merchant malpractice: oil has fallen, since December, from over $ 100 to under $50 a barrel ( bbl) — a 55 per cent reduction. In reaction,  Vancouver gas stations have dropped their pump price from $ 1.38 a litre to $ 1.22 per litre —  a 12 per cent decline. This is pure gouging, by mega corporations who think you’re too stupid to see the “cheat.”


(God, I’m such a critic!)






Aries.svgARIES March 21-April 19
You continue energized, confident, charismatic, on top of your game. The month ahead (and a bit of May – 11 days) will bring more money. It will also nudge you into spending more than usual. If you aren’t conservative, if you don’t stem the outflow, you could end up poorer, despite increased income. Love, candy, luxury items, jewelry – these tempt you to spend. You have a good gift of gab now, and your lucky romantic trend finally resumes, after a December-March delay. The absolute best thing you can do this year is to approach someone; the worst, to reject company or love, to think and act independently. Sunday noon to Tues. night, as you mull over a relationship snag, or a split, or an ambition, life opens its doors quietly, almost unnoticeably, to the depths and power corridors of life. Here you can make investments, re-arrange your finances, seek intimacy, seek pregnancy if young, married, learn secrets, research or obtain professional advice, diagnose health matters or change your lifestyle. Almost everything goes smoothly, but take care Tuesday pm – avoid authorities, bosses and speaking/writing. Wed./Thurs. bring a mellow mood, wisdom, culture, international issues, far travel, intellectual pursuits. Your luck is high – just beware confusion, deception (and civil servants) mid-afternoon (PDT) Wednesday. Be ambitious Fri./Sat., but be prepared for some stress Sat., when your unpredictability might irk higher-ups.

taurus weekly forecastTAURUS April 20-May 20
Continue to lie low, rest, contemplate and plan. Your charisma and determination are strong. You’ll attract others. Be careful, though – don’t overload yourself. You’re a little more weary than is apparent. Pamper yourself, nap, and don’t rise to every occasion. Avoid competitive situations, and absolutely avoid collusion with unsavory characters. Taurus athletes tend to win for the next 11 days. Relationships loom large Sunday noon to Tues. night. Careful Sunday – arguments, or those “unsavory characters” might face you to 8 pm (PDT). But later this night (morning for Europe, Middle East, full day for Asia) your intuition soars, and leads you into a fortunate Monday. You can strike splendid agreements, re-establish love with your spouse, or buy/sell/renovate real estate (your “widest” path to fortune until mid-August – and this path finally “opens” after being a bit closed since last December). Tuesday shows you the difference between romance and mature love; or between money and more elevated pursuits. (If a struggle occurs, romance, money lose.) Strictly avoid gossip, or endangering your reputation. Money wins Wed./Thurs. – in a big, lucky way if you invest or pay down debt. Sex, intimacy, and health also win. Be cautious Wed. afternoon, when some confusion occurs, or you chase the wrong goal. A mellow, wise mood steals over you Fri./Sat. This promotes love, far travel, intellectual and cultural pursuits – better Friday, as Saturday is a bit tense, unpredictable.

Gemini.svgGEMINI May 21-June 20

GEMINI, this is your Love Forecast for the year ahead, not your weekly message.
In general, Gemini, love is not high on your agenda now through August (unless you’re obsessed with someone, which a few Gems are – but this is not really love). Instead, you’re in a lovely friendship zone. (You’ve probably noticed that the clerk in the store, the casual acquaintance you meet on the sidewalk, are unusually friendly.) April introduces you to many people in group settings, clubs, dinner parties, concerts, political gatherings, etc. If you meet someone who buoys your heart, it might or might not work out in the long run: but the last two-thirds of April add to your charisma – good hair days, natural grace, easy affectionate talk: these are you. (Remember, none of this will happen if you stay at home and avoid social groups – so get out and mingle.)
Until mid-August, siblings are supportive, chatty. If you’re married, this interval adds humor, optimism and happiness to your union – this would be a splendid time for a trip together. If single, you will meet at least several people who would make good life mates for you. The thing is, are you attracted, and is he/she, beyond friendship? Is passion there also? It might be, May/June, when your romantic courage and assertiveness soar. A sweet affection toward a friend builds in July, then lasts all the way into October. But listen, Gemini, if you hesitate with someone because you worry not enough passion exists, don’t worry. Your big romantic period starts in the autumn of 2016, and lasts to October, 2017. Waiting for that time is a good option, too.
If you and a lover are awaiting the best time to wed, April 8 to August 10 is that time. (Skip late May and early June, as a Mercury retrograde can introduce an element of indecision.) I’ve been telling some signs that an old flame might appear May 19 to June 9 – and you are that flame. If your mind is on someone from the past, and you know he/she’s single, why not call?
August brings both the peak and the end of this “friendly” phase. Early this month, Jupiter, your marriage ruler, enters Virgo for a bit over a year. This can bring the beginning of the end for casual, superficial relationships. But it can also deepen a true love, and draw the two of you into furniture and food stores, into mutual rents or a mortgage. It’s all or nothing, Gemini. This is a settle-down year. If you have not picked up a steady squeeze by now, use this year (summer 15 to autumn 16) for self-improvement. Get plenty of sleep, firm up or establish your position in the world, seek a better place to live, start a sensible diet, make yourself more attractive. But most importantly, rest, regenerate your emotional and physical batteries, because when a once-in-13 year romantic luck strikes autumn 2016 onward, you’ll need every ounce of energy. (Charisma increases with energy.)
If you’re married, mid-August begins a year of great family happiness. You and your mate will almost gloat over your children’s talents and progress. The two of you should use this time to renovate, landscape, redecorate – you’ll either be happier than usual with your home, so happy you’ll spend a lot of time there – or, if you wish, you could sell your home and buy a better or cheaper one (e.g., downsize if you’re seniors). Take a camping or nature vacation with the family.
For all Geminis, September/October continue the affection between you and casual acquaintances. A friendly love affair could begin. An old flame could appear from mid-September to early October. You have always been in love with this person’s beauty, or his/her ability to surround themselves with beauty. In October, a simple phone call could spark a memorable affair. November’s for work, but as the month grows, so does an attraction to, again, someone of beauty. By December, this person becomes a bit challenging – is he/she challenging you to commit more, to marry? (Whenever I write “marry” I also mean simple co-habitation without a wedding.) You’ll have to decide – again, it’s a mild “all or nothing” situation. The lure intensifies as December matures, for a definite sexual urge begins to build toward this person. In December and January, you might become involved with a co-worker. Your “lust quotient” is at a yearly peak – February, too. You might become involved with a Capricorn or Scorpio. February brings someone sweet and bright, chatty and unpredictable (you love that) but it’s ephemeral, might not last. March begins a long period – through September ’16 – in which you’ll either scrap with someone constantly, or embrace him/her as an upbeat, joyful light yet powerful love. This could lead to marriage. If it does, you’ll have a very secure, prosperous and healthy home life, but you’ll also have a number of lover’s spats – many of which, if you’re compatible, will end in mutual laughter.
On a serious note: All year (until the end of 2017) Saturn travels through your marriage sign. This has a few effects: 1) you attract and deal well with people older and younger than yourself, but will be gently rejected by those your own age, unless you are over 59; 2) relationships develop slowly, and if they are to survive, demand loyalty; 3) you will feel a mild but constant sexual attraction in any relationship, and two elements, sex and finances (e.g., assets, who earns more, etc.) will be key to any prospective link. Health concerns might also be a strong thread winding through a love bond, pro or con. If you’re married, you could at times see your mate as a sexual object; and at other times you’ll notice every wrinkle in his/her face, and feel your mate is a bit distant, closed emotionally, and old. Realize this is perception: it is not a reason to chase someone outside your marriage. If you do, you will severely affect not only your marriage, but your career. Overall, Gemini, many prospects face you in the year ahead, and whether you bond or not is up to you!

Cancer.svgCANCER June 21-July 22
The accent continues on ambition, career, prestige relations, reputation, worldly status, and dealings with authorities. Although this zone has been undermined by difficult karma for the last 13 months (and will continue so until mid-November) this week and the first half of next treat you “gently” in this arena. Even Cancer criminals facing judges now get off a little lighter than they expect. But don’t let this “mildness” fool you – it is still a poor time to launch any new ambitious projects. (They start well, but down the road hit a complex, unsolvable snag. The Gordian Knot, whether it existed or not, was of this nature.) There is only one exception: a great career, business or prestige opportunity might drop in your lap unexpectedly. In this case, grab it. But if your project runs into inexplicable delays, or tempts you with easy gain but never quite pays off, turn around and walk away. At work, maintain the status quo – if you push higher-ups, keep on them about a promotion, pay raise or pet project, they’ll push back, negatively. (A pay raise is likely anyway, sometime between now and August.) Your job might seem unfair (work burden not commensurate with pay) suffocating, boring or restrictive, just smile. It would be a mistake to switch careers, jobs or employers before November, as you’ll just jump from the frying pan into the fire (no matter what initial appearances indicate). In fact, it is better to just quit than to change. Work for money, not prestige. Sunday to Tuesday accents romance, creativity, speculation, beauty and pleasure – a mild winning streak! Sunday night, Monday best. Tackle chores, health issues Wed./Thurs. Relationships Fri./Sat. – be co-operative, diplomatic, especially Saturday.

Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO July 23-Aug. 22
Careful – don’t become enmeshed in legal affairs. All lawyers are your enemy now, even your own. (And remember, most judges are lawyers.) (This bias against you lasts until November.) On the other hand, legal matters, as well as intellectual, scholarship, far travel, cultural, wedding, religious and similar profundities have passed their worst “test” so the two weeks ahead shouldn’t be too bad. The really great news is, romantic, creative, speculative, child-oriented, teaching and pleasure pursuits, after a delay going back to last December, now leap forward to August. Your luck and temper improve immensely, your old generosity returns. If you’re single, you could fall in love – and that person is very likely to love you back. Head for the dance hall, Leo (or pub or church or yacht, whatever)! Sunday to Tuesday is for rest, family, domestic concerns, security and retirement planning. Monday’s best: the other two days could bring success through struggle – or a fight. That romance, et al comes barreling in Wed./Thurs. – go all out, if single, chase the one whose presence mildly hypnotizes you. Don’t waste this great time on pursuing the easy catch: that’s for when your confidence is low; it’s not now. Be naive. One heads-up: don’t push sexual intimacy Wed. afternoon (PDT) – and one you meet at this time could sexually frustrate you down the road. Be patient, seek love this evening through Thurs. Tackle chores Friday/Sat. – take some care, Saturday, with driving, tools, electricity.

Virgo.svgVIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22
Instead of investments, focus on income, earnings, or selling items. Instead of research or spying, focus on contemplation, intuition. Instead of pursuing sex, pursue comfort, acceptance. Instead of exploring dark places, seek a retreat (or spa). This not only keeps you out of “future trouble,” but is likely to steer you into success. Applies strongly this week and next, a little less now to August, and a wee bit less to November. Don’t be impatient about investments: by late August, you will enter a year of splendid, fruitful investments, especially in food and shelter areas (e.g., real estate). If you’ve been waiting (months) for an answer from civil servants or an institution – or your own head office – that answer will come soon. All government and health-related matters leap forward now. Sunday noon through Tuesday brings errands, details, paperwork, communications, travel and – curiosity. Sunday’s scrappy, avoid resentful people; Tuesday might hold a “bad secret” or ethical dilemma. But Monday is splendid – explore new neighborhoods, read the news, ask questions. Domestic concerns, property, garden, nutrition, security, children, Mother Nature, retirement plans fill Wed./Thurs., in a beneficial, fortunate way (except perhaps Wed. afternoon, when you might disagree with someone). Romance enters Fri. (good) and Sat. (disruptive). No advice except this: leave the sexual part of a new relationship for later – and don’t gamble on an investment. Saturday begins four weeks of career luck, favor!

Libra.svgLIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22
I’ve repeated my advice not to wed nor co-habit before mid-November so many times I’m getting sick of it. (Additionally, you probably should not ever marry anyone you first meet between late February, 2014 and mid-November, 2015.) Realize that any other kind of love is good – friends, fun, friends with benefits, lovers, light lover, deep, heavy romance, pure sex, etc. This week, social and romantic developments, on hold since last December, now leap forward, and will, to August. Take advantage – join clubs, meditation circles, political organizations, the hang-outs at the local coffee shop, etc. Your entry into a new social group now can benefit you for years to come, even decades. (The benefit is not necessarily romantic – you can add to your business and career network, make valuable contacts, meet VIPs, increase your public profile – this is a great interval for artists and writers, especially performing artists, actors, etc. – and, most importantly, being group-oriented this spring and summer can raise your optimism and confidence.) Chase money, new clients, buy/sell, memorize important data (e.g., applying for a driver’s license) Sunday to Tuesday. Be careful Sunday am (PDT) when you might face a conflict between marriage and career, and pm, when an argument can arise. Monday’s all good – charge forth. Tuesday’s good early, but again could contain an argument over outside interests versus home. Wed./Thurs. brings errands, short trips, communications, casual friends – two lucky days. Join a group, club! Be home, Fri./Sat. Friday’s fine, Saturday’s disruptive.

Scorpio.svgSCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21
You might face two doors this week and next, Scorpio: one, marked “work/health” can lead to defeat if you overdo it; the other, marked “career/prestige” leads to success. Work smart, not hard. Delegate, manage, avoid “hands-on.” Your career, held back since last December, leaps forward now through August. Be alert for your chance, be opportunistic. You’re very likely to be promoted this year; if not, next. However, be careful with relations all month and the first half of May – be diplomatic but stand up for yourself. You might form a work partnership (not really advised, unless you can load the work onto your partner). Your charisma and energy rise nicely Sunday to Tuesday. Monday’s best. Tuesday might bring unwanted news about work, or a choice between work and travel. (Pick travel.) Chase money and/or purchase bargains Wed./Thurs. – these two days are so fortunate that you should reject patience, reject an abundance of caution. Make your bid, seek new clients, ask for a pay raise, sell unwanted items – and chase career, prestige, status, too – and not only in your career. (E.g., run for president of your professional society, or captain of your baseball team.) This is not exactly the time to start or launch projects, but to further ongoing ones, or to “cash in” on them. Errands, communications, paperwork and casual friends fill Fri. (good, productive) and Sat. (disruptive, mildly “energized”).

Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21
You’ll certainly be happy this week and next, Sage, as a shower of pleasure, beauty, adventure, creativity, speculation and romance sprinkles over you. If you receive these, good. If you have to chase them, bad. Enjoy this, but don’t take all promises (including life’s “promise”) as “true.” For instance, you might feel/sense a rising tide of romance, but the actual thing might not occur, or does occur but comes out “flat.” You can avoid this by aiming for a more social version – e.g., light, friendly romance, or creativity with a group, or group pleasures such as concerts, instead of private, one-on-one pleasure with someone. If you keep the word “social” in mind, you steer toward success. One thing, Sage: a huge, stunning romance, or a gambling win, etc. could just drop in your lap. If so, accept this – but if even this starts eluding you, turn away and repeat the word, “social.” Sunday morning could interfere with your plans (or fight/delay romance) as money gets in the way somehow. Sunday noon to Tuesday nudges you to take a rest, to withdraw from the bustling crowd to contemplate, re-plan, sleep, to recharge your energy. Sunday itself could spark your temper, or your passion – neither is advised. This night into Tuesday noon brings surprises, success, co-operation, high intuition. But Tuesday again brings up this problem subject: your money needs seem to overrule your love needs. Above all, rest. Your energy and charisma soar Wed./Thurs. Grab luck, seize opportunities, further ongoing things, especially in cultural, intellectual, travel, legal and gentle love zones – but don’t launch anything new. Friday’s good for “daily” money, earnings, purchases; Saturday’s not.

Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19

CAP, THIS IS YOUR LOVE FORECAST FOR THE YEAR AHEAD, in place of your regular weekly message.

Until August, Cap, your sensual, sexual, intimate desires are blessed by luck. These have faced some delays since last December, but they leap forward this week to late summer. If you simply want physical gratification, it’s available – in bigger ways than perhaps you anticipate. Though this is a sexual influence, it has a strong romantic component until May 11. You could fall, and you can’t be sure if it’s into love, or into lust. If you’re married, turn your lust onto your spouse, for this influence can tempt some people into extra-marital shenanigans. If single, grill your would-be lover – is he/she attached, married? Sex now (to August) is a catalyst, designed to change your life. For example, young married couples could be announcing, “we’re pregnant!” Sex can also lead you into darker places, erode your reputation or, at an extreme, cost you a position. But the prime emphasis this spring and summer is on change: sex is just one agent of change. Others, just as powerful and significant, are financial actions, investments, debt, and critical health developments, as well as research or detective work. For example, a detective’s photos could end a marriage. A new home and mortgage will also change your life – and might bring you financial success, but not happiness – for this reason, I advise NOT buying real estate, nor starting to live with anyone, before mid-November. Research can reveal secrets or bring revelations that spur you to start living an altered life. All these jump up now like a box full of springs. The results can be powerfully lucky – e.g., investments could make you rich (or a bit richer, anyway). In love, these months, the accent is on physical attraction.
By late August, everything changes – not suddenly or dramatically, but in a deep, meaningful way. The dark gleam of lust becomes the gentle, wise understanding of real love. You might only now fall in, in a way that grabs your mind, heart and body. Or, the affair that existed prior to August might now change into true love. (I would be cautious about this, however, as pre-September attractions/amours could have the seed of disloyalty hidden deep within them. You be the judge: only you know how much you trust someone.) (BTW, there is a chance that you will suddenly, in August, be catapulted into an ethics-distorting, hypnotically lustful attraction. Reject this one.) For twelve months – to September 2016 – love can evolve into a wedding. If married, this “year” is a superb time to travel or attend school together, to renew your vows, to have long, deep talks about the future. If you’re single, foreign countries, travel hubs, schools, law offices, libraries and cultural venues are fertile grounds to search for love. You could become entranced by a lawyer, scholar, accountant, writer – any intellectual worker – or by a foreign-born person.
In monthly terms, April heightens your romantic courage, and could bring amour with a co-worker. May’s romantic, and could introduce someone who would make a viable, affectionate mate. (Or your feelings toward a lover turn marital.) June ties you up with work, but a strong sexual attraction lures you. July is for partnerships, mature love – deep sexual desire combines with intense relations. This could be all or nothing, make or break, for a relationship. The person you’re with grows assertive; this could either tip your link into permanency, partnership, or you could argue angrily on the way to a break-up. (To be frank, a split might be a blessing in disguise.) That deep sexual desire intensifies in August – and will last right into October, even as your mind and heart begin floating on more gentle, pleasant levels, which is a prelude to wedding thoughts – and proposals. You could change partners in August. September brings a gentle, mellow, loving mood, yet that physical attraction, if anything, increases yet again! This is traditionally your wedding month, but I’d avoid tying any knots from September 25 to November 12.
Though October will fill your days with ambition and career developments, your mind, if you’ve met someone, will be filled with sugar-plum visions of marriage. November brings social delights and group affairs – you could meet someone who makes you laugh, whose friends you like, and who amuses you with a constant flirty teasing. Your energy is low in December, and you need to handle a career “crisis” or change, but that person you met in a group proves their loyalty – and their attractiveness grows. In January ’16 your energy and charisma attract admirers, and again, for some reason, a group or social connection grows more lively, bringing new prospects for singles. Someone from the past might contact/chase you. In February the social theme continues. Your charms are heightened – and noticed. One thing: if you start a new affair for purely sensual reasons, take care – this link might grow boring after a few weeks, months. March brings casual friends. If you’re already in a love relationship, talk of marriage might start – welcome it!
Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18
Perform errands, paperwork and communications tasks, chat, be friendly, read the news, travel, visit, but without becoming immersed in these. Save time every day for something a little more profound, such as reading a novel, attending church (et al) contemplating love, envisioning world harmony (or even working toward it). These profound-leaning things will somehow “save” you. Your home is a tangle of affection and friction. For 9 months, you’ve faced great good luck in negotiations, relocation, partnership, opportunities, marriage, dealing with the public and such matters – but this luck has seemed to stall since December. This week, that stall ends – luck now bounds up, ahead, forth – so get ready to chase a person or a situation or an opportunity. Remember, you will win by co-operating, by sensing another’s desires and fulfilling them. DON’T use those time-wasters – errands, emails, trips, paperwork, etc. – to avoid this opportunity, or to maintain your independence. Don’t let potentially profound developments frighten you. Sunday to Tuesday emphasizes your career, business, ambitions, your profile, prestige, reputation, and dealings with authorities. Monday’s great here: Sunday and Tues., not so great: keep one eye on what might go wrong. (Both Sun. and Tues., this “wrong” probably involves your secret(s) and your career. Both days, too, advise against those time-wasters, errands, etc!) Happiness, social joys, popularity, optimism, wish fulfilment, entertainment, flirtation and light romance fill Wed./Thurs. – just don’t over-spend Wed. Be happy! Then retreat Fri./Sat., rest, contemplate, contact institutions, be charitable. This Saturday to May 11 cautions AGAINST buying real estate, a new rental, or starting to live with anyone.

Pisces.svgPISCES Feb. 19-March 20
The main emphasis, this week and next, lies on money, earnings, payments, purchases, rote learning and sensual attractions. Handle this area, pay your bills and buy necessities, but don’t go overboard. Skip luxury purchases, don’t hound clients or the boss for money, etc. Accept monetary delays with patience – pushing will increase any hold-ups. This is a good week to make affectionate phone calls or emails. Most significantly, this week ends three months of delays in your employment and career (or health) zones. Push forward now to August – seek a promotion (or employment, if you’re “un”) expand your business, work to increase your prestige, contact VIPs. If you’re a criminal, seek the judge’s/court’s understanding – show that you have a “philosophy of improvement.” Sunday morning could bring a deep, almost unconscious change in your beliefs. Sunday noon through Tuesday brings romantic feelings, creativity, beauty, pleasure and charming kids. Careful Sunday pm – an argument possible. Monday’s upbeat, lucky. Tuesday forenoon emphasizes beauty, but one you meet this day (or even Sunday, Monday) will probably not ever join you in marriage, or any legal, practical partnership. Be ambitious Wed./Thurs. – both days are packed with great luck for your career, rep., prestige. Fri./Sat. bring popularity, social joys, optimism, entertainment and happiness. Saturday’s a bit disruptive, people have sensitive egos, so tread lightly – you’ll be happy, even so!
The End.